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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel 200ml 200ml

4.5 of 179 reviews


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4 instalments of $10.49

Or 4 instalments of $10.49 with LEARN MORE

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel: Purifying Foaming Gel is a daily use gel cleanser that eliminates excess sebum and tightens the pores of oily and thickened skin, without causing dryness.
  • Alcohol Free
  • Paraben Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel 200ml Reviews

4.5 of 179 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Gentle cleanser


This cleanser works well for my combination acne prone skin. It is not drying. It does not strip my skin of its natural moisture.

Most Helpful Criticism

Avoid if you have sensitive skin


I bought this to help with my acne but was it was stripping and caused itchiness and little red bumps. I just checked the ingredients after using it and saw Sodium Lauryl Sulfates. I would avoid this cleanser if you have sensitive skin.
  1. Gentle cleanser


    This cleanser works well for my combination acne prone skin. It is not drying. It does not strip my skin of its natural moisture.
  2. Basic & Affordable

    Jacq Field

    This a perfect staple for my skincare regimen. It has a nice foamy consistency thats great for my oily skin. It feels like my skin is getting a good clean. Not too pricey.
  3. efficient, sooth


    One of my favorite cleansers. Help to remove dead skin. suitable for sensitive skin
  4. Good, but would not purchase again


    I initially really liked this cleanser clearing up some breakouts, but I have found it dry my skin out quite a lot. I will finish the bottle but will not purchase it again.
  5. Good cleanser, but didn’t do anything for my breakouts


    This was recommended to me to help with breakouts. It cleanses pretty well, but I found it to be a little drying. Unfortunately, it didn’t really do anything to improve my spots. I plan to finish it, but I don’t think I would repurchase it.
  6. Great cleanser but a bit drying


    I have been using this cleanser for about 2 weeks now and so far it's been treating my skin well. I have oily and acne-prone skin and I have noticed that I am breaking out a lot less frequently. The only thing to note about this cleanser is that it has a strong fragrance and is a bit drying on the skin so I would highly recommend pairing it with a rich moisturizer.
  7. Did not work for me at all!


    I have oil & acne prone skin.. Was looking to switch cleanser to see if my skin would change from my current cleanser i was using.. After a couple uses it DRIED OUT my chin area and the corners of my mouth so bad that it looked like i had psoriasis or some sort of skin condition.. that took over two weeks to heal/ get back to normal.. I thought maybe i'd have to use it once every couple of da...
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  8. Great product


    After having kids I started breaking out, I’ve always had oily skin but never really had breakouts. I was recommended this product by a dermatologist and I have to say that it cleans my skin without any irritation and it’s affordable. I’m hooked - I love this cleanser.
  9. la roche posay


    I love this brand for acne solutions that are affordable but don't irritate my skin or are too stripping. This cleanser gets rid of sunscreen with no problems and leaves my skin clean.
  10. Good cleanser


    Great for breakouts. Foams ups quite nicely without drying out the skin.
    Not so great for removing makeup so best to use something beforehand.
  11. Helpful


    Started using this to help control my breakouts and haven't looked back. Aside from pesky hormonal bumps, this practically eliminated all spots within a few days of using morning and night. It can leave your skin feeling a little dry, particularly when used in combination with other effaclar products, but adding some extra hydration solved that for me.
  12. Classic cleanser


    A classic cleanser I can always rely on. Very easy and quick to use, lathers nicely and doesn't strip skin dry. Face looks smooth and bright after use. Highly recommend
  13. great cleanser


    I bought this cleanser because I love LRPs breakout cleanser and I wanted something less harsh to use when I didn't have any breakouts. Such a great cleanser, super gentle and easy to work with. Will definitely stick with this brand for cleansers from now on
  14. Great cleaner


    This is really good everyday cleaner. I have used it for years. It is for more oily skin and can be a little irritating if you have sensitive skin. I love it
  15. Couldn't live without!


    I have had eczema around my nose for many years as well as pimple prone skin, meaning dry and oily all at once and this stuff is game changing!

