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KORA Organics Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask 100ml 100ml

4.6 of 97 reviews


4 instalments of $14.99


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4 instalments of $14.99


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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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4.6 of 97 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Brightening face mask


I have so many face masks so I tend to use this when I need an exfoliation as well. The mask sets hard and I use water to gently massage the mask off as there are small granules in the mask. My skin is sensitive and dry and I do not find that this mask irritates my skin. It’s left sort and fresh. Will repurchase when I run out.

Most Helpful Criticism

Get those pores cleaned


This mask has a bit of an odd scent, but it’s not so much overpowering. It has a really nice cooling sensation. Post use my skin was so clean and soft, so radiant and bright!! the exfoliants although harsher than most, really lifted the dead skin and dirt from my pores which was awesome. Downside is the price, it is on the expensive side especially for the amount of product you receive.
  1. Love Kora


    I love the Kora sleeping mask, and now this is a permanent addition to my skincare routine. I use it twice a week to brighten my skin and unblock my pores.
  2. Brightening face mask


    I have so many face masks so I tend to use this when I need an exfoliation as well. The mask sets hard and I use water to gently massage the mask off as there are small granules in the mask. My skin is sensitive and dry and I do not find that this mask irritates my skin. It’s left sort and fresh. Will repurchase when I run out.
  3. Bit overrated


    I wanted to love this mask, but same with the sleeping one I didn't notice any visible results. Perhaps more suited to someone with already great skin. I regret buying a full size bottle.
  4. Get those pores cleaned


    This mask has a bit of an odd scent, but it’s not so much overpowering. It has a really nice cooling sensation. Post use my skin was so clean and soft, so radiant and bright!! the exfoliants although harsher than most, really lifted the dead skin and dirt from my pores which was awesome. Downside is the price, it is on the expensive side especially for the amount of product you receive.
  5. Calming and Moisturising


    Super nourishing and soft on my delicate skin. Leaves my face feeling refreshed, brightened and moisturised. Love it
  6. Awesome


    I love this product!! As someone who travels regularly, nothing makes my face feel as clean as this does. It leave my skin feeling soft and smooth, really brightens my face.
  7. love it


    by far the greatest mask I have ever used - my dry, dull and flaky skin absolutely loves it. The difference in the appearance of my skin after using this is remarkable. I use the excess on the backs of my hands, and have noticed my age spots have faded away to nothing.
  8. Glowing


    Smells a bit weird but my skin really does glow incredibly after using this
  9. Really nice product


    I wanted to wait until I used this a few times before I reviewed - after using it for 3 weeks I can confidently say this is a really good product. I absolutely love the fresh, minty smell. Even though its a scrub, I don't find it harsh on my dry, sensitive skin and I can see a noticeable difference after I use it. My skin is clearer, smoother and brighter. It is a bit pricey, but it's worth it as you don't need to be heavy handed with it. I definitely recommend!
  10. A bit pricey but worth it


    Exfoliates and brightens my skin! Leaves my skin bright, glowy and soft
  11. Nice refreshing mask


    I bought this mask mainly for pigmentation issues which tumeric is supposed to be good for. I don't rub it in as I prefer chemical exfoliation over physical but I gently wash it off and leaves my face feeling fresh. I haven't noticed any significant improvement in my pigmentation but hopefully with time it will.
  12. Hands down best face mask


    I can honestly say that this is the best face mask I have ever used! I have sensitive skin and it doesn't make my face red and blotchy. It feels incredible, smells amazing, and leaves my face smooth and fresh after use. I definitely recommend this product.
  13. Great


    This mask is just great. It helps to remove all my dead skin and brighten my complexion. I use it twice a week and I can already feel my skin become softer. Definitely recommend.
  14. Not for me


    I bought this because I live the Kora face and eye oils and the luminizers. After the first use my skin was extremely oily for two days afterwards. I used it again thinking maybe my skin jut needed to 'get used to it'. Again, my face was an oil slick for a few days afterwards. I have stopped using it. I gave it to a friend though and she loves it.
  15. Love this mask!


