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KEVIN.MURPHY Blonde.Angel.Wash 250ml

4.5 of 147 reviews


4 instalments of $10.24

Or 4 instalments of $10.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $10.24

Or 4 instalments of $10.24 with LEARN MORE

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A specialised colour enhancing shampoo for blonde or grey hair, the KEVIN.MURPHY Blonde.Angel.Wash gently cleanses and restores shine.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Brassy tones (blonde/grey hair)
  • Colour protection
  • Dull, lacking shine

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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KEVIN.MURPHY Blonde.Angel.Wash

KEVIN.MURPHY Blonde.Angel.Wash

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KEVIN.MURPHY Blonde.Angel.Wash Reviews

4.5 of 147 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best Shampoo For Blonde Hair!


This is only shampoo I use on my bleached hair. It really hydrates and tone my hair to a beautiful creamy blonde without any brassiness. I love it that it's so hydrating and smells divine too.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not bad


I do like this blonde shampoo however don't find it as strong as other blonde shampoos like fudge. I do however find it is better for my scalp. The packaging always leaks which is a pain.. Would give more stars if they fix it!
  1. Best Shampoo For Blonde Hair!


    This is only shampoo I use on my bleached hair. It really hydrates and tone my hair to a beautiful creamy blonde without any brassiness. I love it that it's so hydrating and smells divine too.
  2. Works really well


    I used this when I died my hair a dark blonde and it started getting brassy. This is really pigmented so the results are obvious and helps get rid of the brassiness. Smells really good too! Would recommend
  3. Smells incredible!


    I love the smell of this product, and how well it works! It's super pigmented, so you can definitely see results after the first wash. You don't need to use this product everyday, otherwise it'll definitely stain your hair. The scent is heavenly, and will last a few days
  4. Okay


    Nice but didn’t do anything to tone the brasiness as my blonde wore on
  5. My hg blonde shampoo


    Love this shampoo, it’s extremely hydrating and keeps my blonde from being brassy. Highly recommend.
  6. Blonde must have!


    I use this shampoo religiously to tone out any brassiness in blonde hair. I use once a week coupled with the Blonde Angel conditioner for best result and have found that it doesnt dry my hair out like many other purple shampoos do! Highly reccommend
  7. Good product!


    I found this toned my blonde hair well and has a lovely musk scent. I do think there are products that are just as good available for cheaper though....
  8. Good product!


    I found this toned my blonde hair well and has a lovely musk scent. I do think there are products that are just as good available for cheaper though....
  9. Best toning shampoo that works so well and doesn’t turn your hair purple!

    Rebecca Elise

    I absolutely cannot live without this product anymore! I love love love it. Keeps me looking a lovely icy white blonde (my hair is already quite white) for the time until my next salon visit!
    I have been dying my hair blonde with bleach on scalp for so many years. I’ve really struggled to find a shampoo/toner that doesn’t just turn my hair a yellowy/purple colour! Because my hair becomes por...
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  10. Best blonde shampoo I've ever used!!


    I've used a lot of blonde shampoos in my lifetime, but this one takes the cake!! Unlike most blonde shampoos, this one makes my hair feel hydrated and healthy, and it also smells amazing. I also use it with the matching Kevin Murphy Blonde treatment and think that contributes to the great result!
  11. Best Blonde Shampoo


    I love this product! and I love that it doesn’t dry out your hair like other purple shampoos, have purchased multiple times and will purchase again!
  12. Great product


    I love Kevin Murphy! Ever since I started using this brand I haven't used anything else. I have extremely dry hair and this always leaves my hair feeling hydrated
  13. so good


    this stuff is so good and hydrating for a blonde shampoo!!
  14. Silicone free and tones down brassiness


    I'm always looking for hair shampoos and conditioners without silicone. Having just recently had my naturally very dark brown hair lightened several shades, I needed a toning shampoo to keep the blonde hair looking salon fresh. This works a treat toning down orange and yellow tones, although I do need to follow it up with a good nourishing conditioner or treatment - I have very long thirsty hair s...
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  15. Wonderful for blondes.


