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KEVIN.MURPHY Angel.Rinse 250ml

4.5 of 174 reviews


4 instalments of $10.49

Or 4 instalments of $10.49 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $10.49

Or 4 instalments of $10.49 with LEARN MORE

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KEVIN.MURPHY Angel.Rinse is a delicate conditioner for everyday use that is specially formulated for dry, fine and coloured hair.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 87% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Fine or limp hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • Thinning hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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KEVIN.MURPHY Angel.Rinse Reviews

4.5 of 174 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Go to conditioner


This is my go to conditioner! It’s perfectly light and hydrating. Never clings to my hair, it’s nice and light but never heavy.

Most Helpful Criticism

it's ok


It's not bad. Apparently it doesn't weigh hair down but I didn't obtain the apparent but it had a nice smell so at least there's that but aside from that, its nothing special.
  1. Bit of a disappointment


    I found this to be lightweight for my fine, long hair, however after washing my hair, it was quite easily knotted, and the ends did not look hydrated. I don't skimp on hair products, so I expect more for this price point. I might try another product of Kevin Murphy's but I don't think I would re purchase this one.
  2. Go to conditioner


    This is my go to conditioner! It’s perfectly light and hydrating. Never clings to my hair, it’s nice and light but never heavy.
  3. good


    hydrating and softening, does what you need
  4. best conditioner I've used


    This conditioner smells incredible, applies really well (good coverage, the bottle lasted me months) and is probably the best one i've used in terms of softness and keeping it healthy after dying it. It's expensive but you get what you pay for
  5. I'm the off one out


    verified purchaser
    I just don't get the hype around this, and I can't stand the smell. Works for so many people, but for me it's not effective at giving me the clean feeling I am after and coupled with the smell, it's been sitting on my shelf for ages - I avoid using it.
  6. Nice!


    Smells lovely and leaves my hair feeling soft
  7. Still Deciding


    I bought this conditioner as part of. Kevin Murphy pack. I am still undecided as to it’s cost per wash/conditioning as I have used other less expensive conditioners and get just as good if not better results.
  8. Obsessed!!


    absolutely love kevin murphy's products, especially the angel rinse/wash range it smells so nice, your hair feels so soft and is perfect for lightened or drier toned hair. highly recommend <3
  9. Love it


    verified purchaser
    I use this in conjunction with the KM Angel Wash and it does wonders for my fine, limp hair. Volume literally for days. The smell is beautiful too. I even got my mum to buy some KM products after trying this!
  10. Soft hair


    I like this conditioner but am not crazy about the sweet scent.
  11. In love


    My hair is pretty much breaking off and falling out after at home bleaching. After just one wash with this and the angel wash my hair is feeling better than ever. It smells so good and left my hair with a noticeable shine. Love it.
  12. Super lightweight and smells divine


    I love this conditioner as well as the Hydrate Me rinse (which I like slightly more as my hair can be super dry). It smells so good and I’m so glad I was given my first one as a gift - an unexpected find that would suit most hair types. Some may find the scent overpowering.
  13. Smells great, doesn't weight down fine hair


    My hair is fine, lightened via balayage, and breaks easily. Keeping it soft without weighing it down with products is always tricky. This conditioner leaves my hair soft without making it limp, so it checks all the boxes. I leave it in for about five minutes. Makes it easy to work through the hair with a wide toothed detangler comb, also.

    I use it in combination with Angel Wash, whic...
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  14. Best haircare brand by far


    I've been using Kevin Murphy for the past few years - I've used a lot of their products & loved each one. I recently got my hair bleached & coloured, so my hair was a bit dry & looking for some extra moisture. I used it for the first time last night - not only does it smell delicious (kind of like musk sticks), but a little goes a long way & my hair instantly felt softer, easier to detangle & less...
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  15. works great with Angel Wash


    This conditioner is not super oily or heavy and does a great job of keeping hair light and shiny without weighing it down. I have very fine very thin hair and this conditioner keeps it in good condition, and if avoid the roots it doesn't exacerbate my oily hair at all. Using botht he angel wash and rinse I have been able to go from washing my hair every 2 days to every 3. Would recommend!
  16. Good shampoo for fine hair


    I like this shampoo as it cleanses my hair without stripping my scalp completely. It smells beautiful and feels lovely when massaging into my scalp. It does a good job of cleansing for how gentle it is.
    I love the look of the packaging but can be annoying to use.
  17. Perfect for fine hair


    This product (along with the wash) is perfect for fine hair. Effectively conditions without weighing hair down or making it greasy. I do not colour my hair.
  18. Perfectly fine


    It's perfectly fine! I use another French brand of conditioner which supposedly does the same thing for coloured hair and I can't tell any differences between the two. Smells great though!
  19. This is literally the best smelling product EVER!


