A Message From Kate Morris

I’ve been a beauty junkie since I was 12 years old, and what I always loved about beauty was the feeling of confidence. I loved beauty products not for how they made me look, but for how they made me feel. Sometimes we might wear makeup for others, but mostly we wear it for ourselves, for our own enjoyment.

At Adore, we believe that beauty is more about self-care than it is about appearance. As such we’ve extended our range over the years to include things that make you feel good about yourself in other ways: fragrance, candles, supplements, silk pillowcases, herbal teas and the like.

We’ve been debating the idea of launching a sex category behind the scenes for a long time here in the office. At first it seemed too scary to contemplate. But then we pulled a working group together of women on the team with different ages, cultural backgrounds, and levels of comfort. This team spent hours together, talking openly and courageously about their experiences. And after that… we realised that this mattered, and we HAD to do it.

Our sexuality is a core part of who we are as women, and so intrinsically linked to how we feel about ourselves and about our bodies. And yet the experience of shopping for any sex-related product tends not to be very empowering or women-friendly. It’s always been a bit tacky and secretive, or degrading, or something that was just to please men. But we don’t think it should have to be that way.

We decided to add the Sex category to Adore You so that our customers, if they wanted to, could incorporate these products into their own self-care routines - just as they might enjoy a bath with a scented candle. We think women’s sexual pleasure and health should be normalised and made mainstream. Curated by women, for you.

We all deserve a tasteful, safe and inclusive space to be curious, have fun, and be empowered to do whatever makes you feel good about your body. 

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