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Juliette Has a Gun Discovery Box 1 x 4ml, 7 x 1.7ml

4.3 of 66 reviews


4 instalments of $9.75


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4 instalments of $9.75


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FLAMMABLE This item is flammable therefore postage is restricted to Standard Post within Australia

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Juliette Has a Gun Discovery Box

Juliette Has a Gun Discovery Box

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4.3 of 66 reviews

80% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I really adore the scents and use it on the go. Will be buying the full sized perfume next time. The smell is amazing.

Most Helpful Criticism

Great purchase for the price
Heard so much about the perfumes recently and wanted to try before I purchase a bigger bottle. I loved the NOT A PERFUME and MMMM... However they are not long lasting or subtle on me at all...It was a great way to discover without a big investment!
  1. Like them

    I like the idea of being able to buy them all to test rather than committing to just one .
  2. Very unique, ''expensive'' smelling perfumes

    Great way to have a multitude of different scents, without committing to a big bottle.
    Lots of different scents and tones to suit any occasion and mood.
    The scent combinations are very unique, and rich, without being too overpowering.
    The smell only lasts for at least a few hours so definitely need to re-apply however given the vials are small they are easy to carry in your purse.
    Only criticism is that the spray nozzle makes the perfume come jetting out in a pressurized streak, rather than softly spraying out, so need to be careful with where you aim it!
  3. Scents not very strong

    It was good to be able to sample different scents and wear each on a different day. I loved the scents but they were just not very strong. Couldn’t even smell them after half an hour of wearing.
  4. Unique

    The scents are unique enough and work well as a small gift or in addition to other items!
  5. Amazing

    I really adore the scents and use it on the go. Will be buying the full sized perfume next time. The smell is amazing.
  6. - - W O R T H I T - -

    My gosh. I had heard so much about these scents, I desperately wanted to try before I forked out for the whole bottle. This sample pack was sooooooo hard (was temp unavailable) to get my hands on but when I finally did. Totally worth it!! I am I N L O V E with Not A Perfume. 100% lived up to the hype! Not to live on 2 minute noodles and save for the big bottle!
  7. Great Travel size!

    I was fortunate enough to receive a mini of the 'not a perfume' scent and instantly fell in love with the brand. I wanted to purchase a full sized bottle of one if their scents however I also wanted to see if there were any other scents within their range that I would prefer even more than 'not a perfume'. This was when I came across their discovery box. I think this is very sweet since it allows me to sample a wide range of their scents. My favourite out of the bunch was still not a perfume but it was fun being able to try out their other scents for a relatively reasonable price. These mini bottles are also great for travel or the handbag ;)
  8. Such a good buy!

    I got this for my friend as a present and she loved it. It is so worth the money and she has said all the scents are quite different but all lovely!!
  9. Sadly Disappointed

    After reading all the fab reviews, I decided to give it a go to this even though it seems strange to buy perfumes blindfolded. I even got in the waiting list as it was out of stock, and was so very happy when it arrived.

    I decided to try them one a time starting with "This is not a perfume". I have to honestly say I have not liked them at all. Some of them as "This is not a Perfume", "Anyway" and "Moscow Mule" are very subtle, almost unnoticeable, while the rest are just too full on, almost like the smell you would get after opening an old drawer at you grandma's house.

    I understand perfumes are a very personal thing and have everything to do with your unique skin. For me, well, I learned my lesson: always smell a perfume before you buy it.
  10. Wonderful idea or gift

    I've wanted to try a few of the JHAG fragrances for a while. This kit gives you a great variety of scents, and the mls are great. You get a bigger version of the Not A Perfume. This is good because I find that the other fragrances in the kit are so strong, you wouldn't need larger sizes to last. All the perfumes in the kit are lovely! I like going through and changing up my scent throughout the week. I will say that the scents are on the heavier side, and some border more unisex/masculine. If you are after fruity scents, this pack is not for you!
  11. A real revelation

    This is such a great idea! I felt the need for a new perfume, but couldn't decide what scent to try. This sampler box called out to me as a great way to try a range of scents and it's been fantastic. Each fragrance is quite distinct and the only problem now is deciding which one/s I'd like to buy full-size.
  12. Great purchase for the price

    Heard so much about the perfumes recently and wanted to try before I purchase a bigger bottle. I loved the NOT A PERFUME and MMMM... However they are not long lasting or subtle on me at all...It was a great way to discover without a big investment!
  13. Great for sampling and variety

    Really happy I bought the sampler first, great if you want to try a few different fragrances, no two are similar! I personally prefer sweeter more floral scents so preferred the „Mmm“ scent and the original not a perfume. They are all very light and fresh, good for everyday !
  14. How can I choose!

