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KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash 250ml

4.5 of 112 reviews


4 instalments of $10.99


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4 instalments of $10.99


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A thickening, densifying shampoo to strengthen fine or thinning hair.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Oily hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Thinning hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash

KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash

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Customer Reviews

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4.5 of 112 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Made a difference


Noticeably thickened effect on the roots of my hair. I've always had a bit of issue with thinning hair and a month of shampooing with this has really helped.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not bad

Ms Z

I received this sample in my order and didn’t mind it made my hair smell nice, but hard to say if it helped with the thinning hair will have to try again I didn’t love it nor did I hate it.
  1. Made a difference


    Noticeably thickened effect on the roots of my hair. I've always had a bit of issue with thinning hair and a month of shampooing with this has really helped.
  2. A great boost


    I have fine hair that can seem thick because there is a lot of it, but can be weighed down easily. So it's a fine balance to get my hair just right. This has given me an extra boost of volume on days where I do zero styling (which is most days). It has a really nice texture and aroma to it. I use this regularly swapping between this shampoo and the Kevin Murphy Balancing Wash for a year now and I've been really happy overall. I find my hair gets flatter and oilier from hormonal changes so I tend to use this more often during those periods.
  3. One of the best high end shampoos


    Who could think that just a shampoo on its own could give extra volume without any product added afterwards! Thats exactly what this shampoo did to my hair! Will re-purchase.
  4. Great for fine hair...

    KM Plumping wash

    This is a great product for fine flyaway hair as it gives body and fullness. Expensive but worth it!
  5. Not bad

    Ms Z

    I received this sample in my order and didn’t mind it made my hair smell nice, but hard to say if it helped with the thinning hair will have to try again I didn’t love it nor did I hate it.
  6. Pre styling shampoo


    Love using this before styling my hair as it gives my hair volume and plump that is long lasting
  7. Appears to do as it claims


    Leaves my hair feeling clean without over drying. It has a pleasant smell, my hair looks shiny and healthy. I liked using this product, I received it as a sample and would be interested in purchasing to use again.
  8. Smells is so good


    I have thin hair so I thought I’d give it a shot. Not sure what it really does for “plumping” but it is a nice shampoo
  9. Smells amazing.


    Lovely gentle wash. Smells amazing, and I can notice from the first wash that my hair appeared to have more volume without being fluffy or wispy, just soft and with a bit of extra lift.
  10. Plumps my fine hair


    Smells nice, and leaves my hair fresh with volume.
  11. Plumps my fine hair


    Smells nice, and leaves my hair fresh with volume.
  12. nice


    i liked thia. im not sure it gave me much body/volume but i did notice i was losing less strands after washing so i think it helped with density. made my hair night and soft too. i will purchase again.
  13. Great for Fine Hair


    Started using this product a few months ago, and had previously used the Angel range. I find this is a great wash for fine and limp hair. I like to lather and let it sit for a minute while I shower to let the suds really get in there. Since using using this range with the adjoining conditioner I have found that my hair looks and feels healthier. I have also found that my hair seems to grow quicker when I use anything from Kevin Murphy, I feel like its the quality of the ingredients and the products that facilitate healthy hair growth. I think its also good value for the amount of product you get and find that a little goes a long way!
  14. Love it


    My hairdresser suggested I use this to help with my very fine, limp, damaged hair and it has been a great purchase. Really helps to add thickness to my hair without damaging it further. Also good with extensions if you have them


    My new fave shampoo! Nothing I've used before has made my hair feel and look this amazing. It's shiny, healthy, plumped and looks thicker.
    Thank you KEVIN.MURPHY xoxox
  16. Love this!


    This product is great for my fine, limp hair. It helps restore some shine and natural movement. I also find it much easier to style after using this.

    I recommend alternating this with a more affordable product if the cost is the main concern.

    If you haven't tried it yet though, it's really worth a shot.
  17. works well!


