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KEVIN.MURPHY Fresh.Hair Dry Shampoo

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KEVIN.MURPHY Fresh.Hair is a dry cleaner for the hair that gives body and the look of freshly washed hair, removes odours and all your sins from the night before.

Please note: Those nifty folk at KEVIN.MURPHY have improved the packaging of Fresh.Hair but kept the formula exactly the same as before it was discontinued to ensure you can have your cake and eat it too.

This can will not leak! Kevin promises so.


Apply a fine mist onto dry hair and rub with a dry towel.

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Reviews (9)
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My go to dry shampoo - 06-07-2017 by

As someone with oily, fine hair I rely on dry shampoo pretty heavily. I have burned through quite a few different ones and this is the best by far. It leaves minimal residue so I don't end up with white fingerprints all over my black pants after touching my hair, and I even put it in clean hair to give it some texture and volume.

I'll never try another dry shampoo! - 12-06-2015 by

I've never tried dry shampoo. My hairdresser recommended this to me as I have fine straight hair that gets oily quick.
I can go 3 nights without washing my hair, and I used to struggle to get 1!
Great to add texture and volume.
It does have a strong smell, kinda pleasant, and feels weird to use the first few times.

BEST DRY SHAMPOO - 20-07-2014 by

No joke this is the best dry shampoo on the market. Tried them all.

The thing is, my next-day hair tends to be a bit on the limp side - which means that dry shampoo would be great! I- but I also get headaches and even migraines if I'm around strong scents. While this is definitely fragranced it's a beautiful clean scent that makes my sensitive nose very happy....

... And that's not even talking about what it does to my hair! No horrible white streakiness to be found here! Only fresh looking, voluminous hair.

Great stuff, definitely my favourite.

Awesome - 15-04-2013 by

Fantastic awesome product. A bit expensive but worth it. Smells beautiful clean to the scalp best dry shampoo I've used ever. Would highly recommend to anyone. I get eczema slightly on my scalp and this doesn't aggravate it .

A dry shampoo that doesn't smell like foot deoderisor - 20-01-2012 by

First The smell is GORGEOUS - coconut and vanilla. This is my fine hair HG. I carry it with me always and it is the only product that perks up my full fringe during the day when it starts to look 'bitsy' with a greasy sheen. Love kevin.murphy - Love fresh.hair. He has fine hair needs down pat when soooo many others get it wrong.

- 19-08-2010 by

I have fine hair, but lots of it. My hair has never been coloured, it's dark brown with natural copper highlights in the sunlight. This product does not dull the colour or show up in it- and provided you don't use TOO MUCH, it does the job beautifully. However because it's such an odd DRY kind of spray, like dry ice- you feel like you've missed and didn't get enough in the hair, and it can be easy to over apply. It doesn't last long, because the spray it also dense. So I don't use this as often because I don't want to become reliant and buy a can a week!:) On saying that- I wash my hair every single day, so I use it mainly on hot days to bring body back. Less is more though.

- 18-03-2010 by

This product does nothing for refreshing hair. I have very fine hair and it doesn't work as a dry shampoo for me either. Although it does have a lovely smell and it definitely makes your hair shinier. Oh and it does give body but it doesn't last long at all.

- 22-02-2010 by

I have thick, dark hair and this product didn't work for me at all! Rather than making my hair seem fresher or cleaner, it seemed to make my hair look greasy and certainly didn't feel nice. I suspect the other reviewers are correct - this is one for fine hair only.

- 12-01-2010 by

This product really worked for me. I have fine very straight hair and when it looks limp and lank but I don’t have time to wash it I just spray a very fine mist in my hair and rub dry with a towel and my hair has more body and looks shinier. I also love the smell which really helps to freshen it up until I can wash it again.

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