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KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping Rinse 250mL 250ml

4.4 of 118 reviews


4 instalments of $11.49

Or 4 instalments of $11.49 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.49

Or 4 instalments of $11.49 with LEARN MORE

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A thickening, densifying conditioner to strengthen fine or thinning hair.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 86% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Oily hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Thinning hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping Rinse 250mL Reviews

4.4 of 118 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Plump your way to great hair

Kathryn Davies

A fabulous friend for fine and limp locks. I have a lot of fine hair, this product has added volume without weight . Recommended.

Most Helpful Criticism

Weird smell


Much like the plumping wash, I can't really comment on whether this product 'plumps' or volumises hair because I could only bear to wash my hair twice with it. The smell is overpowering, which wouldn't be a problem if it was a pleasant whiff but it's not. It's a very masculine, musky smell. It did leave my hair feeling soft but not noticeably fuller.
  1. Plump your way to great hair

    Kathryn Davies

    A fabulous friend for fine and limp locks. I have a lot of fine hair, this product has added volume without weight . Recommended.
  2. Avoid at all costs


    I used this with the matching Kevin Murphy shampoo, and it gave me hair that is somehow both dry, frizzy and tacky and sticky, all at once. The worst thing is the smell. this fragrance is overpowering to the point of nausea inducing. I toughed it out for about half a day and then had to re-wash my hair with another (better) conditioner to try and kill the smell. Very disappointed. Scent and smel...
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  3. Devine

    Hannah Sturges

    Using this product with the wash (shampoo) worked so well together. They smell beautiful and made my hair feel wonderful
  4. Smells amazing!


    Obsessed with the scent in this shampoo and conditioner and how I can still smell it days later. Is a good shampoo, not my favourite though when it comes to oily roots, dry ends and getting longevity out of your wash.
  5. great conditioner


    this is so so nice! Leaves my hair feeling so soft
  6. Fantastic for fine hair


    verified purchaser
    This paired with the plumping wash is an amazing combo. Makes my hair feel like it has so much more volume and doesn't lay so flat everyday.
  7. Would recommend!


    This rinse is great for fine hair. I find it works pretty well to condition and leave my hair feeling softer after I wash it and rinse.
  8. Does the trick


    This is a perfect companion to the Shampoo (Plumping Wash). I do feel however that due to the thickness of this conditioner that it'll run out way before the Shampoo does. It feels very nourishing and doesn't weigh my hair down. My hair is fine/medium but there is lots of it and product that even begins to wish it was moisturising weighs my hair down and makes it look gross. This does not, despite...
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  9. Must have for fine hair


    Great conditioner to follow on from the Plumping Wash shampoo. Smells fantastic and leaves my fine hair soft without the weight. Great scent and free from harsh chemicals.
  10. Great conditioner


    Noticed a difference using the shampoo and conditioner together after the second wash. Love how this makes my hair feel! And when I style it now it looks shinier and fuller. Hated the scent initially, felt very overpowering, but realised I was probably using too much. Really love it!
  11. Love it !!


    Love this product! I have very thin bellow the shoulder length hair. After using the plumping rinse my hair feels soft, nil knots and very manageable. The product is not heavy so it done not weigh my thin hair down. Great product!
  12. Weird smell


    Much like the plumping wash, I can't really comment on whether this product 'plumps' or volumises hair because I could only bear to wash my hair twice with it. The smell is overpowering, which wouldn't be a problem if it was a pleasant whiff but it's not. It's a very masculine, musky smell. It did leave my hair feeling soft but not noticeably fuller.
  13. Smell is lovely


    This is a lovely conditioner that leaves my shoulder length coloured hair feeling thicker and luxiuous. It is the first volumising shampoo I have tried so have no comparisons to make
  14. Not worth the hype


    Very strong floral scent. Didnt notice a difference in hair health, shine, texture or volume/thickness. Nice conditioner but not worth the price tag.
  15. Sexy Smell - Kevin Murphy Conditioner


    It's the first time I've used Kevin Murphy products (Olaplex was my go-to).
    I wanted to try something different that would provide soft and glossy hair, and wanted to use it a few times before writing this review.
    Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse did not disappoint! I don't use shampoo, so this conditioner not only cleaned the hair really well but also provides soft, glossy hair. The adde...
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  16. A Must Have


    Again this product has made my hair feel so much better while useing this and the plumping wash together, ive seen an improvement in hair health but not so much thickness.
  17. Won’t weight you down


    It’s always tricky when you have fine coloured hair. You want to condition it, but so many weight the hair down. This is the answer and my hair feels amazing and bouncy.
    I also have hair that is thinning at the front and this has definitely made a difference.
  18. Adds volume


    This is pretty nice conditioner, it definitely adds volume. Smells lovely too
  19. Great products, worth the price!


