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Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk 250ml 250ml

4.3 of 78 reviews


4 instalments of $5.00

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4 instalments of $5.00

Or 4 instalments of $5.00 with LEARN MORE

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Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk is the cult favorite that’s won more awards than any other dry shampoo on the market. This effective formula will instantly refresh dirty hair, remove oil and odors, and add effortless texture and volume-- no water necessary.
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Oily hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk 250ml Reviews

4.3 of 78 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The Best Dry Shampoo


I have a very sensitive scalp that often reacts to top brand dry shampoo's so when I purchased this i was unsure how it would go BUT IT'S THE BEST. I get another 3 days of wear using this with no irritation at all. Very Affordable, I've paid alot more for worse dry shampoo products. smell is lovely, not too much. Decent sized can, good value for money.

Most Helpful Criticism

Quick and easy


Works great, nice subtle hint of smell
  1. The Best Dry Shampoo


    I have a very sensitive scalp that often reacts to top brand dry shampoo's so when I purchased this i was unsure how it would go BUT IT'S THE BEST. I get another 3 days of wear using this with no irritation at all. Very Affordable, I've paid alot more for worse dry shampoo products. smell is lovely, not too much. Decent sized can, good value for money.
  2. So great and non-irritating


    The best and gentle-est dry shampoo, smells lovely and doesn't make my scalp itch! Love it!
  3. Quality Dry Shampoo!


    I am a big user of dry shampoo in between hair washes and I can confidently say that Klorane has made one of the best! It does not leave your hair with white splotches after brushing out and makes your hair feeling crisp and refreshed. Has a pleasant smell too. I highly recommend!
  4. love


    Love this dry shampoo super gentle and non-irritating for sensitive scalps
  5. Fav dry shampoo


    verified purchaser
    This is one of the best dry shampoos I have tried. Works really well. I have vey dry hair and this does not leave my hair feeling over dry like some others do. Highly recommend.
  6. Favourite Dry Shampoo


    This is my favourite dry shampoo - has a nice scent that isn't overpowering and is such a great way to freshen up your hair between washes.
  7. Volumise Clean Hair


    Added lot's of volume and oil control was definitely 48hrs. Great product.
  8. Must have


    I love this dry shampoo. For it's price point it is amazing. It works so well, does not leave the hair feeling dry or coated.
  9. Mum's secret weapon

    Great for normal hair

    Great for normal hair types but was not great on my chemically treated hair
  10. Does the job and smells nice!


    Smells nice , a good variation to the previous dry shampoo I’ve used that all smell the same! A nice change and does the job!
  11. Dry shampoo for the win


    Good product with great clean hair feeling results
  12. Gentle, effective, clean


    Loved it, not irritating at all
  13. Smells Amazing


    Smells amazing, doesn’t leave a chalky residue behind which is fantastic!
  14. Dry shampoo


    Very easy to use and works very fast
  15. Not a fan


    Makes my hair feel thick and stiff doesn't feel clean. I prefer another brand over this and won't buy again
  16. Love it!

    Tam J

    Nice a clean and not sticky at all. Gives a fresh feeling without being weighed down.
  17. Fresh hair in a can


    It leaves your hair feeling fresh without the residue that some dry shampoos leave behind. Smells great too!
  18. Fresh


    Nice product but I like the Mint one better of the two
  19. Fresh!


    Love it! Always leaves my hair feeling soft
  20. Convenient


    My hair was still quite oily after use, gave me an extra day but had to wash. Still good.
  21. Fresh hair


    This was a great dry shampoo easy to use and left my hair feeling like I had just washed it. Gave me a few extra days as a mum with 2 under 2 that’s always helpful!
  22. Worth it.


