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innisfree Lip Sleeping Mask with Green Tea 17g

4.8 of 30 reviews


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4 instalments of $5.50

Or 4 instalments of $5.50 with LEARN MORE

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Heal your lips with the powers of pure ingredients from Jeju, and the power of green tea’s antioxidants. Innisfree Lip Sleeping Mask is a night time lip balm that contains 99.9% natural origin ingredients, and features six natural oils that each take a unique approach to hydration and conditioning.

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.8 of 30 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

So lovely!


I use this every night and I wake up with soft plump lips. It smells divine too!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure


It’s hydrating enough in the morning, but it’s very stick when it goes on.

It didn’t fix up my cracked lips right away, I felt the need to keep applying in the evening.

The beauty chef balm is way better.

This is nice enough for the price.
  1. So lovely!


    I use this every night and I wake up with soft plump lips. It smells divine too!
  2. Plumps


    I enjoy putting a thick layer of this on overnight and waking up with moisturised lips rather than dry
  3. Amazing


    I have very dry lips and this makes them soft. This also works good before applying a matte lipstick as it prevents the lipstick from settling into the lines of the lips.
  4. very moisturising


    I always put a thick layer on before bed and every time I wake up I have soft lips for the whole day. I don't have to put any more lip balm on throughout the day. a must have!
  5. Love


    Love this on my lips before sleep.. I rub a few drops of Argan oil on my lips then a coat of this & wake up with soft af lips.. only a small amount needed so this will last ages..
  6. Perfect relief for dry lips


    A little bit goes a long way. Put this on your dry lips at night and wake up with soft subtle lips. Soaks in well but is still there in the morning - I've had a cold with a blocked nose and this has been a life saver to stop my lips drying out at night. It's good value as the pot lasts ages.
  7. Smooth


    I’m a sucker for lip balm and this one is perfectly moisturising
  8. A Luscious Lipsaver


    I've never used an overnight lip mask before so this was going a little outside of my comfort zone and I wasn't sure what to expect. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.

    At first I thought it was a bit heavy but remembered that it wasn't a balm but a mask. It has a very light scent, is extremely moisturizing and applies very smoothly. Only a very small amount is needed for it t...
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  9. Soothing, light, scent free


    Lovely light green tea scent, goes on smoothly, does not feel sticky and leaves the lips soft in the morning.

    I have dry, chapped lips and this has helped improve the feel of my lips overall
  10. Looooove this


    Such a lovely lip mask!

    Quite thick, so a little goes a long way. Really moisturising and doesnt have an awful taste to it (which is great). Really does help with my chapped dry lips.
  11. game changer


    always wake up with incredibly dewy and hydrated skin
  12. nourishing


    very nourishing
    apply at night and wake up in the morning with my lips more nourished
    used to have very dry cracked lips and this helps me
    would buy again
  13. Now I've found this I won't live without it!


    So my lips are super thin and always dry.... think flaky, dehydrated, all round sad lips.
    I found this "mask" whilst searching for scrubs and thought I would give it a try.
    Holy balls this stuff is good, I almost feel like I don't know what I'd do without it a few weeks in!!
    I use this at night before bed. It is very thick, which some might not like and is slightly rough and gen...
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  14. Thick and hydrating


    Thick and hydrating balm. Goes on clear and a bit sticky. Green tea scent is calming and soothing
  15. Ultra hydrating!


    I'm torn whilst it is 100% incredibly moisturising and stays on my lips all night. I felt it had small little mico beads or a slightly rough texture when I rubbed my lips together.
    Definitely does whats promised though.
  16. Not sure


    It’s hydrating enough in the morning, but it’s very stick when it goes on.

    It didn’t fix up my cracked lips right away, I felt the need to keep applying in the evening.

    The beauty chef balm is way better.

    This is nice enough for the price.
  17. Top 3 lip masks


    Another great lip mask, definitely in my top 3 masks.
    I get very dry cracked lips and putting this on before bed always takes the sting out of lips and they are smooth when I wake
  18. Better than Laneige lip sleeping mask


    This lip mask is what helped with my chapped lips. The Laneige mask did absolutely nothing for me and this helps me wake up with smooth lips.
  19. love


    lips always feel so plump and nice, creates a perfect base for applying lipsticks
  20. Finally see Ab selling Innisfree


    Was very happy to see A B selling innisfree products. Very good lip mask.
    Hope that AB will start selling more Korean skin care products
  21. Amazing!!!

    Chrissy K

    This lip mask is absolutely awesome. It has truly transformed my lips and made them so hydrated and luscious. I apply it when I go to bed and wake up with plump, hydrated lips. I seriously can't get enough of this product.
  22. The best lip mask!


    I absolutely love this mask. I religiously use this EVERY night before bed. I rub it on my lips to moisterise it and at the same time rub off any dry skin. My lips are so smooth in the morning. Only tip is it would slightly melt in this weather if left on your bed table. So I leave it in the fridge.
  23. Amazing!


    This stuff is amazing. I put it on before bed and I wake up with such smooth and plump lips. I also put some on in the morning before I go to work and I literally don't need to reapply any lip balm the entire day. Definitely recommend!
  24. LOVE


    This mask works beautifully on the lips! The smell is soooo nice and not artificial, and I found my lips were noticeably more hydrated after the first used. Super impressed with the quality and price!


    This stuff is so amazing!! I used it last night for the first time and the results are noticeable after one use. It has a very mild and pleasant smell, spreads over the lips SO nicely and isn't super sticky. I have dry lips most of the time no matter what I do or what I put on them - I woke up this morning and they felt softer and smoother. I absolutely recommend this to EVERYONE!
  26. Surprised


    I'm delighted at how well this works - didn't expect much when I touched it for the first time. It keeps my lips hydrated and somehow gently exfoliates it at night. A little goes a LONG way and this can probably last me 6 months. Highly recommended. Was wishing for slightly more of a green tea smell but those who like products fragrance free will be happy to hear that this does not have any scents...
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  27. Lovely product!


    Love this lip mask! Makes my lips feel so soft and hydrated.
  28. Great lip mask!


    I suffer from dry, chapped lips and this really helps to moisturise and make my lips soft. the green tea smells amazing too!
  29. Dry lips


    This is amazing for dry lips, I always wake up with lis that are soft and hydrated.
  30. Bye bye chapped lips


    Tell you what, ever since Laneige discontinued their vanilla version of their Sleeping Lip Mask I've been looking for a good replacement. This is really nice! Super hydrating, not sticky, not too thick, but there's no worry about it disappearing overnight. You wake up with lips that are looking well hydrated and smooth, which is a nice change for me.
    This doesn't smell like green tea in the...
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