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JSHealth 2 Month Hair + Energy 60 capsules

4.6 of 118 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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Nurture your body from the inside out with JSHealth Hair + Energy. Containing both Iodine and Zinc, these dietary supplements are formulated to maintain healthy, strong and voluminous hair, and promote wellbeing and healthy energy levels throughout the day.

  • Australian Made

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Fine or limp hair

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JSHealth 2 Month Hair + Energy Reviews

4.6 of 118 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Tried and true


Enforce purchasing this product I read the reviews and was bit dubious about the benefits. I am now on my third bottle and believe my hair is better for it. My hair type is on the finer limped side but now I feel it Much thicker and a little more luxurious. I did not wish to write this review until after a few months to ensure that it lived up to the hype.... but it does.

Most Helpful Criticism

Didn't notice much difference


It's been 2 weeks, taking this regularly, but haven't seen much of a difference, my hair is still thinning out. Maybe I need a bit more patient, perhaps it will take longer to see noticeable results.
  1. Tried and true


    Enforce purchasing this product I read the reviews and was bit dubious about the benefits. I am now on my third bottle and believe my hair is better for it. My hair type is on the finer limped side but now I feel it Much thicker and a little more luxurious. I did not wish to write this review until after a few months to ensure that it lived up to the hype.... but it does.
  2. Great Product


    My fionce hair was very thin now it is very thick
  3. A miracle


    I was hesitant to try these as I thought they would just be load of rubbish HOWEVER these are the best things I have ever tried! My hair grows so so fast and so many baby hairs are sprouting through! I haven't noticed much difference to the strength of my hair but I have noticed some thinner areas around my scalp have filled in!
  4. Amazing!


    I’ve been dying my brunette hair blonde for about 10 years so as you can imagine, it’s not in the best shape. But with taking these has made a big difference. It took about 6-8 weeks to notice the first change, with my hair looking a lot thicker and then after about 12 weeks, I started noticing more length. I’ve been taking them for 12 months now and don’t think I’ll ever stop!
  5. Just dont see any difference

    Anna May

    As someone who takes my hairs health very seriously, if my hair isn't great i don't feel great. I took these religiously for the 2 months which is when all the reviews i have read said they started to see the difference in their hair. I personally have seen no difference in my hair or my energy levels. I really wanted these to work and see some difference in my hair but unfortunately i haven't.
  6. Good product


    Ive been taking this product for a week now. I have already noticed less daily loss of hair. I think it would have good long term affects so Im keen to give it a fews months to see whats happens
  7. So far so good!


    I have been using these for a couple months now and i am just about to order some more. It has been amazing for me, really helped to grow more hair back that was thinning out. My hair is much healthier and shiny. You can definitely notice the changes! Love it!
  8. On my third bottle


    With my auto immune disease my hair doesn’t grow however with taking this it’s growing & healthy!!
    If it can work on me it can work on anyone! Get onto it & stick with it
    Tablets are a little bit to swallow but you get used to it
  9. YES


    These are really good. I have one every morning with breakfast and notice more energy throughout the day! Also I've had lots of new baby hairs coming. I didn't get these to help my hair grow but more so for my overall hair health. Don't know if it's related as well, but my nails have been growing quickly and feeling very strong.
  10. Yes recommend


    verified purchaser
    I used this till I got pregnant and yes I found results I had new hair beaming through within couple months I will take them once I stop b feeding totally recommend as hair food
  11. Great vitamins


    Purchased these and have only just started taking them. Have taken process shots, so will update once my first bottle is finished
  12. Loved these


    I really loved these for when I gave birth and started loosing a lot more hair than usual. It completely helped and now my hair doesn’t continually fall out in the shower as much as it used to at all!
  13. Stronger blonder


    I get my hair dyed blonde every 10 weeks and have quite fine hair and this product has changed my hair in just 4 weeks! Highly recommend
  14. it actually works!


    haven’t been using this for too long, but i can see a noticeable difference in my hair. it is so much stronger and i can definitely tell it’s getting thicker and longer. love it!
  15. Life changing.


