Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF15

Lancôme Authentic
  • 005 Beige Ivoire
    005 Beige Ivoire
    005 Beige Ivoire
  • 007 - Beige Rose
    007 - Beige Rose
    007 - Beige Rose
  • 008 - Beige Opale
    008 - Beige Opale
    008 - Beige Opale
  • 01 Beige Albatre
    01 Beige Albatre
    01 Beige Albatre
  • 010 Beige Porcelaine
    010 Beige Porcelaine
    010 Beige Porcelaine
  • 011 - Beige Cristallin
    011 - Beige Cristallin
    011 - Beige Cristallin
  • 02 Lys Rose
    02 Lys Rose
    02 Lys Rose
  • 021 - Beige Jasmin
    021 - Beige Jasmin
    021 - Beige Jasmin
  • 023 - Beige Aurore
    023 - Beige Aurore
    023 - Beige Aurore
  • 024 - Beige Vanille
    024 - Beige Vanille
    024 - Beige Vanille
  • 025 Beige Lin
    025 Beige Lin
    025 Beige Lin
  • 03 Beige Diaphane
    03 Beige Diaphane
    03 Beige Diaphane
  • 032 - Beige Cendre
    032 - Beige Cendre
    032 - Beige Cendre
  • 035 Beige Dore
    035 Beige Dore
    035 Beige Dore
  • 038 - Beige Cuivre
    038 - Beige Cuivre
    038 - Beige Cuivre
  • 04 Beige Nature
    04 Beige Nature
    04 Beige Nature
  • 045 Sable Beige
    045 Sable Beige
    045 Sable Beige
  • 048 - Beige Chataigne
    048 - Beige Chataigne
    048 - Beige Chataigne
  • 049 - Beige Peche
    049 - Beige Peche
    049 - Beige Peche
  • 05 Beige Noisette
    05 Beige Noisette
    05 Beige Noisette
  • 050 - Beige Ambre
    050 - Beige Ambre
    050 - Beige Ambre
  • 051 - Chataigne
    051 - Chataigne
    051 - Chataigne
  • 055 Beige Ideal
    055 Beige Ideal
    055 Beige Ideal
  • 06 Beige Cannelle
    06 Beige Cannelle
    06 Beige Cannelle
  • 07 - Sable
    07 - Sable
    07 - Sable
  • 08 - Caramel
    08 - Caramel
    08 - Caramel
  • 09 - Cookie
    09 - Cookie
    09 - Cookie
  • 10 - Praline
    10 - Praline
    10 - Praline
  • 10.1 - Acajou
    10.1 - Acajou
    10.1 - Acajou
  • 10.2 - Bronze
    10.2 - Bronze
    10.2 - Bronze
  • 11 Muscade
    11 Muscade
    11 Muscade
  • 12 - Ambre
    12 - Ambre
    12 - Ambre
  • 13 - Sienne
    13 - Sienne
    13 - Sienne
  • 13.1 - Cacao
    13.1 - Cacao
    13.1 - Cacao
  • 13.2 - Brun
    13.2 - Brun
    13.2 - Brun
  • 13.3 - Santal
    13.3 - Santal
    13.3 - Santal
  • 14 - Brownie
    14 - Brownie
    14 - Brownie
  • 15 - Moka
    15 - Moka
    15 - Moka
  • 16 - Cafe
    16 - Cafe
    16 - Cafe
  • 17 - Ebene
    17 - Ebene
    17 - Ebene
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Create a flawless and long-lasting base with iconic Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF 15, a favourite from the beauty makeup experts at Lancôme. Now offering an impressive 24 hours of wear time, this full-coverage foundation with sun protection effortlessly glides onto the skin, providing a velvety-soft, seamless finish all day.


Resistant to streaks and caking, this retouch-free and shine-free foundation is perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.


Key benefits of Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF 15:


  • Full-coverage foundation.
  • Natural makeup finish.
  • Lasts up to 24 hours on the skin.
  • Shine-free and transferproof.
  • Infused with oil-absorbing ingredients.
  • Doesn’t oxidise throughout the day.
  • Suitable for all skin types.


What are the main ingredients in Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF 15?

The Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF15 contains an eternalsoft polymer complex which increases the comfort levels when the foundation is applied so it stays looking and feeling fresh throughout the day. For pigmentation, the long-wearing foundation is enhanced with NAI pigments which are specially coated pigments designed to maintain a consistent pH level so the formula won’t oxidise and change colour.