    This had been recommended to me many times. As a bleach blonde I don't over wash my hair (like at all) so a good dry shampoo is a NECESSITY. This shampoo isn't too drying, it doesn't apply too dusty and it requires very little product for the desired affect.
  23. Quick and easy


    Works great, nice subtle hint of smell
  24. Good and convenient


    I liked the product the smell was great was hoping for it to make my hair look a bit fresher than it did but a great alternative to a full wash when you’re busy
  25. Amazing dry shampoo


    Loved it Highly recommend trying it left my hair liking so fresh and smelling amazing too
  26. Squeeky clean


    Loved it, hair felt clean and less oily after use and no white or powdery look or feel after use
  27. Quick to get clean


    Effective in turning oily hair to look clean. But found this one to leave a powdery residue. I probably wouldn’t buy again, but would seek out the mint one which was much better.
  28. A great alternative when time poor and don't have time to wash hair in the shower.


    A great alternative when you are time poor and don't have time for a shower to wash your hair. Although found my hair was still a bit stringy after use compared to using normal shampoo. But will still use this product when I am time poor or camping.
  29. Great product!


    Really loved this product. Felt really nice in my Hair.
  30. Easy to use


    Very subtly scent, spray is not too strong in terms of flow. Definitely helped refresh my hair.
  31. Soft hair revitalizer


    Great, makes hair so soft and nice subtle smell. Made hair feel and look refreshed
  32. so easy!


    Super easy to use. Smells great and doesn't leave a chalky feeling on your hair!
  33. So Fresh


    Left my hair feeling fresh and with more volume for styling (without crunchiness!)
  34. wanted to like it


    I really wanted to like it but I just didn't. left a cast on. my hair that was hard to brush out, while my hair wasn't oily anymore it actually looked less clean. I would rather just wash my hair or have my hair be oily and just braid it then use this. Texture was gross. Smell was good though and not too overpowering
  35. Very good


    I really like this dry shampoo. I've tried many other brands but this is by far the best performing in my opinion. It absorbs the excess oil without leaving a residue in your hair, and it gets rid of that "piecey" look that oily hair typically has. Nice smell too
  36. My favourite dry shampoo


    I've tried a few dry shampoos, but keep coming back to this! It provides such a clean look and feel, it doesn't have a smell which is great because most dry shampoos smell horrendous! I even use this on days where my hair is clean, but I just want some volume at the roots & it works a treat. Its my holy grail dry shampoo.
  37. Absolute favourite


    Can't recommend this enough. It smells amazing, instantly refreshes and doesn't break the bank
  38. Doesn't weigh down hair


    Even after trying out dry shampoos from different brands, this product from Klorane is still my favourite one to use. I find that when I use other dry shampoos they tend to make my roots feel gritty and tend to build up a lot faster whilst this product feels so light I don't even noticed that its there. Although Klorane does have a tinted version for darker hair I feel like this non tinted version...
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  39. One of the best dry shampoos


    One of my favorite go-to dry shampoos. Clean smell, absorbs the oil and doesn't make the hair itchy. The mist doesn’t leave white residues when holding the bottle about 10-15cm away from my hair.
  40. Perfect for blondes


    I've never been a huge fan of dry shampoo but this one definitely changed that for me, I have blonde hair and it works perfectly without leaving that white powder look and it lasts the whole day. Would recommend!
  41. Awesome spray


    So easy to use, and really does freshen up my hair. Even good to use at night, then let it soak in overnight, and brush through in the morning,
  42. Average


    It smells nice and doesn't leave a white cast but for the price there are better options out there.
  43. A decent dry shampoo


    This dry shampoo does the job and is good value for money, but there are definitely better options on the market. I keep a travel size of this dry shampoo in my handbag when I've gone a few days without washing my hair. However, I'd recommend keeping something better at home.
  44. Most reliable Dry Shampoo


    I've tried so many dry shampoos. This one is superior to all the other brands. It works! A light, non sickly smell and does the job, You don't need to use very much and it's gentle on the scalp.
  45. Perfect for freshening up


    I like this dry shampoo as it does not leave a residue and only requires a small amount to be effective in absorbing up grease.
  46. Incredible


    The best dry shampoo I've used. Makes my hair last heaps longer between shampoos!
  47. Not for the oily


    I like how this doesn't ever irritate my scalp, but at the same time, I wish it cleansed my oily roots a bit better. I end up using too much in order to actually absorb all my oil, which sometimes results in my hair feeling gritty and 'gummy'
  48. Average product


