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La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres Lips Repairing Lip Balm 7.5ml

4.4 of 52 reviews


4 instalments of $4.24

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4 instalments of $4.24

Or 4 instalments of $4.24 with LEARN MORE

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La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres Barrier Repairing Balm protects and moisturises severely dry lips so they are repaired, comfortable, and soft. Containing 5% of repairing panthenol and MP-Lipids, a pro-hydration duo that lock moisture in for long-lasting comfort.
  • Paraben Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

What customers say

GREAT - 82% recommend

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  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres Lips Repairing Lip Balm Reviews

4.4 of 52 reviews

82% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Nourishing lip balm


This balm transforms my cracked lips into nice and soft ones a lot faster than most lip balms. Feels very nourishing

Most Helpful Criticism

Good but not great


After reading so many positive reviews on this lip balm, I decided to give it a go. I have pretty dry lips and I suspect the retinol usage has caused it to be even on a drier side. I have tried so many lip balms and only a few works for me. This has a reasonable price tag and it does moisturise my lips, but it is not long lasting. I had to reach it so often that I almost finished it within 2 weeks. I also do not like the fact that it feels gritty on the lips.
  1. Nourishing lip balm


    This balm transforms my cracked lips into nice and soft ones a lot faster than most lip balms. Feels very nourishing
  2. So hydrating!


    I often end up with dry lips by the end of the day. Pawpaw ointment just doesn’t work and I have to constantly apply. This product is great, if I apply in the morning my lips don’t get dry throughout the day.
  3. really nourishing


    super hydrating for winter chapped lips
  4. High hopes.


    verified purchaser
    I bought this a few weeks ago with high hopes. I've tried so many lip balms. I had high expectations based on the reviews I've read. It seemed to have an unusual dry touch moisturizing feeling. Not waxy at all. It would absorb into my lips too quickly so I was re applying more frequently. I went through the tube fast.
  5. amazing for chapped lips


    I love this especially during winter for dry chapped lips
  6. Great


    I have at least 30 lip balms and lip treatments and this is one of my favourites it doesn’t have that horrible tingly minty feeling like many others do. I found it hydrating and lasted quite a while and the price is very reasonable. I will definitely continue buying this lip product.
  7. It does the job


    This is a great every balm. Although I don't use it anymore, I have converted my husband into using it. I just realised that I prefer a stick balm or a lip oil better. But I still finished a whole tube (which doesn't always happen for me). Lasts a very long time as well.
  8. Good but not great


    After reading so many positive reviews on this lip balm, I decided to give it a go. I have pretty dry lips and I suspect the retinol usage has caused it to be even on a drier side. I have tried so many lip balms and only a few works for me. This has a reasonable price tag and it does moisturise my lips, but it is not long lasting. I had to reach it so often that I almost finished it within 2 weeks...
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  9. nice balm


    nice creamy texture not too sticky ... quite soothing not best i have ever tried
  10. Affordable lipbalm


    Good quality and affordable lip balm! I am out in the elements a lot and my lips can become uncomfortably dry. This really helps in hydrating them and protecting my lips from further chapping.
  11. it was okay


    I feel like it sat on top of my lips more than soaked it but it still worked okay
  12. Love


    I really love this lip balm, it really helps to hydrate my lips. Now I don’t have flaky skin anymore.
  13. Can't live without it!


    I've had a love-hate relationship with lip balms for years, and this is the only one that gives me long lasting softening results when my lips are dry and flaky. Since discovering this one (from a recommendation) I now always have a tube on my vanity and one in my handbag. I've also recommended it to other people who now feel the same - this stuff works.
  14. First use & I'm in love


    I have super dry lips and have tried almost everything- even kiehls buttermask for lips didn't do much for me.
    I have used this once, I had incredibly dry lips at the time and it smoothed me out & softened my lips amazingly. It made a huge difference!
    Going to call it early - this is my holy grail lip product
  15. its okay


    I do like this lip balm but I didn't really like the texture, it feels like it sits on top of your lips
  16. so good


    loved this product and would recommend to anyone with delicate skin
  17. Best Barrier Balm!


    I love this product. I discovered it a few years ago and my lips have never been the same!!! This is something I live by in winter and when my lips are in desperate need of TLC!
  18. Long-lasting


    Smoot, nil scent, with some sheen without being glossy. The best part is it’s long lasting!
  19. Not so special


    This is a standard lip balm. I like the tube packaging, it's easy to dispense the product hygienically. The slanted tip is handy to apply the product, but you do have to wipe it afterwards otherwise the product will build up and get on the inside of the lid and be messy.
    I like how there's no scent and no taste.
    The balm is thin enough to apply smoothly, but thick enough to coat the li...
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    I have very very dry lips. I use lip scrubs and have tried SO many lip balm's, lip mask's etc. And still I would have to reapply A LOT over a day. This product is so different. Its smooth and glides on. Not tacky or sticky. Its silky. Doesn't have a perfume. It does not taste good. I only found out by accident. I put a bit too much on and licked my lips by accident. And that was the only time I've...
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  21. Super repairing and protective


    I bought this recently as the weather has gotten so cold and drying. My lips have been feeling the brunt of the sudden weather change and have been chapped and sore.

    This has helped to revitalise them with a heavy duty moisturiser but it's worked sooo well in protecting my lips against icy cold winds. Would definitely recommend for those who need to protect their lips against the ele...
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  22. Amaing product for sensitive skin


    I use this when I get my ipl done and it works wonders at reapairng the skin straight way visable results I would definatkye reccomend it
  23. This should be a cult product!!!!