    I love the scent and the mask leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean. I use it once a week to exfoliate and it’s great.
  16. Better skin


    I love turmeric face masks and this gives me such improved complexion and takes off the dead skin. I use it about once or twice a week and it always improves my skin after a long and busy week.
  17. Great for oily skin


    I love the whole concept of the product - a scrub and a mask in one. I don’t use physical exfoliators any more therefore I don’t rub this one while applying and try to just gently massage my skin while taking the mask off. I have a combination skin prone to breakouts and I love this product: it cleanses my skin and gives it a vitality boost. I leave it on for as long as I like and do not experience any redness in the end. There is a minor stinging at the application stage but it goes away in seconds. Love it, it’s different and effective. 4 stars is for the scrubby particles though, I’m being very careful with my skin lately as it’s starting to show the signs of ageing and I prefer acids for exfoliation nowadays.
  18. Amazing product!


    My skin is fairy sensitive and dry, I’ve found this product to be an all round amazing exfoliator and face mask, you see amazing results straight after. My skin was visibility clearer and brighter, I was so suprised! I would highly recommend it!
  19. AMAZING!


    Honestly this is an amazing face mask! I was a bit hesitant because it's exfoliating (and I have dry skin) but it works so well for me. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth and super radiant. This is the best face mask!
  20. Love it


    My go to product when my skin is looking lifeless, gives it a instant boost of radiance without the irritation!
  21. Great mask or exfoliator!


    I love that you can use this product as both a mask or exfoliator - I tend to use it as a mask more often a few times a week (my skin type is dry). I rub it in and leave for at least 15mins - it leaves the skin minty fresh, cool and feeling so soft and clean! It may leave the cheeks a bit red for a few minutes after but this doesn’t last long for me. It comes out of the bottle a dark brown colour, doesn’t smell strongly of tumeric.
  22. Fresh Skin


    Great physical exfoliant if you're in the market for one. I tend to avoid physical exfoliants now but when I used this my skin was bright and fresh. Initially worked really well at combating some dark spots and uneven skin tone. Made my skin feel really smooth and soft. I enjoyed the scent too. Very invigorating.
  23. Favourite Exfoliator


    It may be damagaging to the skin, but I like exfoliators that are quite "scrubby".
    This one is great for that and also for a 10min mask. Have no complaints and have already repurchased multiple times
  24. Amazing


    Amazing mask/exfoliated that really brightenes the skin.. love it!!
  25. As good as everyone says it is!


    This mask quickly became my favourite way to exfoliate. I love that it’s natural and organic but also because it’s the best exfoliating mask on the market. It leaves me dehydrated skin looking fresh and glowy and has also addressed pigmentation issues left over from acne marks and pregnancy. Highly recommend this mask for anyone with pigmentation or congestion concerns!
  26. Good depending on your skin


    I have oily/combination skin and I really liked this mask when I initially started using it. The one thing I liked about this mask is it gives you an instant brightness and glow to your skin.

    However, I will not continue using this weekly because I find the "physical exfoliant' very harsh (especially for the face). This is a "sometimes" mask for me.

    I find its great as a body scrub for my elbows in particular.
  27. My favourite Mask


    I'm onto my 4th bottle of the tumeric mask. Its been a game changer for me. Since i started using it, my skin is smooth, clear and glowing. It also great for those tired mornings when i need a boost. I love it!
  28. Beautiful Mask


    This mask is beautiful and feels like a treat when you put it on. The exfoliation part feels like a bonus.

    The only downside is the price point, which is a bit expensive for me.
  29. Really great 2 in 1 product


    I have very dull dry skin on a normal day but as soon as I used this mask, my face was more radiant and my skin felt so supple. And best of all it's ORGANIC. I will definitely be buying this product again.
  30. Really pleasant scrub


    I really enjoy this face scrub, it doesn't feel harsh on the skin and has a lovely and pleasant scent. Skin feels very smooth after using it and is surprisingly moisturised (unlike other scrubs which leave my skin feeling somewhat dry).
  31. Good for Occasional Use


