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KEVIN.MURPHY Leave In Repair 200mL 200ml

4.4 of 53 reviews


4 instalments of $12.49

Or 4 instalments of $12.49 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.49

Or 4 instalments of $12.49 with LEARN MORE

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Using breakthrough scientific technology and the latest in anti-ageing skincare research to restore your hair, whether caused by environmental damage, everyday pollutants or colouring. KEVIN.MURPHY LEAVE-IN.REPAIR is a no-fuss, easy-to-use treatment that is applied to damp or towel dried hair, no rinse-out required.

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GREAT - 81% recommend

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KEVIN.MURPHY Leave In Repair 200mL Reviews

4.4 of 53 reviews

81% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Go to leave in conditioner


Love this it smells amazing and my hair is so soft !

Most Helpful Criticism

Can we please talk about the smell


I’m a KM addict who buys the Hydrate.Me treatment religiously, but unfortunately with the Repair leave-in, I just can’t get past the smell!!
I wanted a repairing leave-in conditioner to alternate between my hydrating washes and help build the strength in my hair but I just really don’t like the strong perfumed smell that stays in my hair with this one.
It might be for you if you don’t mind the scent, as KM products are great quality and actually do something positive to your hair :)
  1. Go to leave in conditioner


    Love this it smells amazing and my hair is so soft !
  2. Can we please talk about the smell


    I’m a KM addict who buys the Hydrate.Me treatment religiously, but unfortunately with the Repair leave-in, I just can’t get past the smell!!
    I wanted a repairing leave-in conditioner to alternate between my hydrating washes and help build the strength in my hair but I just really don’t like the strong perfumed smell that stays in my hair with this one.
    It might be for you if you don’t...
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  3. Very hydrating


    Leaves my hair hydrated but not weighed down. There are probably cheaper options that are just as good though.


    Finally a leave in that doesn’t weigh down my hair! Paired with the angel rinse and wash my hair and never looked or felt better.
  5. Good leave in


    Very lightweight leave in treatment. Smooth and hydrating my hair.
  6. Lightweight Leave in


    verified purchaser
    This is a very lightweight but great leave in. I love it on my oily hair It doesn't weigh my hair down or make it oily either! Love it!
  7. Lightweight hydration


    verified purchaser
    I bought this looking for a good hydrating treatment and I love all Kevin Murphy products that I’ve tried. This product gives my hair nice hydration without weighing it down. I’ve noticed less split ends already and would definitely recommend if you’re looking for light hydration.
  8. Not great for fine hair


    verified purchaser
    After reading reviews I was really excited to use this product, but have unfortunately been disappointed with the results. I have fine hair, but lots of it, and it leaves my hair feeling crunchy and weighed down.
  9. love leave in products


    I love products that you don't need to wash out straight away and this helps repair my damaged hair, love!
  10. Magic


    After damaging my hair with bleach and heat tools over the years, I wanted to get it back to a healthy state. I purchased all four of the repair products (wash, rinse, leave in and re-store) and it has worked absolute wonders on my hair. This leave in is grey. Doesn't weigh down my hair and keeps it beautiful and shiny for days!
  11. Lightweight and beautiful!


    I was searching for a leave in treatment and found this and I'm loving it! I have quite thin hair that gets damaged super quickly but this leave in has helped it dramatically. It leaves my hair feeling soft and doesn't weigh my hair down. Less is more with this product too, which is great considering it is a little pricey! I paired it up with Kevin Murphy's REPAIR ME wash and rinse. Great combo.
  12. Great!


    I purchased this on a whim because I love the KM restore. It smells nice and I've been using it often. I don't know if i notice much difference but for my long hair the piece of mind using extra conditioning makes me happy to use it.
  13. nice leave in


    My hair is super dry.. and I was hoping this would be a miracle cure. I've been using it for about a month. No huge changes to my hair quality but it definitely makes it feel like theres something in my hair working. Not fully convinced it's the miracle that everyone is talking about but i'm going to keep using it until the bottle is finished
  14. Silk Magic


    I usually use kerastase, olaplex and occasionally Kevin Murphy. Yet, nothing has made a more dramatic improvement in my hair texture than this leave in product. I’ve got very fine (and lightened/dry/damaged/hair) so a lot of leave in products can be too heavy. I’m not sure how the product sits when left to dry naturally, but following a blow dry it made my hair feel softer and silkier than it has ...
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  15. Nice and hydrating


    this helps to hydrate and repair my hair, i really liked it and you don't need much
  16. Great product!


