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innisfree Aloe Revital Soothing Gel 300ml 300ml

4.8 of 41 reviews


4 instalments of $3.00

Or 4 instalments of $3.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.00

Or 4 instalments of $3.00 with LEARN MORE

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Refreshing gel for face and body formulated with organic Jeju Aloe Extract to rehydrate tired skin with moisture for a healthy look of vitality.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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innisfree Aloe Revital Soothing Gel 300ml Reviews

4.8 of 41 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

one of my favourites


Incredible product! It is perfect for everyday use, acting as a protective layer against the sun and soothing for sensitive skin.
  1. Skin be dry when it was oily


    I bought this as a face moisturiser for my oily/acne proin skin, however after using it, its moisture would never last more than half an hour even if i had lathered it on repeatedly. I hadn’t had exema on my face since I was a child so this was kind of a shock. I will have to purchase a new moisturiser. However it did spread nicely and had a good consistancy. Probably better for people who have le...
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  2. one of my favourites


    Incredible product! It is perfect for everyday use, acting as a protective layer against the sun and soothing for sensitive skin.
  3. Great value and apply on the sunburn for instant effect of cooling and soothing


    Great value and apply on the sunburn for instant effect of cooling and soothing
  4. Your skin will thank you!


    verified purchaser
    This product is used on my face and body and makes it smoother, brighter, and much more hydrated, for the price it has on it, it gives results better than other expensive products. Not only that but I always get itchy sunburns from tanning and this product just makes it more pleasant and moisturised!
  5. Sunburn Saviour


    verified purchaser
    After getting a particularly bad sunburn this past weekend (10/10 do not recommend getting this sunburnt) I made a desperate order with Adore Beauty On Sunday night and it arrived Tuesday! So fast. This product is amazing and it truly works - my sunburn is soothed and my skin feels soft and moisturised in the process! 10/10 DO recommend this product! ❣️
  6. What great value

    Mrs Snuechle

    verified purchaser
    This product is excellent value for money. Combining the quality of the aloe vera with the price for the size, you can't go wrong. Pericide free aloe makes for a wonderfully cooling and effective feel. #yearofinnisfree
  7. best product to use


    I have been using this product from 2 years, it made my skin soft and hydrated. I use it 3 times a day.
  8. My daily moisturizer


    verified purchaser
    I have oily acne-prone skin that doesn't like pretty much any other moisturizer I've tried. This is not that moisturizing given that it's a gel and mostly water but it's enough for me, except in the winter. It's quite soothing as well but can sting a bit when your skin is compromised like after a peel. It's the only moisturizer that I've repurchased and it's pretty cheap for a big squeeze bottle a...
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  9. The best aloe gel that doesn't irritate my eyes!


    I've been trying to find the substitute product for Nuface Gel for a while, but lots of other aloe gel products are way too irritating to apply on my face! So glad I finally found the right product this time. It feels so good to apply on my face specially for summer. I used to use their Green Tea Seed range products a lot, great antioxidant ingredients. Innisfree is always full of surprises! #year...
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  10. Nice and soothing


    verified purchaser
    Love this aloe vera gel! The bottle quite big, so it is good value for money, and I like that it dispenses a small amount of product so that you don’t use too much. The product itself is a water gel that feels cooling on the skin. It has no distinct scent and it absorbs into the skin quickly. #yearofinnisfree
  11. Great value for a great product!


    The bottle is huge and a great price at $12, you really dont need much of the product as it spreads pretty far. really nice for soothing skin

  12. Great quality and value!


    The bottle is huge and a great price at $12, you really dont need much of the product as it spreads pretty far. really nice for soothing skin
  13. Moisturiser


    Straight up you get so much for the price! It’s super light weight and is so refreshing! I use this everywhere! Easy to moisturise your legs when it’s a hot day because it doesn’t go gross if you sweat after you put it on, i use it a lot on my face when my acne flairs up and it’s very hot and irritated because it doesn’t clog pores and it give a cooling sensation to your skin! Absolutely love it....
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  14. Aloe there! This is the best!


    Quite possibly my favourite innisfree product! Can serve as a sleeping mask, a cooling agent or hydration queen! It's multifaceted use is what drew me to this product and for $12, there is an extremely generous amount of gel! So affordable and so incredibly refreshing on the skin, I am totally in love with this soothing gel!
  15. Bang for your buck


    It's a pretty big bottle, pleased with how much you got for the price. The gel itself is cool and soothing, it's a quick refresher for when your skin feels dry and it's lightweight. #yearofinnisfree
  16. Relieves itches


    Nice little gel to have on-hand with sunburns, itches or bites. I've yet to use it in summer time, but it's got a nice cooling effect. I put it on any itchy patches.
  17. So gentle and hydrating


    I use this on my face and let it soak in before applying moisturiser I also gently rub it into my lashes and eyebrows (works almost like an eyebrow gel too!) it’s also great for cooling down irritated/dry/burnt skin, so many uses in one product. Also extremely generous amount of product for the price. Highly recommend.
  18. So soothing


    I bought this back in July when I got my skin needled to sooth the redness and boy did it help. I still use this weekly, especially when my skin is feeling dry and needs some extra lovin from using acids and still have so much left.
  19. Good cooling sensation


    This is a gentle topical relief for sunburn or when I get itchy. Definitely a staple for summer time. The only thing on par to this is the actual aloe vera plant on its own.
  20. Can't go wrong with an aloe vera gel!


