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Lanolips Tinted Lip Balm SPF30 - Rhubarb 12.5ml

4.6 of 134 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.74

Or 4 instalments of $3.74 with LEARN MORE

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Lanolips Lip Ointment With Colour and SPF15 has the looks AND the brains! With 60% nourishing lanolin, a glossy shine and sheer colour.

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Lanolips Tinted Lip Balm SPF30 - Rhubarb Reviews

4.6 of 134 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

So good


I have been a fan of the 101 ointment in the coconutter fragrance for many years and have only just tried the tinted versions. I love this shade and it feels just and nourishing as the non tinted version. It makes your lips look really plump and juicy but it's not overly sticky, just nice and nourishing.

Most Helpful Criticism

its pretty good


First off this is a really nice lip gloss. I'm fair with blonde hair and blue eyes and it works really well with my complexion. However I bought this because I struggle with dry lips. It seems to make a slight difference, and it definitely looks nice when it's on but if you are looking for something that will repair and/or prevent dry lips I would personally recommend something else.
  1. So good


    I have been a fan of the 101 ointment in the coconutter fragrance for many years and have only just tried the tinted versions. I love this shade and it feels just and nourishing as the non tinted version. It makes your lips look really plump and juicy but it's not overly sticky, just nice and nourishing.
  2. Nice colour


    Bit heavy but I like it but not sure I would repurchase
  3. Love it


    The perfect tinted lip colour and totally nourishing. I don't leave home without this. It gives you a nice natural finish. I really enjoy it.
  4. Pretty good


    I bought this as I am a lip balm fiend but was wanting something with a bit of colour. It's really nice when it's on the lips as it's not too sticky however I don't find it particularly nourishing and I wouldn't use it exclusively as day to day lip balm. I also bought this colour and the slightly lighter one hoping for 2 different colours but I don't really notice any difference in the colour once...
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  5. Super nourishing and not greasing


    Really like the problem. Left my lips moisturised whole day and not sticky or greasing. Highly recommend.
  6. Everything in one product


    A beautiful tint, moisturising formula, glossy finish, and it has SPF 30. This combines everything I look for in an everyday lip product in one.
  7. Best lip balm I've ever used


    verified purchaser
    This is the best lip balm I've ever used. Immediate results for dry lips, an attractive tint (not too much colour which is what I like) and SPF is the clincher.
    This will become a regular purchase. Excellent price point too.
  8. Pretty and practical


    We should all really be wearing spf lip balm. I've tried a few which were too thick or just weren't pretty to wear

    This balm is slightly more like a gloss and protects from the sun (doesnt smell or taste weird either). The tint is subtle but noticeable. I adore the shine most of all
  9. Love the colour


    verified purchaser
    The colour is perfect for me even though I need to reapply a bit more than I'd like
  10. Practical


    This has all the hydration of my lanolips ointments with the addition of a wearable everyday tint. Perfect product to keep in my handbag and reapply throughout the day.
  11. Love it


    Subtle tint and doesn't dry out my lips
  12. Yummy yummy lip tint


    I bought two of these lip balms and I love each of them so much! The smell is just irrisistible, my bf becomes obsessed with my lips! The texture is nice too not too grassy but very moist. The smell is a little bit off the line tho not my favourite floral fragrance but bearable. I definitely prefer the red apple over this one. Maybe I'll recommend to my friend.
  13. Love this lip staple


    Couldn't get on a zoom call during COVID without it. Moisturising with just the right amount of colour.
  14. Not sticky!


    I love how this is not sticky and provides spf too! Not much to say, just that it's great!
  15. Wish the colour was a little darker


    I'm a huge fan of lanolips, I use it every night and it has out-performed every other lip balm and conditioner I've ever tried so was pretty keen to try this tinted version for my minimal makeup days. I liked the fact that the tinted version kept my lips soft and nourished all day but I do wish the colour was a bit darker as this only gives me a very sheer tint. I also found it a little bit gritt...
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  16. Very nice


    I got this in a 3 pack and while the nude shade is my favourite, I still love the formula and the rhubarb shade is a nice shade to a little something-something
  17. Beautiful and effective


    This product feels lovely on, you only need the smallest amount as a little goes a long way. Lasts well too. The colour is also beautiful, I was expecting it to be a bit brighter but it is quite sheer. Perfect for when you just want a little colour without wearing too much makeup. Now I'm eyeing off the trio of them!!
  18. its pretty good


    First off this is a really nice lip gloss. I'm fair with blonde hair and blue eyes and it works really well with my complexion. However I bought this because I struggle with dry lips. It seems to make a slight difference, and it definitely looks nice when it's on but if you are looking for something that will repair and/or prevent dry lips I would personally recommend something else.
  19. A little pink for me!


