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Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution 30ml 30ml

4.2 of 77 reviews


4 instalments of $22.00

Or 4 instalments of $22.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $22.00

Or 4 instalments of $22.00 with LEARN MORE

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Looking to combat dark spots and pigmentation? Look no further. The Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution is a highly-efficacious serum that minimises the appearance of dark spots over time.

What customers say

GREAT - 76% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Questions & Answers

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Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution 30ml

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution 30ml

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Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution 30ml Reviews

4.2 of 77 reviews

76% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

dark spots gone


this solution really helped to clear up residual acne scars for me. Will continue to repurchase

Most Helpful Criticism

no results as yet


i got it like 2 weeks ago. have been using every night but no reduction in the red spots left after acne i was trying to get rid off. i think they might have gotten light but just 1% and that is not kind of results i was expecting an $84 bottle to do. but i am going to keep using it to see if it works. maybe if i use it in the morning too that might help. the consistency is great and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.
  1. dark spots gone


    this solution really helped to clear up residual acne scars for me. Will continue to repurchase
  2. Didn’t work at all


    This didn’t work at all.. I used it with the moisturiser too from the same range and still it didn’t do anything. I used it for a fair few weeks before ditching it. Try some other product this wont work on the dark spots
  3. Very good


    I use it to help me reduce black acne marks. I think this is very effective. And its texture is very moisturizing and will not cause acne.
  4. Basic serum


    This empties way quicker than I expected because it is so thin and watery. I purchased it to fade hyperpigmentation but not so sure it did anything. Probably wouldn't repurchase because it feels like a basic serum.
  5. good


    Like a regular essence, it's a clear flowing liquid that's a little thick.Even skin color, acne prints, whitening effect is very good!It is almost the use of the next day to get up and feel the face glossy, the face is really out of oil, skin color is really brightened.
  6. kiehl's dark spot serum


    this serum has helped to fade my dark spots over a few weeks, so impressed! I like that it doesn't feel heavy and just soaks into my skin easily
  7. Really brightens skin!


    I bought this serum and the clearly corrective moisture treatment at the same time and used them together! The serum really absorbs well and smells quite nice too. I used it at night and found it quite hydrating, when I woke up in the morning I was definitely noticing my skin was much brighter and complexion much more even.
    Very expensive but I will buy again as I saw results-and I dare say...
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  8. Love it so far


    I have some acne scars, from a 4 year long struggle with acne and I was defently suffering from them regarding my self esteem without makeup. After I had gotten it I read some reviews that scared my a little, about how it's gonna make me break out and not work and blah blah blah. Nothing like that happened. In addition to dermarolling one a month, I use the serum every night and have already noti...
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  9. Less Pimple Scarring


    I first tried a sample of this product before buying as it is on the more expensive side for a serum (for me anyway). I've found that after using it in conjunction with a Vitamin C Serum, my pimple scarring from picking/squeezing on my chin has really improved. The spots aren't as dark and noticeable and my skin looks more even. Would highly recommend making the investment in this serum!
  10. no results as yet


    verified purchaser
    i got it like 2 weeks ago. have been using every night but no reduction in the red spots left after acne i was trying to get rid off. i think they might have gotten light but just 1% and that is not kind of results i was expecting an $84 bottle to do. but i am going to keep using it to see if it works. maybe if i use it in the morning too that might help. the consistency is great and it doesn't ir...
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  11. Noticeable results


    Love this whole range, and this product. I have noticed my skin is brighter and have experienced a noticeable lightening of the pigmentation/sun damage on my cheeks after using this product, along with the moisturiser and toner. I have used quite a few different products to try and reduce pigmentation/brighten, and this is in my top two. It's a good price compared to some of them - I will definite...
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  12. Overall good product


    This is the third time I have bought this product. I use it for general dark spots especially acne scars and marks. It does take some time and patience to see the effect but it is worth the price for what it is advertised. The texture is not sticky and soothes into the skin quite quickly. The smell is decent. My overall experience is good and I would continue to use this product.
  13. Lightened pigmentation


    I received this as a sample and found subtle results, in that it lightened some of my pigmentation (i have combination, acne prone skin). It did feel oily on the skin, but absorbed well. It is a good brightening product and a little goes a long well.
  14. Amazing product


    I have a lot of acne scarring and this is amazing for brightening and clearing my overall complexion. I wear it at night and notice brighter and clearer skin in the morning. It is very pricey but a little goes a long way and it works well, feels lovely on and my skin just absorbs it.
  15. Impressive


    I have a stubborn dark spot on my forehead and I only started using it a few days ago but I feel like it has already helped. Can't wait to see what happens after a few more weeks.
  16. best value anti dark spot product!


