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Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado 14g 14g

4.3 of 274 reviews


4 instalments of $12.50

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4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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The Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado deeply moisturises skin, helping to prevent dark circles and fine lines from forming. Added Avodaco Oil and Shea Butter hydrate the area banishing dry, dull skin, while Vitamin E provides an antioxidant boost to fight and prevent free radical damage.


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GREAT - 81% recommend

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Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

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Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado 14g

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado 14g

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Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado 14g Reviews

4.3 of 274 reviews

81% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Must have for dry under eyes


I have sensitive eyes and this eye cream doesn’t irritate them, only hydrates. After using this eye cream, my under eyes have been significantly less dry - so hydrating!

Most Helpful Criticism

Refreshing but nothing special


This eye cream doesn't really show much difference in reducing dark circles. I mainly use it out of ritual. Definitely refreshing if popped in the fridge before use.
  1. Refreshing but nothing special


    This eye cream doesn't really show much difference in reducing dark circles. I mainly use it out of ritual. Definitely refreshing if popped in the fridge before use.
  2. Must have for dry under eyes


    I have sensitive eyes and this eye cream doesn’t irritate them, only hydrates. After using this eye cream, my under eyes have been significantly less dry - so hydrating!
  3. Lasts ages


    I am very happy with this purchase, I have been using the eye cream for 2 months and have seen an improvement in my skin. The fine lines I have seem less prominent, and my skin is undoubtedly more hydrated. This cream for me, spreads very easily and a little goes a long way. I can barely tell I have used the product in terms of how much is left in the tub.
  4. Not a fan


    I know people constantly rave about this but i find the texture hard to work with and too thick.
    After applying a couple of times i see no difference or moisturising properties. Even though I love the Kiehl's branch I do not like this product.
  5. holy grail


    works wonders on dark eyes, a little tub goes a long way
  6. Great for hydration


    Nice thick formula, great as a night eye cream. Okay under makeup but doesn’t absorb into the skin easily. Great for people who likes a creamy rich formula under the eye that leaves a glowy finish
  7. Staple for my eyes


    I'm on my second tub of this, and it's SO lush. Very hydrating and very thick and the tub goes a long way. I love to put it on at night over my actives and feel it just locks everything in around my eyes.
  8. Good product

    Regi K

    Really good product. Very hydrating. Helps with keeps the eye area looking bright and fresh.
  9. Yes Kiehl’s!!!

    A Law

    Omg this eye cream, get it on my face! Creamy and luxurious to apply. I received a sample and purchased the full size as soon as it finished. I used it at night time and in the morning instantly noticed the reduction of fine lines around the eyes in the morning, along with a much brighter glow. Love it - need to order more.
  10. Best Eye Cream!


    verified purchaser
    I love this product. I have repurchased twice. It's great if you have sensitive skin. I use at night before bed. It sinks in immediately. Its not sticky. Lasts ages. Highly recommended.
  11. Great product


    This product is amazing and moisturises as well as protects my skin.
  12. Very moisturizing


    My skin was very dry and peeling around my upper lid and this is the only cream that moisturized the area overnight. The texture is creamy but you have to rub it between your fingers and it becomes more of a gel. Best moisturizing eye cream I have tried.
  13. Super hydrating


    I've been using this eye cream for years and I love it! I've tried other products, both cheaper and more expensive, but for me nothing else compares. I have very dry skin around my eyes and this cream is super hydrating. It has a thick, rich texture and only a small amount is required. Also works great as a primer for under eye concealer. Not sure if it helps with dark circles or bags but if it's...
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  14. Undecided


    Have not seen any miracles yet it’s nice and doesn’t irritate but nothing miraculous yet
  15. Good product

    Regi K.