    I love this formulation, but I have pale skin with yellow undertones, and it's just a little pink for me. It's lovely to wear, though, and it doesn't rub off too quickly. It's also easy to re-apply on the go.
  20. Great gloss


    A good lip gloss, with a nice pink colour. however a bit sticky
  21. Perfect natural pink

    Sian R

    I have a pale skin tone with light blonde hair, and this colour matches my lips almost exactly! Its perfect for everyday wear, although is a tad sticky. This is my new go to for daily work wear as it gives you colour and hydration without being too bold, and as its not lipstick or stain its easy to apply on the go! Highly recommend
  22. Wedding Day Gloss!


    I have a fair complexion and applied this on my wedding day (a couple of times throughout the day) to keep my lips soft and hydrated with a natural pink tint! (Kiss and photo ready!)

    It feels amazingly nourishing initially, but the moisturising protection wears off after a couple of hours.
  23. A wonderful lip product


    I have purchased and repurchased this lip product over the years and love it. It leaves my lips moisturised and protected from the elements. My lips feel plump and smooth.
  24. A simple and nice lip gloss


    This is my first experience with this brand and with lanolin in general. I'm honestly not the biggest fan of the smell/taste but it's something I can adapt to. I'm not sure if mine was a little old or something, but I think the product had separated into the colour and the oil - so it was a little weird at first. Despite all of that, it is quite pretty and not too intense a colour, just the right ...
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  25. Would give it a 10 star rating if I could


    I love Lanolips products. This is one of my faves from this brand. The colour is a lovely 'my lips but better' tint and as a bonus it is SPF30. I am very sensitive to chemical sunscreens, so much so that the smell of them can give me bad headaches and make my eyes water. This product does NONE of that. It doesn't smell or taste like sunscreen which is an incredible thing in my opinion. It has a m...
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  26. I'm obsessed with this lip balm


    I've been loving this lip balm ever since I brought it! Its the first lip balm from Lanolips that i've purchased and definitely won't be my last, it's one of the better lip balms I've used and probably the best tinted one. The colour is great and it is so hydrating on my lips, which is something I'm so fussy about as I find a lot of lip balms don't feel like they hydrate my lips beyond the initial...
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  27. Yay!


    Pretty packaging, smells great and gives the lips a nice sheen and wash of colour
  28. LOVE


    I adore this colour, looks very sexy and natural on the lips. I wish it lasted a little longer on my lips but its not an issue to reapply the balm. Also, all my girlfriends want to wear this lippy after seeing it when we all get together so!
  29. beautiful colour


    this colour is so gorgeous, looks so nice and natural with or without makeup. the texture is a little bit on the stickier side in my opinion but not crazy or anything that bothers me. last well on the lips and of course its hydrating as well as give the lip a nice subtle colour.
  30. It is OK


    pretty ordinary lip balm. I have bought it because so many girls have it. Pretty packaging
  31. Will Re-purchase


    I was actually hunting for the cherry red balm after it was recommended by one of my favourite makeup vloggers. I got this colour because the cherry red colour was unavailable. Was not disappointed with this. I love the colour - I am medium toned and the colour is slightly darker than my natural lips but not too much darker so it still looks like I just have a clear balm on. It is moisturising, fe...
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  32. Not great, but good


    I have pale skin and I'm not the biggest fan of this colour on me.
    I also wouldn't say the texture of this balm is my preference.
    But this provides a long-lasting colour (for a balm) and is incredibly moisturising. I recommend this for dry lips! It is also very good for the price tag.
    I think it's a nice addition to a simple look but I don't know if I'll re-purchase.
    I j...
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  33. Love it!


    Love the colour and texture of this balm. Feels really nice, lovely fragrance and looks good.
  34. Love!


