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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser 200ml

4.6 of 104 reviews


4 instalments of $9.24

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4 instalments of $9.24

Or 4 instalments of $9.24 with LEARN MORE

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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo Cleanser is a light milky texture enriched in moisturizing glycerine formulated to cleanse eyes and face thoroughly while keeping the skin hydrated.
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Alcohol Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser Reviews

4.6 of 104 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Does the job


A simple but effective every day cleanser. I use after my first cleanser and it never leaves my skin feeling tight or dry,

Most Helpful Criticism



It is very gentle on the skin but I feel it doesn't cleanse my skin well either. Won't recommend for combination skin.
  1. Does the job


    A simple but effective every day cleanser. I use after my first cleanser and it never leaves my skin feeling tight or dry,
  2. Gentle on skin


    I received a sample of this recently and thought this was a fabulous cleanser. It's incredibly gentle on the skin and doesn't cause any irritation whatsoever. Most importantly it does a great job in the facial cleansing department!
  3. Best cleanse for sensitive skin


    Best gentle cream cleanser for sensitive skin! Smells is subtle but leaves skin feeling clean, make up and dirt from the day gone without any tightness etc. highly recommend giving this a go if you’re after a fuss free cleanser
  4. Soothing


    This is such a gentle and soothing cleanser. Great for sensitive and dry skin.
  5. Super Creamy!


    Received this product as a sample with another purchase and absolutely LOVED it! It is so butter soft on my skin, such a gentle cleanser. I've since purchased the full size product!
  6. Great


    This is a very gentle and creamy cleanser. It also has simple ingredients
  7. Good for sensitive skin


    This has been a staple of my routine since day 1, it spreads out well and is good value.
  8. Fantastic


    I really like this cleanser. It's not stripping, doesn't feel burning tight or dry. Very gentle milky lotion that also feel hydrating.
  9. Best for normal/dry skin!


    This cleanser saved my skin this winter and I absolutely love it! I use it as my second cleanse after an oil/balm cleanser and not only do I feel clean, but my skin is moisturised and perfectly prepped for my next products. It's my go-to winter cleanser and in the summer I use it in the morning if I have excess product hanging around from the night before.
  10. Moisturising


    This is a surprisingly moisturising cleanser that leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. I like that it can be left on or washed off.
  11. Great product


    I have sensitive skin and I have finished two of this product, it is very effective in cleansing the skin and also very hydrating. on the nights that I feel so lazy to do my double cleansing with balm, I apply generous amount for this cleanser on dry skin and massage to absorb the make up and wipe it by make up pad, and follow the same process again. I don't need to wash my face afterward as it is...
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  12. great


    a super gentle nice smelling cleanser, really good
  13. Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin


    For a really long time, I thought I had oily skin based on the amount of acne that I had. Turns out my skin was incredibly dry and dehydrated...

    This was the first cleanser I've used since my discovery. The cleanser is incredibly gentle, and feels creamy on the skin. Then a quick splash of water on the face, it turns ever so slightly foamy. It feels incredibly hydrating on the skin, a...
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  14. Gentle


    This is such a gentle cleanser! When I first used it I felt like it wasn’t cleansing my skin properly. I was using it like any other cleanser: apply to dry skin, add water& massage then rinse off! But I noticed they said you can “tissue” it off. Once I started using a cotton pad to wipe off the cleanser before the rinsing step, it worked a lot better! It doesn’t burn or sting your eyes thank god a...
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  15. Not bad


    I love LRP cleansers as they suit my skin very well but this wasn't as cleansing for my oily skin as I would have liked it to be. May be it works better for combination to dry skin types. It doesn't irritate though.
  16. Soothing for eczema sufferers


    This is a great cleanser for anyone with sensitive skin. The only downside is it doesn't give a squeaky clean feeling. I usually double cleanse in the evening with this.
  17. Great gentle cleanser


    I love using this when my skin is playing up, as it's super gentle and cleanses without making my skin feel tight or stripped. Usually use it as the second step after oil cleansing though, as I'm not sure if it really removes all sunscreen and makeup.
  18. Great cleanser


    This is a great cleaner - gets rid of all makeup in one use, and doesn't dry the skin. I would buy it again.
  19. Clearer, brighter and hydrated!


