Long considered an industry leader, LELO sex toys and personal care products are the gold standards when it comes to luxury, design, innovation, technology and reputation. For LELO, it’s so much more than just vibrators - they want to continue the self-care movement, prioritising satisfaction, pleasure and intimacy that transcends sexual orientation, race and age.


From little things, big things grow...


From a small, single offering (the LELO Lily) when they began in Stockholm in 2003, word-of-mouth spread their message and products, across the globe. The previously untapped and unknown demand for high quality, elegant sex toy products that kept luxury at the forefront of their design meant that they quickly expanded, and now LELO is an intrinsic part of the sexual landscape. Sex toy design was redefined, and the collective desire for beautiful intimate products was proven. In their mission to bring great sex to the mainstream, as well as normalise masturbation and the beauty of loving yourself, they want to redefine the perception and chat around pleasure. And, they want you to come with them on the journey.


Which LELO Vibrator is for me?


A LELO Vibrator transforms your self-love routine. Built on a heritage of quality, these items are pure luxury and quality. They’re also transformative in how you access your own sex life. By helping their customers build confidence in their bodies, men, women and everyone in between are able to lead a fulfilled intimate life. Not unlike their vibrators, that’s powerful stuff.

So join the thousands of women using LELO - whether you’re a LELO GIGI 2 seeking out the elusive G-spot with its signature flattened tip or a LELO INA Wave aficionado seeking that blended climax. Perhaps you are looking to tighten your kegel muscles with the LELO LUNA Beads, or you want something simple yet innovative like the LELO MONA Wave. 

Each unique intimate toy design helps to usher in a new era of intimacy, where luxury is an experience - precious and new. Let’s stamp out the shame, the cringe and the tacky-factor. Sharing LELO with our Adore Beauty family? Well, the pleasure is all ours.

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