    Fantastic lip balm! The rhubarb colour is amazing - not to bold, but enough to enhance the lips. I have quite fair skin.
    Thick and feels luxurious, I love it!
  35. Highly recommend

    Tinted lipbalm with SPF

    I actually have the tinted balm in Rhubarb, Barely There and Rose aswell as the plain coconut balm. I love them all! My favourite colour is the Rhubarb. It feels beautiful on the lips and great to toss in the handbag. I always choose these if I can't be bothered with a lipstick and the added SPF is a great bonus
  36. Nice and natural


    I love Lanolips - I wanted to try one of their tinted balms and it looks great! Quite a natural colour and looks really nice on. Moisturising and lasts on my lips for ages so I don't have to top up often. Really glad I bought this!


    I am quite pale and this colour really compliments my pale skin and brings out my flushed cheek colour.
  38. Love this ginger lip balm


    Love this colour and the moisturizing nature of the balm. Great for adding a pop of colour through the working week.
  39. Thick, Glossy & Sticky


    The balm is thick, glossy and sticky - just the way I like it! I love sticky glosses because they stay on your lips for far longer than regular lip balms and lip glosses. The colour is a nice natural pink hue also. Love that the SPF in the formula is high - perfect for Australian conditions!
  40. Beautiful colour and consistency


    Gorgeous colour, the only lip balm that has worked for my dry lips. Will be looking at getting the other colours!
  41. Beautiful colour and consistency


    Gorgeous colour, the only lip balm that has worked for my dry lips. Will be looking at getting the other colours!
  42. Perfect


    The rhubarb colour is just perfect! It’s a natural pink shade which pairs well with any eye look or looks good on its own. It’s slightly sticky but not sticky enough that you feel your hair would get stuck to your face in a gust of wind. Love it!
  43. One of the best Lipbalms!


    Love this lip balm. Its not sticky at all! Will be purchasing the other variants :)
  44. Multiple uses!


    I love the formula of the lanolips glosses, super nourishing and gives you a full glossy lip. I also use this on my cheeks as a cream blush and to add a dewy look to my makeup. I’m all for products that have multiple uses, saves time, money and prevents me from hoarding a bunch of different products. Love it!
  45. Hydrating but thick


    I bought this lip balm after reading rave reviews about it. The colour is gorgeous but the texture is a little too thick for my liking. Also, I didn't find it as hydrating as my Nivea stick lipbalm or my Laneige lip sleeping mask.
  46. Subtle Colour, Not sticky


    I wanted a balm that would moisturize with a suble colour that I could wear to work. The colour is nice and subtle and not too sticky.
  47. Nice Subtle Colour, Not Sticky


    Bought this so that I would have something moisturizing but with a bit of colour for wearing to work. The colour is nice and subtle and the balm is not too sticky.
  48. beautiful colour


    Smooth and hydrating on the lips. Looove the Rhubarb colour.
  49. not pigmented but very moisturising


    I keep this on my bag to survive cold and dry days. However, I have use a pigmented lipstick underneath the layer otherwise my lips would look really pale.
  50. Fave


    I really love the lanolips balm products especially the tinted ones. Nice and moisturising with a natural tint. Love these. I lost my fave so re-purchasing. Love this shade.
  51. Luscious


    Gives me luscious lips, this colour is similar to my natural just more
  52. Hydrating and pink toned

    Laura O

    This is super hydrating and a gorgeous colour on. I also have the red apple colour but prefer this for a more subtle shade - it's almost a bit pink toned rather than red. Love all of these glosses by Lanolips!
  53. Nice colour


    I love the colour of this lip balm. It’s very moisturising and helps to nourish my lip.
  54. Perfect for my skin tone


    I am fair-skinned and this balm is a gorgeous shade on my lips! I am always getting compliments and being asked what product this is! It's hydrating and easy to apply. I highly recommend this for work, weekend, dinner, everything!
  55. Lovely lip shade


    perfect for gals with darker lips/ skin tone. This looks so flattering and goes on like a gloss
  56. great


    nice tint and super moisturising. very affordable too!
  57. Good balm, not my favourite


    The colour is lovely, my lips are naturally darker in colour so this is my colour but better. Feels nice when its on. The only issue i have with it is that i need to apply it in front of a mirror as i find the the lipstick portion of the gloss can slightly separate and bleed over my lip line. Once i smooth it over it's fine but i can't apply it without a mirror. Not sure if it's just my one or if ...
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  58. Your lips but better


