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La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Balm 40ml

4.6 of 172 reviews


4 instalments of $4.24

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4 instalments of $4.24

Or 4 instalments of $4.24 with LEARN MORE

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La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Soothing Repairing Balm is a rich, nourishing restorative balm that assists recovery after irritative dermatitis and epidermic alterations. Suitable for the entire family: babies, children and adults.
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Paraben Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • Baby
  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+
  • Children

Skin Concern:

  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Balm Reviews

4.6 of 172 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

great for sensitive, dry skin


my skin is prone to redness and is dry, this product was recommended to me and has been great through winter so far!

Most Helpful Criticism

a bit disappointing


I read the reviews on this product and I was really looking forward to getting it in this months goodie bag. However I didnt feel that it lived up to the hype. Ive got sometimes spots of dry skin on my face and have a few dermalogical concerns too. As a moisturiser it seems fine but I was hoping for a bit more from it
  1. great for sensitive, dry skin


    my skin is prone to redness and is dry, this product was recommended to me and has been great through winter so far!
  2. Savior


    My skin goes through dry peeling phases especially in winter. This fixes the texture and restores the moisture in my face leaving it feeling hydrated without being oily. It soakes in aswell without just sitting on the top. Usually nothing can fix the dryness so this is amazing
  3. perfect


    this is a beautiful soothing balm i use this after micro needling or to end my skincare routine in the evening if im dry. its also wonderful post treatment like laser or a peel this is now a staple that i would not go without if you haven’t tried it do
  4. Perfect for post treatment or when you have gone a little hard with the actives


    I had skin needling for the first time 5 days before Christmas. My skin in on the sensitive side so I was very red and raw after the procedure. I bought the post care treatment from the clinic but found it was too active and made my skin more raw and the redness didn't seem to be subsiding. That's when I found this, my skin sucked it up and it was really soothing. Applying a number or times a day,...
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  5. My absolute go to!


    I have sensitive skin and have been using retinol for anti ageing. I usually pair my retinol product with the b5 cream and it calms down the itchiness that retinol does to my face! Highly recommend and will probably repurchase for life!
  6. Gets rid of dry patches


    The formular is thick and amazing at moisturising, helping get rid of dry spots on my face.
  7. Great product


    I finished 2 15ml samples from the previous goodiebags and just bought a full size. It worked so well when changing seasons or having allergies. It quickly calms and hydrates the skin. Now it's a must-have for my family.
  8. your skin will thank you


    Any sunburn, red patches, dry skin, and irritation will disappear overnight with this cream. I've been using it religiously every night for the past 3 weeks and my skins texture has improved significantly. It also makes a really good base for makeup
  9. Great for damaged skin


    Got a sample of this in a goodie bag, and I will definitely buy a big one when I've used it. I had dry skin, and in hayfever season I get a bit of eczema near my eyes. This is so gentle and effective to help soothe the area during flare ups, helping to repair flaky patches. It is very thick and white, so I only use it at night time.
  10. Not a fan of the consistency


    I received this as a sample and I’m not sure I love it. I have very red and dry skin and this doesn’t irritate it however I don’t like the feeling of this on my skin.
  11. Really moisturising


    This is a really moisturising formula. It's so great for when my skin is feeling extra dry. It's become a staple in my skincare routine.
  12. Not Sold


    I got this one as a sample, and I'm not loving the texture. It reminds me of what sunscreen used to be, thick and pastey. I'm already pale and I feel like it leaves a white cast on my skin. I think it absorbs after a while though. Idk, I guess it works, but I wouldn't repurchase.
  13. Great product


    Suitable for sensitive skin, strongly recommend.
  14. Moisturizing but heavy


    Good to use on super dry patches on your face or body but wouldn't recommend it to be used as a daily facial moisturizer because it is very thick and absorbs slowly.
  15. Decent repairing cream


    Decent repairing cream. Didn't help with my acne.
  16. Miracle cream!


