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Lanolips Tinted Lip Balm SPF30 - Rose 12.5ml

4.5 of 66 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.74

Or 4 instalments of $3.74 with LEARN MORE

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Lanolips Lip Ointment With Colour and SPF15 has the looks AND the brains! With 60% nourishing lanolin, a glossy shine and sheer colour.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Lanolips Tinted Lip Balm SPF30 - Rose Reviews

4.5 of 66 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Really lovely girly colour and a really great consistency that moisturises lips well. Love how it's sun protective too!

Most Helpful Criticism

A bit meh


On a cold day this stuff is great - the formula is nice and thick, goes on your lips nice and thick and stays put for ages. But on a warm day, the formula is really thin and runny, slops on your lips in a really thin layer and you need to reapply it really regularly, which I find annoying. It does take away that initial dry feeling, but it just doesn't last long enough for me.
  1. Gorgeous!


    Really lovely girly colour and a really great consistency that moisturises lips well. Love how it's sun protective too!
  2. Great for winter


    The balm is nice and thick - great for dry winters when regular chapstick won't cut it
  3. Love


    Great product. Perfect to keep your lips hydrated and soft. Thick formula but not sticky which I love. Makes your lips so plump & shiny! Love the nude as well
  4. Love this


    So hydrating, I got this in a 3 pack and it is such a cute shade and quite thick (which I like)
  5. The best!


    I absolutely love these tinted balms. The ingredients are amazing, the texture is thick but not sticky and lasts most of the day! the spf is decently high and spf in lip products are very important to me. It doesn’t have any smell or taste so even better. I don’t even wear lipsticks anymore because these are my go to daily lip products. I use a natural lip liner with this for the daytime. My lips ...
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  6. Light tint


    It has a very light tint when applied that i like. It is super hydrating and adds a bit of a color to your everyday look
  7. Pop of colour


    I have pale skin and need a pop of colour sometimes so that I don't look washed out. This does a good job of adding colour while hydrating and also having SPF included!
  8. Lovely natural lip


    Lovely natural colour and ultra nourishing balm that melts in and isn’t too sticky!
  9. LOVE


    I love this colour, very natural but does give a nice healthy sunkissed look to the lips!
  10. lovely hint of colour


    this is my go to lip product on days where i dont wear makeup but still want my lips to look nice. this is moisterizing and feels great on the lips. the rose colour is very subtle and just makes my lips look healthy and glowy
  11. A bit meh


    On a cold day this stuff is great - the formula is nice and thick, goes on your lips nice and thick and stays put for ages. But on a warm day, the formula is really thin and runny, slops on your lips in a really thin layer and you need to reapply it really regularly, which I find annoying. It does take away that initial dry feeling, but it just doesn't last long enough for me.
  12. My fav tinted balm by a mile


    I actually have the tinted balm in Rhubarb, Barely There and Rose aswell as the plain coconut balm. I love them all! My favourite colour is the Rhubarb. It feels beautiful on the lips and great to toss in the handbag. I always choose these if I can't be bothered with a lipstick and the added SPF is a great bonus.
  13. Pretty pink shade


    A nice balm with pretty pink shade. Hydrating and nice option to keep on my desk at work.
  14. nice product


    Not an overly striking colour and is definitely no more than a lip gloss but non drying unlike other tinted lip products!
  15. nice product


    Not an overly striking colour and is definitely no more than a lip gloss but non drying unlike other tinted lip products!
  16. you could do better


    This product I find to be closer to a lip gloss than anything else.
    It definitely wouldn't be something that I solely rely upon when my lips are dry, but would go on top of a thin layer of lip balm. It doesn't ease that irritating feeling when you have dry lips, but you may find yourself repeatedly reapplying.
    It has a thick, sticky formula that is a bit of a nightmare on windy days!...
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  17. So lovely!


    This lip balm is so nourishing with a lovely light colour. My lips definitely feel a lot healthier since using this product.
  18. Beautiful!


    It helps my lips become healthier, smoother, and shine galore that stays put. So very hydrating and nourishing.
  19. Cute product


    This product is very hydrating and nourishing. It helps my lip become healthier.
  20. slightly pigmented


    It makes your lips feel really soft and moisturised. I like the slight pink color, makes my face looks younger.
  21. Tint with spf


    I really love the lanolips balm products especially the tinted ones. Nice and moisturising with a natural tint. Love these. I lost my fave so re-purchasing. SPF 30.
  22. Too pink for me


    This colour doesn’t really suit me but the product is very nourishing
  23. Cute!


