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La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR Intense Anti-Redness Serum 40ml

4.2 of 72 reviews


4 instalments of $6.99

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4 instalments of $6.99

Or 4 instalments of $6.99 with LEARN MORE

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La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR Intense: Anti-Redness Intensive Care is an ultra fresh non oily gel that combines 3 active ingredients to reduce redness at the source and prevent its reappearance. Perfect for couperose-prone, sensitive and fragile skin and intense redness.
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Paraben Free

What customers say

GREAT - 71% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR Intense Anti-Redness Serum Reviews

4.2 of 72 reviews

71% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for rosacea


This is a great cost effective rosacea serum, I've repurchased since and have had great results. Highly recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism

No results


I used this in the morning with my Avene Antirougers Forte Concentrate...and the Intensive Hydration Serum at night....and....no results. Has not reduced redness or sensitivity. Wouldn't repurchase.
  1. The worst, horrible.


    I have bad redness over my cheeks and nose. I bought this product hoping it would help clear that. I have been using this product for 3 weeks straight, morning and night by how the directions say and have not seen any result. It makes my skin oily as well. Very disappointed in this - and do not recommend.
  2. Wanted to love it but no effect


    I love La Roche Posay products but this product did nothing to reduce redness and no visible results overtime. I find Cicaplast baume more effective in reducing redness in my skin.
  3. Had no noticable effect

    Nick Gee

    I do suffer from redness in the face (i have a fair skin type and red hair) and was hoping for this product to decrease the appearance if it. I applied this twice a day for about 5 weeks and could not notice any visible changes. For me, this product did not work unfortunately.
  4. Great for rosacea


    This is a great cost effective rosacea serum, I've repurchased since and have had great results. Highly recommend.
  5. Keeps my redness under control


    Really liked this product, and have certainly noticed a difference in my skins redness. I am now only flushed on the apples of my cheeks, rather than the entirety of my face (especially my lower cheeks). I have very flushed cheeks and blush verrrrry easily, but not really bad rosacea.
  6. Fixed rosacea


    I have mild redness and flushing and this has gotten rid of it. Havent had a flare up since i started using it
  7. Lovely calming serum


    This is a nice thick serum that dries quickly. It does not pill and has a lovely calming effect.
  8. Lovely calming serum


    This is a nice thick serum that dries quickly. It does not pill and has a lovely calming effect.
  9. Would recomend for eczema prone skin


    verified purchaser
    Has definitely made a difference to my skin tone, redness has reduced around my nose, I use a small amount of this at night after all my serums as a moisturizer and its been going great - it is pricey but after years of buying stuff that flares up my eczema I don't think you can go wrong with this brand!
  10. Calms and smooths


    I have sensitive skin with rosacea and this helps to calm the redness with no stinging and burning. I have been using for only a few days and can already see a noticeable difference. I use with the same brand micellar water and moisturiser and find this keeps my skin calm. Just wish it wasn't quite as pricey!
  11. Not sure how effective it is


    A nice enough product, I liked the bottle for easy dispensing and getting the right amount of product. I'm not sure how effective it is though, I didn't really see any improvement in my skin.
  12. Noticeable difference


    I have been using for a couple weeks and I do see a difference in my base redness. I will definitely continue to use.
  13. Love this!


    If you have red skin this is lovely product to help assist in calming and anti redness. It takes a little while to see a difference but I will use this forever!
  14. Noticeable difference


    I have been using for a couple weeks and I do see a difference in my base redness. I will definitely continue to use.
  15. great


    this has been working great on my skin ,while it took atleast four weeks to notice a difference I was super happy with reduced redness on my checks!
  16. Fantastic for reactive skin


    This was recommended to me by my dermatologist and it’s been amazing at making my skin feel less reactive and has reduced redness. Highly recommend.
  17. So far so good


    I purchased this after I started getting red blotches on my chin. I already use the Toleriane Ultra light but wanted something extra, and this has been a nice addition and has helped to calm down my skin.
  18. Great product


    I use this product everyday and it has really reduced the redness and helps keep my skin soft & supke. No more flaky skin
  19. Use for kp