    At first I liked this product, but now I am finding it a bit too harsh for my skin. I know it is meant to have a glowing effect, but my skin is like shiny bright red after which I'm not sure is a good thing. I leave it on for a couple of minutes, no more than five. The 5-15 mins recommended on the packaging would be far too much for me. I only use it occasionally now, and only on my T zone as it seems too harsh for all over. I wouldn't recommend it to those with really sensitive skin.
  32. Really good product for exfoliating


    As someone with dull skin tone that it prone to clogged pores, the thought of a product that can exfoliate and brighten seems like a dream match. The Kora mask is a great product, it smells amazing, my skin feels nice after and look a little brighter (but only slightly, which is why I scored it a 4). Some people noticed a reaction to it,, which I was concerned about as my skin is very sensitive, however, I was pleasantly suprised to react well to it. I will happily continue to use it 2-3 times per week.
  33. Smoothed and Glowing


    I decided to try this for the main fact its a 2 in 1 product. I'm so happy I did! It's just perfect for a much needed scrub and saves so much time also in that it can be used as a mask. The smell is very natural with strong notes of the main ingredient turmeric. It also packs a punch once on as my skin went nice and pink due to the circulation boost it created. It's wonderful to feel something work!
  34. does what is says....lovely smooth skin


    I loved using this mask... it has a nice refreshing peppermint smell.. In general, I find exfoliators either too harsh or too soft...Kora's one is just ideal. I am left with the smoothest skin afterwards. Have recommended to friends.
  35. My skin


    Love this product! Such a great mask / exfoliant. My skin feels so fresh, clean and smooth after using it!
  36. On the Fence


    I have given this face mask/exfoliator a couple of tries and I still can't decide whether I'm a fan or not.
    It does leave my skin nice and "glowy" but I also think that it's a bit too harsh for me given it's a mask and exfoliant in one.
    I probably wont continue to use as I have better luck with other masks and exfoliants. But I did like the "2-in-1" concept.
  37. Beautiful, clear and radiant skin!


    This mask works magic! It has been a dream for my oily skin and has helped to clear my congested skin. It delivers on its claims, banishing dull skin to promote a radiant, bright complexion. However, the peppermint scent is quite strong, so if you're not a fan maybe steer clear if it bothers you that much! Personally, it smells very refreshing!
  38. Holy grail mask and scrub


    This is my favourite beauty product ever. I have never had a more effective, refreshing and lovely scrub and mask. I ordered this when it first came out and still have some left in the tube. A little bit really does go along way. I use this twice a week on my combination skin and my skin is literally glowing and so fresh after. It’s worked really well to reduce my hyper pigmentation too. 100% worth every dollar.
  39. Great multitasking mask


    I use this mask maybe twice a week or whenever I feel like my face needs a little extra tlc, this mask seems to do it’s job and definitely leaves my skin feeling nice and soft afterwards with its exfoliation aspect incorporated into the mask. I have oily/combination skin and this mask definitely seems to help my skin when I experience a breakout, it is also great for dry skin as it exfoliates away the dead skin.
  40. Amazing results in just 4 uses


    I suffer from skin pigmentation and thought I’d give this a try. So far I have used it 4 times leaving it on for 15 minutes each time. I have definitely noticed a huge difference in my skin pigmentation as it appears to be fading. I highly recommend this product and it smells nice also which is a bonus
  41. Smooth, glowing skin


    I received a sample of this product and loved it so much I had to buy a full size. A little goes a long way. Love the smell and little grits that slough off all the dead skin. I use it as an exfoliater as well as a mask twice a week resulting in super smooth clean skin.
  42. Dullness begone!


    I was looking to find a product to help give me a bit of "glow". I had recently tried a Dermalogica product that had rave reviews, but all it did for me was break me out. I was a bit reluctant to try Kora as it is a little pricey, but it is so worth it. I first tried it as a quick scrub and came with with nice results. But then I tried it as a mask, left it on for 15 minutes and wow, my skin felt so good and it looked great! It also smells really great. Well worth a try - I use it once a week and it's lasted me ages.
  43. Best face mask i’ve ever used!


