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Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet 250ml

4.6 of 29 reviews


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4 instalments of $11.50


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Beat back the brass with Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet. This iridescent purple shampoo tones away brassiness and unwanted yellow tones in blonde and grey hair, for a nourished, cool blonde.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Brassy tones (blonde/grey hair)
  • Colour protection

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Customer Reviews

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4.6 of 29 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I love it


Lovely and hydrating for my hair, keeps out all brassy tones and leaves me with my perfect blonde.

Most Helpful Criticism

So so in performance


I brought this based on the reviews however I found this to pretty much do nothing for my blonde hair. For me, it sits in the just OK category and I will be searching for another product to try rather than repurchase.
  1. I love it


    Lovely and hydrating for my hair, keeps out all brassy tones and leaves me with my perfect blonde.
  2. Amazing!


    Cancels out yellows and isnt as dehydrating as other brands
  3. Great product!


    I love everything by this brand! So good at cancelling out yellow and leaves my hair feeling amazing!
  4. Really works!


    I have naturally medium brown hair that I have been dying ash blonde for the past 20 years. I have used a few highly rated blonde shampoos over the years, but none are better than this and I've only used it three times! The colour of my hair was a little on the yellow side before using it, but now all I can see is beautiful ashy tones.

    I have thin hair and like products that nourish my hair but don't make it feel and look too soft and weighed down. This shampoo (along with the conditioner) has made my hair look and feel fuller and healthier.

    Cannot recommend enough!
  5. Fantastic shampoo


    I use this shampoo along with the other products in the Kerastase Blond Absolu range and it keeps my bleached hair in tip top condition and perfect color. Does not leave an overly purple tone on the hair. I use it once a week and it lasts a lonf time which makes it worth the cost.
  6. Great for blonde highlights and grey hair


    Love this shampoo it leaves my hair hydrated and reduces the brassiness tone.
    Dont need much, lathers really well.
  7. So so in performance


    I brought this based on the reviews however I found this to pretty much do nothing for my blonde hair. For me, it sits in the just OK category and I will be searching for another product to try rather than repurchase.
  8. Beautiful toning shampoo


    Loving the Kerastase Ultra Violet Blond Bain! I have had blonde hair forever and have tried many different toning shampoos and conditioners over the years, and this one is my favorite.
    Very concentrated so you only use the smallest amount, and not drying like many other toning shampoos. I follow up with the conditioner/mask which is also amazing. I am planning to purchase the other shampoo in the range as I am so impressed.
  9. Perfect blonde


    This shampoo rids every bit of brassy colours from blonde hair and creates the perfect buttery blonde.
  10. Nice


    I do like this shampoo. Only downside is the price tag. Its a nice toning shampoo and leaves a nice reflective color. A must with the Blond Absolu conditioner.
  11. Excellent


    Love this shampoo as it tones beautifully giving a stunning cool blonde. Used it with the masque to achieve a beautifully neutralised tone. Not as hydrating as the nutritive range and I did have to use some of the leave in from that range to help soften my hair. On the whole though it’s excellent and I’ll continue to buy and use.
  12. good product


    I highly recommend this product. I have brown hair but is bleached blonde and this shampoo works wonders in getting rid of any brassiness. makes my hair so soft
  13. Worth the money


    I was hesitant to buy this shampoo based on the price, but my hair has never looked better. It keeps my hair bright and also really hydrated! It’s a MUST have for blondes!
  14. A new favourite


    I highly recommend this product. I'm brunette but have blonde balayage and this shampoo works wonders in eradicating any brassiness. I have never found blonde shampoo to be effective but this is the exception. I use this product with Kerastate purple masque once per week and I honestly look like I've just walked out of the salon. Not only does it counteract any orange/gold tones, it smells incredible (like Issey Miyake perfume) and makes my hair incredibly soft and manageable.
  15. Actually works, doesn’t stain hands !!


    I was excited to get this range as I’ve been waiting for The brand to release a violet shampoo. I have a level 6.5 hair with a full head of foils and balayage on the ends. Getting brassy tones out of my hair is hard and I’ve used everything there is, fudge, fenola, CPR, EVO, this one actually works and won’t stain your hands. At first I was reluctant as when I did my first shampoo it felt really drying in my hair however after conditioning and rinsing out my hair has been amazing and I haven’t had a bad hair day since. It’s smooth and healthy and the colour is bright and a nice blonde without over toning and becoming dull. Highly recommend this for anyone with level 8 highlights and above!
  16. It’s good but not for the price!