    I bought this after suffering a severe reaction to azelaic acid (redness, bumps, sore inflamed skin, skin peeling). I have been using it daily now for nearly two months and this cream is amazing. I have rosacea, sensitive acne prone skin. It is so soothing and calming. It actually helps my acne because it is antibacterial and has wound healing ingredients. It smoothed my skin and improves skin ton...
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  17. b5 with good result


    It's the best b5 ever ! The price is reasonable with good result! It's suitable for the dry and sensitive skin.
  18. Underrated - super calming and hydrating


    I really rate this product. I have super sensitive skin and use this as the last steps when using my actives such as aha’ s and retinols and when I do I avoid any patchiness and flares (which happens often when using the products alone). I have super dry skin and wouldn’t say waking up after sleeping in this makes me super dewy but it does a good job of sealing everything underneath in. Great for ...
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  19. Amazing


    This is very good for dry skin. It moisturises irritated skin well
  20. Great dry skin saver


    I really like using this product when parts of my skin become flakey dry. I using it sparingly usually around the nose and in between my eyebrows. It works really well and usually, my skin feels so much better in the morning. I don't use it all over my face as I don't need to due to combination skin type. But I love that I purchase this at such a good price point too
  21. Perfect treatment cream


    Got a 15ml B5 as a GWP and it helped my husband’s skin recover. My husband's skin is very dry and the sides of his nose are easy to redden. This repair cream is suitable for him. The price is very affordable and I will be purchasing for my husband.
  22. A thick, nourishing cream


    I use this to nourish and treat extra dry skin around my elbow and cracking lips. It's very thick so need abit of time to soak into the skin, but it works well and provide extra hydration and keep my skin moist. Is an essential piece that I keep in my handbags now.
  23. Dry skin no more

    Dry skin no more

    I have acne prone skin that is recently dry due to acne medications. This product had panthenol in it to soothe irritated skin. I find it to work extremely well, clears up redness dryness and flakiness. Does not make me break out.
  24. Holy Grail Products For Sensitive Skin


    This is such a holy grail products for sensitive skin! My skin is weak during change of season and I often experience bad breakout. I always keep one of these around and use them every night as a mask when i experience any sort of sensitivity. It help soothe the skin and seal the skin which speeds up the healing process, also prevent anything from further triggering my skin. Absolutely love it.
  25. A saviour


    I use this product after chemical peels or when my skin barrier is impaired. A saviour in my books!
  26. Excellent


    Bought this one over summer after a week of my lips being so dry and chapped that any lip balm would do anything for me. I used cicplast over night once and in the morning my lips were healthy and moisturized once again. The tube its quite small but it last for ages since the product is so thick you actually have to use a little drop and it goes all the way
  27. Saved my life


    Used this after a nasty reaction and it absolutely saved my life. I was sore, hot, red, texturised and generally in a world of pain and this thick, soothing little baby saved me. SO affordable, highly recommend everyone having this in their collection for reactions or times when you've overdone it on the actives (if you know, you know)
  28. Great for dermatitis


    I love this for my dermatitis that I get around my nose, it helps to soothe any irritation my skin gets using actives and leaves my skins looking glowy the next day. It does leave a white cast so I only use it at night or on my dermatitis if i'm wearing makeup or not doing much that day. Helps to heal breakouts too!
  29. Great


    such a good product for any dry/sensitive/irritated skin. It is quite thick so it takes some time to blend it but it is really worth it.
  30. Nourishing treatment cream


    This is a soothing cream designed to nourish and treat extra dry skin. I used it on my face and mixed in with hand cream. It's very thick and doesn't necessarily lose its opacity once applied so better for night time use.
  31. Very thick and soothing. Bottle is too small


    This is a great topical cream for any flare ups. My only issue is the bottle is quite small and gets used up quickly. La Roche, make this in a bigger bottle!
  32. Effective, Simple, Beautiful


    I received this as part of a goodie bag from Adore, not thinking too much of this moisturiser. But my skin loves it! It beautifully hydrates my dry skin so well, and calms a little bit of my redness too! Can't wait to purchase the full size!
  33. My Boyfriend loves it.