    This smells incredible, like a sweet musk. Leaves your hair feeling super thick and shiny.
  20. KM Angel Rinse


    I chose this product as I use the Kevin.Murphy Killer Curls and find this works well for my hair. I like the slim line bottles (funky), it smells great and makes my hair feel soft.
  21. Smells amazing, feels even better.


    I am addicted to this conditioner. I love the smell, it lasts the rest of the day after I wash my hair with this, and leaves my hair feeling amazing.
  22. Lovely!


    Lovely conditioner, works perfectly with Angel Wash, doesn't weigh my fine hair done but leaves it soft and silky. Smells delicious too!
  23. yummmmy


    new to kevin murphy - love the smell! and really enjoying this conditioner, leaves hair feels silky smooth and clean
  24. Average


    Not worth the money. Does the same job at conditioning that much cheaper conditioners do. Also has no effect on how frizzy my hair is.
  25. Gentle conditioner


    This leaves hair in tangle free and healthy condition and so shiny. Lovely gentle FRAGRANCE, closes cuticle and makes brushing so much easier
  26. great for dry hair


    this is lovely on my dry dyed hair, makes it feel much better
  27. love this product


    Really enjoying this conditioner, I am new to Kevin Murphy and love the smell and the way it leaves my hair. Highly recommend :)
  28. Smells AMAZING but not for dry hair


    Really great smell but is not really good for dry hair
  29. Soft and silky


    I have long, fine, coloured hair which tends to get frizzy. This product leaves is silky soft without weighing it down and it smells amazing! I’ve been using it for years.
  30. Great product


    Works wonders along side the angel wash. Both smell amazing and leave hair super soft shiny and nourished
  31. no more frizzy hair


    My hair is fine and oily but gets tangled and frizzy easily. This conditioner is perfect for me as it smoothes out my hair without weighing it down too much. I use it with the angel wash shampoo, and they both smell amazing.
  32. My hair is wonderfully soft and shiny

    Lily Rose

    I received a sample of the Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & conditioner & used it while travelling. I have bleached ash blonde hair that was pushed to it's limit - 1 -2 days after washing it started to look dry and brittle. This amazing product leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny and feels like silk. I can go without having to rewash for 3-4 days and it doesn't feel or look dry. I immediately ord...
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  33. lovely conditioner


    lovely conditioner. I bought it in the pack with the shampoo. great smell but I prefer a deeper conditioner due to dry/frizzy hair.
  34. A little goes a long way, not for oily hair


    A little goes a long way, not for oily hair. Love the smell and the way it lathers, huge KM fan but this one makes my hair super oily.
  35. it's ok


    It's not bad. Apparently it doesn't weigh hair down but I didn't obtain the apparent but it had a nice smell so at least there's that but aside from that, its nothing special.
  36. Beautiful and light but also nourishing


    I love this conditioner; it’s lovely and light and doesn’t weigh the hair down, protects your colour and doesn’t leave your hair oily after one day like a lot of other conditioners. The smell is amazing too - I’ve been using it for years, it smells like musk sticks. A bit expensive but lasts forever and really, hair is the one accessory you never take off, so like skin care, I don’t mind spending ...
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  37. Great conditioner!


    This rinse is a great accompaniment to the Angel.Wash. I find it can be a little thick at times and I think that residue will be left on my hair but it all comes out in the wash. I highly recommend it!
  38. Great


    Smells amazing and works fantastically for my blonde damaged hair. Makes it feel so soft and beautiful
  39. Underwhelmed


    I've got thin bleached blonde hair and after using the mask for years with great results, I bit the bullet and invested in the shampoo conditioner. combo I was sad. Despite rinsing thoroughly, I had a fair bit of residue left on my hair. I tried the combo another few times (once a week) but couldn't make it work. I gave the 2/3 full bottles away and won't be repurchasing. Still smells delish thou...
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  40. Can’t stop touching my hair! Soft, silky and frizz free


    Will definitely purchase full size after receiving in a goodiebag.
    I have fine frizzy hair and this combined with the shampoo and my Moroccan Oil makes my hair frizz free, silky and shiny. Smell delicious, love it!
  41. Good


    Smells beautiful and cleans hair well. Feels lovely afterwards
  42. Hydrated healthy hair!


