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JSHealth 3 Month Hair + Energy 90 capsules

4.4 of 92 reviews


4 instalments of $17.49

Or 4 instalments of $17.49 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $17.49

Or 4 instalments of $17.49 with LEARN MORE

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Nurture your body from the inside out with JSHealth Hair + Energy. Containing both Iodine and Zinc, these dietary supplements are formulated to maintain healthy, strong and voluminous hair, and promote wellbeing and healthy energy levels throughout the day.

  • Australian Made

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Fine or limp hair

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JSHealth 3 Month Hair + Energy Reviews

4.4 of 92 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Worth the hype!


These hair vits are really as great as everyone says. I have now got my mum and several friends using them too. It just makes hair feel more dense and healthy, i have fine hair and since using these it feels thicker and stronger- even people who know me have commented on how great my hair is looking!

Most Helpful Criticism

Good for hair but be careful if acne prone


I ordered the 90 day supply and am about 45 days in taking one supplement a day. I was happy with the results of how taking these has affected my hair (hair regrowth/ softness) HOWEVER:

I will have to stop taking these pills as they contain active ingredients from two types of seaweed which contain high amounts of iodine. Excessive iodine consumption can affect the thyroid (hormones) and this has resulted in me developing hormonal cystic acne on the chin. I am going to stop taking these to see if my hormones rebalance and the acne goes away to know if this is the true cause.
  1. Worth the hype!


    These hair vits are really as great as everyone says. I have now got my mum and several friends using them too. It just makes hair feel more dense and healthy, i have fine hair and since using these it feels thicker and stronger- even people who know me have commented on how great my hair is looking!
  2. amazing


    I am a repeating customer of this set. I just feel more energized for the day more positive energy and my hair growth stronger as well.
  3. Food For Your Hair


    I’m always sceptical of claims in a vitamin but I believe they work. I have fine chemically treated hair so it was more obvious that these vitamins did anything and they did not disappoint . I gave them a good month to see results. The most obvious is it’s growing faster and feels healthier therefore thicker . I’m not over hyping them bc we all know that if your hair is totally destroyed than a vi...
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  4. wanted to love this product, but I didn't


    I really wanted to love this product but I didn't. I just have not noticed any difference in my hair
  5. easy to take


    these are a simple and easy way to get some extra vitamins in, not sure on how much they have made my hair grow though
  6. Great supplement


    I have fine and heat damaged hair. After about 2 weeks using this product I noticed that my hair felt a lot thicker and stronger. would recommend this product to anyone with similar hair concerns!
  7. Fabulous


    verified purchaser
    i feel well entitled to write this review.
    I have been using the JS Health Hair & Beauty for 3 months..... I had used them prior to a stint overseas , where I has used them for over six months on the recommendation of my daughter.
    I had always had long blond hair , in my late 40's diagnosed with breast cancer - under went chemo and radium. Loss of all hair , regrowth...Move to the ...
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  8. Pending growth


    I’ve been taking these tables for almost 3 months now, can’t say it’s been life changing of me. I bought it specifically for my baby hairs around my forehead, and they seem to be the same. The rest of my hair has grown, so it may have worked for the rest of my hair or it could just be my actually hair health.
  9. Noticeable difference


    These have made a noticeable difference to the length and thickness of my hair. Unsure of the energy part and they are huge capsules hence the 4 star. They are a repeat purchase for me though as I love what they do for my hair.
  10. okay so far


    i purchased this for my husband. it took the full 3 months for there to be results but his hair is defiantly more fuller and we will keep taking them to see how much better it will get
  11. Amazing!