The perfect foundation for oily skin, Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF 15 also combines Perlite and Silica, which are effective oil-absorbing ingredients, for a shine-free finish.


How to use Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF 15:


  • Apply as the first makeup step after priming skin.
  • Can be applied with a face brush, makeup sponge, or fingertips.
  • Apply to the centre of your face and blend outwards for a seamless finish.
  • Build up coverage on areas of concern.
  • Finish with a setting powder or spray for greater longevity.


Who should use Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF 15?

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF 15 is a long-lasting, full-coverage makeup base for a flawless complexion anytime. This highly blendable formulation effortlessly applies to skin without caking, streaking, or causing discomfort and is ideal for all skin types.


Is Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF 15 suitable for oily skin?

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF 15 is particularly good for oily skin. This formula contains Perlite and Silica, two of the most effective oil-absorbing ingredients, for a shine-free finish lasting up to 24 hours.


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Stunning - 16-01-2019 by

My skin type is oily and I love this foundation so much. It is build able from a medium coverage to a full. The finish is more of a natural matte and the colour match was awesome

Favourite foundation - 15-01-2019 by

I have fairly oily skin and have tried so many foundations to no avail from NARS to Two Faced, Benefit and MAC. The two formulas that work for me are MAC studio fix and Lancôme tient. I feel it leaves me with a natural finish, great coverage and doesn’t slide off during the day. The formula isn’t too thick and doesn’t leave you with a “caked on” feeling despite its coverage. Would definitely recommend to my fellow oily skin sufferers

Great - 01-01-2019 by

A great long wearing foundation that isnt drying on the skin. Skin looks even and luminous. Build able coverage and decent colour range.

great foundation - 30-12-2018 by

worth the hype makes my skin look flawless and smooth

Great foundation - 19-11-2018 by

I’ve been using this foundation for years. I have rosacea and it gives great coverage, but looks very natural and glowy on the skin. I put it on in the morning and it lasts all day.

Easy to use pump dispenser - 16-11-2018 by

Great product that is smooth to use. I buy two colours and mix them between seasons so the colour matches my skin for summer and winter Not too pricey either and will last a good 6 months with one pump per day.

Good everyday foundation - 16-11-2018 by

I'm onto my third bottle and honestly love how reliable this foundation is. It's a great everyday foundation that provide medium coverage and doesn't break me out which is important because I have sensitive skin.

HOLY GRAIL foundation - 16-11-2018 by

This is the best foundation I have tried (this purchase was my 8th bottle). I have tried everything from Mac, to DB, Estée Lauder, Kat von d, wetn wild, revolution beauty, nars, urban decay, Sephora brand and in between. This is by far my favourite. The coverage is bulidable and the finish is beautiful. I don’t like using setting powder, and this foundation doesn’t need it. The smell takes some getting used to- that is my only criticism. I’m quite pale with freckles, normal to combination skin, I wear shade 005- it’s perfect.

My long term foundation - 15-11-2018 by

I’ve being using this foundation in 03 for as many years as I remember. I use it in summer and winter, the colour blends perfectly with me skin. Many compliments received over the years

Love it - 09-11-2018 by

This full coverage foundation has never failed to deliver offering a radiant glow leaving your skin feeling fresh I would 110 % recommend this foundation if your looking for a flawless finish

Good foundation - 29-10-2018 by

This foundation is pretty good, has buildable coverage. It's comfortable to wear and lasts long. My only gripe is that it accentuates dry patches of skin. It's probably best for people with oily skin. Its not cheap but not excessively expensive either and I like the pump.

Wouldn't use any other foundation - 22-10-2018 by

The Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation is my favourite makeup item. The coverage is good and the shade match is perfect, I'd highly recommend.

Go to foundation - 19-10-2018 by

I have been using this for the last 2 years , is my go to foundation.

delivers - 11-10-2018 by

coverage, for me its full and doesn't cake or sink into pores and lasts until i wash it off (with cleanser)
smells amazing and great colour selection to match all skin tones. I have 3 shades depending on the season and the look i want.

Good coverage. Nice colour - 10-10-2018 by

It's fair to say I'm smitten with this foundation. Great colour and a really nice texture. Stays put on the skin and a little goes a long way.

I’m telling everyone I know about this one - 17-09-2018 by

OMG where do I begin
This is it for me I will make the claim boldly that I will NEVER wear another foundation again as long as I live.
Ticks all the boxes for me and the smell ahhh heavenly.
I mix the highlighter drops in with the foundation, just stunning.

