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KEVIN.MURPHY FRESH.HAIR Dry Shampoo 250mL 250mL/148g

4.5 of 105 reviews


4 instalments of $9.99

Or 4 instalments of $9.99 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.99

Or 4 instalments of $9.99 with LEARN MORE

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FLAMMABLE This item is flammable therefore postage is restricted to Standard Post within Australia

Is this for you?

A dry cleaner for your hair. This revolutionary product will remove all your sins from the night before.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 87% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Oily hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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KEVIN.MURPHY FRESH.HAIR Dry Shampoo 250mL Reviews

4.5 of 105 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this dry shampoo


I love this dry shampoo and honestly couldn’t live without it! Makes hair look freshly washed so amazing between wash days!

Most Helpful Criticism



noting too special about this and it is much more expensive than my normal dry shampoo
  1. Love this dry shampoo


    I love this dry shampoo and honestly couldn’t live without it! Makes hair look freshly washed so amazing between wash days!
  2. no "build up"


    This is great compared to a lot of other dry shampoos i have used, doesn't feel like it builds up if you use it a day or two in a row unlike others where your hair ends up feeling all powdery and gross.
  3. great


    this is super good, it gets rid of the oily look of my hair and is really good quality
  4. Light weight dry shampoo


    Lovely refreshing smell, great for second day hair. The spray is not as powdery as some other dry shampoos, so love it to avoid that 'dirty' feeling that can happen. The spray comes out clear and dries to almost an undetectable powder.
  5. average


    noting too special about this and it is much more expensive than my normal dry shampoo
  6. The best dry shampoo for fine light hair


    I have used every dry shampoo on the market - despite my best efforts to find something less expensive that works I keep coming back to this one. It smells good without being overpowering, gives volume and reduces oil without feeling heavy or cakey on the scalp. Doesn’t irritate my scalp and I don’t have to wash it out within hours like every other shampoo I’ve tried. Definitely worth the cost!
  7. Good


    This dry shampoo was really good however I thought it was overpriced especially with how quickly I managed to get through it
  8. great


    this is a great dry shampoo, it works really well and gets rid of the oilyness of my hair, leaving it looking and smelling fresh
  9. Lovely!


    I tried this dry shampoo after Nigella Lawson recommended it and I can confirm it is absolutely lovely! It blends in well and smells delicious, would highly recommend.
  10. Smells amazing!

    Al Cris

    I love this dry shampoo! It doesn’t leave a lot of white powder all over your hair like cheap ones do and it smells amazing! I also don’t need to use it everyday as I find once my hair gets oily I only need to use it once and my hair feels fresh for another 3 days! The best thing is that it smells amazing!!
  11. Good but pricey for what you get


    Good dry shampoo but pretty much the same as any drug store dry shampoo that you can buy for half the price.
  12. Disappointed :(


    I love Kevin Murphy products but this one didn't do it for me. I'm not a fan of the musky scent and I feel that it doesn't give any volume to my hair like some other dry shampoo's do really well (Mr. Smith). It definitely does something, and I will continue to use it all up but I have to admit I was a little disappointed, though maybe that speaks to the quality of Kevin Murphy products on a whole.
  13. I want to wear this as a perfume!


    Smells incredible, like sweet lollies. Refreshes hair without the white powdery look and doesn't weigh the hair down. Pricey but worth it for a treat.
  14. Smells amazing and works well


    This is a pricey dry shampoo but you definitely get what you pay for. It has a beautiful scent and applies nicely to oily hair, without looking powdery like some other dry shampoos.
  15. Smell like fruit tingles


    I love this dry shampoo! It literally smells like fruit tingles, its so good. I use this on my oily roots when I don't have time to wash my hair and it makes my hair look effortlessly clean and tidy while giving me a bit of volume. The only problem I have with it is it doesn't really make your hair feel that clean and the dry shampoo effect doesn't last too long.
  16. Love


    Bought this after I used my friends over a weekend away. The scent is amazing and leaves your hair feeling refreshed, only downside is it can have the tendency to be a little drying through my ends but if you want some texture it definitely can give you that.
  17. Everyday essential but a little pricey!