    Skin looks visibly clearer, brighter and hydrated after only using for a few days

  20. Does The Job, But...

    Jamie B

    This cleanser is very nice, it really is like a lightweight milky lotion.
    It cleans my face well, but on the same hand I feel like it doesn’t???
    I think it’s due to the texture of the cleanser, but it’s still nice and very gentle.
  21. SO gentle and calming


    This cleanser is so light and rereshing. It is gentle on sensitive skin and leaves moisture after washing. Sometimes when my skin needs a boost, I'll cleanse without water to give that plump look.
  22. Perfect as an introductory cleanser for sensitive skin


    I purchased this for my partner who had never invested in skin care before. As he has sensitive and dry skin, the la Roche posay toleraine range was recommended to him. He has only been using this product for three weeks and already I’ve noticed a difference. His clean is so much clearer, hydrated and bright. As it’s a creamy cleanser it doesn’t foam up, which doesn’t strip the natural oils from y...
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  23. Great cleanser


    Super lovely cleanser, my skin absolutely loves it. I’m obsessed with it, it’s become a staple for me!
  24. Very Gentle!


    Perfect for anyone with very sensitive skin! Leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. Causes absolutely no skin/acne irritation. Great to use in the morning and at night as part of my double cleanse.
  25. Average


    It is very gentle on the skin but I feel it doesn't cleanse my skin well either. Won't recommend for combination skin.
  26. So nice!


    My dermatologist gave me this for my face as my skin was very dry and flakey. It is very very gentle and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. It doesn’t give you that dry feeling that a lot of cleansers do. It also calmed down my forehead acne and reduced redness on my cheeks. Definitely recommend for sensitive or dry skin!
  27. Everyday cleanser


    A gentle but effective cleanser for everyday use. I use it after removing my make up with micellar water and it works well and use it on its own in the morning. Not stripping at all!
  28. Soothing cleanser


    My skin can be pretty sensitive at times, and I tend to over dry it with AHA’s, retinoids, lactic acids etc, so I have started alternating this cleanser with my anti blemish [tougher, stripping, lathering] cleanser. I use it in the mornings as I found it wasn’t super effective removing my makeup in the evenings. It leaves my skin smooth and feeling hydrated, without being oily. I really like that ...
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  29. Excellent second cleanse

    Chloe Rose

    I use this in the morning, and as my second cleanse at night. It's gentle, no frills, but is a real joy to use. Doesn't leave skin squeaky clean or tight.
  30. My face feels so good


    This cleanser is fantastic! It doesn’t foam, doesn’t strip my skin, doesn’t leave me red - tick, tick, tick! Amazing! I use it once every night to wash my face and then lightly wash off. It leaves my skin feeling good and plump without any irritation. It’s not as effective for makeup removal, but I don’t expect any cleanser to do that part for me. I prefer using my face halo and then double cleans...
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  31. Great cleanser for sensitive skin


    Was searching for a milk like cleanser to add to my skincare regime and I feel like this is the one. Love that it doesn't have a chemical smell bcs my skin is highly sensitive to fragrances. Leaves my face feeling hydrating and not that tight feeling you get with foam cleansers. Couldn't recommend this product enough!!
  32. Fresh skin


    Was looking for a cleanser that didn’t leave my skin striped.
    This one is awesome leave my skin hydrated and fresh feeling and doesn’t irritate or dry out my eyes or skin love
  33. Favourite gentle cleanser