    I find La Roche a really tricky brand to navigate - so many sub-lines. I got this as a sample and so far my boyfriend has really enjoyed using it on a dry patch of skin on the back of his hand. It appears to be quite soothing, and he always reaches for it when he comes over!
  34. Great for irritated skin


    Received a sample of this and was pleasantly surprised. Its thick and moisturising but doesn't sting, which is great for my sensitive dry skin. Esp good for when I have a reaction to actives.
  35. No words can express my love for it.


    No words can express my love for it. I always have more than one in stock, I can feel safety only with this product in my draes. Perfect for when you skin is acting out a little bit. It can solve a lot of overall situations.


    Initially, I had my doubts I found it kind of thick and pointless. Now fast forward a month I have dermatitis on my eyelids (pray for me), and this and vaseline is literally the only this that doesn't sting. Also good for dealing with flaking caused by acne medication/treatment.
  37. Decent product for dry and irritated skin.


    I received this product as a deluxe sample. I have a number of skin issues including sensitive skin after shaving and KP.

    I used this product post-shave and found that it was very soothing and stopped mild itching from dryness. As my KP is very temperamental and I have a good routine for that at the moment, I didn't bother trying it on those areas.

    As I do not suffer fr...
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  38. really soothing on irritated skin


    I suffer from eczema on my face and I get irritated from a lot of products, I do not use this as an everyday cream I will only use it when my skin is super dry or have had a reaction to something. it feels so nice and cooling and soothing, I will put this on when my eczema is bad and it just feels so nice and cooling.
  39. Pleasant, but not great value


    I love La Roche-Posay products,. it's not greasy and feels nice on the skin, but I found this didn't have value for money when compared to other creams or balms. It's a pretty small tube and doesn't go very far. I'd buy on sale, but not at full price.
  40. Helpful and effective


    I trust this brand. I’ve been using this balm for a long time and especially on wounds, when the skin is irritated or burned. In Thailand, I burned my calf with the heating pot of my scooter. I used this product as a poultice, waiting to find a pharmacy. Then a nurse advised me to keep doing it at night... since, when I go on vacation it’s always in my toilet bag or first-aid kit, it is always ver...
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  41. Super healing


    I received this product in a goodie bag where I was really keen on the other items and didn't pay too much attention to this one. A few days ago the corners of my mouth started cracking and nothing would soothe them. Had a light bulb moment and pulled this bad boy out, and am now on the way to being healed. The cream is so light, I could barely feel it on my skin but it was immediately soothing. T...
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  42. Solid & Reliable Product


    I purchased Cicaplast Baume B5 Balm to help treat a small rash I had on my face because nothing else had worked. It work really well I used it morning and night, it made a noticeable difference to the spot within a few days and didn’t take long to get rid of it all together. It’s now my “go to” for any skin irritations or rashes for my whole family because it really works but also because it smell...
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  43. Saved my face from peeling


    I started to use retinol a few weeks ago. I didn't realize it was that powerful until my t zone and cheeks started to sting. Thanks to this balm my T zone stopped stinging and peeling.
    What I did for last couple of days was squeezing a peanut size of product, warmed it up a bit on my palm and pressed it onto my face. Will keep using it with retinol. Great product and really affordable.
  44. Amazingly surprised


    Received this as a sample - didn't think much of it, gave it shot.

    My skin is excessively dry, psoriasis prone & has been breaking out in red itchy, sore blotches like there's no tomorrow. I've been trying to get off La Mer - the only thing that has helped tame my psoriasis but the price point of the products (even though I love it), is just not sustainable without taking out a loan. ...
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  45. Loving it!