    I used this in conjunction with Blonde.Angel as recommended by my hairdresser after she took me from medium brown to a bright creamy blonde. It was great at keeping brassy tones at bay between salon visits. I only used it every 3 washes, otherwise it made my colour too cool. Highly recommended from blondes.
  16. Doesn’t dry out my hair


    This is a lovely blonde shampoo. Doesn’t dry out my hair too much and has a nice musk smell. It also just looks nice in the shower!
  17. No more brassy blonde

    Belle With Love

    I love this because it is gentle enough to use every wash but strong enough to get rid of my brassyness. The smell is so nice also.
  18. Not great


    This conditioner is okay. If it weren’t so expensive, it would be really good, but as it is, I don’t think it’s worth the money.
  19. Helps My Hair Stay Soft


    I have coloured blonde hair. This product helps my hair stay soft. I've been using Kevin Murphy for years!
  20. purple goddess

    ashley wild

    prior to kevin murphy i was using matrix - i think their both on par with maintaining my colour, but KM doesn't leave a purple stain on my hands and shower like matrix does. I've found my hair is much more healthier and stronger using KM. great smell too like those lolly lifesavers.
  21. leaves hair soft


    left my hair soft but I didn't notice much difference in the tone
  22. Not bad


    I do like this blonde shampoo however don't find it as strong as other blonde shampoos like fudge. I do however find it is better for my scalp. The packaging always leaks which is a pain.. Would give more stars if they fix it!
  23. Amazing product


    I love this shampoo, it smells amazing, makes my hair feel and look amazing for days! Have been using Kevin Murphy for years and will never go back. So worth it.
  24. warning: is genuinely angelic!

    blonde lob

    finding the perfect blonde shampoo that isn't too strong/too harsh and drying has been a life long quest. now that quest is over. there is nothing better on the market. this is the queen b. the scent is unmatchable, the quality it leaves your hair feeling is salon quality at home, and the blonde will never be brassy or too silver. worth every cent. ill never use anything else again this is the num...
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  25. Works


    Absolutely smells so good. One of my favourite smelling blonde shampoos. Tones brilliantly and doesn’t strip hair or make it feel dry
  26. Great shampoo


    Works quite well for my blond highlights. love that it's Australian and cruelty free. I would recommend
  27. A nice shampoo


    I have naturally very dark hair that has been bleached to platinum blonde. This shampoo smells lovely and is nice and gentle on my hair, and cleans it well without leaving it feeling dry or brittle. However, the shampoo doesn't do much to tone out brassiness or yellow, but it's an overall nice product to use for blonde hair.
  28. made my hair dry


    i tried to like this because i have dyed my hair blonde but it did not do anything for me apart from making my hair dry and unmanageable. it smells good though.
  29. Smells DIVINE and perfectly tones yellow brassy blonde to cool creamy blonde


    I have oily fine hair with balayage highlights which are prone to brassiness over time. I use the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angle Shampoo and Conditioner which perfectly tones away any yellow brassy colour and restores the salon fresh creamy blonde colour we all love. I hope Adore Beauty starts selling the salon sized bottles of Kevin Murphy products as the only downside to these products is that they a...
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  30. Great for blonde hair


    Love this product. Has kept my hair blonde, healthy and happy. Smells great and I love that Kevin Murphy products have essential oils in the ingredients.

    Also the bottle lasts on long hair, as you only need to use a small amount.
  31. Best Purple Shampoo that Doesnt ruin extensions

    Leanne Clark

    Love this shampoo, it doesn’t dry my hair out of ruin my extensions. So worth the money
  32. Great for bleached hair that easily turns purple with other purple shampoos


    I use this shampoo in rotation with the regular angel wash and rinse and it has been a godsend for my fine, very bleached hair! I find that most other very strong purple-hued shampoos leave me with purple or blue patches throughout my hair as it is bleached to a white colour, however this one tones out all my brassiness without leaving me purple! It is also a lot less drying than regular purple sh...
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  33. Best purple shampoo that doesn’t dry out or damage your hair


    Most purple shampoo have hydrogen peroxide in them which drys and damages your hair over time. I’m on my second bottle and I love it, it’s not super toning I use evo purple conditioner for that but it does maintain a ash blonde colour.
  34. Holy Grail


    In love with this range of KM! My hair thrives off this shampoo. Super hydrating for damaged hair
  35. Smells great!


