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KEVIN.MURPHY Hydrate-Me.Wash 250ml

4.6 of 91 reviews


$9.99 x 4

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$9.99 x 4

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Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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KEVIN.MURPHY Hydrate-Me.Wash

KEVIN.MURPHY Hydrate-Me.Wash

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4.6 of 91 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The best hydrating shampoo
Cleans your hair without stripping it of moisture, smells great I think this is the 3rd time I’ve bought it. Smells great. Worth the money!

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells good, hair shiny
Used alongside the rinse. They both smell really nice and left my hair soft and shiny. No wow factor though, performs the same as $4 bottle of sun silk in my opinion
  1. Smells amazing & a great cleanser!

    I use this shampoo before my blonde shampoo. It’s soaps up fantastic which is great for my hair being very thick less product is needed. I always use it for my daughters curly hair which helps with hydrating her curls I definitely notice a different if I use a different shampoo with her hair.
  2. The best hydrating shampoo

    Cleans your hair without stripping it of moisture, smells great I think this is the 3rd time I’ve bought it. Smells great. Worth the money!
  3. Luxury in a bottle

    This shampoo cleans the hair thoroughly without overdrying it. It provides my hair with a nice sheen and it feels very nourishing. Alongside the Hydrate Me conditioner, these two are a dynamic duo.
  4. Great product

    I use the two together and the smell amazing and make my hair super soft and shiny
  5. Not my fav.

    Aside from my head becoming itchy and flaky after 2-3 uses, I also found it didn’t hydrate my hair like other shampoos and conditioners.
    The smell was also really strong and chemical like for me, may be personal preference though.
  6. Love this product

    I just ordered some more of this. I love KM products. I took a break recently to try another brand but I found myself coming back .

    I recommend it for my hair type - thick, bleached blonde, dry and curly.
    It really makes it feel hydrated, soft, nourished and healthy and I even feel that it helps with my hair growth. My one issue is the bottle - if they could somehow change it to be more 'squeezy' i'd much prefer it. Other than that I'm happy to pay a bit extra for quality and healthy looking hair.
  7. Love this shampoo!

    This is one of my top 5 favourite shampoos, the overall quality is great and nice smell. I would highly recommend to anyone willing to invest in their hair regime!
  8. Received in adore beauty bag

    I received this as a deluxe sample in a recent adore beauty bag and I am hooked. I love the smell and lather of this shampoo, paired with the rinse this product is a winner in my eyes.
  9. Smells good, hair shiny

    Used alongside the rinse. They both smell really nice and left my hair soft and shiny. No wow factor though, performs the same as $4 bottle of sun silk in my opinion
  10. Beautiful

    Love this so much on my blond hair
  11. Awesome for thick hair!!!! Or Damaged dehydrated hair too.

    I have thick hair. But just fyi, technically my hairdresser said I have thin strands of hair but just heaps & heaps OF hair. Very densely packed so to speak. Hydrate Me is the best! After a long sickness then a stroke last year (I'm 40yrs old). My hair was in a very bad way. Dry, neglected, affected by medicine etc. I got the KM Hydrate Me, Wash & Rinse. And after the first wash my hair felt so smooth, silky & soft. It is very moisturising & rich. I would not recommend this for very thin or oily hair as I think it might just b too rich a formula & might cause hair 2 b "greasy" looking after dried off. I have been using Hydrate Me for bout 9mths now. And I swear by it. I use the KM Hydrate Me once a week now that my hair has gotten so healthy. KM Hydrate Me has gotten & keeps my hair so strong, shiny & healthy. The combintion of taking 3mg of Biotin a day for the last 3months has doubled how healthy my hair is. My hair grows so much faster, blows out straight 50% faster & smoother cause of this combo. But KM is my hairs hero. Oh just fyi, I hav found that if the Rinse (conditioner) is left in too long (even with super thick hair like mine) that it can make it to look "greasy". So not for everyday use in my experience. I recommend KM to everyone. And when complimented on my hair, I make sure to tell them that Kevin Murphy's Hydrate me is to thank. And to spend that bit extra money on KM as it is worth the $$$. I use other KM products & have been happy w all of them.
  12. Great

    Love this shampoo! Leaves my hair feeling brand new. Smells amazing.
  13. A good hydrating shampoo that smells delicious!