    My hair feels significantly thicker and healthier after only a short time of using this product, highly recommend.
  16. Energy boost


    I bought this as a supplement for my hair, but within days I've also noticed a big boost in energy! I genuinely wasn't expecting to notice a difference in my energy levels but I have. Can't wait to see what it does for my hair.
  17. 100% works for post partum hair issues


    If you want quick hair growth, this is the product for you. I've never used anything so effective. My hair grew 2 inches in 8 weeks and is thicker and healthier than ever, post pregnancy. I didn't notice any different to my energy levels but wasn't concerned about that anyway.
  18. Great daily addition


    Love the results after 2months alot of hair growth.
  19. Hairline regrowth


    After taking this product for 2 months I've noticed a difference in the number of baby hairs that are appearing at the hairline despite not having many expectations for the product. I've also noticed that my hair is stronger at the roots too and I'm now losing less hair than before.
  20. Actually works


    My hair has grown so much, it actually works. I wanted to grow out my hair, so it healthier and I have noticed such a different. Recommending this to anyone my sister also bought some as well.
  21. Hair appears healthy with continued use


    I have blonde highlighted hair and over the years, it has seen a bit of damage due to the constant hair dye. This seems to make my hair healthy with continued use and I have less hair fallout.
  22. Best Vitamins Ever

    Julia Hothersall

    As a make up and beauty products maniac I had to try JD Health Vitamins as everyone has been raving about them on the internet for a while now. And OMG I wish I tried it earlier as I can’t imagine my life without these vitamins. I have been struggling with my hair growth and hair thinning for a few years now due to minerals deficiency but after I started using JS Health Hair + Energy I saw signifi...
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  23. I was losing my hair but JS Health saved me


    Mid-last year I was going through a stressful period and noticed my hair was falling out in clumps. Leaving me with very thin hair from a once beautifully thick head of hair. Hair and Energy was recommended to me by a friend and after a month of taking them, I had baby hairs everywhere! About three months on I noticed comparing photos of myself how much my hair had grown and how thick it had becom...
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  24. Amazing!


    Started with the one month supply and noticed a difference as my hair extensions were growing out quicker than normal! My hair is a lot thicker and is the longest it has ever been in my life. I have purchased the two month supply and cannot wait to see how long and strong my hair can get! I also want to try the other range from JS Health!
  25. Amazing product!


    I honestly couldn’t believe my results when I looked at my before and after photos(I recommend doing this to see just how much your hair grows). My hair grew a significant amount and also thickened.
  26. 10/10


    I have been using these now for over 2 months, I was skeptical as I have used hair supplements before and not had many results. However I have found my hair has less breakage and has new growth, I can;t wait to see what another 2 months does.
  27. Quality hair vitamins!


    I have tried a lot of brands claiming to help with hair growth and nails...... and a lot of them them don’t work.
    JS does! I couldn’t speak more highly of this brand and product!
    I’ve been using for months now and will never buy another product, other than this one!
  28. Works well to regrow hair!


    I have struggled over the last few years with hair thinning, particularly in a spot at the front of my hairline due to vitamin deficiencies. This product has worked incredibly well at helping my hair thicken and regrow in the areas that had thinned at the front. The results are clear to see from all of the little baby hairs that are popping up! I can't comment on any noticeable spikes in energy le...
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  29. Excellent


    This has helped my hair, skin and energy levels. I was recommended by a friend to be disciplined with it and take it at the same time everyday. Very happy with the results!
  30. It works!