    Iv done 6 months so far and my hair has never been better, even my eyelash extensions need to be done sooner cause the growth is unreal. Thickness and length is what I wanted and it’s happening! Even when I forget to take them some mornings it’s still working magic.
  12. Pretty good


    I haven’t had results like you see on the brands page but I just reordered my 3rd 3 month supply.
    The first three months I noticed my hairline was much fuller at the front (after being naturally blonde dying my hair back then back to blonde and having most of the length cut I thought I would give it a try) the second 3 I have actually noticed some length on the ends and it does feel much he...
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  13. Pungent kelp smell


    Too early to tell if they are effective but the kelp smell is overwhelming and I’m struggling to take them. Will need to battle through and see if they work
  14. amazing!


    these are my fav hair vitamins, made such a big difference, they are wonderful!
  15. Not bad so far


    My hair has felt very soft since using this product. I have noticed a lot of new baby hair growth which is a good.
    Cant wait to see the results.
  16. no idea if it even worked


    i honestly cant tell if this even worked. my hair feels no thicker then it used to and while i guess i have less breakage, i've also stopped bleaching my hair and have grown it out since starting this product. id have to try this again before being convinced.
  17. Hair is worse than before


    After reading some of the reviews and seeing before and after photos I decided to give this ago. My hair loss wasn't terrible but wasn't great either and its been something I've been dealing with for the last 6 months. Since introducing this to my morning vitamins my hair loss has dramatically increased. When I run my hands through my hair, untie it or wash it my hands are covered in fallen strand...
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  18. love it


    i love these little magic pills, they have made my hair shinier and increased its growth rate immensely! I love it and can't wait to see more results.
  19. My new bestie


    I absolutely love this product. I started with a 1 month supply, moved up to 2 and now up to 3! I wish they made one for 6 months. My hair is amazing. My hair dresser is amazed at the new growth in my hairline. Highly recommend!
  20. Amazing results quickly!


    I’ve been bleaching my hair since I was 11 and last time I bleached it, it was left on too long and I had a little bit of breakage. My hair had always been smooth and silky (even after years of bleach) but the last time did a number on it. My hairdresser recommended these and the olaplaex protein treatment and it’s worked wonders. My hair has never felt this amazing and it’s definitely growing too...
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  21. Can’t actually believe it!


    I’m a sceptic and don’t like jumping on bandwagons or just because it worked for everyone else, it’s going to work for me but I decided to as I had a massive bald patch!

    I ordered these and started taking them. This is not a lie when I say the photo on the right is TWO WEEKS of growth. Only two weeks and I’ve seen that progress already. I tell everyone about the Hair & Energy vitamin...
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  22. Good for hair but be careful if acne prone


    I ordered the 90 day supply and am about 45 days in taking one supplement a day. I was happy with the results of how taking these has affected my hair (hair regrowth/ softness) HOWEVER:

    I will have to stop taking these pills as they contain active ingredients from two types of seaweed which contain high amounts of iodine. Excessive iodine consumption can affect the thyroid (hormones) ...
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  23. Postpartum hairs bestie


    I wasn’t expecting a miracle, I had breastfeed for 17 months and my hair was falling out in clumps I had taken religiously every vitamin my doctor recommended I take to help the hair fall with no change. I have just finished the 3 months and just reordered, my hair has stopped falling out in chunks and it’s growing the added energy also helps keep up with my toddler. Great product
  24. pretty dang good!!


    I think these are pretty great. I can see my hair growing, don't know about thickness or extra hair growing. Might have to wait a little bit longer to notice the extras hair growing. I have only used them for 2 weeks so far. I have also paired this with the Bondi Boosy hair growth shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels pretty healthy and great after using both these products.
  25. Love!!


    This is amazing!! Thought it was a bit of a scam but after some positive results from my friends I decided to give these a go. My hair has honestly improved so much, much thicker and longer using this! For the price as well I’m stoked
  26. Get ready for your close up baby you’re now a victora secret model


    For long as I can remember I have reserched and brought, supplements, teas, scalp oils, electronic head massages and shampoos for “ Hair Growth”.But I was really hesitant to buy this due to failed products in the past and it being heavily promoted on Instagram with photo of before and after that where to good to believe, but they are not lying never had I have so many comments on how much my hair ...
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  27. Noticeable changes after 2 weeks


    I have only been using this for just over 2 weeks and I have already noticed that my hair is falling out less. I was previously experiencing lots of hair loss. I can't wait to see results after the 3 months.
  28. Amazed


    A friend recommended this to me and I'm surprised that it worked. I've started to get more energy in the day and my hair been amazing
  29. Surprisingly good


