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L'Occitane Cocon De Sérénité Relaxing Pillow Mist 100ml 100mL

4.5 of 59 reviews


4 instalments of $8.75

Or 4 instalments of $8.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $8.75

Or 4 instalments of $8.75 with LEARN MORE

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This blend of serenity-inspiring fragrance notes has been inspired by the breeze that blows through Provence, and is sure to calm, purify and enrich the sleep lives of all those who enjoy it. Set yourself up with the perfect bedtime ritual, taking time for yourself and disconnecting from the busy world outside your bedroom door.

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GREAT - 88% recommend

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L'Occitane Cocon De Sérénité Relaxing Pillow Mist 100ml Reviews

4.5 of 59 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Quality mist


I love this mist but I actually find it is a great one for daytime rather than evening. I spray some on my clothes and it keeps me energised but in a pleasant, at ease way. Like all L'Occitane products, it's quality.

Most Helpful Criticism

Its up to personal preference


The quality of this item is great it sprays out well as a mist and seems to be made using strong scented oils however personally I was hoping for more of a lavender scent and it seems quite lemony to me its a lovely scent but not what I would use as a pillow mist its more of a room spray I think but it all depends what you like overall it is nice will be good in the warmer months
  1. Quality mist


    I love this mist but I actually find it is a great one for daytime rather than evening. I spray some on my clothes and it keeps me energised but in a pleasant, at ease way. Like all L'Occitane products, it's quality.
  2. Very calming and relaxing


    My first time using a pillow mist and loving it. Has such a calming and relaxing smell, I spray my pillows nearly every night. I love the smell so much I spray my room!
  3. everyone I know loves this


    My kids love this when they are feeling hard done by, my friends love this as a gift, I love this when I am stressed and tired and basically to make my room smell like a spa. Fine mist, no oily residue or wet pillow feeling, lasts a while and a little luxury for everyday living small enough to travel with.
  4. So relaxing!


    It's my first time using a pillow mist and I am already in love! I spray this on my entire bed a few hours before going to bed so that the scent has time to settle into my bedding. The scent itself is so relaxing and calming and not too overpowering at all. Perfect for a restful night's sleep!
  5. calming


    this is calming and relaxing before bed, I love to spray this right before going to sleep
  6. fabulous product!!!


    verified purchaser
    This pillow mist is my must have item!!I use it every night before sleeping,just make me feel so relax and much more easier to fall asleep!I can't live without this mist anymore hahaha!
  7. great idea


    this is a really nice smell and instantly relaxes me, looks super cute on my bedside table too
  8. Relaxing


    verified purchaser
    I find it difficult to fall asleep, but this product may have helped me last night. Love the natural ingredients and it sprays nicely.
  9. you need this in your life


    I can't thank and praise this product enough for relaxing me after a long day, helping me to unwind and sleep better. After using this my sleep has increased in quality and I truly feel refreshed in the morning.
  10. Lovely smell


    verified purchaser
    This is such a lovely product, the smell is so relaxing and I spray quite a lot on my pillow and across my bed. The only concern is that the smells really do not last long and I presume there is quite a lot of water apposed to oils in this mix. Not sure if it’s worth it for the price- better off using a lavender oil.
  11. Relaxing!


    Such a lovely treat! Stress levels are so high lately and this mist is so nice to help unwind.
  12. works wonders


    this is such a great idea. i spray it on my pillow before i fall asleep and it really calms me down. i’ve had such great sleep since using this product
  13. Not sure


    It smells nice but I am not sold on the relaxing bit. I guess it's not for me.
  14. smells amazing


    this stuff smells so good!!! just make sure to not spray too much (you only need a tiny bit) or it can give me a bit of a headache.
  15. Calming


    Such a relaxing spray, I like to spray it on my pillow and it really helps calm me down and fall asleep.
  16. A lovely relaxing scent


    This is a lovely relaxing spray. At night I spray this directly onto my pillow and it helps me sleep. And it is Also very refreshing. Would definitely buy again.
  17. Sleep routine essentail


    Implemented this in my night time routine to help me relax and calm down and be mindful of my breathing before I even lay down, I would struggle without this in my life!
  18. Self-care staple


