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Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye 15ml 15ml

4.4 of 59 reviews


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4 instalments of $13.00


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For youthful looking eyes use the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This luxurious night-time eye cream works to support and nourish your skin while it works to repair itself overnight. Your under eye area is visibly restored by morning, as added Lavender Essential Oil works to soothe and stimulate skin repair, Evening Primrose Oil helps to repair and hydrate skin, Butcher’s Broom improves microcirculation and reduces inflammation while Squalane replenishes skin's moisture barrier. 

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GREAT - 80% recommend

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Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Dark Circles
  • Puffiness

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4.4 of 59 reviews

80% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best eye cream


Good eye cream for young people to start on because it's more of a dark circles targeting cream than an anti-ageing one.

Most Helpful Criticism

Okay product


I was really excited to try this as I heard lots of good reviews.... in my opinion its okay... it doesn't sting my eyes and feels nice but i haven't really noticed a difference and for the price i dont think i would repurchase
  1. Did nothing for me


    I've been using this product each night for a few weeks now and unfortunately have not noticed a difference or improvement at all.
  2. Okay product


    I was really excited to try this as I heard lots of good reviews.... in my opinion its okay... it doesn't sting my eyes and feels nice but i haven't really noticed a difference and for the price i dont think i would repurchase
  3. Best eye cream


    Good eye cream for young people to start on because it's more of a dark circles targeting cream than an anti-ageing one.
  4. Really good!


    I really like this eye cream and am onto my third tube.

    Despite the fact it looks tiny, it actually lasts months and months. Keeps my undereye area smooth, hydrated and helps with darkness - I no longer wear under eye concealer...crazy I know.
  5. Not working amazingly so far


    I’ve been using this for a while and haven’t seen any outstanding results. Unfortunately it’s not living up to the reviews but I will finish it and hopefully see some better results!
  6. Nice and moisturising


    Recently purchased this product and been using it for just over a month. It’s very hydrating and cooling.
  7. I like this a lot


    Keeps my under eyes clear and dark circle free! Awesome!!
  8. Best youth eye cream


    I've used this for around 3 years now and it keeps my dark circles away!
  9. Hydrating


    A tiny bit goes a long way. It smells divine and definitely hydrates well. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and haven’t seen improvement to dark circles and puffiness, but I’m certainly far more hydrated. The texture is lovely for me, but people who don’t like thick eye treatments might not like it.
  10. The Eyes Have It


    I received a sample of this product as a Keihl's Social Soup campaign reward. I've been using it for a good few months now as I only require a miniscule amount for each eye area.

    My first few applications irritated a little and I discovered not only was I using too much product but it was less aggravating of I mixed a small amount in with my regular moisturiser and applied it that way.

    The results have been noticeable (I'm in my early 40s) and by mixing it means it lasts longer.

    Having skin sensitivity issues can make things a bit more difficult sometimes but I was glad I could find a work around as I quite like this product.
  11. Disguises dark circles


    This cream gives an instant brightening effect to the under-eye area which helps to mask dark circles. The cream has a hint of an essential oil aroma to it, but it doesn't irritate the eyes. Unlike other creams that tend to migrate into the eyes, this one stays put. As it's quite thick it's best suited for night time use only.
  12. Good for firming


    I'm getting good results with this one so far. I've been using it in the pm and a light gel formulation in the am. My main concern is dark circles and fine lines. I found it has made the whole area firmer which has improved the look. Feels nice to apply but is a reasonably heavy formulation probably best suited to pm, as it suggests.
  13. Good


    Good cream although it’s very thick and you need a lot to cover the eye due to thickness so won’t last long. Causes a little bit of friction when rubbing as it’s quite thick! But other then that the tube is handy. Haven’t seen any effects yet but haven’t used for longer then a month. Not a a bad cream!
  14. Lives up to what it says


    I love this eye cream. I'm in my 40s with fair skin. Does what it says and helps reduce dark circles and puffiness. Is soothing and smells great. I'm a strong believer in a great eye cream which can help reduce wrinkles...this is definately one of those even though a bit pricey for 15mls. Worth It!
  15. Good all-rounder


    I was really impressed with this eye cream. It was super hydrating, and i think my dark circles are not nearly as bad! but i like that it's not oily, as i'm susceptible to milia. definitely helps with the wrinkles as well, my concealer sits really nicely on top!
  16. Hydrating


    I wasn't sure how much product to use but such a little amount really does go a long way, its very light and hydrating and much better than all the other products I usually purchase from the drugstore.
  17. nice and light


    I can't put on eye products that are too heavy so this is really good if you like something lighter
  18. Noticable Difference


    After only a week of using this eye cream, I've noticed a visible difference in the brightness of my eyes in the morning. Loving it!
  19. Smell Nice and Texture thick


    This eyes cream smell really nice and the cream has a much thicker texture than I expected. It feels really rich and luxurious. I have already seen a little bit improvements. Will keep using it.
  20. Nice creamy eye cream


    This is a great creamy eye cream that really plumps and hydrates
  21. Not what I expected


    I’ve used other products from this range previously and expected this night cream to be more moisturising, almost heavier and creamier. I’m still a fan as it feels light but I didn’t really notice an improvement in dark circles and fine lines.


