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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel 200ml 200ml

4.6 of 94 reviews


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4 instalments of $6.49


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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel: Purifying Foaming Gel is a daily use gel cleanser that eliminates excess sebum and tightens the pores of oily and thickened skin, without causing dryness.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.6 of 94 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for acne/sensitive skin


A treat for acne prone skin! I use it in conjunction with my Clarisonic in the shower... my skin loves it. Feels fresh and clean afterwards.

Most Helpful Criticism

Ok cleanser for oily skin


This is an ok cleanser for oily skin, however I dislike that the top ingredient is sodium laureth sulfate and it is quite fragranced (even if the company says the fragrance they use is non-irritating). Having said that, it hasn't caused me any sensitivity and it is seems good at washing off oil and makeup. I won't be repurchasing as I believe there are many better cleansers out there.
  1. Great for acne/sensitive skin


    A treat for acne prone skin! I use it in conjunction with my Clarisonic in the shower... my skin loves it. Feels fresh and clean afterwards.
  2. Really like it


    I received this as a sample and im sold! My skin feels really clean but not tight and striped of its natural condition.
  3. not bad


    it does the job, not a fan of the smell and can be slightly drying to my sensitive skin, but still leaves skin clean and clear
  4. Good cleanser for normal/dry skin


    I use this after an oil based cleanser as the second cleanse and find it to be a good cleanser in that it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight but still cleans thoroughly. My only dislike is the level of fragrance.
  5. Great for summer


    This no fuss cleanser works really well for my combination skin in summer. It helps to keep the shine down and assists in combating breakouts. I find that it’s gentle but in winter when my skin is a bit drier it can be a little too drying. It’s definitely value for money. A little goes a long way so it lasts ages.
  6. I have found my holy grail!


    For years I have struggled to find the best cleanser for me and my skin, this product is hands down the best I have ever tried. It smells so clean, and you only need a little to go a long way. It's so great for my sensitive skin.
  7. great for sensitive skin


    Ive only been using this cleanser for a few weeks and can already see improvements in my skin. Doesn't dry my skin out which most cleansers do and leaves my skin feeling super clean! Also, very reasonably priced. I absolutely love it.
  8. Leaves skin feeling super cleansed


    This cleanser does a really good job at getting rid of pimples. I do have normal to dry skin so the only downside to it is that it does leave my skin feeling very dry so I only use it every other day at most and use a heavy moisturiser after
  9. My favourite cleanser!


    A few years ago my skin went crazy when I stopped taking the pill. Someone recommended this cleanser and it’s been my go to ever since. I have sensitive eczema prone skin and love that this product removes all makeup/dirt without aggravating my skin or drying it out.
  10. Efficiency


    It cleanses the skin well and does not leave it dry. I can use it even when I use acid the night before, it does not harm the skin.
  11. Good to cleanse the skin after removing makeup


    Cleans the skin without stripping it, I have dry combination and this works well as the second step in my double cleanse routine (I first use an oil based cleanser).
  12. Nice Cleanser


    It's a nice Cleanser, it doesn't strip or feel too medicated/burny which is nice as I have sensetive skin. It is helping with my acne
  13. Perfect for sensitive skin


    I have been using this foaming gel for over a year now and cannot get enough of how clean and clear my skin is.
    Perfect for sensitive skin, clean smell and leaves your skin feeling super refreshed. Will never look back I’ve found my favourite!
  14. Go to cleanser for oily skin


    I've gone through several bottles of this stuff and its truly a go to for me, especially in summer when my skin is definitely on the oily side. It doesn't dry you out, you're just left with cleansed, fresh and clean skin.
    I have acne prone hormonal skin and this doesn't irritate it at all.
  15. The Holy grail f


    I have been using this cleaner over 3 years now.. this is best face wash, it won’t dry your skin and maintain the healthy texture of the skin. I have normal skin with few oily zones.. this is the best ,, won’t be changing this ever,,
  16. Very clean skin


    I love this face wash, I have oily skin that is prone to hormonal breakouts and I use this as my second cleanse when I wear make up and my morning cleanser. It makes my skin feel and look so clean, it doesn't strip the skin. I love the whole La Roche-Posay Effaclar range, I would recommend it to anyone who is prone to breakouts.
  17. Daily use.