    This product smells fantastic. Love a good smelling shampoo. It washes well, and keeps my brassy tones at bay, however it doesn't work for ash tones. It is more for a yellow type of blonde hair.
  36. Good shampoo for blondes


    I use this with the Blonde Angel conditioner (the one in the dark purple packaging). The two together have made the blonde of my hair more creamy and less brassy. I really like the smell of the two of them, and my hair doesn't feel dry or coarse.

    The main downside is that they are quite expensive, which might make me think carefully before buying them again.
  37. Perfect for blondes


    I love this to keep my hair from becoming brassy and yellow. Doesn’t fade original shade. Quite hydrating too!
  38. I love this


    I can see a huge difference and I think this is wonderful. Kevin Murphy is always great.
  39. Wonderful toner!


    I received a sample of this and must say it’s the first blonde toning product that hasn’t left my hair feeling super dry. Easy to use in shower and toned away the brassiness in one go. I have dyed blonde hair at the time of using and highly recommend it.
  40. Worth it!


    I received this as a sample, however I do not have blonde dyed hair so I quickly gave it to one of my friends who does to sample. She said she was currently using a cheaper blonde treatment and was happy with it. Although, on using this she said it had a much better impact on the orange tones in her hair than what she is currently using. She advised me she is going to finish her old bottle and the...
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  41. Soft and Silky Hair


    Freshens up my recently dyed hair nicely. Downside is that you need to be regularly (every 2 days) be washing your hair. Apart from that great shampoo that leaves my hair soft and silky!
  42. Best blonde shampoo


    Absolutely love this shampoo.
    Perfect for those annoying yellow/orange tones.
    I find you have to use double to clean all my hair (medium length) compared to the other Kevin Murphy shampoos.
  43. blondes


    I have very white blonde hair and this is by hair the best shampoo I have ever used.
  44. How did I not know about this earlier?


    Omg I love this. My blonde is so so clean, and so soft! Not dried out at all. Will get again
  45. Great for blondes!


    One of my favorite purple shampoos! Gentle clean and smells nice!
  46. Silky


    Received a couple samples of this - my hair feels so silky soft after using it and smelled beautiful - definitely won't be going back to supermarket shampoo after this
  47. A little goes a long way


    This has been my go-to shampoo for quite some time. I have natural blonde hair that tends to go a bit brassy so I switched from the standard angel wash to the blonde angel. Leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth and beautifully clean. A little bit goes quite a long way.
  48. Magic


    Hair feels like silk after using this. I have thick hair and this tames my hair with ease
  49. Love the product...not a fan of the packaging


    I've been a long time fan of the De Lorenzo toning shampoo, but wanted to try something different. I haven't had my hair professionally coloured since April so that brassiness was starting to REALLY show...after one wash this gorgeous shampoo removed heaps of the brassiness and by the third, my beautiful platinum blonde highlights had been restored. Smells amazing and doesn't dry out my hair, no...
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  50. Good alternate


    Love the KM blonde shampoo and conditioner. My hair is long and fine and these products keep it feeling soft, smooth and bright. I used to use it exclusively but found that it stopped 'working' as well. So now I alternate every few washes between the blonde and the hydrate and its better
  51. Love this


    Toning shampoo that actually works! Tones hair perfectly
  52. Initially good


    I found that when I first started using Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash my hair was quite healthy, however after a few months I started getting build up through the lengths and my hair was holding more moisture than it had even done before. It smells good and seemed ok for short term use but I would recommend long term for anyone with fine or porous hair. It was good at reducing brassyness and kee...
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  53. LOVE


