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KEVIN.MURPHY Hydrate-Me.Wash 250ml

4.6 of 167 reviews


4 instalments of $10.24

Or 4 instalments of $10.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $10.24

Or 4 instalments of $10.24 with LEARN MORE

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Contains Hydrolysed Silk Extracts that instantly smooth the surface, sealing in moisture to hair.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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KEVIN.MURPHY Hydrate-Me.Wash Reviews

4.6 of 167 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Smells amazing


In love with the smell and it works well for my dry hair and scalp. Will repurchase!

Most Helpful Criticism

Nothing special


I received a sample of this shampoo and while it smelt nice and felt nice to use it didn't really wow me. I'd use it if I bought it however I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it over any others.
  1. Smells amazing


    In love with the smell and it works well for my dry hair and scalp. Will repurchase!
  2. Just the best


    This is my all-time favourite shampoo! I love everything about it - it smells divine, and makes my hair feel much softer and less frizzy after a wash.
  3. Liquid gold


    SMELLS AMAZING! Lathers up good and even a shampoo makes my hair soft. Only down side is that it’s so expensive.
  4. Beautiful Shampoo!


    I got a 40ml sample of this beautiful shampoo with my Adore Beauty order and I LOVE IT! It smells divine, it cleans my hair thoroughly and my hair is so SILKY + SHINY afterwards. 10/10 Kevin Murphy product!
  5. very impressive


    My scalp is sensitive to SLS so I tried this one. I can see how this works differently after two washes! Also, only a small amount would be enough for my should-long hair.
  6. Soft hair


    Love this it gives me the softest hair!!!
  7. Worth every cent


    Excellent moisturising shampoo for coarse, dry hair.
  8. Works well


    smells excellent, quite heavy on fine hair. Recommended for medium volume!
  9. kevin murphy


    this really left my hair smelling divine and soft. I love the luxury of kevin murphy, it's expensive but a nice treat.
  10. Too heavy for my hair


    verified purchaser
    I received a small sample of this a few months ago and really liked it so decided to buy it. The smell is amazing and you only need to use a small amount of it so it does last well, but unfortunately it’s just too heavy for my hair. The following day after a wash my hair feels and looks oily again.
  11. Smooth, soft, hydrated


    Very moisturising and softening. Feel a big difference in my hair quality after one use - especially combined with the matching conditioner.
  12. Lovely silky hair


    I love the Kevin Murphy Hydrate me wash, male my hear feel clean and healthy. It smells great and a little goes a long way so lasts a long time. Using this with the rinse makes my hair easy to manage and less frizzy than with other cheaper shampoos
  13. Great product


    I use this shampoo along with their conditioner and its fantastic. It leaves your hair feeling so soft and moisterised. You only need to use a tiny bit of the product so I find it lasts me a really long time
  14. Smells so yummy


    I’ve found that this shampoo has helped my hair give movement and bouncy with the shampoo. I do find that you need a little more than usual only because I have a lot of hair. So it can be expensive in the long run but is worth it for what you get.
  15. Hydrating hair care


    Since using the Hydrate-me.wash (+ the hydrate-me.rinse), my hair has been far less bristly and dry - easier to maintain day-to-day.
  16. Lovely and creamy


    I adore this shampoo, it cleanses so well, and leaves the hair already softer before you have even put the conditioner in. It lathers up well, and I always wash twice, once to remove product product and then a second wash to cleanse the hair and scalp. This shampoo is lovely and would suit everyone. It's beautiful for my fine and coloured hair.
  17. So hydrating with a scent to die for!


    I received this as a sample, and will be purchasing this as soon as my other shampoo has run out. I had noticed some flaking scalp and thought I'd give this a go. Firstly I was overwhelmed with the amazing smell , I felt compelled to wash again straight away to repeat the scent-sual experience. You only need a small amount of product, so I even have enough left in the sample to wash 3-4 more times...
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  18. Perfect shampoo


    This is my favourite shampoo in the KM range. The texture is thick and only a small amount is needed, so its great value. Smells lovely and hair feels perfectly washed - not squeaky clean and dry, and not weighed down, just perfect and balanced.
  19. super hydrating


    this really does hydrate my hair, love the smell and the cute packaging too
  20. Good


