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Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener 50ml

4.4 of 90 reviews

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4 instalments of $18.00

Or 4 instalments of $18.00 with LEARN MORE

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Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener gives you a smooth and long-lasting makeup finish, with added anti-ageing skincare benefits.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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  • Dry
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Questions & Answers

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Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener

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Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener Reviews

4.4 of 90 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I received a deluxe sample in my goodie bag. This primer went on quite nicely, illuminating the skin and minimizing the pores. A little goes a long way and you don't need to apply much. My foundation glides on and stays on all day.

Most Helpful Criticism

nothing special


I received a large sample size of this primer, but was not particularly impressed. I have used other primers which work better for my skin. Although my foundation went on smoothly, I didn't notice much else. It did not help my make up last at all.
  1. Not my favourite


    I received this product as a sample and was super excited to use it. Sadly it didn't work out for me. I found the product not to work as well as other primers. My makeup did not stay on as well as it does with other primers. I will not be purchasing this product.
  2. A lovely product


    I received a generous sized sample of this primer and was really pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. It glides on, has minimal scent, leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth, a lovely base for my foundation to sit on - I’ve been using it with Estée Lauder double wear and it lasts all day. I will be purchasing a full size one shortly.
  3. Soft and smooth


    Very silky and smooth texture. Feels lightweight on my face and no sticky residue, soaks it right up.
  4. Great


    I received a deluxe sample in my goodie bag. This primer went on quite nicely, illuminating the skin and minimizing the pores. A little goes a long way and you don't need to apply much. My foundation glides on and stays on all day.
  5. Received as promotion


    I’ve tried a few Jane Iredale products and they’re good. This is the second promotion I’ve received this primer. It’s okay, a standard primer.
  6. Good


    Good primer that hydrates well.
  7. Not bad


    It's a nice product and does take care of the pores but I think Maybelline hydrating primer works exactly the same at a lot less price.
  8. Great primer!


    Helps foundation to last and my skin looked more radiant using this as a primer. I loved the sample and am looking at getting the full size
  9. smooth and fresh


    My foundation seems to be lasting better and my skin isn't getting oily as the day goes on. This is a really nice, smooth primer.
  10. Brightening


    This product works so well on my acne-prone skin, and really makes me look fresh and dewy. Only downside is the price.
  11. hydrating and smoothing


    This is a nice hydrating and smoothing primer, however, for the price there are so many other primers on the market that do the same thing for a better price!
  12. Conflicted


    I wanted to really like this primer due to the fact that it has some good ingredients like Green Tea, Grapefruit and other fruit extracts (it's not vegan for those wondering). It feels smooth when applying to face and I believe does minimise pores a bit. However, Jane Iredale actually states on their website that the ingredients may change or vary form time to time. For this I gave it one less sta...
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  13. Facial primer


    Jane Irdale products are really great and non comedogenic! they lasts ages and well worth the price!
  14. Did not do much


    I obtained a sample of this product and despite it being rather pricey for a primer, it didn't do much other than smoothening the skin a little. Personally, this product performs more like a lightweight moisturiser/ lotion than it does a primer since it didn't really help hold the makeup throughout the day.
  15. Loving this


    I’m really obsessed with this. I think this really smooths out my skin and creates for a great base before I put all of my makeup on. I sometimes struggle with breakouts and primers but this one works well for me.
  16. Hydrating


    Smoothing without a silicone finish. It goes well under any foundation I've used with it and a little goes a long way.
  17. A must have!


    This might be favourite product in the Jane Iredale range. It feels so nice on and keeps my make-up staying put for longer. It's smells natural too, not a chemical odour.
  18. nothing special


    I received a large sample size of this primer, but was not particularly impressed. I have used other primers which work better for my skin. Although my foundation went on smoothly, I didn't notice much else. It did not help my make up last at all.
  19. It works


    I felt nothing different with or without primer for the result. Just when I apply foundation my skin feel smoother.
  20. Smooth


    Applies beautifully on my skin and my foundation goes on smoothly on top of this
  21. Good for skin


    Really good ingredients for skin, just prefer primers to not really have fragrance under other make-up. But do like using it on its own for just a fresh "healthy" look as well as feeling. Maybe a brighter appearance once on.
  22. Smoothes right onto face


    Really smooth, glides on easily and sits well under make-up including just powder
  23. Super nice


    This product is lovely and feels so natural on the skin - the only let down for me is that it has a citrus-y fragrance that seems unneccessary. Otherwise, i love that the product is full of benefits that are actually good for your skin.
  24. not the best


    this is not the best primer i have used, felt like it didn't help my make up last or look any different
  25. Beautiful


    A lovely texture, feels amazing on the skin! Goes on smoothly, leaving the skin smoother and makeup goes on beautifully
  26. Love it!


