KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Rinse

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KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Rinse is a thickening, densifying conditioner to strengthen fine or thinning hair.

Using an exclusive cocktail of eylash thickening technology and a complex combination of tripeptides, plant extracts and oleanolic acid, KEVIN.MURPHY's Plumping range promotes lengthening of the growing phase of the hair for longer periods. The results? Overall, thicker, fuller hair.

KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Rinse nourishes and resotres for stronger, thicker hair.

Apply to freshly washed hair, leave for 1- 2 minutes then rinse. For optimal results, we recommend using Plumping.Rinse in combination with other products from the Plumping.Line. KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash is recommended to be used prior to Plumping.Rinse to cleanse the hair, and followed with KEVIN.MURPHY Body.Mass, a densifying styling product which improves the appearance of fine and/or thinning hair.


Hydrating formula
Protective and strengthening
Maintains hair in growth phase
Thickening properties
Helps prevent hair loss and damage from DHT

Key Ingredients:

Biotin Vitamin B/Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 - penerates & strengthens hair while creating a protective shield
Rice Amino Acids - replicates the Keratin structure of human hair
Rice Protein - conditions and strengthens hair
Shea Butter - delivers moisture to dry, damaged hair from root to tip
Oleanolic Acid - fights follicular ageing by fortifying the roots

KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Rinse is Paraben free.



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Does what it says it does! - 11-06-2018 by

I love a good conditioner and this is my preffered KM condtioner..I go between the Hydrating rinse and plumping rinse..I still find this end result is better than the Hydrating for me but I have dry hair in winter and felt to change my hair products to suit the weather. Smells great too although strong and if you dont like it that would be a problem as other users have noted. Overall I dont think you can go wrong with this range! A little goes such a long way! I am always an over user of product but 1 container lasts me 2 months at least!

Kevin is Heaven - 28-05-2018 by

I love the Kevin Murphy products but I find the Plumping Rinse to really suit my hair. Even though I have thick, wavy hair, my hairdresser recommended the Plumping Rinse to me and it's all I'll use now to condition my hair. My hair is prone to getting oily after two days, however using this product, I can go several days without needing to wash my hair again due to oil. My hair is left soft and shiny, and smells amazing.

Love it! - 07-05-2018 by

I used the Kevin Murphy Plumping Range when I was losing my hair due to stress. After around a month my hair stopped falling out at an alarming rate. It was a huge relief. I have fine hair, and need something that is moisturizing but also lightweight. The Plumping Rinse was perfect for my hair. I would use it every day (even if I hadn't shampooed) massaged it into my scalp, and left in on for several minutes. The smell is lovely too. My hair was soft, smooth and noticeably thicker after using the Kevin Murphy Plumping Range.

Good product - 18-04-2018 by

I bought this for my partner who has a family history of hair loss. It actually contains an ingredient that studies show promotes hair regeneration. He doesn’t yet have any hair loss so we can’t really say that it works. But it does smell really nice and his hair (and mine) feels so soft and bouncy after using it.

Lovely Conditioner - 09-04-2018 by

I've been using this conditioner for the past few months and I have found it to be very nourishing for my hair. I have fine, dry, coloured hair and have problems with frizzyness at the ends and an oily scalp. I wanted to try this brand, over my regular Keratase, because they are cruely free and vegan. The conditioner goes a long way and my hair is silky and easy to brush, however I have given the product 4/5 because I honestly haven't noticed any sort of thickening or plumping of my hair. Overall good value for a really nice product that you don't need a lot of, but if you very fine hair like mine, maybe don't expect a lot volume.

volumising but pricey - 05-04-2018 by

I got a sample of this conditioner and matching shampoo with an order. I found this conditioner to be very nourishing, voluminous and light on the hair. I did not like the smell of this though, and i found it to be very strong and linger on the hair until washed again with a different product. Overall I would like to continue using these products, however I could not justify the price for the amount of product you receive. If the price is not an issue, I would definitely recommend this.

My Holy Grail Conditioner - 21-02-2018 by

This is my holy grail conditioner without a doubt! I have very fine, chemically treated and easily damaged hair, which needs as much nourishment as possible at the same time. It doesn't weigh down my hair too much, yet actually feels hydrating and nourishing. I'd have to drench my hair in supermarket conditioners in order to get an effect but with this conditioner, I don't have that problem. It is the perfect balance between hydration and 'lightness'. It smooths hair brilliantly, including the ends of my hair. It is worth every penny in my books.

go to conditioner at the moment - 06-02-2018 by

I am personally a huge fan of Kevin Murphy so I am not to sure if this makes me love this conditioner even more but I have quite fine hair and have suffered with this all my life and finding a conditioner that is not heavy but still offers that repairing aspect can be really hard. I love this conditioner because of the smell, how silky it makes my hair feel, it does not leave my hair frizzy if I let it dry naturally like some volumising conditioners do and you only need a small amount. This conditioner is really worth it and is my go to product!

