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KEVIN.MURPHY Angel.Wash 250ml

4.5 of 188 reviews


4 instalments of $9.99


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4 instalments of $9.99


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KEVIN.MURPHY Angel.Wash is a delicate shampoo for everyday use that is specially formulated for dry, fine and coloured hair.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 81% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Fine or limp hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • Thinning hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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4.5 of 188 reviews

81% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Can’t stop touching my hair!


I got this in a goodie bag and will definitely purchase the full size. I have very fine and sometimes frizzy hair. My hair was so soft and frizz free when used with the Angel rinse and Moroccan Oil. You only need a tiny amount so it’s not that expensive. It is divine! Really luxurious and smells amazing.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not worth the money


I was really conflicted about purchasing this product due to the price, I was really unsure if the price would be worth it. However, after going blonde and using this for a month I really don't see the difference between this shampoo and other cheaper ones I have used from the supermarket. I took the plunge as I learnt more about the bad ingredients in cheaper shampoos however, this really has not improved or done much for my hair at all. It doesn't lather at all unless your hair clean so I am using SO MUCH more product than I usually would as I have to shampoo twice. I would not purchase this product again, I cannot see how the price of the shampoo is justified at all for the very minimal results or benefits (I am yet to find any positives about the product thus far).
  1. Let down


    I've got thin bleached blonde hair and after using the mask for years with great results, I bit the bullet and invested in the shampoo conditioner. combo I was sad. Despite rinsing thoroughly, I had a fair bit of residue left on my hair. I tried the combo another few times (once a week) but couldn't make it work. I gave the 2/3 full bottles away and won't be repurchasing. Still smells delish thou...
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  2. Can’t stop touching my hair!


    I got this in a goodie bag and will definitely purchase the full size. I have very fine and sometimes frizzy hair. My hair was so soft and frizz free when used with the Angel rinse and Moroccan Oil. You only need a tiny amount so it’s not that expensive. It is divine! Really luxurious and smells amazing.
  3. Horrible


    This shampoo was horrible on my hair. Sure it smelt nice but my scalp was horribly itchy after.
  4. Angelic!


    I received a deluxe sample of this and it super agrees with me hair that is always over packed with dry shampoo come wash day. It leaves my scalp product free and doesn’t dry out my ends so I don’t have to use two different products! My hair is colour treated too and it leaves my locks lush!
  5. Amazing product


    I first tried this shampoo about four years ago and I've been buying it ever since! I have very fine, curly hair that gets greasy quickly, but this leaves your hair quite soft and healthy looking. The reason I keep coming back to the Angel range is that it consistently gives me great results and it is one of the only products that conditions my hair really well without weighing it down.

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  6. A little too rough


    Maybe I'm alone in thinking that this was supposed to be a gentle shampoo- all that talk of 'dry', 'angel', 'fine'- but I really didn't find it to be. I shampoo my hair pretty regularly as I love at the beach but this shampoo is just too stripping for me to use everyday. Does the job though, my hair certainly feels clean after.
    The smell is also pretty terrible, very artificial and a little ...
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  7. Fine hair saver


    I have naturally dark fine hair that is bleached, this shampoo leaves it feeling incredibly soft for days! With other shampoos my hair will be soft for the first few days and then dry out. Not this one, it has a lovely powdery smell as well. It is on the expensive side the bottles are small but I will buy again for the product.
  8. Perfect for oily scalps and fine hair that is washed daily


    I have fine blonde hair which has oily roots and dry ends that I need to wash every day to keep it looking nice and fresh. This shampoo is so gentle and thoroughly cleans without stripping the hair. I'm obsessed with it. I hope Adore Beauty starts selling the salon sized bottles of Kevin Murphy products as the only downside to these products is that they are expensive and don't last long.
  9. Not good


    This shampoo did nothing for me but cause an itchy scalp.
  10. salon feel


    This stuff is amazing for thin hair and makes every wash feel like you have just been to the salon. The smell is amazing too which doesnt hurt at all.
  11. Good product


    This shampoo smells so nice and fresh!! Makes the hair feel sooooo clean after a wash but I find that I have to use a lot of product. With it being sulphate free and all that good stuff, it doesn’t really bubble up in your hair making it hard to distribute
  12. Didn't lather very well, felt like I needed to use a lot!