    This product is one of few that has completed my skincare routine and will never leave it,
    great for my sensitivity but also strong enough to remove daily makeup and oil to prevent pimples - without drying my skin out

    You c...
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  16. Great


    A nice cleanser. It forms a nice foam and its really delicate on the skin. Doesnt have any scent and doesnt leave the sking squaky. Changed to the green version just because my oily skin needed something stronger but def reccomend to normal skin types.
  17. Recommend


    cost effective, oily skin friendly, smells pretty ok as well.
  18. Great for acne


    Recommended by my dermatologist to combat hormonal acne (together with other La Roche-Posay products). Very happy. I use this on my face, chest and back in the mornings, and a gentler cleanser (Effaclar H) at nights. This one is a little stronger / drying so you just need to moisturise afterwards. Foams really well, so don't have to use a lot of product. Feel really fresh afterwards and has helped...
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  19. So good


    It foams up nicely and gets rid of the extra oiliness and dirt without feeling tight.
  20. Wonderful

    Brooke elise

    So I came across this a few weeks ago after a 2am “how to help hormonal acne affordably” google search and this was suggested a lot. So I snatched it up. I love it leaves my skin feeling clean, I feel it’s reduced the size of my breakouts and how long they last, I feel it isn’t drying and hasn’t caused me any irritation. I love that a little goes a long way and the consistency and smell is perfect...
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  21. Love it!


    Good product make my skin feels better and clean!!
  22. Not the best, not the worst.


    I can find this product to strip my face. So I've since repurposed it and I now use it as a body cleanser in the shower and that works well for me
  23. Best Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin!


    I have used acne cleansers, most of my life and have tried all that is out there. And let me tell you this is the only one that really produces results. They have hit the nail on the head with this formula. It reduces redness and clears my breakouts in a matter of days. I would definitely recommend buying the La Roche-Posay effaclar duo plus moisturiser to complete your skin care routine. Overall ...
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  24. Skincare Staple


    This is a great all-rounder cleanser, and you only need to use the tiniest amount. I use this with my foreo and it lightly foams. I will definitely re-purchase time and time again.
  25. Soft cleansing


    Great for a soft face wash, but i dont think i can use this on its own to remove makeup.
  26. Dried out my skin


    Unfortunately this cleanser left my skin feeling tight after washing, and after a week of use my face was actually oilier - I think the cleanser was too stripping, which led to an overproduction of oil. I did love this line when I was in highschool, so maybe it works well for teenage skin, but definitely not a fan anymore.
  27. Nice and gentle


    A lovely, gentle foaming cleanser. My face doesn’t feel dry after using this which it often does with other foaming cleansers.
  28. Nice!


    Gently foaming cleanser that really cleans out my skin. I’m really glad I gave this a go, it’s really nice. I love la roche posay, I’ve tried many other products from this brand and it’s super gently and clearing!
  29. I experienced everything opposite it claims.


    I decided to try this after reading endless amount of positive reviews from those suffering from acne. Their Effaclar range is made specifically for those who are oily and acne-prone, but this cleanser has legitimately got me traumatised from using a foaming cleanser again.

    My skin went through a period of time of just constantly breaking out and I was hoping this cleanser would've be...
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  30. Love this!


    This lasts sooo long and makes my skin so soft and helps improve skin texture
  31. Bang for your buck cleanser


    Heard about the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel on the adore podcast.
    Lives up to the recommendation.
    I use daily, often in the shower and at night.
    Great to remove makeup and not too harsh.
    Also use on my clarisonic.
    Not dry.
    Alcohol Free
    Paraben Free
  32. comfortable


    The foam is quite abundant. The amino acid formula, soap-free, mild, not irritating, not dry and tight.Very comfortable!
  33. Pretty good for acne-prone skin


    I think it really helped with my acne-prone skin. I have a very oily skin type and generally at the end of the day my face is very oily and shiny however this face wash did a pretty job with cleaning and it felt nice and gentle. There was no itchiness or prickly feeling that I used to get with some other face washes. It is a little on the pricy side but I think you get what you paid for.
  34. Avoid if you have sensitive skin


    I bought this to help with my acne but was it was stripping and caused itchiness and little red bumps. I just checked the ingredients after using it and saw Sodium Lauryl Sulfates. I would avoid this cleanser if you have sensitive skin.
  35. Great


    Great product in my double cleanse skin care routine. Takes care of all the buildup and feels gentle.
  36. squeaky clean


    gentle cleanser but leaving your skin feeling great! great for my sensitive skin too!
  37. Didn't notice results


    I bought this when my skin was going through a rough patch with small pimples. I really love La Roche Posay but sadly this product did not do anything for my skin. IN fact it felt quite drying. I much prefer the Pai Light Work oil cleanser.
  38. Good for clearing out congestion