    Usually my scalp doesnt like sulfate free products - i get itchy and greasy by the end of the day. This shampoo seems to be an exception.
    It doesnt lather much, but my hair is always so soft and lifted at the roots after using. It also has the bonus effect of enhancing my curl pattern.
  18. Fabulous shampoo for fine or thinning hair


    As some reviewers have mentioned I doubted any shampoo could justifiably cost over $45. But this product not only had a lovely fragrance, it gave my hair more body and volume than I have ever obtained. There are some fine volumnising shampoos & conditioners on the maket that don't test on animals, smell nice and give good results. None however, equal KM's Pumping Wash.
  19. Tangled mess


    Unfortunately this product did not agree with my oily and bleached hair. Whilst it cleaned well, it left my hair an incredibly knotty mess which took ages to detangle. I didn’t really see any change in the volume of my hair so don’t think it lives up to its name.
  20. Love this shampoo


    Definitely my favorite shampoo! Smells amazing and leaves my hair super soft and shiny. The only (-) is the price, but still worth it!
  21. Fave shampoo!


    I used to have thin hair and this shampoo has help stimulate growth and made my hair so strong and luscious! I won’t use anything but Kevin Murphy!
  22. Favourite Shampoo!


    I have been using this shampoo for around 4 years now and I am still happy with it. I have extremely fine, wavy hair and this is the only shampoo that I have used that I find will leave my hair feeling nourished and frizz-free. This lasts me around 3 months which is definitely worth the price tag.
  23. Best shampoo for thinning hair


    I had severe postnatal hair fall , 4 months after the delivery and lasted until 6.
    I used many shampoos but I lost chunks of hair in the shower. I came across this brand in insta (another mumma boasting and showing off her luscious hair postnatal) and I wanted to try it.

    It was brilliant just after my first wash (used it with the conditioner) and gradually the hair fall reduced .
    My hair looks healthy and strong. It also feels soft and a lot thicker.
    Will definitely buy it again and recommend it to other women.it smells great too !
  24. Smells amazing


    My hair smells amazing and has developed a beautiful shine. Don't think it has done much for the thickness or plumping. I also think my hair has become a lot more frizzier and very untamed since using.
  25. Many benefits in one


    I've been using this product for over 8 months and I continue to buy it, it gives my hair that just sits flat to my head all the time, some great volume! My hair type is un-dyed, oily at the roots, medium length, and thin. I used to have to wash my hair every day or it would be disgusting with so much oil it would look slick. Now I wash my hair every three days, this shampoo has really helped to deep cleanse my hair and add volume. This is my regular shampoo now and I have re-purchased this product 2 times since the beginning, so it lasts pretty long. Really happy I found this shampoo!
  26. Love my hairdresser for this rec


    My hair immediately feels thicker and fuller and less breakages after just a few use! Definitely sticking with this!! Smells amazing too!
  27. Shampoo


    Love this product. Leaves your hair so beautiful and clean. It is thick and luscious shampoo that works beautifully on my curly hair. Love it!
  28. Didn’t realise a shampoo could make my hair look thicker


    Wow, my thin hair now has some life in it again! Very shocked with how well this works.
  29. Gives amazing volume


    Have been using this product for the past six months - gives amazing volume each wash. Would recommend
  30. Great for winter months


    My hair has been dry leading into the cold winter months but this shampoo has left my hair feeling revitalised without weighing it down.
  31. Great wash


    received this as a sample recently and felt a bit fancy when i sued it for a week. I really liked the wash - it lathered excellently. I enjoyed the smell of this too. Felt like i got a good clean, did not really notice any plumping effects, but my hair is already thick and wavy. Maybe this might be something you notice after long term use?
  32. Plump wash!


    for hair volume use this plump wash! i love all Kevin Murphy products!
  33. Amazing


    This is my second bottle of the Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash - it is now my go-to shampoo. Not only does it smell divine, it keeps my hair smooth without sacrificing on volume! - Definitely repurchasing!
  34. Works a charm!


