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Want to know how to get some cool designs going on your digits? Follow these Kester Black tutorials:


The Beetle Wings
1. Paint on two coats of your favourite coloured nail polish.
2. Using a fine brush, take a different colour and draw a curved line from the middle of the nail tip out towards the lower edge. This will for the first wing
3. Repeat it on the other side, completing the opposite wing.
4. Fill in the wings with solid colour, using a regular nail polish brush.
5. Apply a clear top coat, to set the look.


The Cascade
1. Paint two coats of your favourite coloured nail polish.
2. Using the end of a toothpick or bobby pin, apply a line of dots along the nail tip. Be sure it's a suitable contrasting colour!
3. Dot a second line underneath, this time spacing them out a bit more.
4. Continue to apply more rows of dots, spacing them out more and more until you achieve a cascading effect.
5. Finish with a clear top coat,, to seal in the look.


Tip: To ensure maximum wear for your manicure, always wipe nail polish remover over your fingernails before applying any colour, regardless of whether you are wearing any polish or not. It will help to remove any oily residue and create a clean surface. Also, once your desired polish has been applied, put on a top coat then and there, plus every two days afterwards.


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