Lovely product but not worth the price - 20-12-2017 by

This conditioner smells great, is lightweight and makes my hair feel a little bit thicker. It's also cruelty free which is wonderful However, it seems to have had a price increase in the last few months (I swear it used to be under $40) and it's not good enough to continue spending this much money on it. I have fine coloured hair that I have to was every second day. These products haven't made a huge difference to the longevity of my hair between washes, and my hair feels dried out and tangled on the ends by the next day (but that might be how I'm drying my hair because I don't have the same problem when my hairdresser does my hair). I'll be buying something different next time.

Disappointing - 15-08-2017 by

As a new mum, I rarely leave online reviews as I'm too short on time! But, in this instance I was so disappointed after reading the rave reviews and wanted to prevent someone else from wasting their money.

I have fine, straight, medium to long hair. I'm five months post the birth of my first bub and my hair was seriously falling out and suffering from breakage. My bub also enjoys grabbing everything, including fistfuls of my hair! If you are currently in this situation, the shedding and breakage does stop, I promise!

Once it stopped, I wanted to splurge on a good thickening shampoo & conditioner to try and get some life back into my hair. Unfortunately this product just doesnt come close to delivering what it promises.

Whilst the product leaves my hair soft and manageable, there is no noticeable lift, plumping or volumising from this product - even when you use the matching shampoo and wash your hair twice (which you are instructed to do) - it just wastes product and even more valuable, your time. It leaves my hair flat and dull. The product also has an unpleasant smell. As a long time Aveda user, I'm used to beautiful smelling products, so again this was disappointing given the cost of this product.

If you are a new mum with hair that is rapidly falling out, you might like to try the Evo gluttony range of which I have had some success with a sample (wish I just ordered their full size product in the first place! Doh!) and I would also recommend the Aveda invati range and pure abundance conditioner.

We are now a one income family and unfortunately I've wasted our money on this product that will just sit in the cupboard. Hope others find this helpful.

Great product! - 26-07-2017 by

I have very fine bleached hair and I have a couple of extensions. this is a great conditioner for me, as it nourishes without weight, yet leaves my hair smooth and silky.Being sulphate free I can use it with my extensions and not worry about compromising the bond or the hair! yay!

Compliments The Shampoo Brilliantly - 07-06-2017 by

I've had no end of trouble with conditioners with my baby fine and thinning hair, until my hairdresser recommended the Kevin Murphy plumping range. It is just brilliant. It compliments the shampoo but doesn't weigh my hair down - so many conditioners make my hair so floppy it's unmanageable but this just makes it soft and easy to manage. My hair stays looking great from one shampoo and conditioning treatment to the next. I've never used better hair products.

For anyone with fine and/or thinning hair, this range is a lifesaver.

Amazing! - 19-03-2017 by

I love all of Kevin Murphy's products, they make your hair soft, shiny and feel amazing! I have quite thick hair but I find this product adds the extra volume I want and you don't need to use much. Like his other products this also smells great... definitely worth the money, I haven't found anything else that compares!

Amazing Product - 16-09-2016 by

As someone who has always struggled to style fine hair, I wish I'd discovered this product before. It smells amazing and adds so much body to fine flyaway hair.
Definitely recommend!

No more fine, flat hair! great! - 09-12-2014 by

I really liked this product for someone with fine hair that can get easily weighed down with volumising products. This rinse adds the fullness without making it heavy or prone to that greasiness after a day. Love the smell too!

Love it - 23-07-2014 by

Absolutely love Kevin.Murphy Plumping.Rinse. I'm in the hair & beauty industry so I'm very fussy with what I use and I have tried so many different products, but this is definitely one of my favourites.

Excellent! - 05-07-2014 by

I have thin, fine, post-breastfeeding-for -years hair and this product has been the best that I've tried to help thicken up my hair. It works instantly and smells amazing. For the first time ever people have asked ME what I use in my hair! Love it. Expensive but only a tiny amount required so lasts for ages.

Love this range! - 02-07-2014 by

I'm obsessed with this range. I've been colouring my (already thin) hair light blonde for the last 10 years so it's not in great condition. After a few weeks of use of this range, I've noticed a real improvement in the condition of my hair. It actually seems thicker and smells amazing too! I've noticed my scalp is a little on the dry side, however the benefit of this is that I'm getting away with an extra day between washes. My partner keeps stealing it when I'm not looking, and I even returned home from work last week to find he'd washed our cat with the Plumping.Wash (not recommended of course, this shant happen again!). Needless to say the cat smelt amazing and was super fluffly - the Adore Beauty team have seen photo proof!

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