Natural finish with good coverage - 12-09-2018 by

Well priced foundation that looks natural and even on my skin. Easy to apply and lasts a long time as i only use one pump of the product, per day. I would definitely recommend this product.

Very long wearing! - 10-09-2018 by

I like to use this when I know I will be having a long day. It makes my skin look beautiful, it's lightweight, lasts for majority of the day, and covers all my imperfections while still looking very natural. I highly recommend it!

Smooth lightweight foundation - 06-09-2018 by

I've never been a huge fan of Lancome but their foundation has really won me over! It's lightweight, buildable to about medium coverage and is long lasting. The formula is really smooth and comfortable to wear

A good foundation - 03-09-2018 by

I have been using this foundation for over a year and have repurchased a few times. It is comparable to NARS sheer glow. It is lightweight, build able, non drying and not oily. Perfect for my combination skin.

A very nice foundation - 27-08-2018 by

This foundation is medium-high coverage, and quite buildable. I find the coverage comes out quite high if I apply with a beauty blender, but you can sheer it out to more of a medium coverage with a buffing brush. I have very fair, neutral skin and use shade 005. This is a good match, perhaps a teeny bit on the yellow side but if I blend it in properly it matches well. This gives a nice satin finish - not especially dewy. Lasting power is reasonable, though I find it comes off a bit around my nose and chin by the end of the day, where I tend to be a little bit oily. Needs a bit of blotting and re-powdering in the t-zone for me if I want it to last.

gorgeous foundation - 23-08-2018 by

I have been using this foundation for a few years now, and its my go to.
its light but great coverage and sits well on the skin.

Great product - 14-08-2018 by

Honestly, this product is amazing. I have been using the same foundation brand for 10 years, tried others but always went back to my old product. Until I received a sample of this, luckily it was my colour so I was able to trial it over the week. My skin felt absolutely amazing, so velvety and smooth. It lasted all day and it even smells amazing!

I’ve now just repurchased my second bottle of this and don’t think I’ll be going back to my 10 year favourite anytime soon!

My HG foundation - 14-08-2018 by

Being in my mid 40's with combination aging skin that can tend towards oily in summer months, it's been extremely difficult to find my perfect foundation, but this is IT! I use shade #035 which is perfect for my medium skin tones, and the formula itself is just lovely - it doesn't settle into fine lines at all, staying power is amazing, and is easily buildable. I can wear alone without any powder at all and it stays put all day even during summer, doesn't cause me to break out at all, and doesn't feel heavy on my skin even with full coverage. Occasionally I'll use a very light (and I mean VERY light) dusting of a setting powder over the top, but it generally doesn't need it. I find the finish to be semi-matte, but doesn't look or feel dry at all, as a lot of matte foundations can. Sometimes I'll even mix a little with my day moisturiser to use as a CC cream when I'm feeling lazy, and a little bit goes a long way!
Overall a fantastic foundation which I'll keep repurchasing!

One of my fave foundations - 08-08-2018 by

I have normal-dry skin and like full coverage foundations that don't look flat and matte. This is exactly that, it always makes my face look flawless. So glad that they've come out with more shades now!

Really like it - 06-08-2018 by

I love this foundation. Such good quality and it has a beautiful scent! Would definitely recommend

Great foundation - 03-08-2018 by

Really nice foundation, would buy again. I would recommend getting shade matched inshore before purchasing it online

Love this foundation - 01-08-2018 by

I really like this foundation! I've used it for about 18 months now and I've brought 2 or 3 bottles of it. It's really good guys - great coverage but doesn't feel too heavy. My only issue is that I have VERY dry skin and on some days this looks flaky and is too dry for me. However the issue is with my skin not the product. Definitely would recommend

Good shade match not good for oily skin - 31-07-2018 by

So I originally found out about this foundation through a youtube reviewer and thought okay this stuff might actually help my oily skin stay well not like a greaseball all day however that was my first problem no foundation is going to do this. I was shade matched to 010 and this was a perfect match for my skin tone so it already had that going for it as well as the smell I'm not sure how to describe it but I love it, however, unfortunately, that's where my positive review ends. I did find it oxidised a little bit however most of my foundations do. It did not last the amount of time I required it too, however, I was comparing it to my Holy Grail Estee Lauder double wear which is actually cheaper and unfortunately I was left with a sample size of the foundation that I just wasn't impressed with so I threw it out.