    I have thin blonde hair with wispy ends that has been damaged from having tape hair extensions for 5 years. I took the extensions out and just left my hair for 6 months and it barely grew. I’ve been using these vitamins for about 5 months now and I can definitely feel a difference. It’s nearly doubled in thickness and barely sheds. I get regular trims every 8-10 weeks and my hairdresser has barel...
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  31. Very excited & driven for results


    I have had my eye on these tablets for a long time are trying to review every review I could get my hands on. I am one week into using them and although no noticeable changes to my energy, I have noticed an ever so slight change in the length of my hair. I am really excited to see what happens in another 2-3 weeks and have taken photos to check!
  32. Didn't notice much difference


    It's been 2 weeks, taking this regularly, but haven't seen much of a difference, my hair is still thinning out. Maybe I need a bit more patient, perhaps it will take longer to see noticeable results.
  33. Best hair supplement

    Josie B

    I’ve used many of these over the years this is the only product to work

    One tablet a day I literally have frizz abs baby hair glowing every where it’s amazing !
  34. This really works


    I’ve been taking JS Health hair and energy vitamins for over 3 months now. I have naturally thin/limp hair that sheds like crazy. I have seen such an improvement in my hair health. My hair feels thicker, is growing fast, looks shinier and I’m loosing much less of it. I feel like these vitamins have contributed to my hair holding my semi permanent colour for longer. I will continue to buy these 100...
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  35. This really works


    I’ve been taking JS Health hair and energy vitamins for over 3 months now. I have naturally thin/limp hair that sheds like crazy. I have seen such an improvement in my hair health. My hair feels thicker, is growing fast, looks shinier and I’m loosing much less of it. I feel like these vitamins have contributed to my hair holding my semi permanent colour for longer. I will continue to buy these 100...
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  36. AMAZING!


    I have been using this for months and it has made my hair so much thicker and lots of new growth. I struggled with keeping thickness and length due to being blonde. Definitely love this product.
  37. Pretty good


    Ive been taking these tablets now for 3-4 months and its definitely helped me grow more baby hairs and a little bit of length but nothing dramatic. Either way its a great supplement to take. My skin seems to benefit from it. I also take the skin and digestion tablets by JShealth. I think it really depends on the person some people naturally take on supplements easily and hair grows faster.
  38. Amazing


    These have really helped my hair health. I am super impressed with them! Loving them.
  39. Well and truly a converted skeptic


    A few people had told me about this product and their amazing results so I previously purchased the 1 month bottle and oh my gosh!! I didn’t believe it would work but the difference already is amazing. I can’t wait to see the results after the next 2 months!
  40. Good results


    I started using this after using the debloat and detox. I just purchased my second bottle as I can see new hairs growing and feel as though my hair has grown and it is feeling super healthy. I do use good hair products and try take care of my blonde hair but have found that these supplements have also helped immensely. I am excited to see how another two months on this range will treat my hair
  41. Didn't notice any difference


    I took this product for two months and didn't really notice much difference in my hair.
  42. Internal booster


    Amazing at nourishing from the inside out! I’ve noticed wonderful results in the growth of my hairline in the first month. I also feel more energised which is a plus!
  43. Didn’t see any improvement


    I’ve purchase a 2-month supply twice now and have been taking these religiously, however I haven’t seen any noticeable improvement in the quality of my hair. I also didn’t feel that I had any kore energy than usual. Don’t think I’ll be purchasing these again.
  44. Gives lots of energy


    Definitely gave me plenty of energy but I didn't notice any change in my hair texture which is why I originally purchased them
  45. Hair growth miracle!


    Last year my hair was falling out, breaking and thinning pretty badly. Using these vitamins over a 3-4 month period made my hair grow so quickly and the hair fibres so much stronger. Didn’t notice my energy levels increasing, but that wasn’t the primary reason for trying these so I didn’t mind.
  46. Great product


    I really noticed a difference with this supplement. Energy levels were slightly higher but more noticeable was the increased thickness and healthy appearance in my hair.
  47. Made my hair healthy


    My hair is so much healthier now because of this product
  48. It’s ok


    Been taking these for 3 months, not sure if it’s done anything to my hair, although these do give you energy!


