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Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Masque 200ml 200ml

4.6 of 56 reviews


4 instalments of $15.00


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4 instalments of $15.00


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If your hair growth is slowing down and is damaged, it’s time to let Kerastase Résistance Extensioniste strengthen your lengths. Kerastase Résistance Masque Extensioniste contains a powerful synergy of restorative ingredients to treat hair.

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GREAT - 85% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Fine or limp hair
  • Thinning hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Masque 200ml

Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Masque 200ml

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Customer Reviews

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4.6 of 56 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Silky smooth


Received a travel size of this and oh my godness it leaves your hair so silky smooth and shiny. Beautiful hair product. Only need to use a small amount

Most Helpful Criticism

It's okay.....


It's good to have a hair mask that you can use it on the scalp, but it's just an okay product with expensive price...
  1. Silky smooth


    Received a travel size of this and oh my godness it leaves your hair so silky smooth and shiny. Beautiful hair product. Only need to use a small amount
  2. Nourishing hair mask


    I received this as a gift and am impressed with the results! My hair is visibly smoother and feels soft and healthy. It smells lovely and washes out easily, leaving my hair easy to comb after washing. Only downside is the price so I probably wouldn't purchase again for that reason.
  3. Hair mask


    I used this to try and revive my thin, lank colour treated hair but it just wasn't as impressive as it should have been for the price.

    Nothing wrong with it, but I think it's comparable to some of the $5 masks I've used on the market.

  4. Recently my hair has been colour treated and since then my hair feels very dry and fragile.

    Helen T. via BeautyCrew.com

    Recently my hair has been colour treated and since then my hair feels very dry and fragile. My hairdresser recommended me to use Kérastase Resistance Masque Extentioniste once a week. My goodness the result was amazing and now my hair is super soft and silky. The Masque did seem expensive at first but a little goes a long way as I only needed a pea size amount of product. Highly recommended to col...
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  5. Gosh damn my hair loved this mask!

    Jodie Flanagan via BeautyCrew.com

    Gosh damn my hair loved this mask! Balayage left me with frizzy ends & winter made it worse but a few applications of Kerastase Resistance Masque has left me with a silken, flippy ponytail. Highly recommended but I hope you can do a better job at not overusing than I do!
  6. Very HIghdrating


    I use this and a few other Kerastase products on my hair and use this as a conditioner, makes my hair really soft and shiny but doesn't make it feel heavy or weighed down - very good for a bleach blonde
  7. Makes my hair so shiny


    I love this masque. I use it as a regular conditioner and I've gotten so many compliments about how shiny my hair is when I use it. It closes the cuticle without weighing down my fine oily hair. Highly recommended!
  8. Love!


    My fave hair masque! Love the smell, texture, soft/conditioning feeling after using and rinsing it out!
    You don't need to use much to see the benefit, and so it is quite a cost-effective addition to your haircare routine.
  9. Amazing


    This smells amazing and makes my hair so smooth. I have blonde hair and love the way it helps the dryness on my ends. Def recommend using this once a week
  10. Food for Hair, Nourishing


    I received this as a gift with purchase so have only applied it twice (all that the gift tub allowed) and oh my, both times my hair felt healthier and looked shinier. Will definitely be using again.
  11. Pleasantly surprised


    I received this mask as a free sample with my Adore Beauty order. I was pleasantly surprised to try this as I use a "cheap & nasty" hair mask from Coles normally. I was delighted that this product was entirely better and I could definetly tell the difference. My hair has never felt smoother & shinier. I would definetly recommend however I will not purchase due to the price point unfortunately.
  12. Very good


    This mask works wonders for dry damaged hair. It was recommended to me by a stylist and it’s been a staple in my hair care routine ever since. Highly recommend.
  13. Not worth the $$


    I have thick, frizzy, curly and bleach damaged hair. I was recommended this product by a hair stylist but sadly, I was pretty disappointed. It left my hair feeling quite sticky/like I hadn't washed out the product properly even though I double rinsed. I tried using smaller amounts, but had the same problem. It may just not work on my hair but not sure it's really worth the price tag.
  14. Best treatment ever!


    This is the best treatment ever! It smells great and leaves the hair silky smooth and easy to manage. It's definitely worth the price tag a little goes a long way! Highly recommended!!
  15. It's okay.....


    It's good to have a hair mask that you can use it on the scalp, but it's just an okay product with expensive price...
  16. Long hair!


