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Jane Iredale PureLash Extender + Conditioner

4.7 of 54 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.56


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Provides a much-needed step towards unbelievable lashes. When used to prime lashes for mascara, it adds measurable thickness and length, whilst also allowing you to use less mascara.
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  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Jane Iredale PureLash Extender + Conditioner

Jane Iredale PureLash Extender + Conditioner

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4.7 of 54 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Game changing


This allows my mascara to glide on a lot smoother and I find I use much less. It definitely extends the wear too. I use this with a Jane Iredale mascara and love the results.

Most Helpful Criticism

Price is great but product could be better


Ive been trying this daily for a month now purely for a conditioner and I cant say Ive gotten any extraordinary results. To be fair I have very thin eyelashes but I have not noticed too much of a difference. Will not be re-purchasing
  1. A great eyelash primer


    A great eyelash primer, it makes my lashes look much longer and my mascara sits well on it.
  2. Game changing


    This allows my mascara to glide on a lot smoother and I find I use much less. It definitely extends the wear too. I use this with a Jane Iredale mascara and love the results.
  3. Makes lashes look thicker


    This definitely makes my lashes look much thicker and more natural looking as I need to use less mascara to get the same effect I was before
  4. Amazing


    This really enhances the results of my mascara on top and has helped my lashes look fuller
  5. Great.


    Great product just make sure u don’t get in eyes as makes them very sore. Haven’t noticed much growth but definitely thicker and fuller lashes since using.
  6. Great


    I love this conditioner, it's made my lashes so much softer and healthy looking! I've been using it with the Purelash Lengthening Mascara, and I've gotten so many compliments about how long and healthy my lashes look! Very happy with this product!
  7. Cannot go without!


    I love this lash conditioner, I first received it as a tester and it made such a difference when applying my mascara. It doesn’t matter what mascara I use, my lashes come out separated and voluminous :)
  8. Works very well


    This is my second purchase. I have short and sparse eyelashes and this lash conditioner does a really good job nourishing and conditioning my eyelashes so they can grow longer and denser. You’ve got to use it everyday for at least a month to see results... I’ve even been using my old tube on my brows. Do yourself a favour and get this - the ingredient list is actually pretty good too.
  9. Great price, need time for results


    I have short thin lashes and usually wear extensions but as I’m having a break from them decided to try this product I have been using for two weeks now and I’m not sure if I have seen any results so far it definitely conditions my lashes and the price is great, just need time to see some results.
  10. Easy to use


    I'm finding it very hard to tell if this has any effect on the length, thickness or number of my lashes. I think it might be helping slightly, though, and I'm definitely going to keep using it! My beautician says the conditioning aspect is really helping my lashes. It's very easy to use, takes one second of time a day to use, never gets in my eyes, and seems like it will last a while, so I'm pretty happy with it.
  11. Love!


    I looove this product, I usually have lash extensions but when I need a break I use this under my mascara and it makes my lashes huge! Love the fact it protects your lashes too!
  12. Okay


    Seems okay, I have had some lashes on my lower lid come back.
    I haven’t had as much problems with eyelashes in my eyes.
    The guess it is actually a better product than I think?
  13. Lush eyelashes and eyebrows!


    I purchased this product 2 months ago and it has worked wonders not only with eyelashes becoming longer.. but also I put it on my eyebrows and it has made them grow so much more. It is now officially a must have product of mine!
  14. Love this lash conditioner and extender!


    I'm a big fan of this product - I think it definitely lengthens the lashes before applying mascara, and even gives them a bit more "weight" and curl. It also makes mascara glide on better, and I feel like my lashes are a bit more protected from the crunch of dry mascara. I'm not sure it's making a difference to the length of my lashes, but definitely feels like it's healthier for them. Would recommend!
  15. Helps lash's grow


    love jane iredale products this is great to apply before applying mascara
  16. Price is great but product could be better


    Ive been trying this daily for a month now purely for a conditioner and I cant say Ive gotten any extraordinary results. To be fair I have very thin eyelashes but I have not noticed too much of a difference. Will not be re-purchasing
  17. Lashes look longer


    I don't like wearing a lot of mascara (I prefer the no makeup look) and bought this thinking I could wear it instead of mascara. It definitely made my lashes instantly look longer - however it is white so you do have to wear mascara with it.. This with a slick of brown mascara gives me natural looking but defined lashes.
  18. Great conditioner and extender


    Since starting to use this I have noticed my lashes are longer, fuller and more robust. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone who is trying to get their lashes back on track.
  19. Extends my lashes


    It definitely does as it says and extends the lashes (it looks like I'm wearing mascara). However not sure how conditioning it is for the eyelashes as it feels like mascara as well.
  20. Helps restore my damaged lashes!