    I have been on this product for 1.5 months now and can't believe the benefits. My energy levels are high, even if my mood is low. My hair is growing quite quickly and I have lots of baby hairs too! I started using this as my hairline started to look a bit sparse although I am only 26. I previously did not have issues with growing my hair out long but thought a supplement would aid it further. Woul...
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  30. Can't live without hair vitamin


    I've been using these vitamins for about seven months. I have noticed a huge improvement in my hair growth, and it is now starting to get thicker as well. My hairdresser has been shocked whenever she sees me at how fast my hair has grown, this is after removing extensions and having short, fine, bleached and broken hair which was so upsetting. Now I get comments on how healthy and nice my hair loo...
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  31. Highy Recommend!


    Ive been buying these for my partner whos hair is slowly thinning and recieding, after just 1 month of use his hair is already thicker and he has much more baby hair!, have just bought him the 3 month set and will continue to buy for him. I will also look at purchasing for myself soon !!
  32. Wish me luck


    The quantity of zinc is lower than I'd like so I take an additional Zinc supplement for my skin and immune system. I would have liked higher doses for the price.
    I have seen great result and am hopeful! Will be sticking to it for the next 3 months. Wish me luck!
  33. noticeable difference


    I already had quite fine, somewhat thin hair to begin with. I then gradually went from dyed black to bleached blonde, which caused it to eventually snap off half of my hair.
    I started taking these vitamins a couple of months ago and I do notice a difference in my hair density. It just seems thicker and longer already even after just cutting an inch off a few weeks ago. Finally feels like my ...
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  34. Was skeptical....

    Mrs TCH

    I was very skeptical to use this but thought i would igve it atry regardless. My hair is limp and fine with no real life in it.
    After 3 mths of sampling Hair + Energy I felt it was growing fuller and bouncier. The vitamins are easy to digest and I would recommend at least trying 3 months to give the hair growth cycle a try
  35. Very good


    This quite worth it. After using it for a few months I noticed a difference.
  36. Strong long hair


    I've been using this product for over 6 months now and cam categorically say my hair is stronger and longer. I find my hair does not fall out as much. My hairdresser even commented. The only downfall is you have to take every single day. If you miss a day here and there it definitely effects hair strength. Would absolutely recommend!
  37. So much new growth!


    I can definitely see the difference, I have so much new hair growth since using this product!
  38. Great Product


    notice hair growth within the first month great product
  39. Not sure?


    Do you ever take vitamins or hair supplements but you are also doing 100 extra things so it is hard to know where results come from? I have been taking these for 5 months now, my hair is longer, it is thicker however I also have stopped bleaching and do treatments every month so?

    However in saying that, I will keep taking them so I guess I would recommend to others as well.
  40. It works!!!


    I have dry hair and due to heat damage/perming my hair and stress I experienced a lot of hair loss! I’ve noticed a lot of my baby hairs growing back, my hair feels so much stronger, much less breakage and I’ve noticed about an inch of growth within 3 weeks!!! Amazing. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone experiencing hair loss/thinning or if you just want your hair to grow quicker. ...
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  41. Strengthens roots


    length has never been an issue with my hair, I would cut my hair once a year to be shoulder length and it would grow past my hips by the next hair cut. However, I find that my hair has lost its volume over time and I lose a lot of hair daily. After 3 months of using this product I found that I have a lot of baby hair growing near the hairline and less hair fall out compared to before. In terms of ...
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  42. Hard to Gauge


    I had never bought into the fad of celeb or influencer endorsements before but i was being bombarded with reviews about this product and caved in and tried it. I bought the 3 months supply and was diligent in taking it every single day as recommended. I felt no change or improvement after 1 month, i persisted and felt i saw some decent growth in month 2 and since i have just finished my 3rd mont...
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  43. Amazing!!!


