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KEVIN.MURPHY Hair.Resort has compactly packed a sexy, summer holiday in a jar! Enriched with Marine Extracts and Tangerine Essences this holiday magic potion gives body, fullness and volume to hair nourishing hair while you style.

The Hair Resort is an oil free texturiser that holds moisture within the hair to control against frizz.

If you're after a messy beachy, sexy surfer look that defies gravity KEVIN.MURPHY Hair.Resort is your answer!



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If you want that perfect messy bun... - 06-12-2014 by

This stuff is great for the days I've got freshly washed hair and just need it out of my face but is too soft to just stay put. That's where this product comes in.... It gives my hair volume beyond belief and my hair stays in place all day - easily brushed out at night too. Smells fine to me, quite fresh. Would definitely recommend especially to enhance natural waves.

Disappointing - 11-08-2011 by

First off the good: While i'm not a big fan of citrus smells, it's a nice change to have a hair texturiser which doesn't smell like coconut or have that odd 'Cool Water' smell to it. This has a nice citrusy smell which waters down to a vanilla-like, warm scent. Its pleasant. It's also not too expensive (although not particularly cheap either)

Now the cons: It makes my hair feel horrible, knotty and dry! I realise most texturising products will do that but the trade off is that at least the style holds. This one doesn't. My hair is flat by midday, with any definition that was there gone.

My other beef is with the packaging, although cool looking it's quite dysfunctional. The product is not liquidy enough to come pouring out by itself and requires quite a bit of squeezing to get out when you get to the halfway mark... and then, because the bottle is offbalanced by the lid you can't keep the bottle upside down (yes I realise you can turn it on it's side so yes I'm nitpicking). Won't be buying it again when there are better things on the market.

- 18-04-2011 by

This is a great product for beach/tousled hair. It looks like a clear gel with purple opalesant shimmer & smells of beachy coconut. You apply it to dry hair & scrunch into the ends. The effect is immeadiate which is great for styling. No waiting around for my hair to dry to see if I need to add yet another product for the desired effect.

- 05-11-2008 by

I have thick heavy and very straight hair, and wanted a product that would make my hair 'lighter' in that it will allow me to style my hair into waves and create more volume in my roots. If you have hair like mine, hair resort is best used when hair is dry, use a dollop in your hand and spread it evenly in and between your fingers. Distribute immediately through hair and go lightly near the roots. This product dries in your hand quickly, so work fast. It leaves my hair really manageable and it feels totally natural. Without the need for a hair dryer or styling iron, I can get wavy voluminous hair with just hair resort and my fingers! Will definitely be buying again!

- 21-07-2008 by

This stuff is pretty awesome. First and foremost it smelld like holidays, so I instantly felt drawn to it! I love the texture and the way it gives great messy bed-head. I was told it would make my hair curly and it didn't quite get there, but I like what it does do!

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