    I received a deluxe sample of this and whilst I may not have had enough uses to tell if it helps hair growth (and I’ve also been using the JS Hair & Energy Vitamins which are amazing!!) my hair was left soft, shiny and not dry at all. It stayed like that til the next wash too. It is expensive and whilst not my HG hair mask, it’s a really lovely product.
  17. Super hydrating leaves your hair like silk


    I received this as a gift and it left me hair like silk after use. I can see how with repeated use how it would help your hair grow longer faster as it is sooooo nourishing.
  18. Worked well


    I really like this mask! It left my hair very soft, shiny and it smells amazing. The only down side is it is a bit pricey and didn’t last me very long. I would however buy it again because I felt like it did improve my damaged hair.
  19. Worked well


    I really like this mask! It left my hair very soft, shiny and it smells amazing. The only down side is it is a bit pricey and didn’t last me very long. I would however buy it again because I felt like it did improve my damaged hair.
  20. Okay mask.


    I tried this as a sample and my hair was more hydrated and felt smoother, but not good enough results for the price.
  21. Lovely hair mask


    I received a sample of this recently. It seems really lovely and seems to add hydration and shine to my hair. I've only used it once so far but really enjoyed it. You only need a small amount so the full sized product would last for so many uses. Would recommend!
  22. Great


    The Kerastase scent is so lovely and this mask really strengthened and repaired my hair (damaged by hot tools, but never been dyed)
  23. It does what it says


    I have used this mask along with the shampoo and conditioner from this range with a distinct goal to encourage length in my hair after it was cut much shorter than I wanted. After about 7 months use I can attest that for me these products were a life saver. Hair growth - ✔️ Hair health improved - ✔️ When used in conjunction, this mask is part of a fantastic trio and one that I will be buying on r...
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  24. So far so good


    Purchased this mask to have a switch up from the Olaplex mask and so far its been pretty good. I try to keep it away from my roots as i found it can be a little heavy (i have thick hair with fine ends). Im really exited to see the long term effects over the next few months of use.
  25. Love


    Kerastase products are really beautiful. I love all of their hair masks they really seem to work. Makes my hair soft and silky
  26. Stronger, smoother, softer hair


    I love this product! I have bleached blonde, dry hair that is in desperate need of some extra loving. I use this as an addition to my regular shampoo and conditioner.
    I like to use it once a week, and I've noticed my hair has been much more tame and lest probe to breakage.
    I would recommend for anyone who has hair in stress!
  27. The best treatment


    I personally prefer the treatment instead of using conditioner just find it heavy and more concentrated. Hair feels so silky smooth and I have noticed a great amount of growth too.
  28. Hair mask CPR


    After I have double cleansed my head I apply this to my mid length and ends and leave it I’m for 15 mins (over reccomended time) and my hair once it’s washed out feels so soft. And once it’s dry it feel like your hair just had a visit to the hair salon without the price tag.
  29. Great mask !


    Really great mask that also smells fantastic. Leaves my hair luscious, shiny and bouncy.
    Be sure to wash it out thoroughly when this is done you get the best results.
    Would defiantly purchase again!
  30. Luxurious Repair


    This hair mask is so luxurious and feels very high quality, it really repairs hair and makes it feel stronger but silkier at the same time. My hair is fine, coloured, and has previous bleach damage, so it has worked wonders for me!
  31. Amazing


    Love this product so much. I use it as my normal conditioner and it isn't too heavy. I have blonde dyed hair.
  32. It works


    I have been using this as a conditioner rather than a mask. Using it in conjunction with the shampoo & serum. Definitely works, noticeable difference in the length of my hair, especially the new post partum hair growth.
  33. Too heavy for fine hair


    I have ultra fine hair and I think this product is too heavy for it. I have trouble growing my hair but this doesn’t seem to be helping, which is one of its claims. I also feel like I have to wash it out, or at least condition afterwards, as it leaves a residue on my hair. Maybe that’s what it’s supposed to do, but I don’t really like the feel of it, and it makes styling afterwards difficult.
  34. Great for a not heavy mask


    I found this mask great for my hair as it didn’t weigh it down at all, which I find happens all the time with certain masks!
  35. Lovely


    Goes so fast due to my hair length but really worth the money
  36. Great treatment!