    This mask is amazing.
    Not only does it exfoliate dead skin away, it brightens, moisturises and leaves your skin soft, supple and new!
    I have sensitive and dry skin, so before I discovered this mask, I didn’t use a lot of exfoliators or masks due to them drying out my face and leaving it feeling stiff.
    I use this twice a week, I pop it on for 15 mins before I’m about to jump in the shower, and wash it off in circular motions in luke warm water. If you haven’t tried any of Kora’s products, give this one a go!
  44. Love this!


    This was one of the first Kora products I've tried, and I LOVE it! Its super simple and easy to use. I apply it right before I jump in the shower, it takes away my redness, leaves my skin super smooth and brightens all day long.
    I have sensitive skin and use it about 3 times a week!
  45. Nice but not worth the price tag


    I have sensitive/combination skin, and this mask does the job. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, without overstripping it. However, for $60 I have come across better scrubs (and masks). Kora organics definitely has better products than this one.
  46. Good product


    Nice mask does feel like it does the job, however does a very funny smell to it
  47. Can never go back!!!


    I started using this exfoliator twice a week after stopping hydrodermabrasion treatments to save a little. This has helped me maintain the results and my skin always feels softer and clearer than ever after using. I apply the exfoliation and scrub it in a little in gentle circular motions and leave on for 15 minutes before washing off. Initially it did tingle a little but with a few uses the tingling is reduced.
  48. Doesn’t harm sensitive skin


    I have quite sensitive skin, am prone to eczema and hormonal acne.

    This is so nice as a mask and scrub, leaves me feeling very clean and it definitely helps for any overnight breakouts.

    Maybe not worth the price, for $60 it had better be absolutely amazing and cure scarring too but it is the nicest one I’ve tried for a scrub.
  49. More damage than good


    I use numerous Kora Organics products and am generally a fan of the brand but I was sucked into buying this because of marketing. It's good for removing makeup and its bottle is pretty but those are the only two positive things I can say about it. I have been using the exfoliator for two months now and my skin has significantly worsened. I have been warned about how grainy exfoliators can scratch the skin before (and I have combination, so oily to sensitive skin) and this has scratched my skin significantly. I am really disappointed. It feels cooling which is nice but it also does very little as a mask. AS a smaller side note, it looks like poo (though, if the product worked I would be willing to overlook that also). No, I would not recommend this to anyone for any use other than makeup remover.
  50. Enjoyable


    I enjoyed using this mask as part of a self care ritual. When I have the time I exfoliate my skin, leave it on for 10 mins and grab a hot washer and rub it off. Price is a little expensive for what it does. Not sure I’d purchase again.
  51. Great exfoliating and brightening mask


    I love this mask for brightening and restoring radiance when my skin is dull and tired, the acids and seeds exfoliate to reduce texture and smoothe pores. Can leave your skin a little red due to the peppermint oil stimulating circulation, so I found best used at night time or if I wasn't going out. best to leave on for a small amount of time the first use to test for a sensitivity. This mask has a pleasant cooling sensation and is full of beautiful ingredients.
  52. love it


    Face Masking on a Sunday night as become a ritual for me and my girls. What a fantastic product this is. Our skin feels alive and what a smell from this product. We love it
  53. Does what it says


    I received a couple of sample sachets of this mask from Adore Beauty. I must say it felt amazing on my skin, a real cool calming sensation and I just love the fresh scent. It's a real gentle but effective exfoliator. After washing the mask my skin felt brighter. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 due to the price tag. Yes it's a great mask but not sure it's worth the price as you can find similar less costly products that do the same thing.
  54. Amazing


    I got a sample of this with another order and I got a couple of uses out of it. Even after the first use I could really see a glow in my complexion. It smells and feels great - it's a little tingly and I think some people might not be into that, but it's no irritating (not on my sensitive skin anyway). Will definitely buy the full size one!
  55. Great overall!


    I have very dry skin which when it gets super dry develops bad breakouts and flakiness.
    I was worried this product would be too harsh and worsen my dryness but it works great.
    The beads are a tiny bit rough, but overall great exfoliant and leaves skin feeling smooth.
    I recommend using every second or third day as daily use may be too harsh.
    Feel a slight tingly sensation when left on, and leaves grains in the sink!
    But otherwise great product :)
  56. Amazing!


