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Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF30 - Perfect Nude 12.5g

4.5 of 217 reviews


4 instalments of $3.74

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4 instalments of $3.74

Or 4 instalments of $3.74 with LEARN MORE

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Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF30 - Perfect Nude contains over 60% Ultra-pure Medical Grade Lanolin. Offering a pure pigment with vitamin E, some lovely natural oils and no nasties. The lip-smoothing benefits of natural lanolin are combined with a natural high gloss and colour for a naturally beautiful pout!

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF30 - Perfect Nude Reviews

4.5 of 217 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

New favourite


Can't believe I didn't try this before, this has replaced all my other glosses and everyday lipsticks. This is all you need everyday for that 'your lips but better' look. Not only are my lips protected and hydrated but they look so plump and juicy!

Most Helpful Criticism

Lovely colour


This really is the perfect nude - lovely gloss. I don’t love the texture as I find it slightly tacky but overall a good lip balm.
  1. pretty nice


    This smells really good but its quite tacky and not very absorbant. More like a lip gloss than a lip balm.
  2. New favourite


    Can't believe I didn't try this before, this has replaced all my other glosses and everyday lipsticks. This is all you need everyday for that 'your lips but better' look. Not only are my lips protected and hydrated but they look so plump and juicy!
  3. Must have


    Have used this product for years and let to find anything better. It truly is the perfect nude
  4. More of a gloss than a balm


    verified purchaser
    I was surprised when I received the product as it was a lot smaller than I expected. It has a lovely lip oil feel and the colour is really nice and sheer.
  5. nice but gritty

    Perfecting Skin

    verified purchaser
    it lost 1 star from me because it has some kind of gritty texture. the color and hydration is good but i felt there were chunks of glitter or i dont know what inside it and it was not smooth. each time i apply i feel it and it feels not very smooth as other lip balms. otherwise good hydrating and a nice lip shine
  6. Lovely colour


    verified purchaser
    This really is the perfect nude - lovely gloss. I don’t love the texture as I find it slightly tacky but overall a good lip balm.
  7. Love it!


    verified purchaser
    This is my favourite lip balm and I have re-purchased it a few times. It is very moisturising and doubles as a nude lip gloss!
  8. Can't believe this is 30+ and so good!


    verified purchaser
    I am addicted to lip balms, glosses and anything hydrating so I have a lot of products I use. This is not tacky or sticky especially for SPF 30+, I can feel the moisture actually soak into my lips not sit on top of them. It lasts a long time with one application and as it's wearing off it doesn't leave clumps or build up around the edges, it fades softly. Also really is the perfect nude for me. Wi...
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  9. lanolips


    tinted lip balms from lanolips are my absolute favourite. they are so moisturising and stay on the lips really well. the nude shade is very natural looking - my lips but better
  10. Great!


    verified purchaser
    Really lovely! Love the little bit of colour, I wear this now instead of lipstick.
  11. Sun protection bonus


    This is the best one I have used from this brand. I like that it has SPF. Feels nice on the lips.
  12. Great shade


    This lip balm smells so nice and is super moisturising!
  13. Perfect For Everyone!


    I steer clear of lipsticks and anything heavily tinted, this however, is perfect for me. It gives a beautiful tint without being too heavy. It really enhances my natural lip colour. It is a thicker formula, so a little goes a long way. I highly recommend this, perfect for everyone's handbag.
  14. Just the right amount of colour


    This is the perfect balm for during the day when you want a little colour but don't want to look overdone! it is hydrating and smells nice, its SPF is an added bonus!
  15. My new favourite lip balm


    I was worried that this would taste and smell like lanolin, it doesn't. I love the hydration this lip balm delivers and also love the feeling of the balm on my lips. Absolute winner for me.
  16. I keep going back for this product! My must-have.


