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Jurlique Love Balm - Rose 15ml

4.5 of 49 reviews


4 instalments of $5.00

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4 instalments of $5.00

Or 4 instalments of $5.00 with LEARN MORE

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A multi-purpose, all over face and body balm that moisturises, soothes, softens and protects.

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Jurlique Love Balm - Rose

Jurlique Love Balm - Rose

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4.5 of 49 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great balm!


Great balm! I use it in my lips and it can give my lip instant hydration. Love it. Smells great too.

Most Helpful Criticism

Actually made my lips drier


This balm was good for cuticles but thats about it - it did not work well as a lip balm for me, actually made my lips feel drier!
  1. Great balm!


    verified purchaser
    Great balm! I use it in my lips and it can give my lip instant hydration. Love it. Smells great too.
  2. Can never have enough balms!


    Beautiful multipurpose balm that is super nourishing and smells so delicious you could eat it.
  3. Instant hydration


    This balm gives my lips and cuticles instant hydration. The scent is amazing as well. Definitely repurchase.
  4. Lovely smell and texture


    Great multi-purpose balm. I mainly use it on my lips, though in winter I actually mix a little bit in with my hand cream for an added boost of moisture (plus I love the rose scent, especially applied at night before going to sleep). Cute tin too!
  5. Great!


    Great multipurpose balm with a soothing rose scent! I love using it on my cuticles, lips and any dry patches
  6. Multi purpose


    A lovely multi purpose balm to keep in your handbag
  7. Great little super balm


    I get really dry skin on my elbows which sometimes can crack and be painful. I keep a little jar of this (or Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream) in my handbags and apply it as often as I remember. It really helps to soften the area quite quickly. It's small in size (size of a lip balm) but really lasts.
  8. Actually made my lips drier


    This balm was good for cuticles but thats about it - it did not work well as a lip balm for me, actually made my lips feel drier!
  9. Rose Balm


    This rose balm is very cute! i find $20 a bit pricey for it though!
  10. Nice


    This balm gives my lips and cuticles instant hydration. The scent is amazing as well. Definitely repurchase.
  11. Great balm


    I love this balm, It's a small piece, very versatile, and smells good. I used on my lips and cuticles as usual. It makes my skin feel instantly hydrated
  12. Sweet smelling!


    I love the scent of rose and this sure delivers. Smells gorgeous and is great to use on cuticles and dry skin as well as lips. Super dry skin may not benefit much from this balm alone, but it certainly helps my hands and cuticles. Also just smells great when you need a pick me up!
  13. Elbow warrior


    Got this as a gift, it works amazingly on elbows overnight - they are are softer, plumper and less wrinkly in the morning. Melts into skin and smells great and looks super cute on the bedside table. I can’t use this on my face though, still prefer dr bronner magic balm on eyebrows and lips.
  14. Balm


    One of the best balms I have ever used, this is great and it feels amazing when I use it
  15. a good product


    It's a special design. Just as other Jurlique products it smells good. Not difficult to get it onto lips.
  16. Great cuticle balm


    It doesn't do much for my lips but it's one of the best cuticle balms I've ever used!
  17. Beautiful Balm


    I love this balm, especially for my lips and cuticles. It makes my skin feel instantly hydrated and nourished- even in the colder winter months. It also has a rose scent, which I find really pleasant :)
  18. Favourite lip balm ever


    This is my favourite lip balm ever. I've repurchased it 4 or 5 times now and will continue to buy it. Beautiful formula and lovely scent. It lasts for ages and I love everything about it. I'm a bit sad that the price has gone up from $16 but it does last me a long time. Would definitely recommend!
  19. love the smell


    This balm smells nice, it's not as good as others, it doesn't taste great unfortunately and I wish it came in a tube or since it's solid, in a lipstick style.
  20. Nice and soft, smells amazing


    Good nourishing lip balm, my lips feel light and soft. Doesnt feel like I am wearing a balm and smells amazing
  21. Another superb product from Jurlique


    I love this product, it’s such a solid, high quality product.
    Smooth, long lasting, so moisturising, lovely fragrance. It’s a classic that you really can’t beat.
    Only negative is that I personally don’t love dipping my finger into the whole product.
  22. Amazing!!!


    This product is beyond words!! The smell & texture is simply divine!! A fabulous multipurpose product.
  23. Beautiful Balm


    I am in love with all things rose scented and this Jurlique Love Balm is one of my favourite! Its lovely and moisturising and the scent is not too overpowering. Use it almost every night without fail and at only $20 a pop its a no brainer!
  24. Luxe multipurpose balm


    This would be my favourite lip balm, if only it came in a tube. I hate having to put my finger into this gorgeous pot, especially at the end of the day when my hands are covered with germs. Most balms are very waxy, but I love that this one is more hydrating and almost melts into the skin. Jurlique, please make this is a tube!!
  25. Multi purpose


    Nice multi purpose balm that you can use for pretty much anything
  26. Lovely smell, but couldn't bear the taste and feel.