    This cleanser is so gentle. I have very sensitive skin and so this is my favourite second cleanse. It doesn’t do anything amazing, but it leaves your face clean and does not irritate at all. I’ve bought this so many times and always have a replacement on standby.
  34. one of the best cleansers


    is so gentle on my skin
  35. Lightweight and fresh


    Love this product! Lightweight and left my skin feeling fresh and clean.
  36. great for dry skin


    amazing for keeping dry skin hydrated in winter
  37. Gentle and effective


    I actually wasn't sure about this product at first, it was a tad richer than the milky cleanser I was used to, but as I got used to it I've now fallen in love!! It feels super gentle, yet still effective at removing sunscreen & makeup. My skin never feels tight after use, just soft and fresh! My skin type is dry/sensitive.
  38. perfect for sensitive skin


    great price and great product, it really works and it feels moisturising aswell as cleansing
  39. Good cleanser for sensitive skin

    Bridget B

    This cleanser did not irritate or further dry out my sensitive skin, it is very nice and gentle. However it did not clean as well as other cleansers I have used and I would often need to double cleanse just to remove sunscreen.
  40. Just OK


    Nothing wrong with this cleanser but there are better options. I much prefer Alpha H balancing cleanser for a milky cleanser.
  41. Great moisturising cleanser


    My go to make up remover/cleanser. Skin feels soft after use.
  42. Nice makeup remover


    Removed majority of my makeup but would definitely follow up with oil cleanser and water based cleanser. I normally used this to remove eye makeup which it did well
  43. HUGE FAN


    I am incredibly impressed by this product. I have used a lot of other cleansers and this one has been the best so far. My skin is prone to sensitisation and I incorporate mid- high strength retinols in my skincare routine, as such I have found the majority of cleansers I have tried to be irritating. This cleanser does its job perfectly and consistently without causing any irritation. I would highl...
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  44. Simple cleanser


    This is a nice simple cleanser that does not irritate sensitive skin. I found when using it that it works best in a double cleanse, using this cleanser first then going in after with a gel cleanser to remove any last traces of makeup. I did not buy this cleanser again when I ran out as I found the asap gel cleanser was enough.
  45. Gentle!

    Elle H

    This cleanser is lovely, light and gentle and would be perfect for sensitive skin. It’s not my HG cleanser as my skin can handle something more active but it’s perfect for days my skin feels a little overwhelmed.
  46. Creamy and fragrance free cleanser


    This cleanser has a creamy texture with no scent and and very gentle on my combination but dehydrated skin. I like this product as it is really gentle and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry afterwards unlike a lot of other gel like cleansers I’ve used. It does leave a slight film feel on my skin afterwards, but not in a heavy way. I find that other cleans are too harsh on my skin so I don...
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  47. Gentle


    This is a very gentle cleanser and it didn’t over dry my skin. I use it every morning and night.
  48. So gentle and calming


    I have quite sensitive skin and have always struggled with a super red face after cleansing, this is the only face wash so far that doesn’t leave me with a horrible red face for hours after. I’m onto my second bottle and not looking back anytime soon.
  49. Great for sensitive skin


    One of the best cleansers for sensitive skin. I use it after taking off my makeup with a balm and my face feels so clean and soft.
  50. A nice gentle cleanser


    This is a nice gentle cleanser good for a light morning cleanse or for use after makeup removal
  51. A nice gentle cleanser


    This is a nice gentle cleanser good for a light morning cleanse or for use after makeup removal
  52. really great


    helped heal my dry skin after using too harsh of cleansers for many years, my skin was dry and aggravated but this really helped to fix that
  53. super gentle


    this is so gentle it almost feels like its not cleansing but it is and my skin improved heaps once I switched from foaming cleaners to this, much more hydrated
  54. great!


    one of the best cleansers you can buy if you have sensitive skin, have repurchased many times!
  55. Nice gentle cleanser


    Gentle cleanser that doesn't leave my very sensitive, dry skin irritated. I find that it doesn't take off make-up on its own entirely, so I use it as part of a double cleanse routine. Leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated.
  56. gentle but effective


    This is a great, gentle cleanser that leaves my skin soft and clean. It's effective at getting makeup off, and can even take off eye makeup. A staple product on my shelf.
  57. Gentle


    This cleanser is very gentle. My skin feels smooth and soft after using it. It also didn’t break out my skin. Love it.
  58. Everyone needs this in their cupboard


    Discovered this cleanser by recommendation and it's truly great. It does not strip or tighten the skin.