    This is a good hydrating shampoo. It's concentrated so you don't use much of it and it looks stylish in the shower. It's hydrating and smells really good and high quality - I will purchase again but going to try Smooth Moves in the interim.
  14. Great for brittle, coloured hair!

    I have purchased this several times and will continue to do so! I have naturally very dark brown hair, that is coloured blonde. This product is as the bottle says, very hydrating and great for coloured hair.
  15. Great product

    This is a really really great shampoo. I use this in conjunction with the hydrate me rinse and my hair has never felt better! My hair is naturally thick and wavy and feels so soft and looks really healthy and shiny after use. It’s an amazing product
  16. A Game Changer

    I've got thick and really wavey (sometimes curly) hair that has a mind of it's own. I've been using Kevin Murphy products for about 18 months and my hair has never been in better condition. You don't need a lot of product to get your hair feeling really clean and smelling gorgeous too. kevin Murphy products are a real game changer for my hair
  17. Love KM

    This shampoo saved me when I bleached my hair blonde (from brunette) It smells delicious, lathers nicely and doesn’t strip the colour out of my hair. A little goes a long way so the bottle lasts ages.
  18. Love Kevin Murphy products

    I bought this after Zoe Sugg raves about it, and I can now see why. It’s pretty amazing! It smells Devine and it leaves my hair feeling so hydrated soft and shiny. I’ve tried hundreds of hair products and this is one that I will definitely be re-purchasing. Can’t wait to try more from the range
  19. Softens my hair and smells beautiful

    I have very dry hair and this smooths it out, leaving it soft and shiny. It also smells great. The only downside is that my hair gets oily quicker however, the positives definitely outweigh this. I have very fine hair but lots of it.
  20. Love the smell!

    This wash smells delicious. It’s one of the main reasons I bought it after having it used on my hair at the salon. I also find I need to wash my hair less after using it. I have healthy, thick hair, however spent a lot of time outdoors and in the ocean so it can become dry on the ends and sometimes oily at the roots. This wash seems to be the perfect balance!
  21. Great product, works well on my thick, frizzy hair

    Like all Kevin Murphy products this shampoo smells amazing and works really well on my thick. frizzy and dehydrated hair. After one wash my hair is already much more hydrated and easier to manage.
  22. Hydrating Shampoo for Blondes

    I have long blonde hair that has been treated many times with foils. This product along with the wash has improved my hair thickness and moisture in my hair over the past few months! I recommend for all blondes looking for soft, hydrated locks.
  23. Just not the right product for my hair

    A super luxurious, well-formulated product, which, unfortunately, left my hair appearing much flatter than it normally does when I use other products.

    Worth a try though ad I've heard great things from friends who have used it. Just not right for my hair type, which is uncoloured, with a natural wave in it.
  24. Amazing

    This product is amazing I have blonde hair that’s very thick, this product it quite heavy so I wouldn’t recommend if you have very fine hair.
  25. great

    have naturally dry hair and this did the trick!
  26. best ever

    I have super dry, frizzy hair, and this shampoo works wonders. I haven't found anything else that compares. I use it together with the rinse and the masque, and together they do an amazing job of hydrating my hair.
  27. Great for extensions

    A great shampoo for hair extensions that won’t cause them to slip. Doesn’t dry out hair but cleans well ! Another great Kevin Murphy product.
  28. Fantastic shampoo

    I have fine curly hair that is damaged from colouring. I use this shampoo daily and it really helps to restore the health to my hair leaving it soft and shiny. It is not too heavy for fine hair and it smells great. Lasts ages too, so even though it is a little pricey it does last a while so it's not too bad. I would recommend using it with the Hydrate me rinse for the full experience.
  29. Love it

    Love it Hydrates hair beautifully.
  30. 100% recommend

    Best shampoo, leaves my hair feeling fresh and clean. Amazing product.
  31. I expected more