    The consistency of the cream feels really nice on the skin. Really keeps the under eye hydrated and definitely brightens it at the same time.
  16. Very moisturising


    This is a nice moisturising cream with a cooling effect. However I did not see any reduction in dark circles after use of 2 months.
  17. Favourite product, EVER


    I always used to have dehydration lines under my eyes that no creams could fix until this one. I now use this every day and cannot believe the difference in my eye area. The jar is small however you only need a small amount so it’ll last for months!
  18. Not great


    After using it for 2 weeks it started to irritate my skin and gave me a rash around my eyes. Don't use if you have sensitive skin
  19. great


    This eye cream still has a firming effect.Use the feeling is very moist not greasy not sticky.
  20. Hydrating and creamy


    Lovely eye cream to hydrate and mask the eye. Feels lovely on the skin and works well AM and PM. Doesn't do a great deal more than hydrate, but would still recommend including in your skincare regimen!
  21. Rich eye cream


    Really nice rich overnight eye cream. It doesn’t migrate Into my eyes either. It’s a tiny jar but you only have to use a small amount. During these winter months I dab a bit to the under eye to top up during the day to keep the area hydrated. Lovely eye cream will purchase again.
  22. lovely and will last a year


    its a really large jar so it will last years to get through. It hydrates my under eyes and goes well under makeup
  23. Hydrating


    Didn't notice any long term effects but definitely hydrating and felt nice to apply as part of my routine.
  24. The most hydrating eye cream!


    I had really been struggling with dehydrated under eyes. My makeup was cracking everywhere and I constantly looked more tired (than usual). I have always used an eye cream, but this is the first one that has actually help with the dryness. I wish it had a few more anti aging benefits, but aside from that, I really can't complain. Fantastic product, 10/10.
  25. Best eye cream for hydration


    This is my all time favourite. If you're lacking hydration and want something to feel soothing on your eye area definately give it a try. Well priced as well, just wish adore would stock a bigger tub option.
  26. Unsure


    I used this for 3 months and I can’t say I was a huge fan. I
    found it a little too oily and not as hydrating. It seemed to sit on my skin more than soak it up. However my skin is oily so it may have been just not suited to my skin type.
  27. Creamy and hydrating


    Really nice eye cream
  28. Holy grail


    I ordered this in an attempt to finally commit to an eye cream. This year was when I finally got myself a proper skincare routine but I found that I just never really made the effort with eye cream - until I got this little jar of heaven! It's just as thick and creamy as the avocado would lead you to believe, it soaks in well and never makes my eyes sting (which was one of the reasons I always gav...
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  29. Super hydrating


    A really good hydrating eye cream. For the price it would be good to have an additional benefit but it’s great as an everyday eye cream.
  30. hydrating


    Hydrating, good base for makeup. you get a lot and dont need much. I have very dry under eyes so I'm enjoying the effect it gives
  31. Creamy and hydrating


    A very hydrating and moisturisig eye cream that does nourish and protect the fragile under eye area.
    Fine lines are nourished and look visibly less mined. Very rich and creamy, soaks in well, feels comfortable and smells great too.
  32. My most repurchased product!


    I've been buying this product for over 2 years now. It's hydrating and I really feel it helps to strengthen my under eye area. If I don't repurchase it in time, and go without it for a few days, I really notice the difference. Highly recommend!
  33. Beautiful eye cream- non irritating


    Beautiful hydrating eye cream. Creamy and luscious. Doesnt creap and irritate under the eyes. Best eye cream Ive used!
  34. Best eyecream for dry eyes!


    I love how hydrating this cream is! I have struggled to find an eye cream that is super hydrating but I am so happy that I found this. It's luscious and love that it doesn't sting the eyes either!
  35. Still not sure


    I saw a review online of this product so decided to try it for myself. I have never had an eye cream apart of my skincare so I am still unsure of what I think of it yet. It glides on really nice and you can tell it's on because it leaves a glossy film. I must say a little goes a long way! don't apply to close to your eye as it stung when I got it in my eye.
  36. Good for hydration under the eye


    This product does what it claim - hydrates the under eye area. It feels so creamy and lovely under the eye and I love how it does not migrate towards the eye. You only need a tiny amount and it goes a long way. I love this under make up as it helps my concealer looks much smoother. I recommend this for sensitive under eyes, or those looking for a hydrating eye cream.
  37. Unsure


    On the fence with this one. Been using it for 2 months now, once applied my dark circles are immediately reduced and the undereye area is brightened, but it feels like a temporary effect and within a few hours my dark circles are back. Not great for long-term results or firming of eye area but a good product to brighten under eyes in the morning.
  38. Hydrating and creamy


    I bought this to help with flakiness caused by an overreaction, and it worked well within a couple of weeks to restore moisture to the dry area. I dab a small amount on my fingertip to both eyes and it doesn't feel too oily or slick — a *little* goes a long way!

