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JSHealth 2 Month Hair + Energy 60 capsules

4.5 of 189 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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Nurture your body from the inside out with JSHealth Hair + Energy. Containing both Iodine and Zinc, these dietary supplements are formulated to maintain healthy, strong and voluminous hair, and promote wellbeing and healthy energy levels throughout the day.

  • Australian Made

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Fine or limp hair

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JSHealth 2 Month Hair + Energy Reviews

4.5 of 189 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Fantastic post partum results


After the 4 month post partum hair loss started to kick in (hair falling out in giant handfuls and bald patches appearing at my hairline) I started these. Took about 4-6 weeks to see results but now can see significant hair growth in the balding spots. Will be continuing to take these, very impressed.

Most Helpful Criticism

hard to tell


hard to tell if this actually does much or if your hair is just growing naturally....
  1. Fantastic post partum results


    After the 4 month post partum hair loss started to kick in (hair falling out in giant handfuls and bald patches appearing at my hairline) I started these. Took about 4-6 weeks to see results but now can see significant hair growth in the balding spots. Will be continuing to take these, very impressed.
  2. Love these

    Tara Colledge

    I’ve been taking these for a few months now and my hair is growing and much stronger
  3. Contains iodine


    In terms of energy levels, yes, this product did make me feel more energised but I stopped taking them halfway through the first bottle as I was concerned about the iodine levels. Lesson learnt - read the ingredients before purchasing!
  4. Appear to be working


    I’ve been taking these tablets for about 6 months now and my hair is growing and is in a better condition. I also like that I notice my energy levels are better when I have taken this in the morning
  5. So good for hair!


    I’ve been using these for a year and i did see an improvement in the mirror over that time but it wasn’t till i saw a photo of the back of my hair 12 months apart and wow, the thickness and length my hair has grown in that time is amazing! It’s definitely helped my hair repair itself and finally start to heal. Taking pictures is the best way to see the difference. I’ve also seen an improvement in ...
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  6. helped with hair growth


    I purchased these to help with thinking around the hairline. After 2 months use, I didn't notice anything different around the hairline however can definitely confirm my grew LONG! No effect on energy.
  7. I think they're working!


    I think they're working, I have seen a bit of extra hair growth lately
  8. Works well after some time


    I am on my second bottle of this now and am only just starting to notice the difference in my hair. Hair is more moist and stronger with less split ends.
  9. So much growth- literally have sideburns now!


    Never thought I would see such results with this product, but WOW! The capsules are huge but I can and will take them now I can see clear results. I have fresh little baby hairs on my sideburns and around my hairline and generally feel that my hair is growing faster than it usually would!
  10. great


    I like taking these and my hair has been growing which is great
  11. Easy to use


    These are a simple way to add in some vitamins for hair growth, whilst it is hard to tell I do think they have worked a little bit
  12. This product really works!!


    This product works. I've been on the product for close to 4 months now and I really started seeing results at the 2 month mark.
    I was conscious of the thin patches of hair near the crown of my head and now I'm extremely pleased to see loads of baby hairs!
  13. helps hair growth


    after taking the pills consistently I definitely noticed more hair growth within 1-2 months
  14. The best hair supplement around

    Elle H

    Incredible! These absolutely work. My hair grows so fast when I take these and encourage hair growth around my hairline where I’ve never had any before! Amazing!
  15. Impressive


    After experiencing significant hair loss, I was happy to try anything as I have very fine thin hair and any hair loss is noticeable. I have been taking JSHair and energy for 3 months now and my head is covered in new hair. I am so impressed with these vitamins and the amount of new hair covering my head. I highly recommend giving these vitamins a try if you have suffered hair loss.
  16. Baby Hairs


    At first, I was sceptical about purchasing these vitamins, but now, I am about to purchase my third bottle. I did notice my hair growing faster, however the most noticeable changes were the amount of new baby hairs I grew around my hair line. I did not notice any benefit from the energy supplement though.
  17. amazing!


    love this vitamins helped so much
  18. Real results


    In general, I would say my hair is pretty good, I've never had many issues with it besides it changing from ringlets in year 10 to then more straight hair and now as a 21-year-old, it's almost dead straight. I've only been using this product for one month and my hair has grown heaps and definitely falls out less, I've received multiple comments from friends, family, and coworkers about how long an...
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  19. hard to tell


    hard to tell if this actually does much or if your hair is just growing naturally....
  20. Seeing some results


    I’ve been taking these tablets for two months and I think I’m seeing my baby hairs grow a lot quicker . I’m not sure about the energy levels though but hope to see some more improvements - I’ve just purchased another two months worth so hoping to get more out of it .
  21. Great for energy


    After using this for over a month, It has helped in terms of energy. For hair, I can't stay I noticed too much of an improvement, but maybe if I keep up I will start to see some changes.
    It is quite pricey, however, and I'm not sure if it is exactly cost effective in the long run.
  22. Wow


    I have been using these for three months, and I wasn't really noticing results until after three months and now I feel like my hair is looking longer, fuller and healthier everyday. I have recently changed shampoo and conditioner which I feel like may be part of noticing the results now but I am so excited to keep using these and keep watching my hair improve more and more.
  23. Blown away!!


