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KORA Organics Noni Glow Face Oil 10ml 10ml

4.5 of 116 reviews


4 instalments of $8.00

Or 4 instalments of $8.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $8.00

Or 4 instalments of $8.00 with LEARN MORE

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Nourish skin with this rich, natural facial oil by Kora Organics. The Noni Glow Facial Oil is designed to be used on the face and neck, to smoothe, nourish and brighten skin. Infused with Certified Organic Noni Extract, Rosehip Oil, Pomegranate Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil this natural elixir is a rich source of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that will leave your skin looking and feeling healthy and radiant.

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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KORA Organics Noni Glow Face Oil 10ml

KORA Organics Noni Glow Face Oil 10ml

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KORA Organics Noni Glow Face Oil 10ml Reviews

4.5 of 116 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Perfect with Gua Sha


Really lovely facial oil to use with my gua sha. It absorbs well into my oily skin without leaving it shiny. Would only use on occasion however (once a week) due to my skin type, but might suit more frequently for those with drier skin types.

Most Helpful Criticism

Lovely face oil


While not show stopping, this is a lovely face oil. Gives you a bit of glow, makes your skin feel very hydrated. Very expensive for how small the bottle is, there are lots of other face oils that do the same for half the cost.
  1. Perfect with Gua Sha


    Really lovely facial oil to use with my gua sha. It absorbs well into my oily skin without leaving it shiny. Would only use on occasion however (once a week) due to my skin type, but might suit more frequently for those with drier skin types.
  2. Gentle and soothing


    I love kora products, and this was no different. It was gentle and didn’t make me oily, plus it smells delicious. The only issue is it went too quickly as the bottle is quite small. I’ve tried similar products that are probably better value for money
  3. Pretty good


    This made my skin feel pretty hydrated but I didn't see much improvements with my other concerns (i.e. fine lines, redness, acne). The scent is gentle and I appreciate the glass bottle. However, I probably wouldn't re-purchase.
  4. Amazing face oil


    This is my go to everyday face oil. I have extremely dry skin, and this leaves my skin feeling very hydrated and soft without producing too much excess oil and breaking me out. Bonus is that it is organic and natural. Small product lasts a very long time as I feel it only takes 1-2 drops per use.
  5. It works


    I bought this for my mum in her 60s. She has used it for 3 weeks now and definitely has seen improvements. She is really loving it and already has asked me to buy more for her.
  6. After a few days I noticed a definite improvement


    After using this consistently every night for 2 weeks I noticed a definite improvement in the texture and hydration of my skin. It appeared more even toned and soft, and was effective at minimising the crows feet. I also noticed that my makeup was going on more smoothly and absorbing into my skin more evenly. I've always been a fan of using oils and this one does a good job.
  7. Gives a really nice glow


    I found this product to be really nice and feels very luxurious on the skin. It is a little bit expensive for the size but I think it is worth the money if you see the results.
  8. Glowing


    I have been using this product for 2 weeks and i have noticed my skin glowing without makeup on. I also noticed more even skin tone and less acne. The product also absorbs really well on my skin that can get oily.
  9. gives me an amazing dewy look


    this makes me look so amazing and dewy, I mix a bit in with my moisturizer and my skin feels amazing
  10. love it

    mature age

    Amazing product. Not greasy or oily. Absorbs well into the skin making it feel soft. Can't wait to purchase the large bottle.
  11. A nice product


    I hesitated whether to buy it because of the size and the price.But this product has amazed me.It smells so nice and gives me a healthy glow.I love looking at my skin when I put it on.It doesn’t feel heavy or oily but feels really good.
  12. Nice


    While I like how it makes my skin feel the next day I won't be repurchasing because I don't like when products don't come sealed.

    For quality control all products should come sealed, with this you can literally open the box and bottle and put it back looking just as new and untouched.
  13. Not the best face oil I've used


    It is a nice product and feels like its working, however i found it doesn't sink into the skin deeply enough for me and I've used other oils that sink into the skin better. It still is a nice product though and i enjoyed using it.
  14. Superfoods for your skin!


    This truly feels like super food for your skin. At first I was skeptical it would cause more breakouts to my already breakout prone skin however It has not caused any congestion at all!