    Legitimately have never written a review for anything before, but did a google and got no results so perhaps people aren’t using this product for this problem yet and might see this. I have keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) on my arms, have tried everything to fix and literally nothing works, except this product. Sure, maybe it’s an expensive fix but I’m super self conscious of my arms so willing t...
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  20. Works for me


    This works really well for me. It makes my skin feel comfortable and helps to even out the tone. I use it like a serum under Clinique AR solutions cream and find the 2 work great together. The definitely find I need the moisturiser on top as it is a bit sticky feeling on its own on my skin.
  21. No results


    I used this in the morning with my Avene Antirougers Forte Concentrate...and the Intensive Hydration Serum at night....and....no results. Has not reduced redness or sensitivity. Wouldn't repurchase.
  22. Soothing and gentle


    Gentle on my skin, does irritate and so far seeing amazing results.
  23. Redness be gone!


    This lightweight serum delivers. The redness from the rosacea I have seems to have really calmed. I still have flare up days but generally my skin is much less dry, red, irritated. I've also been using a hydrating cleanser from the same range and that is also helping. Highly recommended.
  24. Good


    I have dry-normal skin prone to redness and irritation and this product helps tone down the irritation without stinging. Must layer with moisturiser after
  25. not huge results


    like the texture but didnt make any real improvements to my skin
  26. Good product


    Really nice serum that I find hydrating enough to use without a moisturiser! Is cooling to the skin and feels very refreshing! Pump is also great. However, can feel a little sticky on the skin when dry but I still love it's calming abilities. Unsure about the actual reduction in redness overall (been using for a few months)
  27. Didn't reduce much redness


    The consistency of the serum is nice and feels very cooling and soothing when applied. I have been using it for about 3 months, and there hasn't been much reduction in my redness. Does feel very hydrating though.
  28. very good


    minimised redness after a month of use
  29. good 'after treatment' product


    I have rosacea and I find this quite calming on my skin.
    However, I struggle with the pump as it keeps blocking, I have been told how to fix it but still. I do not think I will repurchase, purely due to their choice of packaging.
  30. Hasn't really worked for me


    I was hoping to reduce redness with this, but it hasn't really been effective for me.
  31. loved the texture


    it has a very thick and rich texture and no offensive smell but it didnt really take much redness away
  32. Reduce redness


    This product definitely helps to reduce the redness on my face. I use it every morning after my moisturiser.
  33. Reduced redness in cheeks


    I have been using a VERY expensive ultra-calming, redness-reducing skincare regime from Dermalogica, and after trying this product for a few days I can see a marked difference in the reduced redness of my face (particularly my cheeks), for much cheaper! It also sustains throughout the day - usually my face will get more red but it seems to be more stable now and I don't have sudden bouts of increa...
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  34. Works so quickly!


    I have been using rosaliac on my skin for just a few days. For the most part I have combination skin that is prone to oiliness around the T-zone, and I have a patch of rosacea on my left cheek. This serum has been brilliant at improving the tone of my skin all over - I'm yet to see any changes to my rosacea but I also know that this isn't a medicated product so it's only going to do so much - and ...
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  35. didn't see a huge difference


    I love the texture of the product but I didn't see a huge change in my skin while using it
  36. Helped me target red spots on my cheeks


    Helped me target red spots on my cheeks . It's made a huge difference.
  37. saw no difference


    I used this for a couple of months and I didn't see a difference at all
  38. Love the texture


    This is such a great product that really brings down the redness in my face, it feels moisturising too and whenever my skins feeling a bit irritated but needing something light this is usually my go to.
  39. The best serum for Redness


    This is the best serum for redness, make your skin feel good. After use you can tell that the redness is going away.
  40. Rosacea


    Bought this for my mum to help treat her rosacea. It helps to reduce redness and calm her skin before using the la Roche posay uvidea bb cream.
    Together you can barely notice her rosacea.
  41. Calming but I prefer Toleraine sensitive


    I think this product does what it says. There was a definite calming effect right after application however, I’m not sure if there’s been a noticeable reduction in redness overall. I have actually found the Toleraine sensitive moisturiser to have had more of an effect on overall redness than this one and it’s cheaper. I will finish the bottle because it’s definitely soothing but in future I will g...
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  42. It works


