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Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate 50ml 50ml

4.3 of 70 reviews


4 instalments of $26.25

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4 instalments of $26.25

Or 4 instalments of $26.25 with LEARN MORE

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Visibly reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing with the Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. Formulated with 12.5% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, this clinical grade serum works to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture. minimise pores and boost skin radiance.

What customers say

GREAT - 78% recommend

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  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

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Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate 50ml Reviews

4.3 of 70 reviews

78% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Favorite product


I started using this almost a year ago and more than any other product (and I've tried a lot) this works wonders. I saw results within days and now it's part of my morning and evening routine. Even with that much usage, the bottle lasts me a long time.

Most Helpful Criticism

This product is ok


This product has a thicker creamier feel than I was expecting and makes my skin tingle a bit after applying. I noticed some plumping after application but not as much as some other cheaper products I have tried that also contain hyaluronic acid. A nice product but probably won't purchase the full size.
  1. Favorite product


    I started using this almost a year ago and more than any other product (and I've tried a lot) this works wonders. I saw results within days and now it's part of my morning and evening routine. Even with that much usage, the bottle lasts me a long time.
  2. Try it!


    I'm very excited about this product. Over the last several years I have tried numerous creams and serums, some much more expensive, some less. Many did nothing for my skin, some worked for short periods. But this product has both hydrated my skin and reduced the appearance of lines on my face more than any of the products I've tried. I use it at night with the Midnight Recovery cream followed the ...
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  3. Thick and Luxurious


    This product is so creamy and beautiful, it feels heavenly applying.

    I was expecting a liquidy serum-like consistency but was surprised that it is more like a very rich moisturiser. My skin looks bright and plump after using for a week already. Would definitely recommend.
  4. Not for young skin


    I started using this serum when I was 26. I started showing first signs of ageing around my forehead, mouth and eyes - I have to say that the first time I used it I was worried I was going to have a severe reaction but by the time I finished the bottle I fell in love.
    It definitely did the job of refining my wrinkles around my mouth and plumping the skin around that area. However for my fore...
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  5. AMAZING!!!


    Yes it's expensive but it's worth it
    You only need a small amount and it spreads evenly leaving your skin super soft and tight
  6. Amazed


    I received a sample of this product, and I was a bit hesitant because my skin often reacts to high doses of Vitamin C. I'm also sceptical about products that claim to severely reduce lines. But I have to say that I was very impressed with this product. A little goes a looong way, and the texture is so light and velvety. While my fine lines are still present, they do look reduced in severity. I'm t...
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  7. so smooth


    verified purchaser
    first time purchasing this product !
    this product is amazing leaves my face glowing and smooth all morning and night . so happy with it.
  8. Vit C dream


    I found this product so helpful! I used it for 6 weeks straight and noticed such a difference. My only qualm is it takes over a week to adjust to your skin type (for me personally).
  9. Might be better for more mature skin than mine


    Didn't notice a difference in terms of brightening in the 3+ months I trialled this for - highly recommend Skinceuticals Vitamin CE Ferulic (which I also buy from Adore) if you want to see brightening! My skin is too young to notice any affects in terms of decreasing wrinkles
  10. Great for fading marks


    I have pale dehydrated sensitive acne prone skin. When I get a red mark from a spot the mark lasts for ages. I find this really clears the red mark very quickly. It doesn't break me out and absorbs well. It is quite dry for my dry skin but I use a moisturiser or oil on top and its fine.
    I have no idea if it reduces lines those and I'm not sure how anyone would no that
  11. This product is ok


    This product has a thicker creamier feel than I was expecting and makes my skin tingle a bit after applying. I noticed some plumping after application but not as much as some other cheaper products I have tried that also contain hyaluronic acid. A nice product but probably won't purchase the full size.
  12. great for plumping


    I use this for face needling and I notice immediate results the next day. My cheeks are noticeably plumped. The product has a good thick consistency and I have found this a lot less stingy than the ordinary vitamin C
  13. Line Eraser-very good for fine lines


    Love this serum. It’s a vitamin c serum, so excellent for fine lines. It goes on beautifully, absorbs instantly and leaves me with lovely soft, smooth skin for moisturising. It doesn’t sting or tingle like other vitamin c creams or serum so have tried. I love the pump bottle packaging too. It just makes the application so much easier. I use morning before moisturiser and an spf foundation, and ev...
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  14. Great for brightening your skin