    Had to do some major repair after dying my dark brown hair to blonde (idiot move). Absolutely ruined my hair. Became frail and stopped growing and basically always looked like s**t. The breakage was a nightmare. Went back to my natural colour and started using the Kevin Murphy range. Was a bit touch and go trying to find the right product for me but I finally settled on the plumping wash and I ain’t lookin’ back! My hair finally started growing (yay!). It’s softer and shiny and much less breakage. Just make sure you read the instructions. You’re actually meant to wash twice. It starts to lather really well on the second wash. Then finish off with the Kevin Murphy Rise. Been using it for over a year now and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
  35. alright


    A pretty good hair wash, however haven't noticed any major differences in the fullness of my hair. Hopefully it will work better after a few more washes!
  36. Scent is Earthy


    Was not expecting the scent to be so earthy. But you can definitly smell the ingredients working their magic. My hair is definitly been much cleaner and less oily since introducing this shampoo. As for thickening its hard to tell. Need to give it a month or two i reckon. Cant wait to see final results.
  37. Nice look


    Smells fab, makes hair shiny and soft. But, not sure it really helped with hair growth.
  38. Great stuff


    The plumping wash and rinse are great for my hair. I have very fine hair, prone to thinning due to illness. My hairdresser suggested the wash and after a couple of years using the product my hair is looking healthier and I have less of my scalp showing through my hair, especially around the forehead hairline. It also smells so delicious!

    I really hope they bring back the larger sized bottles with the pumps. They are great value and are very easy to use.
  39. My hair loves this


    My hair is thinning immensely and after getting sick of filling my thinning hairline with pigment, I thought I'd take the plunge and try a plumping shampoo. Well, let me tell you how impressed I am with this! It does what it claims and plumps my hair like you would not believe. I no longer need to put pigment in my hair to make it appear fuller. Ever since using this shampoo (and its respective conditioner) I have received so many compliments on how healthy and bouncy my hair looks. I have a very oily scalp but I feel that the shampoo does enough to remove the excess oil production.
  40. Amazing results


    My hair immediately feels thicker and fuller and less breakages after just a few use! Definitely sticking with this!! Smells amazing too!
  41. Love it


    Works great. I noticed a slight improvement even after the first wash. I am three washes in now and can definitely notice a difference, so can my partner. I will keep using this product!
  42. Gives my hair a nice lift from the roots


    I find this one leaves my hair feeling nice and full. It smells great and lathers up really well. The only downfall is that it's expensive and that you don't get much product in the bottle.
  43. Definitely plumps and washes


    This is a great shampoo for fine hair- it definitely plumps it up. This plumping gives my hair more of a tendency towards frizz, so when my hair is really dry I need additional styling products or I swap to another shampoo temporarily, but I always come back to this one because my hair is so thin and fine and flat that i's the only shampoo that helps.
    The only negative is the floral smell, which seems like something for the over-80s crowd, but thankfully it doesn't hang around all day.
  44. Feeling thicker


    I've been using this for 2 weeks now and my hair is feeling thicker after using this. It smells really amazing and carries through the whole day. I have very thin hair naturally so this shampoo has made me feel more confident.
  45. Great product


    Amazing product so far and definitely does what it says making the hair plumper already
  46. Great product


    Have only used the product for 2 weeks so far and already seeing a fuller appearance to my hair, looking forward to seeing what it’s ljke after continuous use.
  47. one of the best shampoos


    I love this shampoo because it smells amazing. I have a long thick mane (nearly touching my bottom) I usually go through shampoo quite fast. However, I was able to stretch this one for quite some time. As for plumping it doesn't work well for me. I might owe that to the natural weight of my hair. I have a thick head of hair but very fine strands. It also doesn't leave harsh residue on my scalp. I still buy and use often.
  48. Yes yes yes!


    Smells great? Tick.
    Thickens my hair? Yep.
    Cruelty free and uses natural ingredients. Yes!
    I consider myself now saved from my thin hair thanks to Plumping wash. Struggled to find something just as good. My hair also lasts longer between washes now, and doesn't seem to get as oily.
    The cute pink bottle is a bonus!
  49. Hello Body!


    I’m always trying to find something that adds volume and helps prevent thinning and this wash is lovely. It smells great and doesn’t dry my hair out like others do.
  50. Leaves your hair fresh for longer!


    This shampoo is the best I have tried so far. I previously had to wash my hair every 2-3 days now can last 6-7 days without becoming oily.

    Although it is more expensive than most shampoo's you only need a tiny amount of product and you wash your hair less often.
  51. great


    This is so much better than the maxi wash IMO. Volume without grit, and doesn't knot up my long hair. Love it.
  52. KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash


    lovely shampoo...smell is divine...however not sure on the plumping part...not really...however has improved condition of my hair...
  53. Shine, shine, shine!