    I love this lip balm. Have all the colours. Juicy and smooth and makes your lips look so shiny!
  17. Perfection in a balm


    This could be the perfect colour in the perfect formula. It is so soothing and hydrating and the colour is incredibly flattering and natural.
  18. I take this everywhere


    I LOVE the Lanolips balms. This one is my favourite shade for every day use - the tinted ones aren't the most hydrating but I like to layer this one over the plain balm just for the tint.
  19. Great product


    Love this product because it has SPF. I wish it was more of a balm than a lip gloss because can be sticky when first applied. The slight tint is perfect for natural, everyday wear. Packaging is quite groovy.
  20. Perfect balm with a hint of colour

    SPF tinted lip balm

    I actually have the tinted balm in Rhubarb, perfect nude and Rose aswell as the plain coconut balm. I love them all! My favourite colour is probably the Rhubarb as I'm a pink gal. It feels beautiful on the lips and great to toss in the handbag. I always choose these if I can't be bothered with a lipstick and the added SPF is a great bonus
  21. Lovely colour but doesn't stay on for long


    The nude colour is really lovely and subtle, however the product wears of almost instantly. I won't be purchasing this product again.
  22. Wonderful way to wear a little colour


    This is great for when my lips are chapped but I don’t want to go without any colour. Really lovely and I think it’s worth the money.
  23. lip balm and more


    not only is this like a traditional lip balm and hydrates but it gives some colour and spf.
  24. Perfect Nude even for pale skin tones


    I absolutely LOVE this. It’s a perfect pink-nude colour and suits even lightest skin tones. Love!
  25. Good


    I love that this has spf 30 and has a nice colour to it. Just wish it had an applicator
  26. Smooth & Natural Colour


    Really happy with this. Its nice and smooth - not sticky like other balms. Would buy again or try another colour.
  27. not my fav colour


    super hydrating but not my favourite tint
  28. Must have!


    So conditioning, neutral soft colour & goes a long way! Great for day to day use.
    I use this daily to protect my lips as we all know we must include SPF in our make up routine!
  29. No for me


    I LOVE the original lip balm and use it every day but I found this tacky and didn't stay on for as long as the original ointment
  30. So hydrating!


    This lip balm is so hydrating and isn't a sticky texture like some other lip balms on the market. Its got a really pretty blush/nude colour and is also SPF30!
  31. LOVE IT!


    Perfect colour and texture. Dosent slide off like some. I like too put in on over lip liner. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin either!
  32. Great SPF Balm


    Super moisturising and lovely shade. The thing i love most is that it's SPF30. Bit of a funky taste though.
  33. Perfect for everyday


    Love this gloss, it has just enough colour and is great for everyday wear. Love that it has the SPF.
  34. nice balm


    It’s a bit sticky but still a nice fragranced balm and also very moisturising
  35. love lanolips


    Use this every day and absolutely love it, gives my lips enough colour to look like i'm alive but not too much for every day/casual wear.
  36. Perfect nude colour


    Lanolips are the absolute winners in lip balm. This one is the perfect 'your lips but better' nude colour combined with the hydration so you can wear this all day long. I keep it in my bag for touch ups throughout the day. No need to carry lipstick around.
    Would 100% repurchase once I finis\h
  37. Great lip balm


    Really love this product. The tint is a lovely shade and it is very moisturising.
  38. Not for me


    I love the original untinted lip balm but found this one didn’t really compare. I didn’t find it as hydrating and as my lips are extremely dry the colour sometimes catches on flaking or texture. To be fair, I’m currently on accutane so my lips are CRAZY dry and this may not be the case for everyone.
  39. Beautiful colour


    I love the Lanolips range, and I'm always on the look out for the perfect nude colour, and this one definitely fits the bill. It's a great everyday lip balm that completes the 'make-up free make-up' look perfectly, and doesn't dry out my lips.
  40. I love!


    I love the tint to this it’s so subtle but makes your lips look really plump and kissable! Best consistency too
  41. My favourite lip balm


    I love all of the Lanolips lip balms but this one is my favourite. The colour improves the appearance of your lips but doesn't make you look overly made-up. It also does a great job of keeping your lips well moisturised, and the SPF in it is an extra bonus.
  42. Nice tint


    Hydrating lip balm in a gorgeous sheer nude shade. I love that it's SPF30+ and is still moisturising. Worth purchasing!
  43. The perfect everyday nude


    Such a great affordable everyday lipgloss. Perfect colour for all day, goes on smooth and feel great (not sticky) and actually hydrates my lips. Will definitely buy again
  44. Not a favourite


    I find this just sits on the lips as a barrier, and once it wears off your lips are dry again. I don’t feel it’s penetrates the lips and keeps them moist.
  45. Loves this! Stunning neutral colour!