    After trialing sooo many different shampoos and conditioners, I was really hoping this would be the one. While I do like it, I would probably try something different next time.
    My hair isn't that dry to begin with but I had heard such good reviews from all different hair types that I wanted to give it a try. It didn't hydrate my hair anymore than a normal shampoo and conditioner. If anything, I thought that my hair felt more dry and was harder to brush after I got out of the shower. In saying that, my hair does feel nicer in the mornings (it is either that or the silk pillow case I got at the same time??) and lasts about 2-3 days before washing again.
    Overall, I would recommend trying it out of curiosity because everyone's hair is different and this product has that many great reviews it is probably worth a try. Just personally for me, I wouldn't buy it again.
  32. Love the smell

    Love the smell love the feeling even recommended it to family who also love it
  33. Incredibly Happy

    A fantastic product which I continually use to treat my dry and frizzy locks. I love this whole range from Kevin Murphy as it's super hydrating without making my hair feel too heavy. I've just purchased my 4th bottle of this and couldn't be more pleased.
  34. Super Hydrating and Smells Deicious!

    I love love love this shampoo. Super hydrating and has a delicious fragrance to it too. A little goes a long way. Would highly recommend
  35. Love Kevin Murphy!

    I started using the hydrate me wash and rinse on my hair when it was quite damaged and these worked wonders to restore moisture and repair my hair. Even my hairdresser couldn’t believe the difference! Would highly recommend this product!
  36. Favourite shampoo

    After using angel wash which did not foam and left my hair dry I thought I'd give this a go. A little went a long way and it was really frothy and hydrating, would 100% buy again!
  37. Perfect moisturising shampoo

    Paired with the hydrate-me.rinse, this shampoo is the best hydrating combo I've found for my coloured (blonde foils) hair.
  38. Love this shampoo!

    I have been using this shampoo for around 6 months now and I love it. Works great on my blonde hair and leaves it feeling silky and full.
    I definitely recommend this shampoo, worth the price tag.

  39. Not my favourite

    My hairdresser sold me this, insisting it would make my colour last longer. I'm not sure about my colour but I certainly didn't feel like it moisturised my hair very well. It made it feel a bit brittle and not nourished at all. I used a full bottle of wash and conditioner and have gone back to my normal brand now. Not worth spending the extra money in my opinion
  40. Great product.

    My hairdresser recommended this brand and I’m happy she did. It left my hair hydrated while still feeling clean. Plus it smells great.
  41. Great product

    My hair dresser recommended this brand and I’m happy she did. My hair felt hydrated, yet still feeling clean. Plus it smells great.
  42. Love it!

    Keeps my blonde locks hydrated smells amazing I also use on my daughter who has long dark hair I switch between this and the balancing wash
  43. A sweet smell and great clean

    This product leaves your hair smelling beautifully. My daughter has been using this also and she has noticed a big difference in the feel of her hair. Hair is softer and not greasy at the roots. I highly recommend this product.
  44. I like!

    Switched to this and the matching conditioner about a month ago from the Oribe gold lust shampoo and conditioner and i'm finding i'm not having to wash my hair as often before it starts to get oily and unpresentable. It makes my hair soft without weighing it down and i think ill be a repeat buyer of this one.
  45. Great shampoo

    I have color treated, straightened hair that also has sun damage. This product leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy. It is expensive, but a little goes a long way!
  46. Haven't really noticed a difference

    Smells quite nice and sweet, thought not overpowering, but haven't noticed a big difference to my hair since using this wash and rinse duo. Only that it needs washing more often as my scalp gets oilier faster. Bought as a birthday treat for myself but now just watching dollars wash down the drain. Won't be repurchasing.
  47. The Best!

    This shampoo is amazing! I bought it after a hair appointment and have never looked back. The first bottle lasted me a whole year!! A little goes a long way and I regularly double wash. Worth every cent. I have thick hair with many flyaways and this shampoo makes my hair always look healthy and lush.
  48. It saved my hair.

    I love Kevin Murphy products. This one really made a huge difference though. My hair was awful, dry and crazy frizzy from using an Evo wash. Changing to this shampoo and conditioner undid all the damage. It’s lovely to use, a little goes a long way, low perfume and effective. I just keep going back to KM products.
  49. My favourite

    I’ve been using this shampoo for several years now - wouldn’t try anything else!
  50. Silky smooth and olump fine hair

    This shampoo is top notch stuff. beautiful fragrance, texture and the result is silky smooth tresses that are not weighed down. i have very fine hair so any product that can hydrate and still plump my hair is a miracle in my book.
    Received this as a sample and I love it so much. Will be purchasing as soon as my other shampoo runs out.
  51. Love it!!

