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La Roche-Posay Lipikar Huile Lavante AP+ Cleansing Oil 400ml

4.2 of 38 reviews


4 instalments of $8.49

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4 instalments of $8.49

Or 4 instalments of $8.49 with LEARN MORE

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Fight the effects of water on severely dry or dehydrated skin with La Roche-Posay Lipikar Replenishing Cleansing Oil. Rich in protective fatty acids, this nourishing cleansing oil makes severe skin discomfort or dryness a thing of the past.

What customers say

GREAT - 82% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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La Roche-Posay Lipikar Huile Lavante AP+ Cleansing Oil Reviews

4.2 of 38 reviews

82% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I bought this product thinking it was a cleansing oil for the face but after reading the back after purchasing it (dumb I know) I realised it was for the body so not wanting to waste the product I used it for my body, I wouldn't normally spend that much for a body wash but I am so grateful that I did because this made my body so soft and smooth, I am in love!!! I never knew a body wash could actually hydrate and soften your skin! I recommend slathering it on an exfoliating glove !! I have normal skin but don't use an exfoliating glove if you have dry to sensitive.

Most Helpful Criticism

shower oil

dry body

Not very moisturising shower oil. No scent, and glides well on the skin. I towel dry and I still notice my legs and knees dry. Still needed to moisturise with cream after.
  1. love!!


    I bought this product thinking it was a cleansing oil for the face but after reading the back after purchasing it (dumb I know) I realised it was for the body so not wanting to waste the product I used it for my body, I wouldn't normally spend that much for a body wash but I am so grateful that I did because this made my body so soft and smooth, I am in love!!! I never knew a body wash could actua...
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    I found this under the oil cleansers section and purchased to use as my oil cleanse to remove make up and SPF. Majorly disappointed to learn that it is a BODY WASH, not a facial oil cleanser. Not clearly advertised as a body wash especially when listed under oil cleansers. Other body washes from this brand have body wash in the product title. Waste of money. Has the foamy texture of body wash so n...
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  3. nice everyday shower oil


    This is a nice, non-irritating cleanser that I use daily in the shower.
    It's not overly moisturising, but I wouldn't say it was drying either.
  4. nice, gentle cleansing oil


    I bought this thinking that it's a facial cleansing oil. Only to find out later on that it's intended for the body. But in saying that, I've been using it to remove makeup and it does a pretty good job! It's a basic and fuss-free product.
  5. Not so Oily


    This is a really lovely cleanser and it gets everything off my face as needed. However, I was expecting something oilier and more hydrating than this feels. The texture seems to be a little more of your standard cleanser/gel-like consistency which then turns milky when you wash it off.
    I have naturally oily skin and I like to fight oil with oil and when I'm using a retinoid I like something ...
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  6. Dissapointing


    I bought this wanting a super gentle oil cleanser to take my makeup off and i was so disappointed when I found out this had sodium laureth sulfate in it so it was more of a foaming cleanser. I also didn't like the smell it was too artifical
  7. shower oil

    dry body

    verified purchaser
    Not very moisturising shower oil. No scent, and glides well on the skin. I towel dry and I still notice my legs and knees dry. Still needed to moisturise with cream after.
  8. nice body wash but silly bottle head


    All my family use this, quite nice scent and soften skin. All my kids love it.
    The new version which has a pump is much better. The old one has a very big head, and we always pour everywhere, big waste and messy.


    I thought this was a facial cleanser but it is in fact a body wash.

    There are reviews saying it broke them out when used to remove makeup - it isn't for removing your makeup as it isn't a facial oil!

    My own silly mistake but it wasn't really 100% clear to me.

    Aside from that, as a body wash it is great!
  10. Double Cleansing


    Love to use this for double cleansing with another cleanser. It is very gentle too.
  11. Great for skin that needs healing


    I really enjoyed using this cleanser. I had some skin irritation and couldn't figure out why I was getting it. I used this as part of my cleansing routine and this really helped my skin! It starts out more like a gel than oil and foams up but it was still really gentle. LAsted a long time and smells nice too.
  12. Not what I thought


    Imagine my shock when I purchased this as a pre cleanse for my face and then realised it was a body wash
  13. Not for me


    Although this cleanser removes all my makeup, it caused me to breakout. I now only use it on my body to help remove sunscreen.
  14. Remove makeup


    This cleansing oil helps to remove my make up easily. Highly recommended.
  15. Formula has changed


    I purchased this having used it before and really enjoying it. As soon as I put it on my skin I knew something was up. I got the old bottle out of the recycling and checked the ingredients on both bottles. The ingredients on the new bottle are completely different to the old bottle. It now contains a lot of sodium laureth sulfate which explains the irritation. Seriously, don’t put this anywher...
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  16. nice product


    doesn't leave skin feeling oily and horrible like I expected, I used the sample of this and although I wouldn't buy it myself as I prefer cream cleansers, I do think its a nice product
  17. adore this


    Removes make up extremely well, I was quite impressed! Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing!
  18. Good


    This cleansing oil is very hydrating, its good for dry skin. My skin feels softer and more hydrated after using it. Love it.
  19. An amazing product, great for even for reactive, sensitive skin


    I have been using this for a couple of weeks as a facial cleanser (not sure it is supposed to be or not?) and it is working great. I have very reactive, sensitive skin. I have patches of rosacea, acne, and combination oil/dry texture. I tend to react to most cleansers -- they break me out or are too irritating/drying.