    Was a bit let down after all the hype over this brand. Firstly I felt like I needed a lot of product just to build a slight lather and it doesn't really leave your hair feeling clean.
    Does smell lovely like musk sticks!
  13. Never using another brand of shampoo ever again!


    I was recently put onto the KM hydrate me wash and rinse and then I saw this on offer in a triple pack, plus a trial size in the goodie bag. We had a trip to Fiji last week and my order arrived just in time for me to take the trial sized versions with me.
    Day after day of swimming in the sea was no match for this shampoo and conditioner. Angel is an apt name for the product - it is silky, s...
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  14. Not worth the money


    I was really conflicted about purchasing this product due to the price, I was really unsure if the price would be worth it. However, after going blonde and using this for a month I really don't see the difference between this shampoo and other cheaper ones I have used from the supermarket. I took the plunge as I learnt more about the bad ingredients in cheaper shampoos however, this really has not...
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  15. Angel range is fabulous


    The shampoo is strongly scented and you have to get used to it not lathering as much as other shampoo. Has certainly improved my dull and dry hair in conjunction with using the angel rinse.
  16. Natural Gem


    I have fine hair that is coloured, oily and needs a daily wash. I find that this product is great for managing my hair on a day to day basis without all the nasty add ins.
  17. Just a bit...meh


    I have used the Blonde Angel Wash for a few months now and love it so I thought using this one ever other wash would be a perfect match but I find it doesn’t do much for my hair and my blow wave is always flat and dull. It it obviously perfect for some, just not for me!
  18. So silky


    Absolutely perfect for my fine, fuzzy blonde hair. Makes it soft and silky. Smells divine. Love this!
  19. Fantastic product


    This was recommended to me by my hairdresser for my dry and damaged hair (my hair is not coloured at all) and while I had misgivings about the price and it's effectiveness I thought I'd give it a go. The shampoo is strongly scented and does not lather much but has definitely helped my hair. It is expensive for shampoo but one bottle has lasted me nearly six months washing my hair 2 - 3 times a wee...
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  20. Never felt better


    My hair has never looked or felt better since using Kevin Murphy angle wash. It smells amazing and lasts forever
  21. All time favourite


    Best Haircare for fine hair! Smells amazing! I am yet to find a product that beats this one! Only thing is I wish they had larger bottles!
  22. Smells amazing


    I love this angel wash as the smell is stunning. It makes my hair super silky and smooth which I love!
  23. Super hydrating and volumising


    It's hard to find good shampoos that leave the hair feeling clean but not squeaky, help add volume but also help to hydrate and smooth frizziness as well. This shampoo delivers on that, all while smelling like musk lollies! Lathers beautifully, considering it's sulfate-free, and doesn't irritate my sensitive scalp, even with daily use. Love love love.
  24. Amazing stuff


    Recently got my hair dyed and wanted a really high quality wash for my hair and this stuff is amazing. ive used kevin murphy washes before, theyre always worth the price!
  25. Pricey but worth it


    Only use angel wash on my hair now and it has made such a difference! Great product , so nourishing and worth the price.
  26. Great shampoo


    Love this shampoo. Don’t need much at all. Had been using cheap shampoos and had very dry dull hair, used this and after the first time I had sooo many compliments on my hair looking so healthy and shiny.
  27. unsure


    This range looks and smells incredible but it left my scalp irritated
  28. Best thing. Ever


    I have naturally blonde hair that tangles easily. And this shampoo is just. Perfect. Cannot recommend it enough! And makes my colour so bright. Love it !!!
  29. Awesome for fine hair


    My fave hair range! I have fine wavy hair and KM angel makes it so soft and manageable. I follow the wash with angel rinse (conditioner) and weekly use the angel masque too... thats another miracle story. Yes it’s expensive, but I think the results are worth it.
  30. Great product


    Great product with a great result. I’ve had 2 compliments out of the blue on my hair the first day I used this shampoo.
    I have medium, slightly wavy, un-dyed hair and although this is for coloured hair it has worked wonders in just one use.
    My hair is very soft and had extra bounce so wasn’t weighed down.
    And it smells amazing.
  31. Not for wavy or curly hair