    My skin feels more hydrated and glowy.
  15. unsure if it works


    I add two drops to my moisturizer twice daily however it doesn't seem to help reduce dryness. my nose, forehead and area around mouth still peel off. maybe the way I use it was improper?
  16. BEST FACE OIL :)


    This is a miracle in a bottle, I tried this smaller size many months ago. I applied three drops to the palm of my hand and gently worked it into my skin before bed each night. In the morning my sensitive/very dry skin had completely transformed. No more tightness in my skin this has worked wonders and I have since purchased the larger bottle
  17. No nasty glow up


    No nasties glow up! Love this naturally charged nourishing oil, pure heaven. This oil give you a beautiful glow, I can't stop using a few drops morning and night. I am obsess.
  18. lives up to its name


    this truly gives you such a beautiful glow, nice and healthy-looking skin.
  19. Good


    This is a nice oil that gives my skin a little glow but might not buy again because of the price
  20. Beautiful light oil that gives a glow


    I got this to try before committing to the larger size which is quite pricey. Lovely smelling oil which absorbs quickly, wake up with glowy skin the next day. I find it’s been really good for dryness however hasn’t done much to fade pigmentation which is my key skin concern.
  21. Beautiful glow


    Love the glow it gives, which is the best part of this oil. Brightens up the face and does it's job pretty well
  22. love it!


    this stuff is absolutely insane! makes my skin glow like crazy and look so fresh
  23. fave


    This stuff is my absolute favourite. I have this in the larger size but I love to take this smaller one in my handbag and use when necessary throughout the day. it's so hydrating and softening!
  24. hydrating!


    it is a great oil and gives this lovely glow instantly.! however with constant use I did realise that I started to get mini breakouts, which had to be the only con for me
  25. Favorite face oil


    This is the best face oil ive ever used. I saw the difference after the first use!
    Will defiantly be buying the largest size next time!
  26. Does nothing, may even cause breakouts


    This is the worst facial oil I have used. I have tried most facial oils on the market and this one appeared the least beneficial for my skin and broke me out. Similar price point but superior oils can be found made by Trilogy, Antipodes, Kosmea etc. The Kora one really seems like marketing and hype to me, not a fan and discontinued use.
  27. love it


    My skin love it ! it's so easy to use, my face felt so hydrating and smooth after use, highly recommended !
  28. Good


    This oil moisturises my dry skin really well. I use it at night and wake up with glowy skin in the morning
  29. glowy


    leaves skin looking super glowy, love using this in summer as it leaves skin looking super radiant
  30. Great!


    This face oil is amazing, gives my skin such a nice glow and doesnt break me out or make my skin feel too oily.
  31. Much needed hydration


    After using this product for a few days before bed, I can see a noticeable improvement in my overall skin tone and especially in the fine lines in my forehead. I have dry/oily skin and dislike putting any type of oil on my face, however this isn't too greasy and I know that it is providing my skin with much needed hydration. It really gives your skin that "glow"!
  32. Best oil Ever


    This oil give you a beautiful glow, I can't stop using a few drops morning and night. I am obsess.
  33. Can't live without it!


    If you have severe dry skin like me , you're going to love this product! A few drops will disguise those fine lines and make your skin softer, glowing like a goddess!
  34. Great


    This is very oily and great for the night time. Leaves my skin nourished and glowy.
  35. Nice but slightly greasy


    I have very dry skin
    I used this as a serum under my moisturer, it feels nice and soft but does tend to leave a slightly greasy residue
    It may be better for nighttime use
  36. Tiny bottle


    Small amount, but I do love the glow I get from this product. May be too much for oily skin
  37. Fab oil, very soothing


    This is a great product. Absorbs well and reasonably quickly for an oil. Pleasant scent. I’ve noticed soft and hydrated skin after starting to use it, and a decrease in any flakiness. I’m pleased!

    My only criticism would be the size of the bottle for the price - I will use the entire thing in under two weeks, which makes it pretty expensive, but I imagine the larger bottle with give m...
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  38. Love!


    This is a dream product! I have only used rosehip oil before but found that too greasy. This oil sinks in beautifully and leaves a literal glow. I am very impressed with this and will definitely repurchase. My skins looks glowy and Ive used it in the mornibg under moisturiser and at night instead of my night cream.
  39. Amazing oil


    Absolutely love this oil! I have combination skin and it absolutely keeps my oil/dryness at bay and curbs my acne prone skin. Super hydrating and leaves my skin glowing and so soft
  40. Nourishing and great for dry skin


    I am in mid 30s with dry skin, prone to redness on cheeks and chin area. I use this product in conjunction with other Kora products, morning and night. The oil is non greasy, light and glides on easily with a lovely subtle scent. I use it after applying my moisturiser or alternatively I mix a few drops in my moisturiser! Skin feels soft and hydrated after each use, would highly recommend!
  41. Lovely face oil


    While not show stopping, this is a lovely face oil. Gives you a bit of glow, makes your skin feel very hydrated. Very expensive for how small the bottle is, there are lots of other face oils that do the same for half the cost.
  42. Doesn’t blend well with eczema


    Blends beautifully with my skin except for parts with eczema. Still, My skin glows after using this stuff :)
  43. Unsure what I think of it..