    Ms Z

    I got a sample of this and really good for brightening your skin tone
  15. Brightens


    Got this as a free sample. Brightens my skin and I'm in love with it I will be getting full size it's so good
  16. Not sure about the efficacy for the price


    Really does warm up the skin. Barely detectable scent which I really like. The texture and feeling on the skin reminds me of the ordinary magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, and I feel that gives better brightening results. Not sure this is worth the hefty price tag.
  17. Really nice


    This C is a really nice one. Has a bit of a different texture but after a couple of times you get used to it. I've had this a few times now and certainly notice a difference using it.
  18. Not that powerful on my Skin


    GWP. Compared to other vitamin c serum I’ve used, this one is just ok.
  19. Good vitamin C serum


    My face felt smooth and bright after using this serum for a couple of days. Love it!
  20. Very concentrated


    I loved the consistency of this product but found the strength of it a bit too powerful for my skin.
    I think if you want to work on the texture of your skin this would be a great product for you.
  21. So good


    A great skincare addition to my collection. I reach for this a lot and think it’s great! Lovely!
  22. Top Two Ingredients in One Serum!


    Hyaluronic Acid and Vit C in one super powerful serum? Yes please. Hooked after receiving a deluxe sample of this I would highly recommend for day use for those concerned with ageing. Noticeable difference in my fine lines after a couple of weeks! Yay!
  23. The best!


    The best dark spot remover, wrinkle reducer, rinse aid I've ever used! It makes the skin look wonderful.
  24. The best!


    The best dark spot remover, wrinkle reducer, rinse aid I've ever used! It makes the skin look wonderful.
  25. Hydrating and brightening


    This product is great. But Since I am already using another product with 15% glycerin in it, using this as well made my face too oily. I like Vit C serums to be a little lighter then this one. But overall it did delivery hydration and did have a brightening effect. However, this is on the higher end so maybe will look for affordable option when it comes to Vit c.
  26. Good


    This does a great job on my skin and my complexion is looking brighter but I find it very expensive
  27. nice


    i found this was a nice cream to use around my eyes at night time. i dont know how long until i see those fine lines gone, but it is nice.
  28. brightening & hydrating


    I have combination skin. I have been battling acne scars. I prefer organic or natural products as they have less harsh chemicals. I have shifted to Kiehl's after seeing great reviews on its products. I must say using this serum at night as part of my night time routine has reduced some of the dark spots left behind by acne and also helped in hydrating my skin. Skin feel better in the morning.
  29. It works


    This and the oils from Kiehls were my favourite from their line of products. I can feel this vitamin c going to work - my skin really tingles! My skin feels firmer after application. Was gifted and won’t repurchase based on the brand not being fully cruelty free yet but it is a good serum. Expensive but I did find a little goes quite a long way.
  30. Saved me from redness


    My forehead was just always dry and irritated for whatever reason despite everything I used. I was sent this as a sample and amazingly it reduced the redness ten folds. Not sure why but it was enough for me to purchase the full size bottle!
    I used this in the morning after cleansing and toning and just whack my moisturiser on top!
  31. It works well


    It's a little bit expensive, but the function is visible. I haven't used it for a long time so I'm not sure if it can reduce the lines. But it can really make the skin more smooth, hydrated and brighter.
  32. I like it


    I received a sample of it from Adore beauty. It's pretty useful at this price. It's the first time for me to use a Clinique's product and I recommend it.
  33. Worth every penny!


    I received a sample of this recently, used it once and fell in love! Now it's a daily routine, leaves my skins so smooth and hydrated, I use it in the morning & in the evening along with the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Amazing visible results.
  34. LOOOOVE!!!


    I can not praise this serum enough. I’ve always had dull drab skin....Until now!!! This gives my skin an actually brightness that even a luminous primer couldn’t give. I am confident to go without makeup as my skin just looks so good. And I’m a cheapskate but I can justify buying this!!!!
  35. Lovely texture but not the most efficacious


    I do love the texture and smell of this but I’m undecided about the actual vitamin c benefits. Prefer the Biologi range. I’m nearly finished my first bottle and probably won’t repurchase. Mid 30s, normal skin with some pigmentation and fine lines.
  36. My mum loves!