    Love this for eliminating oily roots and giving my locks a much needed volume boost. My new favourite
  18. Luxury dry shampoo


    This miracle spray brings dull, oily hair back to life with just one spray! You definitely get what you pay for - luxury! A little goes a long way so the can lasts a while. Highly recommended.
  19. Good for on the go


    This is the perfect go to for those with busy lives, I use it in the mornings as my hair is oily and would usually have to wash my hair every day or second day, but with this I can quickly spray in my hair on the go and not have to worry about greasy roots
  20. Amazing


    This stuff is amazing. I appreciated that it is dry shampoo, but I love it so much I put it in freshly washed hair as it makes it feel and look amazing, gives it softness yet texture and smells delicious. Can’t stop spraying it! Will be my new essential. I don’t need to put anything else in my hair now!
  21. overpriced


    this smells great and it does work, I just can't get over the price, not worth it compared with others that are much cheaper
  22. Gals best friend


    This dry shampoo is a girls best friend. A colourless, glossy texture. I would recommend highly.
  23. My Favourite


    Kevin Murphy is one of my favourite hair care brands and this dry shampoo does not disappoint. It is effective in reducing greasiness without making the hair feel gritty and adds great volume and is easy to control. Definitely one of my favourites would highly recommend.
  24. Ok


    Seems to do the job. I have other dry shampoo so find work better, but this smells great and works fine too
  25. Smells good


    Works great, smells awesome. just a little on the expensive side.
  26. smells great and works


    this smells great and gets rid of the excess oil in my hair. It is a bit expensive compared to others on the market.
  27. Love this


    I started using dry shampoos a few years ago and I quickly fell in love with them. I love this brand as it keeps my hair feeling smooths still and doesn’t leave that built up product feel nor does it leaves dry white flaky bits on my scalp
  28. Big Fan


    Love this for eliminating oily roots and giving my locks a much needed volume boost. My new favourite
  29. Left hair smooth


    I quite like this one, it made my hair super soft and smooth as, definitely could get another few days between washes with this
  30. Fav!


    Kevin Murphy products are just gorgeous! They smell amazing and this dry shampoo keeps my hair feeling so fresh in between washes!
  31. Good to carry in hand bag for a quick clean


    Good to carry in handbag for a quick clean, great for a touch up to hair before going out.
  32. Smells great!


    For me this is a great dry shampoo, it smells absolutely amazing and works quite well. I often use this the night before as it stops grease building up overnight and it keeps your hair feeling like actual hair and not that over dry stiff mess that dry shampoo often leaves you with.
    I was worried about the price before buying but decided to give it a go anyway and I'm glad I did. I'm on my se...
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  33. Love this


    Great dry shampoo, keeps my hair feeling lovely and fresh. I really like it.
  34. Big Fan


    Love this for eliminating oily roots and keeping colour fresh. My new favourite
  35. Best Dry Shampoo


    Its been a week since Im using this dry shampoo. My Hair gets very oily and looks dirty if not washed on a daily basis. Ive tried other dry shampoos but this one is so far the best. My hair looked as if its washed and I can style it too. Doesn’t look too dry nor too oily at all
  36. Amazing!


    This dry shampoo is a game changer for me! It doesn’t leave a residue like most others I’ve tried, works perfectly with my dark hair and has a beautiful very subtle scent.
  37. Great quality


    Love using this to get a few extra days of freshness without having to wash my hair. Works well with all hair colours
  38. Didn't hit the mark


    This dry shampoo smells really lovely (much better than others on the market), but I am a bit disappointed in the effectiveness of it. I have quite thin blonde hair and find that it gets oily quickly. I've tried other brands like Klorane and Batiste and don't like the heavy feeling that they leave in my hair. For the price of this product I was hoping for a better result. It's not quite as bad as ...
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  39. My favourite dry shampoo!


    I’ve tried many dry shampoos and this is by far my favourite. I have fine, oily hair and this adds the perfect amount volume and makes my day two hair great. Isn’t the most intense oil absorbing dry shampoo, but doesn’t leave any nasty feeling build up. Love love love
  40. Good smell


    Definitely prefer the smell to others on the market, but it doesn’t work that well for me. I have a lot of Long thick hair and I like to use dry shampoo to AMP up and give me some volume at the roots -unfortunately no matter how much of this I put in it seems to just disappear and then the product doesn’t seem to last... a bit too pricey for me to without enough effect payoff.
  41. Good, not great...