    I've been taking these tablets since approx. Sept last year. My hair grew a lot after taking these tablets. I'm not sure they really assisted much with energy, but they did assist with health strength, growth and breakage.

  50. Excellent Hair Growth!!


    Am absolutely in love with hair and energy tablets! I have been using the hair and energy tablets for almost 1 year now and have noticed dramatic changes! Thicker, stronger, more volume. I am amazed! Definitely would recommend trying this!
  51. works over time


    i love that you get a two month supply as that is exactly how long it took me to see results - healthier hair and overall wellbeing. I've since purchased an extra 2 bottles to maintain hair growth and energy levels.
  52. I noticed a difference


    Taking this every morning - I eventually noticed a difference in my hair and its volume - it also assisted with my skin. I did not re-purchase due to its price but bought something similar after seeing how my body reacted to her product! Definitely worth trying!
  53. Multiple Benifit’s


    On my second bottle and can see my hair is growing faster( I can tell by my regrowth) also my nails seem stronger too even think possibly my eyelashes and eyebrows are benefiting.
  54. Didn’t really do anything


    I stopped using apotecari mane event to try this supplement, as it was a bit cheaper, and now I know why!!!!
    worst choice I ever made after two months of using it my hair was back to falling out, dry and just look terrible
  55. Helped repair my hair


    These tablets really helped my hair growth. It took time. It wasn’t some overnight miracle it took 6-8 weeks before I noticed a difference in health and growth. I also made sure I did a weekly hair mask (coconut oil left in for 1 hour and washed out)
  56. Multiple benefits


    I have been taking this supplement for approximately 3 months and I have been pleased by the positive response that my hair, skin and nails have made. Clear skin and healthy, shiny hair!
  57. Good product


    Been taking it for a while now and I can visually see that my hair is more shiny and healthy looking.
  58. Amazing!


    I absolutely swear by these! I'm so glad I tried them, was skeptical at first but they do work! All my terrible baby hairs grew back, my nails grew heaps and we're alot stronger also!
  59. average


    works like an average hair and skin products. didn't notice any difference in hair growth or my energy.
  60. Works great!


    My hair was thinning around the hairline so I thought that I may as well give this a go. My hair has not only grown back, but it's long and thick. I am onto my 3rd month so consistency is definitely key. I can't really say whether or not it helped with my energy though as I don't personally notice a difference with that.
  61. best results


    these tablets are amazig. they made my hair grow like crazy and made it look very healthy and thick. Definitely recommend!
  62. amazing results


    ordered this a month ago and have been very pleased with the outcomes. my hair is much healthier and has grown significantly.
  63. Hair is healthy!


    This product has strengthened my hair and made it grow, just within a few months! 1 tablet daily and I’ve noticed changes in my hair. Fantastic and would recommend to anyone wanting to grow their hair fast!
  64. These truly work!


    I've tried other hair vitamins before with minimal results. I have been using these for two months now and I have had so much new growth! I have just repurchased.
  65. Amazing results


    My hair has never felt better, I have fine hair and had bald patches around my forehead, the results are amazing, not only has my hair grown in these areas, but im finding my hair has thickened all together and has so much more life. In 6 months my hair has grown incredibly fast from just past my shoulders to almost my waist. I cat wait to try the rest of this range.
  66. Actually Works


    A few people had told me about this product and their amazing results so I previously purchased the 1 month bottle and oh my gosh!! I didn’t believe it would work but the difference already is amazing. I can’t wait to see the results after the next 2 months!
  67. Wow I’m impressed


    I actually feel really good now I’ve been taking these for a month. I don’t feel crazy tired by 3am and have noticed some hair growth! I’ve noticed less fall out when I brush my hair too.
  68. Postpartum hair loss


    Struggling with PPHL i found this helped A LOT. Baby hairs growing back quickly and noticeably
  69. i think it works


    i have been take this everyday for a few weeks and i can see the different of my hair, and it is not expensive thou~highly recommend
  70. Grow my pretty!


