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KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash 250ml

4.5 of 153 reviews


4 instalments of $11.24

Or 4 instalments of $11.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.24

Or 4 instalments of $11.24 with LEARN MORE

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A thickening, densifying shampoo to strengthen fine or thinning hair.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 87% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Oily hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Thinning hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash

KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash

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KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash Reviews

4.5 of 153 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive


Hannah Sturges

This product lathers up nicely and smells AMAZING!!!!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Put off by smell


I can't really comment on whether this product 'plumps' or volumises hair because I could only bear to wash my hair twice with it. A previous review likened the smell to aftershave from the 80's and I couldn't agree more. It's a very masculine, musky smell and very strong too. I really wanted to like this product but unfortunately had to give it to my husband (who'll use anything on his hair)
  1. Avoid at all costs


    The size is small for the price, which I could overlook if it worked well, but after washing, rinsing and using the matching Kevin Murphy rinse, I have hair that is somehow both dry, frizzy and tacky and sticky, all at once. The worst thing is the smell. this fragrance is overpowering to the point of nausea inducing. I toughed it out for about half a day and then had to re-wash my hair with anothe...
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  2. Loved!

    Hannah Sturges

    This product lathers up nicely and smells AMAZING!!!!!
  3. Smells beautiful


    I tried 40ml sample from one of the goodie bag. The smell is amazing and the shampoo does what it says
  4. Not amazing


    I was so excited to receive a decent sized sample of this which I used over a two week period - my hair is thinning with age so I’m trying everything - but I saw no real results. Yes it’s a great shampoo, lovely smell and washes well, but there was no change in the sparsity of my locks unfortunately. As much as I wish I was, I’m yet to be blown away by any Kevin Murphy shampoo or conditioner.
  5. It's a yes from me!


    I have fine hair that has balyage blonde so my roots are oily with drier ends. This wash was perfect for plumping up and cleansing the roots. A little goes a long way so it's also great value for a mid ranged price point. I love the mini travel size that this also comes in, it's perfect for traveling.
  6. Love it!


    Absolutely love this product!! I use the plumping rinse as well and together they are great! I have very fine hair and it really does make a difference!! My hair feels and looks thicker! The first time I used the shampoo I did think the smell was quiet strong but I got used to it, now I love it!!
  7. One of my favourite washes


    I love the entire Kevin Murphy range and do go between a few certain products but always come back to the plumping range. I have fine thin hair that gets dry, and this makes it feel like it instantly has more volume and doesn't sit so flat. Only downside is that you run through the product quite quickly I find. But overall I feel these products are worth it.
  8. Great for fine hair

    Mel J

    Great for fine hair. Gives a little lift. Not the most cleansing- I do two shampoos. Smells amazing
  9. The best scent


    It’s smells like delicious candy store. I wish I came in a body wash as well. Can’t get enough of this stuff. Not sure if it’s helping with volumising, still love it anyway.
  10. A great shampoo


    Kevin Murphy products are always worth the spend.

    This one smells great, a little goes a long way and it leaves hair without a heavy residue - a blessing for fine and flat hair.

    I’m not sure this product gave my hair a plumping effect but it was lovely and I would purchase again.
  11. The best shampoo for fine hair


    I've been using this shampoo for a couple of years and it's the best volumizing shampoo for fine hair. Great scent and no harsh chemicals too.
  12. Scalp's New Friend


    It's supposed to add volume and thicken your hair. While visibly it does not do this, I feel like the long term benefits are far greater. I used to pull out a full hairbrush full of hair each week and it has been almost 3 weeks and my brush only has a small amount of hair. I believe this is due to how this Shampoo (in conjunction with the Conditioner) has made my scalp feel. My scalp has always be...
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  13. Smells divine


    This shampoo lathers well and is gentle enough for daily use. My hair smells divine after using this, but I haven’t noticed any improvement to hair volume or thickness.
  14. Amazing


    I'm a big fan of KM products but tried this for the first time. The scent is now one of my favourites. It's more of a runny-gel like consistency rather than creamy and I thought I would need a lot of it to give my hair a good wash but a little goes a long way.
  15. Lovely!


    Its nice for fine hair. Hair feels soft but still gives volume. Will definitely purchase again.
  16. Love it !!