    IK, Surry Hills

    I bought this product after reading the review, but I’m a bit disappointed.... For the price vs results it just doesn’t do the job for me. My hair gets quite oily about 2 days after washing, and I find that it just doesn’t sort out the oil level like a similar product purchased from the supermarket. I think this product is suited better to hair that doesn’t get too oily between washes.
  42. Holy Grail Dry Shampoo


    I absolutely LOVE this dry shampoo. It smells amazing and the can is a decent size too (you can also get minis to travel with). I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoos and this is the best one in my opinion.
  43. Pretty happy with this


    It's a great dry shampoo, it's not amazing and does run out quite fast. But I think the ingredients and the fact that it has no-nastys and the company is making sustainable choices makes it still worth it.
  44. Quite effective but not amazing


    I have thin hair that gets oily at roots quickly but dry at the ends. I've tried using this and it has helped a bit but not that much. My hair still stays a bit oily and feeling a bit unclean. Still, it's not bad, and I don't mind the smell of this at all.
  45. Best dry shampoo in town.


    This is definitely the best dry shampoo I have ever used. It's also fantastic to use as a textured spray, giving your roots some volume. No white powdery residue, and has a dreamy scent. I’m trying to limit how often I wash my hair and this product is great to get me through between washes. A little really goes a long way.
  46. Best!


    Best dry shampoo out there!
  47. Thought it was nice


    I like this a lot but the only down side is the price, it’s very high! Not sure if I’d keep repurchasing as it’s very expensive!
  48. Obsessed - as in couldn't live without


    Smells amazing, soaks up all the oil, not too drying on my scalp, no thick residue. I couldn't live without this, I have one at home and in my work desk draw
  49. good but not my favourite


    I've tried a few dry shampoos and while this one is good, it's not a favourite. I'm not the biggest fan of the scent
  50. Game changer!


    Best shampoo on the market by a mile. Great for fine hair, leaves your hair feeling so fresh and smells like heaven.
  51. Best dry shampoo!


    This dry shampoo works wonders. It doesn't leave me with a white scalp, provides great volume and cleaning and smells like marshmallows!
  52. One of the best


    This has to be one of the best dry shampoos I have used. Doesn’t leave a powdered look on your hair like others do. Works so well
  53. One of the best dry shampoos on the market


    I think I’m on my 3rd one! Since trying it I love it so much I can’t go back to an inferior product, as good as Label M but smells better!
  54. so skeptical


    I was very reluctant to spend $40 on a dry shampoo.
    I got this in a salon after hearing the staff talk it up.
    BY FAR the best dry shampoo ive used.
    comparing it to your supermarket brands like batiste, klorane etc kevin Murphy is the winner.
    it doesnt make your hair feel like straw which i found from the supermarket ones. theres no build up, and it makes her hair feel ...
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  55. Best so far


    I have fine hair that I could easily wash daily (roots get oily quickly, ends are dry, especially when I’m due for a cut), but I am trying to stretch out washes for three/four days. This product is my favourite by far, and I’ve tried loads. It really helps the oily roots of days 2/3 without making the rest of my hair feel like straw. It also smells delicious!
  56. Great dry shampoo


    Love the smell! And it feels great in the hair not greasy feeling like some
  57. Smells like marshmallows


    Smells amazing, soaks up all the oil, not too drying on my scalp, no thick residue. AND SMELLS LIKE MARSHMELLOWS!
  58. $$$ but worth it


    This product is definitely on the expensive side so I don't use as my normal dry shampoo, but it builds fantastic texture for stylish and does soak up a lot of oil but doesn' leave any patches of colour in the hair.
  59. Smells divine


    Oh man I love the smell of this. I find so many dry shampoos smell awful. I was so happy when it turned out to be the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used. Dry shampoo often makes it hard for me to brush my hair and I don’t have that problem with this. It’s a top product.
  60. At first a sceptic, now a lover


    I was a sceptic at first, I thought this was ridiculously over priced. But this is my go-to, absolute must have dry shampoo! It does an amazing job and works really well when styling.
  61. Perfect


    Fantastic dry shampoo! Makes hair appear clean and fresh without that yucky feeling left like other dry shampoos I have used! Amazing
  62. Such a saviour when you don't have time for a full hair wash


    Such a saviour when you don't have time for a full hair wash. Works really well and leaves your hair feeling fresh. Well priced too.
  63. Leaves no residue


    Finally a product that doesn't leave gross and sticky residue behind and actually cleans the hair. How did I not purchase this product sooner
  64. Perfect refresher!