    I was very sceptical to try this product as I’m sure a lot of people are with all the different hair growth products out there but I have to say I’m absolutely blown away with the results of these vitamins. I have short, bleached (very dry) hair and I’ve never seen it grow this fast this quick as well as improving the health and maintenance of my hair drastically! I started seeing results within ...
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  24. Good stuff


    I'm on my my third bottle now. I haven't noticed a huge improvement on my hair but definitely helped with my energy levels.

    Look forward to continue using and see more results.
  25. So far so good


    So far so good. Packaging is nice. The 2 months bottle is best value.
  26. Improves hair quality!


    I have never fallen for vitamins for hair growth or the likes...but looking at JS healths philosophy and reading reviews I said I would try these.
    My hair grows well but has been getting thinner and flatter looking over the years. After 6 weeks of taking about 5 tablets a week I noticed more shine and bounce in my hair. Its definitely grown a bit more also!
    Have not noticed any change ...
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  27. Best hair tablets, ever!


    I have tried many brands.... But these are the only tablets that gave me great results. I have been taking them consistently for over 1 year and my hair has changed! :) Give it a try!
  28. Good and easy!


    Love these vitamins really did notice my hair get stronger and healthier. Recommend it!
  29. Great product for length


    Enjoyed this one - think it helped with length but not sure about thickness and energy. Would try again to get a better sample.
  30. Do not risk it


    I noticed I was fatigued and breaking out, so I stopped taking them after a few weeks.
    I now have iodine-induced hypothyroidism, despite having no underlying thyroid condition before taking these vitamins. A quick scan of the medical literature shows that IIH often happens above 150mg of iodine - and these tablets contain 265mg. I'm now dealing with a receding hairline, aching muscles and ...
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  31. Not a fan - some unpleasant side effects


    I used this for the full 2 months, and I'm still not sure it helped my hair. I did see length growth, but I don't think it was necessarily at a faster rate than usual. I did not get added fullness, but I did notice more hair fall per wash, which may be due to the product accelerating my hair growth & fall cycle? One noticeable change is that I did notice some new baby hairs at my hairline. My ener...
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  32. Sadly didn’t see great results


    After reading so many fantastic reviews I was excited to try the Hair + Energy. It’s now been two months of taking this daily and I have not seen any significant results. Sadly my hair has not seen the boost in volume, strength or growth promised, I know products work differently for everyone, this was not the product for me. I have used other hair supplements before with much better results than ...
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  33. It's a no from me


    I was so excited to try these vitamins to help with hair growth but unfortunately, I did not notice a big difference in my hair growth after 2 months of the vitamins. I love JSHealth and all her wonderful books but sadly these did not work for me but they seem to work really well for lots of other people!
  34. It's a vitamin I swear by!

    Linda M

    I've been taking this or over a year now, my hair was in pretty bad shape and I was very self conscious about going to a hairdresser to get my hair cut and coloured (worried that they will judge the state of my hair, I've had it happen previously). But after taking this vitamin for only several months I finally got the confidence to go to a hairdresser and I loved what they did for me.
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  35. Hello hair growth


    I used this after experiencing post partum hair loss. I noticed that the hair I was loosing starting to grow back and it was thicker and stronger. It also helped my nail growth
  36. long lushes hair


    I have been using these vitamins for 3 months and my hair has grown so much, also is a lot thicker.
  37. Amazing!


    The best parcel and customer service experience ever, full sized free sample with purchase and a Tim tam
  38. Good


    These do work well. I didn't have any sort of crazy results. I found my nails growing faster and healthier too. Didn't notice improved energy
  39. 2 months later


    For all the skeptics out there
    - Does it give you energy???? yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!! too much! :)
    - does your hair look better?
    - I am not sure about hair, but my hairdresser did ask me what shampoo I was using... to be honest my hair grows pretty quickly so it is hard to say. But I do have to say that I have noticed a bit more volume and I have noticed that my nails act...
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  40. Amazing results!