    Loved this product! Smells great, feels great and not too heavy on my fine hair.
  17. Great


    Smells like bubble gum, leaves hair looking shiny
    However feel like I need to use a lot of product
  18. Helps tame frizz


    This leave in conditioner is great, it’s not too heavy. It leaves my hair frizz free and smooth. Love it.
  19. Magic for your hair


    Absolutely love this leave in treatment. My hair had been seriously damaged after a bad blonde experience at a salon, and this treatment has completely revived my hair. After showering, I use about a 50 cent coin amount of product to my hair and let it work it’s magic. My hair now feels soft, hydrated and is never frizzy. A staple in my hair care.
  20. Decent leave-in conditioner


    This does condition my thick hair but I find that it is too heavy and leaves it feeling weighed-down. Perhaps I am using too much, as I have a lot of hair. I prefer conditioners that sink in completely and you don't notice them in your hair.
  21. Transforms my hair over night


    Transforms my hair overnight. It's super easy to leave in and makes my hair look so fresh in the morning.
  22. Resolved my tangles!


    I have super fine and thin hair, that has become brittle with menopause. My hair is often matted after washing and this conditioner has saved me. I have much less breakages and putting this in before I comb it, means I’m pulling less hair out too. Kevin Murphy products are worth the extra money.
  23. Hydrating, not great for super fine hair


    This is an easy to use leave in conditioner. I like it a lot. It can be a little bit heavy for fine hair, so a little goes a long way. It has minimised the amount of breakage and split ends I have. Do recommend if your hair isn't super fine
  24. Great for detangling


    I put this in my hair after the shower and it really helps me brush it a lot easier while its wet. It also makes my hair feel softer. It smells amazing too.
  25. This is my fave leave in ever


    My hairdresser recommended this to me as an upsell (would you like kevin murphy with that hair colour?) but I have been absolutely delighted with this product! It lasts an extremely long time, so is a well valued product. It makes my hair beautifully soft, especially after a harsh blonde session at the salon. I waited a few weeks to buy my refill and i really noticed the difference it makes when i...
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  26. Comparative with other leave in products


    Certainly has a strong smell out of the bottle, but cannot smell it once applied to the hair. Hair feels noticeably softer. Is certainly comparative with other leave in products and the added heat protection is a bonus a lot of other products do not have.
  27. Too heavy for my hair


    I'm not a huge fan of this leave-in conditioner. It's very hydrating but I find it too heavy for my fine hair. It weighs down my hair and leaves it looking a bit limp. I wouldn't recommend it for people with fine hair, it's probably good if you have normal to thick hair.
  28. Kevin.Murphy has done it again


    This product has greatly reduced my breakage, and kept my hair smooth and full of moisture. When applying, I tend to concentrate it on my ends to prevent splitting. It's easy to use the correct amount with the pump, which also means a bottle last a long time. The pump makes it difficult to travel with though, because it doesn't seem to screw shut again. It is a lovely creamy texture and smells gre...
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  29. My go to


    This has helped my hair so much after dying it. It is light weight and has a great smell.
  30. Beautiful Softness


    So I've been using this for a week now, and have definitely found that my damaged hair has softened. I does have a strong smell right out of the bottle, but once in the hair it definitely is less noticeable. I will continue to use this and recommend this to my friends. Just don't let your little people near it or they will keep pumping till there's nothing left! My kids enjoy it just as much as...
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  31. My hair is so soft now!


    I have thick hair and I style my hair with hot tools almost daily. The included heat protection won me over and I’m so glad I tried this product. My hair felt so smooth and soft right after using it. I use this product 2-3 times a week when I wash my hair and it has definitely helped keep my hair healthy.
  32. Great for hair growth


    Brought this item out of curiosity and needed a new leave in treatment. After reading reviews I thought why not. Well I love it. It’s definitely helped grow my hair as I found the ends were damaged and constantly had hair breakage. Does have a strong smell however never found once my hair tried that I could smell it. Not a thick cream but definitely does a great job!
  33. Not as good as the untangled spray


    I really love Kevin Murphy’s untangled spray and I thought this would be a creamier version but it’s a totally different product. Good for heat protection however not as smoothing as I expected
  34. Love!


    Love blow drying this into my hair. My blonde hair doesn’t feel as brittle and dry after using this
  35. Just nope.