    This shade is so cute on me! It adds a lovely colour to my lips while hydrating at the same time. Easy to apply and perfect for having in your bag or desk drawer at work for reapplying.
  24. Does what is says!


    This was exactly what I was looking for. Simple, nice subtle colour that goes with everything, moisturising, and contains SPF. Perfect to have in your handbag whenever your need a slight hint of colour, some hydration or some sun protection!
  25. Glossy and moisturising


    This is a good lip ointment. You only need a tiny bit as it is very thick and moisturising. It gives a nice tinted glossy look to the lips. It's a little sticky though. Great SPF.
  26. Nice formula and colour


    The formula and colour of the lip ointment is very nice. Feels nice on the lips, however I do not find it too hydrating. Not my favourite formula, but for the price it is very good.
  27. love this


    nice smell and super moisturising. very affordable too!
  28. amazing!


    such a great brand, they never let me down with their products
  29. nourishing and hydrating


    it leaves my lips always feeling super smooth and lush. love that it melts into your lips and leaves a slight tint
  30. Subtle colour


    Love this balm, beautiful subtle tint to add some colour. Highly recommend.
  31. Beautiful!


    I love this lip balm! I have all of the tinted Lanolips balms and love them all. The colour is subtle and really pretty. Would definitely recommend
  32. Sheer tint


    This lip balm has a sheer tint so if you want a more obvious tint I would recommend the darker colours. I however don't mind and love how it has spf in it. I like to use this throughout the day to protect my lips from the sun
  33. A must have


    The tint this gives my lips is so incredible oh my gosh! I’m so happy I found this whole range, I’m obsessed.
  34. Smell and hydration


    I love the smell of this lip balm, it is not too over powering, just enough scent. I suffer from very dry and chapped lips and its very soothing and nourishing to my lips. Love it!
  35. subtle colour


    My lips are always chapped and dry especially in winter time, and this product does wonders, its so nourishing and hydrating and my lips aren't as chapped anymore, love the colour too very subtle but glossy!
  36. amazing colour


    feels great on the lips and gives a good subtle colour touch up all day
  37. Love these


    I really like these tinted glosses with SPF to protect your lips. Great everyday product for a little no fuss colour. Rose is my favourite shade.
  38. Nourishing, Hydrating


    I have seen this brand out for a long time but was never really drawn to it. And since I was shopping on my favourite beauty site, I thought 'why not try it now?'
    I hate that I hadnt tried this sooner! Its a great gloss for nourishing the lips while adding that sheet colour. It is a little sticky but what gloss isnt?
    I am a lip biter only because I have dry lips all the time, not any ...
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  39. Beautiful tint and very moisturising


    Lanolips is one of my favourite lip brands, their products are so moisturising and have amazing pigment.

    My only flaw, and this is based on personal preference, is that the ointment is slightly too sticky for me and tends to move around too much towards the inner lip part that always has problems holding pigment.
  40. A staple in my handbag


    This lip balm is first and foremost a high quality, moisturising lip balm that conditions and repairs lips even in cold climates. Big tick right there! Add in the beautiful sheen and the your lips but better colour and it’s a five star product for me!
  41. Great sun protection


    I keep this in my bag for touch ups. My lips can get pretty dull looking so the rose shade works nicely to add a natural sheen. This colour is a little light for me (esp when I have a tan) so i'll be sure to try the other shades.
  42. Nice but only for summer.


    I like this, it's a good colour and it has SPF but I wouldn't buy it again as my hair sticks to it and the product is difficult to get out of the tube in winter when the weather is cold.
  43. Soft rose


    Soft in rose colour this one is really good same as 101 ointment and keeps my lips hydrated all day put a little bit on my cheeks for a bit of blush .
  44. Makes Me Look Ill


    I don't have a deep skin tone, more light medium. My lips don't have too much pigment to them but this colour washes me out so much. It makes my lips look so much paler? I like other colours in the range a lot better because they actually make me look alive. This makes me look sick and I don't know why.
  45. Lovely subtle colour


    Beautiful subtle colour if you want a slight tint to your lips. I love this because it's so easy to use and you don't have any of the hassles you get with using lipsticks. The formula is great and I feel like it helps to hydrate my lips. Would definitely recommend
  46. Pretty


    Pretty pink tinted lip balm, amazing nourishing and protective formula
  47. Not quite right on me...