    This product help to calm my skin and reduce redness. I use this every evening and my skin condition is improving. Definitely recommend.
  43. Didn’t see any improvement after two weeks


    One side of my face is super clear and even but the other (the left side so possibly some sun damage?) has a smallish red patch on my lower cheek that never really goes away and is the first patch to show any inflammation or sudden redness from exercise, getting hot, washing my face etc and takes a long time to subside but never completely clearing. I have tried a lot of things gycolic acid, light...
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  44. average


    I didn't see a drastic reduction in redness while using this. the product didn't make a great difference in my skin nor did it improve the texture. pretty disappointing product!
  45. GREAT


    This is really calming on my red cheeks and it really soothes my face.
    My redness is improving , will keep using as it's amazing.
  46. Reduces redness, gentle on sensitive skin


    With my rosacea in remission (4 years with demodex reaction now resolved with other prescription), I have been using this to help restore and heal my skin. It doesn’t sting, which is more than I can say for a lot of “rosacea products” out there. I don’t think this would be a product to greatly reduce rosacea during a flare up or cure it, but it goes along way in soothing my skin and evening out my...
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  47. Jury’s still out


    I have been using twice daily for 6 weeks on my cheek and chin rosacea. Slightly less red and bumps less raised but for the price I’m not sure it’s worth it, however i will repurchase and continue it with my other skin care and see how it goes for another 6 weeks.
  48. Great


    My nose reacts terribly to certain cosmetic products and as a result my nose area is the first to react. In combination with sun exposure, allergies caused by hay fever and cold weather, my nose gets red and peels. Rosaliac helps hydrate and protect my nose from further redness.
  49. Not a miracle worker


    This product calms my skin but doesn't work wonders on me. My rosacea flares up with certain lifestyle factors - i.e. sun exposure or alcohol consumption, and this doesn't help much with those flare ups.
  50. not that great


    didn't see a huge difference in the months I used this product
  51. Thank you for the recommendation!


    I was recommended this by one of the lovely staff on the chat here at Adore. its worked wonders and i really appreciate the team member bringing it into my routine. I have seen a steady reduction in the redness of my cheeks and chin. The split blood vessels across my cheeks are fading fast as well. Non intrusive, easy to use and quick results!
  52. excellent anti redness cream


    I have tried a lot of different redness creams but this one is the best. I have very sensitive skin which goes extremely red. but this cream has calmed by skin and reduced the redness dramatically. absolutely love it.
  53. Not that impressive


    I didn’t see a difference after using this Product for a month
  54. 10/10


    I love love love his product! I have red hair, fair skin with a LOT of redness and this instantly calms it down. I’ve actually stopped wearing foundation now, I’m just using a tinted moisturiser instead and I definitely did not think I’d ever be able to do that.
  55. Reduces redness


    I love this product. It applies well and absorbs easily. I have very sensitive combination skin that tends to get flaky also.Using this in conjunction with the Toleriane ULTRA LIGHT moisturiser makes my skin soft and subtle as well as reducing redness.
  56. Reduces redness


    I love this product. It applies well and absorbs easily. I have very sensitive combination skin that tends to get flaky also.Using this in conjunction with the Toleriane ULTRA LIGHT moisturiser makes my skin soft and supple as well as reducing redness.
  57. Visibly improved redness significantly - life saver - improved my confidence


    I will never stop using this product!
    Improved redness and complexion so much my mum thought I was wearing make up!
    Application easy, my sensitive skin has no complaints.
    Aesthetician also unconvinced I had a redness issue until she took diagnostic pics!
  58. Comfortable on skin


    I was recommended La Roche-Posay by an AdoreBeauty online consultant for my sensitive, red & dry 51 year old skin.

