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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micro Peeling Cleanser 200ml 200mL

4.4 of 38 reviews

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4 instalments of $6.44

Or 4 instalments of $6.44 with LEARN MORE

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Seeking a gel cleanser that will effectively tackle the appearance of breakouts, blemishes and blackheads? La Roche-Posay has your back!

  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Alcohol Free

What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micro Peeling Cleanser 200ml Reviews

4.4 of 38 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great cleanser for oily skin.


I have acne prone skin that is quite oily and I have been using this cleanser for 3 months and I love it. It makes my skin feel so clean, but it does not make my skin feel dry and cracked. It is a very gentle formulation, without any fragrance. I have found that my skin is less oily therefore, less breakouts. I reccomend leaving the cleanser on the face for at least a minute for the salicylic acid to do its work.

Most Helpful Criticism



this is too strong for my skin, not great for sensitive skin people
  1. Great cleanser for oily skin.


    I have acne prone skin that is quite oily and I have been using this cleanser for 3 months and I love it. It makes my skin feel so clean, but it does not make my skin feel dry and cracked. It is a very gentle formulation, without any fragrance. I have found that my skin is less oily therefore, less breakouts. I reccomend leaving the cleanser on the face for at least a minute for the salicylic aci...
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  2. Did more harm than good


    This cleanser made me breakout more, even persisted through the purge stage and kept using for 8 weeks. As soon as I stopped using it and went back to a gently cleanser my skin got better. Not for me.
  3. New fave


    I receive samples of this and immediately purchased amazing for oily skin, is gentle enough to use whilst recovering from breakouts it also helps prevent them with the salicylic acid content
  4. Great


    Been using this cleanser for a while now, my mains issues being oily skin, acne and acne hyperpigmentation. It's great for my tipe of skin but might be strong if you are not used to salycilic acid. Make sure to use it only once a day in your PM routine and use SPF everyday!
  5. new fave


    i was really struggling with hormonal acne and since using this my skin has never looked so clear. i am super impressed with how well it has worked for me. i am about to purchase more for myself and sister
  6. strong


    this is too strong for my skin, not great for sensitive skin people
  7. Great Cleanser


    I use this cleanser mostly at night. It leaves a nice tingling sensation afterwards (so best not to get it in the eye). Leaves skin feeling fresh and not overly dry. Have been breaking out recently due to stress but once i started using this there has been no new breakouts.
  8. Great for reducing breakouts and blackheads


    I got this as a sample and I've now purchased two bottles. I find it's great for reducing the size of my blackheads and minimizing breakouts. It doesnt leave your skin stripped of oils either. However it does tingle a bit when it goes on and I wouldn't use it as a makeup remover because it can sting if used in the eye area.
  9. Great product


    My skin feels really clean after I use it, and really good for my skin texture
  10. too strong


    found this way too strong and irritating for my skin, might just be me though
  11. don't use near eyes


    I have dry skin but surprisingly I found this cleanser didn't strip my skin or leave it feeling dry and tight. Had a nice cooling and tingling feeling. However, I won't be repurchasing because it really stings the eyes! Might not be a big deal for some but I do like to cleanse my whole face including the eye area to get makeup residue that my first cleanse might have left behind.
  12. Cooling and effective cleansing


    I usually use this cleanser at night as it can feel a little drying so using a heavier moisturiser afterwards is best for me. Apart from that, it has a lovely cooling sensation and works well for my sensitive skin.
  13. Love this


    This cleanser is so good, dare I say better than the original. It foams up really nicely and removes makeup well. It doesn't irritate my eyes like other cleanser can (I'm lazy and will avoid double cleansing or using a separate eye makeup remover at all costs). This has also really helped with 'maskne', I've noticed a few very stubborn spots come up on my chin over the last few months and since in...
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  14. Use Carefully


    I don't have oily skin but do have some spots from old pimples that I thought this cleanser would help me get rid of.

    The cleanser is a good texture, foams up which is good but beware - do not use around the eye area. I guess because the product is quite strong, it has made the skin around my eyes very dry, red and burning. I guess this is because this skin is more delicate than every...
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  15. Even my partner loves it!


    Loved this product since I got a freebee so it was a must have on my next purchase.
    A nice gel texture with minimal fragrance leaves the skin smooth and not striped of oils. I put my partner onto using this as well and he loves that it has cleared up his acne without making his skin feel tight.
  16. Super effective and gentle

    Saved my skin from maskne!

    A combination of purging from actives and mask wearing had my skin doing weird things. My $60+ aha/bha cleanser wasn’t cutting it anymore. I was a bit worried about starting an ‘acne’ cleanser, remember the harsh formulations of my youth, but didn’t want a small problem to become a big problem and have had good experiences with LRP and my sensitive skin. All I can say is wow, so thankful for this ...
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  17. Helping with oily T-zone


    I've been using the blue effaclar for a while and decided to change to this one because of my really oily T-zone. I saw improvement since day one using this product. Its quite light and doesnt tingle in my sking. It hasn't been a life saver so far but I'll keep using it
  18. Go to cleanser


    This is my new favourite cleanser. I got this product as a sample and after a few uses, I bought the full size bottle and I'm not buying another cleanser any time soon. This makes my skin feel so clean and gets rid of any blackheads I have
  19. La Roche face wash


    I heard about this wash on the podcast. I find it affordable and gentle on the skin, whilst still removing make up. It goes well on my clarisonic as well in the shower, foamy enough. I think it does a good job of removing oil and dirt off the skin. Overall would recommend. I probably have combination skin.
  20. Amazing


    I use it 1-2 times a week and this makes my skin squeaky clean.
  21. Fantastic!