    You reap the rewards of luscious lips with a perfect hint of colour! Also, has SPF30 which is a bonus! Only problem is it is hard to squeeze out when its cold so you need to warm up the balm a little bit before use if the weather is cold.
  59. Hydrating


    It is very hydrating on the lips making it much more smoother
  60. Super Soft Lips


    I'd heard great things about this brand and I have to say I agree. Feels nourishing and hydrating on the lips and not too goopy. I use daily when not wearing makeup, and a little over my lipstick if I am. My prone to dryness lips now feel plump and soft. I took off one star as the Rhubarb tint is barely noticeable in colour - could have used just a touch more tint to give a rosy natural colour but...
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  61. A beauty must!

    Jess M

    This was my repeat purchase of a Lanolips Tinted Lip Balm and it is now a staple item in my handbag. I love the hint of colour it provides while hydrating my lips and protecting me from the sun with the SPF30.
  62. Perfection


    This product is just divine. Leaves such a goregous, slight stain on your lips when this rubs off, but when it's on is super shiny, hydrating and plush.
    This colour goes with any makeup look or you can wear it by itself for a very minimal, subtle look. :)
  63. Smooth and Stunning


    Perfect for my cracked and sensitive lips. Smells amazing, is thick and definitely lasts!
  64. Great formula


    This is such a great lipgloss combined with a balm. I really like the colour and the formula is hydrating on my lips. It also smells like chocolate which is nice. Would recommend
  65. Keeps my lips smooth


    I love lanolips lip balm and always have a tube on hand. I usually buy the nude shade but decided to give this one a go. I think I prefer the nude over this colour but this is still a nice, flattering pink. If I’m using this consistently my lips are always smooth and plump.
  66. Perfect colour!


    This is such a lovely formula. Smoothing and hydrating and it has SPF! The coverage is sheer enough that you don't have to worry too much about making a mess.
    This shade is stunning. It's a "your lips but better" shade but with a lovely shine.
    Texture is on the thicker side but doesn't feel heavy on the lips. It actually ends up feeling light and if you apply the right amount- not stic...
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  67. Hydrating


    The tint is a bit too pinky for me (I prefer the nude). But I do enjoy the tube packaging for convenience and the thickness of the lanolin to hydrate my lips for ages.
  68. Love it!


    Favourite lip gloss ever! This colour is beautiful - nice and bright and perfect for summer. The formula makes my lips feel soft and hydrated. Would definitely recommend
  69. Good quality


    I love the lanolips lip balms. They are a thick consistency stay on your lips and you dont have to reapply as often as other lip balms. The tint is sheer but noticable on my pale lips
  70. Perfect for winter


    This balm is amazing. It's fantastic for when you don't want to wear lipstick. It not only hydrates but this shade - Rhubarb is the perfect shade for my pale skin. It's easy to apply and I have one in my bag and one I keep in my desk drawer at work (Gotta protect against the dry conditions from heating/aircon in the workplace) I'm going to try another shade as soon as my current tube runs out.
  71. Loving this so much


    The scent and taste is incredible! I’m very happy with how this feels and leaves a really pretty colour on the lips. So nice!
  72. This has replaced my daily lipstick


    I'm very "minimal makeup" these days. I have my brow pencil, mascara, concealer and now this magical tinted balm. I used to use an ultra-moisturising lipstick for my workday pop of colour, but this tinted lip balm has changed that! It provides excellent moisturising properties thanks to the lanolin, and the rhubarb tint is perfect for my fair skin. It is a little sticky for those who aren't used t...
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  73. Handbag essential


    I love this nourishing lip balm especially during winter to combat dry cracked lips. It has a subtle tint that is great for day wear. I carry my lanolips everywhere everyday cant live without it.
  74. Gorgeous!