    Al Cris

    I have been taking this vitamin for the last 8 months after it was recommended to me by a friend. I have very thin hair and had noticed I was starting to lose a lot of it. Since using JS Health hair and energy vitamins I have noticed a major difference. I have so much new hair growing, and my energy levels have increased as well. I will continue using this product!


    Okay so I have read some amazing reviews about this product so I decided to try for myself, I know everyone is different but I did see results within 1-2 weeks like wow my hair has stopped falling out, after 3-4 weeks now it's shiny as and so thick and my baby hairs are growing! I am so amazed! I got my GF on to this and she said she has seen amazing results with 1-2 weeks as well
  42. Helped a lot


    I’m really glad I gave these a go. My hair is so much healthier and stronger, it grows so quickly! I’m super impressed with them! I absolutely love them.
  43. love it


    i love these little magic pills, they have made my hair shinier and increased its growth rate immensely! I love it and can't wait to see more results.
  44. Healthy, thick hair!


    I was very sceptical of trying this product, as I have spent so much money on hair growth supplements in the past as my hair started thinning and falling out in the last year. But I'm so glad I gave it a go! As it's made my hair the thickest and healthiest it's been in years. I started off with 1 month to test it, and after seeing the results for myself i'm onto my 5th month. Will continue to buy ...
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  45. Best hair supplements


    Love this supplement, notice a difference in length after few weeks, thickness and strength of my hair. Definitely a game changer for me.
  46. Guess the Hype is true


    This product is so hyped and all over the internet so i finally bought it. I am using this since a week so obviously no difference in my hair, however, i did not notice my energy levels are a bit high - i was turning very lazy working from home, now i feel a bit more active!! I really want them to work on my hair, i have taken the before picture so that i can keep a track. I dont have problem grow...
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  47. Cannot live without


    I am a hairdresser so I’ve trialed a lot of these kinds of things. These are by far the BEST I’ve ever tried!
    Noticed results within 2-3 weeks. Hair felt thicker in the shower, less falling out, no scalp showing anymore. I couldn’t be happier and will never not use these again.
  48. Highly effective, cannot live without these!


    These supplements are incredible!!! They have been really successful for me, I find that my hair grows super fast using them and my hairdresser noticed a lot of new growth the last time I saw her. They are also amazing for nail growth too, my nails are long, strong and healthy.
    I feel like the energy component doesn't really do anything, but then again I don't struggle with a lack of energy ...
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  49. Worthwhile but pricey

    Mel King

    This product definitely improves the health and the feeling of your hair- provided you take them regularly over a long period of time.
  50. easy to use


    have only been using them for a few days but have high hopes! amazing reviews for this product and easy to ingest! x
  51. Really thick full hair after a month


    I have only been taking this vitamin for one month, every morning and I have found there is new hair growth around my hairline where I had a bit of postpartum hair loss. When I grab my hair at the roots, it feels fuller and heavier. I'm going to continue take these vitamins for another couple of months and hopefully see more hair growth and volume!


    My hair has never grown... and I mean NEVER... not since I was in primary school! 4 months in using this.. my hair is past my shoulders!!!! Like way past!!! I never thought I would feel my hair that far down in my life... I will be taking these vitamins for the rest of my life
  53. I liked it!

    Laura W

    I noticed an improvement with my hair, i didn't notice that much of a difference in energy. My hair wasn't falling out as much due to PCOS and I noticed it thicken up. I will be repurchasing.
  54. wow huge difference


    I was sceptical about this but WOW it made a huge difference to my hair. I recently (regrettably) got my hair cut super short and looked like Edna from the Incredibles. These tablets made my hair grow sooo FAST! within three weeks my hair had grown at least an inch and now it's at my boobs. tHANK GAWD.
    I actually had to stop taking them for a while as I get my hair dyed and it was growing o...
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  55. Quick results++


    Noticed hair growth very quickly after starting these tablets. Would definitely recommend these tablets to anyone. Amazing!!
  56. Hair regrowth and Strong Nails


    I've been taking these for 2 months now and have noticed how much regrowth I've had! My nails used to be brittle and weak but now they are strong as ever :)
  57. Actually work


    I was a bit skeptical of these claims, however i am on my 5th bottle and my once thin hair has doubled in thickness and just keeps on growing. Love love JSHealth work.
  58. absolute must have


    its been two weeks, and I'm already seeing baby hair growing in the bald patches! I had some terrible hair loss in a period of post-traumatic stress, where i lost clumps of hair, but this is doing miracles for my hair!
  59. Thick luscious hair