    Great product, great smell. Second time purchase. Only need to use a small amount of shampoo and it lasts ages.
  21. Love


    Switched over from a less expensive brand and I can definitely say Kevin Murphy is a winner. I'm not a fan of musky scents which this product has but it doesn't bother me enough to not repurchase. My concern is the product doing what it says it will do and thankfully, this product lives up to it's name.
  22. Snapped my hair off


    I’m a hairdresser of 8 years and I bought this product about 10 months ago as I’ve been wanting to try as other salons recommend it .. at the time I have blonde ends (balayage) and I purchased the hydrate me .. my hair is also medium thickness and wasn’t to damaged just abit dry .. after 1 week of using I noticed my hair was coming out in little snapped strands (looked like dead ends) could not wo...
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  23. Nothing special


    I received a sample of this shampoo and while it smelt nice and felt nice to use it didn't really wow me. I'd use it if I bought it however I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it over any others.
  24. Works in thick wavy hair


    Have thick wavy hair.. I always end up coming back to this product as it works.
  25. Great for my hair


    I use this on my shoulder length hair. It keeps it shiny and helps to keep frizziness away. Have been using for 12 months and am disappointed whenever I try anything else.
  26. This stuff is liquid gold


    I have waist length hair and it had become really dry and damaged after using some nasty shampoo. I tried this and it did not disappoint. My hair smells incredible and left it so shiny and healthy. If you have dry/damaged hair I’d recommend this. I also used it on my daughter who has super long hair that is loosely curly and it works a treat her hair looks amazing.
  27. smooth and hydrated hair


    I've been using this shampoo for about a year. still love it! my hair hasn't been easier to style or as healthy
  28. Moisturising conditioner


    It’s a thick creamy conditioner with the same lemony smell as the hydrationg shampoo. It rinses out well and keeps hair moisturised. The names wash is a bit confusing and I’m not a fan of the packaging. Other than that it’s a good conditioner.
  29. great!


    holds my colour super nicely. a very refreshing and cleansing shampoo with a great purpose. love it
  30. Superb Shampoo


    I have dry damaged hair and with just using this a couple of times, the results seem to be great! My hair feels super soft and clean after using it and it smells amazing.
  31. Good moisturising shampoo


    This shampoo cleanses my hair without stripping the natural oils. Smells a nice lemony and not at all over powering. Interesting packaging but not too practical.
  32. Love it


    I absolutely love this shampoo. I have been dyeing my hair blonde for years and it is quite dry, but this shampoo leaves it feeling nourished. It smells beautiful and leaves my hair and scalp feeling healthy, unlike other shampoos.
  33. Best shampoo


    Smells like musk candy and cleans well yet adds hydration leaves hair silky smooth!
  34. The best


    Currently trying this out with the conditioner! It smells amazing. It feels so lovely to wash in the hair. I have thick curly hair and love the way my hair is looking at the moment. Knowing it is premium brand also helps. It was recommended to me by my hairdresser but I prefer to buy online as I can get it cheaper. I would say the hydrate me is perfect for normal hair types. If you have super dry ...
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  35. Amazing product


    This leaves my hair feeling great and healthy
  36. Not the best


    I was expecting to love the Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Range for my dehydrated locks, however while the smell was nice (a light musk mixed with citrus scent), I definitely got better results from products I've purchased at the grocery store. Not worth the price IMO.
  37. hydrating shampoo


    this is super hydrating and left my hair feeling super hydrated, it is pricey for the size
  38. fabboulous!


    just great!! the smell and all makes my hair feel amazing!
  39. Nice but pricey


    This shampoo smells so good and it keeps my hair clean for longer periods of time. On the downside, it does make my hair limp and it is pretty pricey.
  40. Can't go wrong with this!


    The tiniest amount spreads very easily leaving my hair feeling the most amazing texture! Follow with the leave in spray and I think I've found my hair routine for a good while! Have repurchased multiple times in a pack and will continue to.
  41. Excellent


    Purchased in a set this shampoo smells amazing it is hydrating and great for keeping hair smooth, clean and non frizzy. Highly recommended for anyone with dry over processed or dyed hair.
  42. Hydration. - yes please


    Amazing shampoo in an amazing range! Love love love it! It smells great, so smooth and moisturising. The shampoo is thick (not too runny) so it lasts a while. The lather is so rich and luxurious, and the hair feels hydrated after rinsing. I am trying other products in this brand, so far this is one of my favourites.
  43. Hydration


    I have been using Kevin Murphy for over a year & I love it. This works really well on my blonde coloured hair. Keeps it hydrated and looking healthy!