    Writing on behalf of my mum - she loves this product and it has made her feel so much more confident about her wrinkles. I have definitely noticed a difference since she has started using this!
  37. Love it


    This is my first item from Kiehl's but not my first Vit C. I like the serum a lot, and apply day and night for almost 3 weeks now. My face looks brighter and healthier. I can't see any line reducing effect yet which will probably take a while. The serum contains silicone and it takes about 10-15mins to fully absorbed, hence the 4 stars.
  38. Love this product, makes my skin feel great


    I've used Kiehl's for a long time. I'm in my 40s and believe a great moisturiser and eye cream can make all the difference whwn aging naturally. This is 1 extra product I use regularly each evening and I believe it makes my skin smoother with less lines. I get told I don't look in my 40s. Maybe it's thanks to Kiehl's.
  39. Serum that blends well


    I’ve been looking For new serum for a while. Someone recommended me the vitamin C because I’m quite conscious of the sun spots that I have and looking for something to assist with that. I’m told to use it with the dark spot corrector which I am getting so I’ll let you know how that goes but the serum has a really nice texture. Initially you think it’s cream but when you put it on the skin it absor...
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  40. Luxurious serum


    I love this beautiful serum, has a delicate scent unlike many vitamin C products which smell terrible! Feels substantial and very moisturising, didn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all. Although pricey, I would repurchase.
  41. Love


    A light formula that is easily absorbed and goes to work straight away. Fine lines around the eyes and mouth are blurred and skin feels hydrated. I use it at night as I don't particularly does it under makeup
  42. Best treatment I have used


    Noticed a big difference after using once daily for 2 months - even better if you use it in combination with a retinol cream such as Neutragena anti wrinkle cream - wouldn't stop using it now
  43. Effective treatment


    The scaliness of my skin has significantly improved after this. The vitamin C tends to sting a touch when I apply it to my face, but it sinks in quickly.
  44. Ahhhhmmmaaazzing!!!


    Amazing product! Lines have definitely been reduced and my skin just glows after using this
  45. A little goes a long way


    This has made a noticeable difference in my skincare routine and I am so happy I purchased a bottle of it. You only need a small amount focused on your areas of concern and it gave instant improvement to my complexion!
  46. Not ideal for sensitive skin


    I purchased this product as I had heard many great things and love Kiehl's products. I have quite sensitive, eczema prone skin and found this irritates my skin. I was using it of a night and found it stung to put on. My skin seemed youthful in the morning but I also noticed some red patches which I think was a result of the irritation. It would probably be a great product for those who don't have ...
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  47. Ok but nothing great


    I used this product was ok but nothing great have used other products with better results
  48. Seems to be working


    I received this in sample size and the first time I used it, it stung my skin a bit - nothing major and it settled down after a quick minute. I am not sure if its super effective as I am in my late 20s and don't have any wrinkles yet except for a frown line between my brows. I have been applying this there and on my forehead. Seems to be a good product though in terms of absorption, application an...
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  49. Stings


    Reading the other reviews I'm surprised to find I'm the only one who hasn't taken to the product. I'm 22 years old and my skin is not sensitive at all. I bought this product to replace my usual eye serum however everytime I apply it my skin starts to sting and redden significantly. I have no allergies I'm aware of and usually use harsh chemicals exfoliates without any reaction so I was flustered b...
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  50. Light yet nurturing


    A light formula that is easily absorbed and goes to work straight away. Fine lines around the eyes and mouth are blurred and skin feels hydrated.

    TIP: Use in the morning before moisturiser as it's not oily and sits well under makeup.
  51. It's expensive but I have to keep buying more!


    This product is a perfect product. It feels moisturising and it doesn't clump with my makeup. My face feels softer and tighter. The price tag makes me cringe a bit, but it really works for me so I have to bite the bullet and keep buying!
    By the way, I do find it stained the collar of my pajama and my pillow case a bit, so I decided to only use it in the morning, which will also make a bottle...
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  52. Unfortunately did not work for me


    I have left it a while before writing this review because I wanted to use up almost the entire bottle to give it time to work. Unfortunately it did nothing at all my with complexion or my fine lines. It did not work to even my skin tone, and it did not reduce the appearance of my fine lines, I am only 35 so the lines are feint, but sadly it did not help at all.
  53. best buy


    i am not really the sort of a person to leave reviews , but had to do it for this product .

    before buying it I was very skeptical as i was scared what if i lose money , but honestly this product is worth every penny. just a week that i have used it morning and evening and my scars have started fading.
    i am 36 year old with like asian complexion, didnt wanted to go for retinol s...
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  54. luxurious, but not sure if it works?


    it feels like I am giving my skin a treat every time I use this serum; light dries well, not sticky, but I can't see any long term "line-reducing" but it doesn't hurt!
  55. It's a great product but...