    My skin is mostly dry, but I have congestion on my chin area - tiny white bumps (closed comedomes). I bought this to use just on this area to try and clear it out, and it's worked quite well so far. I only use it in the mornings, and only on my chin area. I do find that this area feels quite tight and dry after, which is why I wouldn't use it all over my face, but it's clearing out my congestion s...
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  39. It is OK


    It is luxury because it is french. The gel is good for oily skin and helps with breakouts. I used the whole system and it worked to control my mild acne
  40. Great cleanser


    I love this cleanser - a nice gel consistency that lathers and foams quickly. I double-cleanse with this at night to remove makeup and it does a great job, although it does make my skin feel a little tight in places. Overall I would purchase it again, and it lasts a long time - a little goes a long way.
  41. Not bad


    As someone who has suffered acne from a young age (now in my 30's), I had heard really good things about this range. It worked for a couple of months and then my skin went back to how it was before unfortunately. It smells fresh and leaves skin feeling clean.


    This face cleanser has changed my very oily skin (that I have had for as long as I can remember) to normal, I was using it twice daily but since noticing my skin type had changed I now have started using it in the mornings only and using a cream cleanser at night. I have also noticed that is helps reduce my large pores as well. I HIGHLY recommend this product to people with oily skin.
  43. Drying but a great cleanser


    I really like this product but find it is a bit drying so only use it twice a week. Wouldn’t recommend if you don’t have oily skin, but if you do it’s great to remove oil and dirt, leaves your skin feeling so clean after
  44. Very good


    From the first day that I washed my face with this I loved it, it leaves my face fresh, clean, and it alludes a lot with my oily face.
  45. I really wanted to like it


    I received this as a sample, I really wanted to like it, but unfortunately, it dried my skin out. I don't usually have issues with dry skin, I have an oily tzone, but this was just too much.
  46. Great cleanser


    I started using this when I started getting adult acne. It's my go to cleanser now, it gives a good clean without over drying or bring too harsh.
  47. Good


    I love this cleanser for my oily skin. It lasts me a long time and helps with breakouts
  48. Love this!


    Ive been using this for a week now and I find that Ive been less oily! Super gentle, and not drying like most acne face washes. Large size - will definitely be using this for a while! :) I dont break out a lot anymore but I find it helps diminish my small acne if I do have any!
  49. My go to!


    This is one of my favourite cleansers, everytime I go back to it I realise why I love it so much. It cleanses my skin well and leaves it feeling super soft and clean without stripping the skin or leaving it feeling tight. It foams up nicely and rinses off easily. A little goes a really long way, you don't need much at all to effectively cleanse your skin - well worth the money
  50. Face wash heaven


    This is great my skin looks so much better since using it! Have re purchased several time!
  51. didn't do anything for me


    so i thought that this cleanser would really help to get rid of the acne i had and prevent any more acne from happening but it didn't. it has a really nice texture and once you add water it allows for a nice gentle clean on the skin. for the first week i really loved it because it felt so nice and i thought it would start to work soon. it never did. i also used this with the la roche posay toner a...
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  52. Works


    I have always suffered from adult acne. This product helps me to keep my it in check, without drying out my skin and it lasts such a long time. Great buy.
  53. A great low inflammation option


    Really reliable from the start of use and helps prevent breakouts
  54. A great gel cleanser


    This is a good gel cleanser which leaves the skin feeling clean and soft without drying it out like some other gel cleansers can. It’s my first time trying this product and I’m very happy with it.
  55. Repeat purchase!


    I’ve used this cleanser before and keep going back to it. It lifts makeup and suncare beautifully.
  56. The best I've found


    This product is a clear gel without the annoying microbeads which get into your eyes and are bad for the environment. You only need a little of it (pea sized) and it foams up enough to make it feel like it is doing something, but not so much that you think you are going to need to wash half of it down the sink to use! It has a fresh clean and neutral smell and leaves my skin feeling very clean. My...
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  57. Good Value Cleanser


    This is a good cleanser for the price. It was non- irritating for my sensitive skin. I probably wouldn't repurchase. I wear a full face of makeup for work (cabin crew) and even though I double cleanse my skin was quite congested whilst using this cleanser. I also personally prefer a foaming cleanser.
  58. Good basic cleanser


    This is a great, gentle, basic cleanser. I suffer from adult acne and while this does not treat the acne, it does not aggravate it. It is super gentle (gentle enough for me to use on my eyes to remove my mascara) however even with a double cleanse I still find tiny traces of makeup on my skin. I did not like the smell at first but I don't even notice it now. Great value for money, which is why I k...
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  59. Go-to cleanser!