    Quite a strong scent that I don’t love. I find that fragrance irritates me and this one gave me a bit of a headache. I do like the oil however and thought my skin reacted nicely to it! Unsure if it’s something I will continue to use...
  44. Will last you forever and a day!


    This is a beautiful rich facial oil! You only require a teeny tiny amount so it’s exception value for money! Gives my complexion a lovely glow too! Very helpful with the harsh winters conditions making my skin so dull and dry!
  45. Hydrating but sticky


    It’s really great oil and super hydrating. Only negative is that the consistency is a bit sticky and takes time to dry. I usually use moisturiser after my face oils but no need after this!
  46. Very good


    It is great as an after shower hydrator, goes on nicely and leaves the skin hydrated.
    Not sure if it actually makes your skin any better etc although after using it for one year I continue to buy and use it every day!! Only downside is it is very expensive!
  47. The best. Love it.


    I was worried to try this because my skin is very reactive and breaks out very easily. I love this product. It left my skin soft and hydrated and feeling beautiful. And it didnt cause me to break out. No other facial oil compares. It didn't leave a residue and my skin did not feel oily afterwards. It glowed! I will definately buy this again. Absolutely love it.
  48. So nice


    This is a really nice facial oil, has such a natural beautiful fragrance, and feels really luxurious on the skin. really nice to put on after an acid. will be getting the bigger size as i went through this pretty quick.
  49. It does exactly what it say


    You are guaranteed to wake up with a plump and glowing skin in the morning. This little bottle will last you about 3 months, depending how you use it. I use 3 drops every night. This is my third bottle, but this won’t be lasting 3 months this time since I accidentally dropped it and spilled half of it on the carpet :(
  50. Too strong for my skin


    This made me break out but I didn’t realise until I ran out and stopped using it and my face cleared up. I have very sensitive skin but this oil feels so amazing going on and your skin feels beautifully soft, sadly it was too strong for me. Don’t be fooled by the ingredients, these are serious products.
  51. Beautiful face oil


    Beautiful face oil and I love that it's organic! It works really well for me. It is a very small bottle but you only need a small amount at a time so it does last for quite a while. Would definitely recommend!
  52. really nice


    I received a sample of this from an adore beauty purchase and I really like it. Its lightweight but nourishing and feels so comfy on the skin. I have sensitive skin and it hasn't broken me out
  53. Very affordable


    I have oily breakout prone skin so I’m very weary of what products I use especially face oils! I tried this one last week and I must say i have had no breakouts and my face is glowing
  54. just average


    This was very hyped product and I must say I bought into it but was disappointed. I've tried a number of natural/organic face oils and this one comparatively is just average. It's not a bad product, it's just not the best I've tried at this price point
  55. So perfect for sensitivities


    I love this facial oil so much and the size is perfect for travelling. I have very sensitive dry skin and this has been so gentle and effective.
  56. Skin is so soft


    I don’t use this every night but when I do my skin is glowing the next morning! Face looks and feels so soft I love this product doesn’t break me out either!
  57. Amazing


    I’m not one for skin care as my skin is super dry and sensitive. But this face oil is so hydrating and nourishing it’s unbelievable. In little than 2 weeks I feel the difference so smooth . I will be buying this again!!!
  58. Love this - buy it now!


    I haven't looked back from giving this facial oil a try. I have combination skin that gets dry with the changing of the seasons. My skin was glowing after the first night with this facial oil, and it has settled into my daily routine easily. I have had no breakouts or reactions to the product - love it!
  59. Adore


    I absolutely adore this facial oil! Smells so beautiful and really luxurious.. really plumps and hydrates my skin!!
  60. My skin loves this!


    Absolutely love this oil. Smells amazing just like any product from Kora. Skin is glowing and brighter after every use. Will continue to purchase!
  61. So beautiful


    This oil is just so beautiful! Really moisturising and feels and smells so expensive and luxurious. My skin is really dewy and luminous after using this. I like applying it pre make up too for a glowing hydrated finish
  62. Kora fan


    I love all of the Kora products. They all have a beautiful, natural scent and the noni glow oil works really well as skin revamper, if you’re feeling a bit dry or dull. A little bit goes a really long way <3
  63. A Very Luxurious Facial Oil!


    This is a beautiful facial oil which is full of high quality organic ingredients which my face soaks up! It absorbs well into my skin, you only need to apply a few drops. It is very nourishing and does a great job of hydrating my skin and making it look plump and super soft. I also love the scent!
  64. So hydrating!