    I thought these would be too good to be true, but after a few weeks of use I noticed that bald patches I had in my eyebrows had grown back (they had been bald for over 8 years!!) and most importantly, my hairline which was really thinning due to postpartum hairloss, was starting to thicken up and those pesky short pieces grow. I am now on my third bottle and don't ever plan on stopping!
  44. Not so sure


    Have been taking these religiously for 4 months. I have fine hair. No difference in hair or energy, but I will say my nails are growing quickly and are stronger! Will take for a few more months and see what happens
  45. Not so sure


    Have been taking these religiously for 4 months. I have fine hair. No difference in hair or energy, but I will say my nails are growing quickly and are stronger! Will take for a few more months and see what happens
  46. So far so good


    I have been taking these for close to two weeks now. So far, I have definitely noticed a difference in my overall hair quality. My hair looks more shiny, less hair fall and hopefully some growth as I continue to take them. As for the energy side of things, I can certainly feel a buzz about an hour after taking this! Feels like an extra shot of coffee. Will definitely continue to use this product.
  47. Better than I thought.


    I was a little sceptical about these tablets as there’s so many on the market claiming to do the same thing. But after reading great reviews I thought I’d give it a try. My main concern was thinning hair and I found these tablets did make a difference in terms of volume. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and will definitely continue to use the tablets.
  48. Noticing a difference


    I bought the 90 day capsules for this product and it looks like it has been working. I have quite thin hair and every time I tie my hair up in a high pony tail there are always gaps/ you can see my scalp which I have always been very insecure about so I have only been tying my hair in a low pony tail. After taking these for nearly 3 months now, the other day I tied up my hair in a high ponytail an...
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  49. Supplements that work!


    I’ve been using these for 3 months and really do think they work! I have noticed lots of baby hairs which is a good sign.
  50. Stronger hair in 4 weeks


    I get my hair dyed blonde every 10 weeks and have quite fine hair and this product has changed my hair in just 4 weeks! Highly recommend
  51. been on for 3 months now


    Kind of stopped for awhile after I finished this pack.
    Love how it made my hair stronger, and longer.
  52. I don't know about this


    To be honest, after taking these for three months I didn't really see a difference to my hair growth or energy levels. But, I'm pretty healthy and I've read that supplements only really work if your diet is lacking so maybe I've already got enough zinc and iodine in my diet. Who knows? Everybody is different....
  53. Seems to be working!


    I started using these vitamins at the start of the year, and while the growth hasn't been drastic (my hair grows very slowly) I have definitely noticed a difference. Some friends have commented that my hair has grown, and I do think it's gotten thicker. I definitely want to keep using them.
  54. 2 weeks in


    At this stage I haven’t noticed a difference yet, I purchased this product because I loose quite a bit of hair and my is thinning out. I am very excited hopefully see results within the next month.
    I have also not noticed any difference in my energy levels.
  55. Improved Energy


    I've been using this product for six months.

    Earlier last year a lot of my hair fell out due to stress and my hair went quite thin. Since taking this product my hair has been coming back thicker and lusher. I can feel a difference in the thickness of my hair and I don't have as much breakage. My hair has more bounce and I have increased the amount of baby hair around my temples. Usu...
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  56. Noticing a difference


    I have been taking these tablets for nearly a month now and have definitely noticed my hair getting stronger with less hairs falling out and looking healthier. My energy levels are also very good at the moment too and have found myself exercising a bit more
  57. I think it works


    From all the before and after pics online I decided to try this out as I do think I have some thinning hair and it is coloured (i.e. damaged). I do think I've noticed more hair growth (e.g. baby hairs) although to be fair I haven't really done a before and after photo, and comparing this to when I didn't take these tablets. Will keep repurchasing though.
  58. pretty noticeable


    not sure if it’s just me hoping, but after three months they have worked pretty well. it is not a miracle product but can definitely tell the difference. i’m excited to see how much progress i can make
  59. Great product


    I have been using these for over a month now and I have noticed how much thicker my hair has been with a lot less breakage. I have also notice a difference in my skin i usually have very oily break out prone skin but after taking these my skin doesn’t seem to break out as much and with the odd pimple here and there I notice they clear up a lot quicker than normal. Great product would definitely re...
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  60. So far so good


    Have been using for a month and have noticed some changes, will continue to use.
  61. Bad Haircut, No problem