    I’ve tried so many products in all price brackets to hydrate my lips, & this wins hands down!!! Lips are left so soft, not waxy or tacky like a lot of other lip products. It’s a staple in my house, especially during winter.
  24. Liked it but didn’t seem to make a huge difference


    I did like this but it kind of felt like it sat on top of my lips instead of soaking in
  25. OK but too costly


    This does a decent job to moisturize and protect sensitive lips. However, there are just more natural and cheaper substitutes on the market that works equally well.
  26. Great price, very soothing


    Great price, very soothing on sore chapped lips. I would highly recommend.
  27. Good but not amazing


    Got this due to recommendations and was really excited for it. It was good and did its job but not amazing and didn't seem worth the price.
  28. Everyone should own this!


    It should be a house hold staple. It’s ideal for everything! And it actually helps hydrate and soothe the most dryest and irritated skin. And the price is a bonus!
  29. Comfortable on skin


    I was recommended La Roche-Posay by an AdoreBeauty online consultant for my sensitive, red & dry 51 year old skin.

    Whenever I try a new range I like to get a selection of products to give it a sold try. This review covers the following La Roche-Posay products which I've used for 4 weeks now:

    - Rosaliac AR intense
    - Toleraine Ultra
    - Toleraine Ultra Nuit
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  30. Nice lip balm


    This is a nice lip balm. It works well and does the job: moisturises and repairs. However, I do believe that there are better products available for the cost. But I will continue to use the product.
  31. Functional and nice lip balm


    Really nice and nourishing lipbalm for dry or irritated lips. Thicker consistency however still absorbs into the lips nicely. Love the packaging too, very easy to apply
  32. Works really well. It’s ideal for sensitive skin, or people with allergies to common ingredients.


    I really appreciate the Adore Beauty staff member who took note of my sensitivities and budget, then linked me to several balms. I’d never heard of La Roche-Posay before that chat!

    The product is infinitely better than using OTC hydrocortisone ointment as a ‘lip balm’! It ameliorates the dryness and peeling, and does smooth my lips. It’s also great value for me, as a little goes a lon...
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  33. Over-hyped


    This product is way over-hyped. It provides temporary hydration but actually made my lips dryer.
  34. Very moisturising


    This is almost as good as the ASAP lip moisturiser. It doesn’t soak in as well, however it has the same results for my lips. I use it when I jump into bed every night and my lips still feel moist in the morning. It soaks in well enough that I don’t feel weird about it getting on my pillowcase.
  35. okay..


    its not too bad, it does kind of feel like it sits on top of my lips rather than soaking into them though
  36. Great Lipbalm


    This lip balm is amazing. Its been great for keeping my lips nice and smooth in the colder months. Its just a great staple in my beauty routine. I apply it at night to repair my lips and sometime during the day if I'm going for a natural lips.
  37. Decent


    Good basic lip balm. Nice texture - not too sticky, perfect consistency. My only issue is that it's quite pricey and doesn't seem to give me much hydration.
  38. Great for winter!


    This product has been super hydrating. I bought it originally for my partner who gets dry/cracked/peely lips a lot from biting them, but caught on to how effective this product was and now love it myself for winter. I also used it when I got my wisdom teeth out and the sides of my mouth split. Helped repair the area well. Recommend!
  39. Great as a barrier cream


    There's not much else like this on the market. I find its amazing as a winter barrier cream to avoid cracks and dryness from air conditioning and constant wind. It works best to repair when doubled with something more moisturising (I like the black chicken remedies balm of ages) underneath. I have very sensitive skin and lips with lots of allergies and this is something that works for me and is si...
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  40. Not a fan


    I suffer from really dry cracked lips and did not like this product at all. It did not seem to help at all which is a real shame
  41. Great product


    Very moisturising! I pop it on in the evening before bed and wake up with no cracks or dry lips. The only thing would have to be that it does have a bit of a chemically taste but its not really a huge issue!
  42. Best lip repair treatment


    If you get dry lips then this is for you!! It’s by far the best repair cream on the market and you can also use it for any other dry skin on your body. Absolutely love it!!
  43. Saved my lips


    After travelling, I was having real issues with dry lips. They were so painful, looked terrible and a lot of products that I tried made them worse. This absolutely saved my lips, reducing the dryness and fixing them right up. I will definitely buy this product again.
  44. Very moisturising


    This is a great lip balm and worth the price. I have dry lips and wear balm all day every day. This one makes a difference rather than just coating the lips. The smell /taste is pleasant too. Generous sized tube.
  45. Amazing!


    This stuff is honestly fantastic! I just wanted something to apply every day to keep my lips soft and prevent them from chapping (I work in a store with open fridges and my lips always dry out). This really did the job, my lips feel so soft and I can even apply lipstick over the top and it still looks and feels really nice. Will definitely buy again.
  46. Fantastic results!


    This lip balm only took 1-2 applications before my lips were showing improvement. It provides good protection against wind which I find is the one thing that causes my lips to dry out quickly (although no SPF) and resolves dry or peeling lips quicker than other products I have used. Definitely recommend!
  47. Great


    This lip balm is amazing! I have very sensitive skin/lips and cant use alot of lip balms. I was suffering with dry itchy lips and within a day of using this product my lips started to feel better
  48. Fabulous


    This is the only lip balm i've ever finished a tube of. It's amazing. it's worth every cent.
  49. Actually works wonders


    If you know you are going to wear lipstick then lather this on the night before. It actually got rid of dry yukky cracked lips in one go. It softened all the hard skin. I always use lip balm before bed that says it will get rid of dry cracked lips but this is the first product i have tried that actually works.
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