    I really love this product, it is so beautiful to use. I love the way my skin just eats it up and then radiates this lovely glow afterwards. I have been using it for over a week now and I have noticed the difference with my skin, it doesn't feel dry or look dull anymore. The smell is subtle but fresh it has become a real joy to use before bed. My only negative is the eyedropper, it is easy for som...
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  65. My skin is glowing!!!


    I was a bit skeptical of using the oil which is why i bought it in the 10ml size but i was shocked to see it worked overnight and made my skin noticeably clearer and brighter so i'm extremely happy with this purchase and i'm planning on buying the bigger bottle now.
  66. A little goes a long way


    It also smells amazing. This oil gives a nice fresh glow after cleansing, and seriously, you don’t have to apply much of it. 2 small drops works for me.
  67. Expected more


    Given the hype I was expecting great things but find it a little bit too heavy for my normal skin. Was certainly glowy (or oily!) but also not a fan of the fragrance
  68. Nice but too Fragranced


    I tried this oil as I had been (attempting) to use Go-To's Face Hero, but it's just too fragranced for me to use daily as I get migraines from fragrances. I hoped this would be less fragranced, and it is but only compared to Face Hero (which has quite a strong fragrance). It still has a fairly strong fragrance, so I won't be buying it again despite that fact it is a nice face oil otherwise. If you...
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  69. Glowing, hydrated skin!


    I received a sample of this within the Turmeric Mask I purchased and was extremely keen to give it a go! The oil is super hydrating and nourishing and my skin drank it up straightaway. It absorbs nicely and sits well under makeup and night creams. I took away a star as the smell isn’t the most pleasant of all the face oils I’ve used.. for me the smell of sunflower oil ruins the scent, but the actu...
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  70. Great facial oil, nourishing and great for sensitive skin


    Tried this oil as never used Noni before. LOVE the scent. Very nourishing to the skin and is gentle on the skin - I do have slightly sensitive skin and had no issues.

    For me, I did see a good difference in skin hydration when using this particularly under the eyes, however not the best to wear on very hot summer days. I feel like this will be a staple/godsend in winter when my skin ge...
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  71. Glowing!


    I got this as a sample in my last order. I am new to Kora Skincare and purchased the Tumeric exfoliator/mask. I can't get over the wonderful glow this oil gave me during the few days I had it. My skin seems so clear and feels so sublime. I'm definitely purchasing this.
  72. Best face oil I’ve ever tried


    I am OBSESSED with this product.. It honestly has changed my complexion so much. I use it at night before I go to sleep and in the morning (with and without make up) before I head out for the day. I never used to go out in public without makeup/foundation on, but this face oil just makes my skin look so perfect and glow that I now have the confidence to go out make up free. I alternate between thi...
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  73. Great oil


    this is a beautiful oil and I use it daily, however i'm not sure if its worth the price. It smells beautiful and absorbs nicely. But I used a jojoba oil the other day that I bought in bulk at a health food shop, and found it has the same effect. So I would rate this product highly, but I just think the price is a bit excessive.
  74. Surprisingly, a dream for pimple prone skin!


    I was extremely hesitant to use any sort of oil on my acne prone and scarred skin, however this has lightened my acne scars in just the first two weeks of using it! It doesn't cause me to break out, and if anything smooths and blurs my skin. The 10ml size is the perfect amount to try for 2 weeks to a month (depending on the amount you choose to use). It is very hydrating and the dropper makes it e...
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  75. Great texture and smell


    I received a big gift basket of kora products for Christmas, I am new to the range and had high hopes. I am a big fan of facial oils and my skin soaked this up, it is one of the better textures i’ve tried and it does give me a glow. However, i’m going to stop using it on my face and switch to chest/collarbones instead because while it smells great, I think one of the essentials in it aggravates my...
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  76. Worked wonders


    I have only been using this product for little over a week and have noticed vast improvements on my skin. As someone who struggles with several dry patches on my face, this has helped contribute to my overall skill complexion and I honestly feel like it does make me glow. I’d like to point out however, in the past month I have changed up my skin care (changing from Cetaphil to Juniper), started dr...
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  77. Impressive


    I received the sample of this and I’m so happy I got to try this. It feels gorgeous on my skin. After warming it I apply it on my face and then apply my make up. I have received so many compliments about how my face “glows”, I can only put it down to the oil as that’s the only recent change I have made to my routine. I will defiantly purchase the full size in the future.
  78. Amazing product for makeup free days!