    Whenever I try a new range I like to get a selection of products to give it a sold try. This review covers the following La Roche-Posay products which I've used for 4 weeks now:

    - Rosaliac AR intense
    - Toleraine Ultra
    - Toleraine Ultra Nuit
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  59. I love what this does for my skin


    I love this product it was recommended by adore for my roscea skin and it is amazing! In a few days I could see a great difference Love
  60. Noticeable reduction of redness


    After suffering from redness on my nose and cheeks I started using this a few weeks ago and have noticed a reduction in the redness already. I am happy with the feel and texture and it soaks into the skin nicely allowing make up to be applied easily. My skin also had dry patches from using other products but that too has diminished. I will definitely keep on using this product. I just wish it ...
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  61. Not the best results for me


    I really wanted this to work! I struggle with redness and have tried quite a few different products without any improvement. While I love the feel of the serum, I didn't notice a great difference in redness.
  62. Working Well


    I have been using this serum for over 6 months and have seen a definite reduction in the redness on my cheeks. I am very happy and enjoy the texture.
  63. Less redness


    I’ve always had red patches on my cheeks and this product definitely makes these areas look less red. The texture of the product is a bit strange though. I find that I can’t wear it under make up as it doesn’t soak into the skin well. It’s better for those make up free days.
  64. Not for redness, but nice serum.


    I've nearly finished the bottle (love the packaging!) but I see no difference in the redness of my skin either immediately or over weeks. It's a nice feeling serum, sinks in quickly and feels soft, but I really don't see any difference, so not worth the price.
  65. not good


    didn't see a noticeable difference while using this one, also hated the smell and texture!
  66. Not really impressed


    I didn't think this made any difference in my skin at all, I still have redness and I didn't find it reduced it whatsoever, on the positive side, I didn't find this irritating in any way..
  67. Doesn't help with redness, but has other uses


    I would say this product hasn't done much for me in terms of redness, but I apply it every night before bed, and everytime I do my makeup as a primer and works way better than any clogging moisturiser or primer. Because its a dermatologist brand I use alot of their products in place of makeup. This product has genuinely helped with bags under my eyes, smoothing my makeup, and moisturising my face ...
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  68. It didn't really do anything


    It didn't do anything for me, I mean It didn't do anything bad but it didn't show any results either, I wouldn't say its terrible but I definitely won't buy this again.
  69. haven't seen any change,


    Haven't noticed any real change since using this, wouldn't recommend to be honest :(
  70. Either here nor there


    I’m obsessed with the La Roche-Posay range. I brought the acne trio pack and was instantly impressed. I have quite red skin so I thought this would be even better than the aftercream of the Trio pack. Unfortunately after a few weeks I still haven’t noticed a crazy difference. It hasn’t made my skin any worse but I’m not amazed by it... I think I’ll stick to buying the acne trio was pack. Great val...
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  71. Didn’t work for me


    Personally I saw no effects after using this product for about a month , it didn’t have any negative effects on my skin either so if you’re looking for a product to help with rosacea and have very sensitive and reactive skin this might be worth trying as just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.
  72. number 1


    I have been using La roche-posy products for a couple of years now, but as a red head I have tried and tested so many different products over the years, finally this is the one that works on my skin,
  73. Amazing


    Thanks so much for your helpful guidance in purchasing a product for my facial redness. This product has been amazing, have seen great improvement in such a short time - I will continue to use in the future.
  74. Amazing product


    I bought this as a repair for some broken capillaries around my eyes and after two nights worth of use they were gone! I continue to use it on the rest of my face sporadically and it has worked wonders on my overall complexion to the point where I rarely wear makeup anymore.
  75. Amazing product for rosacea


    I've had rosacea for years now (a mostly mild form of it on my cheeks and nose). It flares up in extreme weather conditions, particularly when it is hot as the heat makes my skin red and dry. This is a must try for anybody with rosacea!!! Instantly after first using it, my skin felt soothed, soft and well hydrated. I woke up the next morning with minimal redness and my dry patches had gone - it wo...
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  76. great product


    I found this brand being suited for problem-ed, mature skin that is sensitive. There is no room for an error therefore this product is a find for me.
  77. Soothing and not oily


    I love La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR Intense, it is soothing and has definitely reduced the redness of my skin. It seems to help with the oiliness of my skin as well. I've been using the La Roche-Posay Redermic Intensive Anti-ageing Treatment with it at night and I'm really pleased with the improvement in the quality of my skin.

    Thanks Adore Beauty for the opportunity to try it!
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