    This is my first time purchasing the pillow mist and I must say, smells divine and absolutely puts me in a relaxed mood and helps me sink into a deep sleep. A little goes a long way which is great! Packaging is lovely also. Definitely will be repurchasing
  19. Nice scent


    Has a nice scent. Not sure if it does really help me sleep, but does smell nice and leaves me feeling calm and relaxed.
  20. Night time essential


    This is a quality pillow mist! I have used a few and this one's a winner. I use it every night now, it's simply just a part of my bedtime routine. Would make a lovely gift for a freind having trouble sleeping/dealing with stress!
  21. sleepless nights


    nothing better than getting into bed and getting a decent sleep. I love the smell on this mist and help me unwind. a little goes a long way and you only need one spray!!!
  22. Calm and bougie


    Spraying this on my silk pillow at night makes me feel calm and bougie at the same time. I sometimes spray it on my doona too.. It instantly makes me feel calm and gives me a restful sleep.
  23. Its up to personal preference


    The quality of this item is great it sprays out well as a mist and seems to be made using strong scented oils however personally I was hoping for more of a lavender scent and it seems quite lemony to me its a lovely scent but not what I would use as a pillow mist its more of a room spray I think but it all depends what you like overall it is nice will be good in the warmer months
  24. Soothing


    Love spritzing this on those restless nights for instant relaxation
  25. Misty


    Received my mist the other day and it is absoulte heaven. Smells of citrus, lavendar and once spritz of the bottle and so much comes out covering your whole pillow! Love love love!
  26. Relaxing lavender scent pillow spray


    I have used this LOccitane lavender pillow spray for years. It uses high quality lavender essential oil. My partner also enjoys the scent and tolerates it. Perfect for the overall wellbeing of the mind/soul and to support yourself to relax and rest.
  27. Smells Divine


    I love herbal scent and this spray is effective and relaxing. Love to spray it in my bedroom and pillows and sheet. I also spray it onto my pyjamas and feel completely relax during bedtime.
  28. great gift


    this is a great gift idea and my friend really liked it! she said the smell helps her relax
  29. Lovely


    This smells so nice and lasts well throughout the night. I use this on nights I’m feeling really stressed to help me relax and I feel like it works well.
  30. beautiful, refined scent


    I LOVE the smell of this - it's fresh, but calming and relaxing. However, I don't find the smell lasts very long, and this would be my only reason for giving it 4 stars. Otherwise, it smells like a field of fresh flowers and lavendar.
  31. So calming


    One of the first pillow sprays I've tried and this did not disappoint. The smell is subtle and not overpowering and is super calming. after using this I had one of the best nights of sleep ever. Packaging is cute aswell.
  32. Easier sleep


    easier to fall asleep with this. Not sure if its this loccitane product or if its lavender pillow spray in general, but it helps falling asleep!
  33. Wonderful smell, actually very relaxing.


    I love this product and will recommend it to anyone who's feeling stressed.
  34. The best pillow mist I have ever used!


    Wow, my boyfriend and I struggle with restless sleep and this pillow mist is a god send! We sprayed a few pumps on our pillows and the smell was amazing. I was a little unsure as usually my sinuses are set off by the littlest bit of perfume but I had no issues! Would recommend to anyone that struggles with winding down your brain before bed!
  35. Dreamy...Literally!


    This is my first pillow spray purchase and its heaven in a bottle the scent is everything you want for a peaceful nights sleep.
  36. Soothing for nighttime


    I find this pillow spray really helps with my sleep, I love the scent and it makes my pillow feel nice and crisp.
  37. love spraying this


    love spraying this before bed, makes me feel extra relaxed
  38. Nice, but not game changing


    It's a nice scent. It's like the Aromachologie Relaxing Shower Gel scent by L'Occitane. I personally don't find it super sleep inducing, but it's nice. It's long lasting which is good anyway. Don't think I'll buy it again though.
  39. Not sure


    I bought this for my mum but ended up sending it back as i wasn't too keen on the smell, but i'm sure some would love it :)
  40. New addition to my sleep time routine