    Smells amazing!! I love this shampoo - it makes my hair feel great and I love the ingredients used. Would definitely recommend
  52. cleansing and moisturing

    perfect for coarse fry colour damaged hair! gently cleansing and easy to rinse out
  53. Great Product

    I have coarse, dull and dry hair with lots of frizz. I received this product as sample and after trying it, I loved it. My hair becomes smooth and less frizzy and soft to the touch. I love this product and will definitely rebuy.
  54. Wonderful!

    What a great product! It works well on my very fine and flat hair. It is a bit expensive to be honest but Kevin Murphy products are Australian and made with really nice ingredients so it's not really 'over' priced. Would recommend trying it
  55. Really good

    I love this! It really does work and I would definitely recommend. My favourite thing is that it's an Australian brand that uses really good ingredients. I've taken a star off as it is very pricey considering you only get 250ml. I would love to buy this again but I don't think I can afford it for everyday use
  56. Never Using Anything Else Again!

    My hair takes a lot of tough love, and was previously always dry on the ends and quite dull due to the porosity. I got introduced to this product by my hairdresser and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My hair has lost most of its friziness, and truly feels more hydrated with every use! The best thing - you don't need to use a lot for it to be effective. As a bonus - it smells gorgeous! I'll never use anything else while this is on the market!
  57. Good for my fine, straight hair.

    I love the smell of this shampoo, which works very well with my fine, straight and oily hair.

    I tend to use a fair bit each wash as it takes some work to create a good lather. It leaves my hair feeling very soft and clean.

    I switched to EVO products for some time but I think that this product is simply more compatible with my hair type.
  58. Smells great

    I love this shampo I have normal hair but I straighten it and it hydrates it so much
  59. Great but makes my sensitive scalp itchy

    I used this for a while and over time my scalp got so itchy I had to stop not sure what is in it. It's sulphate free so it's not that it must be something else.

    Other than that my hair was moisturised and less frizzy. I have less flyaways at my scalp and it smelt lovely.

    It's just not right for my scalp.
  60. it is good but not great

    I bought this shampoo for my dry hair but it is not for people who have got oily head and dry end like me , it is a very heavy shampoo, it is good for those who have got dry hair in general. saying that it smells good and you only need to use a little bit of it to wash your hair.
  61. Prefer angel wash

    Tried this as an alternative to Angel Wash but it wasn’t as good for my hair. I imagine it would be good for hot dry climates though!
  62. Worth the investment for dry hair

    I have been using the hydrate me wash and rinse for a while now and have definitely noticed an improvement in my hair. It feels softer, and healthier. A small down side for me is that it doesn't keep my oiliness at bay as long as other products.

    The shampoo(wash) needs to be used twice as per the instructions on the bottle, but you don't need a lot of product per wash so it will last a decent amount of time.
  63. LOVE!!!

    I received a sample of this Shampoo and matching conditioner in my last Adore Beauty order. I used it last week and oh my god, absolutely amazing!! I fell in love with it instantly. The musk smell is devine and it left my hair feeling so smooth, soft and silky. I will definitely be purchasing this!
  64. Favourite shampoo

    I LOVE this shampoo - it's a little pricey but it does wonders for my hair! It's easy on my scalp and I only need a tiny amount so it lasts for ages. Smells great, makes my hair feel nice and clean, fresh and very soft and easy to style. The conditioner is great too!
  65. Amazing!