    Leaves skin feeling smooth, clean and fresh, light and easy to use daily.
  22. Wow


    With frequent use for weeks , my skin has seen such amazing results. Been getting lots of compliments :)
  23. A staple


    Have been using this for the past few months in the evenings in conjunction with several other products to help my oily skin.
    Doesn’t strip my skin, but cleanses it well (after using a cleansing oil). Love the tingly feeling I get from the salicylic acid.
  24. My skin has never been better


    I started using this product and it was an absolute game changer! My skin went from red, tired looking, breakouts to clear, healthy glowing skin and the comments came flying in on how beautiful my skin was. I am now hooked and have all this brands products and using daily.
  25. Soothing and clearing!


    This cleanser feels so cooling on the skin, it's very calming and I find myself reaching for it when I'm having an inflamed breakout moment. It lathers nicely, my skin feels clean and fresh after use and I find it does help to clear breakouts. I haven't noticed any 'peeling' effects as such, but I'm a seasoned user of active ingredients.
  26. Very stripping for the face


    I used this for a few nights while I was staying at my partner's house - I have oily/combo skin that tolerates actives very well and doesn't get reactive. With every cleanser I use, I wash my face for at least 1-2 minutes - I noticed that this foamy cleanser left my skin with that dreaded 'squeaky clean' feeling, but dismissed it. However, I noticed on the third day that my face started peeling A...
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  27. Oily skin's best friend


    I tried the sample of this product and after three uses, I immediately converted to buying the full size. Has really helped with controlling my oil throughout the day and controlling/ reducing my pimples. Only negative is this cleanser when gets into the eyes stinnnnngs, so avoid the eye area and i let it sit on the skin for a minute. Doesn't leave my skin feeling tight, but my skin looks squeaky ...
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  28. Clearest skin in years


    I have been using this every few days to help with stubborn blackheads and milia on my cheeks. In a little over a week my skin is looking better than it has in years. An added bonus is the redness on my face has almost disappeared. I have been using a much more expensive brand for years with no reduction in redness.
    Very happy I came across this product.
  29. Helping with Acne on Sensitive Skin


    Bought this for my boyfriend, he has sensitive skin but is acne prone. He uses this twice a day and it has been helping to keep some of his pimples down (mostly hormonal). All pimples that arise are less irritated and they disappear quicker. Great gentle cleanser if you're looking for something with BHAs in it.
  30. Amazing


    This product takes care of acne but especially my pustules. It dries them without drying my skin.
  31. clean skin


    great product and gentle on the skin within 2 weeks i noticed a difference in my skin!
  32. Best cleanser ever!


    Bought this for my daughter, who has had some recent breakouts. This cleared up her skin so well. Anyway I gave it a go, and love it too, so I bought some for myself. It’s fantastic.
  33. Effective BHA cleanser


    As a cleanser, this product seems to work fairly well - it did not leave my skin too tight and it cleaned my skin properly.

    As an BHA product, it also seems to do the job of somewhat minimising my sebaceous filaments (I left it on my skin for a minute in the shower whenever I used it) . I would not recommend using it every day unless your skin is already used to daily BHA use - it wi...
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  34. Cool & Clean!


    A lovely clear gel that has a slight menthol effect feels like it opens my pores right up and cleans them right out:) definitely doesn't make my skin feel dry or tight after use - which I loved! A little goes a long way too. Just a pea size amount is enough to lather the face and neck. If you want a good deep cleanse you can actually FEEL I would absolutely reccomend this cleansing gel :)
  35. Very impressed


    I got this as a sample and it was also recommend by a friend. I can honestly say my face has never felt this clean and smooth. So impressed. I just received the 200ml size and a little goes a long way - it’s going to last me ages!
  36. Nice cooling effect


    Normal gel-like consistency, but I really enjoy the cooling effect of the gel - I have been experiencing some pregnancy-based rosacea and acne - this gel has quite a pleasant calming effect on my skin!
  37. Perfect for sensitive skin!


    I have very sensitive, oily skin and need cleansers and exfoliates to help with my acne and acne scars without irritating my sensitive skin.

    I received this as a gift with a previous purchase and was a little hesitant to use it as most ‘micro-peeling’ or exfoliating facial scrubs/washes tend to hurt my skin. However I was very surprised with this! It doesn’t feel rough, yet it left m...
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  38. Easy addition of BHA


    I got this as a sample in my last Adore Beauty order and was keen to try this BHA addition to my skin care regime. It was non-irritating and didn't leave my skin red like some other BHA products I've tried. It is a lightly foaming cleanser, just keep it out of your eyes!
  39. So good!


    This is such a good cleanser. Gently exfoliates the skin whole deeply cleaning leaving skin so smooth and bright.
  40. Amazing


    made my skin feel very smooth after
  41. Left my skin feeling smooth


    I use this in the morning, its a good gentle peel (I have sensitive skin). It tingles a bit but leaves my skin feeling smooth and exfoliated. I moisturise straight after to minimise dryness. This product works well for me!
  42. Lovely but avoid eyes


    I use this as an exfoliant and probably will reduce to 2 times a week as it’s so efficient. I stupidly got my eye area which did leave a little eczema patch so be careful.
  43. I love this cleanser! It cleans my skin so well without it being too harsh or drying.


    This product is very good for my skin! I have combination skin , after washing the skin is very clean and gentle. It cleanses my face without overdrying or upsetting my sensitive skin
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