    I love every product I’ve tried from Kevin Murphy, and this was no different. I used the Hydrate Me range for over a year and wanted to try something different after I felt the hydrateme was weighing down my hair a little so bought this. I love it equally! I have fine hair and did find this makes my hair feel slightly thicker, not a huge difference in mass but it makes my hair feel lovely and help...
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  20. Plumping rinse


    Love the packaging! Kevin Murphy products are all good! i especially like this plumping rinse, adds volume to my hair, & my hair is quite thin! was my go to for a long time
  21. Smells incredible on my girlfriend


    Incredible smelling, girlfriend says it helps with her thinning hair, I like the smiley face when you open the cap.
    seriously though It's like a fragrance on it's own. Smells incredible for at least a day. Would highly recomend
  22. Love this!


    Love the scent, and it definitely has a thickening effect on my hair. I recommend even to those with an oily type hair. And it seems to work well whether I leave my hair curly or straighten it.
  23. Gives volume to my fine limp hair


    I received this as a sample and took it with me on holiday to Lombok, then went on to buy the full size. It leaves my fine hair feeling soft & silky but also voluminous and ‘weightless’. It was still smooth even in hot and humid Lombok.. I’ve tried other volumising hair products that left my hair with a gritty texture, or really fluffy,, but not this one. Also smells really nice.
  24. Best to use before a blowdry!


    I don't use this wash every time I wash my hair however I do use it every time I'm going to blowdry and style my hair as it does give you a little bit more of a bounce than my regular products.
  25. Gives extra volume


    I got a sample of this recently and it worked well with my fine hair, giving it extra volume. I enjoyed the fragrance of it too, and especially liked the fact that it didn't weigh my hair down or make it greasy. Give this a go if you have fine or limp hair!


    I use this after the Plumping Rinse - amazing. It always makes my hair feel great.
  27. Beauty


    Makes the hair feel heaps hydrated ! Lovely and beautiful smell. goes such a long way !
  28. a bit overpriced


    found this a bit overpriced for an average conditioner. Didn't find anything amazing about this
  29. Brought my curls back and smells divine


    After using a sample of this ONCE I knew I needed to purchase it as I saw instant results. My curls (that I feared I had lost after a year long experiment with a pixie cut) re-emerged bouncier than ever. My boyfriend was asking what perfume I was using as I smelt divine for days. My work colleagues were asking where I got my hair cut and styled when all I had done was washed it.
  30. This brings the volume


    The wash plumps the hair but for me it pushes it too close to frizzy! Other styling products would be need in conjunction to this product.
  31. Hair is soft!


    I received a sample of the Plumping Rinse Conditioner and wow, I was really happy with it!

    MY hair is super soft and the scent of the conditioner smells so nice. So far, this conditioner is my favorite and will purchase it!
  32. Horrible


    I received a sample of this, and tried it out today. All I can say is, WOW this stinks!!! The smell reminds me of a nursing home. 4 hours after washing my hair, the scent was still stuck up my nose, so I ended up rewashing my hair, and the smell still doesn't seem to be gone. I seem to have bad luck with Kevin Murphy products, because I haven't met a product I've liked , which is a shame seeing mo...
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  33. Recommend


    I have quite thick hair but I didn’t need to use much product which was great. My hair feels really soft and nourished afterwards, definitely recommend this product.
  34. Smells amazing!


    This conditioner smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling super soft. You don’t need to use much product either so is definitely worth the money!
  35. Hydration but no volume


    Similar to the matching shampoo, this conditioner is really good at making my hair shine and feel clean however I can’t say it does what it’s meant to and that is to provide more volume. Unfortunately my hair didn’t have any more volume.
  36. smells amaizng


    this conditioner smells soooo good and leaves your hair looking super healthy and stong. it feels super soft after using it as well!
  37. Smells amazing!


    Got the shampoo to match and they are both working wonders. Loving how bouncy and light my hair is feeling without that weighed down heaviness of other conditioners.
  38. Smells like heaven!