    I’m in my mid 30’s and have never had nice, tame hair. It’s thick, I have a lot of it and it tends to get super frizzy. At the moment it sits on my shoulders and usually looks like a triangle on my head.
    Until I started using this shampoo and the matching conditioner. Holy mackerel, talk about game changer! Have been using the products every 2nd-3rd day for the past 3 weeks and my hair is soooo soft, falls beautifully and doesn’t get messy at all. For the last 4-5 days, I’ve been getting daily compliments at work on how good my hair looks- I’ve never had compliments on my hair, so this is great! The smell is divine, and although on the expensive side as far as shampoo and conditioner go- totally worth it. I’m in love and finally love my hair!
  66. Superstar product

    I keep coming back to this product. I've used it many times. Occasionally I'm sucked into buy a different shampoo but each time I've been fooled and get a sense of regret - nothing is better than this.
    I have lots of/thick coloured (blonde) hair and it has a tendency to get "boofy". This product is super nourishing. It cleans really well but also feels like it's treating my hair.

    I also have sensitive skin. I've found that chemicals in certain hair products can react on my face. This one has never caused a problem.

    I also love the bottles - so nice and tidy on my shower shelves!
  67. My Absolute Favourite

    I LOVE this shampoo (actually, the entire range). Despite being recommended for coloured hair, it's perfect for anyone needing extra moisture, and gentle enough to be used everyday. It is filled with so many beautiful oils, it definitely supports the price tag. I have dry/normal uncoloured hair that I wash daily, and this is the best range I have come across for my hair. Would definitely recommend.
  68. Does what it says it does - hydrates!!

    I have thin curly hair that goes flat on top and very frizzy when not well looked after and I also dye it dark..I tried the KM plumping range but wanted to try this as hydrating is probably my main desire in a shampoo and conditioner. I feel this does the job amazingly, a little goes a long long way (I wash 3 times a week and the containers last me 2 months minimum)
    I trust this brand to be ethical and high performance for the price! I also have to say the packaging gets 6 stars..looks gorgeous in my shower, is super practical and doesnt weigh my shower tray down by being overlt large or heavy. I have already repurchased this range and will stick to it for good I feel
  69. Good for colour not much for breakage

    I got bleach hair, its a good purple shampoo to keep the yellow tone away however its did not perform well for the hair breakage.
  70. Works a treat

    I don’t usually spend a lot on shampoo, but I bought this after careful consideration and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I have thick, shoulder-length hair and it really does go a long way. I’ve stopped needing to use my leave-in conditioner after using this with the conditioner and my hair isn’t boofy or dry. I would definitely buy it again.
  71. One of my faves

    Kevin Murphy can do no wrong! Not only is the packaging super easy for keeping in the shower and the scent heavenly, the product itself does wonders for my hair.
    It adds hydration and shine to my hair that is bleached and frizzy. I do find it can be a tad heavy, so every few weeks I like to use a different product to give my hair a bit of lift. I do have very fine hair so this is why. Other than that, it is perfect!
  72. one of my favourite shampoos!

    LOVE this shampoo. formulated without SLS which is a big influence of my purchases I find it cleans hair gently but thoroughly but doesn't dry it out the way SLS based products do. I can even use this and not condition after and have soft manageable hair the next day. Obvs more exxy than supermarket shampoo but kinder on the hair and cruelty free which for me is worth it.
  73. Love this product!

    This is by far the best shampoo Ive used. I have blonde hair so it takes a few styling products to make it smooth. This shampoo does that in 1 wash. Silky smooth blonde hair first go. My hair feels amazing. I'll be using this shampoo from now on. Worth the money
  74. Impressed

    I first received this as a sample and wasn’t sold on the smell after one time so I popped it in the cupboard. I tried again a few weeks later whilst I was camping and hubby LOVED the smell..... after that, I changed my mind and decided that I ALSO loved it! I have combination fine coloured hair that has a tendency to get frizzy (sounds Devine doesn’t it! Lol). But with this, my hair IS Devine! I can go two or three days without washing and my hair looks smooth, shiny and has volume. Only smalll criticism is my hair can get a bit knotty to brush through when it’s wet but a little Moroccan Oil through the ends fixes that! I’m impressed.
  75. Fantastic product, my favourite shampoo

    I’ve been using this shampoo for years and love it. I try others every now and then but always come back to this one. I have thick, dry hair but this does wonders.
  76. Love my hair

    This is one of my favourite Kevin Murphy shampoos. My hair not only feels moisturised but thicker.
  77. Amazing Shampoo!