    After postpartum hair loss I had tried so many vitamins etc a friend recommended JShealth and now I have noticed my postpartum hair loss has slowed down and more hair is growing back giving me Luscious thick hair with the added bonus of more energy
  60. Definitely works with consistent use


    I have been taking the JS vitamins for two months and have had comments on how thick my hair has gotten - they definitely work with consistent use and when paired with other products like Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment / heat protectants etc.
  61. Hair breakage


    Better value than the 3 month package. Nice glass bottle packaging. Bought for hair that keeps snapping and gaps in hair in the hair part. Still yet to see results but if it works will definitely repurchase.
  62. Seem to be working


    I have been using these for over a month, just about to order my next bottle. Haven’t noticed much different in regards to my hair growing quicker as I had my hair trimmed but I have noticed that my hair isn’t falling out as much when brushing it etc and I have a lot of new baby hairs that have come through. I am hopeful my hair will start growing quickly now. In regards to the energy part of it, ...
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  63. Great for hair growth


    This product is amazing in terms of hair growth and nail strength. I repurchased a number of times before realising that it was actually impacting my anxiety. Just be mindful of the ‘energy’ component if you do suffer from anxiety or insomnia.
  64. long hair


    This product actually works and I feel so much more energetic
  65. I was skeptical, but I can see a lot of baby hairs after 2 months


    I was skeptical at first, especially after seeing all the instagram reviews (I don't trust instagram reviews) but it thought it would give it a shot, 2 months supply for under $50 is not a lot of money.
    It seems to be working, not a massive difference yet, I've only just finished 2 months supply but I am noticing a lot of new baby hairs!!
    On to my 2nd bottle now.
  66. this actually works!


    I dye my hair blonde and I started losing a lot of hair to where my hair dresser was even concerned. I decided to take these tablets along with using olaplex and both combined have done wonders. I have been using them for 12 months and my hair has doubled in thickness!
  67. Works alright


    I have a lot of trouble with my hair falling out, and found that these didn't really impact that issue however they did help my hair and nails to grow quickly and stronger than before.
  68. Obsessed!


    I am constantly recommending these hair & energy tablets to all of my friends and family. For years I have tried growing my hair and it would never grow past my shoulders, partly due to dying it blonde. BUT since I started using these tablets my hair has grown more in one year than it has in my life. I genuinely believe these work and they have helped with my hair growth so so much.
  69. Amazing product


    Very noticeable difference in length in one month of using this product.
  70. Great Product


    Very happy with the results on this supplement. I have seen a noticeable increase in the length of my hair since I have been taking these consistently. I don't think I really see much improvement in the density of my hair, but the growth is certainly a win. Also it gives me a great deal of energy for the day, extra win!! I have been using the JS Health supplements for a long time now, and only see...
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  71. No sure


    I’ve been taking these for nearly a month and haven’t seen a notice improvement in my hair yet but my nails are noticeably stronger and my energy is a little bit better!
  72. Just purchased my second bottle


    When I was taking this I didn't realise how much of a difference this made to my energy level. I would be able to get up early and go for a run without feeling tired at all. After I finish my first bottle I had a break where I didn't take this and honestly realised how good this was. I am so excited to receive more of this! It also helped with my hair growth for sure, it grew out faster than it no...
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  73. Huge improvement in hair


    I've been using these vitamins for about seven months. I have noticed a huge improvement in my hair growth, and it is now starting to get thicker as well. My hairdresser has been shocked whenever she sees me at how fast my hair has grown. My nails grow quicker also. I haven't noticed a difference in my energy levels. The two month bundle is the best value, trust me you will not want to stop taking...
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  74. My Hair is finally growing


    Extremely pleased with this. My hair has grown in length and i can see baby hairs sprouting in my bald spots. I also feel like the energy aspect is working, ive curbed my need for an afternoon coffee after starting these supplements.
  75. Heavy on the hair growth lacking on the energy


    These vitamins are amazing for hair growth but I didn’t find them to do too much for my energy levels unfortunately.
  76. Helps with energy


    I have been on these vitamins for 2 weeks and have already found a notice with my energy/mood while taking them! Haven't noticed any difference with my hair yet but have seen great results on my friends that have taken them for months
  77. It works


    I have been taken this vitamin for about 2 months now and worked wonderfully for me. My hair feels fuller and stronger.
  78. i think they work


    I really do think these have worked, obviously it is hard to tell but my hair is growing
  79. nothing new yet


    nothing different yet, but my friend had this and her hair grew a lot so I am going to wait and see
  80. A great boost