    What a wonderful way to experience these amazing scents! How will I ever be able to choose a favourite? Great gift idea or a way to change up your own fragrance varieties.
  15. A great gift!

    I bought this after patiently waiting for it to come back in stock for my bridal party (5 female & 1 male) to give them each a little scent on my big day and I have tried two of them and they are both so different but I love them! I think I might order another one for myself as I love the size of the bottles and that you get to try so many different scents!
    The Moscow Mule and MMM I am loving, they both have quite a strong scent when you apply a small amount, but then it settles and becomes a nice more subtle scent.
    I am looking forward to trying them all.
  16. amazing

    This set is great for sampling the different perfumes, and they are all so beautiful.
  17. Awesome

    This set is great for sampling the different perfumes, and they are all so beautiful.
  18. Great

    This set is great for sampling the different perfumes, and they are all so beautiful.
  19. Great way to find your new fave

    Yes this is a great product! Admittedly I don't love all the scents, but I use them all in rotation, always receive loads of compliments, and also discovered my favourite new perfume. Lovely smells, very feminie and classic but also lots of natural essence and variation in the pack. Try it, great price too!
  20. Great introduction

    This set is great for sampling the different perfumes, and let me tell you they are all so beautiful. The scents are so light & fresh, even the heavier scents are not overbearing.
  21. Move over Estee here comes Juliette and she has Gun

    I had always been an Estee girl until I started becoming aware of animal testing etc and decided to look for something that fit into the cruelty free range. The Discovery Box was the perfect way to try some different scents without investing too much money. I wasn't even sure I would like any of them. The first sample I went through in two days I thought well this must be a winner, well I have head success for each scent and have found them to be long lasting. The real bonus is both my daughter and husband suffer allergies and the fragrances don't make them sneeze or get snuffy so they get to enjoy it too. Will buy another Discovery Box then invest in a single scent when I can make up my mind. Love it.
  22. Great idea!

    This is such a great idea to sample the range. Only problem is that now I want all of them...
  23. Value +

    A great way to try the range. Really good value and the size is great for travel or just for the handbag
  24. Just perfect

    This is the perfect way to explore the perfumes and figure which ones you like before you spend over $200 on a bottle based on the reviews of others. I loved most of the fragrances. 2 fragrances were too sweet. A couple were spicy, perfect for a night out or dinner date. And the others were fresh for any time.
  25. Love!

    I looove this! So many lovely scents and I'm so glad i could try them before committing to a whole bottle of one scent. I just have to figure out my favourite..
  26. Sex in a Bottle

    After reading the rave reviews about Not A Perfume I decided to purchase the sampler box so I could try it for myself along with the other perfumes by Juliette Has a Gun. I’m so glad I did, I have fallen in love with Not a Perfume and it’s by far my favourite perfume in the range however I do adore the others. It is the perfect balance of feminine and masculine fragrance and adapts beautifully to my natural scent. I love how it lingers and each layer of fragrance notes reveals a new sexy scent. I will be indulging in the full size bottle when I’ve finished my little samples. I highly recommend this perfume if you love woody, fresh and sexy perfume - you will receive many compliments!
  27. Love!

    This sample box is amazing to see which one sits best with your natural scent. To be honest they all smell beautiful, all very different to each other. Do not over spray! 2 sprays is more then enough.
  28. Great Value Discovery Box!

    Really glad to get my hands on this as I was really curious about Not A Perfume. The discovery box did not disappoint at all. One or two of the perfumes were too strong for me but overall a lovely box. The fragrances are perfect for winter! My second favourite is Moscow Mule, after Not A perfume. The two blend well beautifully!
  29. Lovely fragrances

    I had never heard of these perfumes before my purchase, but I was pleasantly surprised. I love having a different fragrance to choose from each day to suit my mood. Love the angels of these perfumes ! ❤️
  30. Great set

    I love this set. Now I can sample all of the scents from this collection and buy the full size I like. It's also great quality and has a booklet with all the information you need and the notes of each fragrance.
  31. cute little duo's

    i love this packet so cute and a little goes a long way!
  32. It's a big no to Not a perfume BUT...