    Bought the Angel wash and rinse on the recommendation of my hairdresser - and hated it. Whilst I have fine, coloured hair, it is also naturally wavy / curly and I'm prone to frizz. So the Angel, which is designed to 'boost volume' just sort of brought all that out and I found it really difficult to get it smooth. Particularly at the roots. I switched to Kevin Murphy blonde and hydrate and they're ...
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  32. Excellent


    Great for fine,thin hair. Hair feels clean and light
  33. I like it but not for the price!


    I had heard amazing things about this but never gave it a shot because of the high price tag! I recent bought it and I’m glad I gave it a go but it’s still to me not quite worth it. It’s really lovely though!
  34. Really nice for fine hair


    I just started using it after using the blonde angel wash as now I have a golden blond and it work so well and smell so nice , I use it with the angel conditioner and after only one use my hair was nice and bright and hydrated . I love Kevin Murphy hair products as they are also cruelty free !
  35. Terrible packaging!


    Absolutely lovely product. Beautiful smell, gave my hair a lovely feel after shampooing.
    The biggest downfall for these products are their bottles. They’re difficult to squeeze making it hard for product control and the last of the product gets stuck.
  36. Ok but not for me


    I have fine hair which I lighten every so often so was looking for what KM was selling me.
    Unfortunately I would get greasy hair the next day, little too nourishing.
  37. Divine


    This product smells and feels absolutely divine. It makes my hair so soft and gorgeous! Worth every cent
  38. Not worth the money


    Unfortunately this is the worst shampoo I’ve ever used. Doesn’t lather at all, not even on the second wash. Also it doesn’t clean my hair. After I dry it I find oily patches all over and this has never happened to me before. I’ve got medium length, super healthy hair so perhaps it just the wrong formula for me as there has been so many great reviews of it. Definitely not worth the money in my opin...
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  39. Beautiful shampoo


    This product has been around forever and is a lovely shampoo. It smells just divine and leaves the hair feeling smooth and soft. It’s great for damaged and dry hair. It’s a small bottle but goes quite a long way. A great brand too!
  40. Best shampoo ever


    Love this shampoo - expensive, but lasts a long time. You don't need much for each wash and leaves my hair feeling soft and not stripped of its natural oils.
  41. Amazing!


    Doesn’t dry my hair, smells and feels so good! And I gotta admit the bottle is so pretty! Love this!
  42. good For damaged hair


    This product is a bit misleading. As it says it is for fine hair, it really is designed for fine, very damaged hair (bleached). Your hair will really soak up the moisture if it needs it. If your hair is fine textured and and in relatively good condition, this will be way too heavy!! Lovely scent and cute packaging though.
  43. Worth the hype


    Hair doesn’t dry out and feels so clean! Also smells amazing. A small amount goes a long way with this too.
  44. Fantastic shampoo for sensitive scalps


    I've tried all the sulfate free shampoos I can find and Angel.Wash is the only one that I keep returning to over and over again. Delicious smelling and gives a rich lather, leaves my hair clean and full of volume with without making my sensitive scalp itchy or flaky. Highly recommend!
  45. Strong scent


    This smelled so sickly sweet. It was volumising but smelled like what young girls would want their perfume to smell like...ultra sweet and cloying. It’s a shame as it’s a good formula for dry ends and flat oily roots.
  46. Perfect for fine hair


    This shampoo is PERFECT if your hair is fine, oily and coloured. It definitely is gentle and the smell is barely there which is good. I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks now and have seen a slight improvement - my hair felt very dry after using other shampoos but it hasn’t been as bad after using this. Definitely give it a go if you have hair like mine.
  47. Luxurious


    First things first, this smells amazing. Literally 'Angel Wash'. It is perfect for fine and/or coloured hair but as a professional hairdresser, this works best for fine, limp hair.
  48. Was the perfect shampoo for my hair


