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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat Anti-Acne Moisturiser 40ml

4.4 of 55 reviews


4 instalments of $7.99

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4 instalments of $7.99

Or 4 instalments of $7.99 with LEARN MORE

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The La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat Anti-Acne Moisturiser has been created with oily skin types in mind. An oil-free yet hydrating formula, this moisturiser will keep your skin feeling nourished all day long, without the excess oil. 

  • Mineral Oil Free

What customers say

GREAT - 86% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Sensitivity and redness

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat Anti-Acne Moisturiser Reviews

4.4 of 55 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

So Good!


Lightweight, great primer for under makeup and definitely mattifies skin and blurs pores

Most Helpful Criticism

Not too moisturising


This is a nice and fresh moisturiser that goes on nicely over cleansed skin. Sits well under makeup. Main reason for low stars is that for my more dry skin, it wasn't very nourishing or moisturising.
  1. Not too moisturising


    This is a nice and fresh moisturiser that goes on nicely over cleansed skin. Sits well under makeup. Main reason for low stars is that for my more dry skin, it wasn't very nourishing or moisturising.
  2. So Good!


    Lightweight, great primer for under makeup and definitely mattifies skin and blurs pores
  3. Great product


    This is a great product and has worked well for my skin, although it can be a bit pricey. Happy to keep using it, not sure if I would purchase it again.
  4. Didn’t help my oiliness


    After reading lots of great reviews, I decided to check out this moisturizer. I have extremely oily skin and I was hoping this might be the moisturizer I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately it did nothing to keep the oil at bay. If anything, I’d say my skin felt oily earlier than it usually does.
  5. Good product


    I recently purchased this product for my 14 year old son, to compliment the anti acne starter kit. It works well, not too oily and along with the other products has certainly reduced his breakouts, congestion and redness.
  6. Great moisturiser


    Have been using this moisturiser with the 3-step anti acne system as my skin is sensitive and dry. I apply every morning before and it works great under make-up.
  7. Soothing


    I also got this as a sample and I must say that it is really good with calming my skin. After most moisturisers, my skin goes red but with this one, it didn't!
  8. Anti acne but helpfully hydrating


    A really good high quality mositurizer for problem skin. Smells clean and not too oily. Recommend for teenagers and early 20's and anyone with problem skin.
  9. So impressed!


    I have rosacea and work in a warehouse & am going through menopause so my skin gets absolutely oily & filthy yet is so sensitive and reactive and gets so itchy I want to tear my skin off. This moisturiser controls that oil and is so gentle on my skin. I can see the difference in my pores after only a few days.
  10. Good for shine control but quite expensive


    verified purchaser
    I think this is great for controlling shine. I was a little surprised by the small size of the tube considering the price.
  11. Really good matte moisturiser


    I use this one before I apply my foundation, to ensure that I get a nice matte finish.
  12. Matte


    This product gives a matte finish. I always use it before my makeup.
  13. feels waxy


    I liked that my makeup stuck to this really well, but I didn't like the waxy feel of the cream
  14. Good product


    It's a moisturiser but not feel oil at all. It's matte and feel good after using it. I like use it before make up.
  15. Love it


    I have combination skin type. This moisturiser helps to control my sebum on the T zone. It helps my make up stay longer. Love it.
  16. Works well at controlling my oily t-zone during warmer months


    This works really well under makeup, minimises pores and makes my skin look even. It controls oil production in my oily t-zone during the day and my makeup lasts.
  17. Great for Oily Skin


    I’ve been trying to get a good Moisturiser for a while now but have never been able to find one that I “love” this one came a close second, I have combination skin so I can get quite dry around the nose so it didn’t really fix that but I think if you have oily skin with no dry patches this would be perfect. Feels great on the skin, no harsh perfume etc!
  18. Perfect for oily skin


    One of the best mattifying moisturisers out there! I use this every day in summer to control my oily skin and it works a treat! Definitely recommend!
  19. No shiny skin


    This is the best mattifying moisturiser on the market. Whenever i use it it keeps my oily skin from creeping through and ruining my make up
  20. Good


    This is a good product for my oily skin and it goes on matte but by the afternoon I have to blot. However it provides me with good hydration
  21. Totally fine


    It is fairly light feel and light a moisturising as well, definitely doesn't leave me shiny so it works for that but overall it a good but average moisturiser.
  22. Beautiful product


    This moisturiser is amazing for oily skin - I don't get any shine at all throughout the day and my makeup lasts a lot longer.