    I use this purely for the smell! It seems to last all day the next day and even the day after. It does add a slight "plumping effect" although I do not have thing hair to begin with.
  39. Plumping rinse


    This plumping rinse is really good! loving the smell to! doesn't leave your hair feeling heavy and its a light consistency formula so even though its small it does last a while!
  40. Nice


    A very nice shampoo from Kevin Murphy, cleans hair well but don’t notice any obvious plumping benefits. Other than that it smells fantastic and works well
  41. So far, so good!


    I have really fine, dry, curly hair. Bizarre combination, I know. This conditioner does everything is promised! Super hydrating and super plumping. Also happens to be the best smelling conditioner I’ve used.
  42. Love


    Smells beautiful and cleans hair well. Feels lovely afterwards
  43. Ok


    Smells beautiful and cleans hair well. Feels lovely afterwards
  44. Post partum hair loss saviour!


    I received a deluxe sample of this along with the wash and my poor post baby thinning hair definitely looked juicier and plumper after use! I do love me some Kevin Murphy and this is no exception!
  45. smells great


    Smells and feels great but irritated my scalp.
  46. Appears to do as it claims


    I received this as a sample, given that I have a lot of hair, I was only able to get one use out of the packet. The formula is hydrating without weighing down the hair and it leaves a lovely smell. I don't think I would purchase it, only because voluminous hair is not something that I aspire to have, but overall the conditioner feels quality and left my hair healthy
  47. Goes well with the shampoo


    Ok 45$ is a lot for 250ml but I did like the way my hair felt once I had dried my hair. Detangles my hair very well, but I wouldn’t say it’s much different to many other cheaper brands
  48. Great conditioner


    Using this after the plumping wash has made a difference to my hair. Not amazing results, but noticeable. It smells amazing too, and conditions and hydrates my hair without making it wispy. It feels healthier and more hydrated.
  49. New favourite


    With hair is as thin as the wind, after the first few washes my hair feels hydrated without the weight, and voluminous without the frizzy feeling. Hopefully this kind of a result continues with each use!
  50. pretty good


    i think it is quite heavy for my fine hair and not sure it did much for volume however it made my hair lovely and soft. strong lovely smell. ill buy again
  51. Hydrating without weighing down!


    I use this with the plump me shampoo, and find that this hydrates my hair without weighing it down or feeling like an oil slick. I let this sink into to my hair for two to three minutes while I shower and find that my hair is never tangled, and doesn't look or feel greasy. I quite like the smell of all Kevin Murphy products, smells like you've come fresh from the salon. The amount you get is worth...
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  52. Fantastic


    My hairdresser put me onto this product beacause I have fine damaged hair and this has really made a difference, adding thickness and volume. Worth the price!
  53. Love it


    Great smell, great conditioner. Seems rather pricey, but only very small amounts required, so not bad value overall.
  54. Love it


    Great smell, great conditioner. Seems rather pricey, but only very small amounts required, so not bad value overall.
  55. Best friend of those with fine hair


    This conditioner is the best I have used on my baby fine hair. Even my hairdresser has commented on the improvement. As an extra special bonus, this conditioner also leaves my hair really soft, some conditioners for fine hair seem to leave my hair dry and straw like. I could not do without this conditioner. Thank you.
  56. Beautiful product


    This has really helped to restore the condition of my naturally fine, bleached hair (together with the shampoo). I also think it's encouraged a lot of growth; my hair seems to grow heaps faster since using it! And it smells so good
  57. Voluminous hair


    I have very fine limp thin hair so this lovely shampoo has been a god send in making my hair look fuller and healthier
  58. Adds Thickness


    Adds so much volume and shape to my hair! Love!
  59. I love this product


    This product is great for my fine, limp hair. It helps restore some shine and natural movement.

    I recommend alternating this with a more affordable product if the cost is the main concern.

    If you haven't tried it yet though, it's really worth a shot.
  60. HG conditioner


    All time favourite thickening and moisturising conditioner. Im guessing it does something to plump the strands, because you can definitely feel the difference in softness and thickness after using.
  61. Didn't work for me


    I usually love Kevin Murphy products, particularly the Angel range, and Easy Rider. I have long, fine, wavy hair and didn't find this did much for me. Maybe my hopes were too high, but I went back to my regular products.
  62. My Go-To Haircare.