    I use this on the daily and can't live without it. Cleans the face well and helps remove makeup residue without stripping the skin. Combine with the rest of the Effaclar products area perfect match for acne defense.
  18. Nice cleanser


    I started using this when my skin started breaking out (in my mid 30s). It’s a nice feeling cleanser, skin definitely feels clean and it settled my breakouts. I probably need something a little more moisturising but I do keep this on hand for days when my skin is more broken out. I imagine would be great for teenagers.
  19. Good


    I brought this complete set around 6 months ago, I suffer hormonal cystic acne and am highly allergic to vitamin A, which leaves me with such little choice then using hormone pills and good face cleansing routine. After using this product for the 6 months I’ve seen a dramatic change in my skin, it’s not so oily, the clay masks are absolute magic before bed. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the previous scaring as well. The blemishes are slowly clearing. I’m so happy, best products I’ve come across so far.
  20. Best product for Sensitive skin


    This product was recommended from my dermatologist and I have never looked back. I have been using this product for years now and I love it, it is good value for money. The products are not over priced and generally last a really long time. I purchased my last tube in December and it is still over half full (It is now june) you only need a pin sized application and you are good to go. No more spending hundreds on skin care. I love that all of the products are scent free, so there is no weird smells. Best brand
  21. Cleans whilst keeping skin nourished


    A lot of the cleansers I've used before for oily skins overclean and don't compensate enough with moisturisation, which is bad because the skins will produce even more oil in response to the dryness. This product removes the excess oil on my T-zone but also leaves my face moisturised and nourished. Kudos to La Roche-Posay for making such a great product!
  22. Ok cleanser for oily skin


    This is an ok cleanser for oily skin, however I dislike that the top ingredient is sodium laureth sulfate and it is quite fragranced (even if the company says the fragrance they use is non-irritating). Having said that, it hasn't caused me any sensitivity and it is seems good at washing off oil and makeup. I won't be repurchasing as I believe there are many better cleansers out there.
  23. A gentle cleanser but not revolutionary


    I use all my skincare products for a minimum of 30 days to test its effects. I have oily/combination skin with dry patches around my mouth and some near my cheeks. This cleanser is quite gentle. The gel to foam texture is definitely suitable for oily skin. It's not a revolutionary cleanser though. My face still produced the same amount of oil and it often doesn't remove all traces of make up. I wouldn't reach for this again.
  24. Lovely cleanser


    I really like this cleanser in the summer, it leaves my skin clean & soft, it is definitely a second cleanse as it’s not great at removing makeup. Although in the winter my combo akin needs something a little creamier.
  25. okay product


    okay but not amazing, irritated my eyes slightly when it bubbled up
  26. A great addition to the effaclar range


    This is a great addition for the effaclar range having used their corrective pimple cream for about 2 years now. I find it perfect for my 'America wants to invade my face cause I have that much oil' skin, it' a good balance between getting rid of my excess oil while not being too drying. It comes out as a clear gel and you really have to work it in to get it to foam - which is good because then it gets into all your nooks and crannies.
  27. Not suitable for my more dry combination skin.


    I don’t really like the scent of this. It has a nice texture and my face feels fresh after use but probably leaves my skin feeling a bit too dry. I have more dry skin but oilier t-zone and pores. Don’t find that it helps much with reducing the visibility of my pores.
  28. Awesome


    This cleanser really helps to clean my skin and leaves it feeling fresh but not dried out
  29. Best cleanser for oily combination skin


    I find most cleanser geared toward oily and acne prone skin overly drying and harsh. This is the first one i've found that keeps my oil and acne at bay without causing my skin to dry out.
  30. Best cleaner i've used. LOVE this range!


    I stumbled upon this cleanser after reading a good review online. I happened to try it and wow it is amazing. It foams up just enough, it isn't drying, leaves me skin feeling so clean and fresh. It didn't irritate my skin and doesn't smell like perfume. Couldn't be happier. Never switching cleansers again!
  31. Gentle


    Super gentle cleanser that I use in the morning. It's really refreshing.
    I double cleanse at night to remove make up with an oil cleanser and then this one. Leaves my skin clear and doesn't dry it out.
  32. Love it


    OK im obsessed with this face wash!! I have very oil acne prone skin and this has been a saviour for me. Leaves my face feeling so clean and fresh.