    I suffer from an immune disorder these tablets have helped my hair grow!


    WOW! i was impressed with these after the first month of trying i have noticed new hair re growth and i couldn't be more happy! im going to purchase the 2 month one next time! super impressed!
  72. Instantly works


    This works only after a few days. I have been raving about it and have even bought a bottle for my husband to try.
  73. Definitely an ongoing purchase


    I have been using hair + energy for 3 months now and my hair is so strong and has grown so much. Will be using this as I try to grow my hair out for my wedding next year. Highly recommend!
  74. Hair and skin improvement


    I have been taking these tablets along with the SKIN AND DIGESTION tablets (I don’t think adore beauty stocks them) and they have completely cleared my skin. I had breakouts from going off the pill/hormones and they were healed within a few weeks of being on these tablets and now I only get them very occasionally. I haven’t noticed as much difference with my hair but have had heaps of new baby hai...
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  75. okayish


    i've noticed a slight difference in hair growth but i really cant tell if its natural or because of the product. my energy levels havent increased. might repurchase to see if the growth continues
  76. Great booster


    I’ve been on these for only two weeks and can see baby hairs filling in my hair line fast.
    My hair is also not tangling as easy I’m pretty happy I’ve taken other hair vitamins like hair skin and nails and biotin but I’ve never seen results this fast and effective
  77. Great for hair


    Love these tablets. I suffer from thinning patches at the front of my hairline/forehead so started using these tablets. After about 6 months I noticed more baby hairs growing and my hair in general was growing so fast! I don't feel it does much for the energy side of things but it's great for the hair. I can now tie my hair up with less skin showing!
  78. Super impressed


    I have been using these for two weeks now and have noticed a massive difference in my SKIN - what a bonus! Definitely no tummy upsets like lots of other ‘hair/beauty’ supplements. Will definitely continue to take, hoping to see hair results within another month.
  79. Amazing for skin and hair!


    I purchased these tablets and the SKIN/DIGESTION (only available on the JS site) ones about 3 months ago and take daily and have seen dramatic results with clearing my skin! I also wake up each morning not feeling so tired and ugh. Haven’t seen huge difference in hair growth but my hair usually doesn’t grow quickly. It is healthier though. Highly recommend both of them.
  80. Good for energy


    But not sure if its helped my hair grow at all really
  81. Extreme hair growth


    I started taking this supplement when I noticed my hair was quiet thin and wouldn’t grow. I took a before photo and within one week I noticed a massive difference in the thickness of my hair.
    I’m currently on my 4 bottle and the amount of new growth I have is crazy, it’s defiantly the best my hair has felt in a while and the little short/fuzzy bits around my face have grown dramatically.
  82. they work!


    have been using these for a while and i love them. can definitely tell the difference
  83. Worth the Investment


    I’ve been using these tablets for over 2 months now. I have seen a difference in my hair it does seem thicker and healthier. Hasn’t grown hair is the baldish places like I’ve seen advertised but enough everywhere else to keep on buying. No difference in energy levels.
  84. Absolutely worth it


    I started using these tablets because I am a blonde and dying my hair constantly has damaged it so much causing it not to grow. After 2 months of using these tablets, I saw a huge difference in hair growth, all my baby hairs are growing and I couldn’t be happier.
  85. Amazing!


    This product has been amazing in helping promote hair growth after seeing lots of hair loss, I haven't seen any changes in my energy levels, but can definitely recommend to those struggling with thinning hair.
  86. How is it possible?