    I was a bit sceptical about this mask but tried it after hearing so many rave reviews. I wasn't disappointed! the first thing you notice is that it smells really nice - kind of like mint. It worked great for my skin which is normally very dehydrated and dull. Made me look and feel super fresh and lovely! Would definitely recommend and I think it would work for most skin types
  57. Amazing


    Noticed a major difference in my skin with a couple days. love this!
  58. This is one of the best mask


    i really fell the diference when i use this mask and the fact that it is organic is amazing
  59. Sample


    I received this product as a sample of one of my orders so I've only used it once but it made my skin nice and clear and felt good in my skin
  60. lovely scrub


    a very intense scrub, loved it and the smell was very unique, I wouldn't buy this for my skin though as I felt it was a little too harsh
  61. Wow!


    Was a little hesitant to try this product when I tested it on my hand as I thought it would be a little to harsh on my sensitive skin but this mask is amazing. I only use it once a week and rub it in very gently as I feel any more would be too much for my skin type, but you can definitely see a difference even after the first use. The I don’t mind the scent and it does tingle at first upon application but fades after a few minutes. Such a great mask!
  62. Totally worth it!


    I use this product as my weekend exfoliator. I put it on in the bath and lay back and let it do it’s magic. Then I wash it off in the shower in gentle circular motions. My skin is so smooth afterwards. It feels so good to give my face a nice treat!
  63. A little dissapointed


    I bought this after reading all the amazing reviews and of course, after watching Miranda Kerr's video. The smell is horrible and after leaving it on for 10 minutes, my skin was really red especially on my eyebrows and my hairline. I think I will just use this as an exfoliant and not leave it on for that long. Slightly disappointing and will not be repurchasing.
  64. Beautiful product


    This is an absolutely gorgeous product! Always leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth, and definitely exceeded my expectations for a natural exfoliator. In terms of downsides it is a bit on the pricey side, and it also literally looks like baby poo, but overall I would highly recommend!
  65. Great exfoliator mask


    This is a great mask / exfoliator combo.I have sensitive combination skin and it didn't irritate it. I felt it made it clearer and brighter.
  66. Love


    My skin always feel so silky smooth after using this. Love it!
  67. Great product, does exactly what it says!


    I was skeptical of this product after using previous natural exfoliators which didn't seem to achieve much, the first time I used this mask I was blown away with how good my skin felt! I held off on writing a review as I wanted to make sure it continued to impress and It did!

    I have combination/sensitive skin, easily congested and dull with frequent breakouts. I have used this mask 4 times now and every time I have found it to make my skin feel smooth and even, less congested and feeling fresh and exfoliated. I will buy this again.
  68. BEST Exfoliating mask at home...


    I'm very happy with this product. So glad to find a mask that not only brightens but also gives a deep exfoliation. I kept the mask on for 10 mins, though I have sensitive skin. There's a cooling sensation and herbal spa-type natural scent to the product. I remove the product with warm water and I am with a luminous glow. I feel like the mask really helped to detoxify and refresh my skin
  69. Wonderful mask!


    I LOVE this face mask! Works wonders for my skin and makes me feels amazing. I have very dry skin and I find that some masks dry me out further, however this didn't! It cleaned my skin and made it look radiant and hydrated.

    I would definitely recommend and will repurchase as soon as I run out! It would also be a great gift for a friend and I think it would be nice if they brought out a mini version or a gift set
  70. must-have


    This mask workes wonders with my skin. I have sensitive/dry skin and this mask made it really glowing and super soft! My new favorite!
  71. Wonderful face mask


    This is truly a lovely face mask! Makes my skin look and feel amazing and I love the packing. Would definitely recommend and I’m looking forward to trying more products from Kora
  72. Loved it!


    This product is amazing, it left my skin feeling smooth and glowing. Would definately reccomend
  73. Wow! I thought mine was good.