    These capsules worked really well for me when my skin and hair were looking really neglected and lacklustre. They made my hair really shiny and feel more healthy!
  81. Love JS Health supplements


    I have been using these hair vitamins for a couple months now. My hair personally takes a long time to grow so I haven't seen a noticeable growth change but my hair health has been great.
  82. Quality product


    This is a quality product. I only consumed one bottle, so didn't see stand-out results, however, I think with dedicated use it'd really work wonders. The ingredients in the formulation are certainly top-notch. My hair grows really fast as it is & is already strong, so I'm guessing that's one reason why I didn't notice results with this product. I would be interested to try it long-term to see how ...
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  83. Quality product


    This is a quality product. I only consumed one bottle, so didn't see stand-out results, however, I think with dedicated use it'd really work wonders. The ingredients in the formulation are certainly top-notch. My hair grows really fast as it is & is already strong, so I'm guessing that's one reason why I didn't notice results with this product. I would be interested to try it long-term to see how ...
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  84. Tried and true


    Enforce purchasing this product I read the reviews and was bit dubious about the benefits. I am now on my third bottle and believe my hair is better for it. My hair type is on the finer limped side but now I feel it Much thicker and a little more luxurious. I did not wish to write this review until after a few months to ensure that it lived up to the hype.... but it does.
  85. Great Product


    My fionce hair was very thin now it is very thick
  86. A miracle


    I was hesitant to try these as I thought they would just be load of rubbish HOWEVER these are the best things I have ever tried! My hair grows so so fast and so many baby hairs are sprouting through! I haven't noticed much difference to the strength of my hair but I have noticed some thinner areas around my scalp have filled in!
  87. Amazing!


    I’ve been dying my brunette hair blonde for about 10 years so as you can imagine, it’s not in the best shape. But with taking these has made a big difference. It took about 6-8 weeks to notice the first change, with my hair looking a lot thicker and then after about 12 weeks, I started noticing more length. I’ve been taking them for 12 months now and don’t think I’ll ever stop!
  88. Just dont see any difference

    Anna May

    As someone who takes my hairs health very seriously, if my hair isn't great i don't feel great. I took these religiously for the 2 months which is when all the reviews i have read said they started to see the difference in their hair. I personally have seen no difference in my hair or my energy levels. I really wanted these to work and see some difference in my hair but unfortunately i haven't.
  89. Good product


    Ive been taking this product for a week now. I have already noticed less daily loss of hair. I think it would have good long term affects so Im keen to give it a fews months to see whats happens
  90. So far so good!


    I have been using these for a couple months now and i am just about to order some more. It has been amazing for me, really helped to grow more hair back that was thinning out. My hair is much healthier and shiny. You can definitely notice the changes! Love it!
  91. On my third bottle


    With my auto immune disease my hair doesn’t grow however with taking this it’s growing & healthy!!
    If it can work on me it can work on anyone! Get onto it & stick with it
    Tablets are a little bit to swallow but you get used to it
  92. YES


    These are really good. I have one every morning with breakfast and notice more energy throughout the day! Also I've had lots of new baby hairs coming. I didn't get these to help my hair grow but more so for my overall hair health. Don't know if it's related as well, but my nails have been growing quickly and feeling very strong.
  93. Yes recommend


    I used this till I got pregnant and yes I found results I had new hair beaming through within couple months I will take them once I stop b feeding totally recommend as hair food
  94. Loved these


    I really loved these for when I gave birth and started loosing a lot more hair than usual. It completely helped and now my hair doesn’t continually fall out in the shower as much as it used to at all!
  95. Stronger blonder


    I get my hair dyed blonde every 10 weeks and have quite fine hair and this product has changed my hair in just 4 weeks! Highly recommend
  96. it actually works!


    haven’t been using this for too long, but i can see a noticeable difference in my hair. it is so much stronger and i can definitely tell it’s getting thicker and longer. love it!
  97. Life changing.


    My hair feels significantly thicker and healthier after only a short time of using this product, highly recommend.
  98. Energy boost


    I bought this as a supplement for my hair, but within days I've also noticed a big boost in energy! I genuinely wasn't expecting to notice a difference in my energy levels but I have. Can't wait to see what it does for my hair.
  99. 100% works for post partum hair issues


    If you want quick hair growth, this is the product for you. I've never used anything so effective. My hair grew 2 inches in 8 weeks and is thicker and healthier than ever, post pregnancy. I didn't notice any different to my energy levels but wasn't concerned about that anyway.
  100. Great daily addition


    Love the results after 2months alot of hair growth.
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