    Received a sample of this product - And I will definitely be purchasing! Super hydrating giving my a subtle healthy glow on the skin. Sits beautifully under make up. Love!
  27. Amazing!


    This makes my skin so smooth and doesn't break me out
  28. Fantastic


    I tried many primers from drug store to luxury brand, this primer is amazing, it helps minimise my large pores but also the lines on my face. My makeup stay on longer, I just love it, most importantly it didn’t break me out.
  29. Silky and Bright


    Product is really silky and fluid. Easy to apply but be careful when squeezing the product as a lot can come out. Not too much of a smell which I like and it made my skin look brighter but it is very pricey.
  30. Not for me


    I received this as a sample and It’s a really nice product. It goes on smoothly and gives your face a dewy glow and it is lightly moisturising. However, this leads me into being an oily mess by the end of the day. I also think it’s overpriced.
  31. Smoothening


    Sad to say, I've never used primer before receiving a sample of this. It definitely smooths out the skin tone under make up, and make up glides on easily over the top. I noticed my make up held for longer as well.
  32. Beautiful


    I received this as a gift with purchase. This gives a lovely glow and is a great base for my makeup.
  33. smooth

    Perfecting Skin

    it is a little flowy but good for my dry skin. it spreads on the face very smoothly and quickly and makeup did stayed on for long hours after its use.
  34. love it


    Amazing feel to the primer, goes on like moisturizer so you feel like you have coverage under your foundation :)

  35. Really good Primer


    I got a small tube of this as part of a kit. A little goes a long way and it feels nice on the skin. I think it definitely primes and hydrate the skin and you don't need to put too much foundation/powder on top. The cream itself fells light and it spreads well. You don't need much of it but because it feels good on the skin, you'd be tempted to put more on!
  36. Creamy


    I liked this most on my day off when I mix it equal parts with my foundation, it created a really natural, dewy effect for me. And being a primer stayed that way all day!
  37. Does the job


    It does what It says. Great primer to minmise fine lines and even out makeup application.
  38. Excellent


    I love this primer. With this my makeup lasts all day and reduces any signs of oily build up.
  39. Very good primer!!!


    I have purchased this one a couple of times. It's extremely helpful for making my foundation smooth. Love it!!!
  40. Okay on its own


    Received a sample tube. Firstly not a fan of how fragranced this is. Does a great job on bare skin to illuminate. Didn’t work for me as a makeup base though - too glowy. Definitely a good option for no makeup days though.
  41. Great Primer


    Received this as a sample when I placed order last month. I tried it today, it’s a pleasure. It is light with a nice soft citrus scent. It is friendly to combination skin.
  42. Love it!


    I don’t use this primer everyday but do use mostly on weekends or times when I am wearing more makeup. I definitely notice a difference when I do use this. I find my skin looks more hydrated, makeup goes on really well and lasts longer. I use this underneath the Jane iredale bb cream and pure pressed powder.
  43. Long lasting make up


    Such a great primer. Makes foundation go on very smoothly and makes it stay on for longer
  44. Great!


    Helps to create a dewy glow in my complexion, its the perfect combination with my foundation. Lasts all day!
  45. Nice primer


    I can't say I've tried a lot of primers, so don't have a lot to compare to, however this one does smell and feel lovely. I like!
  46. Wow Primer!


    Great for combination skin doesn’t leave a heavy or tight feeling and makeup stays in place all day! Wow!!
  47. Pretty good


    I must admit, primers have never really been my thing so I don't really feel qualified to compare them. I did like the texture and scent of this one though - it felt really nice to apply. Some other primers I've used I felt like my foundation looked streaky over the top but this one didn't, so that's good. I'll probably keep using it. Didn't notice any real brightness/radiance effects. Did feel g...
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  48. Pretty good


    It does brighten and fill in the fine lines and pores and helps foundation go on smoothly and feels hydrating.
  49. light & smoothing


    Received this as a sample and tried it with the my go to Jane Iredale glowtime mineral BB cream. It is light with a nice soft citrus scent. I didn't notice it made much difference in brightening my complexion but definately made my skin appear smoother and the didn't break me out or clog any pores.
  50. Makeup applies like a dream


    Makeup always applies flawlessly after using this. Also let’s my skin breathe and never lets my pores get clogged
  51. I like it


    This is a pretty good primer, I really like using it under my BB cream but wouldn't use it for under my foundation. I have dry skin and this did the job.
  52. Smooth primer


    Very pleased with this primer! Glides on really well and works very effectively as a primer to achieve a nice even, consistent base before applying foundation or BB cream over the top. Helps make-up to last longer during the day.

