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innisfree Matte Mineral Setting Powder 5g 5g

4.6 of 60 reviews


4 instalments of $2.50

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4 instalments of $2.50

Or 4 instalments of $2.50 with LEARN MORE

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Silky loose powder controls excess oil for a soft, natural-looking matte finish.

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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innisfree Matte Mineral Setting Powder 5g Reviews

4.6 of 60 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best Setting Powder For Extreme Oily Skin!


I bought this product a month ago and waited until I was sure of its results and I have to say, it works like a charm! It keeps my oily skin matte for hours on end even after a day out, a little touch up here and there also helps as my skin looks smooth and beautiful, I would highly recommend this product for anyone who has oily skin or just wants to set their makeup.
  1. Best Setting Powder For Extreme Oily Skin!


    I bought this product a month ago and waited until I was sure of its results and I have to say, it works like a charm! It keeps my oily skin matte for hours on end even after a day out, a little touch up here and there also helps as my skin looks smooth and beautiful, I would highly recommend this product for anyone who has oily skin or just wants to set their makeup.
  2. I like it


    This powder does the job, it’s cheap and sets makeup without looking cakey. I’ll finish it up, but I’m doubtful I’ll repurchase there’s others I like better, but if your after something cheap and simple this does the job!
  3. Beautiful finely milled powder


    This powder has a subtle mint-ish smell, nothing too overpowering. It sets the makeup beautifully and ensures your skin looks flawless through out the day. I've also used it under my eyes and it mattifies the makeup nicely enhancing the longevity of my makeup. It is also affordable and budget friendly which is a plus!
  4. Great price! Worth it.


    verified purchaser
    Great product. Works well and so cheap. Love it.
  5. Really long lasting powder and good value


    Really long lasting powder and good value
  6. cheap and strong talc smell


    verified purchaser
    i love this brand, however do not like this setting powder. The powder has a strong talc smell and even though it's suppose to be translucent i found it made my face white. it also turned my makeup very cakey and i have oily skin. I also found i lost a lot of product, being a loose powder and it just goes everywhere when i close the lid. I mean the price point is amazing but the product is not.
  7. Lightweight


    verified purchaser
    So cheap and worth the price!
  8. Great for travel!


    Perfect to take to travel/use to touch up throughout the day if needed, I wish they would come out with a larger version though! #yearofinnisfree
  9. Mattifying loose powder that delivers


    Used the powder and didn't have a shiny face for at least 6 hours. Long lasting! However, while I thought it was really good value, I didn't check the product size and it was much smaller than I expected.
  10. Mattifying loose powder that delivers


    Used the powder and didn't have a shiny face for at least 6 hours. Long lasting! However, while I thought it was really good value, I didn't check the product size and it was much smaller than I expected. #yearofinnisfree
  11. Perfect product for a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look


    The amount of the product is quite less than I expected but it’s doing well in keeping my oiliness at bay. Will definitely repurchase it!

  12. Natural finish


    I bought the setting powder because I saw makeup artists use it in tutorials as the final touch to their make up look. It did exactly what I hoped. My makeup stayed and it gave a nice, smooth matte finish. It has a subtle yet pleasant fragrance. So happy :) #yearofinnisfree
  13. Amazing product!


    Most people use this product on their face, but I personally use this for my oily hair.
    It helps prevent my hair from getting oily for the entire day and my hair looks super fresh!

    been using this product for 2 years now and will definitely keep using it! #yearofinnisfree
  14. Great


    This makes my skin look smooth, natural and is lightweight
  15. The packaging is really cute and it works well.


    It's quite small but that means its great for travelling. The smell was a bit medicinal, but the smell pretty much disappears once on the skin. The finish of this powder is really nice - it doesn't look or feel cakey and looks natural despite it being a matte finish. Overall it works as intended and lasts for a while. #yearofinnisfree
  16. No shine no more


    No shine after using this, but its not the best item in the market for convenience. Blotting papers are great then, but this is more used as a preventative measure than to treat the oiliness
  17. Best Loose Mineral Setting Powder Out There!