    I would continue to repurchase this if only it had SPF in it. Other than that, it's great.
  23. Light moisturiser that has a truly mat finish


    I’ve struggled with face moisturisers that claim to be matte but always make my skin oily. This is not the case with this. Think of this as an oil controlling mattifier with the added benefit of being a light moisturiser. My face is always left slightly dry and tight after washing with acne controlling face washes; this moisturiser stops my face from being dry and also controls oil throughout the ...
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  24. Great


    I have combination skin, and while this product goes on nicely with a great matte finish in the morning, by noon I have to blot.
  25. Love it!


    Great mattifying moisturiser! Works really well for my dry skin. Would recommend
  26. Great for humid weather


    This moisturiser does what it says, like most of the LRP products. Keeps you relatively mattified during the day. Great if you don't want to wear much makeup or don't want to use powder. I don't find myself reaching for it that much, but I can see myself using this more in Summer or when I don't want to wear any makeup.
  27. alright product


    okay, I didn't really like how dry it made my skin feel
  28. Good but doesnt mix well


    This moisturizer is really, really nice, especially under makeup! I find myself not needing to use a pore filling primer anymore. I have oily skin and this moisturizer definitely controls my oils, for hours on end and it actually seems to hydrate my dry patches nicely. I am trying to cut out silicone of my skincare routine and unfortunately this is full of silicone so it isnt my holy grail. It can...
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  29. Pretty good


    It’s decent but I don’t know if I’d use it all the time. It made my skin a little dry too!
  30. Good but nothing special


    It does the job but I felt a bit dry using this
  31. Love it ! Little tube, but goes a long way


    Best for my combination face! Especially my T zone which is now not shiny anymore! Will be purchasing again.
  32. Great product for oily skin!


    This product is what combination/oily skin girls dreams are made of! My T Zone is usually an oil mess by midday at the latest, however, this moisturiser REALLY reduces the oiliness of my skin. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to help mattify skin, but this one really does. It is smooth, lightweight, great under makeup AND affordable - what more could you possibly want?!
  33. Hydrating but keeps oil at bay


    I got this just expecting it to be hydrating without exacerbating my oil production, but not expecting it to have any oil reduction effect on my skin, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have a really oily forehead and nose area and it has definitely helped reduce oil production in these areas. Nothing will work a miracle on my skin, I know that, but this definitely has an oil reduction effect. I we...
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  34. Great for acne-prone and dehydrate skin


    In summer, my skin becomes oily in the T-zone, dry cheeks and acne-prone. This moisturiser is great for my skin condition. It's got a bit of blurring effect, or kind of reducing pore-size. On low-humidity days, I would put a hydrating serum around my cheek first, then this moisturiser all over. That would keep my T-zone happy without drying effects. Otherwise, it works really well on hot and ...
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  35. Love it


    I love this moisturizer. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth, leaves my face feeling comfortable not greasy and not to dry, helps wonderfully with my oil.
  36. Lightweight moisturiser for dehydrated skin


    I have combination oily skin that is very dehydrated. This moisturiser comes in convenient and hygienic packaging (tube/flip lid) and the cosistency if the moisturiser was smooth and lightweight which made it very easy to apply. My skin felt moisturised and hydrated and didn’t leave me with that tight feeling, while also keeping me matte.
  37. Great light, day moisturizer


    While I didn't notice a huge change in my oily skin this is a great light moisturizer. It's smooth and hydrating without being too thick.
  38. Great base for oily skin


    I have super oily skin and putting this on under my makeup makes it stay matte for way longer while still being moisturising. It's also great on non makeup days, this paired with a pore minimising primer my skin actually looks good without makeup!
  39. Wow!