    I tried this product and it left all the others I’ve tried behind! It really makes your skin so smooth. I have bought this for all the girls in my family, it is such a good product. I love that it is vegan and contains no nasties yet is an excellent product.
  74. leaves skin with a nice soft glow


    this product leaves skin so soft and refreshed - I have dry sensitive skin and it looks and feels amazing after
  75. Instant results


    Love the incredible brightening result which you will notice even if you put make up on afterwards. Skin is very glowy and translucent, perfected and extremely smooth. The peppermint aroma is amazing and love that it's tumeric based which is amazing for skin. I will not go back to Sand and Sky now. This and Sodashi are the only masks I'll use. Thrilled with the results!!!
  76. best mask ever!


    I have combination to oily skin which and get quiet dull which is why i thought id give this mask a try.
    I got this mask as a sample in one of my Adore Beauty ordered and used it and fell in love so I had to order the full tube! it does exactly what says. its the only mask i have ever used and washed it off and seen a difference. it brightens your complexion so well. I would defiantly recommend this mask.
  77. Love this!!!


    Received a sample of this with another purchase, so thought I’d give it a go. It has quite a gritty texture and looks really rather bizarre when it’s applied!! Once applied it dries quickly and then tightens on the skin. It is then easy to remove with water after 10 minutes or so and leaves you with super glowy and soft skin! A highly effective and natural exfoliant that I will definitely incorporate into my regime!


    I received a sample of this mask and was a bit put off by the colour, but don't let appearances fool you, this mask is so refreshing and amazing! My skin felt incredibly soft and cared for after this mask.
    I'll definitely be purchasing a tube - I can't stop thinking about it!
  79. Like a baby's butt


    Absolutely loved using this product. Will definitely include in my regime from this point on. The tingling at first has me a little worried but it transforms into a cooling sensation, even after washing it off making the skin feel very clean. The feel of my skin was incredibly smooth - I couldn't stop touching. I am hoping the turmeric properties will help lighten up my post acne scars. Will update this review shortly.
  80. nice


    i love the packaging and this is a great mask! really leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh
  81. Feel the difference after first use


    I received this as a sample and this will definitely be in my next purchase. I was able to get two uses from the sample so I know the product will last me awhile. I have combination skin. Dry in winter and oily in summer. From the reviews I know this is suitable for all skin types. After my first use I immediately saw a difference in my skin - even skin tone and felt like a baby’s butt ! Have already recommended this product to my friends ! I’m also wanting to try the noni glow face oil and body oil !
  82. WOW WOW WOW!!


    I recently purchased some products and got this as a sample product. I was pretty happy it came as a sample as I have seen the ads for this product and wanted to try it for myself. Wow just after one use my skin felt amazing, though i did get some odd looks from my boyfriend and family whilst I left it on my face for a bit, it can look like what some might say as "baby poo"though looks aside is an amazing product. I was hesitant to spend $60 on a bottle but since receiving it i make an effort to use it once a week!! If your thinking about it do it, your skin will feel and look amazing after!!!
  83. Gentle and Effective


    Another winner from Kora!
    Im a huge fan of the Kora Aha exfoliater already but had to buy this when I heard it was out.
    The Kora turmeric mask comes in a beautiful 100ml rose gold tube with screw off lid.
    The product is a questionable brown shade once applied and I always hope no one knocks on my door while I'm using this!
  84. Love this!


    Received a sample of this with my last purchase, this really brightens my skin! I love the smell of is aswell it smells very herbal and natural, very relaxing and makes my skin feel soft as a baby’s butt (:
  85. Intense scrub!


    This feels so rough on my skin but when I wash it off my skin feels baby soft and looks really bright! I haven't decided if I'll purchase a full size yet but I do love this!
  86. Amazing


    This mask is amazing, I got a couple of sample packets with other purchases and will now be purchasing this!!!! I have fairly clear skin, with the occasional breakouts around my chin/ hair lines. This product worked amazing with making my problem areas reduce and making my skin feel amazingly soft like a baby’s.

    I will definitely be recommending this to anyone who is looking for a game changer.
  87. Took me by surprise!

    Alexandra (Ador eBeauty Staff)

    I'm not going to lie, originally I wasn't expecting a lot from this mask - usually I'm not a huge fan of more natural skincare. However this mask totally took me by surprise, and I actually really love it.