    I love this eye cream so much!!!

    It is super hydrating and not greasy at all! I can't stand greasy eye creams and love that this one sinks in right away!

    I have brought so many products from the Kiehls Midnight Recovery range and love every one!
  23. Love this eye cream!


    love the texture of this and the way it feels after applying, almost tingly so it feels like it’s working it’s magic! My eyes feel so fresh after applying and look fresh in the mornings.
  24. Great Eye Cream!


    I received this as a present and use this after I apply my nightly moisturiser. It isn’t greasy at all and smells like essential oils. When I wake up my under eyes are nice and smooth. Would recommend!
  25. Lovely eye cream


    Tried this recently, as a replacement for my old eye cream which I found a bit waxy. This is silky smooth, gentle and doesn't irritate my eyes at all. Eye area is definitely less puffy in the mornings.
  26. Big yes for dark circles!


    Love this, feel so hydrated in the morning. Doesn’t irritate my eyes at all which is perfect for my sensitive eyes - does a lot to help with my dark circles and fine lines
  27. Makes a difference


    I have puffy eyes, few wrinkles, bags as I am mid 40’s but have found most of the high end eye creams irritate my eyes and contact lens. This is the only one I’ve tried that both seems to make a difference and feels gentle and moisturising around my eyes. 15 mins after putting it on the bags and wrinkles look noticeably better. Small tube but lasts well as you don’t need much product
  28. I definitely recommend!


    I purchase this eye cream for my boyfriend and he loves it! He uses it every night and swears by it.
  29. Lovely and moisturising


    This eye cream is super moisturising! Definitely softens the eye area and makes makeup application the next day a breeze
  30. Love


    Love this product, I thoroughly believe it works! An essential I use before bed.
  31. Nice feel not sure does much


    I have been using this regularly for last couple of months. I like how it feels and does keep my under eye area moisturiser, but not sure if I am seeing any major results with lines or darkness. Good for something to use all the time, but will look at other options to combat major issues like lines etc.
  32. Refreshes eye area


    This isn't a miracle worker but my eye area does look a lot brighter and rested in the morning. I have mature skin and was probably using it for about a week before I saw a difference. I have extremely sensitive eyes and I have no problem at all wearing this cream.
  33. I haven't noticed any changes yet!


    I'm sorry to say I haven't noticed a difference in the puffiness around my eyes or the dark circles. I was really hoping I'd see a difference since this had such good reviews and I've tried quite a lot of eye creams. I use it morning and night and it goes on easily, smells nice and doesn't irritate my eyes but it just hasn't seemed to do anything more than simple moisturizer.
  34. Best!


    I’ve spent countless, ungodly dollars on trying to find “the” eye-cream, but had been failing miserably, till I decided to give this one a shot and I have not been disappointed. I have fine lines developing (sun damage) and puffiness. This eye cream plumps and eases the eye area, making it look bright, young and rested. It’s fast absorbing, even though it’s rich and glides on beautifully. Cannot recommend this eye cream enough.
  35. Favorite eye cream


    Love this, feel so hydrated in the morning. Doesn’t irritate my eyes at all which is perfect for my sensitive eyes
  36. very good


    I use this as a night eye cream. It certainly has helped with brightening and smoothing out the skin around my eyes. Only took a star off because I feel you don't get enough product for the price. Otherwise, its amazing!
  37. Amazing!


    Best eye cream I’ve ever used. Bought this after receiving a sample with another purchase. I immediately fell in love! I notice a hell of a difference when I don’t use it and wake up the next morning. Highly recommend :)
  38. Good but so expensive


    Bought for my mum who deals with baggy eyes with dark circles and this definitely helped spruce and bring life back to her eyes. But it is so expensive for such a tiny bit of product so I am not sure if that is worth it. Would probably buy again but only as a means of splurging and guilty pleasure products as it is too expensive to spend on every time you finish it.
  39. Great eye cream


    I have used alot of different eye creams as i have really dark circles but not one of them did what it’s supposed to do. I’ve only been using this eye cream for a week and my dark circles have gone brighter and it feels hydrated which I love. Looking forward to seeing more great results as I continue using it.
  40. Good cream, a little on the expensive side


    After noticing more fine lines around my eyes I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and buy some eye cream. This goes on very easily and seems to be very hydrating. The skin around my eyes is definitely softer and more hydrated since I've been using it. It's on the expensive side, but I guess most eye creams are! It feels nice on my skin and isn't at all irritating (I have quite sensitive skin).
  41. good product


    this is hydrating around the eyes but I prefer the texture and results I get from the kiehls creamy avocado eye cream
  42. Hydrating and light on the eyes


