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KEVIN.MURPHY Shimmer.Shine 100ml

4.2 of 36 reviews


$10.74 x 4

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$10.74 x 4

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FLAMMABLE This item is flammable therefore postage is restricted to Standard Post within Australia

Hair Concern:

  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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KEVIN.MURPHY Shimmer.Shine

KEVIN.MURPHY Shimmer.Shine

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4.2 of 36 reviews

79% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it
Love this for shine and it’s so lightweight and smells amazing. I love spraying it in before brushing my curls out as it smooths the hair beautifully

Most Helpful Criticism

Not bad, not great!
I don't see much shine after using this. Maybe because my hair is brown. I'm sure there is a better product than this, I will keep looking.
  1. Love it

    Love this for shine and it’s so lightweight and smells amazing. I love spraying it in before brushing my curls out as it smooths the hair beautifully
  2. I love this product!

    It is a staple of my hair routine and a very diverse product. Great to spruce up dull hair in between washes. Works well as a dry shampoo substitute removing product build up. It also functions well as a de-tangler. I love it!
  3. Nice

    it gave my hair a shine, but after a few hours, you can't see the brightness at the first moment. But smells of it really nice. I wished that smells to go long. But I found the oribe hair mist. I am happy with it. Because it gives your hair same shine. also, smells is staying for a few hour.
  4. Soft and Clean

    This is amazing - it makes my hair look and feel stunning! So shiny and soft
  5. A Must for Nights out

    This is perfect for dirty blonde hair that that needs a bit of added shine. I found that I didn't want to my hair because the subtle shimmer added everything I needed. Highly recommend , although not sure if it would be as effective on darker hair colours.
  6. Amazing product!

    This makes my hair look beautiful, with a glint of gold and super shiny, I have blonde hair & its great to use when I wear my hair up as it makes it super glossy, I love it. Also helps condition & protect the hair, keeping it soft & manageable.
  7. The smell is so bad

    I'm not usually sensitive to smells and perfumed products but this smells SO BAD. Cannot use.
  8. Adds a nice shine

    Go easy, but it does add a nice shine as a final stage before leaving. Just don't go overboard or it will be greasy.
  9. Not bad, not great!

    I don't see much shine after using this. Maybe because my hair is brown. I'm sure there is a better product than this, I will keep looking.
  10. Incredible

    A really excellent product, it supports the natural wave in my hair, doesn't make it feel too heavy or flat, and gives a nice shine. Will repurchase.
  11. Essential

    Love this product! Smells great, does what it says. Always use when styling, miss it when I run out.. highly recommend
  12. Instant shine, yes please

    Love this as a finishing spray! Gives me super shiny and supple hair without weighing down my natural wave. Great for frizz control too. Definitely a staple for me.
  13. Beautiful shine

    I purchased this after a recommendation from a friend and it is now my favourite finishing spray. It provides a really lovely finish and shine to hair. It does have a strongish fragrance, so be aware if you are sensitive. However, I find it pleasant.
  14. Sorry I had to say goodbye - SHIMMER.SHINE

    Ahh well, there's always one product that breaks your heart - and for me that's Shimmer.Shine. It does what it promises, a great finishing spray that adds lovely shine. Beautiful fine glitter in the bottle that you shake up before application is fun. I tried to love it after I bought it at one of my salon visits, but had to say goodbye as it has an overwhelming perfume. If you're after luxurious shine, and don't mind intense perfume on your hair that follows you around like a cloud for days, then this one might be for you.
  15. nice finish

    I like to use this as a finishing spray. It looks nice on my thick blonde hair (that can sometimes be a bit frizzy). The spray nozzle does get a bit blocked though, and you have to shake thoroughly before applying.
  16. Once incredibly amazing - now just plain ordinary

    When I first purchased this product it was incredible, it was amazing - it gave an amazing shimmer to the hair accompanied by a big beautiful fragrance .....a standout! It still gives some shine but where has the fragrance gone? DIluted to plain ordinary with no indication on the packaging that the product had changed...now relegated to the bottles at the back of the cupboard
  17. Beautiful product, great finish.

