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Kiehl's Buttermask 14ml

4.5 of 60 reviews


4 instalments of $9.50

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4 instalments of $9.50

Or 4 instalments of $9.50 with LEARN MORE

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An overnight lip treatment mask that treats your lips with the generosity they deserve. Kiehl's Buttermask For Lips helps to restore your lip’s moisture barrier to help leave your lips soft and hydrated the next day. With a nourishing formula that features both Fair Trade Coconut Oil and Wild Mango Butter, this is the perfect lip treatment for distressed and dehydrated lips.

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Kiehl's Buttermask 14ml Reviews

4.5 of 60 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Dry lips be gone!


This product is amazing! I use a small amount as it is thick before I go to bed and I wake up with soft, hydrated lips. I super love this for the winter months or being in the wind as they can be healed overnight. Lasts a while as a little bit goes a long way and I have no issue repurchasing this again.

Most Helpful Criticism



Don't know what I was thinking purchasing a $35 lip mask. Product is nice, packaging is nice however not sure that it is worth that cost. Has a light chocolate/coconut taste.
Unlikely to purchase again given the cost
  1. Dry lips be gone!


    This product is amazing! I use a small amount as it is thick before I go to bed and I wake up with soft, hydrated lips. I super love this for the winter months or being in the wind as they can be healed overnight. Lasts a while as a little bit goes a long way and I have no issue repurchasing this again.
  2. The only thing that works


    verified purchaser
    I suffer from severe dry lips in winter and summer. No matter how much water I drink, I always get chapped lips. The buttermask is the only thing that works! Although pricey, it's worth it as it lasts for ages. I use it at night and also as a regular lip balm. I recently purchased my second pot. I can't get enough of this product - highly recommend!
  3. Overpriced


    Overpriced lip balm. Does the job like any other nothing special. The balm is particularly hard to get out of the tub so have to melt it a bit with the finger first to get any. Would not purchase again. Lanolips a better alternative
  4. Plump and hydrated


    verified purchaser
    I use this at night before bed and I wake up with hydrated, plump lips. Works so much better than Chapstick! Love the buttery texture and coconut smell.
  5. Good

    Regi K

    Love this product. Used this before bed and my lips always look hydrated and plump the next day.
  6. Meh


    verified purchaser
    Don't know what I was thinking purchasing a $35 lip mask. Product is nice, packaging is nice however not sure that it is worth that cost. Has a light chocolate/coconut taste.
    Unlikely to purchase again given the cost
  7. If you suffer from dry lips, you need this!

    Al Cris

    I wear this at night and wake up with the most hydrated and plump lips! Loving it so far!
  8. Stick with it and it's actually great


    When I initially tried this as an overnight mask every so often I didn't think it was doing much so I gave up. But my Mum also has one and told me it was great. So I've recently given it another go, applying every night as my final step before bed. And I really like it! I've noticed that despite the cold weather I don't have to apply lip balm as much during the day. My lips are not dry and flaky a...
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  9. Finally smooth luscious lips

    Missy Lulu

    verified purchaser
    I don't know why I have struggled with dry and cracked lips for so long. I generally don't find lip balms are that effective. Then I discovered this mask for lips. I only apply it at night ..... and that enough. Even though it is now near the end of Winter, I have glided through these cold months (and Covid Iso) without a single hint of a cracked lip. Forget lip balm ....... instead use a lip mask...
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  10. The best for my lips


    verified purchaser
    Every night I apply the product in my lips and I don’t need to re-apply until the morning. I feel my lips soft after used it.
  11. Love


    Even with the big price tag I still love this balm, I use it during the day too. It’s light, non sticky, yet soothing and stays on for awhile.
  12. ok....


    I dont mind this lip balm, but I dont think its anything special though as a mask. I have to always reapply, actually think lanolips works way better.
  13. Good but too expensive


    I love Kiehl's but this product is really pushing the limits of that love. The quality is exactly what you'd expect from the brand, but the price for this type of product is really tough to stomach. If you are like me and adore Kiehl's then you'll find a way to justify the purchase as I did, and you'll be satisfied, but if you're after a good lip balm then there's many out there that will achieve ...
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  14. Nice but not worth the $$$


    I purchased this when the Nuxe Reve de Miel was unavailable, hoping that it would be as good or better at this price point. Unfortunately I was disappointed. It has a similar, slightly firmer, texture but does not last on the lips like the Nuxe balm does. You need to use more of it to have the same effect. I like it but I don’t love it. I would definitely not repurchase at this price.
  15. Best lip balm


    I use this Before bed at night and After makeup in the morning. It is so nice and moisturising. I have tried many lip balms as I’ve been using them at night for over 10 years and this is def one of my new faves. It puts a nice thin creamy layer of balm on your lips that is a little shiny for the morning too! And leaves them feeling more moisturised.
  16. very moisturising


    This is incredible! Smells so yummy and my lips are always hydrated when i’m using it regularly
  17. Perfect!