    Also has a lovely citrus scent which is a nice uplifting to start the day!

  53. Makes my skin bright and hydrated!


    This primer is one of my favourites! It wears great underneath my foundation and does a great job of making my making my make up last all day long. It brightens and hydrates and also is so lightweight which is a bonus!
  54. Best primer I’ve used


    This primer is thin and makes my skin smooth and brighter. It has a pleasant smell and seriously makes my make up apply better. A real game changer!
  55. Smooth


    Love how this primer just glides on so smoothly and doesn't clog my pores - the mineral base is perfect for sensitive skin
  56. Great


    I applied my foundation and it went on quite nicely, felt smooth and hydrating. I felt the primer was a little thick for my skin, i really like a light texture, not thick creams, they just seem to sit on my skin and don't do as many good things for my skin as light lotions, that absorb in better.
  57. Great product


    It's a great makeup primer that makes my foundation go further, and helps to create a dewy glow in my complexion.
  58. Great


    I have purchased this before and love it. It makes your face smooth before applying foundation or leave it on naturally. After using it for a few months I have even noticed a difference in my complexion.
  59. Great primer


    I’ve used a few primers over the years and I decided to try this one because I used the Jane Iredale mineral BB cream. It leaves your skin silky and I’ve definitely noticed my foundation applied much smoother than with other primers I’ve tried. It also smells great!
  60. Great with other JI products


    I use Liquid minerals in the winter, and the powdered minerals in the summer and this primer is perfect under either and keeps my foundation on for hours. It’s a permanent fixture in my makeup range
  61. polished look


    I have tried other primers that always seemed to leave me feeling that I had about an inch of make-up on my face and made me want to wash it off but this one is different.

    You only need a small amount and it glides on and makes your skin feel super soft and smooth. It does what is says it does and minimises your pores so your skin looks polished which I love.

    It definitly...
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  62. The holy grail primer


    I received this as a sample and after using it for a few days I was sold and bought the full size. Great for combo skin, doesn’t leave a heavy or tight feeling and makeup stays in place all day!
  63. Love


    Received as a sample and love this product makes my foundation sit nice on my skin. Will purchase full size.
  64. amazing


    Received a deluxe sample size, never heard of this brand before but decided to use it and test it out.
    I must say wow! my makeup is flawless and does not crease at all. It stayed on all day. I just purchased the full size, I can't wait to receive it lol. It's more expensive compared to other primers I have used. So I think I'll save this for special occasions.
    highly recommend
  65. Not for oily/combo


    Although this initially feels lovely on the skin, it is not suited to oily/combo skin, it just slides off too easily. Go for the Jane Iredale oil free primer to prevent this.
  66. Vey SMOOTHE!


    This primer leaves the skin extremely smooth, I love it! Definitely helps my makeup go on a lot better and last longer and gives it an overall better finish. Would recommend if you don’t like the greasy feel primers
  67. Works best with Make Up in the Jane Iredale range


    Great primer and accompanies Jane Iredale make up range really well! Didn’t work as well with non mineral cosmetics but I would assume it is not designed to. I would urge you to try it along side Janes foundation range :)
  68. Great texture, smell divine


    A very uplifting good feeling easily glide on primer!
    Love the smell. Skin feels fresh after application. Can use as a primer or on a lazy day just a moisturiser. I have oily/combination skin but prefer this primer to the other one designed for oily skin.
  69. It’s devine


    I received a small tube of this primer as a gift with purchase and am so impressed with this primer.
    It creates a flawless base and I find it helps the foundation stay all day without moving at all.
    It makes my skin look youthful and glowy.
    Definitely try this product if you are in need of a new primer
  70. Really brightens


    I received this primer as a sample from Adore and have enjoyed using it. The primer definitely brightens my skin and gives it a nice glow. I'm not convinced on the staying power it gives my makeup, so not sure if I'd spend the money to purchase the full size.
  71. My new HG Primer!