    I love using this oil on days when I don’t feel like wearing makeup. It makes my natural skin look glowy, dewy and super healthy! 100% recommend this product!
  79. Literally glows


    I've been continuously buying because I get so many compliments that my face literally glows. I highly recommend buying this. My face feels hydrated and my face keeps looking youthful.
  80. Purge alert


    Unfortunately made my sensitive skin purge however did make my face look plump and full of moisture!
  81. Beautiful feel


    Does feel beautiful and makes me glowy, but i find it breaks me out . Maybe not great for problem skin.I don't have the same problem with the Kora rose hip oil which i find calms my breakouts so i'll be sticking to that one.
  82. hydration of skin


    Having hit 50 this year I notice my face becoming dry. I'm a big fan of organic products and it was time to look after myself. I've notice within a week the Noni Glow Face oil has left my skin feeling hydrated, soft and glowing. Thank you Kora
  83. AMAZING!


    I love this oil! I have oily skin, but it is also dehydrated, I need to make sure that I use mattifying products in the day and hydrating products at night. This oil is amazing. I wake up in the morning and my skin glows, feels very hydrated and smells great. I would definately recommend this product and have re-purchased and will continue to. It is quite expensive, but it is definately worth it!
  84. Best face oil!


    This is the best face oil I have used to date. Gives a beautiful hydrating glow without being greasy. I have no idea how but it has made my skin glow 24/7 and has evened out my skin.
  85. So good


    This makes my skin GLOW! It's not too thick or heavy and absorbs quickly, leaving me with soft, hydrated and luminous skin. Bonus that it's cruelty-free and ultra-kind to skin. Love! Will keep repurchasing.
  86. Amazing product


    Great product highly recommended. Makes my skin feel amazing.
  87. Moisturising


    Really moisturising and glowy oil
  88. Really good oil


    one of the best oil that I have tried
  89. Smells great!


    This product feels like a treat. It smells great and since it's an oil, it only requires like 1-2 drops. Only thing is i'm not sure it really does a lot for my skin, but at least it feels nice.
  90. Lovely face oil


    The formula is so lovely - it makes my skin look and feel AMAZING. I have really dry skin and this hydrates and adds plumpness and radiance to my under eye area. I love the packaging too. My only real con is that I really don't like the smell for some reason, so if your'e quite sensitive to smells then I wouldn't recommend (it's not scented or anything it's just the natural smell of the oils).
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  91. Brilliant face oil


    I love this face oil. It makes my skin super hydrated and radiant.

    Would definitely recommend for dry skin.
  92. Love!


    I have sensitive and at times, dry skin. I purchased this product to use as a moisturiser. I have been using it for the last 4 days in the morning, and before I go to bed. A little goes a long way and my skin is looking amazing. Very glowy and plump. i even found that it has healed a stubborn pimple that has been annoying me for a week or so. I will purchase this in the full size bottle once I fin...
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  93. feels nice on the skin


    I received a sample of this from an adore beauty purchase and I really like it. Its lightweight but nourishing and feels so comfy on the skin. I have sensitive skin and it hasn't broken me out.
  94. Love it


    This oil feels so nice on the skin. I brought the 10ml for a trail and i feel like its calmed down my redness and is making my skin more radiant. Ive just ordered a new bottle
  95. Didn't work for my sensitive skin


    I have combination/sensitive skin and this face oil is okay, but it didn't really do much for me.
  96. So good!


    I bought the small bottle just to test it out to see if I liked it, and now I’ve bought the bigger bottle! It feels amazing! I use this at night time after a toner. I don’t use a moisturiser now as I find this product really soaks into the skin well and does better magic than any moisturiser. It definitely gives you a nice glow after long term use.
  97. Beautiful, non-greasy oil


    Having very dry skin from being in the swimming pool a lot, I was looking for something to use in the evenings that didn’t make my skin feel greasy and oily when I woke up the next day. This product has exceeded my expectations. I apply 2-3 drops each night and it absorbs quickly. It has a very faint smell which is not unpleasant. I sometimes apply moisturiser over the top as well. I find that it ...
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  98. Lovely smell


    It’s an average face oil.
    Definitely moisturising and works well, the smell is lovely.
  99. WOW


    I purchased this not long ago and after using it for 2 nights it cleared my forehead!!!! I had many little bumps/pimples and dry patches and this works wonders oh my gosh!! It also leaves you with an amazing glow in the morning and makes your makeup look beautiful! Absolutely amazing
  100. Heavenly


    My staple!! The smell is just divine and it absorbs into my skin immediately. I'm oily on the t-zone but was pleasantly surprised by how even it made my whole face. My husband's actually using it too now and will be buying the bigger bottle :).
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