    It did tingle upon application which stuck around for a minute or so, then transitioned into more of a cooling feeling on the skin. If you have really sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend this mask for you, because the tingling or cooling might be too much, and the scrub portion of it is quite scrubby!

    I really enjoyed washing this off and gently exfoliating at the end, it was a really nice way to wrap up the mask and left my skin feeling super soft and smooth.

    Overall I'd definitely recommend this mask if you're looking for something to help brighten and clarify the skin.
  88. Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover


    I've been applying this mask in the shower when I know I'll be in there for longer than 5 mins - washing my hair and shaving my legs, y'know all that super fun stuff. It is definitely a funny looking colour thanks to the turmeric, and my fiance did walk into the bathroom and have a chuckle and ask what was on my face. In spite of this, it smells amazing - super minty and fresh. I get a tingly sensation upon application which fades after a couple of minutes. When I wash it off I've been making light circular motions through my t-zone which has noticeably reduced the pores on my nose. My skin feels brighter and baby soft afterwards.
  89. Hello new friend...fresh skin feels great!

    Gin (Adore Staff Member)

    Well Kora has done it again with this gorgeous face mask! It looks and feels like a mud mask with a brown colour and fine granules. I love that feeling of my skin tightening - it means something good is happening. Rinsing after 15 minutes my skin felt smooth and squeaky clean. I am using this 2-3 per week in conjunction with Kora Exfoliating Cream every 2nd day. My skin has never looked better!!
    Thanks Miranda x
  90. Fresh and glowy

    Olivia (adore beauty staff)

    Absolutely love the rose gold packaging! The product is easy to squeeze out and you dont need alot. I applied this to my combination hormonal acne skin and i was so surprised after one use how my skin looked and felt. When you initially apply this it has a slight tingle, almost a cooling effect on the skin which subsided after 3 minutes. This mask is great if you are wanting a beautiful glow and the most softest skin!
  91. Seriously impressed!

    Yasamin (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I laughed when I squeezed this onto my palm as the colour and consistency is questionable, but I was pleasantly surprised. I massaged the product into damp skin, left it to dry for 15 mins, added a little more water for a final exfoliating massage before rinsing it off. It gave my skin a much needed physical scrub and I really enjoyed the tingling sensation.

    The OMG moment happened after I rinsed it off. My skin was soooo smooth.... like as smooth as it's ever been. I couldn't stop touching my face all night! I usually have pesky dry and flaky patches from healing blemishes but this got rid of all of that. My only recommendation would be to take care with any active breakouts - the scrubby particles may irritate them a little.
  92. Looks are deceiving!

    Danii (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'll be honest, the colour and texture of this mask is confronting (blame the turmeric!). But looks aside, this mask is a great performer in improving skin feel and appearance. There was a noticeable fresh feeling, my skin felt cleaner and brighter, not to mention the slight tingling sensation synonymous with the minty scent of the mask. This is a mild detoxifying treatment I would use again, probably 1-2 per week for best results.
  93. My pores have never been cleaner

    Rebecca (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love a good exfoliator and didn't have a preference for natural or chemical until I tried this one. Firstly, it has a really invigorating botanical scent and felt so fresh on my skin when I first applied it. I left it on for about 5 minutes and rubbed in the natural exfoliants while rinsing and afterwards my pores have never felt cleaner! My skin looked super bright and fresh and the almost permanent blackheads on my nose were gone. I am definitely keeping this mask in regular rotation.
  94. Left my skin looking bright and radiant

    Taylah (Adore Beauty staff)

    This mask left my skin feeling so soft and smooth! The fine granules are gentle and non-abrasive, the mask was easy to remove and left my complexion looking radiant and bright. I did find a little bit of redness occurred, but as suggested in the directions it did subside after about 10 minutes or so. I can definitely see myself using this as a weekly treatment as I've noticed a clearer complexion and an improvement in brightness.
  95. Don't let the color fool you!

    Mette Adore Beauty Staff

    It is not the nicest colored product but definitely worth to purchase. I loved the texture on my skin, not too harsh but very effective. My skin looked so radiant after and don't forget to add some Noni Oil after the mask.Love it!
  96. Review & Earn

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