    My lashes were few and far between after having extensions and I was wondering how I would cope without them. I bought a well reviewed mascara and was so disappointed that it didn’t seem to live up to its hype - until I paired it with this primer! This made all the difference and added length to my stumpy lashes and separated them beautifully, preparing them so my mascara can work as it’s optimum! I highly recommended this primer!
  21. Stronger eyelashes


    I received a sample of this in one of my orders. I love it, my eyelashes feel stronger and less brittle.
  22. Lashes feel good


    I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and it is conditioning, I get lash lifts every 6 weeks and need something to keep my lashes hydrated I wanted something I could apply to the lashes like a mascara not just on the lash line like most and this does the trick.
  23. No seeable results


    Skin: slightly oily skin around the eyes.
    Lashes: short, thin, light-coloured

    I received a sample of this primer in my recent purchase. I was quite excited to try this to see if I could see some great results on my short lashes. Unfortunately I did not see much. I tried this primer with the same of the longest lash sample mascara and neither product worked for me.

    On a positive note, washing the mascara off was much simpler with the primer on. I usually use a MAC mascara which can be difficult to remove, but the primer made it easier.
  24. Good product


    I received this as a sample and I think I'll buy a full size! I often have lash extensions so I don't always use it but between extensions I use this and it's one of my preferred lash products.
  25. Who needs false lashes?!


    For the last couple of years my lashes have been falling out so badly and I was forever worried about the huge gaps in between most of my lashes. I have average length with a slight curl and I have always loved my natural lashes but the fall out was my main problem. After coming across this product however, I have gone from 5-6 lash fall outs a day down to 0-1 and the gaps are slowly diminishing, my lashes feel so soft yet strong and my gosh does this product make them SO long! I apply morning and night, as well as just before I put mascara on! Honestly, you would not need false lashes with this baby! I could not recommend enough and I am extremely happy to have found this!!
  26. Lush Lashes!!!


    If you want soft lush lashes, you need this product. I now have extra natural length and soft lashes with very little fallout. Use under your mascara for maximum effect!! Fabulous, highly recommended!!!
  27. It really does increases lash volume and length!


    I absolutely love this product!! I apply prior to my mascara and I’ve been amazed at well it increases my lash volume and length. I have been asked on a few occasions now where I get my false lashes done and people are amazed when I tell them they’re my own it’s because of this amazing primer. nb: I use NARS climax mascara ☺️
  28. Great product


    I love using this before bed, and also under mascara. I have found my eyelash are thicker and don't react poorly to curling. I don't think the length has changed much but I do like knowing that by applying it before mascara, that I am being kind to my lashes
  29. Won't be without it!


    I received a sample of this from Adore Beauty once and after using it on my lashes before application of mascara, I have been amazed at how there is no more smudged mascara on my face! I wish I had known about this product years ago! It has also improved the quality of my lashes, making them longer and less prone to breakage! This will defintely be a regular purchase!
  30. Love it

    Ms Z

    I purchased this product based on reviews and it does extactly what it claims I have noticed a difference already and makes my lashes look longer. I use this product everyday.
  31. I thought a lash primer would be a waste of $...


    I received a sample of this and used every last drop of it so I'm off to purchase the full sized product. It works super well with all my mascaras, it seems to do an awesome job at separating my lashes and tends to help my mascara not clump! Highly recommend.
  32. Impressive results


    I was incredibly sceptical about this product but thought I'd give a try based on the amazing reviews. I'm now on my third tube!
    This genuinely gives greater volume, curl and separation to my fine lashes and makes mascara apply more smoothly and with fewer clumps. I love that you can use it with any mascara you have.
    Would recommend applying it one eye at a time - a coat of PureLash and then, before it dries, layer on your mascara. If you really want to bump it up a notch (and can work quickly!), give a swipe of PureLash, clamp your curler over it and then add mascara.
    Definitely worth a try.
  33. Perfect Base


    This is a perfect base to add Mascara too I also love at the end of the day it makes the mascara come off my lashes so easily and leaves them feeling so much silkier
  34. Loving it so far


    My lashes have become quite straight recently and I’ve just started using an eyelash curler for the first time. When I saw the positive reviews for this, I thought I'd give it a try.