    A multipurpose gel that can be used to soothe burns, calm angry or sensitive skin, and can also just be an extra layer of hydration when you need it. I much prefer this one over the one from The Face Shop although they're basically the same thing. This one has zero scent and for some reason feels so much more lightweight and absorbs so much quicker.

    Leave it in the fridge to experien...
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  21. Refreshing


    Really awesome when you have a sunburn or inflamed skin. I really like it!
  22. Summer essential


    I keep this on me all summer as I have a tendency to get burnt this instantly soothes and hydrates the skin
  23. Nice and cooling aloe vera gel


    This aloe vera gel comes in very handy for those days when your skin is irritated, whether you have sunburn or your moisture barrier is compromised, it really helps in healing it. However I feel the soothing effect can be attained with any brand aloe vera so there is not too much to distinguish innisfree's version apart from the fact that its texture is more moisturiser like than the usual gloopin...
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  24. Lovely soothing gel


    I got this as a small sample from the innisfree store which I loved it so much that I made myself buy the full size. It's a lovely gel texture that does the soothing job so well to my skin on the hottest summer days. My skin becomes smooth and hydrated well post applying.
  25. Super light moisturiser


    I really like using this especially during summer months because it's a gel and super light. It doesn't make my skin feel super oily or heavy after as it quickly absorbs into the skin. I use it every mroning and night and just love it. I tend to have more oily skin so this is really good for me but for someone who has really dry skin it may not work as well.
  26. great for sunburn


    this is super cooling and great for sunburn in the summer, works well
  27. Cooling


    I bought this intending to use it over summer on sunburn / for extra hydration and I expect it'll be perfect for that as it's lightweight and cooling (so not necessarily the best thing for winter). Also can't beat the price!
  28. Wonderful!


    I bought this on a whim for my red inflamed post skin needled face after the first day and it was amazing at soothing my skin! I still continue to use it in my routine to calm my face. The price for the amount of product is also amazing. Can't recommend enough!
  29. very soothing


    this is super soothing if you get sun burnt. I always make sure to have something like this handy after being to the beach
  30. Great for summer


    This is my go-to over summer when I'm sunburnt, or just need some light hydration for my skin. Feels light and non-sticky, and great value for money
  31. Need this for summer


    Good for sunburns , made my hair silky smooth and my face is glowing
  32. a must product in skincare routine


    this is a must for everyone in skincare routine. i think that using it will restore the lost facial barrier of the skin. also it smells good. and is super gentle on the skin
  33. aloe


    soothes red and itchy skin post shave. a little sticky at the start but it sinks in nicely
  34. Amazing


    This is amazing to combat any redness, any itchiness and sunburns in summer. Amazing price.
  35. Amazing


    This is extremely affordable at its price point. I use this mainly during the day to hydrate my skin and to stop the redness. It works well and it feels amazing on the skin. Leaves my skin feeling ultra hydrated afterwards
  36. cannot live without it


    i have not used aloe gels before. but recently i started getting some redness around my nose due to over exfoliating and i wanted to soothe it. and gave this a try. this is so light and so refreshing and cooling on the skin i cannot imagine my skin routine without it. it dries up super quickly leaving the skin so smooth and plump. worth a try. great price.
  37. Soothing


    This gel is great to use after a day at the beach to soothe skin and prevent peeling if you’ve burned yourself
  38. Part of my everyday routine


    It's great! I've been using this everyday, day and night for ages. It's simple, refreshing and perfect for my oily combination skin as a gel moisturiser. A tube lasts ages too and it's inexpensive.
  39. Antiflammatory


    great for when my face is feeling inflamed, this feels to cool my face down
  40. Innisfree aloe gel


    One of the best aloe vera gels, really soothes the skin and hydrates it. ❤
  41. Super cooling


    This product is a super light gel that cools skin down. It is refreshing to put on after a shower to cool down my skin. I've found it does not pill at all which I usually get from other aloe products.
  42. Soothing


    This aloe gel is great to use on sun damaged skin to cool it down and help it heal
  43. A very lovely and gentle product


    I really enjoyed this. It is very gentle and refreshing to use. Does not irritate the skin and perfect for dry thirsty skin
  44. Revitalising


    Love this gel. Very soothing on inflamed skin! Very cooling and feels so nice. Really soothing
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