    OMG this product smells amazing! It does not leave any white on the hair, nor does it create any horrible build up. It is perfect <3
  65. Good for Fine Hair


    I don't use dry shampoo often, as I have fine hair and have to wash it daily anyway. But I like using this one on occasion as it does what it says it will do, and doesn't weigh my fine hair down.
  66. A little disappointed


    I am a big user of dry shampoo - I use it every second day and I have tried many. I thought for the price this would be fabulous but I must admit I am a little disappointed - its okay, but no better than many for half the price.
  67. It’s ok


    For the price it wasn’t all that great. I love KM but this scent is very synthetic, almost ‘saccharine’ sweet,

    Can leave a residue on dark hair.
  68. SO good


    I've tried so many dry shampoos but they all leave white residue in my hair looking like I've freshly swum through a tunnel of talcum powder. This is the only dry shampoo i've found that does a brilliant job at cleaning my hair yet doesn't leave any white residue behind. I swear by it and have recommended it to all my friends! THe smell is fine, not offensive, and it really, really works!
  69. As good as label M if not better!


    I usually use label M dry shampoo but tried this one, it’s a fine powder that doesn’t leave you looking like you have talc powder on your roots. I use it as a preventative and when my roots are oily. I have found if you use it as a preventative you don’t end up needing to wash your hair as often. Love the smell.
  70. Between washes


    This dry shampoo is great for between hair washes. It rejuvenates the hair making it appear less greasy/ oily.
  71. great dry shampoo


    great to keep my waves free from oil, I can use three days in a row before my hair starts to become a mess, which is great compared to others as by the end of the day I get this weird coating and tends to make my hair quite dry and frail. this leaves it moisture and still nice
  72. Best dry shampoo


    I recently purchased this after using the Evo Water Killer dry shampoo for the last 18 months and wanting to change. I love this one. The scent is really fresh and it doesn’t leave a powdery residue in my fine brunette/dyed blonde hair. It is expensive but I think the can will last awhile.
  73. The best smelling dry shampoo in town.


    My hairdresser recommended this product and I wouldn't go back to supermarket dry shampoos again. It smells like heaven and for someone with fine hair - it's all I need before leaving the house in the morning.
  74. Not for thin hair


    I have searched high and low for a dry shampoo that will help me prevent daily washing.

    I was recommended by a friend to try this one and so far, I have found that when I do spray it on, the firmness last a couple of hours and immediately makes my hair oilier on the roots. It may just be that I have dark thin hair, KM products usually don't disappoint.
  75. Fantastic product


    This remains a favourite and one of the only products I use regularly. I have fine hair that gets oily easily - this dry shampoo is far more effective than others I've tried, doesn't leave white residue, adds body, and leaves it feeling clean. Smells great and lasts well too!
  76. Very Refreshing!


    I adore this dry shampoo - it works amazingly to keep my dry and sometimes oily hair more refreshed as though I have just washed it! I use it in between washes and it instantly makes my hair more manageable! It is great for my fringe, which tends to get a bit oily...it soaks it up and makes it look fresh again!
  77. Not for dark hair


    I have very dark hair and this does leave a bit of a powdery residue but it does smell good.
  78. Love the smell!


    Like all KM products this smells amazing. Works well as a dry shampoo- does not leave hair dry and crispy.
  79. Very effective!


    A great dry shampoo for my fine, blonde hair that gets greasy and dirty really quickly in between washes. This dry shampoo prolongs the freshness of my hair and combs through well without leaving any residue. For me the quality makes the price worth it. So good that I'm becoming accustomed to using this until I absolutely have to wash my hair properly.
  80. Worth it


    This is so worth it. Doesn't even need much product for a good clean look.
  81. A little goes a long way


    This is such an effective dry shampoo. Yes it is pricey but a little truly goes a long way, compared to those Batiste ones that feels like you need half a can each time! The smell is divine and the powder is very fine, which is great for my fine hair. Would definitely re-purchase.
  82. Solid favourite


    I love this product. I have fine hair that gets oily after only a day or two, and haven't had any luck with other dry shampoo brands. This product is fantastic; fixes the oiliness, doesn't leave any residue or obvious colour change, and gives my hair a bit of texture and body while staying soft.
  83. Very effective, smells like sherbet...?