    Love the formula, love the plumping/moisturising effect. The colour wasn't right on me though. I am very fair and have fairly dark pink lips, this made them look a bit duller and washed out somehow -I was quite surprised! Prefer rhubarb.
  48. Great


    I love this product! It has the ability to hydrate, protect and colour my lips all in one! I was finding a lot of SPF lip balms would leave a white residue on my lips after a while that looks super gross! Instead, this lip balm leaves a lovely natural colour and provides long lasting hydration! It is fairly sticky but it absorbs quickly and my hair doesn’t seem to get stuck in it at all.
  49. Great


    I love all the lanolins products and this is no exception. My lips are naturally quite tinted so this tint does not show up much on my lips. Still really moisturising and keeps my lips in great condition with the addition of SPF30. Honestly a great lip product.
  50. AMAZING!


    I LOVE these tinted lip balms. The formula is great and the colours are gorgeous and super pigmented. Would definitely recommend
  51. LOVE IT


    I love this tinted lip balm! I absolutely love the pink colour it puts on my lips, it is very natural and pretty and I find myself wearing it during the day and at night. I have never been much of a lipstick person and prefer nude colours and this is a very natural and pretty colour. I also love the way it makes my lips feel, very smooth and hydrating. Would recommend!
  52. Hydrated pink lips


    The colour on this is a lot less purple than the picture and comes out on the lip as a baby pink. The consistency is so nice, gives more colour than a normal lip balm and more hydration than a normal lipstick.
  53. Lovely lip balm


    This is a really lovely lip balm. It's thick and feels super nourishing, leaving my lips soft and repaired. It's a good multi-purpose balm to keep stored in your handbag and I often use it as a cuticle balm as well. I love the scent of this too!

    Would definitely recommend and I will be purchasing it again! I'd love to try all of the different flavours.
  54. Lovely gloss


    I like the fact this has the benefits of the lanolin lipgloss with a nice pink colour!
  55. Love all Lanolips Products


    This product is amazing...especially nourishing for something with an SPF added. The colour is a little more pink/less purple than the pictures. I have pail skin so less is definantly more. It’s so much more moisturising than others on the market and has a long term effect on the condition of your lips as opposed to many other brands where you are only getting results when wearing.
  56. New fave


    I’m an easy lip kind of girl. These balms are a new find for me but quickly became my favourite. They are super moisturising with a nice amount of colour but this shade is my all time fave. The perfect neutral pink.
  57. I really like it


    I love putting this one over a matte nude lip to give that cute glossy look. Gloss is so in at the moment and I am LIVING.
  58. Love it!


    This product leaves a lovely gloss on my lips with such a nice colour too! Lasts for ages and I get heaps of compliments when I wear this!
  59. Love it!


    So pretty I love the colour and it is so thick and moisturising, I use it mostly in winter, its awesome.
  60. Great product but this colour doesn’t suit me


    I am super pale and this colour on its own does not suit me however it’s a great product and works well over a lipstick to give it a glossy look. Keeps lips hydrated and glossy, great for a low key weekend look. Love the SPF too !
  61. Super hydrating


    I love the whole lanolips range, they make such great quality products and this is one of my favourites, perfect for taking with you in your handbag and such a pretty pink colour!
  62. Great tinted lib balm for on the go


    I love this tinted lip balm for weekends. It gives a slighlty glossy finish and adds a bit of colour to your lips without being too overpowering. Great to just tuck into the handbag and reapply when needed. The SPF is great too for when you are in the sun. I would recommend this product for mum's on the go!
  63. User error


    I bought the wrong shade. My lips are too darkly pigmented for this to have it's intended effect. I use barely any and still find it to provide long lasting conditioning.
  64. Winner all round


    I love Lanolips and this SPF ointment with colour is perfect. It's soothing and healing due to the lanolin and leaves your lips with a subtle colour which really lifts your face. The added bonus is the SPF15. Although not a high SPF, I find it hard to find a nice tinted lip balm that offers any SPF. It comes in a great applicator tube and looks nice.
  65. Great product - not for my skin tone


    I love Lanolips and this product is no exception. But I have fair skin with a yellow undertone and this just doesn’t look right on me. I’ll never let that stop me and I mix it with a little lipstick and voila! Colour and protection!
  66. Nice colour and mousturing balm


    I love my lanolips lip balm, and tried this as I like to add a bit of mousturising colour sometimes. This is a really nice subtle colour. It feels moisturising and nice on the lips, but it is slightly sticky. I would recommend this lip balm.
  67. Stunning colour


    I have all the lanolips in all the different colours and this is my favourite. It looks so beautiful on the lips! Other people have tried mine as well and it suits all skin tones. It also smells devine and as always it’s lanolips so it’s repairing your lips!!! My handbag staple!
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