    I used this along with the angel wash and it left my colour treated hair feeling really hydrated and lush. Would recommend!!
  43. one of the best


    I truely love this conditioner. I find it light and hydrating and perfect for my fine hair. I like to use this conditioner with the plumping shampoo and the body mass when blow drying.
  44. Conditions and hydrates well


    Been using this conditioner for about four years now, tried a few other brands but I keep coming back to this one.
    I have very fine and curly hair that often looks pretty limp from the day after I wash my hair onwards, this conditioner really improved this for me. When I wash it I notice how silky it feels and how shiny it is when I'm blowdrying, and the boost to my hair often about 3-4 days...
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  45. Pretty Stellar


    Unlike the shampoo, I was super into this. It hydrates without weighing down and rinses out leaving a lot of slip but no product residue. The smell is less than spectacular but it doesn't stay in the hair.
  46. Soft hair and amazing scent


    I expected a lot from this co dictionary considering reviews. It delivered! I have fine hair but a lot of it so can need a lot of conditioner. I don’t need to use a lot of product to get a result. It soaks in quickly and doesn’t coat the hair, it feels like it absorbs right in. It has a great, soft musky smell and the scent stays in the hair. MB
  47. Useful


    Not just for coloured hair unlike the front suggests - use for limp and fine, thinning hair alongside the shampoo, and it really has helped to make my hair look fuller and healthier.
  48. A little goes a long way


    This conditioner is surprisingly thick for something targeted towards fine hair so it was a bit of a learning curve getting to know the right amount to use at first. I find i need less than half of what i would use of any other conditioner, and after using this after the Angel rinse for a few weeks my hair does feel great and isn't weighed down at all. My only issue is the smell, it smells similar...
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  49. Best conditioner


    I got this in a set with the matching shampoo (which was alright) and this conditioner omg. A little bit goes such a long way and my hair immediately feels so soft and it smells amazing!! Will repurchase 100%
  50. Very intense conditioner


    Smells beautiful and makes my hair very soft... but I find you have to pretty much put it in then rinse it out right away otherwise my hair will feel greasy afterwards. Not the best.
  51. Hydrating and Softening


    This is a great Kevin Murphy product. It is great for my super fine hair, it hydrates it without it being weighed down by a heavy product. I will repurchase
  52. Indulgent


    Smells amazing and leaves my hair silky and shiny
  53. Doesn't last long enough :-(


    This is the most amazing product for fine hair with oily roots BUT it does not last very long at all and is extremely expensive in this regard.
  54. Holy grail of conditioners


    This angel rinse is the holy grail of the angel range. The smell is amazing and a little goes a long way as it is a dense conditioner. My hair is not as tangled, has volume and looks more vibrant.
  55. Nice conditioner


    I received a sample of this product, it's actually very nice, my hair is so soft and smooth after use
  56. Nice Smell


    Got a sample of this. It smells really nice.
  57. Naturally tangle free


    My hair is coloured, fine and can tangle easily. This de-tangles my hair after shampooing with no effort at all.
  58. Lovely smell


    I got this as a part of a pack, which made it a bit better value for money. Smells nice and softens my hair. I have fine hair and find that this conditioner doesn't way it down at all.
  59. Lovely but expensive


    This was recommended to me by my hairdresser for my dry and damaged hair (my hair is not coloured at all) and while I had misgivings about the price and it's effectiveness I thought I'd give it a go. The conditioner is strongly scented like the shampoo and has definitely strengthened and softened my hair. While expensive it lasts twice as long as the shampoo (my hairdresser recommended 2x washes a...
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  60. Treat for Your Hair


    Gosh I love Kevin Murphy hair care. It's expensive but the products work. This shampoo really softens my fine, blonde hair. And that's really saying something for a shampoo. Hair is left feeling 'treated' even after using the shampoo.
  61. Divine


    I've been using Kevin Murphy Angel Wash shampoo for the past couple months & once my original conditioner ( a different brand) ran out, I switched to this one.
    I am not disappointed - it smells divine and left my hair smelling and feeling amazing. It's also not heavy at all and I found that my hair feels better directly after washing compared to my old conditioner.
    I have fine, colou...
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  62. Delivers on hydration and volume


    I love this conditioner for fine, dry hair. Amazing that it has no silicones but still manages to smooth hair down and keep it super soft and tangle-free. Washes out surprisingly easily, too, and really delivers on both the volume and hydration. Highly recommend along with the matching shampoo.
  63. just the usual


    nice smell does its job as a shampoo, don't see other benefits apart from that.
  64. The best!