    I’m looking for a pillow spray for help me have a restful sleep during this stressful time. It’s smelling so relaxing, I am looking forward to spraying it every night now :)
  41. Best pillow mist


    I was sceptical about using pillow mists, but this one really makes a difference. It isn't some synthetic lavender, but a really lovely bouquet of lavender, orange and geranium. It's a lovely mist, second only to Aveda's Chakra mists. It makes such a difference to my sleep.
  42. A beautiful smelling pillow mist but smell doesn't last


    Smells so beautiful and relaxing but unfortunately doesn't last as long as I would like. I felt like after about 5 minutes the smell just disappeared :( Not saying I'm not still using it, I just wish the lovely smell lasted longer.
  43. Gift


    Bought this for my brother who was having trouble sleeping. He likes the smell and that it is a natural product. My mum also loves to borrow it and use it on her fresh sheets because of the smell!
  44. Wow


    Really calms me down when I’m sleeping. I sometimes find it hard to sleep but this just soothes me and relaxes me!
  45. game changer


    OMG! This smells absolutely divine and is perfect as a general room spray, however after weeks of struggling to sleep due to stress the scent completely chilled me out and I managed to sleep all the way through until my alarm! So happy
  46. Perfect pillow spray - helped me on night shift


    I love this pillow spray - my favourite scent out of any I have ever tried. Not overpowering. Really helps me get in the mood for relaxation/sleep - and helped me on night shift to sleep during the day. Highly recommend for anyone with issues falling asleep, shift workers, or if you need a gift for a girlfriend!
  47. Smells amazing

    Laura W

    I originally purchased this for my mum, after smelling how how lovely it is I bought myself a bottle. It is very relaxing and calming. I love using this before bed.
  48. The smell is amazing

    Chele Pagno

    Really help to relax and sleep
  49. So relaxing

    Bella J

    Really enjoy the scent of this. I spray this on my pillow before bed and it smells so nice as well as calms me before bed. It lasts a long time so a big thumbs up from me.
  50. Love this


    I love this product - I spray on my pillow and linen most nights before bed. It helps me relax as I take deep breaths while falling asleep. The scent is still there in the morning. I will repurchase:)
  51. Beautiful


    This is divine it makes me so relaxed I love it. I would wear it as a perfume but i prefer the pillow mist. It's gorgeous. Love having the nice glass bottle too. It's great having nice things!!
  52. smells heavenly


    Lovely fragrance, very relaxing and calming. Gorgeous way to end the day and drift off to sleep.
  53. Relaxes


    Very relaxing and helps me sleep better.
  54. Calming


    I’m not an easy sleeper so this helps me relax
  55. calming and relaxing


    The blend of this pillow mist is so calming and relaxing. It smells wonderful on the pillow and lasts a while because you only need to use a small spray each time. Lovely blend of essential oils.
  56. Very calming


    Beautiful calming pillow mist that smells so lovely and really helps me get a good night sleep
  57. Relaxing


    Extremely relaxing! I love the scent it is nothing like I have smelt before. Couple of spritz and you're off to dreamland. Only wish the scent last a bit longer on my pillow as sometimes I need to spray again because I can't smell it.
  58. Smells amazing!


    Such a beautiful, soothing smell! I have been applying this right before bed to my pillow and around my bed and I do feel as though it helps calm and relax me and in return I have been having better sleeps at night. This product is worth trying to add some relaxation to your nighttime routine!
  59. very relaxing


    i spray this on my pillow every night and it definitely helps me relax and have a better sleep. Definitely recommend!
  60. Relaxing


    This without fail helps me fall asleep every night with its soothing and calming scent. Can't get enough!
  61. calms and soothes


    This feels so luxurious every night - love climbing into bed after a couple of spritzes on my pillow. I've bought a few bottles as christmas gifts.
  62. luxury


    super luxurious for a great nights sleep. refreshes my pillow and the smell is divine too.
  63. Beautiful and relaxing


    This is such a beautiful pillow mist! Really beautiful subtle scent that really does relax and give you a good night sleep without being overpowering
  64. Good Product


    This is a gorgeous scent. Absolutely divine and it lasts, it lasts a long time. I like to spritz on my clothes or pillows, really just brings down the stress levels
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