    I spend a lot of time in the ocean and my thinnest hairs tend to dry out and break off. I started to become self-conscious about the thinning appearance around my hairline, so I started taking these vitamins. I noticed a difference within 10 days. It's been 2 months now and I've already re-ordered. I'm not noticing crazy length, but my hair feels thicker, looks thicker around my hairline and I've...
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  87. So far so good


    Suffering from pretty bad post partum hair loss. Within two days of taking these my skin cleared up (I only had minor blemishes). My hair is longer coming out in clumps, no new regrowth yet but drastically less hair loss.
  88. AMAZING product! - It really works


    AMAZING product!

    Definitely recommend this product! I'm usually sceptical about these things & was worried this was an insta trend until one of my colleges tried it. She sent me a before photo and i couldn't believe it

    After 1 month of using this I noticed my baby hairs started getting thicker & longer which made me look less bold. Theres a huge difference when i look at...
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  89. Amazing for hair growth!

    Gemma (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Have been using this product for 2 months and have noticed significant growth of my hair which is what I was really hoping to achieve. I saw my hairdresser on the weekend and even she was shocked at how much hair had grown within 6-8 weeks! I also noticed that my energy levels have risen significantly and I am no longer craving an afternoon coffee!!
    Cannot recommend this product enough.
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  90. have noticed results already!


    i have only been using these for a few weeks and already my hair feels so much stronger. i also feel a lot less tired during the day. definitely recommend!
  91. Initaly skeptical but a big convert!


    I am very skeptical about taking vitamins, as I feel like many on the market are ripping customers off. I had heard so many good things about these that I just gave in and gave them a go. I was shocked at my results within the first 2 months and now converted and wont stop taking them! My hair and energy levels are great, and as a nurse I find my energy was low before but now is elevated! Also gre...
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  92. healthy, thick, shiny hair


    After bleaching my hair and having extensions for the best part of 5 years, my hair was not growing at the rate it used to, nor did it have any kind of natural shine. After using this for about a month, I have noticed my hair quality is drastically improving. My ends feel less course and I have really shiny healthy-looking hair. So far, I don't think its actually made my hair grow at all, but I'm ...
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  93. Great for hair


    I have been taking these hair vitamins for 3 weeks now and have just started to see some results - healthier feeling hair and less split ends. I haven’t seen rapid growth yet but will continue to take these for a couple months. The state of my hair has already improved in 3 weeks which has been great. I also have been taking these with the skin vitamins by JS hair and love them!
  94. Really works!


    I am such a skeptic of vitamins.

    You need to ensure you have enough healthy vegetables and collagen boosting foods to get the most out of a vitamin.

    But that being said, whilst I do eat tons of veggies and follow a no junk diet, my hair has easily grown by an inch in a month. The condition feels thicker and shinier too. I have fine hair, but a lot of it and can’t believe ...
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  95. they work!


    i have had the best results with these supplements, they showed results straight away and work so well. I haven’t had any side effects and showed great results
  96. They really work


    Really love these hair and energy vitamins. I have been taking them for almost 6 months now and my hair is in great condition. I got them because I cut my hair short after having it very very long for ages, but then I missed it being long again so wanted to accelerate the growth. I noticed a difference in strength and shine of my hair too. Def recommend and I think I will keep taking it again as i...
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  97. A new friend for haircare


    I have tried countless products including Bondi boost to help improve my thin and fragile hair. I was recommended this product by a colleague and thought why not give it a go. I am now on my third bottle (3 months) and am amazed at how my hair is finally thickening up. I have new hairs growing a now a little crown of new hairs but happy to deal with fly-aways knowing my hair is finally growing th...
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  98. I Could Cry


    Ok so basically my hair is my life.
    I had my daughter 3 1/2 years ago. During pregnancy my hair was just amazing. After my daughter was born my hair started to thin out. Normal.

    Only about 4 months ago my scalp just became oily. I had no idea why. Nothing had changed in my diet/lifestyle. To be honest it started to get me down, so I tried all different shampoos, conditioners,...
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  99. This stuff is amazing


    Great formula, love that its Australian made. im three weeks in and have see less hair loss
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