    I’ve always wanted something that doesn’t smell too strong or irritate the skin, or even strip the skin from all its natural oils. And this one was just amazing. A small amount on your finger tip and lather onto your face with water. I felt that it brightens too. Follow with a blemish corrector and your good to go. You will not want to wear foundation or makeup at all after this.
  34. Nice and clean skin


    I received a sample of this in my last order, and used it all and found it a very nice feeling face wash, pleasant lather and did clean my skin. Unfortunately I don't suffer from many breakouts, so can't comment on that side of the product, but I felt it gave a nice wash and my skin felt nice after using it.
  35. Smooth as a babies...


    I accidentally bought this face wash instead of the mask and boy am I happy I made the mistake! It foams up just enough, has a great smell and leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh! I’m onto my second bottle!
  36. Perfect for oily skin!


    This cleanser is gentle on the skin making it perfect for those of us who have sensitive skin. A little goes a long way, so you only need to use a little bit of product. I found that this cleaner left my skin feeling extremely soft and not overly dry, like a lot of other cleansers can do. Overall, I think it is a great, affordable cleanser for those with combination/oily skin that is sensitive!
  37. Good bang for buck


    I like this product. It’s affordable and really cleans the skin without over drying it.
  38. This is a one of the best cleansers


    This is one of the best cleansers I have used. It cleansed my face so well giving me a fresh, clean feel. It did not strip any oils from my skin or give that tight feeling. I loved using it. I do think the pump is a better design and easier access to than the tube.
  39. I'm happy with this


    It looks like it would dry out the skin but it's actually quite gentle
  40. Very good for oily skin


    I use this in the morning (in the evening I use Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser) and it cleanses well without over drying. It’s currently summer in perth so my skin is quite oily by the morning. The cleaner is quite a thick gel- different to a foaming cleanser. I’ve repurchased. I took off a star as it doesn’t seem to last as long as some gel cleansers.
  41. Great for oily acne prone skin.


    I struggle to find a face wash that doesn’t irritate my skin, I have sensitive, acne prone skin and when I received this as a sample from Adore I was hesitant to try it, but I’m So glad I did. It has been great for my oily skin and hasn’t caused any issues for my sensitive skin.
    I will be repurchasing
  42. Tames breakouts and lasts a long time!


    I absolutely LOVE this cleanser! I wish it came in a pump though :(
    Takes off all my makeup so thoroughly without stripping my natural oils, tames my breakouts and makes skin feel super soft and supple. A little goes a very, very long way and you’ll easily get 6-8 months of this depending on how much you use. Lathers really well and is really good value for money for what you get. Only stopped using as I was on the hunt for a more natural ingredient based cleanser :)
  43. love for the price


    The price for the quality of this cleanser is amazing. It leaves my skin feeling super clean and soft. I absolutely love it, especially for its price.
  44. Love it! Leaves my skin feeling great.


    I received this product as a sample! I loved it! I tend to have more oily skin and this did wonders for me. I will be buying again
  45. It’s lasted me over 6 months


    I use this cleanser every other morning and it’s lasted me over 6 months. I still have heaps left!

    It’s a great cleanser for oily/acne prone skin. It has a nice lather to it and doesn’t over clean my skin.
  46. Great product but can be drying


    Skin type: Oily to combo, prone to hormonal breakouts.

    I love this product but it can feel a bit stripping, I use it on days I wear a lot of make up for my first cleanse it’s grest for that and then go something more simple for my second cleanse.

    Would I buy it again, probably not as it’s a little too much on my skin but great for really oily people. It does clean the skin very well that’s why I gave it such a high star rating.
  47. Good clean great results


    A really nice proper clean! Lovely fresh feeling on skin afterward. Good result, will buy again especially at this price
  48. Does nothing to prevent breakouts


    I have very sensitive skin and I loved the effaclar moisturizer so i was keen to try this out especially since it's quite cheap. Unfortunately it did nothing for my skin. I didn't notice any difference between days I did use it and days I didn't. It doesn't help with pimples or an oily tzone, hydration or skin tone and texture. I use a ph balanced cleanser now and it's been much better.
  49. Great for hormonal acne / combination skin


    I have oily/combination skin and mostly break out in my T-Zone and the tops of my cheeks. I never had breakouts until I turned 20, and after doing some research about hormonal acne I stumbled upon this product.

    I have been using this cleanser along with the Effaclar Duo moisturizer and zinc toner for almost a year now and honestly nothing has ever cleared up my skin so well.

    I also really like that this cleanser has basically no smell and doesn't leave my skin feeling super dry afterwards. I use this in the shower, once a day and foam it up on my hands before putting it on my skin.