    This is a great product, it makes my hair (strawberry blonde, fine, washed every second day) look better day after wash than day of wash! I'm a little confused by the scent, it seems to bring back memories of kids' birthday party candy... not bad, just odd. Will definitely keep using, I might just need a stash of candy nearby to deal with the cravings!
  84. Does the job!


    Great product if not a little pricey! My scalp gets oily quickly - I could wash my hair daily, except it’s not good to do this - and KM dry shampoo gives me another 3 days wash free. Also adds body to my fine hair.
  85. Great product, packaging could be improved


    This is a great dry shampoo. As all Kevin Murphy products do, it smells great! Another great feature is it doesn’t leave white residue in your hair. After not using the bottle for a few weeks however, the spray stopped working, which was disappointing as there was still so much left in the bottle. Running under hot water didn’t help so I had to throw the bottle out.
  86. My favourite


    This is my favourite dry shampoo! It smells great, makes my hair feel fresh and does not leave any residue like other dry shampoos
  87. Love this


    Great dry shampoo that doesn't make my head itch. No yucky white Mark's or residue and my hair looks better.
  88. Love!


    This dry shampoo is so fine and doesn't leave a white, cakey mess on my scalp. Absorbs easily and refreshes my hair easily. It also has a really pleasant scent- not overpowering like some others. Would recommend.
  89. Amazing


    I am a long time user of this dry shampoo and it is the BEST dry shampoo on the market, well worth the steep price, smells amazing and doesn't leave white thick residue in your hair. i keep this in my bag for handy touch ups!
  90. Good


    One of the best dry shampoos no doubt. Its perfect for using when there is oil buildup.
  91. Great for dark hair


    I have tried so many dry shampoos and after following all the experts instructions I still end up either a little grey or mega flat/oily/dirty looking... this is the only dry shampoo that doesn't do that to my hair. The smell is actually beautiful and you only need a little to see the results you want. It's perfect for my dark hair - doesn't turn me grey and my oily scalp loves it... it extends my...
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  92. Didn’t really work for me


    It took me a while to decide to buy this product simply because of the price, it’s almost double what if usually pay for a good dry shampoo. It’s quite a big size which is good. With other brands I’ve always sprayed it in my hair prior to bed so that when I wake up it’s nice and fresh. But when I did this and tried to brush my hair the next morning it seemed like I had put in hair spray instead. I...
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  93. Time Saver!


    I love this product. It saves me having to wash my hair on a daily basis - which is so much healthier for your hair. The fragrance is gorgeous.
  94. Good product but a bit expensive


    I have fine black hair that gets very oily. I've relied on dry shampoo for years to get me to though day 2 and (hopefully) day 3 after washing my hair. I've tried a lot of products and this is one of the good ones. It does the job, smells nice, and mostly blends into my dark hair but it's not the best one I've used. I'm undecided as to whether or not I'll keep buying it, mostly because of the pric...
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  95. A Convert to dry Shampoo

    Deborah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    As someone who prefers to shampoo her hair daily I found myself borrowing my daughter's Kevin Murphy's Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo one morning this week when I had slept in and didn't have time for a hair wash. I must say I found this product to leave my hair feeling and looking fresh, I applied it at the roots and especially in those sections where the hair had flattened overnight and a couple of spra...
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  96. great lightweight dry shampoo

    Rebecca (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love the way this product smells! It's so fun and sweet. The product itself comes out really evenly so theres no big patch of white product to work in. It's a great lightweight dry shampoo that I can use often without feeling it in my hair. A handbag must have.
  97. Best dry shampoo


    A little bit goes a long way. With some dry shampoos in the past, I've found you need a large amount to really get the hair looking proper fresh again! With this one, just a few sprays where needed - brush, and I was done. It also eaves the hair feeling weightless with no white cast.
  98. Fresh Hair


    I really liked the way this made my hair feel and it gave my "not so fresh" hair an extra day without washing. I wash my hair a couple times a week and I found this product a lifesaver for a couple nights I thought I didn't have plans but ended up going out. It also has a really great citrus smell that helped give my hair life :)
  99. Brilliant


    This dry shampoo is a life saver some days and I love how it is light weight and smells lush.
  100. My go to dry shampoo


    As someone with oily, fine hair I rely on dry shampoo pretty heavily. I have burned through quite a few different ones and this is the best by far. It leaves minimal residue so I don't end up with white fingerprints all over my black pants after touching my hair, and I even put it in clean hair to give it some texture and volume.
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