    Agree with the other reviews to not use during the daytime: it makes your makeup slide even with a primer applied over the c...
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  39. Thick and creamy


    This is very thick and creamy and takes a little while to settle into the skin. It provides a good amount of hydration. The pot is big so it lasts ages.
  40. Super hydrating


    I love this and it plumps up my under eye area instantly! A little goes a long way, but just make sure you rinse it off in the morning if you are putting makeup on otherwise your makeup won’t stick.
  41. The worst eye cream


    I had high hopes for this eye cream and did try a few times but gave up. This is the worst eye cream I’ve ever tried. It just sat on the skin and did not absorb at all. An awful texture too.
  42. Super hydrating and creamy


    Love the feel on the skin, very hydrating and perfect to sleep in. Your skin feels silky smooth with this on! Delicious!
  43. Not bad, not the best


    Hard to use - you have to take a small amount and really roll it in your palm to soften it before use. It got rave reviews from others, but I just didn't see the hype - I didn't notice it making much difference or being that hydrating.
  44. Very hydrating! - Sensitive/dry skin


    Great product. Been using this product for a week now and I've noticed a big difference. Keeps under eyes hydrated and feels very soft the next morning. Beautiful creamy texture. A little goes a long way! I use this product in my nighttime routine.
  45. Improves over time!


    The longer I use this product the more I see improvements in my eye area. I am so impressed by this product that I can continue to buy it again and again. It's defiantly worth a try!
  46. Emollient


    I bought this eye cream as a morning eye cream and to go over my nightly retinol eye serum. It’s very emollient and nice to apply. It sits on the skin a bit before sinking in, which I don’t mind. It does keep my under eyes moisturised but doesn’t do much more than that, and given the ingredients list it wouldn’t be fair to expect more. Probably a bit overpriced for what’s in it, but I like the fee...
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  47. Very hydrating


    Really gentle on the under eye area. It keeps my under eye area moisturized and soft. A cult product I always keep in my skin routine.
  48. Best eye cream around!


    I was skeptical of the rave reviews for this eye treatment/cream but I fell in love with it after just one use. Everything about it is dreamy. The texture, the smell, the fact that you only need the smallest amount. It made such a difference to my eyes, particularly on those tired days.
  49. Refreshed


    I’ve got sensitive skin and I’ve had no issues with this product, goes on lovely! The texture around my eyes has really softened.
  50. Rich


    Beautiful eye cream and pleasant scent. Very rich so I preferred it at night then to wear during the day, especially if you are wearing concealer.
  51. Nice and Gentle


    This eye cream is lovely and gentle and you notice a difference the first time you use it.
  52. The best eye cream


    I have used this on and off for years, but I always come back to it. Its the most beautiful eye cream. Best for those of us on the dryer side
  53. Rich Eye Cream


    This is a super rich, moisturising eye cream. I use it as part of my night time skin routine. I do however find it too heavy to use during the day as it takes a while to sink in to the skin.
  54. Pricy


    This is a littler pricy for how little product you get. It does work wonders but you can find other products that work just as good for cheaper.
  55. Good


    Good but wasn’t my favourite product. I found this gave me dark circles. However it gave my under eye good hydration.
  56. Super hydrating


    Great hydrating eye cream, almost turns into water when applied on the skin - I can't speak for its anti-aging benefits however i put this on top of an eye serum to lock it all in. A little really goes a long way!
  57. Great rich moisturising eye cream


    This is a great eye cream. I have early signs of aging abd as I get into winter those signs seem to increase.
    However this eye cream is so rich and moisturising it really helps to make the eye area hydrated and more youthful looking.
    It also has a light colour and this helps to brighten the under eye area as well.
    I have oily / combination skin, and despite the richness of thi...
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  58. Lovely and creamy


    A very nice eyecream, thick and nourishing, totally hydrating, and absorbs in quickly. My husbands loves this too, smells good and gets rid of fine lines.
  59. Extremely hydrating

    Bridget B

    This is an extremely hydrating eye cream, however it can feel a little bit heavy because it is so hydrating. Would not recommend unless you need lots of hydration.
  60. Good for your 20s


    I think this is a good way to start using anti-ageing products, in your late 20s.. Easy start to the skin near the eyes. Rub product between fingers until it becomes runny and feels like water (slimy like real avocados!) and then apply.
  61. Love!