  50. It Works!


    An amazing cleanser which really does work wonders! It works to treat my acne prone skin keeping breakouts away. I can really tell the difference in my skin since using this cleanser. I love the gel formula and it lasts forever!
  51. Fantastic


    I've been using this for almost a year and it's become my go-to cleanser. I have very oily, sensitive skin and this cleanses thoroughly without over drying or irritating. The fragrance is very mild and hasn't irritated my skin.
  52. I'll never use another cleanser again


    This is my favourite cleanser of all time. I've been using it since I was like 13 when my dermatologist recommended it to me. Other cleansers tend to come in tiny bottles and run out in just a few weeks. This bottle is massive and lasts for much longer. It's perfect for my oily/acne-prone skin. I use it in the morning and evening.

    My skin feels fresh and clean afterwards and I couldn't live without it.
  53. My holy grail cleanser


    I tried this cleanser in the Anti-Acne 3 step system and this is by far the best cleanser I have ever used! Perfect for my combination skin- oily and acne-prone, yet dry in other areas and sensitive to strong ingredients. Helps clear my skin and does not dry it out, feels lovely after. I use this in conjunction with the Serazinc tonic and Effaclar duo treatment- incredible combination. Definitely worth a try!!
  54. Works well


    I have just started using this product and it works really well for me.
    I have sensitive skin, but have had no reactions.
    Should last well, as a little bit goes a long way.
  55. Great for acne prone skin!


    I have tried lots of cleansers for my acne prone skin before, and they have all dried my skin out terribly or left it feeling a bit burnt. This is a fantastic, gentle cleanser that does it's job without causing irritation. Highly recommend!
  56. does its job


    i have fairly oily skin and it removes it. if im wearing makeup and im about to have a shower, i use it to remove it. it does its job but i do not think its anything revolutionary
  57. Perfect for oily skin


    This product is great for my oily skin, it clears my pores and doesn't leave my face feeling tight and dry. It's so smooth and definitely a new favourite.
  58. Not suitable for drier/combo skin


    I recommend trialling before buying a full size if you can. This was not suitable for my sensitive, combo skin. It actually dried my skin out quite a bit, which then resulted in breakouts. If you have oily skin, this would probably be a great product.
  59. awesome


    awesome product but not a fan of the smell, skin definitely feels refreshed after using it.
  60. Best cleanser for acne prone skin


    I have been using this product for 2 years and have purchased it over 4 times now. I have reccommended it to all my friends who have acne as well! It is the best cleanser for acne prone skin as it cleanses my skin beautifully without leaving it dry, and I always feel so clean and fresh after using it. It really helps to prevent my skin from breaking out further and leaves my skin with such a soft and smooth texture.
  61. Amazing for acne prone oily sensitive skin!!!


    This product along with the Effaclar Duo completely cleared up my severe acne and maintained it while I had sensitive skin and it's also a great price! Highly recommend!
  62. Great product


    I have very oily skin and this product remove the oil without drying out my skin. The tube lasts forever too and it’s such a good price
  63. Finally the answer I have been looking for!


    I have forever suffered stubborn closed comedomes on my cheek bone and surrounding areas that will not budge without practically digging them out of my face. I have tried so many products, and have noticed no change or difference my skins bumpy texture and no change in the amount of size of these things. Until I found this product and I honestly could not be happier!!!! in areas where I dont have these pesky pimples, my skin is now flawlessly smooth and so soft to touch, no dryness or flaking that harsh cleansers cause. Where my problem areas are, from the moment I started using it, the deep comedomes have really come to the surface and I am easily able to extract them with out scarring or damaging my face. I did experience a week of pretty bad purging, but my skin has not been this great for years!!!!!! I use it with a manual facial brush (not a clarisonsic) and I use it to massage the product with the brush every night before bed. AMAZING!
  64. Great for oily skin


    This cleanser works great for oily skin! It really helped with clearing a lot of my blackheads as it cleans the pores well without overdrying. Be wary if you have sensitive skin as it did cause me a little bit of redness with constant use. I’d suggest starting off using this cleanser at night to clear the dirt and oils built up during the day.
  65. Good option for deep cleansing


    This product is really good on acne prone skin, since it doesn’t have oil, it doesn’t clog the pores and it doesn’t dry the skin as much as other cleansers. A moisturiser is definitely needed afterwards, but that’s part of a good skincare routine, so I don’t see any issues with it.
  66. Staple in my Cabinet


