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KEVIN.MURPHY Repair-Me.Range

If you suffer from damaged hair, you need a specialist haircare routine. The Kevin.Murphy Repair-Me.Range is the perfect solution, delivering the nutrients hair needs for self-repair.


Whether you have heat-damaged hair, colour-treated hair, or hair that's brittle and prone to breakage, the Repair-Me.Range leaves your locks healthy once again. All Kevin.Murphy haircare products are sulphate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, so you can be kind to both your hair and the planet.


Shampoos can be harsh, especially on already damaged hair. Kevin.Murphy Repair-Me.Wash is a gentle shampoo containing powerful proteins to rebuild and strengthen hair whilst removing impurities.


Repair-Me.Wash uses silk amino acids and green pea proteins to encourage hair growth and renewal whilst intensely nourishing hair. This cleanser also contains bamboo leaf extract and papaya for a smooth and shiny appearance.


If you're after a new conditioner, try Repair-Me.Rinse. This conditioning treatment is designed to restore damaged hair. Shea butter delivers moisture, and aloe leaf extract is rich in vitamins and minerals to help bind and smooth the surface of the hair.


Hair treatments and masks are beneficial to all types but vital for damaged hair. Kevin.Murphy Re-Store is a treatment used to nourish and repair damaged hair. Pineapple fruit extract is full of targeted nutrients, and green pea protein hydrates and replenishes. 


Healthy hair is hair that's free of damage, so if you're after healthy-looking locks, shop the Repair-Me.Range.

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