    I have been taking this for months now and 100% agree with all the other 5 star reviews, this has made my hair grow faster than normal and thicker!
  62. Must-have


    I've been taking these hair supplements for 6 months now and the results have been incredible - lesser hair falls, new baby hair growth, and stronger hair. I recommend this product!!
  63. it works for me


    had taken this for a month now, going on my second bottle,and saw huge length differences.
    should be stronger from the root too since i see less hair coming off.
  64. Amazing results


    After loosing so much hair after having a baby I was willing to try anything to promote hair growth and this product didn’t disappoint. I have been using this for 3 months and have seen a significant decrease with hair loss, hair has become thicker and is growing at much quicker rate. Will continue using this product.
  65. A great supplement


    I’ve been using Hair and Energy for over a year now and have really noticed a difference in the regrowth on my thinning scalp. The hair part really works but I don’t feel like I have any more energy through out the day.
  66. No noticeable improvement


    I’ve been taking these religiously for about 4 months now, however I haven’t seen any noticeable improvement in the quality of my hair. I also didn’t feel that I had any kore energy than usual. Don’t think I’ll be purchasing these again.
  67. Love the product


    I've been using this for awhile and loving the results
  68. Actually work!


    Been using this product for months now! My hair has never been stronger, longer and healthy!! Couldn’t believe it when Adore beauty started stocking it!
  69. This works!


    This is definitely not a miracle worker, but it works! I noticed my hair felt fuller and healthier. A little less breakage as well! It has only been 2 weeks so will give it a bit more time!
  70. get it! NOW

    Mama Shaz

    A girlfriend of mine recommended this to me as my hair is very fine and I feel like I'm actually balding and now I can safety say that I have been using this for a few months now and WOW. Honestly just try it out you will love it
  71. This has been the best supplement i've ever used


    I recently finished chemotherapy and have struggled a lot with my hair loss. I couldn't be happier with how thick and healthy my hair has grown over the last 3 months. A lot of girls in a cancer Facebook page suggested I try this and I can not be happier with the results. Will continue using this!


    This is the most amazing hair growth supplement I have ever used! I have hair that is thin, but LOTS of it, and it just seems to not be able to grow past my shoulders. I have taken a wide variety of supplements over the last 5-6 years, and nothing has really worked - or perhaps did temporarily. I am into my 5th month of taking JS Health Hair + Energy, and my hair is the longest and healthiest it h...
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  73. Unsure...


    I have been using these hair vitamins for around a month now (combined with bondi boost shampoo & conditioner). I have definitely noticed a thicker and fuller hairline around the front of my face and hair seems to be thicker with less breakage. I will continue to use but do not expect massive results quickly. No change in energy levels
  74. I think it works


    It’s hard to know if this works or if it’s just my hair growing, but I definitely FELT like it worked. Was hard to remember to take it every day though. But I have recommended it to friends, and would purchase again when I need my hair to grow.
  75. Thickens up the hairline


    Some people say they notice a difference in 2 weeks but my results have just started in the first 5-6 weeks.
    My hair line has filled in a lot and there’s lots of new baby hairs.
    I’ll continue these for a good 6 months to see if it will help thicken your my mid section / ends
    I have also seen a great improvement in my adult acne
  76. Really helped my damaged hair


    These tablets really helped my hair growth. It took time. It wasn’t some overnight miracle it took 6-8 weeks before I noticed a difference in health and growth. I also made sure I did a weekly hair mask (coconut oil left in for 1 hour and washed out)
  77. Amazing

    Chele Pagno

    I'm so glad that I tried these after months of wondering if they are THAT good from all the reviews I read. So yes, they are definitely worth the purchase. Thank you for creating such wonderful products to help us feel and look our best!
  78. A world of difference


    This product has transformed my hair! Over two months it has become thicker, healthier and noticeably longer. Will continue to repurchase.
  79. A must have