    This product would be one of my favorite shampoo's I have ever used. It makes your hair smell amazing and feel amazing. I love the silkiness of the shampoo and it doesn't matte my hair when I use it! LOVE LOVE
  78. A must buy

    This is a must buy if you have coloured hair. Amazing product and my go to shampoo!
  79. Beautiful soft hair

    This shampoo was lovely to use on my thick hair. I only used about a 50c size to apply to my hair. For me there was a strong fragrance but not enough to deter me. After shampooing my hair felt so soft and beautiful.

    I love how the container opening is on the bottom of the bottle. So easy to dispense.

    The only reason I won't be continuing with it is because it contains Bergamot which gives me migraines.
  80. Silky Soft

    I received this as part of a gift pack. I have pixie cut fine hair and the shampoo left my hair silky soft but not fly away. The matching conditioner smells divine and rinsed out thoroughly so my hair was not weighed down. Even though they are small sample bottles they will last me months as I literally only need a blob the size of a 5 cent piece or even less.
  81. Unsure if i will repurchase.

    (I have thick hair, semi-oily scalp, dry hair, mild split ends and free of hair dye)

    I have this product also with the matching hydrate me rinse been using for about over a month now. (Using both every 3rd day) so far Both have helped in someways equally.

    Pros: Hair is less dull, and fluffy.
    i am gradually noticing i am getting healthier hair, strengthend and is reducing my semi-oily Scalp from the tips of the roots. Friends Noticed and made mention of how healthy my hair is looking! :-)

    Cons: for me very Drying even with using the conditioner, hair feels abit straw like.
    The bottle is quite small for such a pricey set!
    reviewers say a little goes along way? Well for me i have very thick hair i need a palm full of each for the very least amount which means it isnt going to last very long in my case, so i dont think i will repurchase.

    Overall im still chasing that dream for a go to shampoo and Conditioner. However this could be definitely for You! I do recommend to try it out and hopefully and can work best for you! You just dont know everyone is different.

  82. Smells AMAZING!

    This shampoo smells so divine and feels so luxe on my hair. The results were unbelievably hydrated and smooth. Only issue for me is that I have very fine and limp hair, so smoothing it made it a bit lifeless after a while. But for someone with thick hair, it would be brilliant!
  83. Nice smell, but .......

    This shampoo smells great, makes my hair soft but gives me dandruff!
    Had to stop using it.
  84. Great shampoo

    I love this shampoo. Smells great, lathers well and doesn't leave the hair feeling dry. I have fine, curly hair which tends to be frizzy. This has tamed the frizz and I feel my hair looks healthier. Well worth the money, just wish you could purchase in a larger size as my hair is long and I do wash it often!
  85. Great for dry, colour treated hair

    I have very thick, colour treated, dry hair and often find it difficult to get products that suit my hair type. The Hydrate-Me Wash and Rinse work extremely well for me. My ends were so much softer, even after the first wash.

    This shampoo has a nice lather, which isn't usually that common for the sulphate free shampoos.
  86. Great for curly, fine hair

    After trying so many shampoos and conditioners over the years for my curly fine hair that are just so-so, I am thrilled to have found this. I'd already tried the Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and Rinse but did not find them to work that well with my hair.

    I'm glad I read the reviews on here and gave the Hydrate-Me Wash and Rinse a go. This is the best shampoo and conditioner I've have ever used. It really moisturises and keeps my hair light. I love the smell and the non-harmful ingredients in the range. I use it every second day and I don't have to use very much of it. Very very happy!
  87. Love this shampoo

    This shampoo is gorgeous
    It is the second time I have purchased it before
    It lasts so long
    And it moisturises my hair like no other.
  88. Love this shampoo

    This shampoo is gorgeous
    It is the second time I have purchased it before
    It lasts so long
    And it moisturises my hair like no other.
  89. Amazing

    Nothing has made my hair so smooth, frizz free and shiny. I've tried plenty of different brands but this is defiantly the best.. smells great too and the scent is subtly noticeable the next day too!

    This is the best shampoo I have ever used dont use anything else anymore
  91. Have only just discovered Kevin Murphy products. I used the Hydrate Me shampoo with the Angel Rinse. I have fine, coloured hair which is easily weighed down. But not with this combination! Love that my hair feels like real hair and it's also got some shine again. Also smells fabulous.
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