    It can be used alone or as the second step in a double cleanse routine - I use with moo goo cleansing oil. In a double cleanse it gets rid of even the most stubborn of makeup.

    Because it is gentle and doesn't have to be fully washed off it can be used on children and ba...
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  59. Love it! Super gentle and soft skin afterwards


    At night I use a balm or oil cleanser to remove makeup then use this as a second cleanser. In the morning I just use this cleanser. I really love it, it's super gentle so great for sensitive skin and leaves your skin feeling really smooth.
  60. Gentle - perfect for oily/combination skin


    Super soft and gentle on the skin, leaves a nice moisturized finish. Also find it does a great job taking off my makeup. Have found a holy grail !
  61. love it


    My dermatologist recommended this to me and provided a sample; I loved it so much that I'm about to purchase my third bottle. My skin is extremely sensitive especially in winter months; this cleanser not only takes off waterproof makeup but leaves my skin feeling fantastic. I usually use this as a first step in double cleansing and cannot recommend this product enough for anyone with sensitive ski...
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  62. Super gentle and moisturising


    I have sensitive / combination skin and never liked how most cleansers left my skin feeling right and “squeaky”. This is cleanser is so gentle and moisturising, and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft. I use a oil cleanser before hand and it removes the residue too, definitely would recommend!
  63. Gentle cleanser


    I love this brand and specifically this cleanser. Make sure to double cleanse if you’re removing makeup or sunscreen as well. Super gentle on sensitive skin, No tight feeling after use. I’ve been using it for years and have no plans on switching
  64. The best for sensitive skin


    Thus is the best cleanser i have found for my reactive skin. It leaves your face feeling soft and clean.
  65. Great


    I love this cleanser. It is so hard to find a non foaming, fragrance free cleanser, or any cleanser that doesn't leave my skin feeling tight. This one is it for me.
  66. Gentle and Effective Cleanser


    My skin is dry and quite sensitive and I have had reactions to cleansers in the past, but this one is so gentle and doesn't leave me with that tingling/stinging feeling which some cleansers do. After I've used it my skin feels so fresh and not dry like it often does after using a cleanser. I use it both as a general facial cleanser and also to remove my makeup (either with or without water).
  67. Great for Removing Eye Makeup on Sensitive Skin


    Im quite sensitive and this product doesn't iritate my skin at all. The consistency is perfect for removing eye makeup. It doesn't irritate my eyes and removes every bit of mascara. I have repurchased this product several times and would highly recommend it as a make up remover for people with sensitive skin.
  68. Best cleanser for sensitive skin


    Does not react at all and takes off makeup really well, but isn't stripping at all. I love the cream gel texture, and that you can use it with or without water. It leaves my face feeling fresh. clean and so so soft. After you use it, it almost feels like you've put a moisturiser on. Great for sensitive skin!
  69. very gentle.


    very gentle and has not once irritated or dried out my skin.
  70. Good morning cleanser


    I like to use this in the morning because it's a light cleanser and my face is already clean enough so I don't need a deep cleanse, it also says you can leave this cleanser on, so I don't have to worry about washing it all off, so I can clean my face really quickly.
    Second purchase of this brought it at Priceline first
  71. Best cleanser I’ve tried for sensitive skin


    This is by far the best cleanser I have ever used on sensisitve skin, it really does clean thoroughly even though it’s so gentle you kind of feel like it’s not doing anything, it always leaves my skin feeling soft and supple
  72. Gentle cleanser for the morning.