    I have used this shampoo for years. Love, love love it! It makes my fine hair feel fuller and alive.
  17. Put off by smell


    I can't really comment on whether this product 'plumps' or volumises hair because I could only bear to wash my hair twice with it. A previous review likened the smell to aftershave from the 80's and I couldn't agree more. It's a very masculine, musky smell and very strong too. I really wanted to like this product but unfortunately had to give it to my husband (who'll use anything on his hair)
  18. If you have thin hair, you need this!

    Al Cris

    I have never really invested in salon quality hair products as I always thought they were too expensive however my hairdresser recommended the plumping wash and rinse to me and I have been using them ever since. I suffer from thinning hair and this gives that extra volume and stops my hair falling out. It also smells amazing, like a perfume! You also don’t need a lot so it lasts longer than you th...
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  19. Plump


    Helps revive my flat hair and smells nice
  20. Good Basic


    Love this shampoo, the smell is very strong just FYI, my hair feels wonderful after using this, im not too sure about more hair growth, i have been using it for 2-3 months now and not really seen too much change in the thickness or growth.

    My hair does feel 100% healthier though,
  21. great for thin hair

    Laura W

    Best shampoo I have used for my fine hair. It leaves your hair clean, silky smooth and moisturised.
  22. Fine hairs best friend


    This really is the best shampoo I have found for my fine dull hair. The bounce and thickness is back.
  23. Unsure worth the price tag


    Used both the wash and rinse combined. A little goes a very long way which is great as the product does last long. I did notice more volume in my hair the day after wash, but not really after that. Smells really nice. Im not sure it is worth the price though, currently trying similar product for half the price and having better results.
  24. Never using any other shampoo again


    I have always used whatever shampoo is cheapest at Woolies, and found that my hair got oily really quickly and felt extremely thin.

    I was recommended this by a hairdresser and finished a full bottle from her, and this product has changed my hair completely. I can now get away with washing once, maybe twice a week, as this product doesn't strip my hair like previous shampoos have. I ha...
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  25. Amazing quality products


    I love every product I’ve tried from Kevin Murphy, and this was no different. I used the Hydrate Me range for over a year and wanted to try something different after I felt the hydrateme was weighing down my hair a little so bought this. I love it equally! I have fine hair and did find this makes my hair feel slightly thicker, not a huge difference in mass but it makes my hair feel lovely and help...
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  26. Good


    I have high and low lighted hair, this shampoo, cleans without stripping my hair of natural oils.
  27. Saved my frail hair


    This shampoo is saving my hair back from being limp and falling out. Thank you thank you!
  28. Smell made me feel sick


    Used a sample of this wash. really wish I hadnt as the smell still remains with me hours later. To me it smells like an old man from the 1970's when I was a very young nurse. Not pleasant then and even worse now...not sure if it smells like old spice or some other product that was popular at the time. Several hours later will have to wash my hair again to get rid of the smell...have no idea if i...
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  29. Holy grail


    The most perfect shampoo for fine hair. My hair feels more dense, is shiny and smells amazing for days. There is nothing bad about this product.
  30. This is it


    This is the one, you've found it. I've used KM products for years and recently shifted to this one. My fine hair has never been silkier, softer or shinier than when I've started using this.
    Plus, it smells amazing and lingers for days.
    You won't regret it!
  31. best smell!


    really enjoying this, and absolutely love the smell. I have fine hair (but a lot of it) and I definitely notice it feeling thicker after & super soft and shiny
  32. Love this!


    Recommended to my by my hairdresser, absolutely love it! Hair is shiny and feels lightweight after wash.
  33. Great product


    I have been using this for some time now, within only a few weeks of starting I noticed new hair growth - it is an amazing product and I LOVE it.
  34. Long time user


    Long time user of this product, leaves my hair feeling so thick and does not get as oily as often. Hair feels light but dense. Great product, highly recommend.
  35. it actually works!


    i can see a noticeable difference in the strength and thickness of my hair. my hair feels a lot more healthy now and the smell is amazing!
  36. Great for hair thinning after surgery


    I had surgery and hair thinning is a side effect after the surgery. My hair dresser sister recommend this for the lose of hair and since using it my hair has slowed down almost stopped falling out.
  37. Rewoke my curls!


    After receiving the conditioner as a sample, that added volume, defined my curls and left a scent in my hair that had my boyfriend commenting on the smell, I knew I needed the shampoo equivalent. This shampoo lathers well, leaves hair feeling clean and has added definition and bounce to my ringlet-like curls that only come out in very specific conditions. After using this shampoo and the condition...
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  38. Horrible


    I received a sample of this, and tried it out today. All I can say is, WOW this stinks!!! The smell reminds me of a nursing home. 4 hours after washing my hair, the scent was still stuck up my nose, so I ended up rewashing my hair, and the smell still doesn't seem to be gone. I seem to have bad luck with Kevin Murphy products, because I haven't met a product I've liked , which is a shame seeing mo...
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  39. Great product but not volumising


    This is a great shampoo, leaves my hair feeling clean but unfortunately doesn’t provide any extra volume. Smells lovely though.
  40. Smells amazing!