    As a faux blonde, my hair is damaged and does tend to go a bit brassy so this product is a life saver. It’s super hydrating and a nice deep purple so it does a great job of removing brassy tones.
  54. Blonde wash


    Love it! Makes my hair feel soft and smells amazing! Once washed my hair is not so knotty either. With the colour I notice a difference, my hair is a whiter blonde. This is the best blonde shampoo I’ve used.
  55. Kept brassiness at bay


    I used this after dyeing my hair blonde a while ago. It did keep the brassiness at bay and left my hair feeling soft. I wouldn't use it on a regular basis though as i need something a bit more volumising and also it's quite expensive. There are other products i prefer which get better results for me personally.
  56. 10/10 Worth It


    This product smells great and keeps brassiness at bay which is fantastic between visits to the salon.It makes my hair super soft which is a bonus as well.
  57. Perfect


    This smells absolutely divine and gets rid of brassiness without leaving traces of purple in my hair. Love it!
  58. Great for brassy hair


    This shampoo is great for removing brassy tones from hair. Combined with the conditioner can be a little much and made my hair very blonde, but definitely on its own produced a nice colour that lasted until my next treatment. Produces a nice, silky feel after wash and doesn't dry hair out
  59. Worth the price


    My blonde looks amazing between visits to the salon and I feel its thanks to Kevin Murphy. My hair feels amazing and no brassy tones to be found. Product smells great and a little goes a long way.
  60. Beautiful Purple shampoo


    This really is a gorgeous shampoo, it's a beautiful deep purple and feels like it cleanses your hair as well as tones it! You do have to use a bit of a product though to make it feel like it's cleansing your hair enough but that's about all that's perhaps a negative. The product I feel does actually work...if you exclusively use the shampoo and matching conditioner for a while, you do get complime...
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  61. Great for extensions


    I have blonde highlights as well as tape in hair extensions and this product is great without spending a fortune.
  62. Good product


    A good shampoo that helps to keep the brassiness away however KM does have better products and I find that the treatment products are much better!
  63. Good but not great


    It’s a nice shampoo and smells nice but it’s not the strongest for toning. The treatment in this range is much better for toning
  64. GREAT!


    My hairdresser used this on me and it worked great!

    After a bleach my hair came out yellow and dry and my hairdresser uses this and it came out a lot softer and less brassy tones aswell!

    It also smells delicious like Caramel/Vanilla

  65. A good product


    I am a massive fan of all things Kevin Murphy. I have recently decided to use the blonde angel wash to help with the brassy tones in my hair. I noticed a change after the first wash, I have to admit it isn’t my favourite Kevin Murphy product but I will purchase again.
  66. Great but a bit pricey


    Great shampoo but a bit pricey , didn’t get rid of the green tone on my blonde hair( because of swimming in a pool) but I guess that deserve a visit at the hairdresser. Can’t do miracle with a shampoo .
  67. Great for bottle blondes


    This was recommended by my hairdresser to maintain my blonde colour. I love the smell, it helps extend the life of my colour and I generally pair it with the Blonde.Angel Rinse. I do agree with prior reviews that doesn’t foam the best, particularly if you have hair styling product in or you hair is a little oily. As a result I usually shampoo twice, either using this, or sometimes with a cheaper s...
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  68. Banish the brassiness


    This product smells great and keeps brassiness at bay which is fantastic between visits to the salon.It makes my hair super soft which is a bonus as well.
  69. Hair Saver


    I have fine long colour damaged hair that really enjoys matting together, frizzing up and generally misbehaving, I have tried quite a few different products to try to combat it but generally have found that I am still trying to brush out matts that out dreadlocks to shame each week.
    I tried this (coupled with the angel rinse and the angel masque) and I was in complete shock as to the improv...
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  70. Excellent!