    I have to say I really liked the product, but it's difficult for me to give it 5 stars. I cannot believe reading all the reviews that nobody has mentioned staining on the bed linen, especially pillows. It was so bad that unless I literally changed my bed every day I had to avoid using it at night which is probably when I really want to use it. The staining on my palms was equally disappointing. I'...
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  56. Fantastic product that has immediate results!


    My skins texture improved immediately after the first use of this product - I love how hydrating it is and is absorbed really well so can be used under make up also. I don't have any wrinkles or fine lines so to be honest not sure how helpful it is for reducing them. However, since first using this cream I have brought other products from the Khiel's range. It's expensive but I think well worth it...
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  57. Good but too expensive


    Lovely eye cream - it really does work and makes my under eye area feel and look better. I have very dry skin so I really like how hydrating it is. BUT i don't understand why so many eye products are super expensive! I don't really think it's worth the price and I wouldn't buy it again for this reason.
  58. Great results


    I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks now and my skin looks and feels so much better.
    It has taken away pretty much all the bumps I had below my eyebrows from plucking and waxing that nothing else could get rid of.
    My complexion has dramatically gotten clearer and my face feels so soft.
    It hasn’t done anything for the lines around my mouth but has smoothed out a few on my for...
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  59. Love this product


    I really do love this product, it slightly heats up when applied to the skin but it doesn’t cause any reactions! Once on there is no residue and it soaks in nicely. I have noticed a defineite improve to fine lines around my forehead and eyes. 100% recommend this product
  60. Plump and firm skin


    This Kiehl's line-reducing concentrate made my skin feel plump and firm when I used it. It soaks into the skin nicely and leaves the skin looking great. I would recommend this product for anyone wanting to improve the appearance of their skin.
  61. Pretty good


    only been using for a little while, but i think it has reduced some fine lines which is amazing!
  62. Miracle for acne scars

    Chloe970 via kiehls.com.au

    This stuff is fantastic! Last year I had a massive acne breakout due to changing my birth control and after using this once I noticed a drastic difference of fading. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I love it!
  63. It works!!!!!

    Karen01 via kiehls.com.au

    This product is amazing and actually works!! Within a week i have noticed a difference in my skin, the lines between my eyes have been reduced and the sun damage on my chest ( when you wake up in the morning and its wrinkly) well no more.
  64. Excellent texture, great under make-up

    Eloise via kiehls.com.au

    I have sensitive oily skin and generally can't wear moisturiser under make-up because it won't absorb. This serum absorbs beautifully and is a wonderful base specifically for it cosmetics celebration foundation but I have also used it under liquid foundation. It works brilliantly for me
  65. Love it!!!!

    Bindy via kiehls.com.au

    I bought this maybe 3 weeks now and can honestly say in a few days of using morning and night under a moisturiser, my skin looks visibly better. Redness on my nasal area has pretty much gone, tiny fine lines seem better - can't wait to see how it looks in a few more weeks. It does feel a little tingly and warm on application but quickly subsides. I've tried a lot of skincare brands and products bu...
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  66. Brilliant

    Kristel via kiehls.com.au

    I have been using the midnight recovery oil, and about 2 weeks ago added in the new powerful strength line reducing concentrate as the first step of my night routine. Oh. My. God. Amazing!! With these two products combined, plus the midnight eye cream, I am seeing amazing results. It is lightweight, smells divine and gives your skin a little tingle as you are applying. I am loving the product and ...
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  67. Tingly Goodness

    Renee (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'm really glad that I was told before I used this that it is quite warm and tingly upon application. So, just a heads up - IT'S WARM AND TINGLY UPON APPLICATION! The Vitamin C almost feels a little grainy, not uncomfortable though and the granules quickly sink in as you smooth across your face. I've been using in the mornings for nearly a month now and my skin is much brighter and more even. Just...
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