    I purchased this shampoo a few years ago when I had grown out my hair to waist length and wanted a change, so I got my naturally black hair bleached and dyed pink and purple. As much as I loved my hair, it got crazy dry and started breaking, which was due to me never having had bleached my hair ever and didn’t know how to take care of it. I found this shampoo through my hairdresser and it really h...
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  49. Smells amazing


    Love this shampoo it smells amazing and gives my hair a light wash without stripping it. Perfect for frequent washing.
  50. Light and soft


    Yes this is a great shampoo - it's light and makes my hair feel soft without a crazy amount of lather. It just cleans and makes my hair feel happy. Definitely worth a try for fine hair that is prone to frizz, it hasn't fixed it but it just feels like a really clean and light shampoo. My hair is better for using it!
  51. Solution to daily hairwashing damage


    Since stating to train at gym 4-5 times per week I found my hair was getting very dry. I have to wash it every time as I get sweaty. This shampoo is so gentle that my ultra fine blonde hair is no longer getting damaged by regular washing.
  52. Smells Devine


    This is the perfect shampoo for frequent washes, I discovered this recently at a hairdresser I was at for a wedding upstyle and have used it ever since.
  53. Fabulous


    I absolutely adore this shampoo. It smells divine and leaves my hair looking wonderful.
  54. Best shampoo for daily washing for fragile, oily roots, dry ends, and fine hair.


    I am one of those girls who MUST wash my hair every single day to feel 'fresh'. I have fine, blonde, fragile hair and this is the most divine product. It cleans your hair without drying it out, smells INCREDIBLE, and is just the best shampoo I have found to date.
  55. Smells amazing - fine hair only


    It smells amazing and I'm sure it's perfect for fine hair. I now realise my hair needs something more heavy-duty than this. My mistake.
  56. Quality product


    This is one of my favourite products. So light weight yet nourishing.
  57. Great for fine hair


    This cleanses fine hair beautifully. It leaves my hair soft and light but doesn't strip it.
  58. Where has this been all my life?


    I have literally tried hundreds of shampoos for my thick, long, chemically damaged hair and NOTHING has made my hair feel clean and nourished like this. So so good, slightly overly sweet smell but I actually really like it and it's not overpowering. Just so good.
  59. So good it's like i've just been at the salon


    I am LOVING this shampoo. Every time i wash my hair it immediately feels so healthy and lush and once it's blow waved looks so shiny and healthy.
    My hair is dyed blonde and has been getting really brittle so am loving to use a product that is helping it be healthier :)
  60. My favourite shampoo


    I bought this after an Adore Beauty staff member recommended it to me and I absolutely love it. I have fine hair which gets dry on the ends, flaky on the scalp and oily really quickly. My biggest concern is hydration without weighing my hair down. This shampoo cleanses but doesn't feel like it strips my hair and has a really pleasant scent. I only need to use a little bit so the price isn't th...
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  61. Worth it


    This shampoo is just divine! It smells delicious, lathers nicely and doesn’t strip the colour out of my hair. A little goes a long way so the bottle lasts ages.
  62. Beautiful, but expensive


    This is the most beautiful shampoo I have ever used. When I used it, and the matching conditoner, my hair was shiny, bouncy and like hair on a model in a commercial for beautiful hair. It smells nice, but doesn't have a strong odour.
    It is very potent, thankfully, so a little goes a long way.
    If you have fine hair, this is your best friend. But your wallet will be sad.
  63. Amazing shampoo - from someone who thought shampoo didn't really matter


    I have always tended to buy cheaper shampoos's and better conditioners because I thought it didn't really matter, this shampoo proved me wrong! I accidentally ordered it by accident meaning to get the angel rinse and was too lazy to send it back, so glad. It just made my hair feel so much lighter. I have such greasy hair and this was cleansing without being stripping. 100% convert
  64. Not for oily hair


    I was recommended this product by a hairdresser. Unfortunately it did not clean my hair properly and I would have oily roots within hours of washing my hair.

    It probably works great for someone who only needs to wash their hair once or twice a week but I ended up giving mine away as I just couldn't use it.
  65. Loved the smell


    I received this as a sample and was surprised at how gentle it was on my fine, dry hair. I really, really loved the smell. Very uplifting and fun, reminded me of my childhood.
  66. Strong scent


    I love perfumed treatments but this was too strong.