    Love these... I don’t see a great difference energy wise however my hair feels and looks great. I have damaged coloured blonde hair. It’s mostly frizzy and I use to have to use a straightener after I washed it for it to look nice. After taking these my hair is so much more manageable. Would recommend
  80. amazing


    great tablets, i love how this comes in a set so they last for three months to give me the maximum hair growth. Definitely recommend!
  81. Helps skin clear


    I have been taking these tablets along with the SKIN AND DIGESTION tablets (I don’t think adore beauty stocks them) and they have completely cleared my skin. I had breakouts from going off the pill/hormones and they were healed within a few weeks of being on these tablets and now I only get them very occasionally. HIGHLY recommend.
  82. Hype is true


    Really does help with skin and hair, I’ll stick with it for a few months and hope to see consistency with the results. Worth the money
  83. Yes


    I have been using these for two weeks now and have noticed a massive difference in my SKIN - what a bonus! Definitely no tummy upsets like lots of other ‘hair/beauty’ supplements. Will definitely continue to take, hoping to see hair results within another month.
  84. Favourite hair vitamin


    Lives up to its hype! I've seen improvements in my overall hair quality and lots of baby hairs growing.
  85. Everyday essential


    I noticed a big change in my energy levels after the first week, then it slowly diminished however I became inconsistent in taking the vitamins. I have noticed heaps of baby hairs appearing along my hair linr, fantastic!
  86. Better skin and energy


    I started taking these 3 months ago as well as the skin and digestion ones which adore dont sell but they have them on the JShealth site. My skin has cleared up completely. I wake up in the morning feeling awake and refreshed (before my alarm?!) these vitamins have been an amazing improvement to my overall health!!
  87. So far so good

    Mrs S

    I've been taking these tablets for 4 months and I think it's helping with my hair growth and energy levels. I'm stick with it for another 4 months and see how I go. It's great to be supporting a start up in this area rather than a big corporate which is what I've always done in the past.
  88. Hair supplement that makes a difference


    I have tried many supplements before and none of them worked. This product strengthens your hair, makes it shiny and healthy. I am 48 and this is the thickest my hair has every been. It's the Zinc and Iodine that makes the difference, all derived from natural products.
  89. Great for damaged hair!


    I had badly damaged hair and started these hair vitamins 3-4 weeks ago (having them daily) and my hair health has improved massively. Barely any damage left and no split ends. My hair has repaired itself from within! I haven’t had much length improvement but hope to see that in the next few months now that my hair is more repaired. I also used BONDIBOOST hair sprays and products with these tablets...
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  90. Just buy it!


    You will not regret it. Absolutely works and I’ve changed nothing in my diet except these.

    Hair is longer and thicker than ever.
  91. for my mum and me


    So seeing this deal which is perfect for mum and me, where I took the 30 pills (which is a month) and gave mum the 2 months bottle for her to try.
    She started first and saying she saw less hair dropping already after a month of consumption.
  92. Worth a try


    Have used these for around 2 months and definitely noticed a difference in the length of my hair. Quite expensive but the combination of ingredients are really great
  93. Was skeptical but this is the real deal


    Whenever I see any product trending on instagram I'm skeptical but after reading all the amazing reviews on here I thought it worth a try. WOW I noticed the results straight away! After only 2 weeks my hairdresser commented on how many baby hairs I had!

    The life changing added benefit I found is the regulation of my body temperature! After struggling for years, this product brought m...
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  94. Great product


    My sister got this product a month ago and her hair growth was amazing. Giving it a try. Only been using it for a week but eager to see the results soon.
  95. These are amazing


    I kept seeing these on Instagram and had to try them, both for my boyfriend and I! It's only been a week and we have noticed a difference already! Hair is already a little thicker, and energy levels have been a lot better, even during those 3pm afternoon slumps. I can't wait to see the results in a few weeks time! A little expensive for vitamins but worth it.
  96. Works slowly but surely


    I bought these vitamins after seeing all of the real life reviews on Instagram and thought I’d give them a go.
    I have thinning hair around my forehead and after taking these I’ve definitely noticed some baby hairs growing back. Personally it’s taken me about 3 months to notice a difference and am happy they’re making a change. I don’t see any increase in my energy levels but they are great f...
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