    I wanted to like this, because the tin was lovely and it smelled wonderful, but it left such a waxy feeling and I didn't like the taste when I used it as a lip balm. The scent was also a little too much after a while.

    I can't really say how effective it was, since I couldn't stand using it, but if you like Jurlique's rose products, then this might be right up your alley.
  27. Pretty good


    It smells well and easy to carry. It's great for my lip.
  28. LOVE!


    I love everything about this - the scent, the natural ingredients, the consistency, the moisturising factors - all of it! Total love.

    TIP: Use as a cuticle cream!
  29. Gorgeous


    Just like everything from Jurlique, simply gorgeous in every way. Both moisturising, smells devine and versatile in use!
  30. Moisturizing balm


    Very good moisturizing balm with a nice rose scent. I use this on dry skin areas like my knees and elbows
  31. Love


    I love love love this balm! All the rose scented products from Jurlique smells divine and this balm is no exception. Very versatile and moisturizing!
  32. Fantastic multi purpose balm


    I love this product - it's great for using as a lip balm or cuticle cream or on other areas needing some extra nourishment. Also has a lovely rose scent which is not overpowering.
  33. versatile!


    This is a really nice balm for dry skin and chapped lips! The smell is also divine and its small enough to be carried around everywhere
  34. One of my favourites


    Great for small patches of dry skin. Has a lovely rose fragrance and is a really versatile product, soothing and moisturizing for the lips and skin.
  35. Very nice


    I use this as a lip balm and I find it very hydrating and has a nice rose fragrance. Can use on any very dry skin to help hydrate. It is a very gentle natural moisturiser.
  36. Cute little lip balm.


    I keep this in my handbag and use it all the time. Sometimes even on my hands. A little goes a long way.
    I love the packaging. Very sweet. Would make a great gift! It’s Rosey and smells beautiful
  37. Really nice lip balm


    Nice and soft lip balm. The scent is really pretty and I really like it. I would definitely recommend
  38. Really nice


    I really enjoyed this lip balm - it's so soft and shooting on the lips. I like the smell and it also tastes nice. Would buy again
  39. Fav lip balm


    All time favourite lip balm - I love it! So soft and smells amazing
  40. Fav lip balm


    This is my all time favourite lip balm. I originally got it as a gift but have purchased it 4 or 5 times since then for myself. It smells and tastes lovely and makes my lips really soft. It may seem a bit pricey but the tin lasts me about 6-8 months (and I use it multiple times everyday). It also makes a really nice cuticle balm.

    My only cons are the packaging - I find tin lip balms ...
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  41. light lip balm but missing great staying power


    This is a lovely, light-weight, heavily rose scented balm. When I use it on the lips it absorbs very quickly and is gone after abut 30 minutes. Lips are softer. It is not a shiny lip balm.
    During winter, I use it on my dry chapped hands. Same lightweight feel, but I mix it with hand cream to absorb.
    I would score higher if it had staying power and if the lid didn't fall off so easy. It...
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  42. Cute all rounder in sweet tin


    This is a Love-ely balm. Cute tin, none greasy formula..only trick is the lid can feel a bit tricky to use especially after you have balm on your fingers. But great salve to use on dry elbows, lips cuticles and heels.
  43. Hand on heart - my favourite lip balm


    If you love the smell of roses then you’ll love this lip balm. It’s so moisturising and beautiful on your lips. I’ve been using it for too many years to count and I’ll use it til they discontinue (please don’t). Whenever I have a cold I go straight to it. It just makes me feel a little better and not so awful. I try to use it nightly as I love the feeling and waking up to soft lips. A little tub l...
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  44. Good but not great


    This balm is definately a good balm but unless you love the strong rose scent then maybe try another (the beauty chef is amazing). It's a lovely lip balm but a bit too thick to be a on the go hand cream. The smell is very strong. Wouldn't repurchase unfortunately.
  45. Best lip balm


    Hydrating and smells gorgeous. Lasts for ages and you don't need to constantly re-apply. Jurlique products are amazing.

    carly (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love this balm, its a great multi-purpose must have.
    You can use it on lips, cuticles, dry skin, cuts and grazes and it smells amazing!!
  47. bliss balm


    not only does it smell wonderful but as a balm IT WORKS... !!!

    I have skin issues and have tried so many products the mind boggles as soon as I saw the love balm I had a feeling it would be perfect for me so I purchased two straight away... a friend just dropped off some things for me and I showed her some of the sores and said look that balm is working ... wow... magical properties
  48. Smells beautiful, very hydrating


    This love balm is awesome. It smells beautiful and really hydrates my lips leaving them soft with a light shine. I also use is on my hands if I forget to moisturise before leaving the house.
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