    I love this conditioner. I used this on my dry, damaged hair from colouring and my hair felt so much healthier afterwards and so much easier to style. Some conditioners can weigh down my hair but this didn’t. Love!
  65. Lovely smoothing conditioner!


    I have just left a rave review of the matching shampoo to this conditioner- they are obviously used best together and this conditioner is a must try. The delicious sweet scent of musk sticks lingers in my hair for a few days after use, and the formula is so lovely. My coarse textured fine hair is left smooth and silky- there is honestly nothing not to love about this product!
  66. smells funky


    My daughter recently started using this and it dies leave her hair soft and shiny but her hair smelled funky, not sure why, but glad she used it and not me, although she seems to like it, so it might be just me
  67. Will buy again


    It's rare I'll re buy a product for my hair as it's so thin everything always makes it feel heavy and awful....But not this one
    Its great!
  68. Best conditioner for fine hair


    I’ve been using this product for years and also use it for my 4 year old daughter who has very long hair - keeps it soft, detangles the hair without weighting it down.
  69. My favourite all time conditioner


    Light, moisturising, and smells amazing.
  70. Love Kevin Murphy


    I really love Kevin Murphy products, I use the blonde angel range before and now I switched to golden blonde so I use the angel wash and the same
    Conditioner and my hair feel so nice and smell so nice , I have fine bleached hair so they need some love !
  71. Divine


    Just like the shampoo, this product smells and feels absolutely divine. It makes my hair so soft and gorgeous! Both products together are worth every cent
  72. Love It


    I find this conditioner to work best on fine and/or coloured hair. It's hydrating but light at the same time so won't weigh your hair down. Smells divine as well - works really well with the shampoo
  73. Leaves hair feeling great!


    I love this conditioner but definitely do not use it every day!! I alternate with other conditioners and maybe use only 1-2 times a week and my hair loves me for it!
  74. It works, but might not work as an everyday conditioner if your hair is dry


    Perfect for giving you fine shoulder length hair a little body and lift. I alternate between this conditioner and the hydration one as this one is not as moisturising.
  75. Would purchase again


    Exactly what my blonde hair needed. Would (and have) re-purchase again and again.
  76. Deceptively nourishing


    Feels lightweight but this conditioner really brings the goods. A small amount is enough to hydrate my hair without weighing it down. Have reordered countless times and will continue to order!
  77. 10/10 would recommend


    Serious love for this conditioner, it’s a game changer. Great for fine hair and smells like heaven.
  78. pretty good!


    My hair is very fine and brittle and this made it so silky and lightweight. I love the smell too, just wish it wasn't so expensive
  79. Lightweight but nourishing conditioner


    I find this conditioner to work best on fine and/or coloured hair. It's hydrating but light at the same time so won't weigh your hair down. Smells divine as well.
  80. Great conditioner!!


    Used this conditioner along with the shampoo, and found that I helped my improving the integrity of my hair when I bleached it, from my naturally black hair to a light blonde and then dyed it pink and purple. As I had never bleached my hair, I had no idea how to care for it especially since my normal hair is very low maintenance, so it became incredibly dry and started to break. My hairdresser rec...
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  81. Great for fine hair


    Love this conditioner! Great for fine hair as a lot of the KM conditioners although they are lovely can be a little heavy
  82. A little underwhelmed


    I'm a little underwhelmed by this product - it's lightweight, but I feel it's not moisturising enough for my hair, and I'm uncertain I like the fragrance. I don't think I would buy it again.
  83. Wonderful


    I love this conditioner after using the shampoo. It leaves my hair soft and silky and the smell is wonderful.
  84. Hair Saver


    I have fine long colour damaged hair that really enjoys matting together, frizzing up and generally misbehaving, I have tried quite a few different products to try to combat it but generally have found that I am still trying to brush out matts that out dreadlocks to shame each week.
    I tried this (coupled with the angel masque and the blonde angel wash) and I was in complete shock as to the ...
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  85. Great conditioner for fine hair