    I received a small tube of this primer as a gift with purchase and before I’ve even used it all up I’ve already purchased the full size! This primer is beautiful. It smooths out fine lines, plumps up the skin and imparts a lit from within glow. Applied under foundation it really gives your skin a soft focus, airbrush effect. When wearing this I checked my skin in daylight, on camera and in harsh s...
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  72. Not the best


    I used this for a year due to being non-comedogenic and more natural, although it didn't feel like it made any difference, maybe even made my skin oilier because I live with humid weather. I highly recommend Stila One Step Correct for problem skin or Hourglass White Veil.
  73. Every day staple


    This primer glides on easily and helps my make up sit well all day. I have quite dry, sensitive skin and have never had any issues. Love it.
  74. Great


    Great primer it feels so nice on، not heavy
  75. Great


    Great primer, not heavy. My make up stays put all day. Just try it
  76. Good product, bit expensive


    I have been using Jane Iredale for years, and got a free sample of this product from Adore Beauty. I have sensitive skin prone to dryness, and this product helped to sooth and protect my skin under the Jane Iredale BB cream. It also made the BB cream sit better on my skin. Whilst it works for me, I use it sparingly given that it is more expensive than the BB cream.
  77. Super pretty!


    I love the feel of this product! it's lightweight, and super moisturizing! I absolutely love it under any coverage. Definitely a must buy.
  78. Fantastic Primer


    Feels great on your skin and helps keep your make up looking fabulous. Love it!
  79. Uneven skin tone savior


    I have quite uneven skin tone with redness on my cheeks this primer tones down the redness and evens out my skin tone allowing my foundation to glide on
  80. Help keep my foundation on


    Feel lovely to put on and yes it definitely helps set my make up and keep it there all day
  81. Beautiful primer


    Leaves the skin so smooth and hydrated ready for foundation application. Applies beautifully under the BB cream. I have oily/combination skin
  82. Brightening and correcting


    Received this as a sample and had to purchase straight away. Does such a great correcting job and really evens my skin tone so it’s perfect for applying foundation. Subtly illuminates without being too over the top.
  83. The mineral makeup prep you need.


    Most people learn the difference between wants and needs when they're around 10. You might want a donut, but do you really NEED it? A valuable life lesson if you ask me, and one that will carry you through life right up until you're making makeup and skincare purchases in your thirties.

    Well, it took me a while to realise that I actually needed this primer. I'd used the Jane Iredale ...
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  84. Has skincare benefits


    Sometimes I use this primer without skincare prior as I feel this gives me enough moisture and has skincare benefits in it already
  85. Soothing


    I use Smooth Affair after my face cream.
    I find my foundation will stay on all day and into the night, and it leaves a soothing moisturising feeling that helps with fine lines.
    I never used a primer before but received this product as a sample, I loved it so much that I never use foundation without it.
    It does say you can mix with your cream but I haven't tried that.
    Don't ...
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  86. Beautiful but expensive


    This product is currently on my wishlist but I have not purchased it because I'm finding it hard to justify the price tag. It is a beautiful primer... I received it in sample size from Adore beauty. Its a light cream/gel texture and there is a slight smell of citrus. I did feel like it was a great shield for my skin and I liked it so much I cut the top off so that I could get every drop out! But i...
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  87. Lovely primer


    Great primer especially if you're after a mineral primer.
  88. Beautiful product


    I love this and highly recommend a great primer plus gives your skin a healthy glow under foundation the best iv ever used
  89. Great


    Very moisturising and smoothing. Looks great under the Glow Time BB Cream, and doesn't slip and slide around on your face. Smells great too!
  90. minimize the appearance of pores


    great smell, feel like applying serum on skin, only need pea size to cover the whole face, and it does minimize the appearance of pores. however, in term of oil control, i couldn't tell any difference with or without this primer, i still need to reach my blotting paper or setting powder after 3 or 4 hours
  91. Amazing smell


    This smells amazing and makes my skins feel soft , smooth and moisturised. My makeup glides and my face looks brighter . A little goes a long way . Shall definitely repurchase .
  92. Does not aggravate my breakouts


    First primer I've ever used and so far so good. I have oily skin and breakouts but this primer doesn't aggravate my skin at all.
  93. Great product not for my oily skin unfortunately.


    I have oily skin which is so disappointing because although this product makes my skin feel great at first i would suggest spmething with more oil control for people such as myself.
  94. Brilliant


    This smells divine and makes my skins feel soft and moisturised. My makeup goes on beautifully after using this and whilst it is a bit expensive, it lasts a long time. I started using this after I tried it in a sample kit and I was hooked.
  95. Amazing!

    Spammy glitter

    Beautiful product. I'm sure it has helped clear up my rosacea which was an unexpected but amazing side effect!
  96. Smells great but worth the price?


    I've been using this primer for a few weeks now and there is not much bad that I can say about it. It is light textured, smells great and does a good job helping my makeup stay put throughout the day. It spreads really well which means that you only need to use a little bit, so the tube should last a while!

    It is however, quite pricey and I'm not sure whether I can justify spending th...
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