    I've used this cleanser for around 3 years and have not had the courage to buy anything else. It's the perfect consistency and you really only need a small amount, i buy the bigger bottle and it lasts me for at least 10 months. I do only use this to cleanse at night time and will often double cleanse when i've been wearing makeup (which is usually only on weekends anyway).
    I have acne-prone ...
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    Mama Shaz

    One thing I've learned when choosing a facial wash for an oily skin is that it should be in a gel form. Why? Because it eliminates surface oil and acne-causing bacteria as well as giving the skin a deeper clean. This wash definitely does that without a doubt
  61. Good basic cleanser


    This is a good basic cleanser for regular use. Not spectacular but i would say use it and see how skin reacts. Works well with sensitive skin without overdrying.
  62. My go-to Cleanser!


    I had really bad cystic acne in the past. When i added this cleanser to my skin care routine i noticed my skin straight away cleared up. It keeps oil and shine away!! I would highly recommend it for someone with oily or acne prone skin. It is also great at removing makeup.
  63. Drying but works


    This cleanser gets rid of pimples on my forehead a lot faster than others I've tried but I found it very drying and needed to overcompensate for that. Unsure if it made me start getting acne on my cheeks but they only started to form after using this product
  64. Best cleanser


    Best cleanser for oily acne prone skin. Will never change to anything else! Keeps my skin clear and oiliness to a minimum. Perfect for sensitive skin too, still do gentle. I love this! Nothing else works like it. Good price too.
  65. Great cleanser!


    It's a nice gentle cleanser, doesn't make my skin feel stripped. Definitely enjoyed using it.
  66. Squeaky clean


    I am really liking this cleanser so far. I use it in the shower at night and I feel super clean and fresh after. It does make my skin a lil tight after but nothing major and I quite like it and once I moisturize it’s all good.
  67. Love it!


    I have been using this for quite awhile now and it's definitely a favourite for me.
    - It cleanses well
    - A little goes a long way
    - Is kind to my sensitive skin
    I have tried lot's of other brands and this is the best I've found.
  68. Good cleanser for removing impurities


    Very good cleanser for removing makeup and skincare after long days and leaves skin feeling squeaky clean. Is somewhat drying and is probably better suited for oilier skin types.
  69. Nice cleanser


    I received a sample of this (that lasted about 2 weeks of daily use) and loved it. Did what a cleanser is meant to and left my skin feeling refreshed and clean and took all my makeup off. Didn’t feel like it dried my skin either.
  70. Fresh clean skin


    Love this product! It makes my face feel so fresh and clean after using it in the shower. Also smells great and a little goes a long way. Will definitely be purchasing this again.
  71. Convenient bet for Oily and Acne Skin


    I received a deluxe sample of this wash. It is a convenient bet for my oily acne prone skin. It felt like my skin was tight and less oily immediately after use. It was refreshing in the Queensland humidity.

    However I would not recommend it since it was fragranced and that is not ideal for acne or congestion prone sensitive skin.
  72. Gentle cleanser


    I use this in the mornings after the gym and it's a great gentle cleanser on my sensitive skin!
  73. Ideal for oily skin


    Effectively cleanses away oil sweat and dirt but does leave the skin feeling a little tight and dry afterwards. Wouldn't recommend for dry skin or even normal skin.
  74. Good for oily skin


    I really like this cleanser, so much that I bought a back-up bottle from Priceline on sale in Melbourne. It's thoroughly cleansing but doesn't leave skin tight. I like the gel to light foam formula.
  75. I started using this recently


    I replaced my bioderma cleanser with this one, as my skin was starting to feel oily. I find this one is similar to "sensitive skin" cleansers but gives my skin a nice deep clean.
  76. Gentle cleanser


    It is gentle cleanser for oily acne prone skin .will definitely buy full size
  77. Nice but stings a bit


    Its a good way of cleaning your skin, however, i have noticed it does sting my eyes a bit. My sister used it as well and felt the same. I like the brand but probably wouldnt buy this again.
  78. Great for oily skin