    This Balm is great! it is nice and thick so actually feels like I am putting something on, and has really helped with my dry skin and redness on my face. It is nice and soothing I just wish it came in a bigger tube!
  46. nice product


    I got this as a sample in my goodie bag and I was surprised by the size of it! I like how versatile it is - can be applied to your body, face, and even lips. Amazing! I get very dry skin and especially in winter, so I am using it on my hands and it's instantly soothing and hydrating.
  47. Holy grail for dry skin


    I’ve been using this product for about a week and it’s been a lifesaver! I never used to have dry skin but this winter my skin is so dry and dull, especially around my mouth. I’ve been using this twice a day and have noticed such a difference where my dry spots used to be! I had tried just about everything since the beginning of the first lockdown and am so glad I came across this. You only need t...
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  48. Great for dry skin


    I get super dry skin around my nose from allergies and this has been so nourishing and hydrating, helping to repair the damaged and dry skin and rehydrate it.
  49. Feels great, and even better price

    Emily M

    I originally received this as a sample, and have since purchased it. It feels really light in the skin but instantly nourishes and make it feel moisturised. It has no scent which I love. A little goes a long way, plus it’s a low price so a super economical face cream. I have combination, leaning toward oily skin and have found this really great to balance it. Would recommend.
  50. a bit disappointing


    I read the reviews on this product and I was really looking forward to getting it in this months goodie bag. However I didnt feel that it lived up to the hype. Ive got sometimes spots of dry skin on my face and have a few dermalogical concerns too. As a moisturiser it seems fine but I was hoping for a bit more from it
  51. HOLY GRAIL: Intensive Repair Cream


    I got very sensitive dry skin, easily becomes red, burning and flaky on forehead, cheeks and neck. Nothing helped until I discovered this cream.
  52. Thank goodness for this product!!


    I got this as a sample in my goodie bag and this is a big PWDKWN! I get a small, eczema like rash under my lip and nothing feels as good as when I pop this balm on it. Immediately calms the skin and locks in hydration. Especially for the price, you just can't go past it.
  53. Very Hydrating


    I really like this balm; however, I couldn't tell if it was for body, face or everything. I use it on my 3 yr old who has very sensitive skin and is prone to eczema breakouts. Highly recommend for that purpose. I used on my face for a few days straight and had a breakout....so I think I'll only use on my body.
  54. soothing and very moisturising


    I got a sample of this and found the cream to be very hydrating. I have extremely dry skin in winter and this is the only cream that I've used on my legs that has kept them flake free!
  55. la roche posay


    thick and soothing but still doesn't feel like it's too heavy. helps with healing sore and sensitive skin
  56. Nice repairing cream.


    I got this as a sample in my order- it's a beautiful repairing cream, thick and soothing. It absorbs really quickly and leaves the skin feeling soothed and calm. Not something i would use as an every day moisturiser all over my combination skin, but something i will keep on hand if i over use my actives or get any skin irritation.
  57. Hydrating


    I received this as a sample and it is super hydrating! It's a great size for carrying around in your handbag for when you need some hydration. I use it on some scarring and it is soothing.
  58. so far so good!


    this is a thicker rich cream which works amazing. I have noticed a big difference in treating me inflammed areas
  59. Life saver


    Rescued my skin when I had dermatitis and was highly sensitized. Now I use it as a night cream whenever I have irritation and wake up the next day completely soothed.
  60. great for irritation


    this helped the irritation I get on my legs sometimes. It is thick but I don't really mind
  61. Staple in my house hold.


    This is my go to, when my skin needs a pick me up, if I’ve overdone it on acids or retinol, this is a skin saviour!9
  62. SOS balm!