    I had high hopes when I bought this product and I am thrilled to say that I wasn’t let down! I’ve always had oily skin and have had so much trouble finding a moisturiser that actually doesn’t go shiny by the end of the day. I’m so impressed! I’m not shiny by the time it’s shower time at the end of the day and it also works as a great base under foundation.
  40. Not for drier/combo skin


    This dried my skin out so that makeup looked terrible on my face. I would not recommend if you have drier or combo skin, it's just too matte. Oilier skin types would probably really benefit.
  41. good product!


    perfect makeup base/priming moisturiser, helps my foundation stay on all day
  42. not sure about this one


    I didn't find this very hydrating, it sort of felt a bit drying and even though it worked very well under my makeup, I don't think I would repurchase again ):
  43. Good makeup base


    Perfect to wear under makeup, it helps my makeup stay put all day, especially good for when I want a dewy look without setting powder
  44. Worked for me!


    I have quite oily skin, and have suspicions that I might have dehydrated oily skin because when I first applied this moisturiser it absorbed SO quickly into my skin. I love how light this is but my skin still felt hydrated and plump. I'm usually an oil slick by this time in the PM but am happy to report that I haven't blotted once yet! my face feels hydrated but not oily.
    Very happy with th...
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  45. great for oily skin


    i have super oily skin and get hormonal acne breakouts - this works great in balancing the oil so i can control the breakouts while not having to worry about my skin drying out from anti-acne products.
  46. Not for me!


    I had high hopes for this product as a light weight day moisturier/primer, but unfortunately it kept pilling under my make up, even with a very light amount of product.
    This might work well for other people, but this didn’t fit into my regime so I won’t be using it anymore.
  47. Irritates my skin!


    This is not a moisturizer, more of a oil free matte primer for acne. It dries up really fast and leaves your skin feeling tight and flakey. I have oily/combination skin prone to hormonal acne and it burnt my skin and made me break out more. Not worth the price for the small bottle, way better products out there that don't hurt your skin.
  48. Barely moisturizes


    I really wanted to like this product but I have so many problems with it. Firstly it's absolutely tiny, no bang for your buck. Only just lasted me a fortnight. And it did not moisturize my skin at all. It just sat on top of my skin, not absorbing no matter how much I used and how much I tried to rub it in. And it pilled up under makeup, separated and just caused a whole mess. Yikes.
  49. Really good for combo skins


    I'm a big fan of the La-Roche Posay brand, but have been a bit confused by the Effaclar range. For starters, there's Effaclar Mat, Effaclar Duo and Effaclar Duo+ Unifiant, plus I bought a tube of "Effaclar K(+)" overseas last year - and I have no idea what it does!

    I finally worked out that the Effaclar Duo+ Unifiant (which roughly translates to "unifier") includes a sheer coverage t...
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  50. Great moisturizer for youthful skin


    I bought this for my two daughters one of whom was already using it. They both love it and their breakouts and skin troubles have improved remarkably since using it and the Effaclar range. Definitely recommended!
  51. Good for oily skin


    I love it , I have combo skin my skin I get very oily on my t zone , but when I use this I don’t get oily at all I’m very impressed ,love the texture gel like ,good moisturising too,smell good ,good for under foundation .
  52. Love this!


    This moisturiser is a must have for oily skin. It's light weight and really does help to keep your face shine free throughout the day. Great for acne-prone oily skin as it doesnt cause breakouts or aggravate skin.
  53. Only moisture that keeps my skin shine free


    So happy I tried this moisturiser! I have very oily skin that is usually an oil slick by 10am, but not since using this! I put it on after cleansing in the mornings and no longer find myself having to powder my tzone multiple times a day. A little goes a long way too so the tube should last ages.
  54. Can be used under foundation!


    This is a really good moisturiser. It smells good. It feels really nice and it doesn’t leave my skin feel oily. It works good under makeup aswell!
  55. Best moisturising ever!!!


    I use this morning and night and my skin always feels smooth, not oily whatsoever yet not dried out. Amazing!! And perfect as a make up base :)
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