    I've been used this product for about 4.5 years, absolutely love it and I did get other whitening and anti dark spot stuff, but Kiehl’s made best value with only $84! It works so well on me for the marks and yellowness! Love it! And it’s very friendly for sensitive skin too!
  17. Amazing


    This has helped my acne scars get lighter quicker. Great product but a bit expensive
  18. Lovely texture


    I really liked using this serum. I'm not sure how effective it was on existing dark spots but it definitely helped reduce the darkness of new post-acne spots. I particularly liked the texture, a few drops spread easily over my entire face. I'll repurchase this when I run out of my current vitamin c serum.
  19. Okay


    Me and my sister use it at the same time for treat some acne scars. We saw some of them fade around 2 weeks after. But then stop. The smell is quite strong.
  20. Very good


    I started using this on my acne scars. I noticed that when I started using this, the dark spots actually went away in just a few days! It's almost as if I never had those acne spots in the first place!
  21. Best brightening product I've used


    This is the best brightening serum I've ever used. It's cleared up dark spots on my face that I've been trying to brighten for ages.
  22. didn't do much for me


    it is gentle on the skin and does not irritate or dries my skin out. however, i have not noticed the dark spots getting light on my face.
  23. Nice but yet to see results


    I've been using this on and off for a few weeks and can say it has a nice texture that absorbs well and doesn't irritate sensitive skin. However, I have yet to really see any dark spot fading or brightening
  24. Feel bright


    I don't like the smell only, but the feeling is good when I apply it on the face.
  25. Skin Brightening


    I have gone through two bottles of the serum. It does a great job at brightening my skin. Unlike any other vitamin C that I have tried, this serum does not oxidize and stay clear. Nevertheless, it does nothing for my acne scar and pigmentation.
  26. is not miracle in a night, but it works


    I buy it to help the dark spot under my acne, is not a miracle happen over night, but it works after 3 -4 weeks,
  27. Takes time to fade


    I got this product in hopes of getting rid of acne scarring, and boy did it work. It took a few weeks (2-3) for me to see a notable change. This product also faded some of my freckles and sunspots. This has become one of the products that I always have on my shelf! The price is a bit much but I think it is worth it.
  28. no bad


    I cant see any brightening effect or reduce pigmentation as yet, but skin overall does look good overnight
  29. I don't think its doing anything


    It smells good, but I don't see any immediate changes. I'll use the whole bottle see how it goes but probably wont buy again
  30. Made a slight change to dark circles under my eyes


    I used this in an attempt to lighten dark spots under my eyes. It's made a bit of a difference but not as much as I wanted. Not sure I'd invest in it again.
  31. hydrating


    not too sure about the whitening effect but it's very hydrating, skin looks awesome in the morning and after applying.
  32. Seems to be working


    I have only just started using this product & it does seem to be working on the dark spots on my face. One in particular looks noticeably lighter. The product is light & non sticky or greasy & absorbs well.
  33. Amazing serum


    I got result only one week, it was awesome serum and my dark spots are so nearly gone. Thank you so much.
  34. Did nothing for pigmentation


    My skin is combination, dehydrated skin and I have scars from acne. This did not do anything for that.
  35. No results so far


    I had high hopes for this serum as i have issues with pigmentation. I've been using it on only half of my face to see if there was any difference but after 2 months i can't notice any improvement. It does have a nice light texture though with no stickiness. I'm willing to persist and give it the benefit of the doubt because i know sometimes these things take a while to be effective.
  36. Works well on dark spots


    Works really well on my dark spots and is starting to work well on my hyperpigmentation on my forehead
  37. I think it’s working... but not 100% sold yet


    I’ve been using it for over a month now. Because I use it with a lot of other products and only use this in the morning I’m not sure if it is as Effective as it could be. I see that my dark spots a lightening but it is also winter at the moment. However I will continue to use it and hopefully see some more Positive changes as some of the spots I have a quite dark and have been there for years.
  38. I can definitely see improvement


    have been using for just on a week on a few pigmentation marks on my cheek bone / under eye area and upper lip. The product is clear and goes on well. I really push it into the dark areas and allow it to dry well before the next product goes on. Im super nervous that I will drop the bottle as it is probably the most expensive skin care item i have bought! But the area is lightening already after 1...
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  39. Very good


    I used a sample I received for a few days. Upon applying I could see the results immediately. It lighten my scars and my skin left cleaner and was glowing. Only draw back is how liquidy the serum is, so you end up using more than required
  40. Lovely serum