    I think this is good but it’s really pricey for what it is. I can’t justify spending that much on shampoo when I go through it so quickly. It’s good but not for the price!
  17. Amazing shampoo


    I love this shampoo. For the first time ever I'm getting compliments about my hair colour (even though it's a supermarket dye). I wanted to take a star off for the exorbitant price but couldn't bring myself to. :-) I just have to use tiny amounts and not as often as I'd like.
  18. Super nourishing


    After just one wash I can tell the difference when it comes to this product. Works wonders with my tired, damaged and frizzy hair and well and truly eradicates any brassy tones. One of the best I've tried.
  19. Strong, nourishing purple shampoo


    Love love love!
    I’m a balayage blonde (level 10/11 at ends, blending into a 6 at roots) and I have tried everything from fanola, to American brands and everything on the Australian market. Everything ‘purple’ and toning seems to dry my fried hair out. This shampoo does not, and is the perfect balance of toning and care. Hair is soft after using and you can really tell it’s gentle and caring for the hair and providing moisture and strength. I pair this with the masque and leave in treatment and my hair loves it.
    Tones out yellow and orange tones, but hair needs to be lifted past a level 9ish (not much happens to my darker parts). Leaves a beautiful sophisticated glow to the hair, not the flat purple colour like some others do.
    Highly recommend!
  20. Best purple shampoo on the market!


    Although the price point is quite high, your definitely getting your money's worth! Tones hair perfectly and doesn't turn your hair that dull grey colour when used often
  21. Just Okay


    I have fine hair which is naturally dark blonde, lightened to a mid blonde colour with some lighter highlights which were turning brassy.

    I purchased the Blond Absolu shampoo, conditioner and received a sample of the cicaplasme and have been using them for a few weeks now.

    This regime does take the yellow out of my hair, but I have found that my hair is dry and dull and a little more prone to breakage: I am not seeing any evidence of the strenghtening/healing claims the range makes. The condtioner in particular is disapointing.

    I'm going to finish the bottle, but I am not going to repurchase again. I think it would be better to use a purple treatment/toner to compliment products suitable to my hair type.

  22. Removed brassy tones in one wash


    Shampoo feels and smells incredible. Didn’t turn my hands instantly purple like other blonde shampoos and My hair felt silky smooth when most blonde shampoos dry it out.

  23. Smells amazing, tones well


    I have highlighted blond hair with natural grey/white as well. Bought this to keep my colour toned and I love it. It smells amazing, a little goes a long way (I have unusually thick hair), and it achieves the toned look I am after. I will definitely be buying this again--it is a splurge but you do get your money's worth.
  24. Soft hair and maintains colour


    I have my ends lightened and live in an area where we have to soften water which is a nightmare for coloured hair! My main issues are frizz and dryness and after the initial wash my hair was feeling quite silky and the lightness of my blonde was rejuvenated which is great considering it's my first Kerastase purchase. It is more expensive than some other similar products - I would usually use Delorenzo colour fusion - however, this leaves my hair without the dry, stripped feeling and means I am not having to replenish my hair with further conditioners or masks as often as I usually would because it is already feeling softer.
  25. Very effective

    Milly (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I found this shampoo to be very effective and only need to use it once a week.

    The next day I have at least one person tell me how nice and bright my color looks each week without fail!

    I felt like it lathered up well and left my hair looking much brighter.
  26. Good product


    I brought this for a friend and she said that she really likes it! She has bleached hair and found this really brightening and good quality. It is expensive so I probably wouldn't purchase it for myself but I don't have blond hair! Good review overall though
  27. My go-to option

    Carly (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I am a hairdresser by trade and a self confessed blonde addict, have been coloring my hair Platinum since I was a teenager, which is a long time!

    I am your typical blondie, I hate yellow and aspire to be as clean as a sheet of copy paper, lol

    In my time I have tried ALL the anti-yellow, shampoo's treatments, masks, etc, etc.

    As a professional, Kerastase is my go-to for hair care and an option for toning blondes whilst caring for our fragile hair has been missing from their offering for a long time, so of course, I had to try the new offering from Kerastase!

    There are two shampoos, one fondant, one masque, and a leave in restructuring heat protectant.

    They all contain Hyaluronic acid to deeply rehydrate the hair and a gorgeous sweet orange fragrance.

    I have been using the Bain Ultra violet shampoo and mask once a week, as it is highly pigmented and very strong.

    This knocked the gold tones right out of my hair, I leave the shampoo on for a minute and the mask for three, but as it so strong I would start slowly so as not to overtone the hair.

    Once you have reached your desired tone you can maintain with the mask alone and use the other shampoo, Bain Lumiere, a lightweight hydrating shampoo for blondes.

    Overall, I think this is a great range that caters to all blondes, ombre, highlights or full platinum.
  28. Hydrates AND tones

    Kristy S (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love a purple shampoo...and I love the colour to be REALLY PURPLE, as the stronger the better for me, so I was very happy when I poured this out and it was a great deep purple colour.

    It isn't as strong as others i have used which isn't a bad thing (no purple hands after shampoo), but is still the right strength to eliminate the brassy, yellow tones from my hair.

    It also leave my hair hydrated - which for a purple shampoo is something that is rare.
  29. Newest purple shampoo on the block

    Meike (Adore Beauty staff)

    It's hard to find a strong blonde shampoo that is hydrating but Kerastase has created it and it smells amazing!

    I use this once to twice a week depending on what my platinum blonde hair requires.

    The range works really together with an illuminating shampoo for the other wash days and purple mask when you need a boost.
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