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Jurlique Bath & Body Body Lotions

Body Lotions Authentic

Taking good care of the skin on your face may seem obvious, but don’t forget about the rest of you! Prevent pesky dryness before it starts with a nourishing Jurlique body lotion. Each lotion boasts ingredients that benefit the skin as well as the nose, providing you with a light, pleasant aroma and soft, smooth skin.


Jurlique body lotions come in a number of scents, but one thing holds true for each: the lack of synthetic chemicals and pesticides. These potential irritants, found in many mass-market body lotions, are problematic for consumers who prefer a more natural option. Luckily, Jurlique is on your side with plenty of options for your needs.


The different Jurlique body care lines are meant to accomplish different skin goals. Jurlique Rose body care adds a lightly floral scent as it softens and hydrates. Jasmine provides a sensual aroma whilst locking in hydration for all-day-soft skin. Lavender relaxes the senses, making it a perfect choice for before-bed moisturising. Citrus, on the other hand, perks up the mind and the skin, toning and brightening.


Whatever your body care needs are, Jurlique has a lotion that will perfectly suit you!

Body Lotions

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Jurlique Lavender Body Care Lotion

I love Jurlique. All of their products are so beautiful, kind to your skin... read more >>

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Jurlique Jasmine Body Care Lotion

Love this moisturiser. If it was a little cheaper I would use it everyday.... read more >>

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