    Love this tint and the moisturising, slightly shiney texture. This was the perfect colour. A sort of tea rose. Wasn't feeling super bright candy colours and while the colour is subtle, the shine definately will make your lips stand out. The applicator is no mess no fuss and the sun protection is an added bonus!
  46. Simply beautiful!


    The tint is a beautiful colour and tops off every look! This lip balm is so stunning! it hydrates your lips so much and leaves them feeling extremely soft and plush! Love it!!
  47. pretty


    Lanolips are my all time favourite lip balms, I find the sheer ones more flattering though - this creamy formula tends to gather on me. I still keep using it though because the colour and feel is so nice
  48. Perfect


    I really love the lanolips balm products especially the tinted ones. Nice and moisturising with a natural tint. Love these. I lost my fave so re-purchasing.
  49. Perfect tinted lipbalm!


    This is the perfect nude tinted lip balm. It moisturises my lips and keeps them hydrated all day - plus it's SPF 30 which is an added bonus! Perfect for summer.
  50. Not the perfect nude


    A lovely lip balm but quite light for a darker skinned person like me. To use it, you have to make sure your lips are quite exfoliated or it'll show up blotchy. Lovely and hydrating though.
  51. Nice


    This lip balm is very moisturising and I really love the colour.
  52. love it


    makes my lips feel amazing. people alway compliment me.
  53. Lovely balm


    beautiful balm with lovely color. Great protection as well.
  54. it really is the perfect nude


    The colour is perfect and is universally fit for every skin tone. I am tanned and I love this colour on me, while my mum is fairer and it still looks amazing on her. I love that it's SPF and that the mixture is fluid enough to glide over lips. The only criticism I have is that the packaging, specifically the tip is a little awkward. I feel that a little too much product is dispensed at one time ma...
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  55. Great little balm


    This lip balm properly moisturizes your lips, leaves a beautiful tint AND has SPF 30. I have one with me at all times!
  56. Nice nude


    I have all of these tinted lip balms by Lanolips. This is one I use the least but is still a lovely nude shade. perfect for light make up days and very hydrating!
  57. so hyrdrating


    this lip balm is so stunning! it hydrates your lips so much and leaves them feeling extremely soft and plush! the tint is a beautiful colour and tops off every look! Definitely recommend!
  58. Love this for my lips


    Honestly one of the best lip products I’ve used in years!
  59. Good


    I love this tint and gives sun protection too. Great product
  60. Perfect nude


    Colour is beautiful.! A little more on the brown side than the image shows. Absolutely a perfect - slightly glossy - nude.. A little sticky and heavy in feel but eye catching
  61. Great


    nice tint and super moisturising. very affordable too!
  62. Honestly the best


    Everything by lanolips is a dream come true. I love the pigment in this
  63. Great for work


    I use this daily in the office as the air con dries my lips out. It gives a nice natural, nude finish and leaves them feeling hydrated for a few hours at a time. The SPF factor is an added bonus too!
  64. It's ok


    Gives a nice glossy shine, but it's a bit sticky on the lips as you would expect. Moisturizing effect doesn't last long and tends to out very quickly. Nude colour is very faint on my lips.
  65. Yep, the perfect nude!


    The best shade of nude, I've been wearing this pretty much every day. I love that it keeps my lips protected from the sun too!
  66. Hydrating!


    This balm is a beautiful colour, helping to enhance the colour of my lips. It's hydrating and glossy, but not too sticky. Has the perfect amount of pigment which is suitable for everyday make up.
  67. Great lip balm


    It’s really comfortable on the lips, not sticky, great universal shade, it’s hydrating. It’s a really solid lip balm!


    I do love a lano lip & am all for SPF so combined they are a dream. The colour is good for me I am fair skin & green eyes.
  69. Love love love!


    I have really dry lips & this lip balm has been amazing! It gives the perfect nude lip and is super moisturising
  70. The perfect nude tone, and the SPF30 is a big plus


    The perfect nude tone, and the SPF30 is a big plus.
  71. Applicator


    I love the little applicator nozzle! Perfect for applying on the go. The nude is very pinky but looks natural
  72. Cute SPF tinted balm


    Overall, this product is good! I would give it 4.5/5 stars.

    I bought it for the purpose of becoming more sun safe- lips have very thin skin, and so it’s very important to use SPF protection. There are a few drawbacks, but in the end, if you’re looking for a good quality spf lip protection that’s also cute, this would be a good option.