    I bought this alongside the hydrate me wash & rinse. I really didn’t like the combination, my scalp become itchy and flaky. This stuff just felt like applying a film on top of your hair, and did absolutely no wonders in regards to moisture or hydration. I really don’t recommend using this stuff and trying another range under Kevin Murphy, or my fav - ELEVEN products.
  36. Love


    found that this softens my hair so well and my ends don't feel as brittle as they normally feel when they start to split after a while.
  37. Hydrating and super repairing!


    When my hairdresser recommended this product to me my hair was in desperate need of some extra love, I have used this product now for 6 months and there’s no turning back! I love the smell - it makes my hair feel so beautiful!
  38. Perfect for "Wash and Go" Curls!


    This is a light, lovely smelling cream which suits my wavy/curly hair perfectly. It seems to moisturise the dry ends from blonde foils and doesn't weight hair down. Great to put in after washing hair for a hassle free "wash and go" curly/wavy look. Definitely found this improved the condition of my hair.
  39. Smoothing~


    Upon opening this product, I was a bit worried since it had quite a strong smell and since I use a scented shampoo I was afraid the smells might clash with one another. However once it is on the hair I realise the scent doesn't linger for too long and after using it for a few times now I can really see the difference in the texture of my hair, it feels much softer and very smooth.
  40. Leaves my hair super soft and shiny!


    My hair is quite fine and gets dry easily and was recommended this by my hairdresser. After just one use my hair was super soft and shiny but not fly-away. A little bit goes a long way
  41. Not bad


    I have blonde thick hair and thought this worked very well but to get the extra shine in my hair had to add an oil all in all a great product.
  42. Not a fan


    I bought this in a pack with the Kevin Murphy Hydrate me range and thought it would be amazing.
    To be honest, I much prefer the ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment. This one is really light weight and just feels like it is doing nothing. My hair feels no different from when I use it, to when I don't use it.
    It came free in the pack so I'm not complaining, but I would definitely go back to ...
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  43. amazing


    Best hair care ever! my hair dresser friend recommended this to be after blonde as it became very damaged. this treatment helped my hair out a lot.
  44. Good quality


    My hairdresser friend recommended I use this since bleaching my fine hair blonde. It made my hair soft however not sure if it helped repair my damaged hair, would purchase again however pretty pricey.
  45. Not a fan


    Kevin Murphy products are great, but this product doesn't really work for my hair, I don't feel as though it moisture's at all
  46. Amazing!


    My hairdresser recommended this as a help for my dehydrated hair. It has completely transformerd my routine. Now instead of restling with my blowdrier to attempt to control the frizz, I put a VERY small amount on my hands and distribute it through the ends of my hair- it pretty much disappears from your hands, no oily residue and it doesnt weigh your hair down at all.
  47. Bit disappointed

    Ms Zig

    Nothing special it’s ok I haven’t seen any improvement really won’t purchase again
  48. No change or improvements since using.


    I’ve been using this product for a month or so now and have noticed no difference in my hair, wouldn’t buy again
  49. Nice, lightweight, definitely helps.


    I found this to be a good addition to my haircare routine. I have fine wavy/curly hair, oily roots and dry ends. This helps to add moisture without weighing my hair down or making it greasy, and allows me to use less of the heavier products. It has a pleasant fragrance which isn't to strong either.
  50. Very light - no noticeable improvements


    This formula is so light it is almost undetectable. The benefits of this treatment is that you will not end up with greasy hair. However, I can't really see the results after using this product for about a month.
  51. Love K.Murphy


    I love Kevin Murphy products - they are so heavenly and unlike anything you could buy at a chemist or supermarket. This leave-in treatment is no exception. It smells amazing, feels amazing, and leaves my hair feeling so soft and healthy. A little goes a long way - especially if you are using other plant-rich Kevin Murphy products (shampoo and conditioner). Also, love the packaging (so easy and sop...
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  52. So soft!


    I received a sample of this with one of my orders, so keep in mind I have only used it twice. It has made my hair (colour treated and somewhat dry) very soft and silky when it has dried, and leaves behind a nice, mild scent, which completely covers the horrible stench of my coal tar shampoo!! I reckon I'll be investing in a bottle!
  53. a must have


    found that this softens my hair so well and my ends don't feel as brittle as they normally feel when they start to split after a while.
  54. Light leave in repair, average.

    Hayden Massalsky

    High quality product, nice fresh mild scent, yet the conditioning seems to be a bit light on for very dry hair. No detectable difference between using two or three pumps. Found it needs to be used daily after washing and conditioning.
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