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KEVIN.MURPHY Body.Builder is a volumising mousse to work that body and boost your hair with flexible fullness and hold.

Body.Builder is a product that you can layer onto the hair to create smooth, big shapes. Don't be afraid to use quite a lot of Body.Builder as it is weightless and moisturising so you can go for it without any fear of a crunch.

The benefit of mousse is that it makes the tiny spaces between the hairs greater so essentially it makes the hair thicker and fuller. KEVIN.MURPHY Body.Builder can be used to define waves on just about any hair length, type or texture.

Essential oil of Tangerine locks down the cuticle to create shine, whilst Vitamin B5 binds moisture onto the hair.

KEVIN.MURPHY Body.Builder is particularly effective on fine hair and hair that is dry or damaged.KEVIN.MURPHY Body.Builder features:

- Contains memory hold resins
- Contains sunscreen and UV filters
- Infused with Sunflower seed and Vitamin B extracts
- Contains Almond and Citrus Extracts for silky hold and shine



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Great range - 17-07-2018 by

I think I prefer the bedroom hair spray more, but this is a great body building product and great for helping style hair. I would recommend this to people with finer hair!

Love this entire range - 17-07-2018 by

This is an amazing product that I use alongside the plumping shampoo and conditioner - this spray does a great job in help building and holding volume in my hair. I have quite delicate hair and this product is very gentle and not detrimental to my ends at all. Does everything it says it does - would definitely repurchase and recommend.

Love...but not for everyday $$$$ - 09-06-2018 by

I love this product!! I have fine short hair and you can imagine how difficult it is to style. Adds volume to my hair whether straightened or beach-waved.


Con: Expensive for everyday use

Great product - 11-04-2018 by

I use this every time I blow dry my hair straight (not often). I love that you spray it into your roots, makes it easier to apply unlike mousse. It gives great body, doesnt weigh down my hair (I have fine, curly hair) and like all Kevin Murphy products, smells amazing. The can has lasted me years, I'm not sure if it expires but it's still feels great when I use it.

Not for everyday use.... - 21-11-2017 by

I really wanted to love this, and there are some aspects of it which are great! Smell is divine, like old fashioned musk sticks, huge generous can, and does give the hair extra lift. However, despite claims I have yet to figure out how to use this without a dry crunchy feeling. For someone with lots of long hair, this is a special event product only because my hair gets tangled easily with this and I feel like it's not as nourishing, hair feels a bit brittle with frequent use. In a nutshell, looks great, feels average.

Love it! - 29-04-2016 by

One of the very few volumising products that I actually think works. I have fine, frizzy, wavy hair that HAS to be blow dried and lightly straightened, or else I will look like a cat lady 2 hours after my shower. So having fine hair that needs to be straightened often means limp and lifeless, but Body.Builder gives me the lift I need at the roots.

And the smell is pretty good, as well as value for money, as not a lot is needed.

My mum used this product and has short thick curly hair and said it was no good for her.

Darkens my blonde coloured hair - 29-03-2015 by

I wish I loved this product as much as the other reviewers, but sadly my hair did not react well to the product. My blonde highlighted hair looked dull and drab with this product, and not appealing. The product took a fair chunk of time to blow dry in and was sadly a waste of 15 minutes. The smell is nice but that doesn't matter as my hair looked like it needed a wash, straight after washing and blowdrying!

Goodbye flat ugly hair. - 22-07-2013 by

I was doing searches on Adorebeauty site and came upon Kevin M. Did not really know anything about the products but liked the name and the packaging.
I took this product to my hairdresser who had been unable to do my hair the way I wanted (BIG) but just a little bit of Bodybuilder and I feel fabulous!
The product seems to last for ever, it smells nice, feels great and it works!
I got my husband to use it as well and am glad to report he looks so nice with thick hair.
I hate carrying on about a product, after all there are so many of them on the market but I have waited for this product for a loooong time.

Great natural product, great value! - 29-10-2012 by

This is a fabulous product. The mousse is light and smells fantastic! Also a big can will last a long time! Km products are fabulous generally ...I also use the hydrate me shampoo and conditioner. Buy it!

Fantastic product for fine hair! - 31-08-2011 by

My hairdresser introduced me to this amazing product. A small amount provides the grittiness required to create lift at the roots and leaves no residue. After blow waving or styling hair has enhanced shine and smells divine!

My only caution is to take care wnen squirting the mousse out of the can - there is a powerful propellant involved!

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