    I was told to avoid oil cleansers of any kind, but thought I would...
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  20. Great for dry sensitive skin


    Amazing body wash, great to shave with, perfect for dry sensitive skin, it's my go to body wash.
  21. Very nice shower oil


    Really nice shower gel, great for dryer skin. Very nice and lathering, luxurious feeling. Would definitely recommend, not a bad price either for the large size


    Beautiful body wash, very hydrating and calming for sensitive skin. Absolutely love it.
  23. Good for normal skin


    This was non irritating and smelt ok. Good for use when you're shaving but I prefer the more moisturizing La Roche shower cream as my skin is very dry. This did leave me feeling clean without any dryness but the other cream beats this one for me.
  24. Terrific for Psoriasis


    The skin on my body is dry and covered in patches of psoriasis. This product is able to cleanse and moisturise and soothe at the same time.. Best part is that it does not irritate or cause an itch. A true saviour.
  25. Great in Winter


    Love this for dry skin in winter - only need a tiny amount for your whole body, so it lasts ages.
  26. not too oily and good value for money


    Like another reviewer, I accidentally bought this thinking it was an oil cleanser for the face. So when I saw how big the bottle was for the price, I was amazed! Despite the name, it doesn't feel oily at all and still creates a nice foam. My skin doesn't feel dry or itchy afterwards like it can with some cleansers.
  27. The smell!


    While this oil cleanser may feel nice as a shaving cream, I can't get past the smell which is awful. Also, do not use it on your face - it stings your eyes, this is strictly for the body only!
  28. no longer have itchy skin after showering


    i bought this product to use in the shower as my body hates body washes post babies. i always have itchy dry skin especially after a shower. not with this product! this is the only product that leaves my skin hydrated after bathing! you can use in the kids bath too! great for eczema & skin conditions sufferers. this product will change your life!
  29. Surprisingly luxurious


    This is the best body wash I’ve ever used, and is a surprisingly luxurious offering from a French pharmacy brand! It has a lovely ‘clean’ smell, lathers well, and is great value for money (you only need a small amount and the bottle is generously sized). My skin never feels dry or stripped after using this. I would highly recommend!
  30. I'm using this as a face wash and it's damn good


    I didn't realise when I ordered this that it's actually for your body, rather than your face. I tried it on my face anyway and I have to say it's super effective without being drying at all..Every bit of make up and sunblock comes off without a trace and with very little effort. I love LRP products; you know it's going to be effective and a little bit luxe as well. Because, French. The scent can...
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  31. Best body wash I have tried


    This body was is amazing, as someone who has eczema, this is the only body wash that I have used where my body actually feels moisturised after use. With other products my body often feel tight but with this it always feels soft and I just keep coming back to it. I have almost finished my 4th bottle and will continue to repurchase
  32. Happy enough for the price


    I purchased this product based on the reviews and because it was such a reasonable price. I have very dry skin and generally prefer cream cleansers. I like how this oil removes make-up easily, and it has a lovely clean and fresh smell. I find it a little drying, compared to cream cleansers I've used, but then I haven't found a cream cleanser that removes make-up as well as this, so I'm happy. ...
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  33. Life changing


    This face wash has been life changing for me. Before using this product, I had cystic acne on my chin. I've been using it for a month and I haven't had a pimple since. My skin is always feel so soft after.
    Also I had a hard remove sticker residue on my laptop and this cleanser cleaned with right off with a cotton pad soaked in the cleanser and water.
    A+++ life changer!
  34. My go to, HG cleansing product.

    Alexandra (Adore Beauty Staff)

    My skin hates an awful lot of body cleansers. My skin hates anything with fragrance, my skin hates anything with soap, and my skin can't stand anything even remotely drying.

    My skin LOVES this. It's hydrating, it feels luxurious, and it's totally affordable. I don't think I'll ever use anything else to cleanse again, as this is just so perfect for my eczema-prone skin. I find it great...
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  35. It is wonderful!

    Madeleines Beauty

    Great cleanser, wonderful. Its so softening! Such a wonderful cleanser! Ive been through bottles of this. The only thing that will help calm down my sensitive eczema prone skin.
  36. Request for a jumbo size bottle!

    Shanthi (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I bought this cleansing oil after a few of the Adore Beauty staff had mentioned how great it was. I love the idea of a cleansing oil, especially when the weather gets chilly and your skin starts to dry out. Why I love this product: it has a beautiful light texture, the fragrance is soft and my skin doesn't ever feel dry, tight or stripped of moisture afterwards. The only thing that would make this...
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  37. Liquid Silk!

    Katerina (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Love, love, LOVE! This is my little touch of luxury I get to experience every day. My skin is usually very dry after showering and I need to be careful what products I use on my skin. This cleansing oil has a smooth texture and lightly lathers, leaving my skin feeling clean but never dry. Gentle enough to use every day, it’s fresh, clean scent is an absolute delight to the senses.
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