    This is a very standard gel cleanser for oily acne prone skin. I found that it was slightly drying as the second ingredient is sodium laureth sulfate. Overall my very oily skin could somewhat handle it and have repurchased it twice as it does a great job of cleaning the oils and build up from the day.
  79. Very light


    Very light, so not good as a make up remover. Otherwise as a normal cleanser or step 2 cleanser, its awesome!
  80. I keep repurchasing this gem


    I got this as part of the La Roche Anti-Acne 3 Step Sytem and really liked using it. I Have repurchased this cleansing gel 3 times now.
    I have sensitive skin and get adult acne around my lower jaw and I noticed this has helped tame it. I use it in the morning and night and sometimes after I go to the gym. I still use makeup remover and toner first.
  81. Great


    I have bad acne and this cleanses my skin well without stripping it or making my ance worse
  82. thorough


    it cleans very well but I didnt like the smell
  83. Good cleanser!


    I really like it. I can feel my face is cleaned very well by this and it has much foam and a not bed smell. I will buy it again,
  84. Lasts FOREVER and gets rid of everything in one wash!


    This was the first cleanser I ever used diligently in my mid-20's and it's great to keep in the shower. I was very much all about efficiency at the time, so anything that would remove make up and dirt from the day in one go was aces min my book. This product did that for me. It lasted me about 8 months of daily use and I never experienced any irritation. It was amazing!
  85. Amazing


    This is a great cleanser for my oily, acne prone skin. It cleanses well and does not irritate my skin
  86. Fantastic cleanser for sensitive oily skin


    I have oily acne prone skin and a tendency to get pigmentation so I was looking for something to thoroughly cleanse without stripping or irritating my skin. This cleanser lasts forever and makes my skin feel refreshed and very clean without the feeling of overdoing it and aggravating pigmentation or acne. A fanatic, simple, gentle yet effective everyday cleanser.
  87. Love it


    This foaming gel helps to cleanse my skin without over drying it. Definitely repurchase.
  88. No more red spots


    This is the first time I’ve used a cleanser and noticed such a visible reduction in pimples, bumps and spots. It’s been 2 months now and I’ve used just under one tube. A little goes a long way!
  89. Not a red spot in sight


    I’ve been using this product since the beginning of October and I’ve seen such a noticeable reduction in the amount of pimples or bumps I’ve had on my face.
  90. My fave product!


    I was recommended this product after coming off the pill and my skin went crazy - I had tried everything which was not only expense but a fail. My skin was noticeable yesterday different within the first week of using this - it didn’t irritate my skin and seemed to settle breakouts. I’ve been using this product for the last 3 years and it’s always stocked in my cupboard!
  91. Good cleanser for oily skin


    I use almost everything in the LRP range and love that they have so many options for oily skin. I find this a good cleanser for removing make up and oil build up and like the gel to foam. It leaves my oily skin clean without overdrying.
  92. The best cleanser for acne-prone sensitive skin


    I love this stuff - it never irritates me or makes my skin dry and tight but it is a really effective cleanser. I just wish they sold it in the smaller tubes by itself as the full sized tube is huge!
  93. Great for acne/sensitive skin


    A treat for acne prone skin! I use it in conjunction with my Clarisonic in the shower... my skin loves it. Feels fresh and clean afterwards.
  94. Really like it


    I received this as a sample and im sold! My skin feels really clean but not tight and striped of its natural condition.
  95. not bad


    it does the job, not a fan of the smell and can be slightly drying to my sensitive skin, but still leaves skin clean and clear
  96. great :)


    leaves my skin really clean!
  97. cleanser


    leaves the skin clean and fresh
  98. Good cleanser for normal/dry skin


    I use this after an oil based cleanser as the second cleanse and find it to be a good cleanser in that it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight but still cleans thoroughly. My only dislike is the level of fragrance.
  99. Great for summer


    This no fuss cleanser works really well for my combination skin in summer. It helps to keep the shine down and assists in combating breakouts. I find that it’s gentle but in winter when my skin is a bit drier it can be a little too drying. It’s definitely value for money. A little goes a long way so it lasts ages.
  100. I have found my holy grail!


    For years I have struggled to find the best cleanser for me and my skin, this product is hands down the best I have ever tried. It smells so clean, and you only need a little to go a long way. It's so great for my sensitive skin.
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