    I have started applying it after curling my lashes and before applying my mascara and it conditions and primes my lashes really well. My lashes aren’t short but it boosted the length enormously and my lashes didn’t drop as they usually do shortly after curling and mascara. I've also started using this as a treatment at night and I'm already beginning to see an improvement to the condition of my lashes.
  35. Worth it


    This really conditions and improves lashes. Highly recommend
  36. Fantastic


    I apply this before I put on mascara in the mornings and it makes my lashes look soooo good! So long and soft and separated. I also apply this on my eyebrows and lashes every night as well before I go to sleep. I feel like my lashes seem more thick which is great! And they definitely don’t fall out as much. I’ve been using this on my eyebrows for almost two months now. I have a small bald area on my left eyebrow which I was hoping this product would help with, but so far nothing has grown back :( going to continue with this product nonetheless because it’s wonderful! Especially if you have damaged lashes, really helps them grow back a little bit quicker.
  37. Brilliant product


    I bought this to strengthen and thicken my damaged lashes after eyelash extensions. Product conditions and curls lashes beautifully.
  38. Thicker healthier lashes


    I bought this to strengthen and thicken my damaged lashes -- so far, so good! It also helps my black mascara to go on smoothly and look natural with minimal flaking during the day.
  39. Holy grail


    This is a holy grail for my lashes. Conditions the lashes so well and curls lashes love it. Definitely recommend it to anyone
  40. Really great


    Such a perfect base for building up lashes with mascara. I can’t quite believe how effective it is.

    No crunchy dry effect, just moisturised loaded up lashes.

    I use it at night too as a treatment and am sure that I’m getting increased growth as a result.

    It’s the kind of product you are sceptical about until you get it - and then it’s like you can’t live without it.

    For reference I have long sparse wonky lashes.
  41. Love my lashes!


    I don't know what I ever did before this product. I'm addicted!
    I usually apply it in the morning before my mascara. My mascara goes on really smooth, and it works even better! My lasher are longer and have more volume. I don't spend nearly as much time applying my mascara. One coat is all I need.
    I use a waterproof mascara because any other mascara just tends to run on me, and I usually spend ages taking it off in the evening. However, I feel like my mascara comes off a little easier and my lashes look super moisturised and strong after a long day of wearing make-up. I tend to have sensitive eyes and I have not had the product irritate my eyes at all.
  42. Grow your lashes


    I get my eye lashes tinted and this product appears to help grow my lashes - I've noticed more new lashes growing (upper lid) and previously unseen lashes (lower lid) suddenly becoming visible after only two weeks use!
  43. Fantastic for my damaged lashes


    Fantastic for my damaged lashes I highly recommend
  44. Better than vaseline.


    after lash extension my lashes are damaged, so i used vaseline which causes sensitive, this is better on the lash, it feel nice.
  45. This really works!


    After ruining my own lashes which were always naturally sparse, straight and short with years of lash extensions I never thought I'd be able to 'grow my own'... until I got this product. OMG! After less than 2 weeks my lashes have improved noticeably and I can actually CURL them and easily apply mascara. I'm addicted to this product and don't ever want to run out. I apply in the morning under mascara and again at night before bed. It has also helped with my eyebrows, any sparse areas are now growing new hair and I've even put getting my feathertouch brow tattooing retouch on hold.
    I would highly recommend this product after trying numerous other lash growth products and even dietary supplements. Totally LOVE it! :-)
  46. Excellent product


    The eyelash extender really helps to lengthens my eyelashes without being gluggy or clumpy. Other conditioners I find dry too fast and then its a bit difficult to put the mascara on but this one is perfect.
  47. Very pleased.


    This product is amazing, I put it on twice a day and it makes your mascara stay on longer without any smears or clumps.
  48. Really conditions lashes


    This is great for when you’ve had a lash lift or colour to help keep my lashes long and healthy
  49. Lovely and good for sensitive


    This has helped with my sensitive lashes, I used to get irritated after a day of wearing mascara but this primer has been great so far. Glad it’s cruelty free
  50. Brilliant


    I received a sample of this and love it. My lashes look longer and mascara is so easy to apply after and isn't clumpy!
  51. Long lasting luscious lashes!


    I received this as a sample from Adore, and wow am I grateful! This product is amazing, and I was skeptical at first, thinking that this is just another product adding to the length of my morning routine. But, this product is worth it! It makes my mascara (Eye of Horus) glide on beautifully, makes my lashes long and no smudging throughout the day. A great lengthener when used with a good mascara! Would recommend!
  52. Makes lashes look longer


    I love that this helps to makes the mascara work better, as Jane iredale is a subtle brand, so this helps alot. It makes my eyes look bigger, and clumps it a little so the lashes look thicker. 10/10 recommend :)
  53. Works so well!


    I got this a free sample and tried it out - amazing!
    Makes my lashes so long when it goes under my mascara. I have had so many people comment on them - must be working!
  54. Great product


    I had never heard of such a product when I received it as a sample and to my surprise it’s works really well . My mascara always looks clumpy no matter what I do and this made my mascara glide on ! Really handy proudct!
  55. A protective coating and natural looking lashes


    When I first purchased my mascara I decided to try the conditioner at the same time. It was definitely the right choice! The conditioner provides a nice coating and helps the mascara to glide on effortlessly and stay in place. A light application of mascara is all that's needed. My lashes appear thicker, natural and best of all...no clumps!
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