    Initially, I was hesitant due to the price, but the good reviews convinced me to give it a try. Only using it at night, it’s good value for money as one tub lasts for months! It has a lovely consistency and feels so lush, and definitely left my lips soft in the morning.

    I recently started using isotretinoin, and my lips have been so dry! My regular lip balm wasn’t cutting it any mo...
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  18. Beats all my other lip balms


    This is now my favourite lip balm. I don’t just use it at night before bed, I use it all the time. Super moisturising and buttery. I suffer from dry lips often and this gets a 10/10. I haven’t had dry lips since.
  19. LOVE


    This has changed my lip life. I work in the aviation industry, and being in the air and in aircraft a lot is so drying on my skin. My lips always seem to take the worse hit. I started just using it at night and was so stoked at how soft and plump my lips felt in the morning. Now i have started taking it to work and using it as a balm in flight. It is a brilliant investment.
  20. Super hydrated lips

    Nicola B

    Gorgeous, light and gentle lip exfoliator which I use before bed every night. Lovely soft scent/flavour and leaves lip feeling super hydrated and nourished. No lip residue or tacky/sticky feeling which I find with other lip treatment products. Will definitely re-purchase when I run out.
  21. Absolute lip saver!!!


    Light and minimal needed to achieve the perfect coat on your lips
    My lips already feel softer
  22. Hydrating and fresh


    It does what it says - instantly hydrates dry, chapped lips. Love it!
  23. Works wonders overnight


    Winter lips have set in and this really helps keep dryness at bay overnight. I use it with my kids too. A little goes a long way, so despite the pricetag and small tub, it lasts a really long time.
  24. Luxurious


    I like the buttery texture of this (hence the name), and in the morning my lips feel nice and smooth after applying it at night. I still probably prefer Laneige or Nuxe lip masks, especially since they are less expensive, but the Buttermask is a solid product.
  25. smooooothhhhh caramel


    i have really enjoyed putting this on at night. makes my lips so smooth but still a little chapped even after a whole week of usage
  26. It is ok

    Hannah Anthonia

    Despite the price it's not bad value for money as it's only meant to be used once a day before bed and only a teeny smear is needed. So I think with the intended use it would last for a very long time.
    Normal lip balms are between 3ml to 5ml with the last few mils hard to get out of the tube (I have a small container of remnants I've removed from the spin tubes of lip balm that I'll melt in...
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  27. Literally soft as butter


    This lip mask feels super luxurious to apply and I love how quickly it sinks into the lips. I usually prefer something that feels a bit heavier as I'm an accidental mouth breather during sleep, but this mask does do as promised and keeps my lips hydrated despite my best efforts to breathe it all off
  28. Love it but bit pricey

    Love this lip balm

    This is a really nice feel on my lips I have extremely dry lips and they're also wrinkled. I don't just use it at night I use it thought the day and it's long lasting.
    I don't think it has reduced the wrinkles on my lips but it has helped with dryness.
    4 starts cos of the price. I'd buy it again if it wasn't that expensive.
  29. nice


    very nice lip balm, softens lips instantly
  30. Very nice


    I've tried many lip products & masks for very dry sensitive lips which sometimes need steroid cream.
    I'm very happy with this lip mask, although as well as night I use it during the day, it has no particular taste, but a smooth buttery feel as a moisturiser. it is helping me for sure, one of the better lip products on the market.
  31. Nice texture

    Beauty Lover

    This lip mask has a nice, buttery texture (I personally don't like lip products with a tacky finish) that sinks in with time - probably best suited to bed time use. It has a slightly odd (but not unpleasant) smell which I got used to after a few applications. It did a decent job of hydrating my lips but isn't the most effective product I've ever used - however, this will obviously differ dependin...
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  32. Good


    This is a nice thick lip mask that melts into the skin and is very hydrating. l apply this at night and it keeps my lips soft and hydrated preventing rough skin and cracking. A little bit goes a long way so the small pot should last quite a long time.
  33. Essential for those with naturally big lips


    This just makes better what genetics has already blessed us with! This will be from now on, my night lip balm as it just preps my lips beautifully for the morning.
  34. So good overnight


    I wear this to bed so my lips don't dry out. It feels good on and isn't greasy. It's expensive, but I've been using it for months and barely made a dent in it.
  35. Great!