    I love this eye cream! its super hydrating but soaks in quite nicely. I apply it quite early as it does take about 5-10 minutes to fully soak in before applying my foundation otherwise I notice my mascara can run throughout the day if I don't wait for it to soak in. It's worth the wait! Waiting for my current eye cream to finish so I can hurry up and repurchase this one!
  62. Creamy and Hydrating


    A really nice, gentle eye cream. As it says it is creamy - quite thick, but absorbs well and is hydrating.
  63. Brighter eyes


    diminishes dark circles and hydrated around my eyes.
    Nice and pliable consistency and a jar lasts a long time- great value for money
  64. Such a great eye cream


    My friend let me have his sample size jar and I’m obsessed. My under eye area is more firm and hydrated and is getting better every time I apply. Great eye cream great price!
  65. Nice creamy texture


    I love the creaminess of this eye treatment, however, I find that sometimes it can be hard to absorb/ rub in, compared to other eye creams. I haven't noticed a huge improvement with dark circles (probably my biggest concern), but my under eye area is definitely softer and more hydrated than before. I also notice that my eye puffiness is slightly reduced.


    The early signs of ageing have been cruel on the dark circles that now ever-so-unpleasantly grace my under eyes. Being a boy, I can't always get away with wearing concealer, so this cream has been a lifesaver! My only criticism is that the fragrance is very overwhelming, though I did expect that from such a vitamin rich creme. Will definitely continue using this product and will likely restock it ...
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  67. Love this


    This is the second pot of Keihl's that I have purchased. I use it in the mornings after an eye serum and before make-up and it keeps my under-eyes juiced up for the day. I think it is a touch overpriced though
  68. Excellent


    I found this eye cream really luxurious to apply. Feels nice and hydrating. A little goes a long way:
  69. Amazing


    I was really amazed by this, it’s 100% my new favourite eye creme! I can’t recommend it more.
    It goes on thicker, and keeps my eye area hydrated and happy all day and night.
    I noticed a visible improvement immediately after applying it the first time! Plus with that price tag I’m a fan
  70. So moisturising!

    Elle H

    Love this for winter or when my eyes are a bit dry. Super moisturising and absorbs well. Wears beautifully under makeup!
  71. Solid hydrating eye cream


    This is a solid hydrating eye cream. It's very thick, so it's best for anyone that suffers from dryness under the eyes. However, it doesn't really provide any benefits beyond hydration.
  72. Great Product


    This is really nice. Quite thick but sinks in well. Have found it good in all seasons. Lasts such a long time too.
  73. Good for cold weather


    It’s moisture enough for winters but in hot weathers, it’s too thick. Not a good option to wear under eye makeups
  74. Thick and creamy!


    The eye cream is expensive for size of product but it is super thick and luscious on application. This product should last months and is super satisfying on application. I have noticed good improvement around my eye and recommend this!
  75. it works well to reduce fine line but gradually


    You would definitely not see some instant result for fine lines, but it is very hydrating even after first application.
  76. Hydrating


    This is the only cream I have ever repurchased. It is thick and very moisturising but does not help at all with fine lines. It also does not sit well under makeup as it is quite greasy and does not fully absorb. On the plus side, it does not clog my pores.
  77. Thick and luxurious!


    I love this product! It is thick and luxurious, and gives your eye area a massive surge of moisture! Leaving your skin plump and hydrated :)
  78. Nice hydrating eye-cream


    This eye-cream is nice and keeps my under nice and plump and it's not too heavy for underneath make up.
  79. Great


    This is a very moisturising eye cream and my eye area is left supple and soft
  80. Lovely Eye Cream


    I have had this in my cart for ages and finally decided to get it after seeing many reviews online and in a beauty Facebook group. It didn't disappoint, it is highly moisturizing, it sinks in quickly and my eye area is much more hydrated now which is what I wanted.
  81. Nice but not my favourite


    This is a nice under eye cream. It is quite hydrating, however it does not do much for fine lines. It is very creamy and very thick, almost too thick for my eyes as I found after almost finishing the bottle it gave me a few milia. Probably would not repurchase because of this.
  82. Hydrating delight!