    Love this conditioner and the matching shampoo. My hair ends up well conditioned without being weighed down.
  86. Favourite conditioner


    This conditioner is amazing along with the shampoo. I have fine hair with dry ends, flaky scalp and a scalp that gets oily very quickly. I look for hydrating products which aren't heavy on my hair. This conditioner is perfect. I find that it smells so good and it leaves my hair softer and smoother immediately. My hair dries a lot less frizzy and feels more nourished. This is expensive but a ...
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  87. Really Nice Shampoo


    I have used this Shampoo in conjunction with the HYDRATEME RINSE on and off for the last 2 years, and yet I always come back to it.
    I have naturally fine curly hair, however it's super long and a lot of it so I always struggle to find hair products that clean my hair without leaving an oily feel behind but also provide enough hydration to quench my curl and not leave any frizz.
    This is...
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  88. Couldn't live without


    This is the only natural conditioner that hydrates, softens and smooths my thin, frizzy and wavy hair. The smell is amazing and i would definitely recommend you buy angel wash to use in conjunction - ultimate duo
  89. Shiny, bouncy hair


    This works fantastically well with the matching shampoo. It leaves your hair shiny, bouncy and gorgeous. Not strongly scented, but it is a pleasant smell.
    Makes my fine, wavy hair look thick and shiny.
    Very potent, so a little goes a long way. Which is a good thing as this is rather expensive for how much you get.
    Is it worth it? Yes, if you can afford it, I say it is worth every...
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  90. Too pricey for so little results


    I bought this on recommendation from a hairdresser and was really excited about using a product with such great environmental and ethical values. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. The product was so light it barely felt like it did anything. Honestly I get better results using brands you can buy from the supermarket.
  91. Great for Fine Hair


    I have fine coloured hair, which can be difficult to manage. After using this product I found my hair became much softer and held a style really well. I love the smell and the lightweight formula meant it didn't leave my hair feeling greasy. Even my hairdresser has noticed the difference since I switched to Kevin Murphy.
  92. Great for Fine Hair


    I have been using this for years and I still love it. It's great for fine hair, as it won't weigh your hair down and make it greasy. The scent is nice and subtle too which I like. I find many hair products don't work well with fine hair, but Kevin Murphy has done a great job here.
  93. not sure


    made my hair really dry and scalp itchy. really wanted to love this
  94. Great for fine hair


    Great weightless conditioner for fine hair. It took a few washes until it worked its best. I used it following a Kevin Murphy shampoo. Rinse well to ensure it is all out.
  95. loving it!


    Angel Rinse has to be the best conditioner on the market today. I have used just about every product on the shelves as far as washing and conditioning my hair is concerned, and none gives the same richness and fullness without the oily after effects. I have fine, thikc hair that I have blonded every few months, but I have oily roots and dry ends. Angel Rinse along with Angel Wash has changed my ha...
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  96. Cult product


    This is the only natural conditioner that hydrates, softens and smooths my thin, frizzy and wavy hair. The smell is so beautiful too!
  97. Pricey and unimpressive


    I received a sample of Of the hair rinse and wash, but sadly was left unimpressed. It’s pretty pricey for the set and I didn’t find my hair was any better off using it compared to my regular cheaper products. I was also strangely enough not a fan of the smell, it was sugary/musky and although it wasn’t awful neither did I love it.
  98. Not happy :(


    I really wanted to love this...
    I purchased this along with the balancing wash and a treatment after my hairdresser convinced me to try products that aren't found in Coles.
    The important stuff: did nothing for my hair..
    The not so important, but the main reason i left an almost full bottle is the smell.
    Yes... pink musk sticks. Maybe nice to eat (for some) but i hated it. I...
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  99. Gorgeous product


    This conditioner smells amazing. I really enjoy using it. Previously I was using Kerastase Bain Satin 2 - also nice - but this is my favorite. NIce light conditioner. My hair is blonde coloured and fine and this doesn't weigh it down.
  100. Holy grail conditioner


    This is without doubt my favorite conditioner ever. My hair is super fine and thin, and prone to being wispy and frizzy. This conditioner is hydrating and smoothing but doesn’t weigh my hair down. I didn’t realize just how good this is until I had to use something else for a couple of washes! A little goes a long way for me, and the smell is really lovely. Kind of musky. I have also used this to d...
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