    PACKAGING- This product’s packaging...
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  73. Beautiful Nude


    Love love love this balm with a beautiful tint, I always get so many compliments and questions on what I'm wearing when I use this. Highly recommend.
  74. My Perfect Nude


    This is the perfect shade, my lip shade but better and is especially nice to wear on those no-makeup days! I also really enjoy how comfortable it feels on top of lipsticks and lip liners.
  75. Nice and nude!


    Love this for minimal makeup days as it's the perfect nude to just add a little something while being quite hydrating for a tinted balm!
  76. okay but not worth the price


    Although the colour is very nice and natural, it does not have much else to offer. It isn’t incredibly moisturising and doesn’t have a long wear time. However the SPF is a nice addition I wish more lip balms had.
  77. Perfect balm


    This balm is the right colour day or night! Wet and moisturising stays on all day!
  78. Coverage & spf


    My new must-have! Nice coverage and tint (while still being quite natural) and it’s spf
  79. Balm


    No discernible smell, subtle tint and easy to apply. Small size and applicator makes it easy to swipe on. Leaves hydration on for a good few hours
  80. I love lanolips!


    Lanolips has long been a staple in my routine. It moisturises really well, doesn’t leave a strange aftertaste like a lot of lip balms do and I love the subtle nude tint. I will always have a tube of this on hand.
  81. Loving the Lanolips


    This is the third tinted balm I have bought by Lanolips and I absolutely adore it! Even good quality lipsticks can dry my lips out due to heating/aircon at work. I use three shades of this balm and not only does it hydrate my lips, but it's also is easily applied and I often get compliments. I just chose which shade based on my mood!! Very affordable too!
  82. Very moisturising!


    Love this lip balm, very moisturising for my very chapped lips. The colour gives off a nice tint but its very subtle. I expected more pigment but I still really like the product. I was pleasantly surprised that it has 30 SPF too.
  83. it really is the perfect nude


    this is the perfect nude, lovely texture and keeps my lips moisturised!
  84. SPF


    I love this for daily use - reminds me a bit of the Ultra Violette lip screens. Has a nice tint and are so hydrating for a long time because of the lanolin! Love the SPF too
  85. Nice product


    Great for everyday use if you like that bit of colour!
  86. Great for everyday use


    This is a lovely product for everyday use, its super simple and look very natural. Using the product too often makes my lips feel dry and can get clumpy after a long day, but the lip balm is so cheap I can't complain I use it anyway !
  87. What a good time


    This lip balm is the best! I'm normally not a fan of lip glosses but this is more than a gloss. I put it on under some lip liner. My lips stay moisturised and the tint of colour is really good when I'm at work and don't have time to apply liner.
  88. Lovely colour, super moisturising


    Perfect for my cracked and sensitive lips. Smells amazing, is thick and definitely lasts!
  89. Super hydrating and perfect nude colour


    Love this for minimal makeup days as it's the perfect nude to just add a little something while being quite hydrating for a tinted balm!
  90. Great everyday lipbalm


    Enough flour to mean you don’t have to worry about a lipstick and nicely moisturising even for my 51 year old lips!
  91. Perfect nude colour but not super hydrating


    I love this colour but I expected more hydration - I think I will purchase the 101 ointment next time
  92. Can't go wrong!


    Cant go wrong with this product! Gives a perfect nude tint and moisturises at the same time- works well for my often dry lips
  93. Pretty


    This is a really pretty colour, perfect shade of nude and it doesn't feel heavy on the lips its just very natural looking. I wouldn't say its all that hydrating (I usually use
    lemonaid lip treatment) but more than a regular gloss.
  94. Perfect!!!


    As someone who struggles with lip products due to dry lips this product allows me to wear colour and keep my lips moisturised without that 'makeup' feel. Colour is perfect as well
  95. Hydrating, SPF protection and gorgeous tint


    This is my daily go to for a put together look. I wear it with a lip liner or without and it provides a great everyday look that is hydrating.
  96. So many benefits for a small price!


    This balm has such a cute natural colour, protects from the sun and moisturises my lips, I also love that its in a tube, tube glosses are the cutest!!!!
  97. Love it


    I love this lip balm. Makes my lips look really healthy and glossy. Good to wear on an everyday look
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