    This is an incredibly rich, soothing and repairing balm! I wouldn't use it as a moisturiser per se - but rather when my skin has been 'pushed to the edge' is sore, flaky, irritated and angry. Automatically soothes skin and helps to repair the 'damage'. Great if you are on some pretty hardcore acne skin treatments and doesn't cause added congestion for me (used when needed).
  63. Very soothing and price-friendly


    I've been using Avene's cicalfate cream for ages and recently tried this out when I had a flare-up of red skin. It's nice and soothing and (so far) has not broken my skin out. A really great option for those looking for something to calm skin irritation without breaking the bank.
  64. Holy grail for irritated skin


    I first tried this out when my skin was extremely flaky and irritated (iso skin :( ) and it helped to calm down my skin and nourish it without stinging. I’ve been recommending to all my friends who struggle with flaky/acne prone skin or have a damaged skin barrier and they have all been loving it! The texture of this is a lightweight cream, definitely not too heavy for oily skin. Very dry skin typ...
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  65. Must have!


    Best cream to repair your skin when you used too much actives. That's a must have for my sensitive skin! Calm and nourish your skin without being greasy.
  66. Holy grail!


    This is my holy grail moisturiser. I have INCREDIBLY dry skin to the point where I have flakes peeling off my face and eyelids and have been searching for a good enough moisturiser that doesn't sting for years and i finally found it. Highly highly recommend
  67. Super Soothing


    My skin is incredibly sensitive thanks to type 1 & 2 rosacea which for me means most products cause a flare up that lasts weeks. Finally I’ve found something that is so soothing and hydrating that I can use it every night. I’ve also noticed that it also seems to take the heat out of my inflamed skin.
  68. Nice balm!


    This balm worked pretty well to deal with the sensitive skin on my hands. Would consider purchasing it again.
  69. average


    this is pretty average, it did help hydrate my hands but it never really dries, ur hands stay sticky
  70. Wonder cream


    I LOVE this B5 Baume. I have sensitive skin, and I use this as a night cream every couple of nights just to calm my skin down (especially with cold, dry weather). It is also great in Summer, post chlorine swimming, or sun exposure.
  71. Thick and moisturising


    As the weather gets colder I tend to get some dry patches on my face, put this on in the evening and by the morning they’re much better, if not totally gone. I would say it’s much to thick and pasty for the whole face. I also use this on the heels of my feet, it’s been great for improving and preventing cracks. Smell reminds me of dust but I can put up with it.
  72. great for skin in sensitive times


    Great for skin to heal and recover
  73. great for skin in sensitive times


    Great for skin to heal and recover
  74. It works well during the winter


    This is very suitable for those who have sensitive and DRY skin. The texture is super thick, so you should only use it in the winter.
  75. Heals your skin


    This is an outstanding product for sensitive skin. I have used this when my skin has been sunburnt, dehydrated, dry and suffering from eczema. It works every time to heal and restore your skin. It also dries matte and sits well under makeup. It works better than some products which are much more expensive. A must-have for everybody.
  76. Thick but nourishing


    I was surprised! One of the cheapest in the La Roche range. It is thick - but that is what I am after during the harsh winter climate. Will buy again - great value!
  77. Dry Skin Saviour


    This is a fabulous occlusive cream to sooth dry and irritated skin. I especially love this product during the winter months if I have a cold and have been blowing my nose a lot, or if I have been out in the cold and suffering from wind burn. This is also great if you've impaired your skin barrier with too many actives and it is super soothing and healing to the skin. I only use this moisturiser at...
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  78. A great moisturiser!


    I have combination skin that can be dry and oily. I use this over my serums before i go to bed and under my sunscreen in the morning. It calms any irritation and makes my skin look fresh, soft and moisturised.
  79. My new favourite PM cream!