    I have box dyed blonde hair that I’m currently trying to grow out and get back to my natural hair colour (ash blonde/light brown). This wash not only leaves my hair soft and shiny, it also has taken the brassiness out of my blonde in just one wash! Will definitely be buying this again.
  71. Excellent product


    I have super fine blonde hair with Ultrasonic extensions and the Blonde Angel Wash is perfect for me. It has a gorgeous smell, cleans my hair gently and doesn't leave a greasy residue like some other shampoos. A little goes a long way too so it's great value for money. Highly recommended.
  72. The BEST blonde shampoo on the market


    This shampoo smells DIVINE. It has the most beautiful natural herbal scents, it's an absolute treat to use. It is expensive, and there are cheaper alternatives that work, but if you splurge on your hair products, then this is the best there is. It removes brassy tones and leaves your blonde a beautiful bright icy cool tone. Leave it in for as long as possible.
  73. It’s an alright toner


    Has a musky smell. It didn’t really make my hair ash just less gold...
  74. The Perfect Shampoo for Blondes


    I am in love with this shampoo. I wash my hair 3 to 4 times a week and use this every time. It tones the colour without leaving it purple or grey. It prolongs my colour just thy little bit longer. It goes great with the Blonde Angel conditioner too.
  75. Worth every cent


    Yes, it is pretty expensive. I first bought this when I noticed my blonde highlights were turning almost green. After a few days of usage, everyone was commenting about how they looked almost as good as new. I’m growing my highlights out but I can’t stop using this shampoo because it seems to be the only thing that reduces my frizz and gives me a great but non-oily shine. (I use it with the condit...
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  76. Amazing for blonde hair!


    When I first started using it which was recommended by my hairdresser, I didn't really notice all that much of a difference. However, I stopped using it and came back to it and I could only REALLY then notice how well it toned my hair and kept the brass at bay- mind you I also have asian dyed blonde hair so brassy tones always creep through. Its the perfect toner as it makes my blonde so bright, d...
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  77. Strips my hair completely


    Unfortunately although I love this shampoo for keeping my blonde from turning brassy, it doesn't foam AT ALL - you have to rinse three times to get any form of suds. And it also completely strips my hair of moisture, you can tell there's a fair bit of peroxide in it so you better have a decent conditioner to pair it with.

    I use the L'Oréal smart colourbond which you leave in for 3 - ...
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  78. best ever for dyed blonde


    This is forever my favourite for when my hair is dyed blonde, keeps it shiny and healthy like nothing else.
  79. Fantastic purple shampoo


    This shampoo is awesome. It's gentle on my coloured blonde hair but is effective at toning the brassy notes out. I usually use it with the Blonde Angel conditioner as well, but even if I use a different conditioner, I can see my blonde is brighter after using this product. The bottle is small but I find it lasts me a long time.

    Kevin Murphy's range is fantastic and I feel confident to...
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  80. Best blonde shampoo


    This stuff smells sooooo good it smells like fruit tingles!!.. It was my first time using it and I'm in love it makes the condition of your hair so soft. It tones beautifuly and doesn't strip your hair. I wouldn't usually spend this much on a blonde shampoo but I'm glad I did it was worth every penny!
  81. Great go to for blondes!


    Really great shampoo, keeps the yellow tones at bay!

    Have been using this on and off for years, and always go back.
  82. Pricey but transforms hair


    Protects and transforms my fine hair that has taken a beating from heat styling tools recently. Smells divine and while I was reluctant to spend on this, but after my hairdresser trialled this on me and I had to buy the full sized bottle after. Beautiful!
  83. Great shampoo


    I started using this when my hairdresser recommended it. It’s perfect for me as I wash my hair most days and it’s not drying and no matter how long I leave it in it doesn’t turn my hair purple. Works like a dream to neautralise brassy tones.
    Only negative is that it’s a bit pricey so I try to use it with every second wash to get the most out of it
  84. Amazing


    This shampoo is just fabulous for my dry blonde hair! Transformers it instantly and keeps my blonde fresh and creamy between salon appointments
  85. Beautiful product but comparable to cheaper versions