    I have been using this condition for around 4 years now and it is still my favourite. I have extremely fine, wavy hair it leaves my hair so moisturised and sleek. It smells divine and a little goes a long way.
  63. Smells great


    My hair smells amazing and has developed a beautiful shine. Don't think it has done much for the thickness or plumping. I also think my hair has become a lot more frizzier and very untamed since using.
  64. Worthy of a top shelf


    I've been using this for 2 weeks now and it has made my hair feel super soft. My hair has become noticably less frizzy since using this conditioner. Absolutely hooked!
  65. Complements wash


    This conditioner complements Kevin Murphy plumping wash so nicely and leaves my hair with movement, volume and feeling thicker! So happy with this product - would recommend to anyone seeking extra bounce and volume for flat hair
  66. this was ok


    I received this as a sample recently, along with the wash. I found that i really liked the wash, but was not so much a fan of the rinse. I found the rinse left my hair with a slight oily feel to it - maybe good for people with dry or brittle hair? Smell was nice though and felt luxurious to use.
  67. Fantastic


    Have noticed a reduction in hair loss since beginning to use this product a month ago. My hair feel revitalised without being weighed down.
  68. Transformed


    My hair has taken the turn for the worst and is thinning immensely to the point where I was using hair colour sprays to fill in my receding hairline. After washing my hair with this conditioner (in conjunction with the shampoo) I no longer need to spray any colour to my hair as it plumps my hair to the high heavens. Every time I wash my hair I get complements on how healthy and thick it looks, wor...
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  69. Great condition, not so great bottle


    The conditioner itself is amazing! Definitely plumps the hair and smells great as well. I noticed less breakage as well. However the bottle was poorly designed as the conditioner is quite thick and it doesn’t come out easily so you literally have to squeeze the bottle super hard every time you use it.
  70. Nice Conditioner


    I decided to purchase as my hairdresser uses this range. The KM Plumping rinse is a nice conditioner which moisturises my hair but doesn't weigh it down (which is great for my fine hair!) I love the scent too however it be can pricey for someone who washes their hair everyday.
  71. For me, my holy grail of conditioners


    I recently got this as a sample in my last Adore Beauty order and I am hooked. It leaves my hair (which is quite fine) soft, shiny and smelling absolutely gorgeous. I've actually had compliments on my hair in terms of the shine since using this. I swear by it and won't go back!
  72. Great for blowdrying


    I love the Kevin Murphy Plumping conditioner.

    Great for blowdryer and when you need to give your hair a bit of a bounce.
    Definitely use with the shampoo for the best combination!
  73. Great!


    Softening, smoothing and anti-frizz. Smells lovely and a little goes a long way! Hair has more volume but is not frizzy, I’d say medium weighted. Love it. Would recommend.
  74. Super soft hair and smells amazing


    I've been using this for 2 weeks now and it has made my hair feel super soft. My hair has become noticably less frizzy since using this conditioner.
  75. Cute bottle and smells good too!


    All Kevin Murphy products are great this one really leaves hair feeling plump and luscious!
  76. Great product


    Smells great, feels great can’t wait to see what continuous use does for my hair
  77. Good, but a bit sticky


    Hair is soft and shiny after using. However I dont love the smell and texture. Also a high price point for a small bottle.
  78. Use it with the Plumping wash!


    Got the Plumping Rinse along with the Plumping wash and find that they work really harmoniously together.
    It smells really good and you barely need any product at all to detangle and rinse.
    The fact that Kevin Murphy is cruelty free and uses natural ingredients is also a big selling point for me.
  79. Ultimate Booster


    Excellent product that I have been using for a while now. Only need the tiniest amount so lasts for a long time. Gives my hair a boost as it is very fine. Definitely recommend!
  80. Perfect conditioner


    This conditioner paired with the shampoo is the best combo! it is not too thick and doesn't coat your hair, leaves It smooth and soft for a week.

  81. KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Rinse


    Bought this along with shampoo...smell is devine...plumping no not really but in terms of conditioning...yes and hair improvement..
  82. Love it!


    This paired with the matching shampoo is a real winner for me. Shiny and soft hair with a noticeable difference in fullness and texture. So far I'm loving them both!
  83. Can’t go back


    I used to use o&m which I loved but after using the KM range I can’t go back. Unfortunately it’s a bit pricey but it stops you using so much. I have coloured, fine,hair.. the young again range smells divine and I always feel like my hair has more volume after a blow dry.
  84. Super Nice Conditioner!


