Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique 150ml

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Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique 150ml by Kerastase


Kérastase New Nutritive Nectar Thermique 150ml is a polishing and nourishing blow-dry milk, especially designed for dry hair. This beautiful milk prevents roughness and dullness to the hair with Kérastase's Thermo-seal Glazing technology, which smooths the hair and adds shine, making the hair easier to style.




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Fantastic Product - Moisturizer & Heat Protectant in one. - 15-06-2018 by

I have used many heat protection products - This is the one - the tast one that will try - Will keep using. Moisturizes my hair and assists with styling.

I have long hair in great condition - because I always use Kerastase products!!!!!

Not sure, maybe its me! - 04-06-2018 by

I love Kerastase, but this product doesn't seem to work well for me. When I use it, I don't notice much difference. I didn't give up, tried it consistently for approx. 6 weeks before straightening but continued to feel like I wasn't protecting my hair from the heat. Everyone is different, maybe my hair type isn't well suited for it (average thickness, wavey and lots of it).

So effective - 02-06-2018 by

So against all advice I straighten my hair more days out of the week than not, and immediately after using this product there was an improvement in the look and feel of my hair after styling (softer, less dry, shiny) Use it sparingly because it seems to be quite potent and you only need a few drops for finer hair, which it doesn’t weigh down. Would highly recommend

Great heat protectant - 15-05-2018 by

I started using this product after I decided to start bleaching my hair. My hair was damaged and brittle from the bleach. Using this product before drying my hair made a massive difference in protecting my hair from the heat. I have less fly aways when using this. Not only does my hair look amazing it also smells amazing!

Great for heat protection and styling - 09-05-2018 by

I got this product as a small sample and used it every time after washing, and before blow dry. I adore this product, it smells absolutely divine! I wouldn't recommend for very damaged hair since it's only going to help with styling and heat protection.

Great for Heat Styling - 17-04-2018 by

I think this is the best product I've come across in terms of heat protectant, I get a better more thorough coverage with this than I do with any sprays (though I do tend to use one alongside this product just to be sure!). Kerastase overall leaves my hair in a much nicer condition than any other brand I've tried, particularly for this purpose!

Heat styling shine - 14-03-2018 by

I received this product as a sample and will definitely be buying more when I run out.
This product leaves your hair shiny and manageable after a blow dry.
Love love love it!

Soft and Shiney - 21-12-2017 by

I have fine hair and use a straightener everyday so this product is great to protect my locks. It leaves them soft and shiny, and my hair doesn't dry out from the straightener heat.

LOVED IT! A LITTLE PRICEY - 20-10-2016 by

I received a sample of this and fell in love.
It leaves my hair feeling so smooth and amazing!!! It looks super shiny and healthy.
I most likely will buy but feel it is over priced.

Excellent value and keeps my hair smooth and soft - 12-12-2014 by

This was my first time using a Kerastase product and I finally understand why it is such a highly recommended brand! I am usually wary of leave-in hair products as my hair is fine and gets oily extremely quickly but this product is so light that I would have forgotten it was in there if it wasn't for my hair being so smooth and soft straight after my blow dry.
I bleach my hair often and also straighten and blow dry on a weekly basis so my hair is usually very dry on the ends but oily on the roots so this light heat primer creates a perfect balance of protecting my hair and keeping it looking fresh. You only need a small amount too so this tube will last a long time!

Hea stylers must have - 08-12-2014 by

I heat style my hair most of the time AND I have super fine hair. For me, a heat styling protector is an absolute necessity!

This creamy thermique glides onto damp hair and preps for the heat. I love that it doesn't leave hair feeling sticky or crusty.

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