    I have thick hair which gets greasy at the top but is very dry on the ends so I was apprehensive about an oil based product but this hydrates my hair without leaving it greasy at all, this product definitely does what it claims it leaves such a nice shine even on my dark brown hair. It does have a strong fragrance but in saying that it is a nice fragrance.
  18. Great finishing product

    I have thick dark hair and have to be careful with certain oil based products as my hair can get greasy at the roots and dry ends. This product does not make your hair greasy it just leaves the right amount of shine needed and smells great.
  19. Great for Blondes

    When I was blonde this was great, gave your hair that shine it needed. But since being brown it hasn't done anything. I've heard this is really good on your skin though as a soft glow, must try that.
  20. Beware if you are sensitive to fragance.

    Functionally the product seemed fine but it has a very intense perfume smell. I thought the smell would fade and after two days I had to wash my hair early to get the smell out. I found it off-putting the entire time.
  21. great shine and smell

    I usually use the Wella Luxe oil in my hair and bought this for a change after reading an article about it. It it does add a lot of shine to your hair and I love the smell, but that's about it. I don't feel it gives the same level of treatment that The Luxe oil does for the price
  22. Stunning!

    Really beautiful! It smells great and works really well for my hair. Would recommend and I will definitely buy again when I run out
  23. So shiny and lovely

    I love this! It makes my hair so lovely and shiny. It is a bit pricey but it lasts for a long time. Would definitely recommend!
  24. Fabulous!!

    This is amazing - it makes my hair look and feel stunning! So shiny and soft
  25. Holy Grail Hair Product

    I cannot live without this shine spray! I style hair for work and use this on every hair type with amazing results. It makes the hair look healthy, glossy and frizz free. If you have dull, lack-lustre hair or just want a radiant finish choose this! It also smells amazing and doesn't weigh the hair down or feel greasy. Just remember to shake it up to distribute the shimmer particles! Don't worry, it doesn't make your hair sparkly.
  26. Perfect Finish!

    Great for a quick finishing touch! It delivers it promise and makes your hair look shiny and healthy.
  27. In love

    The smell is incredible and the shine it gives your hair is to die for! Not to mention it also made my hair feel so much softer. Perfect for days you cannot be bothered doing your hair.
  28. Gold in a bottle

    This Shimmer Shine spray is gold, literally. It smells amazing and when twirled and sprayed on hair it leaves the most beautiful iridescent sheen. My daughter saw my hair after using this and she now wants to use it all the time. She's 10. If I'm feeling generous I'll spray it in her blonde hair and it looks lovely. I highly recommend this product for radiant hair.
  29. Nice finishing spray

    This spray does add some shine, however doesn't seem to do much more than that in terms of conditioning and styling, so I think it is a little expensive for what it is.
  30. Definitely gives your hair SHIMMER and SHINE

    Another amazing product from Kevin Murphy! It gives full hair life, luster and as promised shimmer and shine. And it’s smells like heaven. However you have to remember to shake the bottle and don’t go over board because a few sprays go a long way.
  31. Nice and shimmery

    I really enjoy using this product and the packaging is great too. The effect in the bottle can be mesmerising.
    This product does make my hair all shimmery and soft which I love but I definitely do not love how it smells. It's far too strong and I am left being able to smell it all day long. Would prefer something a little more neutral.
  32. 110% YES

    I love this product. Makes my hair so shiny and soft. After years of dying it blonde Shimmer Shine has given my hair it’s shine back. I recommend this to all my friends who complain of dry hair. It’s a must have!
  33. Lovely smell

    This product smells great but you need to remember to twirl the bottle.
  34. Fantastic!

    This is the best finishing product for hair. Smells lovely and helps with frizz. It also adds a beautiful shimmer and makes hair look rich and healthy would recommend it to anyone.
  35. Perfect finishing touch

    Great for a quick finishing touch when you're late. Gives hair a healthy shine and doesn't feel too heavy.
  36. Great product! Great shine!

    This product was recommended to me and it was every thing they said. It gives the hair the most amazing shine and feel good! I love it! Wasn't keen on the smell of of it as was a bit like fly spray, but the outcome was so much better than the smell. I would definetely tell my friends and definetely buy it again. Brilliant!
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