    This shampoo makes my hair so shiny and soft to touch! I bought it for the volumising factor but so far I'm even more impressed with the shine! I have healthy hair but it never seems to get that nice shine to it no matter what products I use. But this gives it to it! Gives the hair a nice plump texture, definitely notice a difference from other shampoos. Would repurchase!


    I adore this product! Not only does it smell absolutely amazing but it leaves my hair clean and plumped!
    Lathers up really nicely and makes my hair soft and smooth, very happy with the results!
  55. Lovely Shampoo


    I really like the Kevin Murphy range - smells nice and works well.
    I use the Plumping Range quite regularly as I am concerned about hair-loss, not sure what's causing it (probably stress!) but I am over hand-fulls of the stuff falling out when I was or brush my hair.
    The Plumping Wash in conjunction with the Plumping Rinse and Body Mass Spray seem to be slowing down the rate at which hair falls out - yay.
    I also use the Angel Wash, but this is better.
  56. pair with the rinse and spray for best results


    I have fine hair and I loved using this product for the feel and smell, however it was until I looked back on photographs of my hair while using this product and it was much fuller and thicker than ever. I was surprised how well this product worked to make my hair healthy. This product did wonders for my hair and scalp and I will purchase again.
  57. This works


    Okay so firstly the smell is a little odd, it kinda smells like mens cologne. However it doesnt bother me that much, it dissipates quite quickly.
    I was skeptical at first, I have had hair loss since my 2nd baby and I'd be constantly pulling out hide chunks of hair every wash. One week in I've noticed an increase in my hairs thickness and I seem to have less hair loss.
    My hair is very straight but this seems to give it a little lift and body which is great!
  58. Lovely


    I have fine hair but a lot of it. I’m always trying to find something that adds volume and helps prevent thinning and this wash is lovely. It smells great and doesn’t dry my hair out like others do, but most of all I’ve notice less hair loss since I’ve started using this product.
  59. Great product


    This is I think my fourth bottle now. After my second child my hair became lifeless, brittle and extremely weak, I actually thought I was going to become bald. I would find strands of my hair everywhere. Every time I vacuum the house, it would fill with clumps of my hair...pretty gross. One day I decided to treat myself with a cut and wash at a fancy hair salon and they recommended this brand to me for fine or thinning hair. No only did the smell of this shampoo make me feel a million dollars leaving the salon but I did find that it made a big difference to the volume of my hair pretty much instantly. I was sold by the product and decided to purchase and have been hooked ever since. Over time I have noticed that my hair has shed a lot less. In the shower I'm not building a dramatic nest on the wall when washing my hair. I do prefer organic/vegan brands but this is cruelty free so definitely gets two thumbs up from me.
  60. Effective Product


    This was my first time trying out a KM product and what I loved about this shampoo, was it's scent! It was also very gender neutral and worked well for my partner's hair as well.

    In regards to actually 'plumping' your hair, personally it made my thin hair, frizzy versus fuller. However, my partner who has thick hair, found that this shampoo made his hair a lot more luscious.
  61. Great product - great brand!


    I started using this wash and rinse after using the Hydrate Me range from Kevin Murphy, I loved the Hydrate Me and this is great too! I have medium-fine hair and find this makes my hair feel thicker but doesn’t strip or dry out my hair at all. I love Kevin Murphy products and don’t think I’ll ever use another brand! I particularly love the 500ml limited edition bottles when they are available - great value!
  62. Best for thin flat hair


    I have a thin and flat hair - using this plumping shampoo gives my hair volume and thicken the hair - love the product the best
  63. Best for volume


    This is one of my all time favorite products. My hair is very flat and dry so i love combining this shampoo with kevin murphys hydrating rinse. Seriously the perfect pair for anyone with the same problem. This gives you such a nice lift and makes your hair feel airy. Higly recommend!
  64. Great for fine hair


    I have fine hair and find this product to be the best for volumising.
  65. it's okay...


    Not a miracle worker. I enjoy using this as it makes my hair feel clean but not stripped squeeky... but in terms of 'plumping'..I haven't noticed any difference from my old shampoo. My hair is pretty fine, so it would take a miracle to make it look plump, this isn't it.
  66. 5 STARS!