    Love the brand. Great product. After first use my lips were so soft and hydrated!
  36. Very good


    This buttermask really does feel buttery in a good way (not greasy, that is). It's ideal for winter and nighttime, as it deeply moisturises my lips. I prefer it to a lot of other overnight lip masks. A bit pricey but it does what it's supposed to.
  37. wonderful product


    when lips are especially dry I use this as night in a thick layer and wake up to soft nourished lips like you wouldn't believe! so good
  38. Perfect!


    I have been using this for 3 days so far with Lanolips throughout the day as well and my dry peeling lips are so much softer! Can’t believe how fast it’s working! So good!
  39. Very Nice


    I really like this lip balm. I use it every night and it instantly makes my lips feel nice. I'm prone to very dry and uncomfortable lips and at first I was going to write that I hadn't noticed any improvements or change in my lips, however I realised that they haven't been feeling so dry every day like they used to. So maybe it's due to this product? It is expensive, so I'll have to see how strong...
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  40. Worth the price tag


    The reviews under this product mention that this product is expensive however I find that it’s worth the price tag. I tried this product after being disappointed with the overated Laneige sleeping lip mask and this is SO much better. I suffer from dry flaky lips and after 2 days my dry lips were COMPLETELY gone. My holy grail lip mask.
  41. Hydration to the max


    Got this as a gift and loved the results! I used it twice a week during winter and found my lips stayed hydrated and plump throughout this period! Would absolutely recommend this product.
  42. Helps chapped lips


    I apply this nightly as my last step and always wake with nourished healthy lips! It also smells delicious!
  43. Best


    Unreal product, my lips are slowly getting better with every wear. When you put it on it taste like coco pops. It’s an amazing product.
  44. Nourishing


    I use this just before bed I wake up with soft lips ready for matte lipstick. I also use this as a lip balm and it’s the only one I find that doesn’t feel like I need to reapply over and over again. Perfect for dry winter lips
  45. Great on the lips


    Great product - bit over priced for a lippy though. Works well and replenishes dry skin.
  46. Essential


    Big fan of this product! My dry lips stay moisturised and protected from the harsh environment, leaving them feeling smooth and soft. Nice consistency too.
  47. Overnight wonder


    I bought this as a bit of a 'let's try', but am so happy with the results. I use overnight, and have such plumped, hydrated lips in the morning. Bonus points for the delicious smell.
  48. Delicious


    A delicious smelling balm that softens my weather & medical related very dry lips.
  49. Beautiful product


    Lovely consistency, very smoothing and hyrating. Subtle smell so not overpowering. I'd expect nothing less from this brand, fabulous.
  50. Buttermask


    I slap a thick layer of this on during the night and wake with soft lips (no matter how chapped they were the night before!) Very impressive, wish I bought the stick because the pot seems a little unhygienic.
  51. Love love love!!


    I usually have dry chapped lips that nothing can fix.
    This leaves my lips feeling super plump and moisturized. Couldn’t recommend more for anyone with super chapped lips, this will be your life saver!!
  52. Ah-mazing!


    I love love love love love this lip balm! It’s one of the best i’ve ever used - overnight lips really do look transformed, it has such a lovely texture I like it in the day too. I love the smell. Worth the price tag.
  53. Healed me


    I got really sunburnt one summer and this product saved my lips from completely peeling away. Its not too heavy and also a pleasant taste.
  54. Wish I knew sooner!


    I only got this recently before snow season and inevitably dry lips - this saved me! My lips are so supple now, even my boyfriend uses it!
  55. Wasn’t sure at first


    But after using it for the last month or so I’m addicted. Lips are never cracked, it tastes amazing and feels beautiful!
  56. Great lip mask


    Not too thick.

    I find that thick products like lanolin can make your lip sweat.

    This is so hydrating. I love the untinted butter stick also. My go to is the beauty chef coconut balm, but this is a close second.
  57. So awesome


    I’m not kidding when I say this is hydrating! I love how my lips feel after using this and I’m always smelling such amazing scents from this. I love it!
  58. Really good


    Really love this lip cream! My dry winter lips are moisturised and feel soft and plump. Nice consistency too
  59. So moisturising


    A super moisturising lip treatment that leaves dry lips soft and plump! No sticky feeling and smells so yummy too
  60. Wonderful


    Adds intense moisture to my lips and the mango smells wonderful
  61. Nice feel and taste.


    I was expecting a thicker consistency as it’s supposed to be a nightly lip mask, but could instead be used as a regular balm. Not sure if it’s worth the price, I’ll continue to use it each night as I do wake up with soft lips, who knows I may become hooked!
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