    This is a really nice cleanser for use in the morning or as a second cleanse. It removes makeup reasonably well but you'll have to follow up with another makeup remover or cleanser before/after to get it all off properly - often there's eye makeup and foundation residue left behind (which is true of most cleansers in my experience). It's very gentle and I love that it doesn't contain fragrance - i...
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  73. Feels nice but not for me


    I have sensitive acne prone skin. I bought this hoping it would work for my skin type
    The product is a nice gentle cleanser but it did not work for my acne at all. I would not recommend this product.
  74. Great first cleanse/make-up remover


    I actually bought this by accident, thinking it was one of La Roche's other cleansers! I don't have sensitive skin, but was dealing with a breakout and i thought this would help calm my skin down. It kinda worked but, because it's extremely emollient, it left a bit of a film on my face that I didn't like. If you have super-dry or sensitive skin, this might be ideal for you.

    I soon wo...
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  75. So good!


    If you have dry, sensitive, highly reactive skin, this is the cleanser for you! Gently removed my make up at the end of the day with a cotton pad and left my skin feeling moisturised and free of any tingling or irritation. After two weeks of consistent use, free from any issues, this product is now a must have product for me!
  76. Love this!


    A nice gentle cleanser. I use this in the morning before putting on my make up. Makes my skin feel great!
  77. Fantastic


    Recommend by my Dermatologist i was confident that this was a great thing for my skin. It is really effective in cleaning your face and neck. I rinse off with a muslin cloth.
  78. perfect for morning


    this is what i use in the morning before i put on my makeup. it is gentle to use, removing excess oil and whatnot. it does not dry out your skin and it doesnt have that skin tightening you get after you wash your face
  79. love it love it love it


    I probably would only recommend this one to those who have extreme sensitivity, even to water, unless you don't mind having a bit of an emollient residue (I really like it, but I have very dry and sensitive skin). you can rinse this cleanser, and that will leave less of the emollient behind, but try it if curious... when my skin flared for the first time, I was recommended this product / brand by ...
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  80. I wish I could give this 5*, but...


    This is an amazing cleanser for sensitive skin! After a recent bout of perioral dermatitis and eczema I have tried every product out there designed for sensitive skin -this works wonders. It is very thick, and doesn't leave you with that squeaky clean feeling, but it does remove makeup and sunscreen with the help of a muslin cloth. The only reason I can't give it five stars is the packaging - the...
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  81. cleanser


    i feel like this product didnt really do anything. i stopped using it for a while and saw no changes to my skin. however, it is good for sensitive skin and was not irritating
  82. Great but not for removing makeup


    I do really love this cleanser, but it's not good for removing makeup which kind of defeats the purpose a little bit. It's so soft and leaves your skin feeling really nice, so is a fantastic product for sensitive skin.

    Ultimately, I don't want to double cleanse and I have other cleansers that are more effective at removing makeup - so I am unlikely to repurchase this product again.
  83. Great Cleanser


    Leaves the skin feeling clean and almost moisturises at the same time. Perfect for dry skin.
    Doesn't deeply cleanse but is great when paired with other products!
  84. Keep coming back to this cleanser


    I have tried many cleansers over the years for my sensitive yet acne-prone skin, but I keep coming back to this one. It doesnt dry my skin out or make it feel tight, but still does an excellent job at removing the oil and makeup from my skin. Would highly recommend!
  85. good


    good for very very dry skin that needs a gentle cleanser, wouldn't recommend using this unless you're going to remove makeup first though as it is very gentle.
  86. Gentle and effective


    My dermatologist recommended this cleanser and I've never looked back. Its really gentle - perfect for sensitive skin. A little goes a long way and my skin feels really soft and moisturised after use
  87. Calming cleanser


    This cleanser is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It has a milky texture and doesn’t foam up which is great if your skin can be reactive to trying new products as it soothes the skin. The only problem I found with it is that it struggled to remove excess makeup left on my face but this is easily avoided by double cleansing.
  88. Very moisturising