    LOVED everything about this product but the price!
    Very hydrating and great for damaged hair!!
    The smell is amazing and I found it to be very luxurious overall.
    The shampoo goes along way as it lathers well and only a little is required but I have long thick hair and found the conditioner to last perhaps 3 weeks total (washing 3- 4x per week) which does not justify the price f...
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  45. Best product !!


    I’ve tried a lot of different brands now to try and get my hair back to normal , I’m 55 and my hair has always been something I’ve been proud of but last 12 months due to lots of factors ( hormone changes , stress ) my hair has been more and more like straw , this shampoo not only Hydrates and makes it feel amazing but it smells Devine , I’m done trying others and sticking with this
  46. Was okay


    Bleached blonde for 7 years so hair need alot of TLC. I wanted to love this product but i just didnt see any long term results. However it does make your hair smell amazing! Hair did feel super clean and had more shine. Great product but wasnt suitable to restore my badly damaged hair.
  47. very good


    i have used this shampoo a couple of times before and the results seem to be great! my hair feels super soft and clean after using it and it smells amazing.
  48. Lathers nicely and give a clean feel


    When I use this shampoo my hair feels very nice and clean. However, I do not notice any extra hydration.
  49. Lathers nicely and give a clean feel


    When I use this shampoo my hair feel very clean. I do not feel it is very hydrated, however..
  50. Best shampoo


    My hair is 10/10 clean when using this. Also smells like musk sticks.
    You only need a small amount as it goes a long way. Always feels healthy.
  51. Fantastic


    Works so well for my hair, used in conjunction with the hydrate me rinse. Makes my hair feel fantastic
  52. Fresh


    I love how this gives you that salon wash feel like your hair is squeaky clean but not stripped. My hair feels and smells amazing and is hydrated, if you have extremely dry hair i dont think this would work for you as its not an intense drench of hydration but it is still lovely. The kakadu plum scent is unique and amazing, i would recommend getting some trial/travel samples before purchasing the ...
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  53. Incredible!!


    This shampoo is absolutely beautiful!! I have dry, damaged blonde hair which i am trying to grow out, must have in your haircare routine!
  54. Just a shampoo


    Gift with purchase. Cute packaging. Didn’t feel any special after use. It’s just a shampoo.
  55. No “wow” factor for me


    After reading a lot of great reviews about this product, I decided to give it a go myself! I have dry blonde hair and thought this shampoo would give some hydration but I haven’t noticed any improvement in fact I’ve noticed it to be a little more like straw afterwards.. not sure if it’s because I haven’t followed with the same conditioner, but I wouldn’t repurchase.
  56. Great clean


    This shampoo provides a great clean. Gets nice and foamy and hair feels great after. Great for thick hair.
  57. A little goes a long way


    I use this on my shoulder length hair, I have a lot of hair, but am happy that not a lot of product is required to get a great result. A nice scent, a lovely creamy formula, great packaging. Will be buying again
  58. Hydrate Me is the best of the Kevin Murphy range


    I am new to the Kevin Murphy range, but have loved everything I have tried. I was needing a little extra hydration and the Hydrate Me range sure did deliver on this! I love the smell, I love that you only need to use a little and I love the results!
  59. love it land will repurchase


    it lathers well and leave my hair feeling soft & silky however i dont think this is good for my type of hair (coarse) it makes the root fluffy
  60. My fav!