    My fine hair works better using natural shampoos like Bondi boost, but I use KM detox to get rid of build up.

    I ended up giving this to a friend.
  67. Works well for sensitive scalp


    I have quite a sensitive scalp and I find that lots of shampoos give me dermatitis/a flaky scalp, this shampoo hasn’t (I’ve used close to half a bottle). Also leaves my hair really soft and clean feeling. Will probably buy again, maybe with the conditioner this time, though it is quite expensive
  68. Lovely


    I usually USE KM blonde angel but wanted a shampoo without the purple in it for summer when I need to wash my hair more. This gets my hair super clean and soft and doesn't take too much toner out of my hair.
  69. Dreamy for Fine Hair


    If you can overlook the high price and light, sugary scent, this shampoo is the stuff of dreams for fine hair. The gentle, lightweight, low foaming formula is SLS free (great for sensitive scalps and skin) and leaves hair silky. It cleans effectively without causing a dried out scalp or leaving you with that odd stripped, 'squeaky clean' feeling that a lot of commercial shampoos seem to do. Nouri...
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  70. Nice but take care to wash it all out


    I like this shampoo overall. I have fine highlighted natural blonde hair and had heard rave reviews about it.

    It's not the miracle treatment I had kind of expected after the reviews, but it was nice enough.
    Only thing I found was that I really needed to rinse it out or I would end up with greasy clumps in my hair where I'd missed it- I haven't had this problem with other shampoo...
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  71. My holy grail shampoo


    I love this shampoo - I’ve repurchased it several times. It smells delicious, lathers nicely and doesn’t strip the colour out of my hair. A little goes a long way so the bottle lasts ages.
  72. Does what it says!


    Never used KM before and was hesitant to buy due to price. Hair is left soft and clean and smells like candy. Glad I took the chance!
  73. Love it


    I love the packaging (very easy for travel) and the smell of the Angel Wash however it is what is has done for my hair that I love the most. I have very fine hair and this provides body without causing frizz like many other shampoos for fine hair. This is one of the best I have used, highly recommend!
  74. Good but not a must have


    I do like this shampoo, my hair is naturally very curly but not super thick, so I do like a lightweight shampoo and conditioner otherwise my hair gets weighed down and greasy very quickly. This is definitely lightweight, but I don't really see too many other benefits when using it, especially for the price. I would still recommend as a nice lightweight shampoo.
  75. In love


    This shampoo is divine. The smell is amazing and this lightweight silky shampoo has worked wonders for my fine dry curly hair. My hair feels so soft and has never looked better.
  76. Love it!


    Perfect for my finne,thick,colured hair! doesn't lather a whole lot but i dont mind that only because you can tell it still washing your hair. After washing my hair feels soft.
  77. Performs


    For a natural shampoo it lathers really well. The scent is beautiful and hair is left silky and perfected. Love that it is cruelty free & organic : ) Highly recommend!!
  78. Keeper


    Kevin Murphy has never disappointed me, smells amazing, does wonders for dry hair and, highly recommend to use the matching conditioner as well, your hair will thank you!
  79. Lovliness


    Was told about this brand by a friend and after a bit of research tried this particular Shampoo. Am in love - nice smell, nice finish, nice wear days later........... I sometimes try others and they just do not compare.
  80. Smells amazing! Well worth the price


    I love this product. Leave your hair feeling silky and smooth. Paired with the angle rise. Works with dry, coloured hair.
  81. Best hair product I’ve ever used


    The difference in my hair after one wash to a consistent wash and treatment every week for a period of time is insane!! I have a lot of fine hair, who bleachs and foils every few months. This angel wash has literally transformed into hair that is feeling amazing
  82. The best!