    This is a beautiful light serum that I use morning and night. It really helps brighten the skin, but by itself it hasn't really lightened my old acne scars. However I've been using in conjunction with other products and home peels and overall it helps keep my skin tone even and overall I like the effect. It doesn't leave any sticky residue and works well under my makeup.
  41. Good but I'm not sold


    I love the Brand Kiehls and their products are pretty good. I tried this in the hope to lessen skin pigmentation along my jaw line. However it really didn't do much. feels great on the skin and makes it nice and soft, but my pigmentation was still there after a few months of using it every day.
  42. Love it


    A clear serum that absorbs quickly. I apply 2 drops of the serum all over my face day and night after toner and essence. I find using patting motion is best with the serum as it doesn't pull the skin. It's only been about 2 weeks since I started using it but I really like the texture and the brightness of the skin. I normally layer 2 serums then follow with a moisturiser. Too early to comment on d...
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  43. Skin tone has improved


    I have bad pigmentation around my mouth and a few sun spots on my cheeks. I have tried various things with no real results. I have been using this twice a day for two months with the clearly corrective cream and while there hasn't been much improvement in the pigmentation, my overall skin tone has improved. It smells nice and doesn't sting or feel drying. I have reordered to see if there is any fu...
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  44. Great brand but dark spots not really removed


    I do love Kiehl's brand and use their creams and serums etc but this product doesn't really lighten dark spots. I'm in my 40s with fair Australian skin that has some sun spots, freckles and pigmentation. I have used this for between 6-8months and even though it makes my skin feel lovely, it doesn't really remove skin pigmentation or even lighten it.
  45. Better than most other vitamin c products I've used


    They claim activated c as their potent source of vitamin c. Potent true but long lasting not really. Having said that, it works and that's what matters for me. Just keep it in a cool and dark place and you'll be fine
  46. Helped my skin pigment


    This is quite good! My skin pigmentation has gone down a lot. Really nice.
  47. Great


    I have combination skin type. I have been using this solution for a month and I have saw some positive results. My dark spot has lighten and my skin looks brighter than before. Definitely will repurchase this product.
  48. works well


    I've tried it on a number of dark spots. So far it's worked well, nothing amazing but I'm hoping with time, they'll clear completely!
  49. Face saver!


    In the last few months, I had been breaking it out in sore and itchy pimples around my nose and chin which I thought might be eczema. I tried cortisone cream, I started using all of my skin product regime again (I dropped the ball a bit) - nothing worked.
    I got a sample of this and within 3 days, they all started clearing. my face looks and feels better!
  50. Less than impressed


    Based on the reviews, I really thought this product would help clear my acne scars but after using twice a day for over a month I've only noticed a very small decrease in pigmentation. Will finish the bottle as it doesn't seem to cause breakouts and has a nice light consistency but considering the price, I won't be repurchasing.
  51. Hello Glow


    I have truly seen a difference in my skins since using this product. It's clearer, brighter and helps clear up any flare ups quickly. This is going to remain a part of my daily routine.
  52. Not for me


    I received this product as a sample and I have used it for a week. I have not noticed any changes to my skin in that time that would convince me to purchase this product.
  53. definitely think its working

    perfecting skin

    i feel like it is working and my dark spots are diminishing. it is so light and it is great for sensitive skin. you would not even feel you are wearing it. it is a bit runny though so you have to work with it fast
  54. Fades dark spots


    This solution really does have some effect on inhibiting dark spots. I've noticed a change in under 2 weeks! The solution sinks in nicely to the skin and doesn't feel uncomfortable
  55. Spots be gone


    I can actually think this is helping with my dark spots
  56. Great for hydration & dark spots!


    I have dry sensitive uneven skin & have been using this product for years now. Hydrates, evens out skin tone/blemishes and diminishes dark spots.
    It does exactly what it says and worth every penny!
    I went without it for a while when I ran out and it made a difference to my skin. This here is almost a magic serum! My skin is flawless after using it religiously!
  57. Great to remove acne scarring


    I received a sample of this and loved it so much I bought a full size. Even while using the sample size, I saw results - my dark spots from acne scarring had faded away. This product obviously doesn’t prevent new pimples from coming, but has become a staple for me to make sure they don’t leave a mark!
  58. Amazing product


    My skin just love this.. keep your skin hydrated and soft. Definitely recommend this.
  59. Nice product


    Almost 3/4 through my bottle and I like it. I have hormonal nd acne blemish scars which I couldn’t budge. Use this at night in conjunction with Paula’s Choice AHA and my skin has improved so much. Just a nice addition to my skin care routine.
  60. Pigmentation lightened!!


    I have used a full bottle of this product and I have seen a noticeable difference in my acne scars and pigmentation around my mouth. My skin has brightened up as well. Nice product
  61. Great product but my bottle leaks


    I've noticed lightening in some spots on my face but I took this on a trip overseas and found it leaking everywhere when on its side!