    Oh gosh, I am in love with this shampoo. I was using a moisture shampoo in my blonde hair and I was finding I was needing to wash my hair almost every day. It was going very oily in the roots. I sent my hairdresser a message and she said it would be due to the moisture shampoo I was putting on my roots & that it was weighing my hair down (it always looked so flat!). She suggested KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash and I am so glad she did. It smells PHENOMENAL and my hair is so plump with volume. I have so many comments on my hair since starting using this product. YAY. Thanks Adore & Kevin Murphy! x
  67. just what I wanted


    I purchased both the shampoo and conditioner. My hair is going back in masses . It is in great condition and smells amazing. A bit pricey but I got the results I was after!

    Happy customer!
  68. don’t like this shampoo


    As a serious lover of angel wash I thought I would give this a try for a change on my fine hair, and I am sorry to say I am disappointed greatly in this shampoo. Firstly it smells gross, like a really cheap men’s cologne, a strong scent which is hard to ignore. Secondly it does nothing special for my hair at all except make it super limp and full of static. If ur thinking of trying I wouldn’t recommend it, angel wash is WAY better
  69. Actually works!


    I have fine, damaged hair and I have experienced hair loss on occasion over the years. I was recommended this product by a hair dresser who said he had witnessed first hand hair regrowth after continued use of this product. He was right ! I have been using this wash for 2 years and it has definitely helped my hair growth alone with plumping the fine strands to increase fullness.
  70. Actually does what the label says!!


    This product is Amazing!
    I have thinning, straight, fine hair. As I've gotten older, my hair has gotten thinner and more lacklustre.
    I was recommended this product by a qualified hairdresser, who knows my hair well.
    After about 4 weeks of using every second day (along with the Plumping Rinse), I was seeing noticeably more new hair and my hair was noticeably thicker.
    I have since started my adult son (27 years) on this product as he had started receding in his early twenties. He too is impressed with the product.
    Will definitely continue to purchase!
  71. works for me


    I bought this as my hairdresser recommended it and I love it. I feel I can go an extra day or two without washing because the volume means my hair sits slightly above my scalp instead of on it with all the natural oils. I find the smell nice and clean.
  72. Small difference


    I have used this now for about a month and have noticed a small difference in the thickness of my hair. At times in seems to weigh my hair down though, but my hair does feel strong and shiny. Not sure if I can justify the price for such a small bottle though. Will continue to use and hopefully see more results.
  73. I can't get past the smell


    I love Kevin Murphy products and thought I would give this one a try as I have quite thin hair. It's lovely to use and leaves my hair feeling really nice. BUT. The smell is horrible. It smells like a terrible mans aftershave and it lingers throughout the day. If you can get past the smell it's good to go, but I won't be purchasing this one again. I'll stick with my regular KM instead.
  74. Not worth trying


    As a pricey product it wasn’t worth trying. After washing was ok but in the following day made my hair greasy on the roots
  75. Worth the money


    I was recommended this product after experience post natal hair loss. It is a lot more money than I would normally spend, but well worth it. It leaves my hair soft and fuller. It definitely gets me more time between washes, which has reduced the damage to my hair from drying and straightening.
  76. Simply the best


    Simply the best shampoo especially if your hair is thinning out. Highly recommended!
  77. Smells like heaven


    Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. It smells like heaven and makes my hair so soft and plump after every wash.
  78. The best shampoo ever for volumising thinning hair


    I'm obsessed with this range of shampoo and conditioners. I've been using the Kevin Murphy plump it range for about 4 years now and was introduced to it by my hairdresser - it has completely changed my hair for the better. My hair was becoming lank and thinning out majorly - there's nothing more terrifying then brushing your hair and seeing massive clumps of hair in your brush!

    After about two weeks of use my hair follicles were way stronger (and thicker), after four the change in the thickness/volume of my hair was visible. I have naturally thin and straight hair but this product has resulted in me having a lot more hair - it's glossy, strong and healthy and I could not be happier. Both friends and hairdressers have commented on the thickness and health of my hair and I always point to this range as being the reason why.

    It's honestly amazing, it's a little pricey, but it's totally worth the investment.
  79. God send!