    I'll say at the start, I'm not a perfume wearer but I read an online review of Not a perfume which captured my attention and i felt like a little splurge. I'm pleased I splurged on the sample box not the actual fragrance itself because it would have been a major waste of money. Not a perfume smells just like the overpowering cheap deo-cologne that one of the checkout operators at my supermarket wears - it is cloying and lingers, clinging to my clothes and belongings. I had the tiniest little dab of it on for about ten minutes and tried to wash it off - even scrubbing with hot water and soap couldn't remove it. I gave Moscow Mule a try and really liked it immediately, but after a very short time it too has started with the overly sweet, overpowering flavour. I don't think that this has been a very successful perfume experience for me BUT i don't begrudge giving it a try and hope that I might have some better success with some of the other scents in the sampler. If not, I can see that it will be a very lucky op shop score for somebody!
  33. Chemical Nightmare

    I had a strong, negative reaction to all the scents in this range. They smell chemical. Some of them remind me of insect spray. Others just smell of cheap vanilla. I'm glad I got to try them before I committed to any full bottles.
  34. Lovely set!

    I love perfume sampler boxes and this didn't disappoint! It's a great way to try the range and really good value for money. This would make a great gift too!
  35. So pretty

    This collection looks so pretty and smells amazing easy to carry around
  36. so hard to decide

    I got these to try out after reading a review of the 'not a perfume' because I don't like a lot of perfumes which smell overpowering, fake and chemically. Now I have to try and narrow down which one I like best! I love the combinations and scents which are natural but still fancy.
  37. Worth it!

    Not gonna lie - this brand is expensive BUT... the scents are beautiful and last all day [some well into the next day if sprayed directly onto clothing]. Get ready to receive lots of compliments.

    TIP: 1.4ml is approx 8-10 sprays.
  38. AMAZING!!!

    I am in love!!! I heard about Juliette Has A Gun from a random Facebook story and it sounded pretty good so I thought I’d give it a go. I bought the sample pack so I could try them all and there is not one I don’t love! I have had a ton of compliments about how good I smell!! Highly recommend trying you won’t regret it!
  39. Fabulous

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! The price is great and I really like that you get to sample their range of scents then you can just purchase your favourite in a larger size! I have never heard of this brand before and would not have been game to buy it unless it was offered in this way. Definitely recommend it to everyone!
  40. Fantastic Pack

    I purchased this pack as a way of sampling this brand without having tried it before. It is a brilliant way to “try before you buy”. The sample sizes are big enough for a few uses and I’ve found more then one scent that I’m looking forward to buying in the near future.
  41. sample the brand

    I bought this curious to try a few different scents and I really loved all of them, getting used to the idea of having a new scent for a new day. Will most likely purchase this again when I’m finished.
  42. Beautifully Packaged

    I really liked this fragrance discovery box. I am enjoying trying a new fragrance every couple of days and have already purchased a larger size from the collection - might not be the last!
  43. Smart way to pick your Scent

    I love that I could try the perfumes that will suit my skin and makes me feel good. I will be buying more than one of these perfumes.
  44. Disappointed

    I was excited to try this discovery box as I am always on the hunt for a fresh NEW fragrance.

    These samples react badly with my skin I find the scents horrible and all I get is a whiff of chemicals, my son commented that one of them smelt like degreaser. I am even wondering if the pack is somehow out of date or stored incorrectly.

    I would go had a better result spraying myself with toilet spray.

    Thank goodness I didn't purchase a full size bottle.
  45. Divine Introduction

    I love the fact that I could try before I buy! One of the scents (Moscow Mule) is terrible, but the majority of the other are just gorgeous. I LOVE Mmmm... hopefully I can get that in a full size perfume. It's delicious! All of my spray bottles were full (unlike other reviews) & all the sprays worked! I'm enjoying this trial box!
  46. A good way to sample the brand

    I purchased this to give the brand a try as I'd heard good things. I was a little disappointed though, there were only two scents that I particularly liked, neither of which I was entirely sold on. A little over priced too.
  47. Worth it!

    This is a great value for me. I am a perfume collector and I purchase almost everything blindly. I have about 3 full bottles from this collection already but the rest of them I'm not familiar enough with the notes for the note combinations to be able to make the commitment to a big bottle. this is perfect because it allows me to try all of them and pick what I love the most.
  48. Try the range in one go!

    Great way to sample the entire range before you commit as each one is quite different and does react differently with your skin. I've been a long time fan of Lady Vengeance but now have a number of other favourites for different seasons
  49. Which one shall I wear today?