    I would tighten it closed but once on its side it would loosen and leak! My bottle was 3/4 full when I left, now its only about 1/10 full. :( .

    Would definitely transfer to a different bottle for travel. So sad because it is quite pric...
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  62. Lovely Product


    very lightweight, absorbs fast and see the result quickly. Already recommended to my sis....absolutely will buy again.
  63. Lovely product


    I bought this product after noticing some pigmentation on my skin. While I have definitely noticed an improvement in overall skin tone and complexion, I haven't noticed a dramatic reduction in pigmentation - however I do think it has helped - I've used half the bottle so far - I use it day and night and although a little expensive the bottle is lasting a long time - so good value. I don't think an...
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  64. I used one week, not sure about the function


    Some spot near my eyes, so I bought this one. I just used 1 week to now, no idea if it works. But I’m stilll hope it work
  65. Didn’t see results


    I have a few superficial dark marks however with continued use I did not see any results after three weeks using it twice per day. It is an oil and therefore did not absorb quickly into the skin. Disappointing, will not repurchase.
  66. Brightens and clarifies


    Helped fade my post pregnancy pigmentation to the point where I now just use a tinted moisturiser and no longer need to conceal! I saw results within the two week mark. Be patient and consistent - you will eventually notice a difference.

    TIP: Pat onto the areas you want to fade/lighten.
  67. One of my must haves


    I have truly seen a difference in my skins since using this product. It's clearer, brighter and helps clear up any flare ups quickly. This is going to remain a part of my daily routine.
  68. two in 1


    On my second bottle now, use both day and night after cleansing and toning. When I started I did notice that it lightened up my pigmentation and brightened up my skin by making it more even skin toned. I stopped for a bit while trying another product and recently started using again, has not disappointed me as it had once lighten up my pigmentation and even out my skin tone
  69. Effective & affordable Vitamin C serum!


    I've been using this product for over two weeks & have noticed a significant difference to my skin's radiance. Dark pigmentation around my eye area has been evened out & overall my skin looks brighter. It has a very pleasant, unoffensive scent, absorbs quickly without feeling tacky & a little goes a long way. This bottle will last me for ages but I will definitely be repurchasing!
  70. Holy grail


    I literally drench my entire face in this!! It smells like lavender and is like a watery/gel texture and has lightened my red acne scars that I’ve been trying to get rid of since high school, I will seriously never not use this it’s freakin AMAZINGGGGGG
  71. Notice a difference


    I've noticed a difference from using this just in 2 weeks. Old scars are less visible already
  72. Wow Great Product


    I have very old acne scars on my neck. I've tried other dark spot removers and they never really faded or did anything. I got a small sample size of this and I'm only halfway through the tiny bottle and the spots are gone. I also had redness on my cheek and chin and those are considerably faded as well. I don't understand how it works so fast and so well. It's not like I haven't tried this with ot...
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  73. Noticed change


    I received a sample of this and in the week I was using it, I really did see a small change to the dark circles under my eyes. I have now repurchased it and look forward to seeing ongoing improvements.
    A small amount of this goes a long way so it’s great value for money
  74. This actually works

    RJHH via kiehls.com.au

    Ok, I’m not being silly, but my skin has never, EVER, looked this good. Seriously. My hyperpigmentation improved dramatically, after like 2 weeks.
  75. Amazing serum

    Paro via kiehls.com.au

    I bought this almost a month ago and could notice my spots lightening within few days. It has done wonders on my skin and I would definitely purchase it again.
  76. Amazing

    karissma20 via kiehls.com.au

    I have been battling with my skin for few years, I have oily, acne prone, cystic acne, I went to dermatologist twice and my skin was the same, since I am using this product I see my skin 90% better, still have some dark spots but nothing major, and also I have been using just about 1 month and a half! will purchase again and again, lovely product!
  77. This does work!

    Guilia via kiehls.com.au

    I purchased this product about 3 weeks ago and have noticed a big difference. I thought it may be just another product that makes false promises, but I must say I am very happy to be proven wrong. I never write reviews on products, I am writing this because this product does exactly what it says it will. I can not recommend this product enough. I love it. Thank you so much Kiehl's.
  78. Leaves my skin smooth and soft

    AnnieYT via kiehls.com.au

    I only started using this product a few days ago but I just had to do a review on this. As I mentioned just a few days in so all my dark spots are not corrected yet but did see them fade quite a bit (I have dark spots from monthly breakouts which take long time to heal). I love the texture of this serum and it surprised me a bit as I expected it to be an oil serum but it is instead a gel like seru...
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