    So, I’ve been pretty terrible with skincare and makeup for years... and I decided, “you know what? I’m in my 30s now, time to grow up and actually start putting some effort in to my skincare and makeup routine!” So I did, and I’ve been stocking up. And of course stocking up means “buying everything under the sun”
    I’ve tried a few setting powders now, and I have to admit... I haven’t been see...
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  18. Good for oily skin


    Helps keep my oily skin matte all day , doesn’t look too powdery or cakes over makeup. Leaves a smooth finish. Although transparent , applying too much can give a white cast appearance; but with the correct amount and using a powder brush gives great results.
  19. A Good Mineral Setting Powder


    I bought this to try and it does an excellent job at setting my mineral foundation. But I think I do need to reapply after half a day as my combination skin gets oily on the T zone. #yearofinnisfree
  20. nice


    first try with a setting powder and i enjoy how it prevents my foundations settling into my under eyes. will likely purchase again
  21. Loving it so far


    Very tiny amount but does a great job of stopping my mascara from transferring throughout the day and I enjoy the scent
  22. Reliable


    Really finely milled, good for small touch ups. I like that its white and not pink tinged, so I can use it as a brightening powder under the eyes
  23. Not amazing but not all bad


    I was keen to try the innisfree powder range as a natural option and it didn't disappoint but it also didn't amaze me too much which was a shame. It does the job well enough - I'm not sure if maybe my skincare routine at the time didn't allow this to do its job properly, as now that I have a more structured routine it might do a better job ? Unsure -- might give it another go in the future
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  24. Oil blotting power powder


    This powder is the perfect topper for your makeup to seal it all in, or on days that you want to go bare. Pat it on to blot excess shine. Perfect size for your handbag and has a subtle delightful scent. #yearofinnisfree


    Just like all the other Innisfree products, this is amazing! It controls my oils all day long, leaves my skin feeling soft and it’s super lightweight. I’ve struggled with powders making my skin feel super cakey and dry, but this one keeps my makeup in place all day, and I feel like I have barely anything on my face.
    And the price, I mean you literally can’t go wrong. 10/10.
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  26. Great product


    Im really amazed by this product. It controls the oil in my T-zone during day and over make up and doesnt leave a white trace like other powders do.
  27. Perfection all day long!


    I received my order and oh my God!!! This is the best finishing powder, my makeup was flawless all day and even better that it doubles as dry shampoo!! #yearofinnisfree
  28. Great matte setting powder


    I use this to keep my skin nice and matte and lasts all day without looking cakey.
  29. Cheap and cheerful


    This setting powder is amazing for the price - it's a lovely silky loose powder that looks very light and soft on the skin, and helps to keep everything matte quite well (even in hotter weather).
  30. Affordable and effective


    My skin is rather usually dry but during the summer months I tend to produce a lot more oil especially at the T zone as well as on the eyelids. I find that this innisfree setting powder works great at keeping the oil at bay during the day and is a nice size for me to carry around in my bag for touch ups. The best thing about this product has to be the price though, its super affordable and has las...
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  31. decent powder!


    affordable mattifying powder, helps keep my oils at bay for. while but needs retouching throughout day
  32. Best affordable setting powder


    I own multiples of this powder! I use this to set my makeup in the hotter months and prevents my skin from getting too oily. I've recommended this to so many friends and works well on pretty much everyone. Excellent product at a low price
  33. Look I love this powder


    Honestly, I love this powder. I have gone through 3 tubs of it. It makes your skin matte but not flat and controls oil. The packaging is cute and handy to take on the go a it comes with a powder puff. It is cheap, so finely milled and looks great on the skin. I recently was sent the Mentos collaboration edition powders from Korea from family, and they are also great. I will definitely be continuin...
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  34. fantastic


    This sets my foundation well and controls oils
  35. A little delight


    I loved everything about this powder! The cute little tub, the light pretty scent, the silkiness, the way it glides over your skin and the amazing finish. For the price, my expectations were low, and I was just so impressed. I actually look forward to using this each morning at the end of the routine!
  36. great powder


    love using this to top up any shiny areas on my face throughout the day, its so cheap and works so well. i also like to use it to bake my face as well
  37. Amazing for the price


    Don't bother buying expensive setting powders. This one works amazingly. Just use the smallest amount and place it only in places where you get oily.
  38. Makeup Staple


    Really nothing to say but that it does its job - great size to travel around with but with a bunch of product still and really does its job in setting areas of makeup where needed. Does not come off as looking too dry. 100% recommend
  39. Good value


    This product is good for the price. Controls oil and conceals pores.
  40. Bought this 3 times already!