    Amazing product for dry skin! After.i use this my skin feels moisturised. It does leave a bit of residue on my skin, and it doesn't foam up or anything, so it might take a bit of getting used to if you're used to more soapy cleansers.
  89. Gentle and calming


    A very mild cleanser that is perfect in times where my skin feels so sensitive that I just want to cleanse and moisturise. I remove all of my makeup before using this as I don't feel like this has a very strong cleansing effect, it's very gentle though and I like that it doesn't have any fragrance.
  90. My go to


    This is my go to cleanser when I have overdone the chemical peels or have sunburnt or dry skin, it really is so gentle and feels like you're washing your face with a gel water. definitely try this if you struggle with sensitive skin :)
  91. Gentle


    This is so gentle that I sort of feel like it's not even cleansing my skin enough! it didn't cause any irritation though.. would be good for someone who doesn't wear makeup
  92. Perfect for ultra sensitive skin (:


    This is a great cleanser for anyone who has really sensitive skin that reacts badly to harsh cleansers. This is very mild and doesn't sting or burn delicate areas around the eyes, great product !
  93. Gentle


    I use this one of a morning as it is such a mild,gentle cleanser.
    The cleanser comes in a big cylinder plastic bottle with a flip top lid. Its a white lotion type texture and has no fragrance at all.
    I feel cleansed and refreshed after use and it is so unbelievably gentle! This would suit even the most sensitive skin types.
    I won't use as my night cleanser as I feel its not enoug...
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  94. 5 Years Strong


    I have been using this cleanser for five years and I absolutely love it. It is so gentle and has so much glycerin in it - it is perfect for those with dry/sensitive skin (like me). I use it as a morning cleanse or second in my double cleanse. I

    It gets five stars from me because I cannot fault it at all for what it is; a beautiful, hydrating cleanser for sensitive skin. However, if yo...
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  95. my everyday cleanser


    I use this everyday and its one of the only cleansers that doesnt break me out, however sometimes it doesnt feel like its completely cleansing my face? otherwise i do really like it and use it everyday and i can use it twice in one day without getting a rash. Its a nice milky gentle cleanser
  96. Nice, but won't repurchase.


    This is a nice cleanser, especially for winter time as it is doesn't dry out the skin. It cleans my skin well and it feels soft and moisturised afterwards. I usually use it as a second cleanser and remove most of my makeup with micellar first so I'm unsure of it's full makeup removing capabilities, but it definitely removes any left over residue well, as long as it's wiped away with a cloth - it d...
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  97. Great cleanser for sensitive skin


    I have fair sensitive skin with rosacea and this has been a lovely cleanser for my oily/combination skin (however I think this would also suit dry skin). My skin has improved a lot since using this cleanser as it's very gentle but does the job. If wearing a lot of makeup however, you may need to cleanse twice or use a makeup remover as this won't quite do the job on its own.
    Would definitel...
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  98. Best face cleanser for skin irritation sufferers!


    i have severe eczema & psoriasis. This product has made a difference to my face cleansing! it moisturizes as it cleans! it feels so amazing on dry or acne prone skin. Your face feels so soft afterwards. I don't use it to remove make up, just as a cream cleanser in winter to counter act my winter dry skin. you only need a small amount of product & it lasts ages. Can't speak highly of this brand, i ...
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    Ever wanted to bathe in moisturiser & feel like a goddess in a silk dress with freshly shaved legs? Well you need to try LRP dermo cleanser! it's a little bottle of luxury in every wash. it moisturizes your skin whilst cleaning it. My skin used to resemble that of 50 year old paint on wicker furniture. Now it's simply silky smooth & hydrated. I've never come across any other cleanser that comes cl...
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  100. Extremely gentle


    This is an extremely gentle cleanser that is perfect for the most sensitive skins. It leaves skin feeling soft and not at all stripped. I use it for my morning cleanse and it works well for that. I’m not sure it would remove makeup effectively but it could work as a second cleanser at night. I find it a little expensive as it’s necessary to use a fair amount to get a good cleanse.
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