    I have tested many shampoos (27 years worth) and have never stuck with one. Just finished my first bottle & surprised myself that I went to purchase another. Love the smell, makes my hair feel silky/soft & I like the size and design of the bottle. I always wash my hair twice so it won’t bubble up 1st time but 2nd time it will. 2nd time always gives it a deeper cleanse. I also alternate with a diff...
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  61. Great moisture


    Have used this for a while and love the feel of my hair after a wash. Helps protect my colour and keeps the ends in great condition between cuts.
  62. terrific


    love this shampoo! does not irritate scalp and leaves hair feeling really soft
  63. Good


    Best paired with it conditioner. Deliver same result as high end shampoo such as ORIBE.
  64. Smells amazing


    When using this product and others from the Kevin Murphy range, I have noticed my hair has become a lot healthier and softer. When I straighten it it feels really soft and smooth, and my frizziness has also been reduced. This product smells amazing. Only downside is you do need a bit extra shampoo to get rid of any extra product and oil in your hair. Otherwise amazing


    I am honestly blown away with how good this shampoo is; it leaves my hair feeling AMAZING! when I used to wash my hair I would have to blow-dry it to get it smooth; but with this shampoo and the conditioner I can go without drying it and it drys so soft and hydrated... shook!
  66. Best shampoo on the market


    I love this shampoo! It smells amazing, leaves your hair feeling super clean without feeling stripped back and dry. My hair is damaged due to hair dye and this shampoo is bringing my hair back to life!
  67. You won’t go back


    Absolutely favourite, smells amazing, feels amazing and leaves my hair feeling fresh and smooth, helps with all my colour damaged ends.
  68. New Favourite


    I originally received this and the Hydrate Me Rinse as samples, and I completely fell in love. My hair and scalp actually feel properly clean and it doesn't leave a residue on my scalp, not to mention the beautiful scent.
  69. Smells lovely


    I received a sample size of this and was really impressed. There was an obvious difference in the way my hair felt after using this to the supermarket brand I usually use. It smells amazing and gave a really good clean to my oily hair without being overly drying. It’s seems expensive but perhaps that’s because I don’t usually buy good quality shampoo.
  70. Coarse hair no more


    I have naturally wavy hair plus I'm a redhead & therefore my hair is doubly coarse. This shampoo is THE best I've ever tried and I've tried a lot. I will never change. The scent is also glorious. I also love that it's Australian and cruelty free. So many good things to say about this product.
  71. Don’t buy any other shampoo!


    This shampoo leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean and looking soft and shiny. You only need a small amount which means the bottle lasts for a long time! It also smells amazing!
  72. The most delicious smelling shampoo ever!


    This shampoo is absolutely divine in every way- the scent is incredible- reminiscent of musk stick lollies but somehow better! The formula itself is excellent- you only need a very small amount so although the bottles seem small from the price, they actually lasted quite a bit longer than expected. As for my hair, it was left feeling soft and silky and the scent lasted a few days which was great! ...
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  73. Soft and Silky Hair


    I really like the Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Shampoo and Conditioner. The smell is really lovely, the bottles are small but last for a long time as you don't need to use much product. My hair is noticeably softer and silkier.
  74. Hair smells amazing!


    The best thing about Kevin Murphy hair products is the smell!! They are absolutely divine and are perfume for the hair.
    The Hydrate Me Wash is a lovely foaming shampoo which gives my hair a good clean yet keeps it really soft, even after rinsing it out. Only a small amount is required as it is quite concentrated. It doesn't contain any sulfates or parabens which is really important. I am q...
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  75. Very good


    It's very hydrating, hair feel soft and it's easy to detangle after wash.
  76. Smooth hair


    This smells really good and it left my hair super smooth and shiny. I really like it
  77. Cleans and hydrates


    Cleans my hair without stripping the moisture. Smells amazing and works really well with the matching conditioner. I only have to use a little bit to get a good lather so this lasts me a while.
  78. Hydrating


    It's petty thick, but I like that. For me it leaves my hair smooth and I like the smell.
  79. KM Does no wrong


    This is a good hydrating shampoo. It's concentrated so you don't use much of it and it looks stylish in the shower. It's hydrating and smells really good and high quality - I will purchase again but going to try Smooth Moves in the interim.
  80. AMAZING shampoo and conditioner


    I was recommended this shampoo/conditioner through a friend and have now been using it for almost a year. The formula feels so rich and you can tell it's good quality and smells like orange chocolate (in my opinion). I had previously tried quite a few shampoos/conditioners and am really fussy with how they leave my hair feeling. I am prone to eczema on my scalp so I need to use good quality produc...
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  81. Shiny happy hair


    I have tested a range of salon quality shampoos and KM is up there with the best. Leaves my hair silky clean for a solid week!
  82. Smells nice


    I tried this paired with he hydrating rinse and they both smell really nice but unfortunately I didn’t find them hydrating and nourishing enough for my dry course hair
  83. Smells amazing & a great cleanser!