    I use this every second day instead of conditioner with the extensionist range and i find it amazing! Definitely leaves my hair smoother then the conditioner & has helped strengthen my hair. I have very oily hair and unlike some masks that are heavy & leave my hair greasy this mask leaves my hair light & clean feeling which i love. Definitely worth the price tag in my opinion. But i would suggest ...
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  37. LUXE


    In love with this treatment. I have very fine, volumeless hair, and I love this because it doesn't weigh my hair down even more. My hair feels so healthy after each use. I have started using this as my conditioner for my weekly wash, and love it.


    I have balayage blonde hair that it not overly damaged but needed a mix of strength and moisture. I have noticed a dramatic difference in the feel of my hair, it is so soft and not knotty. Instead of needing a haircut every 12weeks I can push it out to 16 weeks. Highly recommend to pair with the conditioner too for the best results.
    For anyone that used the now discontinued ‘Age Recharge’ p...
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  39. Huge difference to look and feel of my ends!


    Switched from masque force architecte to this and loving the results! My ends feel super nourished and I’m able to stretch the time between trims. Definitely helping me grow my hair!
  40. Hair treatment curly hair


    I ordered this due to the description on here. I have curly hair which I blow dry and straighten. It was a lot healthier pre chemical straighten and I wish to get it back to that and the length it was at. I haven't been using this treatment for long enough yet to tell you results but I as recommended by a hairdresser to not use it too often as it's very high in protein. This can sometimes have an ...
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  41. Hydrating and Nice Ritual


    I enjoy using this mask, and between the shampoo, conditioner and this I have found that my ends are in good condition.
    I'm not sure I've had particularly much less hair fall out, but it is keeping my hair in good condition.
    I don't know that this one does that much more than just the cheaper conditioner though, so probably won't be repurchasing it.
    It is light, smells wonderfu...
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  42. Best MASK by far


    I actually didnt believe in this product but after trying it out and seeing the results i'm amazed.
  43. Luxe product but unsure of results


    I personally don't see much of a difference using this product, but short term it leaves the hair feeling and looking great.
  44. Unimpressed


    I bought this masque approximately two months ago and used it twice a week every week until finishing the tub. Considering the $60 pricetag, I personally feel that this product leaves a lot to be desired. I've noticed no difference in the strength, feel, or length of my hair despite the product claiming to repair damaged hair cuticles and aid in hair growth. Although my hair felt soft and smelt ni...
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  45. Would Recommend

    Ella Grace

    I would recommend this mask. Leaves hair feeling soft, silky and light!
  46. Very happy


    I have recently taken my hair very blonde, with left it dry. But this has smoothed out everything and it’s feeling soft and beautiful
  47. Wow!!


    Switched to this mask from the extensioniste mask in the dark turquoise tub... this is fantastic! Leaves my hair sleek, shiny and smooth without weighing it down. Smells amazing too
  48. Hair feels soft, smooth and strong


    Have only used this product a few times but there's a noticeable difference in the texture of my hair. It's smoother and less prone to breakage so I'm assuming that's how it helps my hair to grow (and break less). Looking forward to seeing further results.
  49. lovely lovely


    i have been dying to try this product along with the whole extentioniste range, but cant afford it at the moment, i currently have the shampoo and this mask. this mask is such a nice durable tub. love the colour and the mask itself actually smells quite nice, nothing overpowering, i wouldn't say its an extremely thick mask but does spread of from a small amount. i usually leave this on for about 2...
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  50. Incredible hair masque


    The best hair masque I have ever used. Leaves my hair feeling silky smooth. Such a luxuriously rich product and it doesn't leave your hair feeling heavy. Highly recommend. Plus it smells absolutely amazing!
  51. Good quailty treatment


    This treatment is lovely. Smells great and is very smoothing. I probably need something a little more heavy duty for my chemically treated hair.
  52. Would recommend


    I have been struggling to grow my hair and have heard good things about this product, it smells great and feels amazing once your hair is washed. I have used this brand before and the masques are great for your hair; the longer you leave them on the better and your hair feels so soft afterwards
  53. Soft and shiny


    I have only been using this product for a few weeks but my hair is feeling so soft and looks shiny. The ends of my hair are already starting to feel less dry and damaged.
  54. great!


    This product is on the pricey side but its worth it! Leave it in your hair for 10-20 minutes (the longer the better) and your hair looks and feels smooth and hyrdated!
  55. Amazing


    My hair has honestly never felt and looked better whilst using the Extensiste line. It is fine, not much of it and blonde in which I am trying to grow out short layers. Amazing!! Honestly worth the money.
  56. Great product


    This mask is so good my hair feels amazing and soft definitely worth the money !!
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