    I’ve used this shampoo for 18months and it is my all time favourite. My hair always look super healthy even though it’s coloured. Also the bottle lasts for ages! It is deceptive!
  83. Nice but not sure


    I’m in two minds over this product. Lovely to use but made my hair too soft and unable to hold the style.
    Definitely worth a try but I won’t buy again
  84. Smells nice, but not the miracle fix I hoped for


    I have very fine hair which is attacked by an oil slick about 24 hours after being washed, every single day. I am battling to find something to allow me to cut back washing my hair to only every 2nd day. This shampoo smelt nice, left my hair clean, but did nothing special. My hairdresser commented that my hair had lost a bit of it's condition and asked what I had been using. She was surprised to h...
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    Kevin Murphy products are to die for. i have the worst hair you can imagine. gets oily at the top but super dry and dead at the bottom. tried almost everything and this product is the only one that i have returned to. highly recommend
  86. Will never use another product again!


    This is by far the best shampoo I have ever tried! I have fine hair and a lot of it. It leaves my hair clean and soft and my roots are not oily at all. I can leave my hair unwashed for 2-3 days with the help of some dry hair shampoo which I could never do before. Amazing smell too.
  87. YES and YES


    My hair is different with every season and like to swap around with different treatments. This is my go to shampoo between treatments and I keep going back to this every winter. It smells super nice and gives your hair extra shine and don’t make it too flat like some other brands do.
  88. Not for me


    Purchased Angel Wash because it promised a more gentle and balanced wash that removed build up and strengthened coloured hair, but I didn't get those benefits. My hair is coloured, and always seems to be in two minds - can be both wavy and straight, dry and oily, all at the same time! At first I thought the product was fine, but by the end I almost couldn't wait for the bottle to be over. I found ...
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  89. Amazing!!


    Can I rate it higher than a 5/5? I have very fine and flat straight hair which I have hated all of my life, up until recently when I got told to try this shampoo and the matching conditioner. This shampoo gives you the feeling as if you’ve just had you’re hair washed by your hairdresser every damn time! The change in my hair even after the first wash was incredible, it gives your hair a new lease ...
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  90. moisturised my scalp


    My hair is fine and i often have issues with a dry scalp in winter. It just gets itchy and needs a little more moisturising. I struggled to find a shampoo that helped it without making my hair greasy.
    I tried this on a recommendation from a friend and loved it. It moisturised my scalp but was not greasy! I've since tried a few other kevin murphy shampoos and also like the plumping range.
  91. Amazing Product!


    I have thick and damaged hair to the point I've recently cut most of the length off and bought some products from this site in the hopes of getting it back to a healthy state and this has been one of my favorites along with the angel rinse! I co wash (using
    Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo - Gentle Radiance) during the week and once a month I use this shampoo for a proper squeaky clean was...
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  92. Best shampoo I’ve tried


    I used to use this years ago and I honestly don’t know why I stopped, maybe to try something new I’m not sure. After recently buying this and using it again I remember why I loved it so much! It’s very light weight, not a shampoo that lathers much (which is a good thing for you hair). It leaves your hair so manageable and doesn’t weigh it down like a lot of shampoos do. A bottle last ages and it i...
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  93. 3rd round


    I probably won't ever get another shampoo with stuff is amazing and it smells really good
  94. 3rd round


    I probably won't ever get another shampoo with stuff is amazing and it smells really good
  95. it's the only shampoo I use


    This product has changed my hair, keeps in the softness and perfect for my long hair. I'd recommend this to anyone who colours their hair and wants to keep their hair soft and manageable. It's my go to!
  96. OMG YES


    So last year i had the worse straw hair from the summer it was dry and was always knotty. I started Using the Kevin Murphy range and it changed my life. Literally had the softest hair it was literally ;like having angel hair.
  97. The hype is justified


    Two years ago, I started yet another search for a shampoo and conditioner that would add volume and body to my fine, limp hair while not leaving it dry. It seemed like a never-ending quest for me.
    Over the course of a year, I felt like I tried all the top-rated ones. They were either too heavy and left me flat, or not conditioning enough and left my hair like straw. I got close with a couple...
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  98. Made my hair lank and greasy


    I bought this as a treat to myself. I have fine and greasy hair and the balancing wash shampoo wasn’t available at the shop. The shop assistant recommended this as an alternative and said it should be as good. Wrong. Worst shampoo I’ve ever used- took away the shine from my hair and made my hair very greasy within 24 hours. The ‘lovely’ smell couldn’t even redeem it. And the fact that I paid so m...
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