Not love at first sight - 30-07-2018 by

I wanted to love this based on the reviews and did my google research to back it up. However, according to the colour match that resulted, it ended up being too orange when I received the product. It oxidised even more on my skin during the day.

AHH-MAZING - 27-07-2018 by

My holy grail foundation have been using it for years lasts all day no problem and such a variety of shades.. recommend to everyone

Magical within a bottle ! - 20-07-2018 by

Fantastic long lasting foundation, it has an incredible floral scent. It has great coverage and impressed with the colour range!

Excellent - 18-07-2018 by

Wonderful foundation. Smells really nice and looks amazing. I have purchased this twice and will definitely buy again!

Great coverage and staying power - 06-07-2018 by

This is a great long wearing medium to full coverage foundation. Has a satin finish and works reasonably well for oily skinned girls like myself. This definitely doesn’t last for 24 hours but does make it through an eight hour day holding up pretty well. I will sometimes go to this foundation in the winter months instead of my usual go to which is Estee Lauder double wear foundation, when my skin feels somewhat dryer. I’m 43 with oily to combination skin.

Kit worthy foundation - 06-07-2018 by

Definitely a favourite for a flawless, buildable natural looking foundation. Very long lasting however definitely needs to be set with a powder for oily skin. Flawlessly glides over imperfections and does not grab to dry flaky spots. Definitely a favourite for personal and kit use. I find best applied with a damp sponge for fuller coverage or buffing brush for a more natural finish.

Great foundation! - 04-07-2018 by

Love this foundation, I have tried so many and have not been able to find a foundation that exceeds my expectations apart from Estée Lauder double wear, but as I get older double wear was not hydrating enough for me. I have discovered this foundation and am now converted it is hydrating, and feels amazing to apply it also lasts like double wear does. Will be my new go to foundation.

My favourite foundation - 29-06-2018 by

I've been using this foundation for years. The colour range is so spot on, it's a perfect match for my skin tone. It's also high coverage while still feeling quite light on the skin. Covers up blemishes so well! All redness is dulled down immediately and glides on well on my skin whether my face is freshly waxed or not. Favourite product!

Love - 18-06-2018 by

I find it hard to find the perfect shade foundation, but Lancôme has hit the nail on the head. So perfectly matched you cannot tell! Love it and will be repurchasing again

Worth every cent - 13-06-2018 by

Love this foundation!

On Youtube they rave about so many foundations as being the holy grail of foundations. But after trial and error and hundreds of dollars spent trying to match the right colour with the right type of foundation with my skin type (Combination skin) with no success, I got a free sample of this at Myer one day and am so grateful I tried it.
It is quick and soooo easy to apply and blend, and doesn't look cakey, fake or powdery, can be used as a shear to full coverage, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, lovely fragrance, and last all day! I keep looking in the mirror to touch up but even after working all day its still intact.

Will keep purchasing forever!!!

all time favourite foundation - 13-06-2018 by

I have been using this product for years! It is my go to foundation and looks flawless.

all time favourite foundation - 01-06-2018 by

I have been using this product for years! It is my go to foundation and looks flawless.

Not long lasting - 30-05-2018 by

I purchased the Lancome Teint Idole Wear Ultra Foundation as a treat for myself.

I suffer from redness and was hoping that it would cover it, which it does but unfortunately it doesn't last. After a few hours it looks as if it's worn off or as if you had been sitting in the sun.

It also seems to darken after a few hours - an orange appearance occurs. I'm a bit dissapointed for the price that it is not long wearing .

Awesome foundation - 27-05-2018 by

I love the huge shade range of this foundation. It does oxidise only slightly so maybe go one shade lighter. It lasts almost the entire day for me with a good primer and sits beautifully on the skin. It has a runny/liquid consistency that is easy to blend out and sets quickly. Nice, subtle floral scent that is not overpowering and is not noticeable once on. Overall a great foundation from Lancome.

Not for combination skin - 16-04-2018 by

I was disappointed by this foundation. I have combination skin, and my skin becomes very oily compared to other foundations through the day, and it doesn't have much staying power for me.