    I was really exited to try this product after reading all the reviews, however was a bit disappointed after trying it. It does the job, however left white residue which was quite obvious in the roots, and hair went back to being oily the day after - my usual dry shampoo takes out the greasiness for two days.
  49. Must have


    I love Klorane's dry shampoo, it makes my hair look so much fresher in between washes. As a bonus, it also gives my hair a lot more volume. It does leave a slight white cast if you spray too close to your head, although since I have fair hair this isn't really an issue for me. I believe Klorane has a dry shampoo for darker hair as well!
  50. The Best


    MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE! There is no better dry shampoo on the market, it works amazing, gives volume, completely blends in and has no offensive scent. Will even use sometimes just for volume. Truly great!
  51. Very effective


    This dry shampoo works instantly and leaves no white cast. It has a pleasant smell and it can double up as a product to give extra volume to hair even when my hair isn’t oily. It’s slightly expensive than some other dry shampoos on the market but its the best one I’ve tried and well worth the money.
  52. Love it


    Smells amazing, doesn't leave white cast in the hair and takes away all the oils and it is without the nasties. I love it.
  53. The best


    One of the best dry shampoos. Very good price point and non-harmful ingredients. makes my hair feel refreshed and clean without feeling weighed down.
  54. Easy to use, light shampoo


    Large size bottle means I don't have to keep reordering this. Would prefer a bit more drying but perhaps it's just that I need to wash my hair! Lasts about 2 days which is really good and I've tried other brands and even dry shampoo powders as well. This is effective for the price as well.
  55. Great


    This is almost invisible and absorbs oil but I find that it does not absorb as much oil as one of my other dry shampoos
  56. Time saver!


    Fantastic product that refreshes my hair in between shampoos. It doesn’t make my scalp itch or have a flaky buildup like I have experienced with other leading brands. Love it.
  57. Not the best


    I have to use dry shampoo every single day because I get oily that fast. Unfortunately, this one does nothing for me except perhaps it makes my roots even oilier. I really did not enjoy using this.
  58. Bye Bye Batiste!


    I love this dry shampoo. No more gross white residue from Batiste dry shampoo! The lovely lady at Adore that recommended this to me suggested I use it after blow drying to assist with volume and what a great tip! This dry shampoo is almost translucent on the hair and definitely helps keep oily roots at bay between washes. I do recommend!
  59. Miracle Dry Shampoo!!-- it smells great


    It's really clear, doesn't leave a residue like most. It leaves the hair fresh and bouncy as if it just got a fresh blow dry. I apply it before I leave the house and find that it lasts longer that way for me. Highly recommended!
  60. All time go-to


    I have used this on and off for years and every time I try something different I always come back to this one. By far the best!
  61. LOVE


    This is the best dry shampoo! So many other dry shampoos make my scalp feel really dry and itchy, but this one is so gentle!
  62. Hairs best friend


    Although this dry shampoo is on the slightly pricier side compared to other brands on the market, I would still recommend a try.

    I really liked it as it didn't leave a heavy white mist like other dry shampoo's do and it has a very neutral scent to it. I see the value in the product, but unfortunately I cannot afford it compared to other brands that do a similar, if not the exact same ...
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  63. Too much work


    I've tried a few dry shampoo brands and this isn't one of my favourites or one that I'll go back to anytime soon. You really have to work at getting it through your hair otherwise you see a bit of a white tinge at your roots. The tinted one would probably be best for brunettes but it's tricky for me as I'm blonde & brunette near my roots.
  64. Love this product BUT deceiving


    So I love this product. I got a travel size of it for free in an order and then fell in love so I bought the full bottle but when I run out I won’t be repurchasing. Why?

