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innisfree Fermented Soybean Bio Cellulose Mask - Brightening x1 mask

4.5 of 36 reviews


4 instalments of $1.75

Or 4 instalments of $1.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $1.75

Or 4 instalments of $1.75 with LEARN MORE

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Bio-cellulose sheet mask with refreshing cellulose from Jeju Soybeans and enriched with Vitamin C derivatives to help brighten the look of skin.

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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innisfree Fermented Soybean Bio Cellulose Mask - Brightening Reviews

4.5 of 36 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Recommend to you guys!!!


GREAT!! This is far better than I thought, brightening and hydrating my skin .

Most Helpful Criticism

Texture too thick


The texture is too thick to absorb the serum. I prefer the normal paper like texture.
  1. good mask


    it instantly makes my skin hydrated and smooth
  2. Hydrating but not brightening


    This mask hydrated my skin and made it plumper, however there was no noticeable brightening effect.
  3. Recommend to you guys!!!


    verified purchaser
    GREAT!! This is far better than I thought, brightening and hydrating my skin .
  4. Hydrating Face Mask


    Great face mask - left my skin feeling nicely moisturised.
  5. Texture too thick


    The texture is too thick to absorb the serum. I prefer the normal paper like texture.
  6. Can't go wrong with Innisfree masks!!


    Love it, it's always such a relaxing feeling putting the mask on in the evening. It works really well too, and leaves my skin more hydrated. These are also great stocking stuffers!! I've heard recommendations to do masks every 2-3 days for prolonged effects so you might not get the exact miracle you hoped for after one application
  7. Great


    This leaves my skin hydrated, bright and smooth
  8. Does what it says!


    An instant pick-me-up that refreshes and brightens skin and so comfortable to wear without slipping off. Great stocking stuffers.
  9. great


    super hydrating and nourishing for my skin, leaves my skin soft and smooth
  10. My skin looks so fresh

    Worth it!

    verified purchaser
    I absolutely love the range of innesfree masks, although this one has made a significant difference to my skin, especially as I age.
  11. Love Love Loveeee!!


    This face mask was wonderful to use and it left my skin feeling smooth and soft, and looking plump and glowy! Will definitely be buying again!

  12. New fave face mask


    I’ve never really enjoyed sheet masks as they slip down my face and I usually don’t see the effects of them. However this mask is brilliant, doesn’t slip down the face and is incredibly hydrating and brightening with a very pleasant smell. Highly recommend, particularly at this price point.


    Pleasant smell and a nice way to end the day. After using the mask, my skin feels plump and hydrated. Can't wait to see the skin brightening effects. #yearofinnisfree


    I really liked this sheet mask. Different material to most other sheet masks I have used but it stayed on my face and didn't slip like others do. I wouldn't say it made my skin brighter and I definitely felt the glow, so I enjoyed it nonetheless :)
  15. New favourite product


    I’ve never been a huge fan of face mask but this mask and a few others from innisfree are my favourite thing now, definitely recommend! Have seen a huge difference in my acne which I have been struggling with for a while now.
  16. Smoothing and hydrating


    Does not sting my face or smell like chemicals like some other masks. Feel like it's more gentle than others. Very cooling and hydrating after use.
  17. Soothing and soft


    I actually really liked this face mask - I have tried a lot of face masks in the past and thought this mask left my skin feeling really soft and smooth!
    I thought I would like the feel and the smell, but I was completely wrong. To apply the mask was really easy and it stayed on my face for the duration I wanted and didn't keep falling off. There was a lot of the liquid in the packet when I...
    Read More
  18. Bright and Beautiful


    These masks are so lovely, the skin-like texture can at first be a little dis-concerting, but it's now the only masks I buy. No irritation on my sensitive skin, and my face is always glowing the next day. #yearofinnisfree
  19. Fabulous pick-me up

    Helen S

    This mask feels wonderful. Easy to apply, not too strong smell and skin looks plump and bright post use. Will use again! #yearofinnisfree
  20. great mask


    This is a great mask, perfect for a little pick me up to get that skin glowing. feels gentle on the skin too!
  21. Another favourite.


    Another absolute favourite! The other one is soothing. I like gel masks too much. The best in the line. Brightening can be seen after even one use for me. Gotta say, the effect does not last too long, it's a mask after all.
  22. Great gel feeling


    In terms of a face mask, these innisfree ones feel great because they really grip the skin as opposed to some fabric ones. They can tear easier so be careful when applying. Would re buy.
  23. fairly good for the price


    The mask was a little confusing to apply. I had to let it sit for a bit on my face to sort of adhere before I was able to peel off the outer mesh. It was much easier to keep on and in place than a regular sheet mask after that, since it was more of a gel layer than a slippery sheet. The residue was nice to pat in afterwards. I haven't noticed much of a difference in my skin, but maybe a few more a...
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  24. More hydrating than brightening


    More hydrating than brightening. I think a serum works better for brightening. I do enjoy using the other masks in this range.
  25. Truley brightening


    By far my favourite sheet masks! They leave my skin feeling bright and poreless! Whenever i make an order I always add a few of these too my order.
  26. Really works!


    I love how this leaves my skin looking and feeling it truely does waken your skin and brighten it. I use once a week and notice such a difference in my skin
  27. great


    such a great mask it makes my skin glowy
  28. Not their best


    I have tried all the Innisfree masks, this one has been the least impressive. It makes my skin soft but I didn't notice any overall brightness. It fine but not their best.
  29. Pretty Decent


    I liked this mask however I wasn't a fan of the texture of the sheet it was like thick and (honey comy )and hard for it to sick to my face. Despite that I found it hydrating but not so much brightening.
  30. Fresh but not the best


    I bought a few of these Innisfree sheet masks and felt fresh and refreshed after using them. I didn't notice a significant difference in my skins afterwards, not really clearer or glowier but it was definitely more hydrated. Not the best sheet mask I've ever used but ok for the price point.
  31. Hydrating, but not sure on the brightening effects


    This is the first time I tried this mask, and I did not expect one mask sheet to have dramatic brightening effects. I would say it is worth the try.
  32. Love the texture


    Love the texture but not entirely sure if it brightened. May need more than one usage to notice. It was hydrating though.
  33. So brightening!


    Great mask - definitely brights and gives your face a glow! Great price as well!
  34. Good


    Love Innisfree. Such a good mask. Very hydrating.
  35. good


    This is such a good face mask. Always helps to brighten my face when it starts looking dull
  36. Lovely


    a really lovely mask that made my skin subtle and tight
  37. Brightening


    Love this mask!!! Seriously is amazing!!! My skin looks so beautiful and glowy after using it!
  38. Great value face mask

    Claire A

    This is a great hydrating face mask for the money. It’s a bit more temperamental than a usual face mask so takes a bit more time to put on - the cellulose makes it a bit more fragile. After using this mask my face is plump and hydrated. Will buy again.
  39. nice mask


    Nice mask, great to use everyday, affordable mask with lovely result!
  40. These innisfree masks are my favourite!


    Was SOOOO stoked when I finally saw these pop up on AB! These are my all time favourite masks and I think best value for $!
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