    I use this shampoo before my blonde shampoo. It’s soaps up fantastic which is great for my hair being very thick less product is needed. I always use it for my daughters curly hair which helps with hydrating her curls I definitely notice a different if I use a different shampoo with her hair.
  84. The best hydrating shampoo


    Cleans your hair without stripping it of moisture, smells great I think this is the 3rd time I’ve bought it. Smells great. Worth the money!
  85. Luxury in a bottle


    This shampoo cleans the hair thoroughly without overdrying it. It provides my hair with a nice sheen and it feels very nourishing. Alongside the Hydrate Me conditioner, these two are a dynamic duo.
  86. Great product


    I use the two together and the smell amazing and make my hair super soft and shiny
  87. Not my fav.


    Aside from my head becoming itchy and flaky after 2-3 uses, I also found it didn’t hydrate my hair like other shampoos and conditioners.
    The smell was also really strong and chemical like for me, may be personal preference though.
  88. Love this product


    I just ordered some more of this. I love KM products. I took a break recently to try another brand but I found myself coming back .

    I recommend it for my hair type - thick, bleached blonde, dry and curly.
    It really makes it feel hydrated, soft, nourished and healthy and I even feel that it helps with my hair growth. My one issue is the bottle - if they could somehow change it ...
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  89. Love this shampoo!


    This is one of my top 5 favourite shampoos, the overall quality is great and nice smell. I would highly recommend to anyone willing to invest in their hair regime!
  90. Received in adore beauty bag


    I received this as a deluxe sample in a recent adore beauty bag and I am hooked. I love the smell and lather of this shampoo, paired with the rinse this product is a winner in my eyes.
  91. Smells good, hair shiny


    Used alongside the rinse. They both smell really nice and left my hair soft and shiny. No wow factor though, performs the same as $4 bottle of sun silk in my opinion
  92. Beautiful


    Love this so much on my blond hair
  93. Awesome for thick hair!!!! Or Damaged dehydrated hair too.


    I have thick hair. But just fyi, technically my hairdresser said I have thin strands of hair but just heaps & heaps OF hair. Very densely packed so to speak. Hydrate Me is the best! After a long sickness then a stroke last year (I'm 40yrs old). My hair was in a very bad way. Dry, neglected, affected by medicine etc. I got the KM Hydrate Me, Wash & Rinse. And after the first wash my hair felt so sm...
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  94. Great


    Love this shampoo! Leaves my hair feeling brand new. Smells amazing.
  95. A good hydrating shampoo that smells delicious!


    This is a good hydrating shampoo. It's concentrated so you don't use much of it and it looks stylish in the shower. It's hydrating and smells really good and high quality - I will purchase again but going to try Smooth Moves in the interim.
  96. Great for brittle, coloured hair!


    I have purchased this several times and will continue to do so! I have naturally very dark brown hair, that is coloured blonde. This product is as the bottle says, very hydrating and great for coloured hair.
  97. Great product


    This is a really really great shampoo. I use this in conjunction with the hydrate me rinse and my hair has never felt better! My hair is naturally thick and wavy and feels so soft and looks really healthy and shiny after use. It’s an amazing product
  98. A Game Changer


    I've got thick and really wavey (sometimes curly) hair that has a mind of it's own. I've been using Kevin Murphy products for about 18 months and my hair has never been in better condition. You don't need a lot of product to get your hair feeling really clean and smelling gorgeous too. kevin Murphy products are a real game changer for my hair
  99. Love KM


    This shampoo saved me when I bleached my hair blonde (from brunette) It smells delicious, lathers nicely and doesn’t strip the colour out of my hair. A little goes a long way so the bottle lasts ages.
  100. Love Kevin Murphy products


    I bought this after Zoe Sugg raves about it, and I can now see why. It’s pretty amazing! It smells Devine and it leaves my hair feeling so hydrated soft and shiny. I’ve tried hundreds of hair products and this is one that I will definitely be re-purchasing. Can’t wait to try more from the range
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