HG - 19-03-2018 by

repurchased this three times! My go to! It oxidizes a whole shade so make sure you go a shade lighter than you think you need

Great for Oily Skin - 21-02-2018 by

I am truely converted! I used to religiously purchase Estee Lauder Double Wear as I have very oily skin that would shine up after 1 hour of application with other foundations. I found that although double wear was really effective in minimising shine and prolonging my make up wear time, it was really thick and could look kind of cakey. Although I now just use a mineral powder for every day use, I still like to have a 'going out foundation' for more special events or really long stressful days at work when I know I will perspire.
A friend recommended that I try Lancome Ultra Wear, and wow... was I impressed! Not only does this foundation have the same durability powers as double wear, it is a lot less cakey and heavy on the skin. Quite refreshing really.
My routine is; cleanse, serum, sunscreen, primer, Lancome Ultra Wear and a dusting of translucent powder (usually Nude by nature) and this lasts a full work day or night out, it withstands the heat and humidity of Queensland weather more importantly!

Good value for money - 04-12-2017 by

I have read a lot about this foundation and wasn't disappointed.
Melts into the skin for a natural look.
Blends in easily with good coverage which can be built up
Longlasting and great for oilyskin types
Oh and the shade match was PERFECT.
Definitely a repurchase.

Great all occassions foundation - 30-11-2017 by

I find this easy to build on , great coverage and a nice cover range, lasts well, ive only ever used it with the Lancome primer underneath and it has withstood some very hot days and weddings into the reception and home,
feels nice and not dry , cakey , , a wee bit slippery without the aid of powder when you cake it on thick but most fluid foundations are. blends nice with concealer in same range

My everyday foundation - 02-10-2017 by

I absolutely love this foundation, it’s so beautiful on the skin and you can build up coverage. I usually apply it with a damp beauty blender and work it into my skin and all foundations will make you look like you have foundation on (unless you don’t wear any) this make up even though it’s fulk coverage it’s so beautiful on the skin. It’s perfect for young and old skin. I swap between this and double wear from Estée Lauder - since I have them in different colours I actually mix them together sometimes to build my custom colour and it looks amazing. I either set it with a damp beauty blender into powder (so you don’t get cake face) and use some setting spray or just apply my skindinavia setting spray over the top and it will last all day without looking cakey or seperating!!

Great foundation - 23-08-2017 by

Have been using for many years

Would definitely recommend - 26-07-2017 by

I love the long lasting coverage it has!!
Smells like a luxury fragrance
It's a bonus it has a pump with it, ( some foundations don't come with one at all and it gets all messy)
Would definitely recommend.

Love it! - 19-07-2017 by

I love this foundation so much and have re- purchased it twice now.
It feels amazing, blends evenly and stays on all day!
It does have a slight smell that reminds me of washing powder but I don't mind it and look forward to using it every morning!

Holy Grail - 11-07-2017 by

Really love this foundation. I'd been using the Teint Miracle Natural Light Creator SPF 15 in 010 Beige Porcelain during the warmer months but then needed something with a satin matte finish and a fuller coverage during the colder months. And this does a beautiful job. And the scent is divine, not to strong. Would highly recommend this foundation.

Perfect for cooler months - 31-10-2016 by

This is my holy grail foundation for cooler months or night events. Perfect amount of coverage for me. Doesn't cake or look like a mask. A little goes a really long way. I've been using this foundation for 2 years and have only just finished my second bottle. Doesn't make me breakout and works with/without primer or setting powder. I will always use a setting spray though and I get a full day of wear without creasing and it wearing away.

Love this foundation - 16-08-2016 by

This foundation is long wearing and I have found it to be perfect for my oily skin. It lasts me all day when worn with a good primer, setting powder and fixing spray with no need to powder throughout the day. I only use 2 pumps of this and mix with one pump of the Becca face perfector and it gives a great finish and is easy to blend. I think it is great value as you only need a small amount of product. I find it very hard to find a foundation that keeps my skin from being oily throughout the day, will definitely repurchase.

Difficult to blend and a little too shiny - 10-02-2016 by

Normally I love Lancome products but this foundation is a little dissapointing. It might just be personal preference but its a bit too shiny for me. I also found it a bit streaky, difficult to blend properly.

If you prefer shiny to matte then this is a good foundation and the blending could easily be solved with some setting powder, but there are better high end foundations out there.

One of the best foundations I have used. - 29-12-2015 by

I used to love this foundation and for some reason moved to another brand for years before buying again on a whim or in the throes of nostalgia. Very glad I did!

It really does last all day, has great coverage for blemishes or sun spots and doesn't dry out my sensitive skin. Easy to layer and gives you a flawless finish, especially in photos. I am also a true Irish girl complete with the blindingly white skin and Lancome is one of the few brands that successfully caters to pale skin tones without making me look washed out/ill or like I have a dirty face.