    This is a great product so far. Leaves my hair feeling clean, fresh and not weighed down.
    Love it!
  41. lives up to the hype and then some!

    blonde lob

    I recently had Kevin Murphy products used in a new salon i went to and when having my hair washed i instantly asked what products were being used as they smelt AMAZING! it was this amazing wash. the scent was seriously next level. i often find with expensive shampoos i could never smell them post wash after my hair had dried but i could genuinely smell this 3 days later. i bought it myself and its...
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  42. Nice shampoo


    Kevin Murphy product generally are amazing. I did find this cleaned my hair fine and made it manageable but didn’t really notice it any thicker really
  43. Underwhelming for the price


    This product worked for me, but I guess I just had higher expectations for to thicken and densify my hair.

    It was plumping, but definitely didn't work well with my curls, leaving them quite frizzy, I won't be repurchasing this product.

    Loved the smell and loved how it lathered though.
  44. Lifts my hair up at the scalp


    I find this really lifts my hair up from the scalp. Makes it feel clean and light. I love the smell of it too.
  45. Great in every way


    First up if a shampoo smells like chemicals, cheap perfume or cucumber I'm not going to putting it on my head! KM's volumnising shampoo is delicately scented and I only needed to use a little of the thick pearly lotion. No need for a conditioner as my hair felt comfortable without. I later used his volumnising treatment and the results are fabulous.
  46. Plumped up hair!


    I received a sample of this along with the conditioner and my dead straight fine to medium hair has really never looked so juicy first thing post wash. Highly recommend!
  47. Made a difference


    Noticeably thickened effect on the roots of my hair. I've always had a bit of issue with thinning hair and a month of shampooing with this has really helped.
  48. A great boost


    I have fine hair that can seem thick because there is a lot of it, but can be weighed down easily. So it's a fine balance to get my hair just right. This has given me an extra boost of volume on days where I do zero styling (which is most days). It has a really nice texture and aroma to it. I use this regularly swapping between this shampoo and the Kevin Murphy Balancing Wash for a year now and I'...
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  49. One of the best high end shampoos


    Who could think that just a shampoo on its own could give extra volume without any product added afterwards! Thats exactly what this shampoo did to my hair! Will re-purchase.
  50. Great for fine hair...

    KM Plumping wash

    This is a great product for fine flyaway hair as it gives body and fullness. Expensive but worth it!
  51. Not bad

    Ms Z

    I received this sample in my order and didn’t mind it made my hair smell nice, but hard to say if it helped with the thinning hair will have to try again I didn’t love it nor did I hate it.
  52. Pre styling shampoo


    Love using this before styling my hair as it gives my hair volume and plump that is long lasting
  53. Appears to do as it claims


    Leaves my hair feeling clean without over drying. It has a pleasant smell, my hair looks shiny and healthy. I liked using this product, I received it as a sample and would be interested in purchasing to use again.
  54. Smells is so good


    I have thin hair so I thought I’d give it a shot. Not sure what it really does for “plumping” but it is a nice shampoo
  55. Smells amazing.


    Lovely gentle wash. Smells amazing, and I can notice from the first wash that my hair appeared to have more volume without being fluffy or wispy, just soft and with a bit of extra lift.
  56. Plumps my fine hair


    Smells nice, and leaves my hair fresh with volume.
  57. Plumps my fine hair


    Smells nice, and leaves my hair fresh with volume.
  58. nice


    i liked thia. im not sure it gave me much body/volume but i did notice i was losing less strands after washing so i think it helped with density. made my hair night and soft too. i will purchase again.
  59. Great for Fine Hair


    Started using this product a few months ago, and had previously used the Angel range. I find this is a great wash for fine and limp hair. I like to lather and let it sit for a minute while I shower to let the suds really get in there. Since using using this range with the adjoining conditioner I have found that my hair looks and feels healthier. I have also found that my hair seems to grow quicke...
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  60. Love it


    My hairdresser suggested I use this to help with my very fine, limp, damaged hair and it has been a great purchase. Really helps to add thickness to my hair without damaging it further. Also good with extensions if you have them


    My new fave shampoo! Nothing I've used before has made my hair feel and look this amazing. It's shiny, healthy, plumped and looks thicker.
    Thank you KEVIN.MURPHY xoxox
  62. Love this!