    They are not cruelty free.
    When I saw the vegan tick I was like ‘awesome!’ But I did some research and they aren’t cruelty free as they sell to China and other countries that need to test on animals to sell th...
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  65. Best dry shampoo

    Tamara S

    I have thin, wavy, coloured hair that needs a bit of help on day three after washing. After trying a few different dry shampoos, I finally found this one! Leaves the hair with lots of volume and definitely takes care of any greasy strands. The smell is nice too!
  66. Fresh hair


    This dry shampoo makes your hair fresh and clean! It doesn't leave any white residue in your hair and also gives some volume. Best dry shampoo I've tried!
  67. great product

    Chele Pagno

    Before trying this dry shampoo, I mostly used Batiste dry shampoos but I am very glad I made the switch. This one is much finer and distributes much more easily through the hair.
  68. The perfect hair refresh!


    This is my all time favorite dry shampoo. So easy to use and great value for money. A little spritz, brush out and hair looks fresh and is ready to style. Fragrance free and no fuss.
  69. Amazing


    makes hair clean, smells nice and doesn't leave a white cast.
  70. Best dry shampoo!

    Laura O

    I've been using this dry shampoo for years now, after being recommended by a friend. It's gives oily hair an extra few days and doesn't dry out your scalp or leave your hair white. Highly recommend!
  71. It works!


    I like this dry shampoo, it works, it smells so fresh and clean and doesn't give an overly powdery residue build up in my hair like the Batiste brand I have.
  72. favourite


    My favourite dry shampoo, its the only one that i have found that doesnt go white or leave buildup on my scalp. I spray in and leave while i do my face, only after it has settled and started to absorb the oil will i brush or finger comb it through my hair.
  73. Little or no white residue


    It leaves little or no white residue, and no irritation to my scalp. I try not to wash my hair every day, and this little product makes it happen for me!
  74. Best dry shampoo out there, no contest


    I have tried so many dry shampoos and always go straight back to Klorane.
    The new bigger size is a godsend, I also like that the packaging feels a bit higher quality than the smaller bottle.
    Also great for volume and general styling if you have fine hair.
    For best results I recommend spraying in before you go to bed, for fresh looking swooshy hair the next day. If you have darker...
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  75. Could not live without


    What did I even do before dry shampoo!? This stuff is a game changer. My hair is fine and limp so on day 2 I usually either wash it again or tie it back but if I spray some dry shampoo I can wear it out and it looks clean and full of volume and oomph!
  76. One of the best Dry Shampoos

    Emma C

    Hands down one of the best dry shampoos out there, for a decent price and available almost everywhere. Its one of the few that doesn't leave an immovable white cast of powder on my hair, and doesn't irritate my scalp or make my psoriasis worse. I love to use it on clean hair to give lift and volume at the roots, and to pre-empt any oiliness.
  77. Great


    It doesn't irritate my scalp and is quite oil-absorbing. It also doesn't seem to leave too much chalky residue, but the smell is quite artificial and play-doughy and can take a while to fade.
  78. It is the best dry shampoo


    This definitely lives up to the hype. I have used this dry shampoo for years and even after trying some samples of salon brands, I will always come back to Klorane! Cheap, effective, provides volume as well as getting rid of oily build up and doesn't look to white on my hair (coloured blonde). I also love that it washes out easily - some dry shampoos can leave a build up in your hair, but this was...
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  79. Great dry shampoo


    Love this dry shampoo which doesn't leave my dirtier, hair straw like and super dry like some other dry shampoos do. A quality dry shampoo at a good price.
  80. Great dry shampoo


    I like the amount of product you get in this size can.
    Great dry shampoo, doesn't leave a white cast or a sticky tacky residue.

    When you brush it out it looks like you washed your hair, not like you dumped dry shampoo into it, which has been an issue with other brands I've tried.
  81. Really like it


    Really like this dry shampoo. Doesn’t feel sticky/tacky on my hair and cleans it up making it look freshly washed
  82. The BEST dry shampoo ever!


    I couldn't live without this dry shampoo... it works a treat to soak up oils and give hair more volume. It doesn't over weigh the hair or scalp (it won't go sticky or gross feeling should you use too much) and it doesn't dry or irritate the scalp either (my scalp can be sensitive at times). I also love that the scent is almost undetectable - I hate heavy, cheap and artificial fragrances. I also fi...
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