    I was obsessed with this cleanser when I lived in Paris and was so happy to find it stocked here! I'm a bit of a collector when it comes to skincare, and am always rotating through 2-3 cleansers at a time (I like to try different things as often as I can), BUT I always have this one. I find it really gentle (so I never have irritation), but its one of the only cleansers I've found that consistently helps with my hormonal acne. I love it.
  67. Good Staple


    I have used this product for about twelve months to cleance my combiation skin both morning and night, as well as to cleanse my back after a gym workout. It’s a good staple but as my skin is back to normal I will no longer use this product. I initally bought it to tackle hormonal breakouts that occurred after I stopped using the contraceptive pill. It worked well as a complement to the other La Roche-Posay acne specific products to calm the skin.
  68. Great for acne


    This cleanser helped when my skin was going through a rough patch due to breakouts and clogged pores, I noticed within a few weeks of use my skin started to go back to normal and its now much clearer and has minimal breakouts :)
  69. great!


    This has helped my acne prone skin alot, it hasn't dried out my skin more but it has left my face feeling fresh and clean. less breakouts and a much smoother complexion since using this so I'm very happy.
  70. Good for acne prone skin


    I used this for a few weeks when my skin was going crazy, it really helped clear up my skin and calm it down, Highly recommend this cleanser if you struggle with breakouts yourself
  71. Skeptical at first, but now convinced


    This brand was recommended to me by a friend with alot of cystic acne. Since using this wash in conjunction with their toning(?) spray and BB cream, my face cleared up by miles. I now just have a tiny bit of redness, which I deal with using their fixing serum (I can't remember the name).
    Really recommend this, you won't regret it. BTW it helped my acne which was meant to be hormone related so I was really surprised!
  72. Gentle and cleansing


    Does clean skin thoroughly and doesn't give your skin that tight feeling afterwards, I liked this product and would repurchase if I have a bad breakout again in the future.
  73. Gentle yet effective


    This face wash was recommended to me by a dermatologist and I was skeptical at first. However I absolutely love it now.
    It works really good on all skin types but is recommended for oily skin. It removes dirt/oil, leaves skin feeling clean but not dry. I use it in the mornings before applying make up and after I remove my make up at night. The price point is amazing too - as you only need a small amount and the bottle lasts ages.
  74. My new daily routine


    This is my new product! Has made such a difference to my skin. Goes a long way and doesn’t leave my skin dry like other cleansers have. Won’t be hanging brands anytime soon
  75. Great cleanser for acne-prone skin


    I would highly recommend this cleanser if you have skin like mine, which is acne-prone and oily but also sensitive. I have found that it works best when used once a day because anymore than that and my skin feels tight and dry (I use a more gentle cleanser in the morning and this at night). Other than that, I have little complaints and would certainly buy this again.
  76. love it


    i started to use this cleanser last year and it has stayed with me until now. i have combination-oily skin and i feel the effaclar range suits my skin really well. this is a great cleanser for me and i usually use it on the evening to double cleanse. have been repurchasing this everytime i run out.
  77. I love it!


    I love this cleanser (I use it with the La Roche Posay toner and duo+ serum), it makes my skin so smooth and has calmed the redness and blemishes in my skin! Would 100% recommend.
  78. Good cleanser!


    This is good for using as the second step in the double cleansing method, however it is quite drying and makes face feel a little tight.
  79. I wish I found this sooner!


    I recently found the La Roche-Posay brand and started out on the Physiological Foaming Water but switched to this Purifying Foaming Gel as part of the Six Week Act on Acne challenge and I am such a convert!

    This is perfect for my combination-oily skin, works well with my Clarisonic to remove my makeup and I've had a lot less issues with pimples/acne since changing.

    I wish I found this brand sooner!
  80. Great for oily skin


    This is the only cleanser my partner will use. He has very oily congested skin.

    After trying more brands than I can remember this one was tried and it's perfect for him. He uses this twice a day and it does a great job at removing excess oil from his face and keeps his face looking fresh all day.