    This product is great for my fine, limp hair. It helps restore some shine and natural movement. I also find it much easier to style after using this.

    I recommend alternating this with a more affordable product if the cost is the main concern.

    If you haven't tried it yet though, it's really worth a shot.
  63. works well!


    Usually my scalp doesnt like sulfate free products - i get itchy and greasy by the end of the day. This shampoo seems to be an exception.
    It doesnt lather much, but my hair is always so soft and lifted at the roots after using. It also has the bonus effect of enhancing my curl pattern.
  64. Fabulous shampoo for fine or thinning hair


    As some reviewers have mentioned I doubted any shampoo could justifiably cost over $45. But this product not only had a lovely fragrance, it gave my hair more body and volume than I have ever obtained. There are some fine volumnising shampoos & conditioners on the maket that don't test on animals, smell nice and give good results. None however, equal KM's Pumping Wash.
  65. Tangled mess


    Unfortunately this product did not agree with my oily and bleached hair. Whilst it cleaned well, it left my hair an incredibly knotty mess which took ages to detangle. I didn’t really see any change in the volume of my hair so don’t think it lives up to its name.
  66. Love this shampoo


    Definitely my favorite shampoo! Smells amazing and leaves my hair super soft and shiny. The only (-) is the price, but still worth it!
  67. Fave shampoo!


    I used to have thin hair and this shampoo has help stimulate growth and made my hair so strong and luscious! I won’t use anything but Kevin Murphy!
  68. Favourite Shampoo!


    I have been using this shampoo for around 4 years now and I am still happy with it. I have extremely fine, wavy hair and this is the only shampoo that I have used that I find will leave my hair feeling nourished and frizz-free. This lasts me around 3 months which is definitely worth the price tag.
  69. Best shampoo for thinning hair


    I had severe postnatal hair fall , 4 months after the delivery and lasted until 6.
    I used many shampoos but I lost chunks of hair in the shower. I came across this brand in insta (another mumma boasting and showing off her luscious hair postnatal) and I wanted to try it.

    It was brilliant just after my first wash (used it with the conditioner) and gradually the hair fall reduced ...
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  70. Smells amazing


    My hair smells amazing and has developed a beautiful shine. Don't think it has done much for the thickness or plumping. I also think my hair has become a lot more frizzier and very untamed since using.
  71. Many benefits in one


    I've been using this product for over 8 months and I continue to buy it, it gives my hair that just sits flat to my head all the time, some great volume! My hair type is un-dyed, oily at the roots, medium length, and thin. I used to have to wash my hair every day or it would be disgusting with so much oil it would look slick. Now I wash my hair every three days, this shampoo has really helped to d...
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  72. Love my hairdresser for this rec


    My hair immediately feels thicker and fuller and less breakages after just a few use! Definitely sticking with this!! Smells amazing too!
  73. Shampoo


    Love this product. Leaves your hair so beautiful and clean. It is thick and luscious shampoo that works beautifully on my curly hair. Love it!
  74. Didn’t realise a shampoo could make my hair look thicker


    Wow, my thin hair now has some life in it again! Very shocked with how well this works.
  75. Gives amazing volume


    Have been using this product for the past six months - gives amazing volume each wash. Would recommend
  76. Great for winter months


    My hair has been dry leading into the cold winter months but this shampoo has left my hair feeling revitalised without weighing it down.
  77. Great wash


    received this as a sample recently and felt a bit fancy when i sued it for a week. I really liked the wash - it lathered excellently. I enjoyed the smell of this too. Felt like i got a good clean, did not really notice any plumping effects, but my hair is already thick and wavy. Maybe this might be something you notice after long term use?
  78. Plump wash!


    for hair volume use this plump wash! i love all Kevin Murphy products!
  79. Amazing


    This is my second bottle of the Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash - it is now my go-to shampoo. Not only does it smell divine, it keeps my hair smooth without sacrificing on volume! - Definitely repurchasing!
  80. Works a charm!