    I like this product and enjoy all Kevin Murphy range, however, I think that Kevin Murphy's styling products are superior whereas this shampoo is comparable to fudge, john frieda and other lines, which means I would likely recommend the cheaper alternative. Definitely helps with brassiness and smells lovely. Little goes along way.
  86. Good for Blonde Hair


    I really like Kevin Murphy's products and this one is great if you are blonde, and I find its great for fine hair too. I don't use it every day, so it does last a while. Though I would recommend storing it with the cap sitting at the top as the shampoo is quite liquid and it may come out quickly or seep out a little.
  87. the best


    This is the best shampoo for bleached hair. It smells great and after shampooing, hair is soft, manageable and keeps the colour clean
  88. Good Hair Day


    I have blonde hair that is relatively fine and I struggle to find a shampoo that I can continuously use without my hair becoming heavy and built up. This shampoo makes my hair so silky smooth without weighing it down. I also find that it does not dry my hair out at all like most purple shampoos do. It is gentle enough to use repeatedly and never over tones.
  89. Gentle Blonde shampoo!


    I bought this a few months ago and I’ve been loving it! It’s such a nice lavender sent but kind of smells of sherbet as well. I feel like it does a good job at maintaining my blonde balayage although I do have a pretty low maintenance-lived in colour. I don't feel as though this shampoo dries out my hair further which is a plus! Just smells great, doesn’t stain your hands and I think it lasts a lo...
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  90. No more yellow


    Works great, fast and smells lovely. Only need to use this every 4-5 washes to keep colour in check and looking fresh, so lasts for quite a while. Great price point.
  91. My favourite blonde shampoo


    I’ve tried several others blonde shampoos but this is the one I keep coming back to. Helps keep me cool, doesn’t leave my hair coated in product or silicone, and has the most beautiful scent. It’s a little bit on the expensive side, but given I only wash my hair once or twice a week it’s definitely worth it!
  92. In love


    I got hooked on this product when my hair salon used it after lightening my ends!
    I now use it weekly and there are no yellow tones in sight!
  93. Ahhhhhhhmazing


    I have been using this Kevin Murphy blonde shampoo for the last 2 years and even though it is a bit pricey I’ll never turn back! I pair it with the Kevin Murphy hydrate me rinse conditioner and my hair looks and feels amazing after every wash 10/10
  94. Great Shampoo


    I have being using this shampoo for a while now. It’s great I love it but definitely pricey for the size, it doesn’t last long due to the size of the bottle. Love it tho
  95. Never Fails - Must have for blondes


    I tried Kevin Murphy Blonde angel when it was first released and have never turned back! I have fine limp hair and many other purple shampoos weigh it down, this one never saturates my hair. Perfect tone for weeks without any extra work required. Two washes required for oily hair to get it foaming up.
  96. Great for colour treated hair


    A lovely gentle shampoo for hair with colour treatment. Love that's it's paraben and sulfate free however that means it doesn't foam up and I find myself using more product as a result otherwise the hair doesn't feel clean. Smells great and the jumbo bottle lasts for a long time
  97. Best haircare brand, best blonde product


    Kevin Murphy products are pricey but a little goes a long way with this shampoo. Really nice feel and beautiful scent, hair washes seem to last slightly longer which is a major bonus.
  98. Lovely but pricey


    I really loved this product but didn’t think there was anywhere near enough product for how much it costs. If you can afford it then definitely give it a go, but I don’t think I will repurchase!
  99. Great for blonde treated hair


    I find this product amazing when my hair is first treated (I am naturally a dark brunette with creamy blonde colored hair), but once my roots start coming through I find it slightly heavy. Smells AMAZING though and lathers really well!
  100. Best blonde shampoo I’ve used


    I am on to my second bottle of this - At first I wasn’t sure as found it made my hair a bit oily and left a residue. Now I follow the instructions to double wash and it makes a world of difference. First wash doesn’t lather much but second I get a good lather and as long as I don’t use too much product and give it a good rinse out my hair is left shiny and healthy looking. Im now washing my hair t...
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