    I hadn’t read any reviews when I ordered the discovery box. The packaging was perfect and vial sprays working well. Beautiful scents too. I’ve found a few I will definitely buy in their full size. Might even buy another discovery box when this one runs out, the vials are perfect for travelling.
  50. Great for trying new scents

    I love the fact that I could try before I buy! One of the scents (Moscow Mule) is terrible, but the majority of the other are just gorgeous. I LOVE Mmmm... hopefully I can get that in a full size perfume. It's delicious! All of my spray bottles were full (unlike other reviews) & all the sprays worked! I'm enjoying this trial box!
  51. Great for figuring out which of their scents you like.

    I was super curious to try some of the JHAG scents and this sampler is perfect. I didn't love all of them on me but obviously this is personal and subjective - if you're looking to figure out which of their perfumes you like on your skin before splurging on a full size bottle (not cheap) - get the discovery box.
  52. Awesome product.

    Great value for money and a great way to sample these scents. The scents thenselves are amazing! Everything works as it should, and their a perfect size to carry in a purse.
  53. Love All

    but the vanilla smell is a bit overpowering for me. I get bored with parfumes too quickly and this clever brand just delivers great scents in smaller sample bottles, perfect for people like me. I love all scent, but the vanilla one. Love it.
  54. impressive scents

    Very impressed with this box it is definitely value for money because it provides a good opportunity to test the fragrances plus I love the fact there is a description of each scent in the package. I am enjoying all of the fragrances and also bought my daughter a sample pack as a Christmas present. I am now contemplating buying one for my niece.
  55. Purchased as a gift

    Happy with presentation and choice of scents.
  56. Looks like a good set but packaging is a miss

    I really wanted to try out the brand and this is a good value for it, but the packaging is definitely a hit or miss - some of the vials have issues with the spray, meaning you can't get much use out of the product....
  57. Lovely Scents

    Great little sample set. I had no issues with the packaging and all the vials were full. I like all the perfumes and already have some firm favourites.
  58. New sampler is better

    I brought this sampler a while back but had some problems with one vial being empty. Disappointing, but CS team were amazing to help with the issue and let me know a slightly different new one was coming out with no issues but a new scent added Moscow Mule.

    I really like the new perfume, and i always like this type of set because its the best way to find a few you like before buying the perfect fragrance in full size.
    I love Not a perfume - to wear alone or to amplify another fragrance.
    Also for someone with allergies this is a molecule perfume you can actually wear!
  59. Interesting fragrances

    I had watched a Youtube review of most of the perfumes in this sample pack. She described a lot of them as smelling of "spit". I however, loved MOST of them. I too had the sample problem as the above reviewers and was disappointed that the one I really liked I only got to use a few times. This one Another Oud IS the scent I have been searching for. I did let the Support people know, as I thought they may have been "used" when they were packaged overseas as three of the vials were in the box the wrong way around and these were the ones that had been "used". One problem I did have was that the scent did not seen to last very long, or else I got used to it quickly.
  60. Great scents, terrible packaging

    It was great to be able to try out a variety of scents before committing to a purchase, however the packaging is terrible.

    Most of the bottles were almost empty when they arrived (one didn't even last 2 sprays) and it's clear they had leaked during transit. The spray bottles didn't work on most of the bottles. Perhaps the simple inclusion of lids on the bottles would have meant that over half of my product wouldn't have been wasted.
  61. Great size to keep in handbag

    This product is a great size to keep in your hand bag or for travelling. I love all the scents, however I did notice a tendency to leak in some of my bottles.
  62. Good product, packaging could be better

    On the whole, this box is value for money because it provides a good opportunity to test the fragrances without having to buy larger bottles. I enjoyed all of the fragrances and am contemplating buying one or two as a full size bottle. I was, however, frustrated by the spray vials, like another customer. The vials seemed to have leaked in transit and a few seemed less than half full when they arrived, making it difficult to get enough of the scent to wear more than once. I think it would be worthwhile for the company to use better quality vials, such as those with lids or at least vials that don’t leak. I don’t mind that they are tester size, but I’ve had fragrance testers that seemed easier to use and less leak-prone than these are.
  63. Smells good

    packaging wasnt great as half the pumps werent working - but id expect the full size would be of better quality. Nice scents, might splurge and buy a full size
  64. Half the vials were empty

    Was really looking forward to trying this discovery box but half of the samples are nearly empty and the sprays don't work. ABSOLUTE waste of money unfortunately
  65. Most pumps not working properly

    Around half of the pumps on vials not working properly so unable to spray perfumes and can't comment on the fragrance - I'll have to fight to break those open at a later time. Of those that have worked the only one I would consider buying would be Lady Vengeance.
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