    Product came in standard packing, clean and simple look. Very hydrating on the eyes, I can still feel product after 2 hours which I enjoy. After using for 2 months my eyes do seem slightly brighter but not much of a difference, the price point is high for such a small amount but a tiny bit goes a long way so worth the money! Recommend for anyone with dry under eyes!
  43. light and hydrating


    Despite the price being higher than some normal eye creams, this product is worth every cent. The product has a soft hydrating rich texture and as a result after use within a few weeks, I had already noticed the results of smoother and brighter under eyes. The product coming in a small tube is great too as it allows me to bring it with me everywhere when travelling
  44. Impressive


    Lovely rich texture. This small tube will last a while and only a little is needed for good coverage . After using this product for nearly a month I can see a difference - my dark eye circles look less severe, skin seems more plump. rate this probably best eye cream I've tried so far. Natural ingredients and very safe to use around sensitive eye region. I won't say it has completely cured my eye bags but I think it's worth the expense
  45. Excellent for hydration


    I was looking for a good eye treatment to give me hydration to the under eye area. This cream is wonderful. My eyes feel refreshed in the morning and I am beginning to see less under eye darkness. I am in my early 40's so I do need something that packs a punch. I am happy with this cream so far.
  46. Love it!


    I couldn't believe the results in just a few weeks! I have extremely sensitive skin and was somewhat reluctant to use it as it had such a soothing fragrance. But the product did not irritate, sting, itch, or give me a headache - all good signs to begin with. Being a "certain" age I also have been disappointed with products that don't live up to the hoopla. But this one absolutely did. My husband even noticed that the skin around my eyes looked smoother. I like that the skin around my eyes has lost the shadows, bumpy skin, redness, and it's starting to work on the fine lines and under eye bags. A tiny bit goes a long way which is nice, too, because I am very conservative with my beauty products.
  47. Very refreshing!


    This eye concentrate helps reduce dark circles and puffiness. The scent is like a mint but it’s minimal. Also, the cream is light and goes a long way. Highly recommend this eye concentrate.
  48. Recommend! :)


    Very small tube but lasts very long like other eye creams (been using for more than 8 months and still am!) Moisturising under the eyes even though the texture is thin (which i prefer), feels light and good! I recommend this! Would repurchase. No strong fragrance as well.
  49. Provides hydration - good general eye cream


    This eye cream certainly provides hydration and does seem to have an impact on puffy eyes, although I don’t have much of a problem with that so I’m not sure.

    As for whether it “improves firmness and elasticity“ - time will tell I suppose but I haven’t noticed any difference yet.

    I’d say it’s a decent general eye cream if you want to ensure to look after the skin under your eyes (which we clearly are all told we should!). I’ve always been bad for it and I can see why - because each time I use anything I can’t really tell a difference.
  50. the first time i believed in eye creams!


    i thought all eye creams were a scam and nothing would banish dark circles. after using this every night for a couple weeks, i saw a difference in the appearance of my under eye darkness. i love that this doesn't feel heavy for the delicate under eye skin as well. definitely worth a try if you're struggling with darkness!
  51. One word... AMAZING


    This product is amazing at adding hydration to my under eye area and really helps to reduce my puffiness! It also smooths out any lines and tightens the overall look of the area. Very mosituring! Love waking up after using this to see an amazing difference to my eye bags!
  52. Great product


    This product provides light hydration to my dry under eyes. I usually use this beneath the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado and find that the two products work very well together.
  53. Love it!

    Lenny11 via kiehls.com.au

    Smells delightful & I really feel it's made a difference!
  54. <3 <3

    Fairy21 via kiehls.com.au

    I am in love. This one is a staple for sure!! Smoothes out the under eye wrinkles like no other cream.
  55. Life saver

    Dzurdzina via kiehls.com.au

    I love it the moon and back. I always suffered dark and very puffy undereyes and this is life saver.
  56. Everything I needed

    marleymaree via kiehls.com.au

    This is the perfect eye cream, so soft and light. The lines around my eyes are already showing improvement. I am addicted!
  57. So good!

    Rach 21 via kiehls.com.au

    I bought this about a month ago. I had recently moved interstate and was struggling to get into a good sleeping pattern that reeked havoc in my under eye appearance! At the same time I noticed my eyes were puffy and I was developing lines and dark circles.

    I had read some good reviews on this one so I purchased it. I noticed a big difference, and became accustomed to how my eyes looked in the morning after using it that night.

    Then one night I actually forgot to put it on and I couldn't believe how puffy and just awful my eyes looked the next morning, I actually was trying to remember if I had cried the night before because it was just so out of control, then I realised that I hadn't put the eye cream on and was flabbergasted with just how much difference it makes!

    I will def be going back for the nighttime serum after trying a sample as well.
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