Excellent product. Highly recommended.

Perfect foundation! - 31-10-2015 by

This foundation is absolutely amazing. I've gone through 2 bottles thus far and there will be many more to come! I take care of my skin as it's quite sensitive (blemish free thankfully!) but I am prone to some redness. This foundation gives beautiful coverage so much so that I don't even need concealer however I have never had so many compliments from strangers telling me how beautiful MY SKIN is... Not my make up! So that tells me how natural it must look. It's extremely long wearing and I don't get the dreaded creasing around my eyes or mouth like I did with Teint miracle which required me to powder to keep the oiliness at bay and to keep the actual foundation on my face. This is foundation is everything it claims to be! The fact that Lancome is a luxury brand and is only $55 is incredible. The only thing I would mention to anyone wanting to purchase this foundation is you must remove it with an oil cleanser (I use Dermalogica Pre Cleanse but Philosphy and Bobbi Brown also have great products) as I've found regular make up wipes or micellar water just don't cut it and require to much rubbing to remove it all which is no good to sensitive skin. Teint Idole Ultra has a beautiful scent but you only notice it as you apply it and it's non offensive, just a light floral scent with a satin matte texture. One more thing! Because it is long wearing it does dry quickly so I do one section of my face at a time otherwise it won't blend.

Please consider more shades to cater to a multicultural society - 19-10-2015 by

Wish you could stock more shades that cater to darker skinned individuals as I was sent here for my shade 460 suede W yet your shades stop at a shade FAR lighter.

Long Lasting Foundation - 02-10-2014 by

I really love this foundation which lasts all day and still looks natural. I don't have to touch up at all. This is the first time I've purchased from Adore Beauty and I'm very impressed with their prices and quick delivery.

Fantastic product and AMAZING service by the Adore Beauty team! - 03-07-2014 by

My review is both for Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H SPF15 and for the amazing service from the Adore Beauty team. I purchased a colour which ended up being a poor match, and the Adore Beauty team (namely Shannon & Alexandra), kindly and without question offered to help me find the right colour and replace it! Thank you lovely ladies!

As for the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H SPF15: it smells amazing, goes on like a dream and the more you use, the greater the coverage ie. it is buildable to suit your needs. It also lasts really well throughout the day. Highly recommend it!

Great foundation - 24-07-2013 by

I've been using this foundation for a while now. I've tried others in between but none were quite as good. It has great coverage and you can layer it up. In saying that a little does go a long way. My skin is a bit oily so this foundation is good as I don't need to touch it up with powder quite as often. It is pricey but it works so it's totally worth it.

The search is over! :) - 21-05-2013 by

This is the first liquid foundation I've ever used, and it's amazing. I struggled to find a product that would still look good if I just so happened to work up a bit of a sweat, and with this foundation, I never have to worry. Feels great all day, and really is re-touch free. My skin is quite pale, and I was so happy to finally find a colour that suited my skin tone. I apply either with fingertips or foundation brush. It's worth every cent! :)

Finally have found my match! - 19-05-2013 by

I absolutely adore this foundation. I am very pale and have always had problems trying to match a foundation to my skin tone! I was very impressed with the range of shades that Lancome had to offer, and once I got matched to my colour it suited me perfectly :) I often get asked if I am even wearing foundation as it looks so natural. It has a great buildable coverage and does not leave you feeling sticky like a lot of the other more expensive brands I have tried. It is a little bit pricey, but I am willing to repurchase over and over as it is such a fantastic product!

Love it - 23-10-2012 by

This is my favourite foundation so far. I love how it's so lightweight, and I can hardly feel it at all on my skin during the day. It lasts throughout the day, and isn't oily like some foundations - it has a nice matte finish and great coverage. I agree though, that it can be a bit patchy, but I suggest using a good foundation brush to solve that issue. The only downside is that it is a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth it.

Top foundation - 08-07-2012 by

This is seriously an amazing foundation - I just love it. It's lightweight on my (combination) skin, the coverage is fab and buildable (no mask-like effect here!) and it really does last all day long - I haven't tested it over 24 hours, though!

smells amazing! - 01-07-2012 by

at first i wasnt sure! but after a few wears ive decided it smells amazing, feels amazing and looks great!
its a little bit powdery/patchy.. but that is probably due to my dry skin!

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