    I love this lip balm. This colour is perfect for me and of course, is extremely hydrating
    I have received several compliments and questions from others who would also like to purchase this. It is my go-to essential for winter in Melbourne
  75. Great product - two in one


    I have used Lanolips 101 ointment on my lips for a while, and have just started using the tinted balm. It is just like the 101 ointment only better! The formula is quite thick and very hydrating. This product is great as it provides hydration whilst giving a little colour (but not too over the top). Love it.
  76. Great


    I absolutely love Lanolips products and this tinted lip balm is no exception. It is stickier than the Lanolips pure lanolin ointment (which I use on my lips and cuticles) and doesn't feel as moisturising as the ointment, but it's still very good. Pretty colour - makes my lips look a lot pinker than usual - and very moisturising.
  77. Mmmmm Maybe


    I used this a couple of times on my lips and find that the tint is not strong enough to come through on my lips. I have quite dark lips to originate with so maybe that is why it does not work as well for me. I instead, use this as a cheek stain when I am wearing natural makeup and find that it does the job very effectively and at a great price for this type of product.
  78. light colour


    My lips are always chapped and dry especially in winter, and I always have to use something, this product definitely works, my lips arent chapped anymore, love the colour too its subtle but makes your lips look glossy and plump
  79. Love it


    I just love this product, very hydrating on the lip with bit of glossy and sticky finish which I don’t mind some people might not like it. I also like the colour, suitable for my lip yet looks very natural
  80. not bad


    smell nice and moisturisng but theres no tint to my lips
  81. Love these


    I really like these tinted glosses with SPF to protect your lips. Great everyday product for a little no fuss colour.
  82. Love it


    This is amazing. SPF, great colour, very moisturising, and easy to apply. My one complaint would be that in winter it can sort of freeze, making it hard to get onto your lips, but that's easily outweighed by all the positives!
  83. light and hydrating


    it has a very sheer and light color that can be worn in the day and it hydrates and protects my lips in the intense weather conditions. totally recommended.
  84. Lovely colour


    Lovely tinted lip balm! I really like the formula and the colour is lovely. Would recommend!
  85. Deep Rose Colour and Intense Moisture


    I love Lanolips and this colour is a beautiful deep rose with a stunning sheen. It keeps my lips soft, conditioned and hydrated even in cold weather and air conditioned/ heated environments. Love this!
  86. Great colour and great sun protection


    I am a fan of lanolips lip balms and I am happy to report that they did not dissapoint. I have quite dry and cracked lips. This works miracles and I sometimes also put it over my lipstick for extra protection.
  87. Sticky


    A good, on the go coloured balm with SPF. The colour payoff is good, which makes this a great option if you need to just run out of the house and you get SPF, balm and lip gloss all in one tube. The only complain I have is that the formula is wet and sticky. In an era where lip products are expected to be transfer proof and sticky proof, this feels a little bit like an early 2000s era lip glosses.
  88. Lovely colour and protection


    Such a lovely glossy colour and a great way to get the same high-SPF on my lips as I do on my face. I don't understand why there aren't many lip products offering more than an SPF 15? Makes my lips so soft too. Always have a tube in my hand bag.
  89. Super moisturising!


    I adore this lip gloss. I’m not a gloss fan at all but this one is to die for. It has all the good qualities of a lip gloss and none of the bad! It’s super shiny and hydrating without feeling sticky and heavy. This colour is PERFECT! It’s a beautiful, enhancing pink without looking fake. Absolute must have.
  90. Will repurchase


    The colour is really nice and it is definitely moisturising!
  91. Great lip balm


    Love this tinted lip balm especially as it has SPF 30
  92. Ok


    It's ok but I think for the price I could get the same cheaper. It does feel nice and hydrating. The colour is nice. I think the hole in the applicater would be better if it was smaller too much product comes out.
  93. Love this


    Great natural colour with SPF. Perfect for a polished, natural look and touch ups without a mirror :)

    Not the greatest staying power but not expecting it, from a balm.
  94. love


    such a good product and colour lasts
  95. Nice but zero colour


    This is nice, not sticky, nice shine however no colour at all.
  96. Love the colour


    This is my favourite lip balm. Though I have a stash of lip balms, I reach for this one the most. It has a lovely pink shade that looks very natural when applied. It leaves my lips soft and protected from the sun.
  97. Love it


    Hydrates my lip and give them a little bit color
  98. Great Protection


    I love that it's SPF 30+ so you know your lips are being protected! It also has a really lovely sheen gloss to it.
  99. Beautiful


    This is my go to lip balm. I use it everyday. Perfect for on the go
  100. Love it


    My new go-to lip colour and balm. The colour is great, the formula feels good on and I am keen to buy more colours.
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