    I've always had issues with flaky dry skin across my cheeks, but this cream has completely fixed the issue! I use this as the last step of my pre-bed skincare routine, and I absolutely love it! It can be quite thick, so it might not be great for mornings if you don't like the feel of a heavy moisturizer, but I swear by this for fixing dry skin issues!
  80. this is a lovely cream


    it helps heal dry skin and is very soothing
  81. Saves my face


    This is the best thing for my sensitive skin. I have actually replaced my expensive night cream with this - I apply it over my serums (I add a drop of facial oil to it too). It just soothes and calms my skin better than anything else. I love it so much and cannot be without it.
  82. Decent


    While I do find this quite nice for my hands (I have bad dyshidrotic eczema on hlmy hands) it will sting quite a bit when you have broken skin from scratching or being extremely dry.
    When my hands aren't particularly bad I do like to carry this in my handbag.
    This will be a suitable product for most people, especially those who wash their hands a lot.
  83. Perfect day moisturiser


    I love how hydrated this keeps my skin during the day. It is a beautiful day moisturiser that keeps my skin feeling super soft.
  84. one of my faves


    soo good for when I have sensitive skin
  85. good for irritated red patches on skin


    I found this product really good when my eczema had flared up and was leaving red patches all over my face as I really do believe this cream helped calmed down my eczema. I do find this moisturizer really thick to use, so I only use very little when putting this on my face.
  86. amazing


    i love this i use this when my skin gets irritated and it really helps calm it down
  87. Very nourishing


    This was really great when I was first using retinol. It helped calm my skin when I was going through those extra dry days. The product is a bit thick though, something good for winter. It not my favourite moisturiser texture but it works for a great price point.
  88. Go to for irritated skin


    I use this when I first start to notice that my skin is dry or I am getting a patch of dermatitis. It is soothing, light and doesn't leave you feeling oily, sticky or covered in product. A little bit goes a long way and I start to see results straight away.
  89. Does the job


    I was looking for a moisturiser that I could use when my face was irritated and this is great for that, I use it at night and not with makeup because it’s rather thick
  90. Buying another ASAP


    I bought this for my partner that suffers from dry skin. He got up this morning proclaiming ‘it actually works!’ We’ve tried so many creams/bars etc with no success so will definitely be buying more soon!
  91. Dry patches saviour


    This is super nice for during winter if you get dry patches. I just put some of this on at night and in the morning my skin is hydrated and smooth again. Also is goos for sensitive skin, it didn’t irritate at all.
  92. Incredible moisturiser for sensitive and dry skin


    A very thick cream that is a holy grail for any dry patches during winter or after using harsh treatments. Is fragrance free and doesn't sting on dry patches like many other moisturisers. Is a little to thick to wear during the day unless in very cold conditions but is a must for anyone with very dry sensitive skin!
  93. Must have


    I cannot live without this product. It calms and soothes any sensitive or dry patches of skin on my face. I use prescription retinol and this is a must have for times I accidentally over do it.
  94. Too heavy


    Received a sample from my last order. I feel this is too heavy for my combination skin.
  95. Great for dry hands and feet


    I love using this on my hands and feet, which get quite dry (even in Summer). I also use it on dermatitis flare ups.
  96. A miracle!


    Have used it for 2 yrs now.
    This balm is a miracle to my skin!-
    Quickly repair my irritated and damaged skin, anywhere on my body just for one night!
    And it calms my skin and flat breakout pretty quick.

  97. My go-to


    I use this all over my face and neck each time I use retinol. I use it as my heavy night cream and find that by doing this my skin isn't sensitised from the retinol use.
  98. Wow what a Balm!

    Nicole - Staff

    This stuff is seriously amazing! Great to relieve skin from eczema or to calm down weird flair ups from using too many AHAs in a row, this balm is the best. I recommend it to everyone I meet! Amazing all rounder for angry or sad skin, can be used all over. Always repurchasing!
  99. Great for cracked and dry skin


    This is a great balm for cracked and dry skin, and it's very affordable. I usually use in on my elbows, knees, feet, and sometimes fingers because they can get pretty dry. Haven't had any issues with irritation & would highly recommend!
  100. go to product


    I use this whenever my skin is feeling irritated, it immediately calms and soothes. I love it and I cannot believe the price, such a great product
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