    He has also noticed that his skin is less congested and actually less oily.
  81. Unclogging youthful skin


    I bought this product for my 19 year old daughter who periodically gets clogged pores and bumpy skin. This cleanser works wonders - her skin smoothness and clarity has improved out of sight. She's really happy with it and said that it is non-irritating and doesn't feel at all like soaps do.
  82. New favourite


    This cleanser leaves my oily acne prone skin feeling clean and fresh without leaving my face feeling tight or dry. I double cleanse with it in the evenings and it removes all traces of makeup with just the tiniest pea sized amount. It has a light fresh scent and foams up really well to give a deep clean feeling. Can't say it has been a miracle worker in terms of preventing breakouts but my skin definitely feels clearer since using it.
  83. Good stuff


    This is a good, basic cleanser which is effective for combination, oily and sensitive skins. It isn't a life changer - no cleanser really is - but does the job of effectively cleaning the skin without irritation.

    I used to make the mistake of thinking I had to clean and scrub the living daylights out of my skin to prevent blackheads and oiliness, but it had the opposite effect - making matters a million times worse.

    This is a good foaming cleanser which isn't going to fix your hormonal acne or congestion (that's what acids, retinols and masks are for!) - but it WILL gently clean your skin every day and is gentle enough to use with a Clarisonic without stripping or damaging your skin.

    I'm not sure how this goes on removing eye makeup etc., as I don't tend to wear any, but I would probably recommend removing makeup and sunscreen with a thicker cleaner or balm first, then use this as the final step in a 2-step cleanse.
  84. Amazing


    This is still my favourite cleanser, even after using high end skin care brands I keep coming back to this. It’s really cleared up skin and leaves it feeling so clean and fresh. It smells good too and you don’t need a lot of product either!
  85. Great for oily/combo skin


    I have combo skin with an oily T zone. This cleanses effectively without drying, foams easily and a little goes a long way. Not the best for makeup removal so I save it for use each morning in the shower, rather than as a makeup remover at night. I'm really happy with the results on my skin and will repurchase.
  86. For oily skin


    I was recommended this product by an Adore Beauty representative when I asked her opinion for a new cleanser. My skin is combination, more on the dry side and has started to break out after having clear skin throughout my pregnancy. I was hesitant as the top ingredient is sodium laureth sulfate which makes products foam up and can be drying and react with sensitive skin. My skin didn’t react but it definitely dried out my skin. I don’t think this product is suited to me but a small amount goes a long way, it’s decently priced, very refreshing,I can see this working on oily skin types. I love the brand so might try another cleanser suited to my skin.
  87. Love


    I love this cleanser. I double cleanse with it and it takes off EVERYTHING - my skin feels so clean. It's so good and doesn't dry out my skin. Lasts for ages too!
  88. Definitely recommended for anyone.


    Ive struggled with stress and hormonal related acne and cysts for a few months and I also struggle with eczema. After using this product, I was surprised with the results from day one! My face isn't inflamed red anymore and I only get occasional pimples (due to stress), the smell isn't overwhelming and it feels fresh after you wash it off. It also doesn't irritate my eczema.
  89. New fav cleanser!

    Freckle Face (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have combination/problematic skin and to be honest I don't have sensitive skin at all. I've heard soo many people love and rave about this skin care brand, so I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about anddd.. I'm glad I did! This face wash leaves my skin feeling fresh, hydrated and squeaky clean. I've also noticed my blemishes have reduced, my skin has cleared and improved since using this product! I can't wait to try more products from La Roche Posay!
  90. Works really well!


    I'm using the whole Effaclar range from La Roche Posay and it's really helped my sensitive acne prone skin. I don't get breakouts anymore and my skin has calmed down so much! All the redness has gone, my acne scars are fading and my black heads appear so much smaller. I've had nothing but good results from using this. Specifically this foam cleanser feels like velvet on the skin too! So nice!
  91. Leaves skin fresh and clean!


    I have normal to combination skin and love La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel. It leaves my skin feeling super clean and fresh, without feeling raw and stripped! It also removes all of my makeup (I didn't try it directly on the eyes - I always use a separate eye makeup remover for that) so no need to double cleanse.

    I also love La Roche-Posay's price point and the scent of Effaclar Foaming Gel - it's a little fruity, but subtle and very fresh. If it came in a pump, it would be almost perfect!

    Love, love, love :)
  92. My new daily cleanser!

    Shanthi (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Formulated using La Roche-Posay Thermal Water, this cleanser is free from alcohol, soap and oil - which is heaven for my oily/acne prone sensitive skin. The best part? It provides a thorough clean without leaving my skin dry or tight. The gel is thick and clear and you won’t need much to work up a good lather. It’s the newest addition to my daily skincare regime and I’m eager to try more from the Effaclar range (ideal for oily/acne prone skin)!
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