    I purchased this shampoo about 3 years ago on a whim.
    I am so happy I did. Due to stress my hair thinned out a few years ago and this has absolutely saved me. My hair is no longer thin and flat, it feels plump and healthy and absolutely so much easier to work with! Everyone needs to try, even just for the gorgeous scent- it’s delicious!
  80. Worth every cent


    I purchased this because of the amazing aroma, smells absolutely divine. I have thin, flat hair and this shampoo is perfect for thickening and giving a bit of lift / volume at the roots. Now, this bottle of shampoo lasted me NINE MONTHS. So any comments on here complaining about the cost - ignore them. This works out crazy cheap as I was using approx 10 cent piece size twice every second day. So worth it. Works well with other conditioners too.
  81. a touch expensive but smells so good


    My hair is thin and i don't have a lot of it, so i'm always on the hunt for a good volumising shampoo. I've tried many and i don't really think this is a stand out, but i'll continue to buy it because it makes my hair feel really nice, doesn't weight my hair down and it smells good. Like next level good. I've never had a shampoo that other people have commented on so much about how good it smells.
  82. Good product but you pay for it


    Smells great, gave me great volume - but not significantly better than other, much cheaper volumising shampoos. I used with the Rinse as well, and have to say, I could have saved the money for a similar result. Smells great - I got compliments on that!
  83. Good but expensive for what it is


    I have fine + oily hair and while found this product helped with volume, it didn't help with oil control. I don't dislike it, I just think it's not the best value for money.
  84. Double edged sword


    This shampoo is actually so effective, that I had to stop using it! I have a lot of fine hair, and this shampoo built volume so well that my hair was getting far too thick and full for my hairstyle. Would definitely recommend this to someone with thin or thinning hair! Great brand, great products.
  85. Couldn't live without it!


    This is my favourite shampoo of all time. This really helps plump up my hair and add volume - I've never used a product quite like it! I use it with the conditioner every couple of days and I've noticed a real difference.
  86. Could not be without this range.


    I have noticed a positive improvement in my very fine baby hair, my hairdresser agrees that there is an improvement in volume and less breakage. The smell is divine and, although expensive, the Kevin Murphy Plumping Range is worth ever penny. Luckily, not much product is need.
  87. The smell!


    I have been purchasing this product for years now and continue to love it. I have fine blonde hair and use the Plumping Wash and Blonde Rinse. This product in particular has the most amazing smell!
  88. does the job but you need to use alot


    my hair is very thin.. it is also oily at roots and dry ends. bad combo. I purchased this product with the rinse as well. its been working so far and makes my hair smell amazing, reminds me of going to the hairdressers. in terms of pricing, you pay a lot for the amount given. the bottles are quite small and you need to use a fair bit of shampoo to get that foaming going. i personally like to see a lot of bubbles but i guess you can just use a pea size and hope for the best. the back does say to rinse and repeat but that to me seems a bit much.
    to conclude, great product if you're not on a budget.
  89. My favourite hair product!


    I have naturally straight hair that dries plain and dull! This product gives my hair a slight bit of extra volume when i was it without making it feel thick and heavy. Honestly the best if you want a little bit more volume without applying ridiculous amounts of product after a wash. It smell AMAZING and is cruelty free too!
  90. Luxurious salon quality hair duo


    I have thin but curly hair that goes flat on the top and puffy out at the bottom! I always want volume volume volume. This shampoo and conditioner defined my curls and gave more bounce! It has a sweet unique smell not overpowering but if you do not like it it may be hard to move past it as it is still quite lingering. I always get complimented on how lovely I smell though and I dont wear perfume so I also attribute it to using KM products. Over time I cant say if it does actually build hair as I moved onto the Hydrating range as it is slightly cheaper
  91. Great results


    I used the Kevin Murphy Plumping Range when I was losing my hair due to stress. After around a month my hair stopped falling out at an alarming rate. It was a huge relief. I have fine hair, and need something that is moisturizing but also lightweight. The Plumping wash was perfect for my hair. I would use it every 2-3 days, and always washed my hair twice with it. You don't need a lot - a little goes a long way, especially with the second wash. The smell is lovely too. My hair was soft, smooth and noticeably thicker after using the Kevin Murphy Plumping Range.
  92. That smell though!!!


    I've been using this shampoo for a good few months due to the good reviews it's got. I was on the pill which started to make my hair fall out. It was amazingly stressful to watch your hair go from big, long, bouncy hair to flat and lifeless.
    I was pretty desperate to find something to get my old hair back!
    Queue Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash - First off, it smells gorgeous, kind of like a musky, sweet, clean smell. It lathers quite nicely but more so the second time around.