    I used this product during winter and found it so hydrating! I struggle to find an eye cream that I see a difference with but I really liked this one.
  83. Absolutely love this eye cream


    I've been shopping around for an eye cream for as long as I can remember. I found this recently and have been absolutely thrilled with the results. I don't think it's had much effect on my under eye circles, but it certainly minimises the appearance of fine lines around my eye area. It's also a brilliant primer for makeup - it helps me apply under eye concealer without it looking too artificial...
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  84. Very moisrurising


    Quite thick, but easy to apply. A little goes a long way! Feels cooliing (I keep it in the drudge) and very moisturising. Helped a little with dark circles, but not massively.
  85. Can’t live without this product


    So I’ve used this eye cream for the past month or so and I’ve noticed a difference in the smoothness of my skin under my eyes. It’s less drying and applying concealer is noticeably less creasing. It glides on more smoothly. I love this product!
  86. Not good


    This did not help with fine lines at all. This hydrates the under eye area but it did not last long on my skin. It is way too expensive with small size for what it doesn't do. There are better and cheaper eye creams out there.
  87. One of my faves


    This ranks in my top 5 favourite eye creams. It’s really rich and hydrating and doesn’t migrate into my eyes. I like to put it on nice and thick at night and use about half as much during the day. And as eye creams go, it’s pretty affordable.
  88. Fantastic eye cream


    It moisturizes, soaks in quickly, provides a great base for my concealer, doesn't make my liner or shadow migrate, doesn't make my concealer cake or crack. The smell is subtle and non offensive
  89. Small and expensive


    This is my first eye cream product and haven't really thinking of getting one but purchased this one because it is a popular one. It is expensive for the size but you only need a little bit to apply under the eye before bed time.
  90. Best eye cream


    Best eye cream to use at night. So hydrating and really brightens the under eye area. Lost a star because it has 3 different types of parabens which is unnecessary. I wish I had read the ingredients before purchasing the product.
  91. Very creamy and soothing eye cream


    My skin is prone to eczema, irritation and redness especially around my eyelids where it can easily get red and flakey. This cream is good in the sense that it locks in moisture and is especially good for when I put medicated ointment underneath it and it helps lock it in. During the time I don't have a flareup, it acts well in being very creamy and good for my sensitive eyes. My eyes are also pro...
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  92. Good but heavy


    This is great for dry sensitive eye area but it can be heavy and look greasy so I never wear this in the daytime. I leave it for when my eye area is very dry as it works a treat!
  93. Hydrating


    I have been using this for over a year and still love it. It is hydrating and nourishing, and very affordable for the amount in the tub.
  94. Buttery soft


    Lovely soft eye cream that fixed my horrendously dry skin around my eyes. Unfortunately not the miracle product that reduces fine lines but if you're looking tired or dry around the eyes this is the one for you
  95. Softer and plumper skin


    I love this product! It applies so smoothly and feels so fresh with the avocado feel. I wake up with fresher smoother and, plumper eyes.
  96. Nourishing!


    I’ve been using this eye cream for about a year now and will continue to use! It’s super nourishing and makes my eyes/skin feel really soft! It has helped with darkness under my eyes as well as my eyes look plump in the morning when I wake up. I’ve got my mum onto it now!!
  97. Really nourishing... but gave me milia.


    I loves how this nourished my undereye area. It’s super thick, so I only applied it at nighttime and I really like how it felt. Unfortunately I started to get little white raised lumps under my eyes, so I had to stop using it.
  98. Quality eye cream


    This eye cream is really hydrating and perfect to wear under makeup. The only downside is that it has increased in price a couple times within a short period of time.
  99. Super lush!


    It's quite thick but taps out to a smooth serum texture. Smells great and my skin loves it!
  100. Pleasantly surprised


    I received a sample of this and was pleasantly surprised. The initial texture is quite thick, however it moves to a serum / liquidy texture after dabbing around. I find an initial brightness with this that I wasn't expecting (given there's no shiny particles - which I really don't like in eye creams, it feels like cheating!). It wore well under makeup - no pilling - and hydrated my under eye area ...
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