    I've been using the Plumping Rinse in conjunction with the Plumping Wash and Body Mass Spray and it's definitely helping with slowing down hair loss.
    It also smells nice and conditions well, leaving my hair nice and soft.
    I've also noticed that a bottle of this product lasts me longer than other conditioners tend to as I use a bit less of it then is necessary with other brands.
  85. Doesn’t weigh your hair down


    Love this conditioner! After using a “celebrity” brand shampoo and conditioner my hair was destroyed. My hair is on the finer side and when fine hair gets too dry is just looks like a mess. This rinse paired with the wash saved my hair from having to be chopped off. It makes my hair so soft without weighing it down and has replenished what was damaged. It’s been a life saver!
  86. Great product


    As with the plumping wash, I'm currently onto my fourth bottle. I am consistently happy with this brand. Although I do prefer an organic/vegan brand, this is cruelty free, so it gets a thumbs up from me. After having two children my hair had become lifeless and weak and would constantly break. Whilst using this product, along with the wash and body mass spray I have noticed a huge difference not o...
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  87. Didn’t like it


    I have fine, thinning, colour treated hair. Left it feeling lacklustre and dry. Disappointing considering the price.
  88. Great brand - great product!


    I started using this wash and rinse after using the Hydrate Me range from Kevin Murphy, I loved the Hydrate Me and this is great too! I have medium-fine hair and find this makes my hair feel thicker but doesn’t strip or dry out my hair at all. I love Kevin Murphy products and don’t think I’ll ever use another brand! I particularly love the 500ml limited edition bottles when they are available - gr...
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  89. Best conditioner ever


    My hair usually go flat and greasy after using conditioner but this product makes my hair shiny and volumes the hair perfectly- if it’s good for my hair then it’s the best for any other type :) very happy
  90. Best product line for flat hair!


    I've been using Kevin Murphy for a couple of years now, but was using the Hydrate line which was great for making my hair soft. However, I went to the hairdresser recently and she suggested trying the "Plumping" range as I have quite thing hair and I've never looked back. This Plumping rinse it the perfect product for making my hair thicker and feel more alive. It also smells delightful! Would def...
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  91. Smells divine!


    Excellent product that I have been using for a while now. Only need the tiniest amount so lasts for a long time. Gives my hair a boost as it is very fine. Definitely recommend!
  92. Great for fine hair


    I have fine hair and find this product to be the best for volumising.
  93. repurchased both!


    I purchased both the shampoo and conditioner. My hair is going back in masses . It is in great condition and smells amazing. A bit pricey but I got the results I was after! just ordered my 2nd order of both

    Happy customer!
  94. Nice Conditioner


    I don't mind this conditioner, it leaves my hair feeling soft and definitely fuller in the body - but the smell is a bit overpowering, and I found I needed quite a lot of product for my thick mid length hair (I apply mid lengths to ends) so the bottle didn't last as long as I would have liked for the price
  95. Small difference


    I've noticed a small difference in the thickness of my hair since using this. My hair does look healthy, but if I leave the conditioner in too long it can weigh my hair down. Not sure if I can justify the price for the small bottle compared to the results I've seen but hopefully I'll continue to see improvements.
  96. Great Product! Actually does what it says!!


    This product is Amazing!
    I have thinning, straight, fine hair. As I've gotten older, my hair has gotten thinner and more lacklustre.
    I was recommended this product by a qualified hairdresser, who knows my hair well.
    After about 4 weeks of using every second day (along with the Plumping Rinse), I was seeing noticeably more new hair and my hair was noticeably thicker.
    I hav...
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  97. Amazing!


    This is by far one of the best hair conditioners I've ever used. Its certainly a lot of people's favourite too hence it runs out of stock every now & then
  98. Good for occasional use


    While this conditioner is great - it has no wheat (gluten) in it which is rare for a volumising conditioner... It builds up after an amount of time. I used it for a year straight and even though I'd use a tiny bit, it eventually weighted my hair down. The only solution was using it once or twice a week and alternating with a different brand to balance it out. Still smells amazing and I love the bo...
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  99. Really Does What it Says


    I have dry, frizzy, curly hair and am always looking for volume which can end up being a disaster with the wrong products. I have fine hair but lots of it and this conditioner gave my hair really sleek, weightless volume and also was hydrating.
    Got a little carried away and conditioned too close to my scalp which exacerbated my oily roots a tiny bit but ultimately my hair was shiny, big and ...
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  100. The best


    I have multiple scalp issues that mean the shampoo I use is very drying. On top of that I'm the plus side of 50 so my long hair can be a bit "meh". But not with this conditioner. A small amount delivers amazing results: smooth, shiny and bordering on bouncy. A little goes a long way so is excellent value for money also.
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