    After using this for a few months, I've noticed how full and voluminous my hair is! I've got a ton of baby hairs sticking up like crazy but I don't mind because it's obviously working!
    It didn't lengthen time between washes - still every third day. But that's not a huge deal because it's done what it advertised.
    Will definitely recommend to any thinning haired girls (or boys) out there
  93. Lovely


    I bought this for my partner who has a family history of hair loss. It actually contains an ingredient that studies show promotes hair regeneration. He doesn’t yet have any hair loss so we can’t really say that it works. But it does smell really nice and his hair (and mine) feels so soft and bouncy after using it.
  94. Smells great but not sure if I'd purchase again


    I didn't really notice much thickening happening but I did notice my hair was growing fast!
    It smells amazing (to me) and I love how I can smell it for even 4-5 days after I wash it.

    Thoroughly cleanses my hair too!

    I will probably buy it again after trying something new.
  95. worth the price


    i've tried a few of the kevin murphy range and this by far is my fav. i have super fine thinning hair and after a few washes i could already see the difference in volume. repeat buyer.
  96. nice but overpriced


    I received a sample of this shampoo and conditioner with a purchase. This shampoo was really nice and left my hair feeling soft and thick. I wasnt a fan of the smell however, and it was very strong. I would like to continue using this range, but cannot justify the price. If the price isnt an issue, I would recommend trying this for anyone who wants to add volume to their hair.
  97. Excellent Shampoo


    I have very fine hair and this shampoo really helps give it body. I don't use anything else.
  98. Highly impressed


    I have fine long wavy colored hair and very sensitive scalp. About 12 months ago a lot of my hair fell out due to an allergic reaction so I’m keen to encourage it to grow back.
    Having used several high-end (pricey!) brands which are sulfate and paraben free, I’m used to my hair feeling dry afterwards and also frizzy so I have to use additional conditioning and smoothing products. This shampoo and rinse are the opposite. My hair looks and feels soft and smoother, and is already starting to look fuller. Not having to add additional product and have been getting asked if I’ve had my hair done recently. Also importantly, zero scalp irritation. So very happy with this product. For the results, I’m prepared to pay the high price.
  99. Lovely product but not good value


    This shampoo smells great, is lightweight and makes my hair feel a little bit thicker. It's also cruelty free which is wonderful However, it seems to have had a price increase in the last few months (I swear it used to be under $40) and it's not good enough to continue spending this much money on it. I have fine coloured hair that I have to wash every second day. These products haven't made a huge difference to the longevity of my hair between washes, and my hair feels dried out and tangled on the ends by the next day (but that might be how I'm drying my hair because I don't have the same problem when my hairdresser does my hair). I'll be buying something different next time.
  100. Disappointed


    As a new mum, I rarely leave online reviews as I'm too short on time! But, in this instance I was so disappointed after reading the rave reviews and wanted to prevent someone else from wasting their money.

    I have fine, straight, medium to long hair. I'm five months post the birth of my first bub and my hair was seriously falling out and suffering from breakage. My bub also enjoys grabbing everything, including fistfuls of my hair! If you are currently in this situation, the shedding and breakage does stop, I promise!).

    Once it stopped, I wanted to splurge on a good thickening shampoo & conditioner to try and get some life back into my hair. Unfortunately this product just doesnt come close to delivering what it promises.

    Whilst the product leaves my hair soft and manageable, there is no noticeable lift, plumping or volumising from this product - even when you wash your hair twice (which you are instructed to do) - it just wastes product and even more valuable, your time. It leaves my hair flat and dull. The product also has an unpleasant smell. As a long time Aveda user, I'm used to beautiful smelling products, so again this was disappointing given the cost of this product.

    If you are a new mum with hair that is rapidly falling out, you might like to try the Evo gluttony range of which I have had some success with a sample (wish I just ordered their full size product in the first place! Doh!) and I would also recommend the Aveda invati range and pure abundance conditioner.

    We are now a one income family and unfortunately I've wasted our money on this product that will just sit in the cupboard. Hope others find this helpful.
  101. Review & Earn
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