    Had to do some major repair after dying my dark brown hair to blonde (idiot move). Absolutely ruined my hair. Became frail and stopped growing and basically always looked like s**t. The breakage was a nightmare. Went back to my natural colour and started using the Kevin Murphy range. Was a bit touch and go trying to find the right product for me but I finally settled on the plumping wash and I ain...
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  81. alright


    A pretty good hair wash, however haven't noticed any major differences in the fullness of my hair. Hopefully it will work better after a few more washes!
  82. Scent is Earthy


    Was not expecting the scent to be so earthy. But you can definitly smell the ingredients working their magic. My hair is definitly been much cleaner and less oily since introducing this shampoo. As for thickening its hard to tell. Need to give it a month or two i reckon. Cant wait to see final results.
  83. Nice look


    Smells fab, makes hair shiny and soft. But, not sure it really helped with hair growth.
  84. Great stuff


    The plumping wash and rinse are great for my hair. I have very fine hair, prone to thinning due to illness. My hairdresser suggested the wash and after a couple of years using the product my hair is looking healthier and I have less of my scalp showing through my hair, especially around the forehead hairline. It also smells so delicious!

    I really hope they bring back the larger size...
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  85. My hair loves this


    My hair is thinning immensely and after getting sick of filling my thinning hairline with pigment, I thought I'd take the plunge and try a plumping shampoo. Well, let me tell you how impressed I am with this! It does what it claims and plumps my hair like you would not believe. I no longer need to put pigment in my hair to make it appear fuller. Ever since using this shampoo (and its respective co...
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  86. Amazing results


    My hair immediately feels thicker and fuller and less breakages after just a few use! Definitely sticking with this!! Smells amazing too!
  87. Love it


    Works great. I noticed a slight improvement even after the first wash. I am three washes in now and can definitely notice a difference, so can my partner. I will keep using this product!
  88. Gives my hair a nice lift from the roots


    I find this one leaves my hair feeling nice and full. It smells great and lathers up really well. The only downfall is that it's expensive and that you don't get much product in the bottle.
  89. Definitely plumps and washes


    This is a great shampoo for fine hair- it definitely plumps it up. This plumping gives my hair more of a tendency towards frizz, so when my hair is really dry I need additional styling products or I swap to another shampoo temporarily, but I always come back to this one because my hair is so thin and fine and flat that i's the only shampoo that helps.
    The only negative is the floral smell, w...
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  90. Feeling thicker


    I've been using this for 2 weeks now and my hair is feeling thicker after using this. It smells really amazing and carries through the whole day. I have very thin hair naturally so this shampoo has made me feel more confident.
  91. Great product


    Amazing product so far and definitely does what it says making the hair plumper already
  92. Great product


    Have only used the product for 2 weeks so far and already seeing a fuller appearance to my hair, looking forward to seeing what it’s ljke after continuous use.
  93. one of the best shampoos


    I love this shampoo because it smells amazing. I have a long thick mane (nearly touching my bottom) I usually go through shampoo quite fast. However, I was able to stretch this one for quite some time. As for plumping it doesn't work well for me. I might owe that to the natural weight of my hair. I have a thick head of hair but very fine strands. It also doesn't leave harsh residue on my scalp. I...
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  94. Yes yes yes!


    Smells great? Tick.
    Thickens my hair? Yep.
    Cruelty free and uses natural ingredients. Yes!
    I consider myself now saved from my thin hair thanks to Plumping wash. Struggled to find something just as good. My hair also lasts longer between washes now, and doesn't seem to get as oily.
    The cute pink bottle is a bonus!
  95. Hello Body!


    I’m always trying to find something that adds volume and helps prevent thinning and this wash is lovely. It smells great and doesn’t dry my hair out like others do.
  96. Leaves your hair fresh for longer!


    This shampoo is the best I have tried so far. I previously had to wash my hair every 2-3 days now can last 6-7 days without becoming oily.

    Although it is more expensive than most shampoo's you only need a tiny amount of product and you wash your hair less often.
  97. great


    This is so much better than the maxi wash IMO. Volume without grit, and doesn't knot up my long hair. Love it.
  98. KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash


    lovely shampoo...smell is divine...however not sure on the plumping part...not really...however has improved condition of my hair...
  99. Shine, shine, shine!


    This shampoo makes my hair so shiny and soft to touch! I bought it for the volumising factor but so far I'm even more impressed with the shine! I have healthy hair but it never seems to get that nice shine to it no matter what products I use. But this gives it to it! Gives the hair a nice plump texture, definitely notice a difference from other shampoos. Would repurchase!


    I adore this product! Not only does it smell absolutely amazing but it leaves my hair clean and plumped!
    Lathers up really nicely and makes my hair soft and smooth, very happy with the results!
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