    The powder is very affordable and I've used this since I was in high school. I definitely recommend!!
  41. Oil control


    Little cute powder and very good oil control
  42. great


    great powder for oily skin and so affordable
  43. unlike


    The package is a pale green box with a peppermint smell.Silty is not delicate, does not cover defects, does not moisturize, does not control oil and does not fit the skin.
  44. In love


    A great powder which works so well with my oily skin. Really good and glad I purchased one. Affordable as well.
  45. Holy grail


    This stuff is honestly the bomb. If you have oily skin like me its the perfect setting powder for your makeup. Gives it a lovely matte finish and well literally stay put for hours - perfect for a night out. You can even use it on the roots of your hair as dry shampoo or to give fine hair a bit of a boost. 100% recommend.
  46. So far so good!


    I don't usually use mineral setting powders, but I love to try everything that Innisfree puts out. I ahve not been disappointed. I'm somewhat of a makeup noob, generally sticking to tinted moisturisers, but this had made a huge difference when I apply foundation. Its so easy to use and to apply to the t-zone, making my skin so matte. Definitely keen to try more makeup from Innisfree now!
  47. Affordable and effective


    I wanted to try this matte setting powder as it was set at such an affordable price! Easy to use and comes with a very soft powder puff. Great for applying on the T-zone and instantly mattifies the skin. The powder is finely milled and a little goes a long way.
  48. matte


    mattifies, sets makeup and blurs pores! what more could you ask for! I also like the little applicator that comes with it, very handy for touching up smaller areas.
  49. Top product


    I got it as a gift from my friend as I have combination to oily skin. It works like a charm as exactly what it says in the description. It helps my shiny forehead less oily. It does have a very mildly gentle smell which I love.
  50. Effective


    This powder is great for touching up my oily skin throughout the day, it’s quite compact, ideal for carrying around. A little goes a long way though so the size isn’t of any issue. I only use this in the t-zone as it can be a little drying, but it works amazingly in blurring my pores.
  51. Very nice little powder


    A little goes a long way with this little powder, I just love the texture and smell. Very nice packaging too. I wish it came in a larger size so I could fit my kabuki brush in there. Sometimes using the little pad over and over can be unhygienic and/or I just want to cover a greater area more quickly.I’ve actually forgotten if it’s a primer or setting powder, I’ve kinda been using as both dependin...
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  52. Love it


    Love this- it's such a good little powder. Does exactly what I need it to- leaves me without shine. Love the colour of the packaging, it looks like it could be a much more expensive product. Fab for the price you pay.
  53. Literally the best setting powder


    Just amazing. Removes the shininess from my skin instantly. Also doesn't make makeup cakey.
  54. Great powder


    Texture like HD powder but i feel like this is better as it is easier to use overall. Just use a little bit and it will smooth your skin. It doesnt look heavy and great setting power. Super affordable with high quality overall!
  55. Affordable and Effective


    This has been a product I've used since high school and still do. Although I tend to gravitate to other powders when at home this is my favourite touch up/ on the go powder. The powder is finely milled and included is a cute dense puff so its easy to just drop one in our handbag before you leave the house.
  56. Good


    A loyal user of Innisfree and this product does not disappoint. Will definitely repurchase.
  57. Good value for money


    This is good value for money for the product amount you get, as a little goes a long way. Makes my skin feel velvety soft.
  58. great


    i love this setting powder! it definitely reduces the oil on my face, and my makeup can last all day without getting any shine. only issue is the "applicator" or cotton pad thing it comes with. i prefer to use my own brush, i just get better coverage with that
  59. so cheap and good


    i really like this product, it holds my makeup nicely. The texture is very nice and light, The price is so cheap and its amazing. honestly one of the best powders ived used compare to more expensive brands.
  60. So good!


    This is a great product! It works so well to get rid of shine and oil, it comes with a cute powder puff and has heaps of product in it so will last ages. Makes my skin feel so nice and matte and its so effective for setting makeup. I also use it as a dry shampoo and it works quite well. Would definitely repurchase!
  61. Nice & Light

    Michelle S.

    This powder is so nice and light, it does not make me feel cakey and does not suffocate my face! Also AdoreBeauty has the best price for this. When I was first looking online, they are sold for $13-$16. It's only $10 here!
  62. Smooth


    a translucent lightweight powder that smoothens your pores and makes your skin look flawless
  63. Really Nice!


    This is a light and fine loose powder that helps set your make up really well without making it look cakey. Its dispenser isn't ideal as it can have product go all over the place, but it can be easily overlooked.
  64. Fantastic


    This is a fantastic and very natural looking setting powder. Works very well at setting my concealer around my eyes
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